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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 30, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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lower than it was three years ago. the report is released twice a year. a new shooting overnight in d.c. this is the fourth in two days. police say the shooting in the northeast was not deadly. however, the other three were murdered. the latest in a recent spike in crime in d.c. since christmas eve the district has averaged a murder a day. news4 spoke to neighborhood commissioners in some of the worst-hit areas. >> we have a lot of fear because of the number of incidents and the uptick in incidents. and the nature of the incidents. >> the amc commissioners say if you're concerned, you can engage with police. officers hold a meeting every month with their police service area which you can look up on your phone. new the morning, new york republican michael grimm will resign after pleading guilty to tax evasion last week. he'll resign before congress returns to washington next week. grimm was indicted in april on
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20 counts including filing false tax returns. he was re-elected to his seat in november while under indictment. vincent gray will sign four new bills today. you can learn more about the soccer stadium and the bill to approve the legacy memorial park and the bill to provide additional protection for incapacitated people. he will leave office on january 2nd 2015. we have your weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 1s. it's 4:31 and amelia se dprks al has your headlines. >> we are looking at a chilly start and temperatures are no cooler than yesterday. we hit 48 yesterday. 42 in washington. right now most of us are in the 30s. d.c. is the exception coming in at 40 degrees. here's the high temperature in your neighborhood this afternoon. 42 in washington. 39 in gaithersburg. 41 in areas like manassas and
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frederick. starting off with cloudy skies this morning, eve sprinkles and flurries in southern maryland and around the northern neck in virginia. however, clouds decrease during the morning hours. by 10:00 a.m. we're starting to notice sunshine for the areas north of washington. 2:00 p.m., look at how the clouds continue to move out of the area. so we're looking at mostly sunny skies by the afternoon hours. so some welcomed sunshine. i'll let you know what to expect tomorrow. it's new year's eve day. i'll have the forecast in ten minutes. melissa, what is the latest on the roads? right now we're looking good with a little construction here and there. i think the folks are off and are excited to get back on the roads again with a lot of construction around town. prince george's county no issues. same thing looking at 95 in virginia at franconia parkway. 395 near udsall is seeing amish
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issue e inner loop and outer loop are looking good as we look at 270 and 95 in maryland. we'll take a closer look at both of those in a little bit. i'm back in ten minutes at 4:41 with weather and traffic always on the 1s. 4:33. we are staying on top of breaking news this morning. right now crews are recovering bodies found in the search for a missing airasia plane. this is happening in the java sea off the coast of indonesia. richard jordan is on capitol hill with the latest on the search and recovery effort. >> reporter: this is absolutely horrifying for the members of 162 people forced to watch on live television in indonesia as the images were broadcast showing some of the debris and even some of the bodies that were floating there on the surface of the sea. six bodies have been located. three of them have now been recovered. indonesian authorities say they are confident this is the wreckage of the missing airasia flight 8501 from surabaya to
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singapore that disappeared after the pilot radioed in saying there were storms ahead and requested to climb in altitude. that request was denied. now some of the debris that has been spotted there in the water is described as red and white. those are the colors of the plane that was reported missing about two days ago now. now the u.s. is sending some assistance. e uss samson destroying will be sent to help recover in the efforts. we are also hearing from the chief executive of airasia tony fernandes who says his heart is filled with sadness after today's discovery. >> richard jordan on capitol hill. thank you. right now d.c. police are looking for clues in two sexual assault cases. police say two men robbed and assaulted a woman on sunday night. she claims they attacked her in
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an alley near georgia and candace avenues and took off. in a separate case police say a woman was assaulted early sunday morning in the area of 12th street and trenton place. that is in southeast d.c. now the suspect in that case had a handgun and fled the scene in a four-door honda sedan. a deadly fire leaves one woman dead. the fire broke out late monday afternoon and the first crew on the scene said they saw flames shooting from the roof and then they found 70-year-old betty-ann davis on the floor. firefighters pulled her from the home but it was too late. a dog and cat inside the house also died in the blaze. it took 60 firefighters to put out the blaze and still no word on how it all started. a frederick county maryland, th dr of the other veh s arrested and charged with
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driving under the influence of alcohol. well, if you are affected by trash collectors in that strike in montgomery county, put out your trash as usual today it. will be picked up if you put it out by 7:00 in the morning. the strike affects 60,000 of you. workers for unity trash and recycling say they deserve higher pay and better working conditions. he was given almost no chance to live but this morning a 9-year-old boy is out of the hospital. we'll tell you about his amazing recovery after being hit by a stray bullet. plus the story behind this cell phone video that captured the moment a tornado ripped through a small town in mississippi. and a live look outside here this morning as clouds are moving out. that means it's getting colder. amelia takes a look at the temperatures hou.
