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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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already in prince george's county faulkier and loudoun counties. road crews are preparing for a busy couple days. >> live team coverage for you, david culvert in arlington but we begin with veronica johnson with the first word. >> we're getting reports right now of snow falling throughout the area. some snow flurries and sleet mix, not just in d.c. but areas to our west too, of course loudoun county areas around fairfax county prince william, even faulkier county getting reports now of sleet and snow. that's going to continue through the evening. let's take a look. winter weather prince george's county, fairfax, prince william, faulkner. in the pink that is a winter storm warning. hagerstown winchester where we could see more and where there could be icing there maybe late tonight. for us again, a wintry mix of snow and sleet. good thing is for today those road temperatures have been fairly high. here's the radar pushing in so it's right along 66 areas 29
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even 50 with snow and sleet. but i think road conditions will be just fine for our evening hours. big storm system so we have a long way to go several hours that expanhandle to the north and west. your temperature d.c. 41 to 39 degrees in warrenton. so big thing with this storm system working in our favor is it's not a major storm, it will be fast moving and a lack of cold air with it. what can you expect for your weekend? the morning rush and of course with that storm system number two, we'll have it coming up in a few. >> thanks veronica. our team coverage continues with david culvert live in arlington. crews are preparing for what could be a hazardous situation out there on the roads this weekend. >> reporter: they sure are, pat, and v.j. mentioned the snow just starting. in the past ten minutes the small flakes started in arlington. here in arlington they'll have skeleton crews on standby, 8 to 16 trucks ready to go should they need them. we found them gearing up adding spreaders and installing the
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plows, dump trucks bringing in new loads of salt and sand. here at arlington, there are no plans to pretreat because they say that they expected it to be rain first which would wash much of the treatment off. right now vdot says they have some 500 trucks spraying brine mixture on the major highways across northern virginia. road crews expect to be businessy through the weekend. in arlington they're especially focused on sunday into monday. >> by noon sunday we will start the brine spreading crew for 12 hours. the weather also making these a nuisance for many of you drivers. we're talking about potholes. we've seen an increasing number across our area. back live you can see one in the street in arlington. coming up at 5:00 we'll explain why it will be some time before crews will be able to smooth these out for your commute. live in arlington, i'm david culvert, news4.
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first at 4, a longtime special education teacher in montgomery county appeared in court today on child pornography charges. peter flynn was arrest wednesday for possessing and distributing child porn. he was removed from his job at chevy chase bethesda high school back in september. prosecutors say the allegations have no connection to his job. news4's derrick ward will have a live report on the case coming up at 5:00. now to the latest in the investigation into what went wrong last week underground at the l'enphant metro station. this afternoon we're expecting to hear from d.c.'s department of homeland security. transportation reporter adam tuss is at the wilson building with the latest. >> reporter: the report which will be issued today expected to lay out all the communication problems that first responders faced last week at the l'enphant plaza metro station. here is what we do know at this
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point. d.c. fire radios were not working as they should have when they got to l'enphant plaza. metro now says that's because certain controls were changed at a control room called a donor site at 1 judiciary square. we don't know why those controls were changed, who specifically changed them and why they didn't notify metro officials. here's metro's interim general manager jack requa. >> they made adjustments to their radios which made them less effective, almost nonworking on our system so we made modifications in our system to adjust to chair that i thinks so things could function. >> reporter: in my next repor at 5:00 we hope to have our hands on this report. we'll dig through it and bring you the details. at the wilson building adam tuss news4. a security guard for a local grocery store is recovering right now after being stabbed by a customer. the attack happened at the store on minnesota avenue and banning road just before noon. a spokesperson for safeway said the customer had been banned
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from the store and the security guard was trying to escort him out when the customer pulled a knife. police are still searching for the suspect. atf agents hope to have the cause of that deadly fire in annapolis by the start of next week. six people were killed. don and sandy pyle, who owned the waterfront four grandchildren. 8- and 7-year-old sisters lexi and katie boone as well as their cousins, 8-year-old charlotte and 6-year-old wes. search crews have found four bodies. they are still looking for two others. the boone and pyle families shared stories about each of the victims. you can read those heartbreaking accounts now on the nbc washington app. a pedestrian's death is sparking angry questions today in a prince george's county community. the woman was killed early this morning crossing landover road in the landover area. not clear where the victim was head bug there is a bus stop nearby. neighbors say this is not the
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first consistent on this stretch of landover road. there is no crosswalk or stop sign or red light to help pedestrians cross this busy street. >> do they not care? they need to do something. how many people going to have to die on this road before they make a change? >> police are investigating the possibility of the woman was hit by more than one vehicle. one driver did remain at the scene after the accident. the equipment is fixed now and service is restored in bowie after a water main break. it happened early this morning on old near church road. a connection broke between a fire hydrant and a 24-inch water main. that sent water gushing into the street and created a sinkhole. wssc says all repairs have been completed. a security guard in critical condition this afternoon after being shot repeatedly outside the good will store here where he gerald campbell of frederick was shot four times as he sat in his car outside the walkersville store last night. police tell us the attacker wore a mask. the shooter is not in custody.
