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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  January 13, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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is the same thing that happened yesterday going to happen today? >> metro riders with a lot of unanswered questions and worries after smoke filled a station yesterday, killing one woman and sending dozens of others to the hospital hosp.> and usually we watch the temperatures slowly rise throughout the afternoon. the opposite is going to happen today. it's getting colder. gusty winds are only adding to the bundle-up factor. good morning, i'm barbara harrison. right now three people recovering in critical condition at the hospital after thick
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smiledsmil the metro station. one woman died investigators say an electrical problem could have behind what happened. they're meeting with metro er you can hear people on board the train coughing profusely. we spoke to the man who took this cell phone video. he says he helped one woman who could not breathe. news 4's megan mcgrath is live outside the plaza metro station right now with more on that. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, barb jonathan rogers was the man who took that cell phone video that you just heard, and we spoke to him this morning. his description of the conditions on board that train are just frightening. he says it was dark. smoke was pouring in and people were having trouble breathing. through cell phone snapshots and videos we are getting a better picture of the chaos that happened on board that metro train. in this video taken by jonathan rogers you can hear people coughing and choking.
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rogers says smoke was pouring into the train, and it was getting hard to brea >> it kept getting thicker and people were getting lower and lower to the ground. some people right away were having a hard time breathing, and they were laying flat on their stomachs and, you know trying to cover their mouths with their arms or a shirt or something. >> reporter: from the beginning, rogers says one woman was having more trouble than others. firefighters had not yet arrived. and so people on the train were trying to help. it's unclear if she is the woman who died. >> you can't wait any longer. so we decided to just try to do cpr. a few of us were rotating compressions and mouth-to-mouth. after, like, 20 minutes of that it was, like this isn't helping. she needs to get off the train. >> reporter: rogers thinks it was about 40 minutes before he finally got off the train. his chest a little sore he stayed home from work today. but for other riders it was back to the rails this morning.
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some admitted being a bit on edge. >> just a little nervous. as i was approaching, it felt a little eerie because you never know if something like that could happen again. >> reporter: but most commuters say they'll continue to take metro. >> you're more likely to get killed in an auto accident than the metro. >> the system is working okay. i've got faith in the system. what else am i going to do? i can't drive into work. i have to take metro. >> reporter: and rush hour on metro went smoothly this morning. there's actually really no outward sign inside the station in terms of what happened indicating what happened here yesterday. i was walking around and i couldn't even smell any residual smoke. reporting live from the station, megan mcgrath news 4. >> thank you, megan. if you're planning to use metro this afternoon, there are lots of changes in place right now. first 4 traffic's melissa malay breaks things down for you. >> these changes here line by line. for the green line normal service today.
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yellow line completely replaced with blue line trains today from huntington to largo town center. blue lines also running every ten minutes. orange line running every eight minutes between vienna and new carrollton. and the silver line running every 12 minutes with extra cars. if you're looking for a different type of alternate, take the vre, dc circulator or metro bus. dc circulating adding some routes along navy yard. we're following the latest changes on you can also see the pictures that you took and sent to us from the scene. download the through news 4 app for breaking push alerts about this developing stor morning sunshine a welcome change from yesterday's rain but it remains cold and it's getting colder out there. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell joins us with his first forecast of the day. go. chuck?
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i think we're having some microphone problems from chuck. we will get back to him just as soon as we can fix that up. we've got some breaking news for you right now from former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. let's go straight to our richard jordan at the live desk with more on that. good morning. >> hi barbara, good morning. mcdonnell will be going to prison february 9th. his request to go on bail while he appeals his corruption conviction has been denied. we just got the order from the judge. the judge saying that he's rejecting the request because the basis of the appeal does not qualify as a close-call question meaning that it's not likely that this will go the other way, that the judgment will flip. today's decision can also be appealed but that is also very unlikely. bob mcdonnell was convicted on 11 corruption charges, accused of taking bribes from johnnie
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williams. his wife maureen also sentenced. two years in prison for bob mcdonnell and he is expected to start serving time on february 9th. barbara? two people were killed and a third person injured in a house fire. firefighters responded to a home on foxgate drive around 5:00 p.m. yesterd. heavy smoke could be seen coming from the house when firefighters arrived. there were also reports of peop the two dead were found on the second floor. a third person was taken to the hospital and treated for burns. this morning northern virginia is targeting sexual assaults at colleges across the commonwealth. lawmakers just introduced a bill that would require campus police to report sexual assaults to their local prosecutors within 48 hours. >> -- attorney involved. it will make sure that the investigation is promptly pursued and victims are given the resources that they need.
