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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  January 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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od afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm barbara harrison. jim handly is on assignment. our nbc washington app sent you an alert as schools started calling off afternoon activities. we he a team of reporters stand big with how much more snow we'll see and how it's already impacting travelers. >> let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. what are you seeing right now? >> we're on the southern edge of this storm system as it transfers its energy off the coast. will be a big storm for the north. for us a little more snow another dose of some light snow. let's take a look at what's going on across the area and what we've seen herndon, 0.1 inches of snow. the higher amountings of the storm system have been to the north and west. you can see on doppler radar we have another batch left around us then another little wave of energy as that transfers over to the east i think after 7:00 our best chance of picking up a little more snow. some of the advisoryies have come
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down but areas east of i-95 maybe an inch. 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. roads will become a little icy and slick by tomorrow morning. any untreated surfaces. chuck bell is out in the storm team 4 weather deck with more on current temperatures and what you can expect for the morning rush. >> that's right, veronica. out on the storm team 4 weather deck the deck itself was not treated and as a result there's a little coating of ice and snow on the deck. but the driveway here at nbc 4 has been treated and there's no iciness there. that may not be all the case for everywhere. tomo morning, as road temperatures are already dangerously close to the freezing mark and will be dropping lower during the overnight hours. i-95 south of town is at 33 degrees. the american legion bridge paimt temperature there also 33. it's 31 degrees on i-70 into western parts of howard county and farther to the north and west road temperatures are at or below freezing. they'll continue to drop a few more degrees overnight tonight.
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as it will have an impact on your commute tomorrow morning. patchy areas of ice primarily on secretary and untreated roads. tomorrow by late afternoon, a little bit of clear, some drier s back above freezing. the afternoon commute tomorrow should be nowher as the morning commute. >> where that leaves us for the day tomorrow hoping for a little of warmth but we won't get it. it will be windy. isle track the windchills tomorrow. and we're talking about more snow that will be coming to our area arnold midweek. we'll detail that in just a few. we've been keeping track of flight delays and cancellations all day. so far more than 250 local flights have been delayed or canceled according to flight aware. more than 90 flights out of reagan national alone have been cancelled to the delays and cancellations are expected to increase as we head into tomorrow. and right now folks flying out of reagan national have gotten world they won't be getting to their travel
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destinations on ti it not just people heading to the northeast. transportation rep is live at reagan talking to travelers already feeling the impact of the storm. adam? >> reporter: barbara, a lot of people already feeling that impact. not a lot of snow topon the ground bu plenty of delays and cancellations and a lot of travellers waiting. the planes that are headinge getting a serious treatment of de-icing solution. many inside the airport have gotten the bad news. they're delayed. some deciding nothing better to do than go to sleep. others could be waiting till tomorrow morning so she's camping out. trying to get to tampa and she can't fly direct. >> right now the flight they have available is through ft. lauderdale so for ft. lauderdale i'm going to get a rental to tamp >> reporter: and back here now live, comingp in my next report at 5:00, a lot of airlines are precanceling flights. what does that mean and why do
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they do it? we'll give you an explanation. tusz us the, news4. a state of emergency in place in new york where more than two feet of snow is expected to fall. new york city mayo deblas sew says this could be one of the largest blizzards in the city's history. starting tonight travel ban is in effect only emergency vehicles allowed on the streets. those restrictions remain in place until it's safe for people to kwo go out. all public schools will be closed tomorrow in new york. stores are nearly wiped clean as people try to prepare for the blizzard. peoplet are stocking up on bread and water and ice melt to get ahead of the massive amount of snow coming. people are actually fighting over items in the stores. as far south as carolina people are feeling the effects. about half an inch of snow fell there this morning making the roads wet and slushy. some schools were closed for the day. a winter advisory has just been
