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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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areas. with you then wet then we're back to a weather roller coaster. >> yeah we're down now, but the roller coaster ride up we go into the afternoon. the sky is clear. watch out for patchy ice. a thin film of moisture on sidewalks and roads and mixing with salt so wet in some area, but some areas patchy ice. a milder trend will be moving in on sunday and into next week. temperatures right now though are subfreezing. upper 20s near 30 in montgomery and princecounty. . much of fairfax county, a bit colder there. even colder farther south and . much of prince william county fauquier parts of loudoun county down just to the upper teens to near 020 degrees. clear sky over washington. there is the washington monument. we stay below freezing through 8:00. bright sunshine through the morning. and then by noontime low 40s. ought to hit mid-40s by around 2:00 and then back down to low
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40s by 5:00 p.m.. lots of suns throu the day, a clear sky tonight. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:11 p amelia segal joins us live with your walk to work forecast. how are roads? overall looking pretty good. no problems headed to the spur. into and out of town on 66 looking good. earlier road sworkwork is out of the way. 95 north, trouble spot through dale city. we did have an earlier incident that has now cleared out of the way. so you don't have to worry about that any longer. we'll have a live picture along 66 coming up when i'm back in ten minutes. and also of course a look at some travel times. i'm richard jordan at the
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live desk with breaking news. several european countries on high alert this morning after a terror plot was foiled just hours before it was set to go off. new information was just released by belgium prosecutors about a plot the that was set to unfold in the small town of verviers in belgium. according to the prosecutors there, the plan was to kill police officers 13 people have been arrested this belgium two arrested in connection to this in france. and then two people also killed. the investigators saying they found weapons including at 47s tchltk-s, police uniforms walkie-talkies and money. they say the plan was to kill police officers working on the streets and at police stations. they also hinted to a larger terror cell, this all happening in berlin. two arre apparently part of a separate terror group. both men in their early 40s accused of recruiting fighters
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for the islamic state in syria. they were apparently getting equipment, trying to generate funding, 250 list officers involves involved in raids at 11 different properties but no evidence tt of course the big concern is that france germany, belgium, all neighboring countries there, so that region now on high alert against any terror blots that could be unfolding there. still ahead, we'll tell you how the white house is preparing to keep you safe from an attack here at home. that's coming up in a live report at 6:30. today we expect to learn more about the underground em metro train filled with smoke killing one woman this week. this morni mayor bowser will release a preliminary report showing how the district responded to that emergency. the first lawsuit from the incident will also be filed in court today. mal vert rich is the firshere. the 53-year-old agency was negligent in both
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operation and responding to the deadly smoke incident. the family of the woman killed is now planning her funeral. a memorial service to carol glover is set for monday mornl be at the capitol hill baptist church in northeast at 10:00 a.m.. an official cause of death is acute respiratory failure caused by smoke exposure before ahead of. you can get a break down of the time line on your smartpho. prince georg police have taken a robbery suspect into a home on russell avenue. assaulted the victim and stole thing from the house.robber was caught a short time later. the victim was taken to the hospital and should be okay. today d.c. mayor bowser will be touring a project aimed at keeping our local bodies of water heg an
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mee a river >> reporter: always beautiful down here and of course they're trying to make it even more beautiful. and that special guest will be the vice president. he'll be touring the site with the this is all about cleaning up the anacostia river. a big ob has been an overflow of se are building a series of underground tunnels to stop g a peek at the massive machines. will this video taken before they were pressed into service but those machines now underground doing that work. it's a pretty impressive project. is this all this project is finished officials say the combined sewer overflow into the river will be reduced by abo 98%. later today, skroejoe join
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mayor bowser at the project site and we'll get an update on how things are going. megan hk mcgrath, news 4. target practice raised questions of racial profiling. how one police department says the photos help their training. >> outside now temperatures are below freezing. what a pretty shot of the moon. if you are headed on metro, your morning commute will be a chilly one. storm team 4's amelia segal is live in new carrollton with your commuter forecast. plus what you can really seeen
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right now new trade and travel rules between the cuba are in effect. they let americans use credit cards in cuba. you can also take home up to $100 in cuban cigars. u.s. companies can export communication technologies as well.