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>> the bill would apply to incidents that happen on school property. this proposal comes amid increased scrutiny over the way colleges handle sexual assaults. and new today, an announcement from facebook. the changes that you will soon notice on your feed that could help missing and exploited children. and a quick note from wall street. stock prices are way up this the dow is up more than 240 points. we'll be right back.
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now to a developing story in new york city. amtrak says trains are running on time despite this early-morning fire near penn trains were delayed while more than 100 firefighters put out the flames this morning. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. it's not clear what sparked the flames but firefighters are calling it suspicious in nature. meanwhile, divers have found that second black box from airasia flight 8501. the boxes retrieved from the bottom of the java sea will give experts the essential information about how the flight went down. the device will be flown to the capital jakarta to be analyzed. blab boxes which are actually orange most of the time are designed to survive extreme heat and pressure. they should provide investigators with a second-by-second time line of th well who should be held responsible for a growing problem in our area? heroin deaths.
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coming up we sit down with two top lawmen who have a plan. plus the pope is in sri lanka today. the first since the send of a 26-year war. and the message the pope will deliver to the people in good morning once again, everybody. there's sunshine out there for now, but it's a chilly day to be sure out there as temperatures are continuing to trend downward. here's a view from our tower looking down over washington. plenty of sunshine out there, and that's what you should expect. plenty of sunshine. but again, falling temperatures and a cold north wind. we're only in the low to mid-30s around the metro right now, and that's as warm as we'll be for the rest of the day. so the questions are, how low will we go tonight? how long is this cold going to stick around? and can it be any nicer and a little bit warmer by the weekend? all the answers in your seven-day coming up at 11:30.
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one -- get your free online valuation. two -- drive to your local car-buying center. three -- walk out with a check in as little as thirty minutes. buying cars is all we do. all makes and models and no dealership pressure we'll even settle your loan or lease. so, don't wait. get your free online valuation now at right now at the live desk monitoring the first police task force under way over at the news newseum. police commissioner charles ramally and george mason university professor lori robinson. the task force is looking on how to strengthen the public's trust in police after the shootings in ferguson staten island and cleveland. the group talking about body cameras, also disrespectful language that was used by police officers back in 2013 in d.c.
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about 26% of citizen complaints were about police using value garr vulgar and disrespectful language. >> it leads to an escalation and often unnecessary and inappropriate uses of forc so if deescalation is an important new direction for policing this is one place really to begin. >> this is the first time that the task force is meeting. they're calling this a listening meeting where they're taking in input. they are expected to give their proposals, their recommendations to the president by march 2nd. barbara? >> all right, thank you. and we'll see you again shortly. right now we are learning more about the threats that we face from north korea. the house foreign affairs committee hearing is focusing on the potential missile and cybersecurity threats from north korea. this comes amid talks between the u.s. and north korea on nuclear testing. it also comes in the wake of the fbi saying north korea was behind the sony hack for the movie "the interview" which depicts the assassination of kim
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jong-un. the u.s. office of personnel management says a glitch on its website may have exposed federal retirees' private information online. for a time retirees logging into their own accounts may have accidentally been granted access to personal information belonging to other users. opm says it's investigating the issue and will let retirees know if their information was compromised. if you work for the government a new law could help protect you online. just a day after proposing new cybersecurity laws for consumers, the president will propose one for the government this afternoon. the law would allow the government and private agencies to share information about threats that they're seeing online. parents say a youth hockey coach in arlington reached out to their kids on social media. he was arrested and is now charged with having child porn. virginia state police said they pretended to be a 12-year-old when they reached out to timothy bowden bowdenheimer online.
