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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  January 2, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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culver spent much of the day with the couple's friends. >> reporter: this is a story that has changed rapidly. within a day of hari simran's disappearance, they were pleading for search resources. within the past 30 minutes we refreshed that page and friends posted we love you hari simran. followed by a message confirming his death. hari simran lived in leesburg and along with his wife taught yoga in sterling. they were in mexico as part of a yoga retreat. the 25-year-old had with him just a liter of water and a handful of trail mix. now, he texted his wife a couple of times suggesting he may be lost. it's been three days of searching since. the family had to rely on donations because government resources for scarce in that search. they'd raised more than $50,000
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over the past couple of days. friends here told me they thought he might be hurt but they really believed he was still alive. hari simran's body was found in a ravine in a wooded area. this is a picture of hari simran. it was sent to his wife at 12:30 on tuesday. while he was on that hike he capacitied it looking down on you. it was referencing the yoga camp they were at. tonight the family says it carries a much more significant meaning. tonight jacquie is in sterling where that community is gathering at this hour. they're calling it a memorial vigil. we'll see if we can get some updates from that vigil and bring them to you, jim. storm team four is watching a winter weather advisory. we're talking sleet and freezing
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rain. >> and then it's going to get even wackier. >> that's exactly what we've got over the next 24 to 48 hours with temperatures skyrocketing up to the 60s and then freezing rain. we've got it all. we're in for a very nice evening. however, if you have plans on your saturday this is what's coming. we've got a lot of moisture down to the south around atlanta. they've seen a lot of ice back towards texas and oklahoma. that same system moving our way. and there will be enough cold air at least on the onset to see freezing rain and sleet mostly to the west. i think this will start off sleet even in the d.c. metro area. and then change to rain back around the west. in areas to the west we could accumulateing ice and freezing rain. then where we go on sunday
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because we get worm and then much much colder next weekend. the roller coaster continues. now to knewnew details on the death of aed to toddler. >> cameron beckford's death has been ruled a homicide from blunt force trauma to his chest and abdomen abdomen. they say the boy's mother took him and his sister from frederick maryland to ohio last month. according to court documents she allegedly allowed somebody to violently spank the little boy, causing several layers of his skin to be removed. she directed police to a creek area where dive teams found
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little cameron's body in a bag. she's charged the child endangerment and tampering with evidence. a man she was with in columbus is also in custody on unrelated charges. a new year's day party at a hotel in alexandria turned violent. alcohol was involved. new reaction tonight from people who work at the nearby mark center. >> reporter: they say they're surprised. they do not expect violence in this area especially at the hilton hotel. alexandria police responded to a stabbing reported in a room at the hilton hotel about 1:30 this morning. three teenagers attending a private party pr wounded. >> they were adjoining rooms for a party. there were numerous under aged
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drinkers at the party. someone showed up with liquor. there was an argument over that liquor and the stabbings occurred after that. >> reporter: police say they believe two people are responsible for the stabbings but they're not releasing their descriptions at this time. the suspects could be charged with felonies, malicious wounding and assault. one of the stabbing victims is in serious condition. the other two young men have non-life threatening injuries. >> definitely surprising in this mark center area over the last 7 to years and never had any type of issue at all. >> reporter: police wrote 14 citations at the party. >> numerous teenagers that were drinking under wage inging under age
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were charged with that crime. >> reporter: the general manager of the hilton hotel this evening told me alexandria police were called directly by someone in the guest room. we didn't know there was a party. we weren't serving them liquor that's the statement from the general manager of the hilton hotel. that's the latest. still no id tonight for a man hit and kill bid a train in maryland. police tell us they're trying to identify a man hit in german town by a train coming from the brunswick, maryland area with two loco motives and 28 cars. no word on what the man was doing near those tracks in the first place. a thief robbed a bank while
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wearing what appeared to be a fake beard. this would at the bank of america in mcclain. police tell us a man wearing a beard and long coat walked into the bank and demanded money from a teller. he then got into a vehicle driven by another suspect and took off. >> when i heard the helicopters other earlier, i figured something was going on. so i wasn't surprised it was a bank robbery. >> reporter: no one was hurt. police are still looking for the suspects. so help me god. bowser is now the 7th mayor to be sworn in this the nation's capital. tom sherman has been following today's swearing in ceremony. e with the reaction
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from a few of the mayors who have served before. >> reporter: it was also special for former mayor who made a rare public appearance to watch bowser being sworn in. >> i'm ready to get to work. god bless the district of colombia. >> reporter: it's seven years since former mayor tapped her to skied succeed him. he rarely attends official events but was here for bowser. >> i'm super proud. she is exactly what d.c. -- what makes d.c. so fantastic. she's intelligent and hard working. glad to be here to be a small part of it.