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genera tourist travel is still banned but people like travel agents and doctors will no longer need special licenses to go cuba. those that are gone before us say no more, no more. >> well, an oscar snub is fuelling a social media debate on racial fairness. "selma" was nominated for best picture, but the director was shut out. fans were outraged in part because they loved the movie and because she could have become the first african-american woman to compete for best director. some say this year's crop of nominees is the least diverse in nearly 20 years. the reverend al sharpton went even further, he's called it appalling an an emergency meeting with studio leaders next week in hollywood. turning to the weather now in the storm team 4 x 4, it's moving. >> amelia segal live with your commuter forecast. >> repor good morning. it's definitely chilly out here,
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but i think you can leave the gloves at home today. we are looking at breezy conditions but warmer temperatures. th's our weather station that you're looking at. almost looks like a submarine. that's our anemometer. that picks up the wind. notice it's not moving right now. but it will defie movg later today. a little bit breezy today. so here's what you need to wear. sunshine with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. warmer jacket especially as you walk to work this morning. temperatures rig degrees, but plenty of sunshine. walking home from work conditions still good. plenty of sunshi temperature at that point away 44 degrees. remember a little bit breezy. also melissa, wanted to mention the potential of black ice. you've been tracking a few accidents potentially because of that. >> absolutely. and some police departments even tweeting about the black ice issues here and there. right now chopper over 66 all these folks with their headlights headed enbound p.
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bw parkway just inside the beltway is a tad slow. we'll check on that. right now travel times looking good. 66 east 395 north, 95 north, quantico to the beltway, just about five minutes behind. in maryland, jermantown to the beltway, 36 minutes. i'm back in ten. speaker of the house john boehner defending big brother. the controversial surveillance program he says helped stopped workers on capitol hill from being this harm's way. >> and just how attached are you to your smartphone? what some of you are willing to give up just to stay con.
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program he says he tod the man accused of plotting an attack on the capitol hill will be in court today. cornell allegedly began posti in augu under an alias supporting isis.
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he was arrested wednesday after buying two assault style rifles and 600 rounds of ammunition in ohio. speaker of the house john boehner is crediting a controversial program for detecting that capitol bombing plot. he says electronic surveillance is responsible threaten p. >> we would have never known about this had it not been for the fisa program and our ability to collect information on people who pose an imminent threat. >> and during that news conference, the speaker also addressed the recent indictment of an ohio man who threatened to ki him. boehner thanked the fb chlt bchltbfbi and capitol police for their quick action. today a hearing will be held for sanford. sanford and the mother of the children told investigators they
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believed they were performing an exorcism. the children were 1 and 2 years old. two other children were also hurt on the night of that stabbing in january of last year. both isn't ford charmd with murder. five people were shot on a a savann street. mother and her 4-year-old say they're living in fear. >> just want to get in the house and be safe. >> we're told all the victims will be okay. wednesday night, a 17-year-old was shot and killed. and a girl was also shot in the wrist. police are trying to see if there is a connection between the shootings. tomorrow you're invited to attend a march to show support for police officers. p that glndemonstratn starts at noon near the national mall.
