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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 25, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EST

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good sunday morning and welcome in to "news 4 today." i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. today is sunday january 25th. we're expecting rain that will turn into snow later today. >> you can see many areas under a winter weather warning or watch. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologt amelia segal. she's tracking it all for us. >> most of the area under a winter weather advisory. that includes the d.c. metro
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region. this just in from the national weather service. that means we're looking at snow to start accumulating very early tomorrow morning and continue at times. potentially rain mixing in through out the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. here is the latest satellite and radar image. this is our system ohio indiana, illinois all seeing the activity, evh iowa where they're seeing a little snow. temperatures here supporting rain as the system moves into the area during the late afternoon or very early evening hours, as early as 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. temperatures in the upper 40s at that point. as we head into the overnight hours and the sun goes down and colder air moves into the area, these numbers here are the temperatures. notice how they start to fall. by 1:00 a.m. montgomery county frederick county howard county we could start to see snow started to accumulate for areas north of washington.
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notice by 5:00 a.m. this is when snow and potentially rain starts to move into the district. that will lead to delays and a slow morning compute. if you're going into work tomorrow you want to allow extra time maybe think about the potential of telecommuting if that is possible. temperatures right now are in the upper 30s and 40s. washington has already jumped to 47 degrees. definitely one of the warmer spots today. in ten minutes i'll have my updated snowfall totals how much snow you q see in your area. and when the system comes to an end. as amelia just mentioned, we are now under a winter weather advisory in the d.c. area. at 4:00 p.m. the d.c. snow will fully deploy ahead of tonight's snowfall. more than 200 trucks will hit the road. more trucks could join them into the monday morning rush hour. homeowners are being asks on your sidewalk before the storm starts. you can get more on our nbc washington app.
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easy to use. download it on your smart phone. news 4 will be working on you before the storm. "news 4 today" starts early monday morning, starting at 4:00 a.m. we'll keep you posted on school delays an closings and what's happening on the roads. new this morning we are working to learn when water going to be turned back in for lots of you living in arlington right now. what we've learned is that a 20-inch water main broke overnight. this was in the area of south dinwiddie street and columbia pike right at the bridge near four mile run. a news 4 crew is on the way there right now. also right now we're working to learn more about a homicide in silver spring. montgomery county police say a man was found in a driver's seat of his car shortly after midnight. police say they're working to learn why. download the nbc washington app or watch news 4 later today for any updates. a person was shot in the head overnight in the district.
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d.c. police tell us this happened just after 3:00 in the morning on georgia avenue in northwest. this was not far from the washington hospital center. right now we're working to find more on the victim' condition. no word on any suspects. also working to find out the condition of somewhat shot in northeast d.c. police wouldn't tell us how old the victim was or his or her name. the shooting happened on 8th street northeast and 9th street overnight. police say they don't have a lookout for a suspect right now. how far, they are looking for a black suv possibly with a redskins logo. today search crews are trying to find the sixth and final person killed in this mansion fire in annapolis. five bodies have been recovered so far. done and sandy pile owned this waterfront home that burned down last week. their grandchildren were spending the night with them. all four boone kids were kid. lexi and katy were 8 and 7 years old. charlotte was also 8 and wes was
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6 years old. the atf is expected to release the cause of the fire tree. president obama and the first lady are in india this morning. they're at a cultural performance at the presidential palace right now. we received this new video of the president and prime minister holding a news conference. it happened less than half an hour ago. they issued a statement of partnership saying both countries will aid the other with economics and security. earlier this morning the president also planted a tree in honor of gandhi. we'll be the guest of honor at a parade celebrating india's democracy tomorrow. here are the stories you should know about in the week ahead. thursday fairfax county schools are expected to roll out a new program to make sports for your kids safer. school district lacrosse teams will use it to reduce head and neck injuries when players hit each other during games. in montgomery county a special immigrant juvenile status training session tomorrow morning at the executive office building in rockville. local attorneys are
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participating in this pro bono program. it provides representation of undocumented unaccompanied minors in montgomery county. on tuesday it will have been 70 years since prisoners were liberated from the auschwitz death camp in germany. the hole cast memorial museum by the national mall will hold a special remembrance ceremony on that day. a new memorial is coming to d.c. and you can say what you think about it this week. it will honor the founding of the peace corps. dog poisoning in northern virginia. what you need to look out for that could make your dog sick. the super bowl just a week away. we take a look at the high-tech
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plus, get a $300 bonus with a 2-year agreement. so don't wait, get fios now at this amazing price, plus a $300 bonus! go to today. people living in one of the
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most pet friendly counties in our region are changing their dog walking habits. they tell us they think someone is poisoning their pets. news 4's david culver has mo >> reporter: ever wonder w your dog sees while on a 2-year-old moseby giving idea. he stops, sniffs, tries things. those instincts could en making dogs in one arlin neighborhood sick. >> it's upsetting. i think it's sickening. >> this is what andrea n is referring to, signs p all over her neighborhoo they warn of sausages st with poison pills left o sidewalks. >> hearing the evidence do you think this might >> there's no way that's accidental. >> reporter: two dogs have become victims. bonnie is one of them. her owner tells me bonni up one of the dangerous . a few hours later she got extremely hyper, excessi drooling and ultimately stomach.
