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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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developing story out of southeast washington a man shot while sitting in a barber chair. >> that happened in a wild chase in anacostia. >> mark segraves live on how this unfolded. >> reporter: you can see the street on mlk is still blocked off. that barberer shop is where the man was shot. in i spoke to the man and he had no idea anything was happening until he had been shot. it all happened at 12 noon today, police got a call for a robbery robbery on martin king junior avenue near lucas heights. they followed the suspects and they jumped from the car and fled. one of the suspects drew a handgun and the cop fired a
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single shot and it missed him and went through the hourair of a man getting a cut. police recovered the gun and all three suspects were arrested. the barber in the shot told me no one else was hurt and the person who was shot is facing life-threatening injuries. you may be hearing some of the crowd in the background showing up and they're angry at police angry another person has been shot on the disof d.c. we are keeping a close eye on temperatures. >> temperatures that could take a dangerous dripip and could make the sidewalks even more dangerous. good evening. it's not just the temperatures the winds.
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when you factor in winds we're dealing with zero and 10 below zero. only the entire eastern half of the country is under a windchill advisory including our area 10 become p.m. to 8 a.m. tomorrow morning and putting windchill temperatures below zero. currently it feels like single digit digits and teens and 21 in washington and by 8:00 feels like zero in d.c. 10:00 p.m. tonight when the advisory goes in effect all readings are below zero. tomorrow morning doesn't get any better. 6:00 a.m. feeling 2 to 6 below in frederick and tomorrow colder and i'll let you know how much colder in my full forecaster. >> getting around can be a challenge when you factor in snow and ice in the mix.
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aded a dam join us live from arlington. >> reporter: jim j it is brutally cold out here today. getting around has been a challenge. this wind not helping anything. let's look at i-95. trying to walk around our area that has been a challenge. we found icy sidewalks, freedom plaza tricky walking around on the national mall plenty of people deciding to run in the snow cam paired to the icy spots. and filling up today you had to be quick to do that. >> it's cold. not too bad out the sun is out. it doesn't bother me. >> reporter: what is your cold weather tactic? >> dress warmly. >> reporter: and layers? >> yes. a nice warm coat and boots. >> reporter: boots, coat hat j
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whatever you can put on today if you're coming out, prince george's county schools tomorrow are on a two hour delay operating tomorrow. back to you. >> all right. first at 4 we have a dump truck driver who now tells police he did it on purpose. >> this went down at a parking lot in a maryland mall. news4 is on the scene. look at this damage. that is a dump truck on top of the police cruiser. police said it crashed into a second cruiser but not a bad. the officer were not in their cars but got in an exchange with the man before the crash and he circled back and rammed into their car. even more shocking the driver
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got out of that truck and confronted those officers. he's in custody right now and investigators are interviewing him to find out exactly what happened. darcy spencer will have a live report at 5:00. develop right now at virginia we're awaiting for bob mcdonnell's appeal for public corruption and could be filed today or late tomorrow. he is citing lawyer limitations during jury selection and the instruction the judge gave jurors as two of the reasons it should be returned. hes a and his wife were found guilty of taking gifts in exchange for a businessman's promotional products. the asia plane's tail is
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what they're going after and it holds the boxes and why it went down. it had 162 people on board when it disappeared from radar. former baltimore ravens cheerleader accused of raping a child. it will occur in delaware. she did not make a plea deal. the 47-year-old is accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenager. he told police it happened at a delaware beach house over labor day weekend. shad shadda shaddack is a mother of three and ex-wife of a big oil executive. now swirling after the terror attack in paris and how the united states is helping figure out who's behind it. the hack heard around the
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world. the u.s. is now able to track down who tapped io
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we know who hacked sony it was the north koreans who hacked sony. fbi director james kohcomey said the hackers got sloppy and failed to fully mask their ip address. fbi analysts used the information to determine e-mails from sony pictures originalted by only north korea and the hack disrupted the release of "the interview." a virginia hospital has a big problem, the longest wait