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lifted for certain areas around the north carolina mountains. bewe tracking the weather before during, and after the storm. we'll have the details from 4:00 to 7:00 tomorrow morning, the latest updates on news4 today. now to the latest security breach on the white house grounds. we've got new details on the two-foot-long drone that landed outside the mansion overnight. the person who says he's responsible for it and our first look at the drone itself. white whites outside the white house with that. >> reporter: new information right now. we have a picture of the testosterone to show you and now know where it came from. the secret service released this photo. they are calling it a quad copter device. it crashed on the h lawn of the white house at 3:00 this morning. it is clearly damaged from the incident. it is a small drone. we're told by the secret service two feet in diameter. it does not have a camera. now, the secret service spent hours in the dark with their flashlights in the early hours
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of the morning searching, trying to figure out where the drone came from and whether it posed a threat. president obamas in india right now. the search of the white house grounds continued well into the morning, and then we learned the person flying the drone came forward and contacted the secret service when they heard that this drone had crashed at the white house. the secret service interviewed this individual. he told them he was out flying the drone to see how it performed in bad weather and that he lost it. faa rules mostly prohibit the use of drones in the district. we asked people near the white house what this incident may say about drones and t. >> with so little regulation about it and people are just using it really ad hoc, and so now, you know, we think this -- i mean one entered into the white house and landed on the property i think, you know, now is the time to look into this.
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>> reporter: today we talked to a man who operates his own drone for recreational use. he'll tell us tonight on news4 at 5:00 what his view of this whole situation is. live near the white house, kristin wright news4. we have new information just into our newsroom about virginia's former governor. wendy rieg details from the live desk. be allowed to stay out of prison for now. a l appeals court has ruled bob mcdonnell can remain out of prison while he appeals his corruption convictions. it was september that a jury found mcdonnell and his wife maureen, guilty of taking gifts and loans from a vitamin executive in exchange for promoting his products. the fourth u.s. circuit court of appeals says mcdonnell's appeal raises a substantial question of law or fact that could warrant reversal or a new trial. briefs in this case are to be filed in a week with the hearing set for monday.
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we just got a statementcdonnell "i am grateful for today's ruling. i plan to spend time with my new granddaughter who was born this month, attend my son's graduation ceremonies and embrace family time with my daughters." more on this coming up this afternoon. back to you. his job is to protect people. now a local firefighter finds himself in trouble with the law. lower, lower, and lowest. are we about to see the end of falling gas prices? plus it's our big story of the day. more winter weather is about to move in and impact your evening comm when could we see
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investigators just announced
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they found the sixth and final body in the wreckage of that mansion fire in annapolis. it was one week ago today that home went up in flames killing don and pyle and four of their grandchildren. anne arundel county fire investigators antice being at the site for at least another two days. it's still not clear what started the fire. a rookie d.c. firefighter is out of jail right now after being arrested on gun charges. charging documents show officers arrested roland jones in prince george's cy yesterd aft spotting his car parked on a sidewalk. inside they found two glock 9 handguns and a small amount of marijuana. they also found ski masks, latex gloves and extra ammo. a fire department spokesperson tells news4 they are aware of the charges and that jones has been placed on administrative leave. five years ago today the family of a missing virginia tech student finally found some peace. the body of morgan harrington was discovered in a rural farm land outside charlottesville.