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>> reporter: also in the crowd, tony williams who endorsed bowser's campaign. >> she's not only building on our successes but learning from our mistakes and doing that very well. >> reporter: she had pledged to be a fresh start for the city. >> it's a new day in washington a fresh start for all of our families that call d.c. home. >> reporter: and to sale theeal the deal she accepted the sale from the outgoing mayor. there will be an in ball here tonight. along with a new mayor, the district also has three new counsel members. ward one taking over for jim gram. charles allen is the new counsel member for ward six.
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and former journalist alyssa silverman is now an at large counsel member. the district also has it first elected attorney general carl racine. before now, d.c.'s attorney general was always ap pointpointed. voters decided to make it an elected position. today, he said he plans to defend the city's vote to legalize small amounts of marijuana. developing the u.s. retaliates for north korea's cyber attacks on sony pictures. why the white house says it's only the beginning. his widow talks to news4 about the search for his killer. >> they're able to spend christmas and holidays with their family. i don't know how they can live with themselves. >> reporter: something keeps popping up at the security
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checkpoint h .
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got a warning tonight for travellers going through airport security. your fellow passenger may be armed. tsa says more people are
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bringing weapons to the checkpoint and they don't even know it. >> reporter: how about this you might have a sword or a knife on you and, yes, you don't even know it. it looks like a cane and it is but it's also more than that. the transportation security administration says on a daily basis now canes with swords or knives concealed inside being brought to the security checkpoint. >> they don't realize there's actually anything inside the cane. actually this style is fairly popular. with an or natenate handle. >> reporter: a dragon. >> it's a fierce menacing head that you would use. and so here, again, you untwist,
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and look at that. >> reporter: oh my goodness. it's become such an issue that tsa now advising anyone who uses a cane to twist the top of it and inspect it. many have been given as gifrtts or bought at yard sales. >> i think for the most part you say that what's that it's a rork rock what's in it it's a rock. and it's a cane. the question seems odd to begin with. >> reporter: tsa says you're going to lose your cane if it has a weapon. this is a little bit more serious than just having your cane taken away. will you likely be arrested if you have this item? we'll have that at 6:00. you know what i really
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don't know if we're ready for what's coming in the next couple of days. >> that is the coldest air we've seen this season. we've got a little bit of ice first off. and that's affecting portions of texas and oklahoma. icy roads all across the area numerous car accidents too. temperatures below the freezing mark as the rain began. so they saw a lot of freezing rain out that way. this could be something makes its way our way tomorrow. i'm not anticipating a lot of problems on the road on a saturday morning, but take your time tomorrow. 45 degrees in d.c. windchill 42. 39 ifn martinsburg. all in all, a pretty good friday for early portions of january. storm team 4 radar is all dry for now, but down the south and
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west there's where the rain is.ming up toward st. louis and down toward atlanta. if you're heading out this evening, you've got no problem. heading out for dinner maybe the movies no worries. but tomorrow morning you're going to start to see some problems around 8:00. i think this may start off as sleet in the d.c. metro area maybe even in southern maryland. temperatures will be above freezing so the roads should be fine but don't be surprised to walk outside and see sleet. to the west it could be a little bit more in the way of freezing rain. this will last until about 1:00. then we'll see some breaks during the day. it won't rain the entire day but keep the emumbrella handy just in case. most of the day is dry until the afternoon. but most of the day sunday is looking like it will be on the dry side. low temperatures tonight in the 30s. 32 leesburg 30 in martins burgburgmartinsburg.