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times in the country. patients at the hampton v.a. center have to wait one month to see a doctor. the national average is only seven days. the var director says they're hiring new doctor and plan to expand buildings and will be 11 more primary rooms and up to twenty rooms at the clinic. a gift to the mother of the new york city officers. a topnonprofit organization has raised enough money to pay off their home meteorologist. 10,000 people donated $810,000 to pay off mortgages for the families. they were ambushed sitting in their patrol cars on december 20th. we would like to show our appreciation for everybody who
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gave this contribution during a difficult time. >> the gunman ran to a nearby subway station where he killed himself. why people could soon see tirgt airport security and not necessary necessarily the passengers. cosby having more step forward. what's needed for a comeback. we already have one basically for public school tomorrow. prince george's public schools will be opening two
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[ gunshots ] >> utter terror at a french newspaper today. we're looking at the video that shows killing of a witness and two police officers. it's too graphic to show you. it shows the attacks where they killed one of the officers in their get away today. president obama called the attack on one of our closest allies outrageous and horrific. >> our security went into overdrive to see who is response
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and complications for those at home. steve is live at capitol hill. hill. >> u.s. homeland security says there's no plan to raise the u.s. threat level. they want to know more about these killers in frons so far not been caught. >> reporter: leaving the dead bye hind at the newspaper, the gunman got into a car and escaped. paris is on high alert for more attacks. >> reporter: president obama deplored the killing of journalists. >> freedom of expression is something that can't be silenced with senseless violence. >> reporter: today's target was a satirical newspaper called charlie heb orkso where it ran cartoons of the prophet muhammad
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and hit by a firebomb. today, a police bodyguard was hit and then wounding police and hitting another security guard and then executing him. it was not a lone wolf attack like in canada or in australia. some took it for elite anti-terror force. >> these are guys who had prior ball the experience or able to get significant trach somewhere outside france. >> reporter: isis claims 500 attackers outside iraq. witnesses say they spoke excellent french. guards are posted throughout the u.s. a crowd gathered in paris in solidarity with the journalists in search for the killers. >> not surprisingly the council for the islamic care based here
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in los angeles, the muslim rights organization strongly condemned the cowardly attack and condemned the opposition of any speech even that which mocks religions figures. steve handelsman news4. a cowl to screen all airline workers workers for gun. they want them screened each day when they arrive at work following some smuggling through the airports. flight security passes through the machines but a lot of security is exempt. >> a lot more in store, huh? >> high temperatures j 24 degrees.
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that's the warmest it will feel. allow your car to warm up a little bit. exercise probably best to stay indoors. warm up with a jacket, gloves j scarf. they will continue to remaybein warm tonight and through the night. wind gusts 30 miles an hour. when you factor in winds. 6 degrees in leesburg 4 in gaithersburg 6 in camp springs. overnight tonight until 9:00 p.m. there called be a few flurries not amounting to much but something to notice. cool cloud formations people tweet tweeting me and great pictures. right now, 11:00 p.m. at 16 degrees. starting the day off with a temperature of about 12. it will feel like temperatures
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are anywhere from zero to 10 below zero. only 24 for a high temperature in washington and clouds will innees clougt the day tomorrow. will increase throughout the day tomorrow. a windy increase. here's your planner by friday. still, a cold start. temperature around 27 degrees. not as bad but chilly by all means. clouds will decrease. 11:00 a.m. stlae degrees. high of 37 will hit it by 3:00 in the afternoon. for the weekend, we have oh thethe health and fit nessness expo. it will be chilly but dry. starting off at 27 degrees and 20 on sunday. there will be more snow monday
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tuesday, wednesday. and i will have more when we're coming up. >> tonight, often the winds and windchill temperatures out there, with the windchill advisory for everybody from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. >> so does the d.c. area have what it takes to host the simummer olympics. that's what the u.s. summer olympic committee is deciding. this would just be the u.s. pick. they won't decide the finalists next year and the winner picked in two years, way down the road. if you're one of those folks who has too many pass words to remember use this facial recognition. take a photo of your face.
