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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 29, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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re was a lot of police activity a around this car. officers and crime scene technicians sectioned off the area during the investigation. police don't have any suspect information right now. right now the new i-95 express lanes are officially online. you need to play a toll to use them. you're guaranteed a trip of at least 55 miles per hour. this could cost as much as $8 one way during rush hour. you can use e-zpass flex to take the lines for free. sounds hard to enforce. but police showed news 4 the technology that makes it all work. >> this is the radar. it helps us with the e-zpass and the easy flex pass. >> that reader tells police whether you're in regular or hov mode. they also have a monitor in their cars that tells them if someone is not using their pass
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or someone is illegally using the road. trash haul will be back on the line to negotiate a better contract with howard and montgomery counties. public works officials are working with other companies but this is delaying trash pickup. in howard county they are only picking up garbage. recycling is being pushed back a week. if today is your trash pickup day, make is sure your bins are on the curb by 7:00 a.m. many homes are on the strike zone. it is affecting bethesda coles hill silver spring. as we get ready to kick off our week it looks like we have a little bit of lingering rain. >> amelia siegel has your weather headlines. >> good morning, guys. the rain south of washington for the morning hours. most of us in for a mainly dry day today. i don't think you everyone need
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to tpwrab thegr the umbrella. temperatures a good 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. so you might want to grab scarf as well. prince george's anne arundel into southern maryland. you could see scattered showers until 10:00, 11:00 a.m. most of us just noticing clouds around and the damp roads drying out during these early morning hours. right now we're in the low to mid 40s. keeping us dry. by 6:00 a.m. just a chance of showers in southern maryland. i'll have tuesday's forecast in 10 minutes. melissa, some construction going on right? >> everyone for the folks headed back into town. outer loop at braddock until
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5:00. not terrible. that normal construction. some of it now pack in play. inner and outer loop moving quite nicely. taking a look up north in maryland. bw parkway, into and out of town looking good. beltway at richie marlboro moving along nicely. we have this problem, beech road at old branch all lanes blocked because of an earlier crash. alternate is going to be st. barnabas. today d.c. mayoral-elect is meeting with police chief lanier about ward 4. she wants a review of law enforcement after multiple shootings and two deaths. police are calling one of those deadly shootings arroyo was killed. d.c. police charged this man in her death. his name is marvin lopez. he goes by the name marvin cabrera. arroyo was killed on 14th street
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northwest in the pet worth neighborhood. her friends and a quantity a answers set up a memorial for her. they say they hope her killer is found. >> she worked faithful and she did what she was supposed to do in life be successful. i don't know wipe someone would do this to her. >> if you know anything call d.c. police. . we're work to go learn more about a triple shooting in the district. three people were shot on galveston near i-295 in southwest last night. police say someone was seen wearing a red polo jacket and jeeps. . a d.c. cab driver is opening up to news 4 about a brutal attack. the man was beaten robbed and stuffed into the trunk of his own car. as derrick ward reports, the cab driver didn't think he would >> reporter: police say it was about 12:30 a.m.