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investigators say he then sent an undercover officer some pictures. >> -- to be coached, you know they've got to have confidence that the coach is teaching them hockey and not doing anything >> bodenheimer was most recently the assistant coach for a team of middle schoolers in arlington. right now crews in southwest virginia are looking for any sign or for any sign of maryland sisters who disappeared 40 years the fbi and montgomery county police starting to comb taylor mountain. they started yesterday. the remote hillside is more than 200 miles away from the wheaton shopping center where katherine and sheila lyon were last seen back in 1975. they were just 10 and 12 years old at the time. police didn't say what new evidence led investigators to this location but say they hope to find human remains. if any news breaks we'll see you an alert from the nbc washington app. heroin-related deaths in
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mareyland are on the rise. the u.s. attorney for maryland and state's attorney john mccarthy are here with us and they're working together to put a stop to this growing problem. they join us to talk about it this morning. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. thank you. >> i'll start with you. many think, of course that heroin is an inner-city problem, but you say it's actually moving to the suburbs. why is it happening and how do you know about it? >> that's right. well the most significant thing that we see is the number of deaths attributed to heroin. we've seen about a doubling of the number of heroin-related deaths just in the last three years. and throughout the state in montgomery county all the way to the eastern shore of maryland western maryland it's not just a problem defined to baltimore city which i think traditionally people associate with heroin. it's really spreading anywhere and we're trying to sound the alarm. >> who's using it? teenagers? everybody? how do you know? >> the death toll across maryland the largest cohort is between 18 and 30. there's usually a decline in the death rate in the 30s and then surprisingly the numbers again spike in the 40s.
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but it crosses all age groups and it crosses all sorts of economic lines as well. our most recent death in my own county was in a country club community. one of the things that rod and i have been talking about is just trying to educate people about the fact that don't assume that heroin is not in your community because it is virtually all across -- it is all across montgomery county and every part of the state. >> john you're looking for a comprehensive approach to solving this problem. you let's say you start an intervention. what would you do? >> support department of mental health and hygiene and efforts to try to get treatment to offenders at the very outset. we also want to advertise the fact that last year in maryland we passed the good samaritan law that i don't think enough people know about. if you are in a situation where a person goes into a medical crisis because they've taken drugs, there is a precious few moments that can save that person's life. call 911. save that person's life and
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you'll have immunity from rod and i are not about locking people up. we are about a comprehensive approach about saving lives. and i think getting the word out about that good samaritan law that we passed in maryland last year is a good first step. >> you're talking about prevention rod. what would you do? >> that's right. as prosecutors, our most significant power is the ability to send people t. but we don't want to be in that position. and so to the extent that we are able to intervene and prevent kids from getting hooked on heroin and other drugs, we're not going to have a heroin overdose problem in the future. so focusing our efforts and trying to work with state and local authorities, work with public health providers, in particular the department of mental hygiene, trying to intervene and get them off it so they won't overdose again in the future. >> prevention in the first place, john is that going to be impossible? >> i hope not. i mean look i think that both rod and i are devoted to public education as the number one thing that we can do to improve the criminal justice issues
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throughout the state and in our individual c i would also tell you i am urging legislators in maryland to give maryland prosecutors the same tool that rod does. if you distribute drugs on a federal level, there's a separate statute that allows us to prosecute you. we would like to as an additional tool as a deterrent to people selling drugs, killing people maybe at levels between 600 and 700 people will lose their lives to this this year in maryland. we would like to go after those individuals, hold them responsible for the lives they've cost us by distributing this killer drug. >> we can go on and on on this because i have other questions particularly about your opinion on the marijuana law passing that making it legal in many states but we'll talk about that another time. >> thank you very much. >> it's great to see you. thank you. the justice department is teaming up with facebook. how the partnership will deliver information during critical times. and it could be a crowded field of candidates in the