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first at 4, right now mayors from across the country are gathering at the white house. they are meeting with cabinet members and senior white house officials to discuss the partnership between the federal government and cities. president obama will speak to them around 4:45. there was a whopping increase in the number of people trying to get on planes with guns this year. in 2014 2,212 firearms were discovered in carry-on bags at security checkpoints all over the country. according to new figures from the transportation security administration that is a 22% increase from the year before. yet the increase in air travelers was only a little more than 2%. we reached out to tsa to learn more about the sharp increase. they tell us most travelers say they simply forgot the weapon was in their bag. breaking news now. investigators say jesse matthews' dna does not match unidentified dna found in alexis
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murphy's vehicle. the 17-year-old virginia girl was last seen at a gas station in lovingston in 2013. detectives found her vehicle but they haven't found her body. randy taylor was convicted in her murder. his attorney asked investigators to check for possible link between murphy and mathieu, but the dna doesn't match. mathieu is chargeded with a kidnapping of missing uva student hannah graham and a 2005 fairfax rape. a measles outbreak that deban at disneyland spreads to yes, another state. >> where the virus has now popped up and why health officials are warning some people to stay away from the theme park. recent air disasters triggering new recommendations from the ntsb. what officials want on every long flight over water. and we have a weather alert. here comes the snow and rain just in time for the weekend.
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tracking a wintry mix into our region rain and snow falling tonight into tomorrow morning. veronica johnson tells us how you can expect in your neighborhood straight ahead. developing right now, a baltimore ravens player has been cut from the team as animal cruelty allegations swirl. the "baltimore sun" reports today defensive tackle terence cody will be released. baltimore county says they're investigating. we're working to find what the accusations are. flames wiped out an entire block in a small borough in pennsylvania this morning. the mayor of homestead compared this destruction to losing a family member. the factory town has been battling back from a tough economy. a newly revitalized block of
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apartments and buildings were destroyed. fire crews tapped into so many fire hydrants water pressure dropped. no one was injured. search teams have found more bodies in the wreckage of airasia flight 8501. indonesian authorities say divers located six more bodies in the fuselage but they haven't been able to recover all of the remains because of logistics. the plane crashed into the java sea nearly a month ago while en route from indonesia to singapore. 162 people were killed. only 65 bodies have been recovered so far. in the wake of recent air disaster disasters, the national transportation is calling for new tracking technology. the ntsb says flights over water sho carry tamper-resistant transmitters that send constant updates on the plane's location. industry analysts say airlines may resist that recommendation because the technology is costly. disneyland on high alert today as a mee ls outbreak worsens. why health officials are now
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telling some tourists to stay away from the park. and erasing the redskins. new video shows what the washington professional football team would look like without its logo. technology has improved our lives, in small ways. in big ways. but what about this? couldn't this be better too? at redfin we asked ourselves the same question. which led us to create new ways to take you inside a home or instantly schedule a tour. but we paired that with our own agents
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let's go to the live desk. wendy rieger has news just in about a murder for hire in loudoun county. >> just coming in from the sheriff's office in loudoun county.