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instead of opening a website, true key will use your face. until we preview this it will be free with 15 websites to request access to your address at drew value >> the alerts you need to see. >> all because they shut off. because of a simple mistake. where they will be affected. why some may be changing the time they get up for class. >> pat's snow stick challenge. >> we bothed all our entrance for best health challenge. there's one contraption you have to see, all the win the big
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for the first time in years, gun sales have gone down 15% from two years ago according to the richmond dispatch. the drop follows a 15% rise in 2012. students in montgomery county may soon be able to sleep a bit longer. >> the school is considering options for classes known as
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bell times. a lot of experts believe a later start will help students be more productive. >> today we hear how parents feel about it. >> reporter: montgomery county schools on two hour delay to give the teachers and children extra time to get to west mid. at the same time they consider later school start times permanently. >> yeah. it would absolutely make a difference. really all students start 20 to 30 minutes later and skel you'lling on the you'lling -- scheduling on the table. >> i think there is research that says high school students do better with more sleep. >> being able to get out for school and being present for teaching. >> reporter: those against later start times point to the cost of
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changing bus schedules. they only want to consider a recommendation for those having financial impact of less10 million. >> it may means we have to get more buss on the road. >> reporter: two meetings on january the 2nd and sign-up for january 15thd will vote later. more people stand in front of cameras saying they were attacked by bill cosby, talking about the embattled comedian. >> storm 4 is keeping a close eye on this dangerous arctic blast. we will be updating this washington
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welcome back everybody at 4:30. i'm jim handly. >> i'm wendy rieger sitting in for pat lawson muse. a police car was run over bri a dump truck after he intentionally did this. officers were not hurt. in the district police opened fire in the southeast and a stray bullet hits a person inside a barber shop and
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suspected to survive. the cold is only getting started. it is bone chilling skim numbering, a blast of arctic air about to get chillier. >> and jay gray on how people are dealing with it. first, we go to veronica. what's the latest? the latest everybody around a windchill advisory around 10:00 p.m. tonight and run through 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. we're not only dealing with cold temperatures but breezy and windy conditions tomorrow morning. temperatures will feel from 10 below zero to zero. if you want to bundle up and dunn load the latest weather app app. you can get the latest weather delays and school declays and closures. by 8 p.m. we're already in the
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teens. what we're really focused on windchill temperatures what it feels by 10:00. temperatures without a delay as kids head out to the school bus and what it feels like at 5 below across the area. your forecast coming up in a little bit. >> thanks. there is much to deal with across the country. dealing with subzero temperatures. >> schools closed in minneapolis and chicago. picking up our team coverage from the windy city. jay. >> reporter: as you just heard, windy conditions brutal. you saw the app push and it's the same conditions in chicago. take a look at navy pier. sheets of ice, water hasn't been above 5, 6 degrees.
4:32 pm
at 4 right now and as low as 30 below zero. broing snow bitter winds and million s millions bundling up across the country. school districts across the midwest, too cold for kids go to class. and cars sliding off highways across the region. temperatures continue to drop and windchills well below zero. dangerous, potentially deadly, especially for those who have nowhere to go for protection in extreme extreme conditions. >> we keep an eye on them. >> reporter: an overnight fire ravaged their home crews struggling dealing with frozen
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hydrants. >> the first half hour we were not able to get water. >> the water in lake michigan is mostly solid now. steam climbing from the ice as temperatures continue to fall. as rough as things have been across the country, you've been talking about forecasters say, it will be even worse tomorrow. jay gray news4. >> here in our area some streets are pretty icy after yesterday's winter blast. a lot of residents are wondering if or when a snow plow will come to their neighborhood. troy johnson is here with talk around town. you talked to folks and they're starting to feel disenfranchised, like they're being ignored. >> a lot of people don't look forward to this weather so cold outside. but you have issues where streets are not getting cleared off and having lasting effect on a lot of communities.
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the listeners i talked to say expectations are low. frustrated because once the storm is gone and other parts are rebounding their streets are not clear and if they get clear, could be days later. that raises concern and the kids could be walking on ice covered sidewalks, maybe they can't walk on the sidewalk and walk on the street. what about older citizens needing to get to the grocery store and could slip on black ice. we have a situation they are re-freezing with arctic cold and cause havoc all over again, some roads not even touched yet according to people i talked to. >> is it the squeaky wheel thing they have to make more noise? >> they say it's a tale of two counties counties. saying addison road not being cleared, but the more affluent
4:35 pm