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she disappeared after a concert three months earlier. there's a forensics connection between the harrington case and the murder last year of uva student hannah graham. jesse matthew is currently charged with abduction in the graham case. meanwhile, this afternoon, a nonprofit operated by harrington's parents has started selling t-shirts to promote personal safety. the countdown is on. we'll show you some of the wo make this weekend's super bowl a reality and why some people are just arriving in the nick of time. storm team 4 radar is tracking a messy evening. what you'll see depends on where you
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first at 4, rain snow and everything between. storm team 4 is tracking a messy evening and we're not out of the woods yet. meteorologist veronica johnn joins us with her latest update and in just a few minutes. but first diana has new developments on deflategate. >> the nfl investigation is zeroing in on a patriots locker room attendant according to jay glazier of fox sports. according to the report the attendant allegedly took footballs from the officials' locker room to another area on the way to the field. there is apparently video evidence of this as well. the nfl has also interviewed
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this person. the nfl is still trying to figure out if there's any wrongdoing occurred with this attendant, but as of right now he's considered a strong person of interest. more coming up on news 4 at 5:00. back to you. >> thanks diana. two of the four boys who fell through an icy pond in baltimore county are still in the hospital. doctors say they are getting better. two others were treated and released. th fell through the ice yesterday afternoon at a park near lansdown high school. it triggered a massive rescue mission. today authorities say one of the boys was in cardiac arrest when they got to him and they say the ice where the boys fell through was only 1 or 2 inches thick. imagine your flight has just taken off from dulles you hear two loud booms and the plane starts to shake. that happened just before an emergency landing last night. united express flight was supposed to fly from dulles to dayton but one engine failed and the pilots couldn't restart it. the plane landed safely at north central west virginia airport around 6:00 last night.
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passengers say the flight crew kept everyone ca gas prices haven't been this low in six years, but experts predict we could be seeing the bottom of the oil barrel. the lundberg survey finds the recent drop in prices wasn't as steep as previous surveys. meanwhile, aaa finds the average price of a gallon of regular now is about $2.40 in the district. it's $2.11 in maryland $1.95 in virginia and $2.14 in west virginia. we're less than a week from the kickoff to super bowl xlix. right now stadium crews in phoenix are making changes to the field after yesterday's pro bo. crews were out earlier today sketching out the lombardi trophy and painting team logos onto the turf end zones. over the next week they'll be changing all the signs in and around the stadiums to match the super bowl look. jim handly will be anchoring our coverage this week from phoenix. we just got in this w.
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>> reporter: the buildings are wrapped, the stage is set as phoenix gets ready far week of super bowl parties. we'll take you behind the scenes as phoenix gets ready the new england patriots got a snowy sendoff earlier today in boston. the team flew out earlier this afternoon and should arrive late they are evening. a huge crowd gathered to send the team off. speaking to the fans team captains including quarterback tom brady thanked the fans and said they'd do their best to represent them in phoenix. it must have been not that easy getting out thereof. >> no, but at least they got early. that's the important thing. and for us. >> exactly, for us we're on the southern fringe of the storm and we'll explain later on why we didn't get the big amounts of snow. meanwhile, we are talking about a little more snow overnight and it's not so much about the amount as it is those temperatures, the road surface temperatures and how it could become slick and icy overnight and by tomorrow morning.
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so light snow accumulation expected any untreated roads will become slick and icy by your early tuesday morning. of course that means the chance for some delays too across the area. take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. seeing a lilt bit of white around maryland city areas around columbia and gaithersburg right up 70 bowie reporting some rain but a little bit of snow hanging on currently with rain showers spotty down 301, calvert beach and just north of leonardtown. that's going to hang on for throughout the overnight period. i think we'll see another dose as that area of low pressure again transfers to coast that there will be some slightly higher snowfall totals maybe an inch. i think it's possible there could be as much as maybe 2 inches well up by 95 for hartford and cecil county. snow returns 32 degrees at 7:00 30 degrees by 11:00 p.m. with scattered snow hanging around. here on future weather, i can show you those areas that get the snow take you hour by hour here. here's 9:00 that snow band
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coming into the area again that low-pressure system off the coast, along i-95 just after midnight good chance there, annapolis and down to arias like pax river and calvert beach. then we see that band coming a bit to the west by early tomorrow morning. there's 4:00 a.m. gaithersburg frederick, maybe hagerstown picking up more light snowfall by 7:00 a.m. could be still a few snowflakes left hanging on. i think that means we could possibly see some delays. meanwhile the storm system itsey late tomorrow well off the coast of boston by that time. you can see the snow is out of new york city by they e expecting about a foot and a half there, maybe over 2 feet of snow in boston with the high winds. blizzard conditions for them. again, us on the southern tail of this tomorrow morning it will be all about the cold. the wind too. but breezy to gusty at times. that means there could be some delays so your impact forecast for tomorrow low to moderate. by afternoon, couple of breaks and a bit of sunshine coming our way. look at this. high temperature just 36 degrees
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tomorrow. a quiet day on wednesday, 35, wi partly sunny sky, thursday right now 30% chance that we could see some snow late. right now looks like light accumulations across the area the high temperature of 39 degrees. for friday we top out at 40 degrees, the warmest day out of the week. friday right now with sunshine but it doesn't mean that we're done with the snow. we'll talk more about this pattern we're in saturday sunday another chance for snow coming into the area with temperatures hovering around freezing. so maybe a day or two thrown in there. what seems like it's a little mild but for the most part we're still in this cold pattern. a lot more coming up on what you can expect impact-wise on area roads for tomorrow morning later. >> thanks veronica. cashing in with controversy. a new investigation after convicted sex offenders hit the lottery. what some of them are more measles concerns.