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the suspect is dallas brumback from sterling. police say he tried to hire someone to kill his wife this past november. but police were able to intercept him before his wife was in any danger. we're just getting details in about this case and we will have more throughout the afternoon newscast so stay tuned. back to you. the measles outbreak spread to another state as officials warn about travel to the happiest place on earth. five workers came down with it earlier this month. now cases in seven western states are linked to the mee ls outbreak there. california health officials are warning unvaccinated tourists about visiting the park. >> the vaccine are safe. people are always concerned about that. and it's clear you can protect your family and yourself from the measles by getting vaccinated. >> news4's kristin wright is getting answers about the measles outbreak. new at 5:00, we'll hear what may be triggering that. the first ebola vaccines are
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on their way to liberia for clinical trials. two vaccines will be tested. nih helped develop both of them. one trial will be run by glaxosmithkline, the other by merck. the vaccines will be tested on people who are most at risk of ebola. health care workers, other caregivers and possibly burial workers as well. world leaders are paying tribute today to the late king of saudi arabia. the desert nation paid its last respects to king abdullah. the funeral service was today. he was one of the most powerful men on earth controlling one-fifth of the world's oil assets. in switzerland, secretary of state john kerry said people of saudi arabia and the world will miss the king's wisdom. >> king abdullah had a long history of being a brave partner with us and with the world in his work not just in counterterrorism but in his work
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on interfaith understanding. >> his half brother salman says he will continue his policies. a prisoner has written a book detailing his captivity. the author is mahmoud salahi. his handwritten manuscript was heavily redacted before publication. it describes the torture and humiliation that he says he has been a regular part of his 13 years in captivity. he also says he never committed a crime against the u.s. no special adoption rights this afternoon for unmarried same-sex couples living in virginia. a state senate committee rejected the idea. it was proposed by senator janet howell of fairfax and supported by the governor. we contacted the state's attorney general's office this afternoon. a spokesman tells us unmarried
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heterosexual couples can't adopt children either. only single adults or married couples. so the same rules apply to gay and straight couples. vdot wants you to weigh in on some changes coming to interstate 66. there will be a public information meeting on monday at oakton high school. at the meeting they'll discuss a plan to transform 25 miles outside of the beltway in order to relieve congestion and offer drivers some new travel choices. there will be a total of four meetings. the first takes place monday at 6:00 p.m. v.j. is here. already arrived in some parts. >> that it has, but helping road conditions is the fact that we've been in the upper 30s to low 40s today so i think the evening for any folks hitting the road i think we'll be just fine. tomorrow morning, different story. impacts for the road during the overnight period most road are fine until early morning. and it will fend on where you
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are. storm team 4 radar making its sweep around all these areas it's showing up as green but we have reports of some flurries and a little sleet mixing in. that's right along areas of 66 15 too, around middleburgh. for the west more of the white there, and that is some snow that is falling right along 11 just west of i-81 and the higher amounts of snow will be up in western maryland. big storm coming up from the south where they've had a lot of rain. that's the thing that even areas we're expecting across southern maryland there could be pretty good rain and pretty good snow. to the north this will be a storm system for pennsylvania and boston too. 41 your temperature too. 7:00 9:00 11:00, your evening planner forecast will continue to see rain as well as sleet and snow flurries mixed in. 38 degrees, 36 by 11:00. temperatures very important here especially tomorrow morning because i do think that ice when we're going to get closer to the freeing mark. culpepper culpep hagerstown 32 to 33 34 in hagerstown. these are the locations to the
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north. this is 9:00 mix of rain but early tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. look at that white coming in. that is snow and that's when i think we have our best chance from 5:00 a.m. to about 11:00 a.m. to noon tomorrow, the best chance to see pure snow and to see that snow accumulate. the system kicks out during the afternoon, about 2:00 3:00. it should be winding down. 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. our best chance of snow and our best chance of accumulation of snow. around d.c. mostly light with a couple of inches to our north and west. here's the way it's looking right now in the dark blue hagerstown winchester some of the high spots up here but a lot of mixing still taking place in leesburg the back end of the system leaves when we could see pure snow. leesburg to toms brooks and luray, 1 to 2 with a coating to just over an inch in and around d.c. warrenton up to the north and east. your four-day forecast mix to snow tomorrow morning. again, road issues possible early tomorrow.
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not so much this evening. high temperature, we get up to 41 after the storm system pulls out, then it's late sunday with a high temperature of 45 late sunday when we are going to be dealing with the next storm system. and yes it will impact your monday morning rush. we'll take you through a time line coming up later in the newscast where that storm system moves in out, and what we're expecting with it. back to you. a ransom deadline passes for two hostages in the grips of isis. >> richard engle has new information about the two men in captivity. talk more text less. why the pope is ordering the faith to feel put down that ce and we want to hear from you about the stories that get you going right here first at 4.