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republican party. coming up who is likely to run and the biggest
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new this morning, pope francis is kicking off his week-long asian tour in sri la which is the first papal visit to sri lanka since the end of a 26-year civil war that started in 2009 or ended in 2009 actually. pope francis will deliver all 11
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speeches and homilies in english while he's there. a major break from his italian and spanish norm. the pope will canonize the country's first saint tomorrow. on thursday he'll travel to the d.c. will look more like hollywood later tonight. "american sniper's" premiere will kick off at 6:15 at the burke theater at the u.s. navy memorial. it stars bradley cooper as chris kyle during his four tours of duty in iraq. he had more kills than any other marksman in history. he'll attend the premiere with tanya kyle chris kyle's wife. you'll now see amber alerts on your facebook news feed. eric holder announced a partnership with facebook and bing to widen the reach of amber alerts. facebook will send alerts to members in designated search areas and bing will allow users access to alerts online. in recent years, families have begun using social media to ask for help locating missing
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children. holder urged more private companies to join in this effort created in 1996 amber alerts have helped locate more than 700 children including 2 just last month. well there's something else that gets you better than your family and friends. apparently a computer can judge your personality just by looking at your likes on facebook. that's according to a new joint study from stanford university and the university of cambridge. they say they believe these socially skilled computers could one day help you find a job or even find your soul mate. right now we're seeing increased security in the u.s. and in france as the newspaper attacked by terrorists gets set to publish a new issue that could spark controversy. plus, we're staying on top of the investigation of yesterday's deadly metro incident. one person was killed and the smoke filled a stopped train. remember, we were reporting it all yesterday afternoon. some new information just in on how long the yellow line may be
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closed. and we get our first look at the seven-day forecast from storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. he will bring that to us shortly. are there showers in the future? we'll find out from him when he comes in.
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right now the ntsb is trying to figure out what may have caused the tunnel outside the plaza metro to fill with smoke. take a look at these pictures of the investigators on the tracks over as the ntsb started providing
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some answers for us. news 4's richard jordan is following the latest development from the live desk. >> barbara, those federal investigators just wrapped up a news conference releasing new information, and they say they believe that arcing was the source of the problem. this is when electricity from the third rail comes into contact with another substance like water. now, no confirmation that water was that other substance, but there was about half an inch of water there in the tunnel. the train did stop suddenly 800 feet beyond the station platform platform. the train did not derail. there was not a fire. but we are just learning that yellow line service could be disrupted all week. there could be detours on the yellow line because of the ongoing investigation. that line was shut down this morning. orange blue and silver line service has been reduced. everything is running as normal on the green and red lines. the ntsb did express its condolences for the family of the woman that lost her life because of the incident yesterday. about 84 people were sent to the