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welcome back. in the day ahead, mayor-elect larry hogan will make an announcement at 11:00 in downtown annapolis. he'll be sworn in to office on wednesday, january 21st. listen to the wind there. what you are looking at is video from inside a deadly tornado in southern mississippi. a man started recording this on his phone and dropped it when the storm got too intense. when he was finally able to find it he later discovered it was
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rolling the entire time. the tornado did end up killing five people. fema is evaluating all of the damage right now. the guy came out and said in the beginning he was excited, then he realized how dangerous it was. they work near there and had to dig their secretary out of the rubble. that is really really a scary situation. >> to be able to capture that stuff on video now and a historical record. 4:41 on this tuesday morning. no wild weather to deal with around here today. amelia segal from the storm team 4 weather center is here with weather and traffic on the 1s. >> you're right. it will be chilly this morning at 40 degrees with winds out of the north at 10 miles per hour. temperatures will drop until 7:00 a.m. and then we'll slowly warm to the high today of 42. during the morning hours, those of you well south of washington especially in southern maryland, are dealing with flurries and sprinkles. by noon everybody should be dry. and d.c. metro area areas to
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the north, partly sunny skies. clouds continue to decrease on into the afternoon hours. we'll become mostly sunny at 5:00 p.m. chilly but dry. and a temperature of 39.tomorrow a bit cooler with a high of 39 degrees. that will hit during the mid-afternoon hours, but plenty of sunshine for our new year's eve day. new year's night is looking cold as temperatures around 30 degrees inside of the beltway. 20 for those of you in washington. the first weekend of 2015 we have rain in the forecast. i'm going to let you know the latest timing on that rain coming up in ten minutes. but for now, we'll send things over to melissa with a look at the roads. just a bit of construction here and there. a lot of it will be out of the way by 5:00 this morning, so nothing to worry about too much. 95 in virginia southbound at 644 we have two left lanes only getting by because of road work. and 123 at colshire drive two right lanes are blocked until 5:00. the inner loop and outer loop, no problems. a lot of movement as we should
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this time of the day. it's still nice to see. 95 in maryland at cherry hill road is rolling right along. no issues there. the same thing as you take a look at 270 southbound at montrose with all the folks headed to the spur. these folks are headed northbound near frederick. more in ten minutes. reaction after the virginia congressman said one of his colleagues spoke to a white supremacist group. and how the president managed to put a wrench in the plans for
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he was shot in the head but today 9-year-old jayden sanchel is recovering at home. this is a huge step in his
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recovery. when he left the hospital he was giggling and that's a sight his mom never thought she would see again. he was on a playground in south d.c. when a stray bullet struck him in the head. doctors told his mother that he would die so it's a miracle that he's alive. >> i am just overwhelmed. my son has done a remarkable recovery thanks to children's hospital. >> the concern for jayden's mother now is returning back to the old neighborhood. jay deppn just wants to live somewhere safe. and last-minute mcfadden's is closed after five people were stab there had on friday night. the alcohol board will issue a statement on whether they can reopen by 4:00 wednesday afternoon. the bar's website is still advertising a new year's eve party. this morning a fraternity at bowie state university is facing a lawsuit over hazing. kevin hayes claims that he was beaten and bruised when he tried
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to join the alpha phi alpha fraternity last year. he's asking for $3il in damages and told prince george's county the lawsuit was not his first option. i went to the university official until my mom came up saying that was the first place to go. >> reporter: and how do you feel the university responded to what happened? >> they did not respond. >> bowie state university released a statement saying it considers hazing to be indefensib in the suit and hayes says all the incidents happened off campus. >> a virginia congressman now reacting to the news that the new house majority wants to address a group of white supremacists. he spoke to a white nationalist group back in 2000. he was a state legislator in louisiana then and probably didn't know the group's extremist views. right now solis is the third highest ranked republican in the house. and jerry connolly tweeted out,
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twot no politician should ever find himself/her addressing a white supremacist organization except to tell them to go to hell end quote. 13 before the hour tensions remain high between new york's mayor and police. a meeting today with the five city unions hopes to resolve some of the issues. the rift bd since the ambush-style killing of two police officers. in recent days the mayor was booed at a police graduation. take a look at this dramatic video here of crews out there pulling out a person that is trapped inside that suv that ended up in a canal in arizona. it is not clear how the suv that canal. firefighters cut the windshield and then pulled one person out. the person was hoisted up that ladder. no word of any injuries. residents in boulder, colorado bracing themselves for more heavy snow. temperatures are expected to reach minus 20 tonight.
