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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  January 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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right now at 11:00, a cold emergency plan is in effect in the city. roads are coated with ice as another winter storm moves through the metropolitan area. and breaking news. this storm has shut down new york city. the subway system there halt.
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news 4 at 11:00 sta good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. the school delays and cancellations are starting to come in already. prince william county schools are closed tomorrow. the university of maryland will open late at 10:00 a.m. you can see the rest of the closings and delays at the bottom of the screen. roads are started to become snow packed. this is what like on i-66 in merrifield virginia right now. even some lane the beltway are disappearing. we've seen coverage of this winter storm tonight including how it's affecting travel. but first we start with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. what's coming? >> this is what we were talking about earlier at 5:00 and6:00. we'll only see another one to two inches. that's what we've seen since about 6:00. but because of the cold temperatures we're really starting to see problems on the roadway.
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loudoun county prince george's county they've been hit all evening with the snow. some locations picking up two and three inches up near frederick county. it will be here for the next couple of hours. the blizzard taking place up towards boston nantucket island reporting 62-mile-per-hour winds. they're seeing a lot of snowp. for us the snow will continue for the next couple of hours. winter advisory in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morn. an additional one inch between now and 3:00 a.m. we're almost done with the snow. one thing we're not done with slick roads. i do expect more delays and cancellations through tomorrow morning. i'll be back to let you know what to expect tomorrow. >> right now in d.c. a cold emergency plan is in effect. the alert is activated when the wind chill outside dips below 20 degrees. it allows local agencies to provide more warming centers for the homeless. this storm is expected to grow into a major blizzard.
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governors in five northeastern states have declared a state of emergency. the mayor of big cities like boston and new york have told people to prepare for the worst anw minutes new city was brought to a standstill. this is a live picture of times square. a city-wide driving ban is in effect. the subway and bus service shut down for the first time since superstorm sandy. this is what it looked like earlier this evening. hundreds pushing their way through grand central station just trying to get home. here in d.c. we're already feeling the effects. bolt buses canceled northeastern operations through wednesday. amtrak is working on a modified schedule now. more than 6,000 flights have d already. this is what it looks like at dulles airport. parked cars covered in snow right now. jackie bensen is live with team coverage from reagan national airport. hi jackie it's a ghost town
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out there. >> rep well you can see behind me there's nobody here. there's no one at the ticket counters because there's just no way to get people out of here with those delays along the east coast, but take a look over here. because it's something that just you don't want to be these people. yep, they've got to sleep here at the airport tonight. the departures and arrivals screens at reagan national airport told the story of the snowstorm bearing down on the northeast coast. ripple effects caused canceled and delayed flights from new york to los angeles and almost everywhere in between. by 8:00 p.m. ticket counters were deserted for the most part. only a few travelers remained desperately trying to get to their final destination. >> i need to get to school today. i have class tuesday morning, have to go. they're like the best we can do is send you to washington which i'd have to spend the night here. so i'm trying to get to florida.
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>> things were busier at union station where people were trying to get the last few seats on the last few trains to new york and philadelphia. nine out of ten trains to new york tomorrow morning have been canceled. >> they stop the train in d.c. we had to switch to another train, 138. i found out the train goes to new brunswick, so they said i would get off at trenton. and when i get off in trenton, the new jersey transit might not be going. >> they switch to trains wn the airline cancellation started to come in. >> they canceled my laguardia flight. i got off and looked at the map and thought in i thought amtrak. i decided to take a shot and connected through then chicago to washington just to get the metro here. i'm on the 7:10 to new york. >> back live now at reagan national airport. you can see the folks who just were not able to get another way out of here tonight.