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you're encouraged to wear blue. a south florida family aft mug shots were being used at a shooting range. >> mug shots were of african american men. one recognized her brother's booking photo among the targets left behind by police officers. >> and i was lik. >> the police chief in the north miami area defended the dwept by saying this was a technique that was widely used. hes that the sniper team includes minority officers. 6:18. new this morning, pope francis urging filipino officials to reject the corruption that has plagued that nation for decades. he's uo instead work to he said poverty and social injustices. nearly a quarter of the 100 million peoplee philippines live in
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poverty. this weekend he will meet with survivors of typhoon haiyan. he will head back to the vatican on monday. duke university officials say, credible threats have forced them to cancel plans for an islamic call to prayer from their chapel bell tower. the school had agreed to allow weekly amplified chants as a way to bring students together but the plan sparked a fierce backlash with franklin graham i to withhold donations. muslim students will instead gather in a grassy area near the tower. all this week news 4 consumer watch has shown you how to get a fresh start on your finances. and you've responded with some of your best money saving ideas. tonight on news 4 at 5:00 we'll have a look at the strategies our viewers tell us they're using every day to stay out of the red. it's all part of us working for you to give you a fresh start in 2015. just how much do people love their cell phone sthsa study found
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a lot of consumers would rather give up a vacation or dining out for a year than be without their phones. people also said that mobile $6,000 in value for them each year. mobile phone sales jen rateds sales generated a staggering $3.3 trillion in revenue globally. >> back in the day, it was like i forgot my watch i feel naked. now that's how it is with the phone. it is another part of people's bodies almost. >> and they absolutely can't do without it. sign of the times. well, if you do have your phones that means you have access to our app so you know what is going on with the weather. let's turn to it because we have tom kierein standing by and he's talking about some s spots. >> we have just a little bit of moisturesome. co surfaces including sidewalk and your street. it may look a little wet. in fact that could be patchy ice this morning because we've had our temperatures below freezing how since about 2:00 this morning. this patchy ice going to be
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around. although a lot of it is just wet because it's mixing with the salt that we had from the earlier storm this week. so watch out, it's wet or a little bit of patchy ice for another couple of hours. ear 30 in montgomery county. much of prince george's county mid-20s. right now in fairfax county low to mid 20s as well as loudoun county down to the teens just near 20 now. much of prince w county fauquier, cullpepper will be very cold. u a little bit of rain but good for martin luther king jr. day on monday with sunshine. dry weather through that day. and for this afternoon, mostly sunny. a bit of a wind during the afternoon. shou make it into the mid tourtss. and then winds will bring in colder air overnight tonight and we'll bottom out near 20 degrees starting off saturday morning. saturday a cold day, highs only
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reaching mid-30s. lots of sunshine. sunday increasing clouds. ought to be near 30. a chance of some rain as we get into sunday afternoon. there might be some rain mainly east of i-95. otherwise just a rather cool and damp day on sunday. but then good weather for all the activities for dr. king day on monday. highs this the ss in the mid-40s. back it on work and cool school on tuesday, partly cloudy. 40s. might get wet snow or cold rain on wednesday. and th sunshine back for thursday with highs mid-40s. next weather and traffic on the hour by hour roller coaster ride temperatures over the next 24 hours. now melissa, what is going on? >> a metro delay just came up. carrollton because of an earlier issue at ballston. inboun95 at the mixing bowl a bit of volume but nothing atypical for this time of day.
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taking a look at prince george's overall getting a little bit of volume on branch avenue pennsylvania avenue headed in same thing here with indian head highway. but looking typical again for this time of day running about 45 miles per hour. so nothing terrible right now. 95 this maryland at 32 all these folks headed south bound here not having an issue. and beltway at colesville road outer loop obviously a lot more traffic as it typically does, but everything is moving for us this morning. then 270 here at old hundred road no problems there. i'm back in ten minutes. chris brown could be heading back to jail. and it's actually from his recent concert in san jose california where five people were shot. brown is on probation and therefore not allowed to leave los angeles. a judge revoked his probation after a tape of the incident became public. brown says he was given wrong information about the travel restrictions and he's on probation now for assaulting singer rihannan 2009. muhammad ali is back in the
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hospital. he's receiving follow-up care for a urinary tract infection. he has fought a long battle against parkinson's disease. a family spokesperson says the champ is hoping to leave the hospital so he can celebrate his 73rd birthday with his family tomorrow. if you need help finding your keys this morning, just try closing your eyes. apparently that may help you remember where you left them. british researchers showed people a crying re-enactment video and then interviewed them about the details of the film. those told to close their eyes while taking that test got 23% more answers correct than those who kept their eyes open. researchers say this could be helpful for officer especially when interviewing eyewe to r details what have they saw. sometimes you wonder if its eye r of if you don't have the distractions if your eyes are open and things are happening around you. >> and it really lets you you focu w they say yoga is good for you.