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hospital. u.s. under 20 of them still remain hospitalized. one of them in critical condition. but federal investigators say the issues yesterday certainly point to a need for repairs on the transit system. barbara? >> it sounds like it. okay richard, thank you. storm team 4 keeping an eye on the temperatures that will be dropping throughout the day from the 30s to the 20s. and for more on the drop we're joined by meteorologist chuck bell. i felt it this morning as i went out really early for a fast walk. by the time i got back i'm sure it dropped at least five degrees. >> we went out in the storm team 4 x 4. when we pulled out, it was 37 and didn't feel too bad. when we got back about 8:15, it was noticeably colder and windier outside. that trend is going to continue here for the remainder of this afternoon and into this evenin it looks pretty though. there's the view from our city camera this morning looking over downtown. plenty of sunshine here. there are clouds lingering just down to our south. the overall impact will be
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moderate because of the biting cold wind that we have out there. windchills will remain in the teens and 20s all during the af courtesy of what is now a north wind averaging 16 miles per hour. so 34 is our current temperature. but when you put the winds in there, windchills are noticeably lower. as you're going outside, you'll need your heavy coat hat, scarf, gloves. maybe even your earmuffs as well. that's always the part of me that gets the coldest. 28 in hagerstown. 31 martensburg. these temperatures are lower than 3:00 or 4:00 this morning. they're going to hold steady or drop slowly during the course of the day. factor in that wind the windchill here in washington is 24. but it's 19 for the windchill in frederick. 17 in hagerstown and new market. 26 the windchill in winchester virginia. hourly temperatures not much movement even with all the sunshine. temperatures barely budging if not trending ever downward by later on this afternoon. plan to bundle up if you're going out this evening. no rain or snow in our area but there are winter weather
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advisories just down to our south. the moisture that we dealt with yesterday and the cold front that's bringing the cold air into our region right are intersecting down along the virginia/north carolina border. that's the reason they could see a little coating of some iciness down to our south. no chance of that happening here. so that's at least a little bit hometown forecast damascus maryland and northern montgomery county where temperatures are already cold 26 at noon 24 at 4:00 this afternoon and back down into the upper teens to near 20 by 8:00 this evening. and again with a substantial breeze out there, it will feel colder. good news by the end of the week a warming trend coming our way. temperatures back near 50 by the weekend. lots going on in the weather. be sure and download our storm team 4 weather app from the google play store, the itunes store. here comes the cold air pushing the cloud cover out and bringing the colder and drier air in. this is going to be the case for the rest of the day today. it will stay cold for the overnight hours as well. overnight lows tonight, upper teens and low 20s. and a little push of moisture
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coming our way back from the south tomorrow. could bring a little flurry or two primarily to southern maryland but we could even see a lonely snowflake or two here in the metro tomorrow. chances tomorrow only at about 30% at best. so not a big deal for sure. but notice as we get towards the end of the week and weekend, temperatures moderating back up to near 50 degrees for both saturday and sunda barbara? >> all right, thank you, chuck. following the recent terror attacks in paris, the prophet muhammad will be featured on the next cover of "charlie hebdo." the cover will read "all is forgiven." today the funeral ceremonies for the jewish victims in the recent shooting will be held in israel and paris for the three police officers who lost their lives. in pakistan the funerals for the suspects we are learning they have had more help than we first knew. for the latest we turn to nbc's tracie potts. >> reporter: just like in paris, there's extra security in the u.s. this morning at federal buildings and the jewish museum in new york.
11:35 am
>> we remain the number one terrorist target. >> reporter: there's growing concern about possible attacks here. terror sympathizers hacked the pentagon's twitter and youtube accounts threatening soldiers and posting isis propaganda videos. the pentagon insists no classified information or military secrets were released. and this morning the white house has apologized for not having a more recognizable face with world leaders at sunday's unity march in paris. >> we do believe that we should have sent somebody with a higher profile to the march beyond just the u.s. ambassador to france. >> reporter: france's ambassador insisted the faux pas was no big deal. >> there is absolutely no feel g -- no hard feeling. >> they know we've stood by them they've had our full support. >> reporter: the french are searching for six more suspects linked to last week's shootings. the woman in the veil hayat boumeddiene, has been tracked to an isis stronghold in syria.
