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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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developments today on the underground emergency t l'enphant plaza that resulted in one death. >> district officials released a time line and it said the first calls about smoke in the metro came about 3:15 monday. one construction worker saw smoke coming out of the metro tunnel at 9th and water street southwest. at 3:22 heavy smoke was reported at the l'enphant plaza station's upper level. at 3:32 the first call for an ambulance came in but it wasn't until nearly an hour later, about 4:25 that the first person was take on the hospital. we have put this entire time line up on >> it's taken little time for the first lawsuit to emerge. >> some of the people who were trapped inside that smoky train talked about it today. we're now learning details about the complaint and why it's being filed so quickly. our transportation reporter adam tuss joins us live from l'enphant plaza with more. >> reporter: just a couple days after the episode here and a
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local law firm says it's going to file a suit tomorrow morning in d.c. superior court and the lawsuit will be based on negligence. a packed conference room at dupont circle law firm cohen & cohen to hear that the first lawsuit stemming from monday's deadly smoke episode will be filed tomorrow. >> the complaint which will be filed in the morning is going to allege negligent maintenance, negligent inspection and a negligent response to an emergent situation. >> reporter: attorney kim brooks rodney asked why this lawsuit being file sod quickly. >> we're filing it so soon because frankly we need to know what the heck happened in that subway tunnel on monday. >> reporter: the ntsb is still investigating this matter and has only offered initial clues as to what happened. coming up in my next report at
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5:00 a rider who was on that train who went straight from the hospital to that news conference today talks about life and death on that train. reporting live at l'enphant plaza, adam tuss news4. >> virginia governor had strong tword for metro about the deadly incident. northern virginia bureau chief julie kerr rig was the only national reporter to sit down with the governor today. we'll tell you what he had to say in the next half hour. with monday's inconsistent fresh on their minds some metro riders were no doubt nervous seeing this today. firefighters walked into the gallery station around 9:00 this morning. a smoke detector was tripped at the station and it turned out to be a false alarm. there were no evacuations or train . the house sergeant at arms is telling members of congress and their staffs that yesterday's arrest in a foiled bomb plot is a remind they're the capitol remains a potential target for terrorists and that they should be vigilant about security. 20-year-old christopher cornell
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of ohio was arrested yesterday after he went to a gun shop and bought two assault-type rifles. plus 600 rounds of ammunition. the fbi says he wanted to set off pipe bombs at the capitol and then shoot people as they fled. prince william county man is in jail after police say he stabbed his stepfather to death. this happened yesterday on north court in woodbridge. brian hernandez took a knife from the family's kitchen, walked into the living room and allegedly stocked mauro rodriguez. the victim was sittingn the couch watching tv and hernandez's mom tried to stop him. news4's david culvert spoke with a family friend and neighbor and has more about that man's life d at 5:30. the same house where a deadly fire erupted last year went up in smoke again this morning inn 50 firefighters responded to the two-alarm blaze on marshall avenue in diehl this morning.