wood more road being treated and a snow emergency route clear and church road clear. these are main thoroughfares. we haven't gotten to the side streets. main thoroughfares say, don't forget us we're taxpayers as well. we talked to tony greer from prince george's county says road conditions are causing very serious headaches. >> i was out early this morning trying go to work and got out of my parking lot. this street was blocked off both ends and cars backed off. 70 wheel drive and rear-wheel drive cars couldn't get up and down the hill, couldn't get out. >> a lot of people said these problems are happening in the district. and hoping fellow neighbors reach out to the city council folks and city council people
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and let them know hey, we need these roads cleared. >> troy johnson, thank you so much. we posted how you can report an unplowed or iced over street and the apps cleared in your area go to our washington app and search "snow plow." bill cosby returns to the sage for theree performances in canada. he has had three performances canceled due to charges on sexual assault. some ticket holders plan to heckle him and three are talking and held a news conferences in l.a. like gloria allred. like other accusers they claim cosby drugged them and sexually assaulted them when they were young women. >> cosby handed me a tall jin
4:37 pm
champagne type of glass with liquid in it with red fruit in the bottom. i was laying down and cosby was on top of me kissing me forcibly. >> cosby the charges and has not been charged. the actress on the show with him is defending her co-store. felicia rashad said the accusations are part of an orchestrated smear campaign to keep him off tv. she said it's worked. today, attorney gloria allred responded to the comments saying rashad should support the women who have come forward, not undermine them. danger in the cockpit. alarming spike in a prank that could cause a disaster and what pilots are doing to stop it. winter can wreak havoc on our cars and what are you doing to
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we're learning more of a recall alert where drivers could mistakenly turn off their cars by mistake. this is pretty frightening. >> it is very scary. ford is recalling their lincoln suv like a crossover because
4:41 pm
drivers can mix up the buttons on the dashboard and actually shut off the vehicle. it affects those that when you push the s button to hit the sport mode and can accidentally hit the start/stop button right next to that button. ford says it's not aware of any problems with it and they will move the start-/stop button. many people woke up with low tire pressure. >> absolutely. when there's this big of a cold snap you can definitely notice a dramatic increase entire pressure 1, 2, 3 pounds of pressure. if you're tired, do need more air, you can usually find out how much. right there, the driver's side doorjamb or owner's manual. if it's time for new tires, take a few minutes, shop around.
4:42 pm
consumer's checkbook told us dealerships generally more price. i it found a $400 difference for the same set of four tires depend writing you go. >> the best prices tended to be at warehouse clubs like costco or sam's club or b.j.'s and good prices at wal-mart and sears. >> you could shop online and find a good deal there as well. but then you have to pay for shipping and also factor in you have to pay somebody to put the tires on the car. bottom line it pays to shop around. >> 400 bucks, that's a chunk of change. >> it is. >> more on how to get your car started in cold weather coming up at 5:00. >> how to make sure your car turns on after this deep freeze. we will show you four things you can do to make sure your car starts and works properly to get you to where you need to go tomorrow coming up at 5:00.
4:43 pm
if you have a consumer watch report e-mail us and phone numbers also on your screen. call us and she'll come to your house tomorrow. >> yes. exactly. coffee and donuts. fairfax county public schools will be opening two hours late tomorrow morning. there's a major break in a case. the new development overseas as the world waits to hear why that plane full of passengers fell from the sky. and watch what your children eat in school lunches. tracking frigid air. tomorrow morning when children are wait inging for the bus stop it's frigid air and prince george's county said that has the reason for their delay. i'll let you
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while you're wondering if your car will get started tomorrow will we get started tomorrow? does any want to get out of bed? >> at least we have sunshine. i think that always helps. >> will that bring the temperature to double digits? >> it will up to a whopping 25
4:47 pm
degrees. that's not too bad. you factor in the winds, it will only feel like temperatures are in the teens and below zero. looking ahead to the weekend. dry and chilly and warmer sunday and saturday and the storm system bringing us a chance of rain monday tuesday and wednesday. it feels 1 below in hagerstown and 10 degrees in washington and 8 degrees in fredericksburg. your car will read 12 in washington 7 in leesburg but you factor in the conditions it will feel like 10 below zero. tomorrow morning not the only high start as temperatures recover into the weekend. the morning temperatures are cold and we're keeping an eye on
4:48 pm
the windchills but also cold mornings that will continue in the forecast. >> that's right. it gets a little better at least for the afternoons coming up. this is a mental game for a lot of us as well as getting everything together with the cold. it will be subzero readings for windchill values. the actual windchill temperature below 12s and average temperature is 29 degrees. and saturday and sunday at least close to the freezing mark. just above it on sunday. sunday starting out at 20 degrees. at least we'll have all this time to prepare, right? before the next cold snap happens. happens. >> thanks so much. if you want to know what to wear
4:49 pm
tomorrow i don't think i need to tell you. definitely sunglasses gloves and a scarf as well. keep all that handy because you will need it at least through the weekend. here's our hour by hour planner, starting off at 12 degrees. 11 m:00 a.m. still breezy for the afternoon, temperature at 23. high temperature of 37 friday. and sunday high temperature of near 40 degrees with partly sunny skies and we have the health and fitness expo on we were talking about the storm system. we need to keep a close eye on it and need to see exactly what it's going to bring us. looking like a mainly rain event, some snow mixes in but exact time unclear.
