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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 27, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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true our area right now. a lot of snow dumped on us over the last 24 hours. some sticking to the roads making for a messy ride to work and school. we have breaking news on i-270. the southbound lanes are shut down in northern montgomery county. melissa will help you get around that. >> and those getting the real e northeast of us. this record-breaking storm is shutting down cities. >> now we have live storm team 4 coverage chudeployed. melissa will have the latest on the shut down on 270. >> megan mcgrath on the ground. tom tracking the snowfall coming that snow already causing school closings and delays today. we sent you push alerts of th nbc washington's w in the last 15 minutes fairfax county schools are closed prince george's prince william county closed arlington
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county on a two hour delay. also in virginia page county closed. in west virginia berkeley closed jefferson closed morgan county and grant county closed as well. my producer is telling me montgomery school ss administrative offices on a 2 hour delay. schools closed. a falls church city on a two hour delay. the federal government is on a two hour delay today. if you work for the government, you can take unscheduled leave or telework. i want to get you caught up on the reason for the delays and closures. tha because the snow kept coming down overnight. we still have the snow falling across northern virginia. the district and into maryland.
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the brighter white areas where it's coming down harder we're getting that in western loudoun county come of the pan handle of west virginia. it's near white out type of small but it's a small band. it's on the culpepper county line right now. that is tracking to the south coming right in to spotslania county. fartr to the nor a little bit of light snow and flurries in fairfax county. now in prince george's county where there have been a band of moderate to heavy snow. we have all the counties in color here. this is in the metro area including norther virginia. this is just updated to add a few counties in northern virginia as well as east of washington until 10:00 this morning. we could have an additional 1 to 2 inches of snow betww and 8:00. snow totals from the storm from yesterday and overnight anywhere
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from about an inch around the immediate metro area to 3, 4 inches around the north. highest totals of 6 inches in the mountains of north virginia. it's brightening up here coming out of martins burg and down to the east of winchester near charlestown and to the west of lees burg. that band is tracking and making it to prince william's county. western fairfax county in another hour or so. maybe a quick additional inch. coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. a look when we'll get the sun returning and we get above freezing hour by hour. know melissa is dealing with thesn problems. we have 270 southbound at old hundred road. we have a tractor trai the roadway the p you off on to 109.
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you want to take 355 instead. a little bit hard to see the response but a tractor trailer is jackknifed across the roadway. no major pr slow here. top of the beltway take it slow. the areas that are wet could be slick. i had that problem this morning. branch avenue indian head highway is looking good. no issues here. 95 at the weigh station. no problems at this point this morning. take a look at 66 heading into town and out of town you're looking good. but this is our biggest problem now 270 southbound at old hundred. you can see the folks about a one mile back up now being pushed to 109. take 355 instead. it could be a problem for quite some time. back in ten minutes with more live pictures. ge closings into the news room charles county and loudoun county schools are closed.
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we have a complete list on nbc washin as well. the temper 30 degrees now. the cold emergency plan in effect. it allows local agencies to provide warme homeless. we have team coverage this morning on what conditions look like outside. news 4 megan mcgrath is live in prince george's county is more on how the roads are looking there. go st along 450. you can e w pavement here in good sha laying down the salt. plows have been doi their job. we can see the difference. if you look at the grass we have quite the dusting going on. and the untreated surfaces they're also a little on the slick side. so basically as you leave your house, get out of your driveway and make your way into work or school or whenever you're going, this is what you're going have the most problem with. the untreated surfaces. once you get to the major roads
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there, you're in pretty good shape. i was talking to the gentleman over here a little while ago, and he's making his way out. come on over here! tell me about what are you seeing on the roads. >> the roads right now pretty smooth. it's not too bad at all actually right now. >> reporter: and you're traveling on 450? >> yeah. >> how was your neighborhood? >> neighborhoods are pretty good. the guys are doing a pretty good job salting the streets downright now. i mean you know, everything is going pretty smooth right now. >> reporter: be careful. thank you for talking to us. and so we have seen a lot of plows as he mentioned. the bn out all night. they'r doing a great job. we're seeing good conditions on major roads like 450. we're going to continue t to cruise around the beltway here and bring you an update in the next half hour from a different location.y safe. thank you.