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japan says it is still trying to secure the release of two of its citizens held hostage by isis. >> the ransom deadline has expired but there has been no word on their fate. nbc's richard engle has our report. >> reporter: the militant group isis had threatened to kill two japanese hostages within 72 hours unless japan paid $200 million for the group. that deadline has now from isis. in the past we have seen cases
4:26 pm
where isis has allowed deadlines to expire. however, unfortunately in all of these cases isis did ultimately kill the hostages. we're learning more about these two japanese hostages. one was a japanese freelance journalist the other a self-styled security consultant. the security consultant has been described as something of a lost soul someone who was having trouble in japan, had a suicide attempt, he was separated from hi family run out of money, moved to syria to try and create a new life in the war zone. they knew each other, and the freelance journalist who was respected in japan, a well-known freelance journalist went to syria to do some reporting but also to try to rescue this they are both hostages their fates intertwined as we are waiting to hear what isis -- if isis will release a new video. richard engle, nbc news
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istanbul. after actor seth rogan is apologizing for his comments about "american sniper." he tweeted on sunday that the by i don't wantic reminded him of a fake nazi propaganda film shown in "inglourious basterds." kid rock and dean caine all criticized rogen. he said my grandfather was a veteran and my comment about the movie was not meant to have any political implications. any political meaning was ascribed to my comment by news commentary. getting rid of washin group that opposes the team's name of redskins launches a new visual attack. we have the online ad that's getting a lot of attention and views. a local man's murder spree featured tonight in prime time tv. we talk with the "dateline" reporter about why this case is now in the national spotlight. storm team 4 live radar behind me getting reports of
4:28 pm
light snow accumulatecollatingaccumulateon decks and grass.
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right now we are under a weather alert. it is the beginning of what could be a weekend full of weather. >> schools announced they were calling off afternoon activities. time now at 4:30 to get the
4:31 pm
latest from storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. how are we looking? >> two storm systems, the second i think will impact a greater part of the area with accumulating snowfall. i think there could be a tight gradient just northwest of d.c. where that snow accumulates. so that's why we're expecting an coating as it mixes with rain to as much as 5 inches of snow to our north and west. meanwhile, we'll have some dry period this weekend but snow on the book ends. that's so important going into monday morning. reports along 66 warrenton, fairfax and reston of light snow accumulating on roads. 44 the temperature. that's the road temperature down south. gaithersburg too, at 44 39 degrees the road temperature around 72-70 in frederick. tomorrow morning our best chance of snow to accumulate early on, the temperature 35 a high of 41 as the storm system pushes out around 2:00. weather alert day for us as will be the case saturday until this storm system moves out. download our storm team 4 weather app.
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we have frequent updates and of course closings throughout the area right there. >> thanks veronica. with the arrival of snow impacting your weekend, would you rather have snow on a weekday or weekend? our nbc washington flash survey of the day. vote by texting or calling the number on your screen or head to the nbc washington facebook and twitter pages. when you guys talk to friend and family trying to figure out who he was, did anybody tell you he was a nice guy, i can't believe that you got him in the frame for this? >> nobody had anything like that to say about him. as a matter of fact most people knew nothing about him. he was almost a ghost. >> a local case thrust into the national spotlight. it was a story that stunned our region. the bodies of a mother and her daughter found in a burning car. >> and the man police arrested was also connected to three other murders. jason thomas scott was a u.p.s. worker who police tell us used his job to track his victims. after delores andbony dewitt were found dead in largo back in
4:33 pm
2009 police linked him to the murders of a prince george's county nurse and her daughter earlier that year. now nbc's "dateline" is profiling this case and reporter dennis murphy came here to our studio to talk about why he and the show became so fascinated with the complexity of this case. >> are you going to have the evidence to put together to go to a grand jury and get indictment a prosecutor who need to present to a jury to get a conviction? and there was kind of a watch and wait for a long time but they wanted to get the person who becomes the prime suspect off the street. the lead detective on the case told us later this is the most evil criminal person he's ever encountered. >> you can catch "dateline" at 10:00 followed by news4 at 11. >> rg3 is going to outrace everybody! >> this is footage from 2012 when robert griffin iii ran 76
4:34 pm
