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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  December 2, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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breaking news. automakers are expanding a recall of potentially faulty air bags. right now the race is onto repair a large sink hole that has had a busy commuter route closed all morning. and we're keeping an eye on storm team 4 ray dar. the rain could return. good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. we begin with breaking news in bethesda. angie, tell us what's going on. >> yeah, this breaking news coming from bethesda, as you mentioned. right now montgomery county police responding to the scene of a suspicious death. this is in an apartment complex
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along old georgetown road and chapman avenue. this is where the body of a woman was found. no word yet of who she is, how she died, a motive or whether or yo related to this case. richard jordan is headed to the scene to meet up with police. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> a major traffic alert right now. washington memory parkway is cl it's also for a sink hole and it could be a while before it's patched up. megan mcgrath is live in arlington with the huge mess this is causing. >> it sure is a mess, barbara. we're standing in the southbound lanes of the gw parkway. no traffic getting by at all. they have widened the detour. they have now shut things down at the beltway. if you're headed in the .outhbound direction. in terms of this closure. the culprit, right over there. that big sink hole along the side of the road.
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u it happened with the rain. it will be a problem all day long and it may be a problem into tomorrow. >> a big sink hole and plenty of irritated drivers. >> it's really frustrating. >> you're bagging it. >> i am. >> causing the problem, a big sink hole along the right side of the southbound gw parkway. it was discovered last night after four cars crashed trying to avoid it. and the hole has only gotten bigger thanks to all the rain. >> the hole went from three feet and it's now ten feet in length. we had to wait for federal highways to get out here and do an assessment. they have determined that both lanes will have to be cut out and repaired. >> all southbound lanes were closed between route 123 and spout run, making for a nasty morning commute. >> i left at about 6:00 this morning. i work in arlington. i'm just now getting down to
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here. >> so how long? >> about two hours. >> i was stuck on the gw parkway for an hour and 20 minutes just getting to the 123 exit. so pretty bad. >> and you can see that no work is actually happening right now. that's because we've been told by police that they're not going to start repairs until the weather improves. they believe the additional rain caused the problem t. they did that because people stuck in all the traffic, they got frustrated apparently, and u-turns going through the wet, grassy median. they were putting big ruts into the median. they made the decision to close it down at the beltway. and that closure is in place at this point. back to you in the studio. >> what a mess. thanks, megan. and we have breaking news. the massive air bag recall is expanding. news 4's angie goff s wt you
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to noef. >> automakers announcing that expansion includes subaru's previous recall. it's due to faulty air bags and now covers southern georgia and the following states, alabama, mississippi, louisiana, texas, and south carolina. the cars have air bags made by takata, and they can inflate so much that they can send metal sh shrapnels flying everywhere. >> and this morning's cold rain is a bipg change from this time yesterday when temperatures were in the 60s. storm team 4 meteorologist joins us with the forecast midday. this tuesday. good morning. >> yeah, this morning, barbara, here after we got to near 70 degrees this afternoon. we had some wintery mix going on with sleet and wet snow north and west of the metro area. that was pret predawn and just after dawn, a lot of that began to break up. and now much of the rain we had all morning is pulling off east
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of washington. over the last several hours we've seen it really tapering off. patches of green in montgomery county. parts of st. mary's. the bulk pulling across the eastern shore and moving away. temperaturing still holding steady in the 30s. we've been hovering in the mid and upper 30s all night long and all the way up until now. and it's really not going to change much into the afternoon. just hovering into the mid and upper 30s throughout much of the region. so we don't have to worry about any freezing or any icing as we will begin to dry out. one more round of rain later today. show you the timing on that. barbara? >> thanks, tom. new cameras are keeping an eye on your driving in the district and handing out tickets for the . the warning period is over for two stop sign cameras in the northaes six speed cameras in