11:36 am
meantime, the defiant staff of "charlie hebdo" is again featuring the prophet muhammad on its cover due out wednesday. that paper normally prints about 50,000 copies. this week as many as 3 million in 16 languages. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. right now president obama is meeting with congressional leaders from both parties ostensibly to talk cooperati. but it's complicated. this is the first meeting since republicans took the majority of the senate and put senator mitch mcconnell in charge. both sides have done a compromise on trade, infrastructure spending. the battle over the keystone pipeline immigration and foreign policy are dominating headlines while president obama has already issued veto threats. well right now the early 2016 republican field for the race for president is taking shape. for more on that, we're joined we political writer for nbc
11:37 am
news. good morning. >> good morning. >> what we're hearing about mitt romney is that a surprise? we've been talking about it as a possibility, but is it getting stronger? >> for people who watch politics all the time day in and day out, there's not that many things that happened that really surprised all of those observers. i think friday, that news of mitt romney indicating that he is interested in pursuing a third presidential run did come as a surprise. he's run twice before. he had been pretty unequivocal earlier this year or earlier last year about not wanting to run again, being willing to pass the baton on. something has clearly changed, and he is definitely making moves on the phone, gauging his support for a potential third attempt at the white h. do you think jeb bush remains the most committed at this t >> well jeb bush also earlier in this cycle, even just six or eight weeks ago, i think a lot of people were questioning his commitment to running in this race. he didn't seem like he was getting ready to jump in but he has also done a lot really fast. he's been gauging the support of
11:38 am
donors. he has built this fund-raising apparatus in recent days. and is he making some big hires as >> of course chris christie we've been talking about for a couple years now as a possibility. is he still committed? >> he had seemed to be fading. last year because of the bridgegate scandal as well as some troubles with the state at home the economic situation in new jersey he had fallen a little bit out of the conversation. then of course when jeb bush jumped in and now mitt romney was looking like he was jumping in a lot of people weren't talking about christie. but in recent days, there's reporting that he's hired a big money man from dallas who's going to be dealing with some of his financial operations. so he's also taking steps. i mean if you had told us you know two months ago that all three of these men would be really looking like they were going to pursue a run, i think a lot of political observers would have said that's crazy. right now all indications are looking towards all three of them are making the right moves. >> and in one word paul ryan? >> well paul ryan has this post as the chairman of the house
11:39 am
tax-writing committee. it's something he's always wanted to do. and he's finally gotten that chairmanship. he's told nbc that he thinks he can make a big difference there. he's got three young kids. he's very young. there's lots of political taunts for him down the road. >> i guess there was no yes or no answer on that. all right. thank you, carrie. >> thank you. for more from carrie and the rest of the nbc news political team check out first read on gas station geyser. a look at how much damage this water main break caused. plus financial tough times, it can happen to anyone. we'll take a look at steps that you can take to get out of trouble in the year
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a burst water main did some big-time damage to a gas station in tulsa. this video shows the gushing water that took out the roof of a gas station, and it all happened in just a few seconds. the damage looked more like something caused by a tornado than a burst water main. right now crews are fixing a water main break on route 1 in hiattsville. this is video shot this morning. you can see the traffic is crawling by between van buren street and aillbion road. this will impact traffic in both directions all day which could include your drive hom and new this morning, there is a lot to clean up right now on the campus of ohio state university. the school won the national college championship game. the score, 42-20 over oregon.
11:43 am
that happened last night. take a look though. you can see students and fans flooded the streets, set fires as they cheered. nearly 8,000 students also forced their way into the team stadium and tore down the goalposts. safer schools, steps being taken today in montgomery county. plus making sure you're protecting yourself the next time you treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure. dr. burgess is in the house. >> you get that label all the time. you were on vacation. it came up after photos of you in a bikini of you surfaced saying she's too thin. >> i need to eat a burger. i don't know do i look bad? >> bethenny frankel talks more about her weight and her return to "the real housewives" mmm ring ring! ring ring! progresso! wow soup people, i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll
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be ready for that dress. uh-huh...that's what i'm afraid of. you don't love the dress? i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less.
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right now, the montgomery county school system has new recommendations to stop sex abuse at schools. the proposal includes fingerprinting current employees to cross-check against maryland's child abuse database. the arrest of a substitute teacher late last year prompted all of this. jose pin made da iseda is charged. manicures and pedicures can be a treat, but when you take the time to indulge yourself, it's also important to pro.