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they have to sleep here. and this is likely to not get much better tomorrow we understand. what the airlines are telling us is that they do not expect to be back up to full operations wednesday possibly even thursday morning. live at reagan national airport, jackie bensen news 4. >> thanks jackie. there is a chance that some of the roads you drive on your commute tomorrow morning will have a coating of snow and/or ice. snow started to stick to the pavement as the sun went down today. this was the commute home in rockville for one of our producers. a snow emergency plan is in effect right now in frederick county. that means the cars there, if you're on the road have to have snow tires. in northern virginia the department of transportation will have about 1500 trucks out all night long treating roads to get them ready for the ride into work tomorrow. you're looking now at i-66 in
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merrifield not much traffic out there. anywhere with moren two inches will be plowed but all streets will be treated for ice. >> news 4 today starts tomorrow to give you all the informatione you head out the door. they'll be on starting at 4:00 a.m. a fight while playing video games escalated into a triple shooting. police in prince george's county say a teenager shot two other teens who were supposed to be his friends, then he shot himself. investigators say the 16-year-old kid who opened fire was inside a house in clinton, maryland. shomari stone repo d suspect now is facing serious charges. >> repor tonig prince george's county police say 16-year-old dunmore is charged as an adult with two counts of attempted murder. investigators tell us he shot his friends and then turned the gun on himself at his house this past sunday. >> preliminary investigation shows that the three teenaged boys were playing video games
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when for some reason they got into a dispute. the suspect retrieved a gun and all three of them wound up being shot. >> reporte the teens are in the hospital. dunmore and one of the two victims are going to be okay. the other victim is in critical condition. dunmore's house is a crime scene on the 7900 block of clendinnen drive. red evidence tape and a lock are on the front door. on sunday neighbors tell us they heard gunfire from this house. >> we were actually walking outside to the car, and we heard a couple of shots. they were really loud. we didn't know what was going on. so next kw we were getting ready to go tout get something to eat and we were blocked off. we couldn't go anywhere. >> repor they are on the frederick douglas high school football team. tomorrow the school is expected to send a letter home to parents and grief counselor will be able. tonight we talk to police and they've not released a lot of information because the investigation is ongoing. they plan on talking to the
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teens who has the nonlife threatening injuries to try to get more information about what happened in that house. in clinton, maryland shomari stone, news 4. a d.c. firefighter's on administrative leave tonight after being arrested on gun charges. charging documents reveal that oshane roland joan was arrested after an officer saw his car parked on the sidewalk. an officer saw jones and two others in the car, detected a strong odor of marijuana then saw a clip gun. a search revealed two handguns extra ammo ski masks, latex gloves and a small amount of marijuana. poten new threat to the security of the white house. it comes after a drone crashed on the grounds of the white house. secret service officers heard that drone hit a tree early this morning. the owner of the thing later called. he said he was trying to see how
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the drone would work in bad weather. but this is more than just an accident. a former secret service agent says it is now a game changer. >> you have now a device that can transport both -- and this is important -- surveillance technology and explosives that's commercially available and not instantaneously recognizable as a weapon. that's a very big deal. >> there have been 20 complaints of drones flying near sensitive sites in our area since last summer. the faa is still working on rules detailing where and how drones can be flown, but we can tell you that they are illegal to be flown in the district. there is a motion to protect classified information tonight in the case against a man accused of threatening to attack the u.s. capitol. prosecutors have asked to meet with the judge in the trial against r corn el. they want to keep the information secret. cornell is accused of trying to set off pipe bombs and shoot
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employees a t the capitol. the fbi is trying to figure out ho made online threats against several flights yesterday. those threats caused the evacuation of two airplanes in seattle and the diversion of yet another one in dallas texas. agents want to know whether the threats came from the same person or from copycats. on saturday another threat forced fighter jets to escort a plane to atlanta. the fbi says the public was not at risk. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will remain free while he appeals his multiple convictions on corrupt charges. today a federal appeals court approved mcdonnell's request to remain out on bond until an appeal hearing in may. mcdonnell was initially scheduled to start serving a two- prison sentence next month. the vira sene is taking steps to ease gun control in the state. lawmakers on a gop-controlled senate panel today approved
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bills at loosening restrictions on gun owners. they also voted against the gun control measures championed by democratic governor terry mcauliffe. those proposals include limiting handgun purchases to one a month and closing a loophole that allows sales by private sellers without a next at 11:00, a blizzard bearing down on the northeast. >> i c. please stay off >> from boston to new york entire cities are shut down. grocery store shelves are bare. tonight we're tracking just how much snow they could get. plus the pills promised a dramatic weight loss. even dr. oz was endorsing it but now the government's stepping in and forcing big refunds. > in guy from virginia called uber and ended
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assaulting an uber driver has landed an arlington man in jail. he tried to kiss his driver. when she resisted he then assaulted her and stole her phone to keep her from calling police. officers eventually caught up with hilliard at his home later in the day. when they put him in a police cruiser, he tried to kick out the back window. he's facing several charges now. po say he was drunk. new tonight, yet another claim seen on "the dr. oz show" has been debunked. the guy selling green coffee bean supplements has million and stop
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deceptive ads that say his product will help you lose weight. a man named lindsey duncan falsely claimed you could lose 17 pounds in 12 weeks without eating less or exercising more. duncan is a celebrity nutritionist. he appeared on the dr. oz show back in 2012. dr. oz himself has come under fire by making claims of various products. >> a dangerous blizzard is pummeling the northeast tonight. several feet of snow expected to fall in some areas. but it's not just the snow that's causing all the trouble. this storm is also packing powerful winds that are expected to cause widespread power outages. brianmohr has the story. they're hunring down in the shadow of a storm that's crippled much of the region. seve states are under
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blizzard warnings with snow piling up at a rate of 2 to 4 inches an hour in the hardest-hit areas. the governor of massachusetts warns residents this could be one of the worst five winter blasts in history. >> the commonwealth will experience extreme snowfall hurricane force winds and blizzard conditions for an extended period of time. >> reporter: after it's over some areas could be without power for days. as the storm rolled in icy winds ripped cape cod. new york roads open only to emergency vehicles and plows. thousands of flights have been canceled. travelers grounded, their plans up in the air. >> we've got trains planes and automobiles to get us home. i know at some point we'll get there. >> b first, they have to ride out the blizzard of 2015. bryan mohr nbc news. we just heard from spotles vain ya county schools have canceled class for tomorrow. >> interesting.