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the northeast. if you get caught, you'll be slapped with a $50 fine if you blow through a stop sign. speeding fines range from 50 to $300 depending on how fast you're going. right now a local sheriff's office is making the stage. floyd barry is being sworn in as the county sheriff. the first african-american to serve in the post in the agency's 350 year history. he beat two-time incumbent rex coffey and ran unopposed in november. he will take charge of the 600 employees. this is one of the oldest law .nforcement agencies >> the the d.c. council is meeting right now, poised to approve a new plan for soccer stadium in buzzard point. muriel bouzer introduced a new deal in which they would pay as much as $700 for the land. and then d.c. united would pay for the same amount to build a stadium. originally the council was going
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to trade the center on u-street for the land. they're expected to vote on a new plan later today. and we're following a developing story right now. coming up, a killing spree in west virginia that left four people dead. and senator rand paul makes a move that could signal whether he wants to run for president. and
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hunt was found dead in his truck last night after a day long man hunt. police say he knew all four victims and one had filed domestic abuse charges against him last month. there are more protests in the works and several meetings about ferguson. nationwide, president obama says he wants to improve the relationship between the public and police. he proposeded a $263 million spending plan on community policing. it would set new rules for how officers can use military equipment and how they can pay for new training and body cameras for tens of thousands of police officers. >> i look forward to working
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with congress to make sure they are adequately resourceded for the training and the technology that can enhance trust between communities' efforts. >> you may have noticed charles ramsey sitting there next to the president. he's one of the people heading up a new task force to focus on 21st century policing. and right now lawmakers are asking the head of homeland security department tough questions about the president's executive action on immigration. what he said when asked if it's amnesty. plus, does your child's name make the list? coming up, 2014's most popular baby names. rjs a and the rain is tapering off and ending temporarily. when it returns and rain chances for the
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right now the fbi is warning business across the country to watch out for hacker attacks. this comes after sony pictures fell victim to a cyber attack. this details the software used to hack sony. nbc news learned investigators believed north korea may be behind the attack because of an upcoming movie called "the interview." it features a cia plot to assassinate leader jim jong un. and today president obama
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plans to take the fight of ebola from be these da. doctd results from a trial. and the results are promising. he'll also push congress to act quickly on his emergency funding request to continue fighting ebola in the u.s. and here in west africa. the president's visit to nhi hms as the world health organization says the ebola epidemic is getting better. the number of cases is slowing in liberia. but ebola is still out of control in sierra leon. the who says the most optimistic have the epidemic under control by the middle of next year. right now the wife and child of a top isis leader are under arrest. lebanese security officials say the woman and young child were arrested trying to enter lebanon using false identification. it's unclear how much intelligence the wife actually hauz.
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it hearing on capitol focus of a hill. lawmakers are discussing the impact foreign fighters are having on the rise of the terrorist state and the ability those fighters may have to enter the u.s. more foreign fighters have gone to fight in iraq and syria in the last two years than in the first ten years of fe assistant homeland security is testifying at this time. and right now immigration is the main concern on capitol hill. angie goff has more on the hearing happening now from the live desk. angie? >> yeah, homeland security secretary johnson on the hot seat defending the president's recent decision to bypass congress and take executive action on immigration, wh he says is legal. >> the actions we took will begin to fix the number in a number of respects to send a strong message that the borders are not open to illegal
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and those who came here illeg illegally after january 1, 20. and the plan to keep up the undocumented immigrants from deportation. right now also on the hill, house republicans trying to find a way, perhaps a bill that could block the executive action. barbara? >> thank you, angie. for more on that hearing we're joined by a political writer for they take a look at the executive action and tell us whether they believe if it's legal. let's have a listen to the exchange with the congressman from massachusetts. before this hearing gets too far, let me be very direct with the secretary. is this amnesty? >> n >> is it functionally amnesty? >> it doesn't look like these kind of questions are going to end. tell us about the votes co up. >> we're not exactly sure how