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well, an embarrassing moment for a sheriff's office in florida as they used the word dog instead of the word god. >> they're working to fix the mts print, but this comes at a price. the new $500 rug reads in dog we trust. e man's best friend it should read in god we trust. they plan to auction off the rug and give the proceeds to you guessed it a local animal rescue group. so they're trying to -- you laugh about it and help they figure out some way to do somethint part out of the story. it sat in front of the office for two months before anybody noticed it. oops. developing now several raids overnight and this morning n terrorists. the action being taken inside the white house today to be ready for any attacks that might happen here at home. wendy's looking out for your child's health. the one item you will not find on the bur. and outside right now the sun is just starting to peek out
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a little bit. it's cold. it will get colder. tom kierein tracking your hour by hou.
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right now overseas extremists and home grownwannabes ready to join the fight. how the white house is responding.e is headed up but you we're not out of the deep freeze just yet. tom kierein is tracking what it will feel like over the next 24 hours. we have a celestial delight in the southeastern sky this mornina crescent moon. and then the planet saturn. it's about a billion miles away but there is a conjunction this morning. beautil sta this morning with this clear sky. and it's cold though. with moisture that is condensed on sidewalks and roads. watch out for patchy ice between 7:00 and 8:00. waiting for the bus stop or walking to the metro watch your footing. mae a little bit slippery. near the freezing mark this morning, but the bright sun should be melting any ice by
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9:00. a little bit of a breeze this morning. live view there the storm team 4 camera. you can see a little bit of that sheen there on some of the streets and sidewalks right in front of union station. so watch out for that patchy ice. and then by noon the low 40s. winds will be picking up. blustery winds into the afternoon. ought to make it mid-40s around 2:00. and then by 5:00 p.m., still blustery with temperatures in 24 hour, mid-30s late this evening. cold sta to saturday morning, down t0 degrees. amelia segal will join us live with your drive time forecast. new crash northbound indian head highway at berry road. doesn't seem to be blogcking things too much, but just a warning there. wider look at things, no major problems right now. 395 inbound is a little bit slow as is bw parkway inbound. 18 miles per hour here. not the seeing anything actually
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happen t we are seeing that slowdown. 270 into and out of town looking quite good for us. and then 66 always slowing down. i'm back in ten minutes with some travel times. breaking news right now while you were sleeping dozens of suspected terrorists were arrested in belgium, france and germ any in several raids. 13 people were detained in belgium. 14 are arrested in france. and at least two more arrest this had germany. the anti-terror sweep comes after the fight this belgium. >> president obama prepares for day two of meetings with david cameron at the white house. tracie potts has more with how they are planning to address the recent terror threats. >> reporter: at least two things we expect they may talk about. first of all, the cyber wars
6:32 am
that they are planning. these are planned attacks on different sectors of the society like the financial industry to see how they might react in termsattack. so it will start with banks in london and with wall street. also prime minisr cameron watch thes to lean on president obama to lean on places like google and facebook to allow more government surveillance so they can pool their intelligence and try to prevent attacks here and this great britain like we saw in paris. finally, in federal court today in cincinnati we are expecting the 20-year-old suspect who was accused of plotting a bomb attack on the u.s. capitol. christopher lee cornell has been put behind bars and is a waiting more information on the charges that he faces there. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. also new this morning, more than 400 american troops will head to
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syria to train rebels fighting isis. pentagon is also sending hundreds of u.s. support personnel to that region. it's not clear which branch of the military the forces will come from. the training mission will begin in the spring outside syria, turkey qatar and saudi arabia have offered to host. happening today, the rabbi accused of spying on women heads to court. he was arrested in october. prosecutors say he secretly recorded women in a ceremonial bath in georgetown. he was reportedly discovered when a woman caught him plugging in the device. prosecutors say he violated laws to the heavens and down, sti tryingo determine h women may have been recorded. he's pled not guilt not guilt. p. a fire at a children's store was intentionally set. investigatio your hel finding these people.