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investigators believe the fire was caused by a leaking propane heating system. the house being built to replace the home destroyed by that last fire in march. one person died in that fire. there were no injuries today. damage is estimated at there are 175,000. we're tracking developments in a breaking story. belgium has just raised its terror alert level after two terror suspects were killed in a shoot-out with police. prosecutors say police conducted about a dozen raids in the eastern city of verviers. they were searching for several prospective jihadists who just turned from syria. at one location a suspect openedice custody. no one else was injured. a man in the neighborhood shot some video of the gun battle but nbc news has not verified its authenticity. today we're also hearing directly from one of the hostage who is survived that terror delgadoly attack in a kosher market in paris. the woman's name is being withheld for security reasons. she spoke in french to the canadian broadcasting company
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cbc. she says she was hide beg hind a grocery shelf when the gunmen discovered her and ordered her to stand on the other side of the market where he'd already shot and killed a hostage. he killed four hostages at the market before french security killed him. episcopal bishop heather cook posted bond today. she's being held at the baltimore city jail. she's facing manslaughter drunk driving, and other charges after an consist that killed a cyclist. her attorney says she's going back to an inpatient alcohol treatment facility. on monday he said cook couldn't post the full bail and asked the judge to reduce it. the judge refused. all that wintry weather over the last few weeks is really starting to add up for some local schools. officials at loudoun county schools say they're now shuffling the schedule and kants lg midterm exams for middle and high school students. next tuesday through friday will be normal school days. county has closed schools three
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times in just the last two weeks. turning now to storm team 4, we still need those heavy jackets. is it going to warm up soon? >> i sure hope so. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. hey, v.j. >> at least we're seeing a little bit of a warm-up today versus yesterday. our highs stayed in the low 30s all day long. today, take a look at this still below average but i like the fact we're into the upper 30s, right inside 40 degrees. burke and around oakton 39 degrees and not bad around camp springs or college park. 36 the temperature. and we've had sunshine most of the day today, but check this out. some clouds high clouds have moved into the area. we will stay dry so, if you're goine walking the dog this evening our temperatures drop into the mid-30s by 9:00 10:00. chilly conditions yes, as chriss said you'll need the jacket when i return in a couple minutes i'll show you how we improve tomorrow over today's
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weather. alrigh recall alert. why something that you could be getting ready to prepare for dinnerg pulled from the shelves. this could certainly change the way you spend your weekend. how you could save money and see the movies that everyone's talking about. flu shot failure. first at 4, the surprising new look at how little this year's flu shot is helping to protect you and
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a psychiatrist who examined
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harris believes she is competent and believes she understands the charges. she's charged in the december stabbing death of lily morris. she says she doesn't do it. she told police she saw a man rounding from the house. a pretrial hearing is set for january . first at 4 crews are lg the multiport ground water wells, the spring valley formerly used defense site. they blocked off some streets around the site but the testing should only take abo a day. we're learning more this afternoon about a teenager who was killed in a double shooting in the district. his name is phillip jones. he was 17 years old. friend tell news4 jones was at a basketball game at a high school just before the shooting along mlk avenue. a 14 girl was also hit but she's expected to be okay. no word on a possible suspect or motive. the second phase of jury selection has started in the
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trial of dzhokhar tsarnaev. the judge hopes to question 40 people a day. testimony is expected to start january 26th. tsarnaev is accused of setting off two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the race. three people were killed and more than 20 were injured. the 20-year-old faces the death penalty if convicted. marching through the streets. first at 4 we'll tell you what had to do with so many people filling streets of the nation's capital during rush hour. and we're looking ahead to the weekend. technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents
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who aren't paid on commission but on your happiness. and that's what makes it all work the world has changed and now real estate has too.