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republicans are going to address the issue, but one thing we do know is both houses of congress need to pass a government spending bill by december 11th in order to keep the government open. many republicans, especially on the conservative side would like to use that as a way to express some kind of displeasure with the president's executive action. they're obviously very opposed to it. what we may end up seeing, and house speaker john boehner said no decisions have been made about what they're going to do in the house. they may end up voting to express disapproval this week and some involvement for the department of homeland security. >> senator rand paul says he is planning to run for re-election. what does that mean as far as his presidential plans? >> well, he did make an announcement about 2016, but not what you're thinking of. he said he is going to run for re-election in kentucky. the tricky part for rand paul is there's a state law in kentucky that prevents one person from being on the ballot twice. so in that situation, he wouldn't be able to run for
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senate and for president at the same time. but paul's team is trying a variety of ways that they may be able to challenge that law, get it changed, or maybe even change the date of the primary so he is able to do both. >> okay, i'm not running for president. that's not his way of saying it? >> no, they're looking if r what is around that. >> i have one quick question to ask you to end with. the a.p. just announced -- they're saying p t obama is going to nominate ashton carter as the defense secretary. tell us about ashton carter. >> he's a former deputy defense secretary. so a top official at the pentagon. he was one of the names out there from the very, very beginning after chuck hagel resigned. and some of the others took their names out of the running. one was a former state department official. would have been the first woman. she took her name out of contention. dhs secretary jeh johnson who we just heard from was also considered somebody who might be a pick for the pentagon.
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i think he would be a very controversial nominee. i think ashton carter would be less so. >> and for more from the nbc political team, check out first read on and why now the the government wants to know why it took so long to recall defective car seats and if any child was in danger. and take a look at who is in our studio. redskins legend darrell green in the house. he an idea on how to help children in the area on
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sophia is reigning and it continues. baby center released the top 100 names of 2014 this morning. sophia came in at the number one spot on the tomorrow of the girl's names. emma and olivia rounded out the number three. the top girls names have been the same three for three years in a row. a new name cracked the top ten. madeline. that's an old one coming back. for the boys, jackson is still a favorite. like the girls. the top three boys names are the same as last year. aaden and liam came in as number two and three. the two new names in the top ten this year for boys are caden and logan.
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there it is, it's the beginning of christmas on capitol hill. john boehner will light the tree during a special ceremony at 5:00. keeping with tradition, the tree will be decorated with thousands of ornaments made by people across minnesota. well, in case you didn't know it, it's giving tuesday, a time of year that people are reminded to keep in mind the people and organizations that our area that need help this time of year, and actually all through the year. redskins legend darrell green works year round on that, especially for children in need. and darrell joins me this morning to talk about an event coming up. it's so great to see you again. >> always. >> yeah, i think i've been talking about this with you for 25 years. this is your 25th anniversary. >> 25 years. >> tell us about it. it's called -- >> christmas with the redskins. and i came here in this city over 30 years ago and one of the old players invited me to an event at rfk. and the gifts were not -- they
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weren't gifts specific to the child. and i would say wow, we can do better than this. and we have redskins and other people, i absolutely do. and it reminds me of being old. >> no, no, no. you never get older. >> but you know, we support about 180 to 200 kids. and so we thought, hey, let's ask folks to give $1 a year, $25 for 25 years, all the money will go to the kids for christmas. >> how can they do it? >> they go to dgylf. and and they can support us. >> and they say i'm going to give a dollar a year. >> $25. >> they can give more. >> yeah, they can give more. it doesn't matter. all the the money will go to the kids. >> you've been doing this such a long time. you get the current players out there? >> absolutely.
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this year we have chester, chris chester, now paul morris. we'll have deangelo hall, santana moss. this is our biggest year since i've retired. we had about 30 guys sign up. the redskins and their founda always supports us. it's a great event. this is the biggest year of the redskins participation and the biggest your of the kids that we're going to have. it's huge. help us make it big. give us $25. >> i thought jewel would be here. when you had a baby. i think she was pregnant at the time. got three kids. lo who is that young guy right there? >> who is that young girl? >> i was so excited for her to get to see this pictur yeah. come back again. >> i spend a lot of time with you guys. >> yes, you did. >> we're a family. >> it was family. we have a lot of family. fantastic. so how many people again?