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>> icy and treacherous road conditions out there. >> it really is. again, this was a huge storm for us but it doesn't take a lot when temperatures are below freezing. snow's coming down and temperatures in the upper 20s. all the roads are being snow covered and, yes, wse problems around our area. let's show you what's happening outside as we do look outside. there you go. that's what you're looking for. storm team 4 radar. montgomery county fairfax county have been hit hard for about the last four or five hours. montgomery county and frederick county have reported some areas seeing close to 3 inches in the last couple of hours. most of the rest of the region including d.c. another inch fairfax county another inch leesburg some places a little bit more than that. you ca see what's happened o two hours. a wide expanse of snow. it's starting to trickle down a little bit. then notice this enhanced band
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right through the city of fairfax. right on down towards waldorf, 301 snow covered, 270 snow covered. so give yourself a lot of extra time. as we mentioned earlier, we do expect to see some problems on the roads early tomorrow morning. take a look at the blizzard up toward the north. what a difference here. philadelphia they've been predicting up there 10 to 18 inches. i think they get one, maybe two inches at the most. new york is talking upwards of one to two feet. if they get another four or five inches that will be it for them. but they'll still get hammered up to the boston area. this storm forming a little bit farther up the coast. they could still end up with ten inches total. that's still a big storm. temperatures 25 in gaithersburg 28 in leesburg. the roads will be a problem right through tomorrow morning. that winter weather advisory continues until 10:00 tomorrow and that's everybody that's seeing snow tonight.
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winchester upwards of three inches, loudouty county through portions of southern maryland continue to see that. what will we see overnight? periods of snow some heavy. roads are slick and there will be some rush delays early tomorrow morning. take a look at the latest computer models. here's 1:00 that same area mobt gomry county fairfax, right on down the potomac may see more by about 1:00 2:00 3:00. but by 5:00 that's out of here. tomorrow morning we'll start to get a little bit better but it will take some time to get the roadways better. then then it just gets cold. take a look at the wind chills. 7:00 down to 25 in d.c. 19 in gaithersburg. that's on the cold side. wednesday, down around 7 in gaithersburg. in leesburg with the snow on the ground it will feel a whole lot colder the next few days. wednesday the coldest day, wind
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chill at noon on wednesday only around 19 degrees. we're in for some pretty cold air coming up the next few days. 39 on thursday a chance for snow late in the day but not much at all. 40 degrees on friday then saturday and sunday we'll watch another system that does have the potential to bring some snow here but in no way will i talk about that kind of a storm more than five or six days out. that's the number one question i'm getting today. what about the storm on sunday? guys we're not done with this one. >> all right. looks like we can make it through this one. >> yeah. >> we've got sports coming up. you thought you were done with that air in the football thing, huh? not on your life, bunky. we'll tell you what the officials and the patri.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i hate the week before super bowl. >> why? >> dumb stuff is why. >> you don't like media day? you're cranky. >> it's all about -- >> i love it. >> this is so perfect because there's always talk about eliminating all the hoopla before the super bowl week you'd love it. i used to love it. but this week with deflate-gate dominating settle in because this could be the lead-up to super bowl xlix. they left a snowstorm in boston and landed in a media storm in phoenix. minutes after they touched down a twist to deflate-gate. an unscheduled press conference with patriots owner robert kraft.
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he h strong words for the nfl. >> i want to make it clear that i believe unconditionally that the new england patriots have done nothing inappropriate in this process or in violation of nfl rules. if the wells investigation is not able to definitively determine that our organization tamp the air pressure in the footballs, i would expect and hope that the league would apologize to our entire team and, in particular coach belichick and tom brady for what they've had to endure this past week. >> coming out swinging there. so tomorrow this should get even crazier with media day. we look forward to that. college hoops getting even crazier here in dmv. rankings out today. bcu is at number 14. maryland at number 16. georgetown back in the rankings atr 21. and then maryland women sitting at number 5 in the country.
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we've got more hoops over at bender arena. american university hosting army. garner knocks down the three. nine points for him. eagles up by 6. let's go late in the half army down three. blum drains this. we're tied at 66 here. we got under a minute to play. still tied. great chance for the eagles here. misses the layup. that opens the door for the black knights. cox and the drive goes high off the glass and army sneaks by american 68-66. >> good game, though. >> i one. back to football. national signing day is next week. college coaches have been putting in time trying to get the best to come to their schools, but don't think they forget about their current players. check this out. penn state sophomore quarterback bryant harper tweeted out b on
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first anatomy exam. i'll take it. guess who was reading his twitter. coach franklin. you didn't study, huh, interesting, we have to up your study hall hours. you never know who is
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so we better watch ourselvee saying? >> we'll see more cancellations, delays. tom is here tomorrow morning.
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and we start at -- >> 4:00 a.m. >> i just want to make sure you knew. the snow is starting to come to an end, not done just yet. >> you have to be careful about asking those questions about early morning programming. >> i'm not going to be up.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bradley cooper. harry connick jr. musical guest big k.


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