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well you got the flu vaccine, but as my family can attest, that doesn't necessarily mean you won't get the flu. >> the vaccine is not matching the flu strains that are circulating this season. as erika edwards reports, doctors are encouraging those to turn to prescriptions to help those most at risk. >> reporter: emergency rooms in las vegas are so overrun with people who think they have the flu they're having to turn away ambulances. >> the bed are filled. they aren't able to release patients from the inpatient facility fast enou some pharmacies across the country can't ful fill prescriptions for drugs to
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treat the flu fast enough either. a few temporary shornls of tamiflu have been reported around the country though the manufacturer says there is no major national shortage. even so pharmacists at medical center in cleveland say they've had patients turn to them when they couldn't get tamiflu at their regular pharmacy. >> we've seen more use of tamiflu this season than we have in the past. and it's directly related to the effectiveness of the vaccine that was prepared for this year. >> reporter: the vaccine isn't working very well so far. the centers for disease control estimates the vaccine reduces the risk for serious flu cases by about 23%. >> these are early estimates. they are lower than we would have hoped. but not completely unexpected with the mismatched viruses that are circulating. >> reporter: the cdc is encouraging doctors to prescribe tamiflu to high-risk patients even before they're test ld for the virus and people should still get the vaccine because it
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protects against other strains that could pop up. we're only halfway through the flu flu season. erika edwards, nbc news. it was just a little snow but it caused some big problems on the roads this morning. not even half an inch fell in kentucky, but it hit freezing ground temperatures and it stuck. road very slick and drives extremely cautious pap few accidents were reported. a lot of our local school districts are pointing that and saying see, that's why we it. >> exactly. >> it never takes much around here. meanwhile, the next thing we're tracking is rain and it will get for part of our weekend. so listen up folks, because we'll talk about that and how much we're going get. as far as this evening goes just again getting a little chilly out there, nothing extremely cold. we're clear, we're chilly. for the most part across the area today we've had a lot of sunshine just a few high clouds not everyone seeing those clouds move in. we're at 40 degrees right now
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reagan national airport. by the time we get to 9:00 we hit 35 degrees. again, chilly conditions so you are going to need a light coat if you are going to be going out. i do think it's after midnight when here in d.c. we drop to just under the freezing mark. so it's going to be late tonight this time. but we are looking at again, dry conditions. by morning, here we go mt. airy and up around frederick, maryland 30 degrees starting out, leesburg at 30 28 manassas falls church fairfax, la play that around college park and up into areas like that temperatures start out at 31 degrees. from midnight till about 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning our temperatures will be around the freezing mark and just below. it's during the afternoon when we'll see some wind. our wind tomorrow at 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the west. but still i think it's going to be a very nice day. again, today our temperature into the 30s, but look at this. tomorrow we hit 40 degrees by 11:00 a.m. 43 by 1:00 and then
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46 degrees around 2:00 3:00 tomorrow. so heading up and staying up thought the day tomorrow. that will come with some sunshine across the area. now, here's the thing. for the first part of the weekend it is looking nice. for sunday we're talking about a dry morning with afternoon rain. the temperature 43 degrees. so we are expecting to continue to see those temperatures stay on the other side of 40 degrees at least around 40 and just higher for the weekend and most of next week too. when i return in just a little bit, we're going to talk about how much rain we're expecting. we'll take you hour by hour through sunday and show you that forecast of what we're expecting throughout the day, when the rain moves in and when it is expected to move out. let's go ahead and take a look at your storm team 4 four-day forecast. for tomorrow 46 a couple degrees above the average of 43. we have a cold morning going into your weekend, 25 degrees starting out. that temperature close to 40. a 50/50 weekend still. we are looking at a split
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weekend. dry conditions on saturday. clouds and some rain for sunday not too bad. we'll have the cold starts to deal with. the higher threat for sunday. in just a couple minutes when i return we'll take you hour by hour and take a look at what you can expect on monday. a lot of folks have it as a holiday and vit off. >> thanks v.j. target is in full retreat. two years ago the company expanded into canada in a big way with 133 stores. but today target's new ceo announced plans to close all of those by the end of the year. that means 17,000 canadians will lose their job. target has been struggling against walmart and costco and a data breach in 2013 derailed its shopping season. different in the sales are up 3% higher than the company predicted. target is at the center of a national recall after because of allergy concerns. one of its cereals has been pulled from the shelves. honey and oat mixer is sold