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the fire did more than $250,000 in damage. today there will be a new push to ease marijuana laws in virginia. virginia normal will gather at the statehouse to call for support of senate bill 686. the law would end criminal penalties for of small amounts of pot. instead, people caught with pot would face a $100 fine. senator adam evan a democrat sponsored the bill. the controversial comments about n p whowho is considering a run for the white house. the one item you will no longer find on the menu for ky wes kid meals. and amel s wilhave your f
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this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more efficiently. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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wouldn't it be awesome if you go to the fast food restaurant and that thing your kid wants just isn't on the
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menu? well wendy's is making that possible for you. they have taken soda off the kid's menu. you can still order a soda for your kids if you want but those really tempting soda pictures that the kids are pointing at and screaming for, they won't be front and center anymore on the kids menu boards. >> milk or water, kids. storm team 4 x 4 is out and about for you this morning. >> amelia segal drove it to the new carrollton metro station a that's where he we find her life. >> repor good morning. temperature still hol around 30. and you can see folks walking to the metro on this early morning. not too many people out right now, but there is a lady there, she has on her hat, her gloves her jacket. definitely bundling up on this chilly morning. but overall, temperatures today are going to be warmer than yesterday. so today's hash tag to describe the weather, january thaw.
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tweet about the weather and use that hash tag so we can find it on twitter. driving in to work today, temperature will stay around 30 degrees. you will need the sunglasses and also watch for some patchy black ice this morning. with temperatures just bel freezing mark. we have been getting reports of black ice around the area. heading home from work on this fr of a breeze but still plenty of sunshine and temperature for that evening commute around 44. a high today of 46. so a few degrees above average. tom will be back with a look ahead to some warmer temperatures are in the we send things to melissa. breaking news right now in alexandria. we talking about a water main break. police calling it a major water main break. east bound king street right now shut down at park center drive. alternate the here i think your best alter that the will be braddock road. so again, east bound street at park center drive. i'll get more information on that for you. metro orange line, delays right now again to new carrollton.
6:40 am
no word on how long these delays are, but a warning for you there because of an earlier problem at ballston. travel times overall looking pretty good especially for a weekday. 66 270 southbound 17 minutes down to the beltway. and then outer loop 95 270, 15 minutes this morning. i'm back in ten. you will no longer be able to buy google's wearable computer glasses. the tech giant will stop sales on monday. in the future they will only be available to companies and developers for work applications. google plans to release a new version next year. e metro train that filled with smoke taking action today and it comes on the heels of a major report. the answers we could finally learn about that incident. and just in time for the super bowl how you'll be able to make a beer run without leaving the couch or taking your eyes off the tv. weather and traffic always on
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news 4 today. throughout the break, you can see storm team 4 radar and current temperatures. >> and chopper 4 on the move to show you the traffic a.
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6:43. our team is working for you to you get you up to the minute the minute you're up. >> and we start with nbc new's kate snow with new rules between the u.s. and cuba now in effect. >> reporter: good morning. new rules in effect this morning
6:44 am
coming out of washington, d.c. out of the department of co and treasury. changing everythg about what we can do as tourists or what we can do if we want to visit cuba. i'm standing in miami beach. 90 miles off the coast of florida as you know cuban beaches which most americans have they ever been to. starting today, a lot more americans will have a chance to book travel cuba. as long as they can fit within certain cat ghoers like education, cultural exchange, going on a family visit. they no longer need permission ahead of time from the u.s. government. it wi make it a lot easier to travet there, you will be able to spend freely. there are no limits anymore. you'll be able to use credit cards over there and bring back a lot of people care about this $400 worth of merchandise from cuba including up to $100 in cuban cigars if it that is your thing. and then on the flip side, over in cuba the cuban anxious for these changes because this also means trade with cuba. it means that they may be able
6:45 am
to buy american cars one day, they may be able to buy u.s. cell phones. other electronics. so it's a really life changing moment for the people of cuba as well and really a changing moment for all of us. think about what our grandkids will know about cuba. it will be a lot different than grown up with. back to you. >> and you can see more of kate's reports on these new rules on the "today" show. i'm richard jordan at the live desk following breaking news. new information released by belgium prosecutors about a plot thatd just hours before it was set to go off. authorities say 13 people have been arrested in belgium. two arrested in france. and then one person was killed in a raid. this was all a plot in the small town of verviers. the plan was to kill police officers. investigators say they found weapons including ak-47s,
6:46 am
explosives police uniforms walkie-talkies and money. they believe the plan was itto go after police officers working the streets and police stations. they ahinted to a larger terror cell. while this is happening, there also other arrests in other terror cells that are nearby in the region, but are not necessarily linked to this plot in belgium. in berlin two were arrested for allegedly recruiting jihadists. and then in france, 12 people arrested in suspicion or being suspected of working with the gunman that held several people hostage at a kosher grocery store in paris last week. so heightened alert there at those european nations. back to you. rareinge expecting to learn more information about the metro station filled with smoke.