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just in fredericksburg and howard county public schools are closed today. it may take you extra time to get a car at the airport today. this is what it looked like last night as snow blanketed cars. so far 32 flights are cancelled out of there now. reagan dropped 123 flights today. bwi cancelled another flight bringing the total to 29 on the tuesday. we're sending push alerts to your phone this morning. ife nbc washington app you saw a lot of schools are closed. if you don't you can download the app for free to learn up to the minute what is closed and breaking alerts how the weat your neighborhood too. i'm angie at the live desk. new york new jersey also connecticut a state of emergency has been declared. we want to take a live look at what is going on in times square. not much. pretty much a ghost town right now as the traremains in place. with more snow on the way, some parts in new york could get up
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to 3 feet of snow. you can see this caused quite the frenzy at the subway which, by the w shut down at 11:00 last night. a lot of main also shut down because they're preparing for major wind and whiteout conds crippleing travel plans. more than 7700 flights have already been cancelled in and out of the northeast. thank you. you might have y checked your facebook this morning. the sites jauch line. what we're learning about a possible hack. they were supposed to be friends. what we're learning lead to a fight between teens that escaladed in a triple shooting. before you get on the roads let us do the driving for you. chuck bell is driving around where snow is sticking to the roads. we're timing out hour b
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5:11 the time now. live picture of interstate 270 where a tractor trailer accident -- you can see traffic divert the off the interstate here. more with melissa in a moment. new school closings in now. frederick county virginia schools now. >> the teachers -- school y closed teachers are on a two hour delay for teachers opening late today. >> 5:11 time to get the
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important forecast. weather and traffic on the 1s. on the fringe of the big blizzard hitting new england. still getting bands of snow and snow showers coming through. a lot coming out of the p handle of west virginia to loudoun and northern falk. another band farther to the south to southern stafford. we have all the counties in color. winter weather advisory through 10:00 this morning. an additional 1 to 2 inches of snow coming through causing slick roadways. going forward to the afternoon hours we'll ges after as sunshine breaks out. winds will be blustery to the upper 30s by mid afternoon. look at the next chance for snow coming up at 5:21. we have problems. >> we have problems right now. we're talking about breaking news once again. a 2 mile back up. 270 southbound here at old hundred road. they're pushing university right now on to 109.
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take 355 instead. southbound is completely shut down at this point this morning. have a water main break for you. worth avenue closed. the alternate is baltimore avenue. it just popped up. prince george's county overall looking good. roads movi nicely. 95 and maryland into and out of town and bw parkway looking good. dh has been driving around. right now in charles county. how are roads? >> reporter: we're on route 5. the business part of route 5 here. southern part of charles county where the snow continues to do light to briefly moderate im roe 5 has a coating of snow on it. you'll want to slow down and take it easy first thing this morning.
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist. we have three bands of snow across our region this morning.
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there's one north and east of the metro area coming out of howard county to prince george's county. thers a band coming out of the pan handle of west virginia. th right into loudoun county. we'll be eventually moving along into prince william and fairfax county. there's another band farther south and west of there. this one coming out of the shen do with a valley. that's beginning to fill in now. culpepper, southern falk county and orange county. that's where they are getting some moderate snow. the one band putting down an additional inch. another smaller band is stretching dn -- tracking to wex county over the next half hour or so. the southern bands that are farther to the south southeastern culpepper it's moving to sod and much of spotslvania county. quickly moving through covering roadways we're below freezing.