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exclusively target but the cereal may contain undeclared almonds and they've an allergen threat. check your refrigerator. another food recall that could affect what you make for your family for dinner. wegmans is recalling its lean organic ground beef because it may contain pieces of plastic. the recalled beef has a use or freeze-by date of tomorrow january 16th. the beef was sold at wegmans stores in maryland and virginia. if you have it in your fridge or freezer, return it to wegmans for a full refund. this may turn out to be a big new step in the fight against obesity. first at 4, a decision right here in washington that could make it easier for people to lose weight. and the nominees are? we now know which movies are up for oscars. but the announcement today drew immediate and harsh criticism on so you may have seen some of this year's oscar-nominated films. others you may have never heard of but how do you see most of
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your movies? >> it's our nbc washington flash survey. vote by calling or texting the number you can also cast your vote on nbc washington facebook and
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now you're about to destroy
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what's left. >> the nominations a for this year's academy awards. the movies getting the most nods the dark comedy "birdman" and "the grand budapest hotel" ea with nine including best picture. other movies up for the big award, "american sniper," "boyhood," and "the theory of ever almost as soon as the nominations were announced a backlash started online with fans complaining about which movies and actors got left out. >> mainly because of race. for hours this morning the #oscarssowhite trended on twitter here in washington. hollywood's sean robinso joins us with more to talk about this. far lot of people the big upset comes with the acting and directing in "selma," which of course is about dr. martin luther king and the pivotal moment in the civil rights movement. why are these snubs so surprising and upsetting? >> well, you know thanks for having me on today to talk about this. i've bee really early, since 2:00 this morning, went down to the oscar nominations, and when you go down ther right before they actually announce you
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know all the reporter the media were talking and we were actually discussing among ourselves what movies and what people are going to be nominated. and i got to tell you, it's rare that folks in the media were this surprised at some of the snubs. now, "selma," as you said got a best picture nomination. however, its director was not nominated at all. there are only five directors who are nominated and eight movies. thisr three were going to be left out. sometimes they nominate ten movie in that case five directors left out. but this was going to be the first time that an african-american female would have had a chance at winning the oscars so a lot of people were very upset about that. ava is actually a friend of mine. i texted her today, told her that i was supporting her and how amazingly talented she is.
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she was really taking it all in stride. she was very happy that the picture was nominated for best picture. the other tooto oyelowo they thought they would have double reason to celebrate. and he was even nominated. it is said that bradley cooper actually took his spot if you will, nominater his amazing role in "american sniper." not to say that bradley cooper wasn't, you know qualified for that or wasn't -- that wasn't worthy of that nomination. he definitely was. it was an amazing performance. but everybody thought david oyelowo was definitely a shoo-in. so a lot of surprises this morning. >> let's take "selma" off the table for just a second. i mean every year you get this controversy over certain snubs. but what are some of the other ones outside of "selma" that
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have some people talking today? >> well definitely clint eastwood for "american sniper." everybody thought he was definitely being nominated. also jennifer aniston for "cake." she had an amazing performance. she was nominated for golden globes. we thought that she was definitely going to get her first acting nomination. but unfortunately she did not get that. mary ann cutier was nominated for "two day, one night," she has an oscar but she was definitely a surprise. >> there are always sprys. >> get some >> there was a twitter frenzy when they mispronounced the name of ooh best director nominee. >> we posted a story about the flub and the social media reaction in the entertainment
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section of our nbc washington app. a big proposal could give thousands of you more flexibility. how much time some of you could soon be allowed to take off from work. only on news4, virginia's governor speaks out for the first time since monday's deadly metro incident. the strong words he used to describe it and what he wan.