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in today's "news4 your health," the genetic roots of autism may be more complex than previously thought. there's new evidence that 70% of siblings who have autism do not
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share the same gene linked to their disorders. the surprising results are from the largest-ever genome study on autism. it suggests that no two autism cases are the same even if they come from the same family. before this study, many experts thought siblings shared the same jec mutations because autism runs in families. there is hope that this new data will lead to a better understanding of autism and treatments. the deadly measles outbreak in california is spreading. we're learning about a new case that may have put dozens of people at risk. an affected man in the bay area may have exposed others to the virus while shopping at costco. >> reporter: at this costco in gilroy shoppers were greeted with surprising news -- this flyer from the santa clara county public health department warning them about a possible exposure to measles, a highly contagious viral disease. the health department says last sunday someone with measles who was still in the infectious
4:26 pm
stage shopped here at costco between 4:00. and 6:00 p.m. amy butler is pregnant and shopped here todd and 2-year-old daughter. the potential exposure caught her off guard. >> obviously becoming very ill or exposing our friends and family and possible outbreak that it could mean for california having already been in, you know the los angeles area and then moving up this way. >> reporter: and costco isn't the only store where hundreds may have been exposed to measles. at this walmart across the street similar notices are posted at the res because the same person with measles shopped here too january 18th. nick browne already did his shopping tonight and says he never saw the notices. >> i think it definitely should have been somewhere more noticeable like on the front doors and it should have been in a color or something that would draw your attention to it. >> reporter: and the health department says the same measles patient also dined at a south county restaurant but won't give us the name.
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the health department is warning people who are at the three locations last sunr symptoms including fever, cough, and a rash until february 8th. and if you do develop those symptoms contact your doctor right away. we are under a weather alert this afternoon. there's more snow heading our way and it could make for slick roads this evening and tomorrow morning. >> storm team 4 is tracking its every move. we'll tell you what to expect in your nei.