4:50 pm
and the brutal cold updates for next week as well. >> thanks. the man known simply as the greatest is looking forward to celebrating his 73rd birthday. he'll be at home. mohamed ali was released from the hospital. he spent seven weeks there battling an infection and the three time champ has been battling parkinson's disease for years. he is in great spirits and glad to be home. the horror being spread on social media about the food fed to children that was bug infested rice. it contained weivels. they tell us they're killed during cooking and not harmful. >> that's really gross. >> i think there's worse things
4:51 pm
we feed our kids than that being completely honest. how it's made. >> you eat it. >> the rice was served by the government in sealed bags and not sure if the infest station occurred before the rice was delivered. >> it was an important discovery of wreckage off the airasia plane that crashed off thea couple weeks ago. it might lead to the cause of this mysterious crash. >> reporter: the first the airasia plane on the sea floor, part of the plane's insignia and registration visibility. the tail section looks intact sitting in 110 feet of water and may still hold the plane's black boxes. air shay founder tony ferninand
4:52 pm
tweeted this morning, if right part of tail section then the black box should be there and we need to find all parts soon to ease the pain of our families. that is priorities. >> reporter: in all, searchers have found 12 pieces of wreckage on the sea floor and the problem is the weather where storms are making it difficult to find people. many of the 100 people are still missing and many think they're in the fuselage still trapped to their seats. >> they have been listening for pings in the black boxes. indonesia. >> the story we're working on on the heels of that controversy to keep some schools open during the snowstorm. some teachers get an extra thank you for braving the elements. the september 11 attacks under
4:53 pm
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just three more days until nbc4 take officer the washington convention center. it's the 2015 health and fitness
4:56 pm
expo saturday 9:00 to 5:00 and sunday in the9:00 to 4:00. check online for the great events at the expo. >> we'll see you there. an elementary school that went up in flames after being there 82 years today. no employees inside and two employees escaped with minor injuries. the cause of the blaze still under investigation. a pickup truck nearly took out this employee when it smashed through the wall of this brazilian real estate office. it crashed through the building after colliding with another car nearby. none of the employees were hurt and just walked away from this.
4:57 pm
lasers are one of the greatest concerns at airports. >> three people have been targeted by lax. a closer look at the danger for pilots and everyone on board. nbc investigative unit learned it happened three times at l.a.x. this past sunday. laser strike on a delta boeing 637 at 12:34 in the afternoon and then it reaches another delta 737 leave inging in the sky and later that night, laser strike on an inbound delta 10,000 feet in the air. pilots warn each other. this is what happens. you are looking at the rare perspective of a laser strike into the cockpit of news chopper 4. >> it's terrifying. >> reporter: our pilot flying new year's night with fuente.
4:58 pm
>> when we're all out there in the same proximity, when you lose visual reference, that's dangerous. >> reporter: that same flight started by laser while preparing to land so bright and blinding a first officer had to be cleared by a doctor in oregon before flying back to l.a. >> it can cause retinal damage a lesion on the retina. >> mark is a pilot. >> anybody watching this they can be dangerous, not a toy. >> driving wind and bitter cold batters our region. right now at 5:00 when is it going to feel a whole lot worse? cruisers crushed today. local police officers confronted by an angry driver. the question why? >> we woke to terror this morning in paris.
4:59 pm
you've seen the details about terrorists armed with ak-47 and what's being done in washington. first at 5:00 breaking news and update on a breaking news washington news alert. in requiringvirginia we just learned culpeper fairfax and prince george's county schools will open on a two hour delay. >> that means no half day pre-k and all field trips will be canceled. food services will still offer breakfast. make sure to monitor the nbc washington app for updates throughout the hour. >> now to keep coverage. it will be a dangerously cold night. how low will we go? >> we begin with transportation reporter adam tuss out there all day and has the hat to show for
5:00 pm
it. how is it? >> reporter: it is brutally cold. be glad you're inside. this is the kind of cold you shield your back to to shield yourself. let's look at 345 here. photograph traffic lined up. roads look pretty good but anything you want to do give yourself extra time. >> reporter: ice, ice and more ice in the plaza in d.c. the wind pushing people around and extra time to walk from one side to the next. if you're the president, this is how you beat the cold. marine one landing on the south lawn of the white house kicking up all the powdery snow. check out the president here. he obviously knew he


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