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breaking right now at 4:30 an anti-terror raid foiled what investigators say was an imminent attack. two people are dead and one has been arrested after a shoot-out in belgium. detectives say three suspects were on the verge of carrying
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out a major attack. house speaker john boehner is crediting a controversial surveillance program for thwarting a plot to bomb the capitol. boehner was speaking at a republican retreat in pennsylvania when he acknowledged the foreign intelligence surveillance act. the fbi arrested a man from ohio yesterday. district officials released a time line of the response during monday's deadly event at the l'enphant plaza metro station. it shows the first ambulance didn't arrive on the scene until nearly an hour after the initial call. 61-year-old carol glover died and more than 80 others were sickened. virginia's governor had strong words this afternoon for metro in the wake of that accident. >> northern virginiau chief julie carey just got back from her interview speaking one-on-one with governor terry mccauliff. she joins us with his reaction to that metro malfunction. >> reporter: the governor used the words "total breakdown" to describe his initial reaction to what happened inside a metro tunnel on monday. i met with him in his office in
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richmond to talk about his first year in office and his top pry ti for 2015 but getting answers about the metro incident has suddenly been added to hi agenda of urgent items. he says he and muriel bowser spent time on the phone yesterday discussing the incident. dpof nor says even though the ntsb is the lead investigative agency he wants information from metro long before that >> the first thing i want to know is it's not going to take us two years to figure out what happened. we need to know immediately how did this happen what stakes are we taking immediately to make sure this never occurs again. >> reporter: mccauliff told me he has spoken to metro officials and given them a deadline of sorteg some answers.fife news4 at 5:00 i'll tell you about that. and a look at his successes and failures in year one and what's ahead for year two. president obama renewed his push for paid leave for working parents. northern virginia congressman don buyer is among those
4:33 pm
praising the move. mr. obama signed a presidential memorandum this afternoon. it requires that all federal agencies give their employees up to six weeks of paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. the president also plans to ask congress states and cities to pass measures that would give all workers a chance to earn up to one week of paid sick time every year. protesters called it a day of action in the district and that action includes blocking rush hour traffic. >> they're primarily concerned about racial profiling and police officers using too much force. >> news4's megan mcgrath reports they're determined t e alive in the public's mind. >> we will continue. we a not going away. >> reporter: the demonstrators gathered in mt. vernon square. protest signs in hand they stepped out into the street just as morning rush hour got under way. >> times like rush hour when a lot of things are going on makes it very difficult for people to sweep these things
4:34 pm
under the ru it forces ourselves to have these conversations, to confront these issues. >> reporter: at issue, racial prg and police brutality. protesters stopping traff a way to grab attention and get people talking. >> michael brown! >> reporter: chanting michael brown, the name of the young man shot to death by a white police officer in ferguson missouri the crowd walked down the streets of chinatown, down to pennsylvania avenue and the navy memorial. police officers stopped traffic to allow the crowd to pass and the road closures were brief. >> i think it's for a good cause. they're standing up and speaking up. it's for a good reason. >> it's a little inconvenient but things have to be done because changes don't come easy. >> reporter: but other motorists trying to get to work wish organize had chosen a different form of protest. >> i think it's very important that they're out here. i wish it was a little bit earlier, a little bit after rush hour. >> i need to get to work.
4:35 pm
that's all i can say. >> reporter: do you wish they'd protest some other way? >> yes. >> reporter: then at around 8:30 this morning the protest wrapped up and traffic along pennsylvania avenue and streets downtown got back to normal. in northwest, megan mcgrath, a stim demonstration played out during the morning rush in boston. protesters shut down two sections of interstate 93. in fac they chained themselves to 1,200-pound barrels and police had to arrest at least 17 people. just into our newsroom new details about a convicted murderer's appeal. wendy rieger has the details from the live desk. >> we have just learned that the virginia supreme court has denied george hughly's appeal of his murder conviction. he's the former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted of killing his girlfriend yeardley love in 20. the chevy chase native is serving a 23-year prison sentence. this was his second appeal. the court denied the first one
4:36 pm
in november. the next step to appeal to the u.s. supreme court if his legal team so chooses. at the live desk i'm wendy rieger. back to you. >> thanks, wendy. the number of babies born in the u.s. has hit an all-time low, especially among teenagers. according the centers for diseascontrol, there were 3.9 million births in 2013. that's down 1% from the year before. the birthrate among teenaged mothers dropped a whopping 10%, another historic low. the report says the average age first-time moms is now 26 and while overall births are down, thf twins has reached a new high. a new virginia commonwealth university poll shows strong support for laws that would require universities to report sexual assaults to police. the poll found 92% of colleges should be required to notify police within 48 hours of learning about an alleged sexual assaul the poll also found that 61% of virginias believe college administrators can take action
4:37 pm
to reduce the number of sex assaults while 35% think the crime will happen regardless of what the administrators do. if you're trying to lose a lot of extra weight you'll soon have a new option to help you. the fda has approved z-block therapy, an appetite suppressing pacemaker. it makes you feel full even if you've only eaten a small amount. coming up on news4 at 5:00, doreen gentzler looks at how it works and what you need to know. wouldn't it be n check out the oscar nominated movies without breaking the bank? erika gonzalez will show you the local service that might help you save. behind the wheel with her hands behind her back. how a handcuffed suspect stole . storm team 4 is tracking a thursday thaw. v.j.? >> that's right. just a little chilly right now, but we're expected to warm up even more so tomorrow. it is looking dry. storm team 4 already tracking our next area of rain.