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they rushed her to the vet. animal control is invest >> we're testing the sam. we want to make sure there more out there. >> it's caused andrea to change her hants when it comes to walking 11-year-old de >> we only walk during t d and we watched the sniff th >> other neighbors doi same. >> we were just to just careful. if their eating so it out of their mout >> reporter: david culver news 4. better start buying those chips and snacks we have jim handly reporting live from phoenix, arizona, starting tomorrow in phoenix. they're putting the final touches on upgrades to the university of phoenix been outfitted with brand new energy efficient lights for the big game. upgra internet so anyone going can post lots of photos and videos without a problem. the seattle seahawks and new england patriots play at 6:30 p.m. february 1st. you can watch the game right here on nbc4. new this morning, crews are
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working to fix a water main break in arlington right now. lots of you do not have water. we have news 4's zachary kiesch live in arlington to tell us what it looks like out there. just at one glance it looks like a big mess. >> reporter: it does not look good out here this morning. we're on south dinwiddie street and columbia pike. this is the problem here underneath this cracked blacktop is a 20-inch water main break. we just arrived a couple minutes ago. we do know there's more than a couple residents without water this morning. we talked to one gentleman who said he heard a loud noise at about 5:30. look at this flow of water. the you follow me down here you see all this water moving towards columbia pike. we have information that montgomery county is sending a tanker over here to help assist
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this. some other information i have the foreman is on site. when the crew gets here they'll start work to fix this problem. there is still no timetable on exactly when that will happen. we'll have all the updates here. you can follow the updates on the nbc4 app. back to you in the zachary, thank you for the update. we have been getting reports that some people in the bar croft area have had their water turned back on and back off. as far as everyone having their water back on no word yet. >> the time right now, looking at 12 minutes at the 10:00 hour we get a preview of what's coming up on "meet the press." moderator chuck todd talks to us about the paris attacks and the effects. i have new information regarding snowfall potential monday night into tuesday. i'll have the late
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a big celebration starts today for rock creek park. it's turning 125 years old. the national park service says they'll be holding events all year long to honor the park's birthday. they say they'll make a full announcement about their plans for the park's future this afternoon. if you're still looking for something to do this weekend, you can head on down to the washington auto show. it is going on at the convention center in downtown d.c. today you can take part in camp jeep. the toyota ride and drive and
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mazda ride and drive. the 2015 washington auto show runs now through february 1st. i know adam you went and checked it out recently. >> yes. i love the mustang whole thing down there. there was like a '66 shelby and '64 mustang. i used to have one. the older ones specifically. >> they have cars doing all kinds of weird things different contraptions. lots of fun for the kids. >> i like the one that can take over if it detects you falling asleep at the wheel. >> no snow tires. >> if your tires are little bald putting off getting new tires, make sure you're extra cautio tomorrow. it's the arrival that will be the big deal. it makes its way into the area over it in and right during that morning rush most of us will be seeing snow or a bit of a rain and know mixture. the areas in pink here are under a winter storm warning. this is the more serious of the two weather alerts out for our region right now. this winter storm warning for
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washington county in maryland frederick county in virginia and the panhandle of west virginia starts tonight. it's going to run through monday evening. snow totals in this area could exceed five inches. most of the area is under a winter weather advisory. not as serious, but nothin to taken lightly. this will run through monday evening. it includes the entire d.c. metro area and counties to the north and well back to the west. what we can expect rain and snow arrives tonight as temperatures cool overnight and early tomorrow morning. we start to see mainly snow continue at times throughout the day. still some rain could mix in at times, especially in the d.c. metro area regardless. delays are likely. continuing to track the system it's a very complicated sills stem. so the forecast is not set in stone. it's a fluid forecast and we'll continue to update it throughout the day today. chuck is in tonight. doug is in at 11:00. tom and i will be in tomorrow morning keeping you covered. like i said we have updates to
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the snow monday night and tuesday. i'll get you those in just a minute. temperatures right now not bad at all. 47 in washington 41 in frederick and 41 in fredricksburg. something to do outdoors today, the weather cooperating just fine. temperatures don't warm up too much more from where they're at inside the beltway. a high of 49 degrees. this system one of the reasons it's so complicated, it's a clipper for our area. we have so many commuters and the timing. once it leaves the mid atlantic and heads towards the northeast, it becomes a monster nor'easter. blizzard watches are in effect for parts of new york boston massachusetts, areas like that. could see blizzard conditions one to two feet of snow not out of the question. tomorrow snow and a mix at 7:00 a.m. a temperature around 35 degrees, continuing to track similar situations throughout the day, likely leading the slick roads. here is my snowfall totals map.