6:47 am
morning mayor bowser will release a preliminary report showing how the district responded to the emergency situation. the first lawsuit from the incident will also be filed in court. malbert rich is the first plaintiff. the 53-year-old says the transit agency negligent in both operation and responding to the deadly smoke incident. the family of the woman killed when the train filled with smoke is now planning her funeral. a memorial service for carol glover is set for monday l be at the capitol hill baptist church in northeast at 10:00 a.m.. an official cause of death has also been released the medical examiner says glover died of acute respiratory failure caused by smoke exsuppose sure. a total breakdown, that's what virginia's governor is calling this week's deadly metro inci mcauliffe sat down with julie carey. he says a transportation summit later this month will be all about metro. >> first thing i want to know, it won't take us two years to
6:48 am
figure out what happened. p we need to know immediately how did this happen what steps are we taking immediately to make sure that this never occurs again. >> mcauliffe will also sit down with mayor bowser and incoming maryla governor layer re hoey hogan. for more, we've put together a time line. it's on your smae on the nbc washington app. prince george's c list have taken a robbery suspect off the streets in hyattsville. the robber broke in to a home on russell avenue last night. policee suspect assaulted the victim at gunpoint and then stole things from the house. the robber was caught a short time later. as for the victim, he was taken to the hospital and should be okay. today a second woman accused in the fatal deaths of two toddlers in german town will appear this court. a hearing will be held for sanford at 9:30. she and the mother of the children avery, told
6:49 am
investigators they believed they were performing an exorcism. the children were age 1 and 2. two other children were also injured on the night of that stabbing in january of last and avery are charged with attempted and first grae murder. p. controversial new comments from a man considering a run for president. dr ben carson a retired neurosurgeon who is popular among conservatives appeared to some to compare american patriots to the terr group isis. carsd that isis has quonk philosophy but they're willing to die for what they believe. afterward, car so that said it's ridiculous to suggest that he was comparing the u.s. to isis. he made the comments at the republic national committee about the terror group isis. carson has made gains in recent months in 2016 presidential polls. meanwhile, we'll get a better indication of whether mitt romney will run for president again. the form president candidate is speaking at the winter meeting in california. romney said last week that he is
6:50 am
considering another run for president, but before that he has repeatedly said that he was not interested in a third bid. so we know that can change. romney also ran for the nomination back in 2008. bp could soon be slapped with billions of dollars in penalties as a result the historic oil spill in the gulf of mexico in 2010. this week a federal judge ruled more than 3 million barrels of oil spilled into the water after the rig ex e oil giant should pay as much as $4300 per barrel spilled. that dd up in $13 billion in penalties. the trial begins next week. southwest airlines facing major fines right now for leaving passengers on the tarmac too long. landon dowdy joining us live now with that story. >> reporter: good morning. southwest airlines has been fined a record $1.6 million for runway delays.u.s. government southwest
6:51 am
violated rules when planes were stuck at chicago midway airport and passengers didn' have a chance to get off after three hours. southwest also didn't have enough staff on hand to avoid the delays. and you can now make a beer run without ever leaving your couch. anheus has launched an app that offers one hour delivery of a case of beer. for how, it's only available in the d.c. area. a 24 pack of cans will cost $19.99. mill started a similar delivery ver service last year. perhaps not a bad ide might keep drunk drivers off the roads. >> that's right. tom is back with us and we're waiting for a thee warm-up. >> and the sun is of course lighting up the eastern sky there. that was a live view there behind us. and still below freezing though. we had moisture forming on streets and sidewalks this morning. and where it isn't salted watch out for patchy ice.