4:38 pm
it's set for the weekend and we'll tell you
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if soaring prices at the box office are keeping you from checking out the nominees there may be a way around that. erika gonzalez has more. you may have to put a little more up front but this may wind up being a really inexpensive option for a lot of the movie
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geeks out there in the long run. we're talking about a service called movie pass. this is a monthly subscription service. you can think of it as like netflix for the big screen. okay. you pay $30 per person up front and you're entitled to unlimited movies tat-box office for that month. people are tired of shelling out lots of cash to catch a flick. a study by the financial firm pwc says the cost of a movie tick set the number-one reason that people don't go to the movies. the price for an adult tick net our area is anywhere from $8 to $15 depending on the time of day that you attend. so let's go back to the movie pass subscription. there are a few limitations on this though. you need to have a smartphone in order to use it. you can only see one movie a day. and the subscription does not include 3d or imax flicks. plus it's not available at all theaters but we did find a number of eligible ones in our area and also important to note here you do have to sign up for
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a full year or pay a cancellation fee if you decide to change your mind in that time if that, you know wind up not working out for you. but for a lot of people i mean if you're shelling out 12 15 bucks for one ticket two, three visits is paid off. >> and if you like to go to the movies. >> exactly. >> this is what's for you. you're tackling another money saving story coming up at 5:00. >> we are continuing our week of getting a fresh start on your finances tonight. the focus on preparing your tax return. coming up at 5:00, the latest changes. there's a few affecting taxpayers this year and how you can save time and most importantly save your money when you're filing that return. we're wrapping up our fresh start for your finances tomorrow with money saving ideas from you, the viewer. we've had so many entries. please continue to send them to us. consumerwatch@nbcwasm the e-mail or phone us your ideas. anything that you think is a creative way to save dollars and
4:43 pm
cents we ant to hear about it. >> the more ideas the better. >> exactly. we need options. more ways to save. >> thanks erika. >> thanks, guys. a key deadline is coming up for some of you with ez passes. what you need to do.