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now at 4:30 storm team 4 radar tracking a huge storm impacting millions up and down the east coast. and what you'll see depends on
4:30 pm
where you are. it's a messy monday and here at home we're about to see another round of winter weather. time to get the latest from storm team 4 meteorolo veronica johnson. v.j.? we have some scattered snows out there right now. as i think we get into the overnigh the early morning hours tomorrow we'll continue to see bands of snow kind of rotate through. so here's the way it's looking for tomorrow morning for school and work. here's where i think some of the better chance of seeing any de just to our north arnold winchester arias through leesburg montgomery county around sandy spring areas like oleny up toward frederick and hagerstown your best chance of dlas because this is where slightly higher snowfall totals versus right around d.c. or sout said we will see more snow rotate through again up until the early morning hours. we've got gaithersburg bowie, right up route 1 getting some light snow right now. south, but again, throughout the overnight hours, as low pressure develops a little stronger off the coast we'll see these bands of snow
4:31 pm
come rotating through. temperatures right now sitting at 35 degrees in d.c. 28 already in gaithersburg 34 in manassas so of course the temperatures continuing to lower, road temperatures too, whatever we get overnight, untreated roads, it will become slick and it will have a big impact on some counties throughout our area. we'll talk about what to wear in a few. the winter storm is also affecting congress. all volts in the house are canceled tonight and the first votes of the week are expected no earlier than 1:00 tomorrow afternoon. house republicans were set to bring a tough border security bill to the floor today, but postponed. help is already headed to the northeast ahead of the monster storm. power crews from michigan are being mobilized to help deal with power outages. about 200 utility crews, technicians and mechanics from michigan rolled out today. they'll start in new york state but will go wherever they're needed. ev jurors in the
4:32 pm
boston bombing trial are getting a snow day. the judge says jury selection will not be held tomorrow impending blizzard. opening statements had been scheduled for today but have been postponed because jury selection is moving much more slowly than expected. the judge had hoped to question about 40 prospective jurors per day, but it's been around 13. a triple shooting in prince georgecounty. wend is at the live desk. what have you learned? >> we have a new twist on this story, pat. we've learned a 16-year-old boy will be charged as an adult for allegedly shooting his two friends and then turning the gun on himself. that shooting happened yesterday at his home on glendening drive if clinton, maryland. investigators say it appears three teenage boys got into a fight and that's when the 16-year-old, according to police shot his two friends then shot himself. paramedics taking all three to the hospital one of them still in critical condition. the alleged shooter is said to
4:33 pm
be okay and is now in custody at the hospital. he's facing two counts of attempted first-degree murder. pat collins is going to have the latest update on ty coming up shortly on news 4 at 5:00. we're following a developing story in west virginia where today 12,000 residents discovered they'll have to struggle without tap water for several days following a fuel spill. schools and businesses are closed. tanker truck overturned friday night and spilled nearly 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel into a tributary of the greenbrier river near the city of luce burg. the city shut down its water treatment plant to keep the fuel from contaminating the water supply. in the meantime drinking water is being passed out at the local fair grounds. a married lesbian couple in virginia has won a legal fight to have both then the birth certificates of their twins. the "richmond times-dispatc
4:34 pm
reports the state department of health was ordered to amend the cats ss s under virginia law, egg donors don't have parental rights so the one parent couldn't make medical decisions for the babies or even sign them in at the doctor's office. registered sex offenders, even convicted child ples ters winning the lottery. should they be allowed to keep the money? although it may sound unfair it's completely legal. convicted child molesters have every right to play and win. what are some of these sex offenders doing with their newfound winnings? jeff rossen shows us. >> reporter: this guy just hit the lotto jackpot. so did this guy, winning a whopping $57 million. and this guy, win dlrg 10 million on a lucky ticket. the lis goes on across the country. but these guys all have a dark secret as big as the checks
4:35 pm
they're holding. >> a convicted lake county sex offender's $3 million lotto win has sparked a debate. >> reporter: that's right. they're all convicted sex offenders who preyed on children. one of them, now akutzccused by police of using his jackpot to lure another young boy. >> the defendant talked him into participating in several sexual acts and also regularly gave him various gifts. >> reporter: he's pled not guilty. and it just happened again. meet america's newest sex offender millionaire. tim poole. he pled guilty to attempted sexual battery of a minor under 12 and was a registered sex predator. but just last month the struggling cabdriver hit a $3 million jackpot on a scratchoff ticket. >> it just flat out stinks. there's something inherently wrong with the fact you now have sex offenders who are instant millionaires and their victims are ignored.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: this on the other hand attorney represents poole's victim now suing for a piece of the jackpot. some may say, look they've served their time, yes they did these bad things but they've served their time they're out there live why ban them from winning? >> very simply they might have paid their dues to society, but paid their debt to their children victims and that's what we're going after. >> reporter: when we tried to speak with poole, his friends weren't happy to see our cameras. >> you can leave. you can leave. >> reporter: america's latest sex offender millionaire? we've tracked tim poole here to mt. dora florida, just outside of orlando. he's been in this e-cig arhett for hours and won't come out because he knows i'm here. he doesn't want to answer if a sexual predator sho allowed to win state money.