6:52 am
it will stay frozen here over the next couple of hours. then after 8:00, we should be getting above freeze. right now fairfax county is just in the 20s to near 30 degrees. most of montgomery county right near 30. mid-20s now in prince george's upper 20s in washington arlington, alexandria, and falls church. still in the teens, though in prince willi county fauquier parts of stafford and spotsylvania this morning. post your pictur dwarerrick n and saturn in the southeastern sky. post your photos on facebook, twitter and i'll post it on instragram. ave high this time of year is 43. we'll be above that this it tomorrow. then back up again on sunday in to the mid to upper 40s. and then staying with above average highs for monday tuesday, wednesday and thursday as we get into next week. the january thaw continues.
6:53 am
and afternoon highs mid-40s today, accompanied by a blustery wind that will begin to pick up by around noontime and into the afternoon, wind gusts 20 miles per hour. then cold air moves in tonight be down to near 20 by dawn on saturday. sa aft into the upper 30s. lots of sunshine. and then increasing clouds on sunday in the morning near 30, but afternoon highs should make it into the upper 40s on sunday and a chance of some rain, that will be mainly to the east ofn. otherwise just a cool and damp day. thend weather for dr. king day on monday. partly cloudy mid-40s. back to work and school on tuesday, highs upper 40s and partly cloudy. chance of some cold rain and maybe wet snow mixing in on wednesday. sun back thursday. melissa here how with breaking news. breaking news again alexandria a major water main break, we're just talking with police about this. king street completely closed now at park center drive. so you'll have to avoid king street there. southbound ramp from 395 to king is also closed because of this.
6:54 am
your alternate is going to be braddock road. right now chopper over 395 northbound at edsall, you can see the volume building. and 395 north at 14th street bridge another live camera there with a new crash that we just got report of. i'm not sure which side of the roadway it is on yet, but you can see so build skrup here. 270 headed down no problems to the spur. you're actually pretty clear there. 66 95 looking pretty good. same thing 95 and bw parkway in maryland. 6:54 now. today d.c. mayor bowser will tour project aimed at keeping our local water ways clean. megan mcgrath has more from the anacostia river in southeast d.c.. >> reporter: well, the vice president will be here later on today touring the project site. this is all about cleaning up the anacostia river. a big obstacle to that over years has been the overflow of sewage in to the water. now, crews are currently building a series of underground
6:55 am
tunnels to stop that from happening. we got a peek at the massive machines that are involved in actually drilling the path that the tunnels are taking. this video shot before they began that work, but they are actually doing it right now. and it's pretty impressive what is happening here. this is all part of the clean rivers project. when the project is finished officials say that the combined sewer overflow into the anacostia river will be reduced by 98% going a long way toward cleaning up this river. now, later today vice president joe biden is going to join mayor muriel bowser and they will tour the project and we'll get an update on how exactly things are going. megan mcgrath, news 4. bob mcdonnell's legal defense fund has dried up following his conviction on co charges. the fund's quarterly report to the irs was made public yesterda shows fund raised only $3200 in the last quarter of
6:56 am
2014. the fund raised a total of $320,000 in the three previous quarters. mcdonnell and his wife were found guilty of corruption back in september. he was sentenced last week to spend two years in prison. his lawyers filed a notice of appeal earlier this week. here are four things to know before you head out the door. secretary of sta john kerry pays tribute to the victims of the deadly terrorist attacks in paris, as 14 people were arrested in france overnight in an anti-terror sweep. 15 more people were arrested about in more anti-terrorism raids this belgium and germany, this is after the firefight in belgium were two suspected terrorists were killed. the plan being ar cornell has a detention hearing. and mayor bowser will release a report showing how the district responded to the metro incident. the first lawsuit will also be
6:57 am
filecourt. and that is the news for today. thank you for waking up with us. >> we hope all of you have a great holiday weekend. >> "today" show is next. we're ba.
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>> per breaking news. a sweeping terror crack down. new arrests tied to the attacks in paris. in germany and belgium. where police have stopped an imminent attack. epidemic the number of flu cases skyrockets in the u.s. as health official announce this year's vaccine is even less effective than feared just 23%. how do you keep your family safe? heavenly hopes. a young author who claims he died and went to heaven admits it was a big lie. his best selling book he made up to get a


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