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welcome back. new stories. there is a lot of excitement in filipino areas across our area. >> the pope is in the early stages of planning a visit to the native country. northern virginia has the largest population of filipinos no our area most catholic. this sunday they're planning a huge watch party of the pope's mass from the filipino embassy. as nbc's ann thompson reports, the biggest concern in the philippines right now is security. >> reporter: the motorcade from the airport to the vatican embassy in manila is the first big test of a massive security effort in the philippines to protect the pope. francis comes here after an unexpectedly enthusiastic welcome in predominantly buddhist sri lanka. here in manila 5 million are expected for sunday's service to see a man who cares more about the crowds than he does his own
4:47 pm
security. how do you protect a man who doesn't seem to want to be protected? >> well it's really a challenge. >> reporter: for days now, s.w.a.t. teams, the army and 25,000 national police have drilled in manila's streets, trying to avoid a repeat of 1995 when there was a plot to assassinate pope john paul ii an out-of-control crowd swarmed his popemobile. president benigno aquino is saying it's a matter of national honor. >> why we are doing security measures because the philippines reputation is at stake. >> reporter: a country determined to bask in the glow of a people's visit. also on the plane, the pope revealed he will make an american saint when he visits the u.s. in september, canonizing someone in
4:48 pm
california. in manila. back to you. today the white house took another step towards relations with cuba. only congress can end the five-decade embargo, but the obama administrati is easing restrictions on american trade and investment. the new herb sures will give permission for americans to use credit cards in cuba. u.s. companies will be allowed to export communication technology and investment in some small businesses will be permitted. but general tourist travel is still banned. but americans who are authorized to visit cuba like travel agents, who will no longer need to obtain special licenses sxwroop the republican national committee kicks off the convention july 18th. it's taking place in cleveland. convention runs through july 21st. the 2016 convention will be held earlier than in previous election cycles. rnc leaders are hoping to give
4:49 pm
republican nominee an advantage. visitors can get an up close look at one of the most historic planes at the national air and space museum. charles lindbergh's spirit of s was lowered to the floor this morning. it's getting its first conservation treatment in 22 years. the aircraft will be in full view for the next eight months. lindbergh became a hero in 1927 when he made the first nonstop transatlantic flight. veronica after tonight, do we need to keep the umbrellas handy heading into the weekend? >> it will be a while before we need the umbrella. that'sd news. and folks wanting warm of a warm-up so with that next weather system i'm at least happy to say what we get next will be rain, primarily rain and that means, of course, that there's a chance for us to take a breather and we can buy a few more days here into the winter. but cold and chilly weather morning. the cold starts if you're walking to work. 32 degrees in the early morning around 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
4:50 pm
by the afternoon, heading home 46 degrees your temperature. it is going to start to get a little breezy with that west wind at 10 to 20. so your 46-degree temperature will feel more like you're around 40 to 41 degrees. sunshine throughout the day. yes, it's going to be breeze kui especially for the afternoon after about lunchtime, the wind starts to pick up.e most part it is going to be mild. our average high temperature this time of year is right at 43 and the range throughout the area is 43 to 48. some of the warmer arias right down i-95 and 301, spots like quantico fredericksburg, stafford area 47 48 degrees. culpepper, too, 47 waldorf and charles county cooler temperatures to the north for martinsburg to right around gaithersburg. 43 degrees for a high temperature. now, it's ban while since we've had the green light for the school day forecast. we get that tomorrow. from the bus top to recess to dismissal, it's a green light, and that means our weather will
4:51 pm
be just fine. in fact early in the morning at the bus stop when the kids are waiting we're looking fine. very few slick spots around. at recess time when they're going out, make sure the kids have a nice warm jacket on. by dismissal, it's chilly and just a little on the breezy side. that's for your friday. for saturday right now, going up to a high temperature of 39 close to 40 degrees, some chilly sunshine throughout the area. but, again, it's the second half of the weekend. we're talking about rain and meteorologist doug kammerer has been tracking that rain when it moves in and what we can expect. >> yeah. maybe a little snow on the backside of that storm system. that s its way in from the west. lit move up from the coast as it always does. those storm systems will develop very close to our area. as it develops a little farther to the south and a little closer inland it could be in the way of a little bit of rain changing to snow as the cold air filters in behind the storm, but the storm will bring us a couple of different things. first periods of rain most likely from i 95 to the east.