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high temperatures tomorrow in the 30s and lower 40s. so that's why we think the roads are going to be okay. now, we're talking about a cool day tomorrow. but that is nothing compared to how cold things will be next week. this is some of the coldest air that we've seen in over a year. >> that's right. this is going to be dangerously cold air. it's going to be absolutely brutal. and when we get it we'll have some wind with it as well. this is arctic air right now that's starting to build. it really is from a period of tuesday right through the end of next week at least that it's going to be hanging on. we're talking about the coldest air yet going all the way back to last january. temperatures in the 20s for a high temperature for the day.
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preparation, preparation, preparation is everything. it is coming up and it is looking very likely for next week. remember to turn off any outdoor water, insulate those pipes around your home and check the anti-freeze, level in your car. make sure your check your ray radiator hoses too. >> 66 on sunday. so look at the numbers. 66 with a quick chance of a shower on sunday. and then we come crashing back down 41 on tuesday, 35 on tuesday with a few flurries. and then there's the cold air we're talking about. 29 for a high on wednesday. 21 for a high on thursday. 28 degrees on friday. overnight low temperatures in the teens. and we're not only talking about cold. we're talking about twiendwind too. a very cold pattern moving in
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after tomorrow's rain sleet and freezing rain. the u.s. getting some retribution tonight from the sony cyber attack. >> the u.s. imposed sanctions against north korea. the financial sanctions take aim at its research department and its intelligence agency. ten individuals with involvement in those departments are also targets of the sanctions. they're hoping to further isolate one of the most isolated nations on effort and the white house says this is just the first step in its retaliation for that sony hack. well behind closed doors important discussions have gun about changes to the white house fence. we have learned just how soon you could see a facelift outside
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1600 pennsylvania avenue. police explain why some local phone scams are fooling more and more people. and the boston marathon bombing trial just days away. an
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it's a year and a half in the making and on monday the
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trial against suspected boston bomber will begin. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces the death penalty for setting off two bombs finish line of the boston marathon. rebecca was just feet from the finish line and lost her left leg in that blast. but this week she took her first steps on her new prosthetic leg. >> for me to be that close to something that could have destroyed me and it only allowed me to be stronger. >> defense attorneys had asked for the trial to be delayed and moved, but a judge denyied both questioned. governor andrew cuomo today directed that all flags be flown at half staff in honor of his father. mario cuomo's death came hours after andrew was sworn in for his second term. a three-time govern a liberal lion today many people are
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mourning cuomo's death. he served as governor from 1983 to 1994. but he may be most remembered for twice turning down passionate requests from democrats to run for the white house. he died from heart failure at his house at 82 years of age. why there is much you can do to lower your risk of cancer much of it is plain old bad luck due to random mutations. other types of cancer such as colorectal, skin and some lung cancers are more influenced by her redditty -- and the environment. a widow wants answers after her husband's murder two years ago in the district. former white house spokesman james bradys life was changed in
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an instant. find out why the shooter will not be charged in his death. find out why some tow truck drivers tell us people are
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go to bed beside somebody and wake up and they're not there. they're dead. searching for answers two years after her husband's murder.
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a local woman is talking publicly about her loss for the first time. >> she went to sleep next to her husband just a few days before christmas and then he was gone. >> i am actually trying to learn how to live again. >> reporter: the new year brought new grief for a prince georges county woman. his killer hasn't been caught. >> he was not only my husband, but he was my best friend. >> reporter: she was shot and killed in a double homicide december 22nd of 2012. >> it's an open wound. >> reporter: harris remembers falling asleep next to her husband about 11:00. he was watching basketball on tv. >> he left some time during the night. i woke up and realized he wouldn't beside me. his car was gone. >> reporter: he worked midnight
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for am track and it was not unusual for him to go out on a call. but then in the morning d.c. police detectives show up at her door and tell her her husband was gone. >> i can't describe the feeling. >> reporter: it happened about 1:45 that morning. harris was sitting in his car. his widow says police told her they have surveillance video showing what happened the gunman ransacking the car after the murders. d.c. police would not confirm that information. >> this person could end up doing this to you. this person i think needs to be off the street. >> reporter: coming up on news4 at six harris talks about what could be a possibly motive for the killing. a $50,000 reward is being offered for information that helps solve this double murder.
