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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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welcome back. today is a weather alert day. you can see here on storm team 4 radar that we have rachb fallvha rain falling. >> and we could see some snow before the day is up as well. so we're watching the forecast very closely this morning. >> are you a federal employee, the forecast means that you can take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework today. the government is open and running on time.
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stay with us on air or you can download the free nbc washington app to keep up with a list of all our closings and delays. >> tom kierein has the latest. >> good news is we're all above freezing. our temperatures are hovering around 40 in the metro area. upper 30s farther to our north and west. we're getting a little bit of wet snow trying to reach the ground as is panhandle of west virginia, all this area in green is rain across most of virginia and into the metro area. we're get something rain right now right in northern prince george's county, this batch of gray and white is a little wet snow trying to reach the ground along 29 95 and route 1, interstate 70 across howard county getting a little bit of that wet snow. the rest of this area in green, that is all rain. and likely it will stay rain for the morning commute, most of the area. we do have a big area under a winter weather advisory. winter storm warning farther
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north and west where some of the heavier snow will be piling up later today. right now all above freezing. we're in the 30s to near 40 degrees. hagerstown thousand down to 32. thur month there up near the pennsylvania border now is at 29. at the bus stop this morning, mostly rain maybe a few wet snowflakes. temper in the mid-30s just some wet pavement. have an umbrella with you. mostly snow, though for the afternoon for much of the region. kind of a wet snow with temperatures hovering right near or a little above freezing. so muc of the pavement wet as we get in to the afternoon. a look at those hour by hour changes on the way, when the snow tapers off over the next 24 hours, that's coming up at 4:41. how are the roads? right now just fine. 270, we know we'll get some of the first precipitation at the top. taking a wide look at things, overall, no major problems into and out of town. a lot of the construction not in the way today which is good as
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we prep for the snow. 95 in and out of town bw parkway also looking good. headed down south to 95 no issues there. earlier construction that happened from overnight is now out of the way. all lanes open. sully road ramp to route 7 out of the way. all lanes open. and we have you covered for winter weather. montgomery county salt trucks did a lot of prepat in an of possible snow. megan mcgrath is live in rockville with more. >> reporter: well, fortunately we have temperatures in the rockville area a couple of degrees above freezing. so we're just seeing light rain coming down right now. take a look behind me here, is this 270, the lanes closest to me are southbound. on the northbound side you k seecan e they're in standby mode.
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a little while ago, i can it see another plow actually driving along 2 it 70 and they were putting salt down on to the road service here. so they ever done their pre-treegt. right now we have temperatures above freezing so we just have wet conditions out there on the roadway. we'll of ce be keeping a eye on the temperature and of course things are expected to change throughout the day. but right now, you should be okay with your morning commute. just a little wet. back to you. >> megan thank you. and we're just getting in about some school closures and delays. berkeley county west virginia schools closed. montgomery county you'll get to school on time today. everything normal in montgomery county. 4:34 now. if you're traveling today, make sure you check your flight before heading to the airport. thousands of flights around the country have already been canceled ahead of a major snowstorm. we just checked flight aware do you remember in our area 64 flights have been grounded out of reagan national.
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right now one flight is delayed out of dulles and 21 have been canceled. we've seen about five dras sdelays and 17 cancellations at bwi. we'll have a look at the roads when you step out. stand by for a look inside the 4 x 4. and we're keeping an eye on this winter weather. make sure you're following storm team 4 on facebook for the latest weather forecasts as well. breaking news by the white house. molette green is live along pennsylvania avenue to tell us what is going on. >> reporter: actually, we have moved to 16th and h to get a better view of la fayette park behind me and the white house behind me. and just a couple of minutes ago, we could see a whole bunch of flashlights seae grupdounds down there.