4:37 pm
instead they'll whisk him out back in a getaway car to keep him away from us. minutes later there he goes. do you think it's right? dunlds why people are upset you would be cashing in like this? doesn't want to talk to me just as we thought. believe it or not, convicted sex offenders are allowed to win and keep the money. no strings attached. but this florida state senator wants to close that loophole. >> my bill would provide that the winnings would be frozen for up to a year for a sexual predator so that victims could have an opportunity to seek compensation and justice. >> victims groups say putting millions into the hands of a child predator is like giving them a loaded gun, all that money giving them the means to potentially seek out other victims. late developments in the cia leak trial in alexandra. former cia officer jeffrey sterling was just found guilty of leaking details about a classified operation to a "new
4:38 pm
york times" reporter. the operation involved an attempt to derail iran's nuclear program. the case was delayed for years while the justice department tried and failed to force reporter james ricin to reveal his sources. sterling was convicted of all nine counts against him just a few hours ago the judge ordered jurors to keep trying when they said they couldn't reach a unanimous decisin charge. it's an app that police say amounts to cheating. the steps they're taking to take it o a live look this afternoon at times square.
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jeems has now aprooufd its 50th death claim due to those faulty ignition switches. that means at least 50 death cases are eligible for money due to crashes caused by the ignition switch problem. as of today, gm has gotten about 3,000 claims of deaths and injuries. compensation for clet death claims begins at a million dollars. the deadline to submit a claim is this coming saturday. now to a story that is tr o our nbc washington app today about the google app called ways. 50 million people in 200 countries yutz it to stay on top of traffic hotspots but it includes a fea that allows
4:42 pm
users to note when police are in the area. critics are concerned because it says it can be yutzed to stalk police officers and they're asking google to disable that part of the app. so far no response from google. school kids in virginia could be taking fewer sols in the future. a state senate committee has voted to reduce the number of standards tests to the minimum required by federal law in three years. that would bring the number of tests in grades eight to just 14. advocates say such tests use memorization and stifle creativity causing undue stress for kids. the virginia e association, a state teachers group, supports the reduction. the video of the day that's hard to imagine. why an american pilot had to bail and the incredible survival despite the snow it hasn't been extremely cold today. but get ready tomorrow with your warmest gear.
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team coverage this afternoon first at 4. as more winter weather moves in. >> as we near the 5:00 hour we have a team of reporters and meteorologists standing by with the latest. let's get first to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. >> right now our roads, most
4:46 pm
have been fine today, just wet, but again, temperatures dropping and that means it could get pretty icy, especially the secondary roads, neighborhood roads. take it easy too, on those exits, the off ramps, bridges too. could be some slick spots out there. we're talking about a little t of light snow for the overnight so even if accumulations are around 0.1 inches as you know from a couple days this winter doesn't take much. storm team 4 radar, some light snow hanging on right around bowie, up route 1, gaithersburg too. and then there's more where that came from a little more. rain showers down to the south. folks saying why didn't we get the big snow? for an explanation, let's talk to meteorologist doug kammerer. >> ws last night at 11:00 and even on my facebook page we talked about it the last couple days. the clipper system that moves into our region if it was by itself we would have gotten a nice 2 to 4 inches maybe 3 to
4:47 pm
5. we predicted 1 to 3 and this is what happens. that clipper system moves our way but as it moves our way it develops another system just off the coast here. so that other system will become an area of low pressure and that's the same storm that's going to hammer parts of the northeast. but for us it takes all of the moisture and just moves it right out to the coast essentially robbing us from data. as the clipper dies quickly, the coastal storm developed and we are literally robbed of any good snows. that's what's going on now. now we have to wait for the second system to develop to see if we get any banding on the backside. not everybody's going to see it tonight. >> that is always hard to kind of figure out those bands around the areas of low pressure more moderate snows start setting up. 28 by morning, 29 d.c. take a look at the windchill temperatures from the teens to around 20 degrees at 10:00. 6:00 a.m. single digits to low teens throughouta and 20s by the afternoon. what it will feel like. so a bundle-up kind of day, and