11:47 am
dr. sheryl burgess joins us with a look at what to know before heading to your neighborhood nail salon. good morning. >> good morning. >> lots more people -- in fact i think it's a pretty popular thing to do. >> it's very popular and it's so affordable nowadays. people are just going to the cheapest place. but that doesn't always mean you're getting. >> is there anything that you should think about ahead of going to a nail salon? >> yes, make sure that the nail technicians are certified. they should have a placard on the wall that gives them the rite to even be there and working on your fails. so that's the first step. >> okay. then once you're there, what should you l >> well there's a lot of things that go on in the salon, but the instruments that they use should be sterile. and so you want to make sure that they come in little packages like this. now, i just calculated what it cost me in my office. it's about 4 to 5 cents per packet. so it's nominal fee on the side of the salon. and why they don't do it, i don'
11:48 am
but this is what it looks like when they're sterilized. there's steam sterilization. and this indicator, as you see on the fresh package, is pink when it's sterileized adequately it turns gray. >> do they have these in house, in the salon? >> yes. >> and how do they do it? >> usually salons are gas sterilization. with mine at the office it's steam. that's why the paper looks wrinkley as though it's been wet. what you're looking for is this indicator color change her so even from nail clips such as these, if i'm going to use them from patient to patient, i'm going to sterilize it because bacteria fungi, viruses can harbor on the surface. >> and the law says that they have to be sterilized in this way? >> well the law says that they should be in some type of sterilization. now, some people put it in like a solution that actually
11:49 am
dissolves any bacteria or gets rid of it. >> put stuff in the blue stuff. >> exactly. that is not the most quality cleanser. most salons have gone to this method. so if that's a concern for you and those who are going to the salon who actually have fungus or viruses or warts or something like that really they shouldn't be passing it on to the next customer. >> right. >> who doesn't have the infection. >> any added dangers with pedicures? >> no but a lot of people harbor viruses or warts on the feet so when they're using these types of pumice stones this is an emery board. and as you can see, this specific one has a plastic coating on it. so you know when they rip it off, it's new, it's fresh. so when you have a used one like this this is the one from my last manicure/pedicure, they give it to. these cost cents. >> okay.
11:50 am
if they pick up one that's already been used you need to beware. >> you need to be careful. you need to be careful. >> all right. >> because they could be spreading the fungus to you. >> fungus. >> that's the most common one, yeah. >> allht >> a dry skin on the foot is not always dry skin. >> dr. burgess, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> warning to the wise. 11:50. coming up if you are starting the new year with money troubles there are steps you could be taking to change that right now. plus, storm team meteorologist chuck bell is back when temperatudettedco &"x0000htdeed co&"x0000hdetedco &"x0000htdeed co&"x0000hdetedco &"x0000htde co&"x0000hdetco &"x0000hdetco& "x00h00detco &"x0000hdetco& "x00h00detco &"x0000hdetco& "x00h00detco &"x0000hdetco& "x00h00detco &"x0000hdetedco& "x00h00deedtco &"x0000hdetedco& "x00h00detedt&"x 00hdetedt00 "x00hdetedt00"x 00hdeted&00 "x00htdeed00& "xh00deted&00 "x00htedde& 00"x00ttdeed&00 "x00tteddeh& 00co00ttdeedh&00 co00ttedde& 00co00tteddeh
11:51 am
co0000ttdeed&co 0000ttedde&h co0000ttdeed&co 0000
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we're following several developing stories throughout the day here on nbc 4. first, metro riders can expect to see delays and detours on the yellow line for the rest of the . that will allow ntsb investigators time to figure out what may have caused a tunnel outside the plaza metro to fill with smoke yesterday. three people are still in the hospital listed in critical one woman died. look for an update on the story starting on news 4 at 4:00. we'll be watching for reaction from former governor bob mcdonnell for his lawyers today. a federal judge denied mcdonnell's request to remain free while he appeals his corruption conviction. that means mcdonnell could begin his two-year prison sentence on february 9th. in just a few hours, president obama is expected to
11:54 am