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they have moved around the corner of the white house view from my vantage point. still searching the white house lawn. secret service not telling us what is going on. but we have still been seeing patrol cars circling the block, emergency vehicles parked along the streets around the white house. definitely an increased presence of security. not sure what is going on, but the officers are stationed here, as well, to the entrance of la fayette park sitting in a couple of patrol cars. but again, moments before we came on the air, we saw flashlights about five or six, maybe even more, on the white e ground there is. and they have moved their way arou side of the white house building. we're staying on top of it developing story throughout the morning for you. we're live in northwest des at.c..
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back to you. a developing story out of hawaii. this just in a baby among those rescued after two planes run out of fuel land in the ocean. this is just off the coast of hawaii. and it happened within hours of a part of each o. crs rescued four people including that infant after the small plane had crashed and before that another small plane handed in the water and we're hearing that that pilot is okay. 4:37 new. still to come here, a school surprise for students headed to the university of maryland. why these people are so excited. and today the weather alert today. tom kyrgios rop will let us know when you can expect rain.
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welcome back on this weather alert day. we're keeping an eye on the road conditions this morning. right now everything looks good in maryland. and in just a few minutes, tom kierein will have your hour by hour forecast. it is 4:40. we were there when a handful of local high school students got the surprise of their lives. take a look. >> that's how six high school seniors found out they were accepted to the university of maryland. caitlin was stunned when admission crews came to her door yesterday. the school says it shows the exceptional students based on their admission essays. remember when you used to have to wait by the mail box? >> is it a thin envelope or a
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big envelope. congratulations to those students. welcome to terp nation. time to get a check of weather and traffic on the 1s. >> what's going organization tom. >> we're getting rain now across most of virginia and marylands nearby suburbs. a little bit to our north and west getting wet snow. areas in the gray and white, northern shenandoah valley panhandle p west virginia, northern loudoun couy and parts of montgomery and howard county extreme northern prince george's county this area in the gray is a few wet snowflakes mixing in with the rain. all the other area in green, rest of montgomery county fair tags prince george's county the strict, southern maryland all rain right now. we're above freezing just about everywhere except right along the pennsylvania border. it's right near freezing. elsewhere in the 30s 40. so rain this morning. maybe a few wet snowflakes between now and noon. then during the away we may get more snow north and west of us rain south and east in the low
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30s by then. then going forward over the next 24 hours, likely just snow through the evening hours. and you the way into tomorrow morning. and then it will be coming and going in snow bands and snow showers. all of it by dawn on tuesday living about a couple of inches in the in the troh area this medium blue zone. light blue zone a dusting to an inch. much farther north and west 2 to 4 inches, 6 inches or more much farther north and west. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at our next chance of snow later this week. that's at 4:51. melissa is looking at wet roads. any accidents? who accidents at this point. but be careful because it will get a little cooler now. taking a look live picture at beltway at new hampshire that is moving along nicely. this is where megan mcgrath is for us this morning. 270 at montrose. so you can see the rain coming down. of course that could cha over for us in a little while here. taking a look at 95 here in
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maryland bw parkway into and out of town everything looks good there and no construction to speak of at this point this morning. a lot of it out of the way in r what we'll see later today. wide look at things overall, no problems as you're take itting a look at the beltway. 66 here and 95 no major problems there. i'm back in ten minutes with another live picture at the top of 270, we'll start seeing some of the snowfall in a couple of hours. this just into our new room. engineer couy schools are closed today. >> we'll check in with amelia segal for the current conditions on the roads. >> and preparing for the snow people getting their gear ready .