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they asked to be driven to congress heights. along the way, he said he sensed something. >> my mind was telling me i was not going to be okay. >> reporter: when they got here to the 3400 block of 5th street southeast, his fears were realized. his passengers instead of paying their fare attacked. >> just choked me. and i cannot breathe. i cannot talk. and the three of them get out of the car. and the other one came by my left side and was punching me here >> reporter: he said he felt what he believed were two guns pressed against his head and neck. they took his cell phone and wallet with his atm card and demanded his pin number. throughout the ordeal he prayed especially when the robbers took him out of his cab. >> he put me in the trunk. >> reporter: chairman of the taxi operators association says doe him. they're not safe. >> especially in the holiday season. most of the cab drivers get
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robbed. >> reporter: robbers eventually opened the trunk, gave him the key to his cab and not to do anything for 40 seconds. he waited much longer. they fled on foot. he flagged down a passing police he's on been driving a cab for 9 or 10 months and he's not sure if this morning a group will advocate for sensible gun laws here in the district. the rally is set to begin at 11:00 a.m. the group will be on the north side of the white house. the rally will last until 1:00 this afternoon. >> it's over. after 17 long weeks, the redskins season comes to a dreadful end. what's next for the burgundy and gold >> we'll show you how firefighters and tenants worked together to save children from a burning apartment building. >> the cold weather is back. a amelia takes a look at whether
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this morning the redskins are thinking about next year. they ended the season on a low note against the cowboys. news 4 sports diana row seeny has more. >> reporter: good morning from fedex field. the washington redskins saved their worst performance for the last game of the season losing to the dallas cowboys, 44-17. the redskins's performance littered with with plenty of
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mistakes on both sides of the ball. >> we had a chance to win there still near the end. we couldn't. couldn't find a way to make it happen. yeah, not the way we wanted to. but it's another growing pain. >> we didn't play up to our potential. that's why we are sitting where we're sitting. >> we have to do better than that than that crap we put on film. especially the first half. that was totally just a butt kicking. we have to do better than that. >> everybody is going to get evaluated. it's going to be a thorough evaluation. moving forward, hopefully we make good sunday choices. and the team we will bring back players, coaches, everything. >> jay gruden says there will be plenty of changes during this off-season. as for his job, he is safe. he will return as head coach. from fedex field, i'm diana rosini. >> if you went to the game you may have seen these demonstrators protesting the
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redskins nape. some took flyers. protesters represented a coalition of native american organizations. they have not said what they plan to do next now that the season is over. >> it looks outside the weather managed to slide its way back after such a night weekend. >> cold stuff is coming back. >> that's right. >> 4:41. a live look outside. it looks like clouds in this picture. weather and traffic on the 1s >> good morning, aaron and angie. good morning to you. plenty of clouds across the area. mostly cloudy and mainly dry day. temperatures in the suburbs now around 45 for those of you in washington. and where you're at pretty much where you're going to stay as far as temperatures are concerned. the weather for the most part cooperating today. it's just going to be a beautiful day like the day we had on saturday. mainly dry surfaces towards the late morning hours. exercise outdoors dealing with damp conditions.
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out and about, grab the warmer jacket for today with a high temperature of 46 degrees. tomorrow it will be cooler. high of 42. we will that at 3:00 in the afternoon. for tuesday, we can't rule out an isolated light rain or snow shower especially the midday hours and south of washington. otherwise, we're looking at decreasing clouds throughout the day. and tomorrow night, temperatures continue to tumble. we will turn cold. i'll let you know what we can expect for new year's eve and new year's day in 10 minutes. for now over to melissa with update on a crash at the top of the beltway. what's the latest melissa? now out of the way. we had the inner loop crash, ramp to 95. that crash has cleared out of the way. no more issues or problems there. temp hills, once again, beech road and old branch your alternate is st. barnabas 66 and 95 in virginia no problems. northbound ad moving
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along well. maryland 50 at the beltway looking quite good. back in 10 minutes with more construction. >> thanks melissa. more than 200 people still trapped on this burning ferry off the coast of greece. how rescue crews are making progress bringing people to safety. a popular party spot is closed. new questions
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new smucker's fruit fulls. it's a snack, made from 100% pure blended fruit and nothing but fruit.
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no preservatives no added sweeteners. it's like having your own personal orchard any time, anywhere. with a name like smucker's, it has to be good. we want to take you to beijing this morning. a a tragedy at a high school there. a scaffolding collapse is what has happened there. it happened in a construction area we're told at this high school in beijing.