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>> this year about 180 to 200 kids we're supporting. >> yeah. okay. >> and you know i got to ask you a question before i let you go from here. do we have a quarterback question? do we have a quarterback problem? i heard on the radio this morning, no, there's not a at >> well, there's a problem in terms of productivity. the production at quarterback has been the biggest issue for the team. along with many other issues. so i would say yes, you do have i was thinking that robert would be the future. what they're thinking today. but robert hasn't performed the way they would like him to perform. we'll see what happened. i think you won't know anything until the season is over. >> you think we could still be optimistic about what happens in the rest of the season? >> i would say yes. i don't think we're going to end up losing every game. i think we're going to have some highlights before the season is over. >> i know it's not easy for you to answer those quest now. >> back to christmas again. >> all right. so great to see you.
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>> nice to see you. >> new information on breaking news out of bethesda. a crew hasd at a suspicious death scene. rain is moving out of the area. that's the good news. we're expecting big weather changes in the next 24 hours. we have changes coming. and the appeal by the local tllege students in virginia for
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right now, most of the morning's cold rain is east of the district. a second round could arrive later today. storm team 4 meteorologist joins us to tell us how soon it will make its way in there. >> what a dramatic drop. yesterday around 70 degrees. now we're in the mid and upper 30s. it's not going to get much higher than that. the rain has tapered off and ended around the metro area. it's now pulling across the chesapeake bay. heading across the bay to the eastern shore. and we did have a little bit of sleet. a little wet snow around dawn. north and west of the metro area, but that is long gone, and the temperatures staying above freezing, so whatever did fall melted on roads. right now scanning the sky. may be a lingering sprinkle or drizzle. that's going to break up and just some clouds will be lingering here for the next several hours. here's the timing on the next round of rain moving into the
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metro area. that will be coming from the south and west. that round of rain is moving through the metro area. then it exits after around 9:30, 10:00. then the cloud cover breaks in again. by dawn we'll be mostly cloudy. temperatures right now are hovering in the mid and upper 30s, haven't fudged at all since late last night and all morn. you can keep up with the latest radar and see the apps as well. the the rest of the afternoon, the temperatures will be flat lined. in the upper 30s. then around 6:00 or so, more showers moving on there.
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and it ends by 10:00. still hovering in the upper 30s by dawn with still a mostly cloudy sky. and last week i visited the john champ high school in loudon county in virginia for their. they were filled with hundreds of students in the car these are some of the students i talked to there, i had several sessions wit different groups of students all throughout the morning there at the high school. i want to thank maria who invited me for career day therement tomorrow big change. here we go, a roller coaster ride is back open to the upper 50s. sun breaking up in the afternoon. then partly sunny on thursday. back down to the upper 40s. highs in the mid 40s on friday. showers looking lively on saturday with highs in the low
11:34 am
partly cloudy, into the the mid 50s. that's the way it looks. barbara? >> we have breaking news right now. montgomery county police are on the scene of a suspicious death. the investigation is happening inside an apartment on georgetown road. richard jor don is live on the scene with the latest. richard? the investigation is just getting started here this is in the line of sight here. they were told by police they received a call into 911 very early this morning throu. there was a woman inside the
11:35 am
as far as the circumstances, what may have happened, the injuries sustained, it's all being kept very close to the they could compromise the investigation. so right now, homicide detectives are inside the apartment. the medical examiner is also inside the apartment. as soon as we learn more >> thanks, richard. news 4's angieoff has an update on the breaking story by the way, a top republican on the senate armed ser he said he can confirm president obama has chosen ashton carter, this man here, as his nominee for the next secretary of defense. now carter is a former deputy the decision comes a week after
11:36 am