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and we're talking about that winter weather advisory in effect for parts of the area especially to west of the blue ridge. the impacts look like this travel expect wet roads tomorrow. you're going to need the umbrella if you're thinking about doing some exercise outdoors. i think the best chance will be early in the morning and late in the afternoon. and of course if you are going out and about tcoats coats will be necessary as this will be a chilly rain. we're not expecting any of that rain to be too heavy. we'll talk about what the weekend will be like. plus just how cold things are going to be next week coming up in just a minute. the man behind a murder at a maryland parking garage is still on the run tonight, but we're learning more about the person
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killed at the apartment complex in college park. stephan donnell powell had been in trouble with police several times before had a long record. powell was discovered dead early new year's day at the camden apartments. residents say more needs to be done to improve safety. the man who shot president reagan will not face charges in the death of james brady. brady was one of four people injured in the 1981 assassination attempt. he died in august of this year. the case against shooter john hing was reopened after the medical examiner ruled that brady's death was a homicide. he will not be charged in part because prosecutors are barred from arguing now that he was sane at the time of the
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shootings. changes to the white house security fence could be closer than we thought. the u.s. secret service is under pressure tonight to raise the fence and prevent another security breach. scott has learned that the u.s. secret service has been meeting in recent days behind closed doors with officials that will approve the changes. >> reporter: if they want to race the fence raise the fence higher or make it more difficult to scale, two agencies will have to improve it. both agencies have met the secret service in recent days to discuss concepts for the new fence. it is set to meet tuesday and could receive a proposal by then. department of homeland security will brief congressional leaders
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this week. leaders of the house government reform committee requested the fence be raised four to five feet and that any horizon pieces be removed because of a recent fence jumping in which an intruder made it across the grounds and through the white house door. >> something like a curvature at the top of the fence would make it that much more difficult to fight against gravity. >> reporter: the fact that the fence wasn't immediately raised shows the hoops through which they must jump. >> everything just works. that's not the way it works. even when it comes to local police department when we travel out of town there are things we can and can't do. >> reporter: the agency's acting
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director did talk act possible adjustments to the fence. that part of our story at 6:00. developing right now the bodies of 21 victims from air asia flight total 30. a u.s. navy ship spotted most of those bodies today. poor weather conditions are now a major issue. in fact 13-foot waivesves are expected there until sunday. a maryland father was killed. now we're learning how other lives can be saved. it was more than a 30-car pile up. we'll take
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. welcome back to news sports live everyone. the winter classic certainly lived up to expectations and then some. just a thrilling finish for fans after troy brouwer became this winter classic hero. the usa warriors ice hockey program organization provides training and encouragement for u.s. military members who have been injured while serving their country. they came from all over the u.s.