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this is on facebook twitter, one to three inches for the d.c. metro area. areas north and west three to six. southern maryland looking at an inch or two of snow to accumulate. one to three is not a lot. like i said it's the timing when it gets here. it continues throughout the day tomorrow. tomorrow night and tuesday, looking at the potential for a heavy burst of snow overnight monday into tuesday morning. that looks to no longer be the case. i'll go back to the snowfall total map. this looks like the storm totals throughout the day tomorrow into tomorrow night. i don't think we'll start to see a lot more snow move into the area after that. on tuesday maybe lingering light snowshowers, a high of 34 and our next system thursday night into friday a
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from terrorist attacks in paris to the 2016 presidential election we're talking about a lot this morning. >> joining us on the set, moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. we've had a lot going on with the terror attacks in paris. we had this isis thing from overnight. you have a pretty unique perspective on the religion of muslim and the muslim faith and people speaking out about these kind of attacks. >> kareem abdul-jabbar is on the show. he wrote an es in "time" basically saying trying to cut
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into this islamophobia going on. he notes when the ku klux klan was building crosses on the front yards of black families we didn't condemn all christians. he doesn't want to see all muslims condemned because there's a radical strain here. this debate no practicing muslim believes any of this radical jihad is somehow islam. it seems to be a growing strain. the question is what do you do about it. right now talking seems to be the best answer. we just heard the president speak in india about his drone-based counterterrorism strategy. yet he defended it. we have new developments out of yemen with the resignation of the prime minister and the president. is this indeed a setback? >> definitely a setback. dennis mcdonagh the white house chief of staff tries to defend the strategy and he kreets a straw man and say wes ear not going to go back to a full
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fledged military occupation of these countries. at the same time when you look at syria today and you think afghanistan 2001 when you look at yemen today and think afghanistan 2001 the white house will argue they're on top of this in a way that nobody was on top of it back in 2000 and 2001. the fact of the matter is there seems to be more groups out there, more disbursed than ever before. maybe they can't do the big attacks but they're certainly causing a lot of consternation. >> let's take a look at iowa. several possible candidates making their way there. >> it was unbelievable how many were there. i have one of them that came on the show today, mike huckabee. what you're really seeing here is iowa other than chris christie everybody that spoke there in iowa was trying to be the conservative candidate, particularly the social conservative candidate. you're going to have the almost think of them as divisions or constituencies inside the republican party.
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in iowa we'll see the fight for social conservatives. jeb bush and mitt romney are fighting for the establishment, business wing of the party. some governor is going to pop up as the anti washington candidate. who emerges from all of these? then they'll face off at som point. i think what iowa was about is whether social conservatives can unite behind one candida l a good reality show in the maki you can see "meet the press" right here on nbc4 right after "news 4 today." someone you know could be running for office today. the nationals holding trials for their racing presidents. the tryouts are happening later this morning, but they're not open to the public. candidates had to send in a cover letter and a resume for a chance to be tom, george abe, bill or teddy. they'll have to perform a freestyle dance and run three races. >> apparently you have to deg on one leg, too. doing a good job out there, abe. time is 10:25. these are four things you need
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to know today. a man was stabbed on the platform level at the morgan boulevard metro station in landover. it happened last night. metro police say they have the knife and are questioning suspects. man died overnight in silver spring. police say it was a homicide. we're working to learn that man's name. police say they have not made any arrests so far. today search crews will be looking for the sixth and final person killed in this mansion fire in annapolis. five bodies have been recovered so far. the atf is expected to release a cause of the fire tomorrow. d.c. metro area under a winter weather advisory. we have you covered. at 4:00 p.m. the d.c. snow team will fully deployed ahead of tonight's snowfall. more than 200 trucks will hit the roads. in the d.c. metro region i am forecasting one to three inches of snow. rain showers move in this evening between 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. we start to see snow mixing in overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. a dusting to an inch is already possible on the ground tomorrow morning especially north and
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west of washington. you can see of accumulation. over five inches hagerstown and martinsburg. we know there will be changes and updates. we want to remind you that "news 4 today" will start early monday morning, tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. we'll keep you posted on any school closings delays and what's happening on the roads during the monday morning compute. that's it for "news 4 today." "meet the press" is next. >> wak narrator: gas prices are down
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this sunday can america contain the chaos? a political crisis in yemen. a new king in saudi arabia and isis still on the move in iraq and syria. this morning a former captive's exclusive story about being held by isis. >> they want to be more better than al qaeda. islam. this is why they need to do something more brutal than world trade center. >> is violence in the name of islam really about islam? basketball laj end kareem abdul-jabbar talks. >> it's great to be back in the state great state of iowa. >> who will capture the conservative wing


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