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sorry. that was the wrong video. scaffolding collapse bayin. ten people killed we're told four people hurt. the victims were people working on the construction project at this high school in beijing, not students or teachers. at the live desk i'm kristin wright. 14 before the hour. we just learned 150 people are still trapped on a burned ferry off the coast of greece. they have been in the freezing temperatures for more than a day now. according to the italian navy 329 people have been rescued so far. one person is dead two others hurt. self other people being treated for hypothermia. it caught fire on the way from greece to italy. they have been battling tough weather conditions trying to get people off that ferry. for the first time in more than a decade the u.s. is not at war i officials held a special ceremony in kabul.
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one flag was retired as another was unfurled. 12,000 troops will stay focused on building up the afghan milita. >> this morning we are waiting to hear when president george h.w. bush will be released from the hospital. doctors say he is improving but they decided to keep him another night. he has been taken in for trouble breathing. this happened just under a week ago. he is 90 years old and suffers from a form of parkinson's. 66 passengers are finally where they are supposed to be after their plane had to make an emergency landing. it was headed from toronto to smoke in the cabin forced the pilot to land in central pennsylvania instead. take a look at the pictures in williamspo. the plane was run by porter airlines. a second aircraft was brought in to take the passengers to dulles
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instead >> questions about whether a popular foggy bottom bar will be open for new year's eve. mcfadden's liquor license was suspended this weekend. five people were stabbed there from i night. the website is still advertising for a new year's eve party. it's not selling tickets though. it can't reopen until the owners appear before the alcoholic beverage control board. unclear whether it will happen before wednesday. we are seeing and hearing the dramatic rescue of a boy in alabama. this is cell phone video that shows the fire in birmingham. a woman says the fire broke out early christmas morning when the children were opening up their presents. take a listen to the dramatic rescue. >> we've got you. come out. john! . come out. your mama said do it. come on. >> wow. you can see a man catch a boy jump from a burning apartment after encouraging the boy to jump. two adults and four children
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were inside at the time of the fire. the 3-year-old boy remains in critical condition. everyone is expected to be okay. investigators say food that was left cooking unattended on the stove caused the fire. sony says playstation network is back online. service was restored yesterday. heavy traffic was still giving it problems. playstation admitted hackers tricked the network into thinking there was an overload on thursday. one hacker said he wanted to expose how weak th in the day ahead, organizers and participants will get ready for the tournament of roses parade in pasadena california. they will decorate floats and cars today. an equestrian festival also will be held today. you can watch the 126th annual rose parade on thursday new year's day here on nbc 4. coverage begins at 11:30 a.m. preparations for another new
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year's tradition will cont. bands are practicing for the mummers parade. it is the festival in the u.s. visitors can get a behind the scenes look at costumes and routines. >> huge party. really vibrant. >> oh, my goodness. it will be so fun. >> yeah. >> seems like a lot of big news was captured this year on your phone. >> raphael shows us some of the most memorable ones from 2014. >> when ellen degeneres interrupted the oscars to take a selfie with her pals. and jimmy fallon's "tonight show". formal visits to the white house. the grave. posing with the pope may not be this guy a's stairway to heaven. >> the year 2014 might be the year of taking the selfie to the next level. >> but to get to the next level you apparently have to take the
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highway to the danger zone. spectators at the tour de france got trucked for their trophy picks. this passenger felt the need to document her own plane crash. running with the bulls may be macho, running with the bulls with a camera loco. not to say animals didn't follow the trend. camel selfie lion lemur, sloth. ostrich, turtle and i guess zebra. if you fly a drone with a camera into hawk territory, vengeance is swift and awesome. a high schooler took a selfie with a docile and furry -- and it made him pay the price. selfie indulgence revealed everything we needed to know about mankind. we engaged in all behavior but produced amazing moments as
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well. more so the odd, but still. a warning, though if the selfie satisfaction goes any further, we'll end up taking selfies of our selfies. raphael seth. some things are better left talked about. not photographed. >> there was a recent psychological study that came out that said we all have them the chronic selfie posting. they say the more you do that the less likable you became because you alienate yourself and the incident mace is taken away. >> this weather today, we definitely jumped pack into winter. we thought we were a little warm the last few days right? >> yeah. we're cooling down 10 de saturday 60. yesterday, 50. today, 40s. baby steps as we look to cooler weather for 2015. using the hashtag to describe the weather continue as monday
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monday. temperatures kind of average for this time of year. neither here nor there as far as temperatures are concerned. 41 the favorite temperature in rockville, restin bowie. temperatures hover not throughout the morning hours but through the afternoon. high temperature in washington today of about 46 degrees. here's the latest radar. you can see very light showers in southern maryland. this activity potential sticks around until 11:00 a.m. otherwise, i think areas north of southern maryland including washington remain dry throughout the rest of the day today. even some limited sunshine developing for those of you well north of the district, especially around th 42 for a high in washington tomorrow. so tomorrow cooler than today. looking at decrease. we can't rule out an isolated or light rain or snow showers.