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today is a weather alert day. you can see rain following in parts of our region. tom kierein will let you you though when the snow moves in first in your weather and traffic on the 1s. and let's get a look now at how all this winter weather is affecting your commute. amelia segal is in the 4 byx 4. how is it looking? >> reporter: we were on jefferson street, but now we've hopped bac to 270 south. we're following a truck that is treating the roads this morning. the temperature p has dropped, 37 degrees on river road, but now further north, temperatures are cool34. and actually here in the storm team 4 x 4, tracking some flurries mixing in with that rain right now. i looked on the maryland site
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for the road temperatures and i'll be posting that. but the pavement temperature here is below freezing, so there is a concern for slick spots as temperatures remain around the freezing point this morning. you can see looking out at our front camera that truck there, that is treating the roads this morning. for the most part now as we continue to head south, we're seeing the rain mixing back in with flurries. for the most part, everything is light here. we were seeing heavier rain in the krooesd.c. but it is light here. >> thanks amelia. you may have to wait a while before you can take your kids out to play on the playground again. take a look. this is video we got the in alexandria. children playing with no snow in sight.
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this is outside a home depot where some of you went to get ready. >> just trying to be ready in case something comes. want to make sure we have ice, a shovel. >> right now some 900 salt trucks are staged around northern virginia to deal with the snow befor. mayo sure you've downloaded the weather app before the storm hits. our meteorologists will update it throughout the day with your latest forecast. we now know the name of the man found dead in silver spring. we told you someone was found slumped over in his car weeping willow court. now police say that man was wei wu from d.c.. they don't know why he was shot. we now know the name of the man murdered in the district. gerald willis shot to death at chuck and billy's on georgia avenue sunday morning. the 45-year-old, police don't know why someone wanted to kill him. a $25,000 reward is being offered for information on that murder. p.
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it is 4:49. two people are behind bars this morning after a stabbing at a metro station. this happened saturday night on the platform of the morgan boulevard station. a man was stabbed in the back in to be an attempted robbery. a 20-year-old and 15-year-old were arrested shortly after the crime. are they're charged with attempted murder and first degree assault. today in montgomery county there will be a special immigrant juvenile status training session. it begins at 10:00 a.m. at the executive office building in rockville. local attorneys are participating in the pro bono program. it provides representation to unaccompanied minorsn montgomery county. john whitt back is the new chairman party. he replaceded pat mullins who retired. and right now we're watching the skies for any winter weather in our area. take a look. this is in western pennsylvania.
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some video of the first flakes as they came down there. the state is expecting some big problems from the storm and says right now every available salt truck and plow is on the roads. >> so far here we don't see any need for plows but we'll see if that changes over as we see snow heading our way. >> they are still out there, though. let's check in with tom now to see what we can expect. >> temperatures stayed up above freezing overnight, which is a blessing. and we've had rain overnight in the metro area. moved in about two hours ago and everything is wet. so as you head out the door you look at the radar there, we've had that rain moving in. beg area under winter weather advisory that includes virginia, maryland and shall heavier snow with the winter storm warning farther to our west. all the green is rain. and you see the white and gray that is snow right now getting a little bets of that in eastern west virginia panhandle of west virginia northern shenandoah valley wet snowflakes along 81 through much of frederick county virginia into clark county and the panhandle of west
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virginia just a few flurries now here in frederick and then down 270 there are a few flurries northern part of 270 right on the frederick county line down to germantown. south of there just rain. and then east of there, this is an area of a little bit of wet snow in eastern montgomery county northern prince george's co and howard county where temperatures are still all above freezing. so any of this wet snow that is falling to our north is melting on roads and it's going to stay above freezing here for another several hours. now, here is the timing hour by hour. this area in the pink, this is where we will get the wet snow mixing in the area in green will remain all rain for the most part through 6:00 this morning. and then maybe around 7:00 8:00 9:00 getting wet snowflakes this washington northern virginia, and some of that snow may start piling up a little bit on grassy areas around 9:00 this morning in the white zone including extreme northern virginia loudoun northern shenandoah valley montgomery howard. and then into the afternoon,