4:52 pm
we don't think this will be a washout so don't worry too much. but this is mainly afternoon rain nothing too heavy. and then we're turning colder by the end of the afternoon. so temperatures will be in the mid-40s on sunday but then much colder as we head into the night and of course martin luther king day. v.j.? >> as we go into the early part of next week there for that holiday, 41 degrees the high temperature. right now we're talking about nice conditions just a few clouds and a little breezy at times on monday. another chance of maybe a little rain or snow. wednesday of next week. but no big storm system at least in the next seven days. back to you. >> thanks v.j. now to some stories we're working on in our newsroom. the fda just approved a pacemaker that will suppress your appetite. the aim is to make you feel full even if you've only had a little bit to eat. new tonight at 5:00 doreen gentzler will explain how it works. tax season just around the corner. changes for this year's return. some ways you can save money this year. sxwloo a key deadline is
4:53 pm
approaching for car poolers who use thw 95 express lanes. tomorrow is the last day you can take advantage of a special deal. our traffic reporter melissa mollet has details. jool car pooler listen up. if you lutz yoouz the new 95 express lanes and don't have an ez pass flex today is the day, order while you can because registration closing tomorrow friday at 5:00 p.m. here's the deal. if you ride the lanes alone you can have an ez pass to pay the toll of course, but the you car pool wite or more people you have to have that ez pass flex and switch the device to flex mode to ride for free. vdot has been allowing car poolers to ride the new 95 express lanes toll-free for a week as long as they have orlandoered the ez pass flex. after tomorrow night, anyone who hasn't signed up for the program will get charged or ticketed for using the lanes without the flex device. we have a list of where you can get the ez pass flex.
4:54 pm
logton to our nbc washington a man stabbed to death inside his own home. but it's who police say did it that has neighbors in this quiet neighborhood shocked. >> i was seeing him constantly on his way to work every single day. he pretty much works seven days a week and i knew that he just took care of his family. >> 29-year-old brian hernandez is charged with that deadly stabbing. he's behind bars in prince william county. coming up how police say he's connected to the victim in this case and some of the questions neig a woman accused of a highway houdini act. >> she speeds off with a police cruise we are her hands behind her back. >> you have to belie >> how police say the crying suspect nearly pulled off her
4:55 pm
wild e
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
it was a wild chase. courtney present nan has the story.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: did you steal a police cruiser? >> i don't remember nothing. you've got to believe me. >> reporter: can you tell us how you did it? >> i don't remember nothing but being in the back of the police car. >> reporter: 27-year-old roxanne rhymer is lucky she didn't kill herself or anyone else. rhymer was stopped by a security guard at kohl's for suspected shoplifting. she allegedly pushed the guard, ran out to her grandfather's car, and told her grandfather and mother the other passenger, to drive away. when they wouldn't she put her foot on the gas and the car went over a hillside. >> the officers take her, who's out of control, handcuff her behind her back and put her in one of the police cars. >> reporter: the chief says rhymer somehow climbed through the glass partition into the driver's seat and put the cruiser in gear. >> with her back turned and her hands cuffed behind her back she manages to put it in gear and drive. from what we can gather she drove at very high speeds with that position. her hand were behind her back and somehoteing th
4:59 pm
gears, the steering wheel, we're not sure. thank god nobody else is hurt. >> reporter: the chief says rhymer drove down route 51 at a hundred miles per hour with her hand behind her back. she eventually ditched the cruiser and got a ride from another then either jumped out of that vehicle or the vehicle dropped her off. the police picked her up. still in handcuffs. right now at 5:00, a deadly shooting and a family is mourning. what we're learning about the gunshots fired after a high school basketball game. >> a new development in the case of that episcopal bishop charged with killing a cyclist while driving drunk. nbc's pete williams joins us with an emerging picture of a man arrested for an isis-inspired plot on the capitol. i'm laurenjim lawrence. >> i'm wendy rieger. we'll look at the response to the deadly incident on metro's yellow line. the new time line is providing key information that includes
5:00 pm
when the first 911 calls came in and where crews were directed and when rescuers finally reached panicked passengers. d meanwhile, those people who were trappw accounts of their ordeal as a lawsuit is about to make its way through . >> went into 30 minutes, 40 minutes s minutes, 50 minutes and it just got ridiculous. none of us thought tt we we probably going to make it out. >> we have team coverage again tonight on the underground emergency beginning reporter adam tuss outside the l'enphant plaza metro station. adam? >> reporter: wendy, vivid details about what was going on on board that train on monday. we're hearing from a right fielder who described the smoke-filled situation, also hearing more riders beginning to take leg


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