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to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity. the nhl will start the process of breaking down the rink over the next few days. the capitals took care of business against the chicago black hawks. the coach is hoping this team can use this experience come playoff time. as for brouwer, it's a moment he'll never forgot. >> i've had some good moments in my hockey career but this one, my parents being able to come into town playing against my former team this being the first goal that i've scored against my former team and the dramatic fashion at the end of the game of how everything played out, the finish couldn't have worked out any better for us as a team and me personally. >> the next game sunday against
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the florida panthers. phone scams are skyrocketing over the holidays. >> police are concerned about these phony calls because they include some very real facts. >> >>. >> reporter: a tow truck driver is hill and killed
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. he was killed doing his job, loading a car onto a tow truck. >> tonight his coworkers and police are pleading with drivers to m over to keep something like this from happening again. >> reporter: aj worked seven days a week and night to
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support his wife and three children in northern virginia and more rock. this was his truck, number 28. >> the toe driver had a family and kids and a wife and lost his wife. >> aj was hit by a box truck and killed on the outer loop of the beltway sunday morning hooking up a disabled week. the 34-year-old truck driver who hit him crossed onto the should every. police say his brakes were bad. he's charged with reckless driving. >> this is something we have to get into everybody's head. if you see lights flashing move over and please be careful. >> reporter: virginia state police are using this video to try to spread the word. troopers say many drivers don't move over or even slow down iftimes
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when we've out on the shoulders of the roadway, a lot of motorists don't adhere to the other trucks on the side of the road and cars were just steadily driving right past them at 60 and 70 miles per hour in the moving over. i don't see it being enforced the way it should be. >> reporter: they also made orange stickers in loving memory urging drivers to move over. >> it's very hard on all of us and all the family in the towing world. >> reporter: troopered have had their share of close calls from drivers who will not move over. in fairfax county. maryland also had a move over law. violating that law can earn you a $110 fine and a point on your
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driver's license. if there's a crash that fine goes up to $150 and three points. if there's a death, it can mean a $750 fine and three points. metro is launching a huge escalator project just has everybody is headed back to work. the work starts on monday. two escalators will be shut down at any given time. the station's escalators are the third longest in the system and were originally installed back in 1981. dozens of cars slammed into each other, some burst into flames but the injuries are largely minor after the massive pile up in new hampshire. our affiliate spoke to who is had tohad to quickly get out of her burning car. >> reporter: kristin was driving taking her daughter and two
5:46 pm
friends skiing. she says it was sunny one minute and the next a white-out. >> literal came out of the fog of snow. so we just slammed right into it and people started hitting us. >> reporter: they slammed into a tractor loror and had just minutes to escape. >> reporter: the car burst into flames shortly after reed and her daughter and friend got to the side of the road. >> it was really scary. >> we just literally couldn't is to be. >> he hurt his hand. his hand is all swollen. >> and her two dogs in the car are now at the vet's office. >> just try to go home and thank my lucky star that is we're all okay. >> reporter: those three girls tell us they are disappointed
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that they missed their ski trip but they've got an amazing survival story to tell their classmates when they head back to school on monday. we have got some whacky weather that's going to go one way and then another. >> you're going to be trying to figure out exactly what's going on. we have temperatures that could approach 70 in some areas on sunday before crashing to back down around 20. especially on sunday, i think sunday may be the day to go down toward national harbor. a dry night tonight and a cool night. if you're thinking about heading out tonight, it's going to be a really nice night as long as you're dressed appropriately. 36 towards leesburg right now. we're cool but today was a little bit above average as expected. radar on the clear side and it's going to stay clear all night
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long. we're waiting for this area of moisture towards atlanta. it's really what's going on towards texas that's going to be moving in as we move on through the rest of the overnight hours. because there is some cold air, we have a winter weather advisory in effect. and areas around frederick and back towards hagerstown what we're worried about is sleet and freezing rain. we could be about an tenth of an inch of ice in some locations, which is more than enough to make for slick roadways out there. i think temperatures will be at or close to freezing so i'm not so concerned about this. we could even see sleet in the d.c. metro area tomorrow. and then a chilly rain for the rest of us. temperatures about 47 to 35
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degrees for your day on saturday. thinking about going skiing this weekend? maybe not saturday, but sunday. 66 on sunday with just a slight chance of a shower. then we really get cold guy,guys take a look at these numbers. hoo high of only 21 degrees on thursday. the coldest since last january. criminals are posing as government employees or computer companies and demanding money for any number of reasons. >> we reveal scam artists latest tricks and how you could protect yourself. >> reporter: it started with a phone call. and the same for jeannie winslow