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a winter weather advisory has been issued for the region. up to a foot of snow is expected in the denver metro area. well, this morning a newly-married couple is remembering a call on their wedding day from the president of the united states. nbc's chris jansing shows us how a spoiled ceremony turned into a pretty big surprise. >> reporter: it was a match made in military heaven. two west point grads who met while stationed in germany both captains. where better to marry than at their latest posting? on the 16th tee of their base' golf course with sweeping views of the pacific, especially since the groom is an avid golfer. >> once i felt that the details were pretty set, then i got excited. >> r but 24 hours before the "i do's" a call saying you can't. president obama was planning a golf outing. >> we knew two could mess up the wedding and one was the weather
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and the other was the president. >> reporter: the white house says no one including the advanced team in hawaii knew the wedding would have to relocate and from the phone call to the couple the president apologized. >> where are his apologies? >> reporter: the president admitted to making a mistake in august after making a statement about the beheading of james foley by isis. >> i should have anticipated the optics. >> reporter: and when he was on the course in martha's vineyard while sending his attorney to ferguson missouri after the riots and protests. but this time the couple said no penalty stroke for e ceremony was held a short distance above the 16th green. >> it actually has a better view, so it was a blessing in disguise. >> reporter: you're n just saying this because he's the commander in chief. >> because he's our boss's boss and then a few more? no not at all.
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>> the president regularly played at the course and anyone planning something there isnge at any time. they sort of knew there was a possibility. but they are happy, smiling and married. they got the wedding done. >> and what is funny, in that phone call ed the groom, who is a very avid golfer he says that he was more interested in what the president shot which by the way was an 84 if you were wondering. so they talked golf too. >> that's pretty good. >> no golf weather around here today. not really. if you want to layer up i guess you could go out this afternoon, but it is going to be chilly. a high temperature today of 42. those of you south of washington the same area that saw rain yesterdays especially like st. mary's charles, calvert counties, you are dealing with showers. elsewhere is dry. for tomorrow can you believe it's new year's eve tomorrow and new year's day? chilly plenty of sunshine. temperatures will be cold. tracking rain for this upcoming weekend. there's a chance of rain
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saturday as well as sunday. here's the latest on storm 2450e78 radar. you can see areas to the west of fredericksburg seeing very light snow showers down around the charlottesville area. and as this precip moves toward the east temperatures will warm up enough so that it is falling in the form of light rain. so down in southern maryland you do want to grab the umbrella this morning. i'm sure you don't need it but you will need the sunglasses by the afternoon hours. and maybe a jacket and scarf with temperatures 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. overall, the weather is cooperating. travel weather is looking good. outdoor exercise looking good. just chilly out and about to run errands. temperatures now in the 30s and 40s. 35 in rockville. 37 in bowie and camp springs coming in at 40 degrees in washington. and 36 for those of you in manassas. temperatures tomorrow are cooler with a high temperature of 39 degrees, mostly sunny skies. if you're out and about around midnight you need to bundle up. mainly clear, temperatures around 30 in washington.