yards for a touchdown against the minnesota vikings, but this visual edited out the team's logo on the side of his helmet. the national congress of american indians oppose the team's name and they released this video today to coincide with the super bowl. team owner dan snider says the name honors native americans and he has vowed never to change it. some could call it an insurance policy so one day they can have a family. egg freezing is becoming more and more common. it's the process of taking a woman's eggs when she's in her reproductive years and preserving them for later. as news4's doreen gentzler found, the trend is growing faster here than anywhere else in the country. >> reporter: she's 34 years old, lives in arlington, healthy, fit, and has a successful career. but she says there's still one thing missing. she hasn't met a husband yet so, that means having a family will have to wait. >> time goes so fast and i
4:35 pm
think it was i was approaching my 33rd birthday i couldn't believe three years had gone by and i was like i need to take this seriously. >> reporter: she's talking about her fertility. as women mature so do the eggs and the older the eggs the tougher it is to have a child. >> as their eggs age they're not as functional. they don't work as well. >> reporter: but now doctors have improved the process of freezing women's eggs allowing them to have children later in life. life. this doctor is the co-founder of shady grove fertility, one of the largest in the country. >> people have been trying to freeze for years but the success has not been very good prior to a few years ago. >> reporter: doctors had been using a slow freezing process called cryopreservation but when the eggs were thawed, they would like like this -- cloudy and crystallized and often not
4:36 pm
viable. but a new technique called vitrify case is preserving eggs that look more like this -- smooth and clear, and that's the mark of a healthier egg. >> we've had around 90 patients i think over 100 patients return to use their frozen eggs and success rates are really based on the age of the woman at the time that she froze -- >> reporter: michelle is the director of the egg freezing program at shady grove. she says pregnancy success rates with frozen eggs range from 35% to 55%. with younger eggs being the most successful. >> if you think the statistics seem a little low, i think it's because the average age for freezing is about 37 1/2. i think as it becomes more mainstream women are exploring, you know careers and further education, i think we'll start to see that age decrease and with cy younger women you're going to see higher pregnancy rates. >> reporter: purcell says right now the clinic allows women between the ages of 32 and 38 to
4:37 pm
freeze their eggs though they will make exceptions in certain cases. eggs can be used up until the woman turns 51. rid el froze her eggs in december. >> it gives me a little more peace. i'm not saying that it's the perfect solution for everyone but for me i feel excited that i did it and i took that risk for myself. >> reporter: doreen gentzler news4. >> egg freezing isn't cheap and it's not covered by most health insurance policies. kit cost more than $7,000 for the egg retrieval process and an annual fee. ahid onead on news 4 at doreen will tell us more about the experience. and we're doing a facebook chat with doctors from shady grove fertility. logon to the nbc washington facebook page to ask your questions. caught in the middle. a police officer says his job is on the line. why this all has to do with a
4:38 pm
cartoon. buckle up. we're in weather alert mode here this afternoon. we've got snow coming folks. we'll get the latest timing on what a weekend it is going to be how it will be book ended by snow.
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just a little more than a week to go for super bowl xlix. you think watch it on nbc 4.
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>> i'll be bringing you live report from the arizona all next week leading up to the big game on news4 at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, and tonight at 11:00 i just checked my weather app, which i plugged in phoenix, there today. not to rub noses in it. >> we'll take that. >> yeah i will. start your engines, folks. today is the last day or first day a lot of you have been waiting for. we're talking about cars. >> the 2015 washington auto show is officially under way. veronica johnson shows us what's in store and what could the future hold for you and your car. >> reporter: the theme of this year's auto show is made across america. it's a salute to the auto industry driving economies and jobs. a big part is new technology. as john o'donnell, producer of the show tells us a convergence of technology with vehicles everywhere. >> that's going to bring the younger generation back into america's love affair with cars
4:42 pm
which frankly was kind of dissipating. and i see that doing nothing but getting more exciting for at least a decade. >> reporter: if it's environmentally sound that you seek be sure to check out the all-electric chevrolet spark ev the most fiftyefficient u.s. car on the market. due to customer demand it will start selling in maryland this spring. in addition toyota is doing their east coast debut of their hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. known as the mirai, it runs on hydrogen and emits nothing but water vapor from the tailpipe. its range 300 miles and refuels in five minutes. consumers are eel rhealizing there's so much more now in a vehicle. you definitely got to go go to this show. everything from environmentally friendly cars sports cars my favorite and big on technology.