secretary -- defense secretary chuck hagel announced he would step down. now hagel will remain at the post until a successor can be confirmed by the s student body presidents from more than a dozen virginia colleges have a message for governor terry mcauliffe. the students say they want to be spared the next round of budget cuts. you can watch the wh is they need more. soon to be warned of a sex assault off the university of early sunday she was followed into a room by a man. he put his hand over her house and told her to stay quiet. the student bit him, and he
11:37 am
began slapping and groping her. she was able to get away and an e-mail alert was sent to stud >> there's a new sexual assault workshop that all students are required to take, i'm pretty sure. >> at least three female students have reported being groped near campus spt well, this morning the university of virginia is taking steps to stop sexual assaults on campus. they accepted a $50,000 dona. they are outlininghe own prevention plan. they plan to hire more trauma counselors. they'll fund a new police substation to police patrols on campus. all of the the changes are in result to a rolling stone article that suggested a culture
11:38 am
of rape at uva. according to the warrant, one has admitteded to stealing $2,000. she also claimed her coworker stole more than 9,000 worth of them. so far no charges have adrian peterson is not playing because of charges of allegation abuse. the steps he's taking now to get him back on the field. and are holiday traditions making you miserable? making you miserable? how
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down the chimney?it wait, how does he fit up the chimney? how does he keep down all that milk? how much does 7 billion presents weigh? i just don't get it. why don't you ask him yourself? santa! join us at busch gardens christmas town, where christmas shines brightest. celebrate beneath the glow of 8 million twinkling lights. get up-close to penguins, and experience spectacular shows, all at busch gardens. for the best ticket offers, visit today.
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adrian peterson is arguing now he should be allowed to play football again. the minnesota vikings running back is at a hearing with the nfl labor relations expert in new york city. he was sus pepded without pay for the rest of the season after he was charged with child abuse after disciplining his son with a switch. peterson believes the league's punishment is too harsh. in just a couple of hours the domestic violence policies across the countries will get a clos.
11:42 am
they will all testify. as will represents from some of the unions representing the well, he's at the center of the conversation about domestic violence in sports. today, ray rice broke his silence. the former baltimore ravens spoke exclusively with the today show's matt lauer. he says rehe regrets not apologizing to his wife in the he also asked if they had a history of abuse in the relationship. >> our relationship is perfect. we've had arguments, but when you talk about abuse, you know, that's something that, we know that we've never crossed tha. yeah, we crossed the line before but never got to an altercation where it went that f.
11:43 am
i'm sorry for everything i put my f more fallout from the sexual assault accusations against bill cosby. the comedian resigned as a trustee of temple university. the 77-year-old has been a prominent proponent of his alma mater in philadelphia. and a board member since 1982. cosby has not been charged and won't comment on the accusa plus, did the the child safety seat maker act quickly enough? right now investigators want someone to answer that question as they look into a recall and a safety defect. and finds out who wins a soap
11:44 am
opera showdown today
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the child car seat maker responsible for the biggest recall of its kind in u.s. history is facing tough questions from the government right now. tracie potts has more on that from capitol hill. >> more than 6 million of these car thieves infant and toddler seats were recalled throughout
11:47 am
the year. but that's not the biggest problem that greico has. now the federal government opened a new investigation into whether or not they reported the problem quickly enough. nhtsa wants to know how long they knew the belts on the seat were a problem. by law they have to report it within five business days of discovering the problem. but it's clear they have concern if they delay reporting, it's absolutely unacceptable. they are saying they did everything they were suppose after thoroughly analyzing their data. they did issue a recall. they took the required action, and that they will continue to cooperate with the federal government if the department of d that recall on the car seat, it could cost graco $35 million in fines. back to you. >> thank.
11:48 am
you can now relive your wond years. the memorabilia is heading to the smithsonian. cast members will be on hand today to donate those items to the national museum of ame holiday parties can could be enough to make 2014 a record for wine sales in the u.s. last year americans spent more than $36 billion on wine. analysts believe we could surpass that thanks to holiday entertaining sti. they surpassed that of france. the holiday season can be tough on your skin.