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wednesday, high 39 degrees. new year's eve. for thursday high temperature of 42. new year's day, plenty of sunshine. it is looking like we will have pleasy conditions during the afternoon. heading to the winter classic, you want to keep that in mind. temperatures around 40 degrees. not too bad. no rain in the forecast. great news there. melissa, not great news on the roads. >> not the greatest. crash top of the beltway. the inner loop between connecticut and georgia avenue here. we have the right lane blocked. not slowing anything down. just a warning. not sure how long that will be around. construction outer loop at braddock road. two left lanes blocked for the next 10 or 15 minutes until 5:00 this morning. 66 at lee highway, that is moving along quite nicely. same thing. 95 into and out of up to. no issues there. beltway at central avenue rolling along well. taking a look to the north, bw parkway, same thing. 95 and maryland no major problems. back in 10 minutes with more on that crash. melissa, thank you.
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this year sometimes the best highlights at fedex field happened outside the lines. why a man from los angeles will travel all the way to landover to pop the question >> then at 5:00 we're going to show you how doctors are using technology to make sure kids get their requ
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today vincent gray will cut his last ribbon in d.c.'s shaw
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neighborhood as mayor. beginning at noon today, gray will cut ribbons for 17 new businesses in several neighborhoods. the cutting spree will begin at compass coffee on 7th street northwest and end at a rural at 7th and florida avenue around 2:30. frederick county maryland liquor board is looking for a full overhaul. among the changes increasing fees for stores that violate county it is requesting all stores have a person trained in alcohol awareness at the business at all times. this will help stop the sale to alcohol to minors. if you take public transit, changes on metro. thursday they will be on a sunday schedule for new year's day. new year's eve the system will st open a little later. they can take trains until 2:00 in the morning if you're out celebrating. there is a special easement for all of you with kids and you can't stay up late for the new year. noon yards eve is for the entire
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family. it begins 10:00 a.m. wednesday. lots of activities for you and the kids. there will be a moon bounce and face painting. i was out there last year. it's really really cool. they have it tented in case there is inclement weather. >> lots of places to check out if you want to move around the neighborhood. >> really a great space. while the redskins lost one man is celebrating a big win he got at fedex field. >> brian pitt got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him. lindsay altmyer said yes. this couple lives in los angeles. but lindsey's family is in this area. they say football has been part of their relationship the most important part of their relationship up until this point. it changes a little bit after you get married. >> that's right. >> hopefully you can find some
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other important moments. >> she's been a die hard fan for 28 years. little did she know the surprise would be on her. >> stay with us. news 4 continues right n. news 4 today starts now. . breaking news this morning. debris has been spotted in the search area for that missing airasia flight. we are tracking the new developments from the live desk. >> and a live look at storm team 4 radar here. a damp start for some of you. and cooler start for everybody. we'll take a look at the weather situation for the rest of 2014 and the start of 2015. first, good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff on this monday december 29th. taking a live look outside, things are somewhat okay and clear. the grouped is still wet. we have rain ling


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