5:50 pm
winslow. phone scams are on the rise in fairfax city so much that police are putting out a warning, don't fall for these scams. >> most of the ones that we see are the green dot card scams. and from our end, those numbers on the cards are not traceable. >> reporter: in the last six months this police department has received nearly 70 fraud related reports and half of those are telephone scams. >> he was able to tell me the name of a judge, when my court date would be. quite honestly i was blown away. >> reporter: she got a call from someone claiming to be a police officer and saying she'd missed jury duty. >> my stress level soared. i was worried that i had done something, but i hadn't done anything. >> reporter: i met with 82-year-old michael sullivan as well. >> it scared me half to death. >> reporter: he tells me the
5:51 pm
person on the phone told him his grandson was badly beaten in a foreign country and he needed help. >> reporter: they wanted you to give them money on a green dot money card? >> yes, ma'am. when they got the grandson maybe it hit a nerve. >> reporter: it fulled at your heart strings. >> that's what they were doing. >> reporter: and this is jeannie winslow. at any point in time did you say this sounds real? >> no. >> reporter: she and her neighbor got similar calls from windows. >> and we know that you have problems with your computer that you have viruses and serious issues with your computer. we'd like to take control of it to help you. >> reporter: scam hermers can be aggressive in tone and persistent. thankfully none of these individuals handed over money or personal information, but they were prudent enough to report
5:52 pm
it. >> we want to take the embarrassment away from that and encourage people to report it. >> we have more ho on how to protect yourself from a variety of scams. sony is giving playation users a five-day membership extension after hackers disrupted the company's network christmas day. many users were not able to log into their play station accounts. sony says this will automatically be applied to users who had an active membership or a free trial on december 26th. lizard squad claimed responsibility on twitter for that attack. a ride to remember some cyclists said it could have been them. we're going to have a special tribute to the man who was killed on the road by a man who had a history of drunk driving. don't forgot our new mobile phone app. download it to stay on top of
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breaking news when you
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. senate majority leader hairy reed is recovering tonight after breaking several ribs and bones in his face while working out at home- he was using a resistance band it snapped, causing him to fall. this is the latest in the a series of injuries in the past few years that include a dislocated shoulder rib and
5:56 pm
hip, contusions as well as a hospital stay for exhaustion. u2 front man bono says tonight he may never be able to play the guitar again from a bike crash in central park last year leaving the sing we are a titanium elbow. bono says the recovery has been more difficult than he expected but joking on u2's website he says his band mates reminded him neither them or western civilization depend on his guitar playing abilities. a memorial bike ride attracted a number of bike safety at voe katedvocates. >> i'm a cyclist, i wanted to show my church's support for the
5:57 pm
family. >>. >> reporter: those who wanted to pay tribute to his life gathered. the gathering was organizationed by advocacy grouped. >> if the drivers aren't conscience of what we're doing out, tragedy can happen. >> today is not about the judicial system. it's not about the bishop. it's a remembrance of tom. >> reporter: hundreds of cyclists participated in a memorial bike ride. a white bicycle was placed as a memorial. >> as tragic as this accident was, and the grief that our family feels, it is our hope that the awareness caused by this horrible event will ultimately result in the saving of tens if not hundreds of
5:58 pm
cyclists' lives in the future. >> reporter: the investigation into the crash is ongoing. so the far no charges have been filed against the driver of the car. she has been suspended from her post ap post. the episcopali pis koe church leaders addressed cook's drunk driving history. they say that she did disclose in 2010 a judge granted her probation before judgment after she was charged with drunk driving. court documents show her blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. the church says they investigated before determining that this one mistake should not bar her from consideration as a leader zblo. >> baltimore police say their
5:59 pm
investigators are focused on the fact that this is a case where someone lost their life and they want to make sure for the family that they get it right. the funeral is scheduled for tomorrow. zbloob tonight . tonight the search for the missing yoga teacher in virginia has ended in tragedy. they found his body in the mountains where he disappeared this week. >> reporter: we're going to get that to you in just a minute. with news of hari simran's death, they're now coming together for a memorial vigil. they left leesburg to help lead a yoga retreat in mexico.
6:00 pm
something went wrong. searchers found his lifeless body in a ravine. a woman chanting scriptures. another in front of her in meditation. the man they're praying for, orpikpick -- pictured right there. this is where hari simran and his wife taught yoga. tonight the mats rolled up and this room empty. >> if i could just with one-hundredth of him, i think i could be a much better human being. >> reporter: he believed his friend was injured but thought he would survive and


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