propose a new law to protect government workers online. it would allow them to share information about threats. the president is speaking shortly after 3:00 this afte well all week long the news 4 consumer watch is showing you how to get a fresh start on your finances for 2015. erica gonzalez joins us now with more on how to start the year off right and keep more money in your wallet. >> reporter: amy has a good job, but her husband lost his as an engineer and now works a part-time gig at night. he also watches their 15-month-old son monty during the day while pursuing a graduate degree online. and they find themselves putting off one thing to pay for anot >> i'm diabetic. i'm supposed to wear an insulin pump. i don't take my medicine like i'm supposed to because we don't always have the money and you make the sacrifices so that your son has diapers and that there's food in the kitchen. >> reporter: we began our efforts to try and help people like amy by consulting with
11:55 am
engineerjeri finra. >> the new year is a great time to start with resolutions that put you on a path to financial security. >> reporter: we started with one of amy's biggest hurdles, her $80,000 student loan debt. jeri says amy ashas options. she should start by talking to her lenders about a workable payment plan. she may also be granted some degree of loan forgiveness which can happen based on one's income and ability to pay. in other cases, loan consolidation might make sense, but if none of those work you're advised to first pay the loan that charges the highest interest rate. next jeri recommends turning to family or a bank or a small interest loan instead of credit cards. but if you already have them and you've got to pay them down -- >> order your credit card by the amount of interest you pay, and pay off the one that has the highest interest charges first. >> reporter: also creating a habit of using cash will make you think twice about your
11:56 am
>> there have been studies done that have shown that people who pay cash for something purchase less than if they have the option of putting it on a credit card. they'll pay more for a concert ticket if they can pay credit than if they have to pay with cold, hard cash. >> reporter: then put away a few dollars for emergencies like home and auto repairs. >> ideally you have three to six months of your expenses set aside in a rainy-day fund. but if you don't have that much don't fret because you can start small to build a rainy-day fund. if you set aside $20 a week by this time next year you'll have $1,000 in a rainy-day fund, and that can go a long way. >> i'm doing this because i'm hoping for some advice on how to get ourselves in a better position. >> reporter: quite possibly the greatest hurdle in a subject so sensitive as finances is admitting you need help. but amy has already done that. erica gonzalez, news 4.
11:57 am
and coming up at 5:00 today, news 4 consumer reporter erica gonzalez will tell you how to start chipping away at holiday debt that may be lingering into the new year. news 4 is in your community. thousands of winter coats are being handed out right now thanks to our annual share the warmth drive. hundreds of our viewers and local businesses spent last month cleaning out their closets for those in need. and cleaning freshens them up for free before they are handed out. it's cold out there. you're going to need a coat. >> you bet. >> tell us how long this cold snap's going to last. >> for everyone who shared the warmth with those neighbors, those neighbors get to be a little warmer on what will be a couple of very cold days around here. temperatures in the 30s. now we're falling, though. our high temperature today occurred just after midnight at 41 degrees. we haven't been anywhere near that warm since. highs tomorrow right at about freezing mark at best. then into the upper 30s on thursday. so today, tomorrow and thursday we'll stay quite cold. sunshine's back by friday and into the weekend.
11:58 am
and by then high temperatures back in the upper 40s, maybe near 50 degrees. >> really? >> not bad for january. >> you're right. okay thanks a lot, chuck. and that's news 4 midday for today. we thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in at 4:00 5, 6 and 11:00 and we'll be back at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. have a great day. stay warm as it gets colder. we'll look forward to the 50s and we'll see you in the morning. have a great.
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>> kate: ben, are you accusing chad of lying? >> chad: just wait-- >> kate: i think it's painfully obvious what happened here. jordan influenced chad to donate funds. she used persuasion to solicit cash from mr. dimera apparently. >> ben: chad dimera is not the anonymous donor. my father is. >> jordan: what? >> daphne: hey. oh, god, i hope the professor is not grading on a curve. i haven't even opened my book yet. >> paige: just trying to get ahead. >> daphne: so how was new year's? did you and jj go to that party in the park? >> paige: i wasn't with jj. >> daphne: why not? >> paige: because he broke up


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