4:48 pm
that's why i'm giving a modera the bus stop icy spot recess colder than cold and breezy for kids by dismissal time. if you're going out running watch out for the icy spots. then during the afternoon and evening, again, the wind will be increasing a bit so your windchill temperatures despite the fact we hit around 35, 36 degrees wi we'll feel like we're in the 20s. and it is winter so the cold pattern will continue with these little chances of snow in that cold pattern. here's the next chance for us coming up. there's thursday at 4:00. here's thursday at 6:00. little bit more snow will start pushing into the area. we'll keep you updated on that in the next couple days. whenever there's weather taking place across our area and if you're looking for an app cast from storm team 4, get it by downloading our storm team 4 weather app. everything right there for you, interactive radar, hourly forecast. 36 your high temperature for tomorrow.
4:49 pm
quite dry for wednesday, the high 35. there's that slight snow chance. it's late on thursday the high 39. as we get into the weekend, your weekend right now is split with another snow chance and a cold one, too, during the weekend. right now your snow chances on sunday high 32 33. a lot more coming up on all these storms. >> okay v.j. so for us your winter weather is going to be an inconvenie for millions more it's a dangerous situation. >> that's right. this isn't just a storm. it's a blizzard. and some of the country's biggest cities are in the crosshairs. the weather channel's reagan medji has more from long island. >> reporter: the wind and the snow have really started picking up on long island. we're in suffolk county. i have an anemometer in my hand to tell you how fast the wind blowing. right now we're looking at 10 miles an hour but this is expected to increase as the day goes on. we're along the long island railroad behind me and i do
4:50 pm
want to make mention that more services have been added to the railroad from new york city all the way out here to long island. it's a huge area of commuters that live andhere and work in new york city. governor cuomo has declared a state of emergen for here in suffolk county nassau county part of long island and for the entire island new york city and other surrounding counties. as we want to take a moment to look at the road conditions you can see that they're kind of getting a little more snow covered. some areas are completely white. but as we said before this is just going to get worse as the day goes on. not only with the wind and the snow but also the cold temperatures. back to you. thanks a lot. a pilot was able to keep his wits about him after his plane ran out of fuel in the skies over at the pacific ocean. check out this video of his scary ordeal. it was captured by the coast guard as the single-engine plane
4:51 pm
went down. he deployed the emergency chute and slashed into the water. lucky for him a holland american cr ship nearby picked him up. the coast guard alerted them of the emergency and scooped him out of the ocean. he's in good condition. this happened yesterday about 250 miles northeast of maui. a virginia senate committee today killed a bl tt would ha restricted the rights of owners. the gill would have filled the gun show loophole where private sellers could buy without a background check. it would have banned high capacity mag. and it would have outlawed anyone from carrying a gun while drinking. now some stories we are working on right now in our newsroom. an u into custody but one of his riders is accusing him of doing. and a live look at the white
4:52 pm
house and details unfold about a strange series of events that led to a drone landing at the wh. they're fortunate to be alive, a family of six came dangerously close to never waking up this morning because carbon monoxide. tracee wilkins has more on how it happened. >> reporter: prince george's fire and ems came back out to this house here in riverdale to install a co detech or the for this family after what happened th morning. according to the doctor who saw this family they were experiencing co levels so high that had they waited 30 more minutes they could have died. >> half an hour one more hour everybody die. yeah. we lucky family. >> reporter: coming up on fich fife we talk with that dad tt it was like how he felt and how he and his wife realized they needed to get out of that house as soon as