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20s for those of you in the suburbs. and a little breezy at times throughout tomorrow and thursday as well. so there'sa windchill factor at times. thursday sunny skies for new year's day with a high temperature of 32 degrees. we have the winter classic on thursday with the puck dropping at 1:00 p.m. the weather for the most part is looking good. i'm concerned with the amount of sunshine in the forecast and the players dealing with a pretty impressive glare off the ice, but no rain in the forecast. that's really critical. breezy conditions for the game. that really shouldn't be an issue with winds 10 to 15 miles an hour. when i say that that is not an issue for the players. if you're heading to the game you'll see temperatures near 30. friday inclosing crowds with a high of 44. timing is all over the place, so stick with storm team 4 as we update the forecast. now over to melissa, are the roads looking good this morning? we are looking area of prince william parkway. you can see inbound you are
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having no issues through centreville and oakton outbound. we are looking quite good on 95 in virginia. the earlier construction now with the road work at 95 southbound at 644 is now out of the way. taking a look at prince george's county overall no issues there. everything is looking good. everybody behaving themselves. the beltway at colesville road is looking good. i can't say that about all the roads there that often. and in and out of town, no major issues. i'm back in ten minutes. changes proposed in the wake of a new i-team investigation on credit cards. we'll tell you why a local school board is the target. then at 5:00 a.m. we'll take a look at the most admired people in the world from th
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news4 working to keep you safe and secure. police say thieves are using deceptive technology in a recent scams. they saylers can make a fake number that pops up on the caller i.d. and when you pick up the phone they claim to have a family member or friend in trouble and in need of help. be extra careful if you're asked to send money over the internet and call police right away if you think you're the victim of a scam. d.c. mayor-elect muriel bowser is renewing her pledge to find homelessness. while visiting area's kimmen in the foggy got tom neighborhood she said we must do more to
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provide long-term and short-term housing for the homeless. >> we know in a city like ours we always have the need for emergency housing. we need to have transitional housing for those in the services. my focus is on creating more housing opportunities. >> bowser also wants to close the d.c. general family shelter as quickly as possible if other housing can be found. she'll take office on new year's day at noon. the artificial turf war is heating up in prince george's county. lawmakers will try for a third time to bring artificial playing fields to all county schools. they hope to get the legislation passed during the next general assembly session, but there's stiff resistance from the environmental groups who are concerned about the material used to make the fake grass. lawmakers say the schools need it to keep athletes competitive with other school systems. we are seeing action following a news4 i-team investigation. we have learned that maryland's state legislators will consider a law stripping prince george's
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countyl boa members of their credit car. decision comes on the heels of the investigation by scott mcfarland revealing controversial expenses by some board members. >> reporter: some board members swipe their government-issued credit cards for thousands of dollars in dippers and lunches, including meals with each other, steak and seafood included. and the investigation found some board members using their cards for overnight stays at hotel rooms just minutes from home while attending meetings or conferences. many found the expenses quote, disturbing. and now this new bill will require the district to cut up the cards starting july 1, 2016 and instead use vouchers and a reimbursement system cover expenses. >> o person can ruin it for the rest of them. and if in fact we are concerned, we have to look at our concerns and do something about it. and that's why i think that there is no need to have credit cards. >> repor the school board's
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president recently told news4 there were no violations of law or district policy in the board's credit card expenses and ordered a review of the credit card policies though he said it would be completely november. that review has not yet been released. no one is saying the bill is likely to be passed into law necessarily, but we do know it has been pre-filed, already drafted and already submitted, meaning the bill could strip board members credit cards and could be among the first to get a hearing here when the legislature convenes next month. scott mcfarland news4. >> call the news4 i-team if you have a tip. 202-885-4444. and you can also send us e-mails to >> it just takes one person to ruin it for the rest of them. perhaps a review is a good thing. >> there you go. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m.
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bodies recovered in the water close to where an airasia flight went down over the weekend. we are watching all the new developments from the live desk this morning. it will be chilly out there today, but the good news amelia takes a look at the forecast for new year's eve and the first chance for rain in 2015. first, it's 5:00 a.m. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm angie goff in for eun yang. we are taking a live look outside as we have anoth cold start to the morning, but it looks like the clouds are working to try to move out, right? >> that's right. amelia segal is here with your first forecast. good morning to you. you are right, as we get into the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny skies. so what to wear for today? definitely want to have the sunglasses handy. you won't need them for the morning commute, but


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