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the 2015 washington auto show runs now through february 1st at the washington convention center. before you go catch our "drive time" show special tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. right here on nbc 4 after news4 today. a hoot of folks will be watching because we'll be watching storm number one very closely. weather alert day on saturday. and yes, probably on monday too. it's looking likely. we'll take you through the monday morning rush.
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welcome back. we've got team coverage right here first at 4. as a huge system of snow rain and even storms impact millions of people. guess what it's coming our way. >> let's get the latest from storm team 4's veronica johnson. you have an update. lay it on us. >> exactly. they just took d.c. out of the winter weather advisory so okay we won't see as much accumulating snow in and around d.c. but areas still to the north we could. let's take look at that advisory. we head over the weather wall get you updated. d.c. out of it. you can see prince george's county too not in the advisory any longer. areas just up into fairfax, howard county still in it same
4:47 pm
for montgomery county still in the winter weather advisory. these are the locations that will see a wintry mix with snow and sleet and some icing too by early tomorrow morning. winter storm warning continues hagerstown winchester frostburg, peters burg. bluemont to front royal, south of i-66 showing some snow. and yes we're getting reports of some of that accumulating snowfall on decks, on some of the surfaces like patios right now. not on the black top though. for tomorrow morning your snow likely. that means we could have a few icy or slick spots early in the day, possibly up until noon and especially north and west. the closer that you get to that winter storm warning. our temperature then 32 to 35 so we'll have more cold air around the area. road impacts early saturday
4:48 pm
morning in terms of the intensity of the snow mostly going to be light here. for a short period of time we could be getting a snow burst or two, but amounts right now, again, a coating to an inch mixed with a lot of rain at times in and around d.c. 495, same thing out areas of 66 here and mixed with a bit of rain. the amounts will be lower but up to leesburg frederick, montgomery county sandy spring area hagerstown 1 to 2 to 2 to 4 inches in the blue as you get to the north and west. we'll be better by late afternoon tomorrow that high 41. i do think we'll be able to get out, maybe do a little something by 2:00 or 3:00 tomorrow. sunday another storm moves in. meteorologist doug kammerer is in storm center 4 with details. >> been talking about this storm for about a week. this next storm does look like it may just be almost all snow across the region. it's going to have some big impacts on our sunday night into monday. it's another clipper system so we've got the jet stream with the cold air here and today's storm will help to bring that
4:49 pm
colder air in across our region. here comes the clipper dropping down around chicago and then dropping just to our south. that is an ideal condition for clippers to produce snowfall around our region. that means the cold air is in place, also means we're in the heaviest moisture. and because of that we've got rain/snow starting on sunday night, but then all snow overnight sunday into early monday. we are expecting cancellations as far as schools and things like that are concerned because we expect to see accumulating snow especially through the early morning hours on monday. v.j.? >> that's when that arctic air moves in and stays here so for the weekend with the storm system number one, the high 41 degrees, your afternoon i think salvageable to get out and do a little something, then 36 on monday 30s for highs all of next week. we've got a lot more on the snow for the weekend coming up in news4 at 5:00. well before the winter weather arrives, it's going to cause some serious problems to our south. >> sure is. as the weather channel's mike seidel tells us, this wild
4:50 pm
weather is packing a serious punch. >> reporter: it's been a rainy morning across atlanta and the southeast. we're here on the 17th street bridge in downtown atlanta looking at the connector southbound. this is where 85 and 75 come together. traffic again southbound away from the camera. this area can be a real trouble spot even on days when you don't have accidents just because of volume. temperatures stay in the mid-40s. we've had about an inch of rain here. we've had heavy rain through the florida panhandle and through the afternoon and early evening still the risk of some severe storm or two, may be a tornado, low chance of that from parts of northern florida right up to the extreme eastern sections of the carolinas. then this storm and this moisture makes a turn goes up to eastern seaboard. we'll throw this moisture back into the colder air, we have winter weather advisories winter storm watches extending from north carolina and tennessee, the smoky mountains there and the southern appalachians all the way to down east maine. we'll have a mixed bag of snow sleet, and freezing rain. right now we're thinking 1 to 3
4:51 pm
inches of snow in washington, philadelphia and new york before it changes to rain. up in boston and coastal maine we could see as much as 6 inches or more of snow especially north and west of boston. so there will be travel issues especially saturday morning for as many as 45 million americans. by midday things start to warm up in new york and south and also this is a fast-moving storm so by tomorrow evening except for maine it's all out of the way the rest of the weekend up and down the eastern sea we'll be in good shape. i'm weather chan meteorologist mike seidel in downtown atlanta. back to you. >> see, it could be worse. word this afternoon of a public health emergency to be declared in anne arundel county because of the local heroin epidemic. county executive steve shoe says the drug is everywhere and will get worse if nothing is done. shoe says 26 people die from heroin during the first half of last year. a similar statewide declaration is expected from governor larry hogan.