4:53 pm
possible. in riverdale, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. we are closely watching a winter storm that's about to impact millions of people from bare shelves to last-minute travel change people all along the atlantic seaboard hunker down for what could be an . >> reporter: i'm julie carey in loudoun county where we've learned the man who lives in that house who was just arrested in a murder for hire plot is also linked to the kkk and a wh sp
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
. we are tracking winter weather this afternoon. a live look at storm team 4 radar. more snowflakes are headed our way. we're going to show you what to expect when chief meteorologist doug kammerer joins us in just a moment. first it could be an emergency situation just to our north. people in new york and boston could be stranded for days. from canceled flights to grocery store fight, people are stressed. chris pilon in boston has more. >> reporter: hi barbara. massachusetts governor charlie baker says this could be an historic blizzard that hits the boston area dumping anywhere up to 30 inches of snow on eastern massachusetts. but it's not just the snow that . as the blizzard bears down on the northeast, massachusetts
4:57 pm
governor charlie baker says the threat can't be overstated. >> we are anticipating an historic top-five storm based on projected snowfall. >> reporter: the projected 2 to 3 feet of snow isn't the only concern. 70-mile-per-hour winds, coastal flooding and power outages all possible from the new jersey coast to maine. governors in five states declaring states of emergency. airlines have canceled 6,000 flights across the region leaving people like michelle johnson hoping for good luck as she tried to leave pittsburgh. >> all i can do is be positive right now. i did find a lucky p through security with a heads up so i thought that was a good sign. >> reporter: interstate shutdowns and travel bans are taking effect as conditions deteriorate. >> i can't stress this part enough -- please stay off the roads. >> reporter: in new york city school has already been canceled tuesday and subway and train service is being cut back. mayor bill de blas said the storm could be one to have largest blizzards in the city's
4:58 pm
history and crews would do their best to keep the city's 6,000 miles of roads clear. be prepared to spend several days at home causing long lines gas stations at supermarkets across the northeast. >> totally mobbed. it was like okay people. scatterbrained. pe just like fighting for things. it was crazy. >> i don't know why the rush on bread, but what the heck. if you want more bread, i'm sure, you know you're able to get it. >> reporter: most people are trying to keep a sense of humor knowing things could get very serious very quickly. contrary to what chris christie said you might not be able to get bread in the boston area. grocery store shelves have been stripped bare. the most intense part of the storm is expected to hit around 2: to 4:00 a.m. where it could be snowing 2 to 4 inches per hour. that hits the exact same time as high tide. not good news for people who live along the coast. thank you, chris. our team coverage continues with pat and wendy.
4:59 pm
we dodged the blizzard but travelers are getting hit. a murder in broad daylight. police have just released new video of a shooting in the middle of the day caught on camera. and a drone on the white house grounds and the man who came forward and. in the next few hours we have storm team 4 coverage monitoring the blizzard and how it will impact washington. we begin with doug kammerer. >> we have seen snow throughout the day but off and on and scattered throughout the region. outside we have a half an inch in the d.c. metro area. taking a look at the radar, one thing you'll notice not a lot on it.
5:00 pm
montgomery county prince george county the district and back towards the west more in the way of snow. but most of us aren't seeing anything. the storm that will become the blizzard is still to the south, still getting its act together but you can see moisture starting to move in off the ocean. this is something we'll be watching quickly over the next couple hours. we're not expecting a lot. we still have a winter weather advisory in effect for areas around d.c. all of maryland under that advisory parts of northern virginia including the northern neck in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. yes, i expect to see some more snow overnight tonight but not everybody will get it. we'll talk about this storm and about what happens over the next couple days coming up in my


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