11:49 am
dr. sheryl burgess joins us with why your skin should show the first signs -- or could show the first signs of a holiday allergy. .elcome. >> you know what i notice this weekend. it was beautiful and peopl they were in evergreens and garland in shorts. we're seeing reaction of the the actual tree rubbing against the skin and causing reactions. i think you mentioned you had a reaction on your eye after getting a tree. i didn't think it was the tree. the tree emits a resin. peop itch or have a reaction to the rez in. we see that all the time. even the nettles can brick the skin and cause a reaction.
11:50 am
more of the time we get these in the midst of winter and everybody has long sle. for the most part. if you have a reaction or resin. if you wash it within soap and water, it aborts the reaction. >> the the symptom will be a rash? >> you'll start to itc actually, we had poinsettias from mexico since the early 1800s. there's always a misconception that they're poisonous. and there was an article in the american journal of emergency medicine that looked at over 20,000 or so cases and not one
11:51 am
death from it. so it's kind of a misconception that they are real poisonous. you would probably have to have a whole field. it was nailed after joel poinset. so you can see it either way. >> so not so dangerous. some people more sensitive than others to perfume. >> shopping, going through the malls and what do you run into? the woman wanting to spray you. so keep in mind certain fragrances even though they may be natural, they can contain a lot of different ingredients that som. >> are there any other problems you can do while y?
11:52 am
people are sampling different you want to be aware of things that may have nuts in it if you are allergic to nuts or nut products. those are the kinds of things. they're all around having you sample nice things. the first thing we want with to do is take a piece and so just be aware that all of these things could potentially reacti >> dr. burgess, thank you for the warning. happy holidays. >> same to you. coming up, an early look at santa's activities. plus storm team 4 meteorologist to
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president obama will be at the national institute of health in bethe they are showing promising results. we'll have the latest on the president's speech from nih coming up on news 4 this a sink hole. all southbound ramps for the belt way to gw parkway are closed. crews have been working all morning to get the hole patched up. we'll send out a breaking news alert to your phone once it reopens. and we could learn any moment how the d.c. council will vote on the new plan for a soccer stadium in the district.
11:56 am
it would be built at buzzard point in southwest, under the new plan the council will not trade for the land but spend more than $150 million to buy it instead. and right now, you and your kids can follow santa online. here's at the north pole. on christmas eve you can watch him zoom around the globe. this is norad's santa tracker. and santa can't go anywhere the post office released a new stamp honoring rudolph the red nose reindeer. it's now been 50 years since the .udolph tv special was first time for a final check on the forecast. rudolph wouldn't want to be out there now.
11:57 am
>> maybe light your nose up for the extra . next being staged right on the storm team 4 radar. and underneath the clouds, might have a lipgerring sprinkle over another hour or so. temperatures are still holding steady. mid and upper 30s. reagan national is now at 38 degrees. we're not going to change much the rest of the day. hour di hour, our temperature flat lines, just loading steady. upper 30s. maybe more showers by around 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. this evening. and then it's gone for several days. until friday. into friday night and saturday, we could get more showers. a smaller chance on sunday. that's the way it looks. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> all right, thank you, tom. voice fans listen up, you only have a few minutes left to vote .or northern virginia's ryan
11:58 am
he chose to sing "open arms" by journey. we found out tonight if he makes it to the the next round. tune in at 8:00 here on nbc 4. good luck. >> and we thank you for being with us. we invite you to tune in 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we'll be back here tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. rain continues and we'll see yo. many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday.
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>> jordan: open up, you bastard. i know you're in there. damn it, clyde, open this door. >> kate: hey, jordan. is there something i can help you with? >> tad: melanie wanted to surprise abigail at ben's house, but yet she was the one who ended up with the surprise-- full monty. >> chad: ugh, that would be a surprise. yeah, melanie must wonder why after what abigail used to, she would settle for a smaller, more economy package. >> ben: you son of a-- >> victor: he's not worth it. trust me. >> sonny: that doesn't make sense at all. why would i come to the south side location to see the progress if there isn't any? no more excuses, keith. i need to see results. is that clear?


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