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still battle zone between rain and snow right along 95. rain south and east of the metro area. that wetwnd some maybe a little bit of rain mixing in, the district lieu 2:00 this afternoon. but some of that accumulating snow continues shenandoah valley and the mountains, all through the afternoon into the evening hours. and eventually that acc mixes right in to the metro area overnight tonight and ends by dawn on tuesday with some scattered snow showers this time tomorrow morning. temperatures by 1:00 in the afternoon, still near or a little above freezing. so the wet snow metalling on roads. but by this evening, that's when it could be sticking on any untreated surface. and this time tomorrow morning, we'll be do you know to the low 30s during the day on tuesday. only reaching back into the mid-30s leaving a couple of inches around the metro area. maybe 3 i thinks or so far western northern suburbs, maybe just an inch for eastern suburbs. could get up to 4 inches in the darker blue zone shenandoah valley higher amounts maybe 4 or 5 ichlgs up along skyline
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drive, south mountain. and farther weather 6 inches or more possible in this zone northern part of matter land from howard county, rather washington county into allegheny and the pap handle of west vi where there could be some common amount of 6 inches or more there. close to the metro area. again, maybe just a couple of inches. keep up with all this with the weather app, get it at the app store. and also post your photos of any snow twitter and facebook and we'll share those on instragram as well. the next chance of any snow looks to be on thursday perhaps thursday in the afternoon and evening. a little bit of wet snow does not look like a big deal. next chance after that, maybe some flurries on sunday. cold pattern setting up and pretty active. stay tuned. we'll have frequent updates all morning long. looking at road condition, everythi is wet. amelia segal showing us this live picture right now on 70 west bound headed out toward hagarstown. take a look at this you can see
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i believe, yeah, somethrough plows on the roit right side on the ready. 270 at montrose road, you can see the precipitation coming down. 270 at tuckerman lane you can see we're a little well. 66 headed in to town no major problems r into and out of town. a lot of the typical constructi is now out of the way. another li 270 coming up. the back stage d "birdman" topped tn actors guild award. the film took home best ensemble cast. michael keytonaton lost to redmayne.
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julianne moore won outstanding actress as an academic with early on set alzheimer's disease. and deb any reynolds was honored with a lifetime achievement award. i have a bunch of movies i need to watch to catch up. >> all of those. >> i'm behind. >> debbie reynolds looked so cute. always so adorable. still to come here -- >> women and breast cancer. what you don't know could be dangerous to.
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on this weather alert day, we're keeping an eye on road conditions this morning. right now everything looks good from the storm team 4 x 4. coming up, tom kierein will have your drive time forecast. a major storm is headed to the middle east. that system already dumped 4 inches across central ohio yesterday. that's 4 inches of snow. as it continues moving east the system will become a nor'easter. the storm carries the potential to dump 2 to 3 feet of snow from new jersey to massachusetts. in news 4 your health a new study reveals many breast cancer patients don't know enough about their conditions. researchers asked 500 patients about their tumor stage, grade and what sub type. as few as 20% knew anything about their cancer. black and hispanic women were less likely than white women to know about hair cancer
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characteristics. and king tut's burial mask is not permanently damaged. last week we found out the bear. crews reattached it with would he knox city epoxy resin but you can still of the glue. the 3,000-year-old mask is one of egypt's most visited artifacts. many of you stuck to your holiday budget. a new survey says only one in six americans spent more than expected this past holiday season. according to a new, any lean kralial one in four americans spent less than expected. p there is a new feeling about the economy with with americans feeling a financial security hitting a rear high. high. "news 4 today" continue.
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right now on new4 today, it is a weather alert day. he is slowing down your drive. >> and tom kierein is tracking when snow will be a problem. i'm richard jordan in for aaron. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4 today. the first school closes and delays are coming in. mineral, hampshire and grant count tirs in west virginia are closed. berkeley and jefferson county schools also this west virginia montgomery says its schools and offices will be open today. the federal government is alst you have the option to telework or take unscheduled leave. download the app and you can scroll through all the list of closings and delays. >> let check in with tom. >> we've been forecasting we'll get rain and


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