4:52 pm
hang up the phone and talk. that's an order this afternoon fr pope francis. he is urging families to put aside their iphones and their twitter feeds and talk with each other again face-to-face. it's part of his annual message for the church's world day of communications. the pope says media can help or hinder family communication. helping those separated by distance but hurting those who are some stories we're working on right now in our newsroom. screeching tires, shots fired, the dangerous back and forth between two drivers along a busy roadway that could have put more drives in serious danger. court case turned bad romance. we have brand-new details now about the local judge allegedly kidnapped by a convicted criminal with whom she shared a romance outside the courtroom. it all began with a cartoon drawn more than a century ago. now a police officer says his job suffered b we'll explain what he's doing right now to make it right.
4:53 pm
and ready for the wintry weekend? like it or not, snow is coming in fast. one way or another, it's going to impact your weekend.
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it's our big story. snow is due to arrive this evening. storm team 4 is tracking how it ares the rest of tonight and the weekend. update at the top of the h that bridge was taken down in just a matter of seconds. it stood for more than 70 years in central new york. in 2013 it was declared structly deficient. the new bridge was built right next to where the old one was located. a cartoon leaves no one latching. a police santiago is suing san diego and the police department for harassment and derealretaliation. the officer complained about a cartoon shown in training and then was passed over for a promotion. >> i couldn't imagine being a cop back then. >> reporter: sergeant brian pendleton reacts to a cartoon used by the san diego police department in training. its purpose, to tribe the
4:57 pm
history of one of san diego's first black police officers, frank mckarter. >> that's not my history. whether it has a place in that presentation i don't believe so. i think we could have gone through the whole day without showing it. >> reporter: it shows a caricature of mccarter patrolling a minority community with derogatory confirms about asian-americans. when he spoke out against it he was passed off for a promotion and transferred to another division. he's now suing for racial discrimination. >> racial cartoons have been around for centuries for asian and black communities as well. within these, like racial caricatures and i find it saddening that it had to take a lawsuit for this issue to be adretsza address addr >> rep employment law attorney says racial discrimination suits are hard to prove. today retaliation cases pay big. >> if he was transferred and pass up for promotion was
4:58 pm
somehow directly related to his complaint, then that can be viewed as retaliation and currently today retaliations are -- cases are winning in court. >> reporter: pendleton says despite the outcome he hopes the suit sparks a conversation within the department that need to be had. >> we'd like to believe that because we all wear the same uniform that we're all the same and all treated equally. but, you know, that's not true. >> the cartoon is no longer being used. the police department tells our nbc station in san diego that it takes these allegations very seriously and it plans to cooperate. little snow little rain and that wintry mix starting to fall. storm team 4 is tracking it all for you. >> right now at 5:00, the forecast is changing folks, and not everyone is under a winter weather advisory. >> busy and active radar tonight. >> some are seeing sleet and snow falling.
4:59 pm
our resident camera, a mix of the snow and s. >> what can we expect and what's the time line? >> the time line would be the rain/snow sleet making its way across the area. you can go to my facebook page and telling me what you're seeing in your area. we are getting just about everything including accumulating snowfall around culpepper. storm team 4 radar showing the rain sleet, and snow moving in. notice all of the green here. much of this even in the green is falling as snow and this little area right here you see heavier snow back towards warwarrenton renton. this is not snow but heavier ice come do you think in fairfax county prince william we'll see this change to sleet and rain moving overnight as warmer air is pumped into this
5:00 pm
system. but we are still seeing a lot of moisture from this. some of you from d.c. town to the south and east where we're going to see mostly rain will see mostly half an inch to an inch of rain. this will affect everybody, not just folks dealing with the winter weather, also a big impact down to the south and east. winter weather advisory includes fairfax county montgomery county prince william county and everybody to the west. too warm around anne arundel and those areas. back towards frederick county virginia washington county this is where the winter storm warning is in effect.


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