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>> thank you. >> this just into our news room. d.c. schools opening two hours late and frederick county maryland schools are closed today. 8 breaking news. i-270 is shut down in montgomery county. this is near old hundred road. a tractor trailer accident is blocking all lanes there on the right-hac in e other direction moving very slowly. melissa is watching this. she'll let you know what it going on in five minutes. we're driving all around the area to show you what the roads look like in your neighborhoods this morning. news 4 richard jordan is driving through northern virginia. how are things looking to you? >> hey, we stoe in wood bridge to give you a look how the snow is starting to come down very light at this point. it's not amounting to much but if you are just heading out and you head to your car, you are going to find it's snow covered. there was plenty of snow last
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night overnight and now we're just getting these light little flurries here into the early morning. they were hard at work all night long. they have 1500 plows and salt trucks out on the roads. and the main roads are looking really good at this point. a little wet but pretty clear. even a l streets are doing good as well. trying to get ahead of things. they're hitting streets in prince william, arlington, fairfax, and loudoun counties. so they have made a lot of headway this morning. where you're going it have to watch out for are the parking lots a few of the side streets, the sidewalks, those areas that typically don't get that immediate ate still going to be slippery. we're finding people heading out ar problems because, again, the main roads are looking re morning all throughout nort. reporting live in wood bridge. thank you. to get a look how things are in maryla chuck bell is live in charles county in the storm team
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4 x 4. good morning to you, chuck. >> good morning. we're on route 5 in downtown huesville in southn parts of charles county. it's a snowy morning here. we're following snowplow number one through the middle of downtown here. he has the blade we only have an inch to an inch and a half of snow. there's not a lot of snow to be plowed. the road truck is spreading the salt and trying to get the roads a little bit more passable. route 5 down here as well as well as route 210 on the way through indian head highway a little bit earlier. there is just a light coating of snow on the roads now. you can see on radar snow continuing to move from north to south all across the southern part of maryland here. so things are not going to improve much until we get the sun up and maybe help get the temperatures up just a little bit. tempm 4 x 4 is only 28 degrees. we're cold enough to support icing on the roads, but we're
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also not so cold where the chemicals become ineffective. you get down temperatures in the single digits and teens and chemicals st working so well. 28 degrees the chemicals should have pretty good success along with the plowing out here. so far so good here in southern maryland. back to you. >> thank you vermuch. as you're getting ready for work we're bringing you the latest school closings. be sure to check your nbc app. with a couple of exceptions every school district within earshot has changed the status in some way. we learned culpepper county schools are closed today. offices will open at 11:00 a.m. this morning. now the forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist as we take a look at reagan national airport. and cancellations there. >> unlike yesterday when we had the abov saved us from much accumulation. th morning temperatures are below freezing. and the snow is falling in snow
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showers and snow bands that emergency ro cog through. it is sticking on any untreated surface. as the snow shower activity comes through it's on the preferable edge of the blizzard hitting new engla that we're getting the snow bands. here is one out of howard county now coming into northern prince george's. another out of the pan handle of loudoun county. that may put down a quick additional inch. there's a bigger batch of light to moderate snow falling now culpepper county into orange. stafford and spotslvania tracking north over the next couple of hours. all th in color under winter weather advisory until later this ml 1 to 2 inches is possible. we'll have slick roads as well. our temperatures are down just into the 20s to near 30s. snow totals from overnight and
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from yesterday about 1 to 3 inches in the metro area. 3 to 4 to 5 inches farther north and west. timing on the snow really pretty much pulling off to our east by about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. most should be gone by 10:00 this morning. then sunshine breaks out into the afternoon hours. that will help us to recover as we will get above freezing temperatures and then clear tonight and getting very cold by this time tomorrow morning. down into the teens for the afternoon. a blustery wind as women as we get into the upper 30s. keep up with the storm team 4 weather app. get it on the app store. i took this photograph this morning. post your pics on twitter and facebook. yo can connect with me. we'll be posting those on instagram. next chance of snow maybe thursday night after a cold day tomorrow. bit warmer friday. another chance of snow perhaps on sunday. stay tuned. maybe mixing in on sunday. coming up your drive time forecast for this tuesday. breaking news.
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>> breaking news. we're talking about 270 southbound at old hundred road. a mess. it is completely shut down because a tractor trailer that jackknifed here. everybody pushed off to 109 and 355. talking about a two mile back up now. avoid it if you can. 66 east of sully road no problem there. a little bit of volume but nothing atypical for this time of day. take a look at 95 heading into town. nice and green the entire way in. same thing if you're heading southbound hire in virginia. no problems there. prince george's county overall looking nice and green and a lot of movement here. a lot of road work we typically see on hold he weather. and kennel worth avenue closed. alternate is baltimore avenue because a early water main break. back in ten minutes with more on the issue of 270. thank you. more school closings and delays coming into the news room. the countdown is on to super
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bowl xlix. we're five days away from the big game. >> and today the patriots and seahawks take questions from the thousands of journalists in arizona. one of them nbc sara daloff. >> it is going to be a very packed day. let's start with where i am. super bowl central. crews have been working overnight to put the finishing touches on it. it is expected to open tomorrow and morning a million people downtown expected to come visit this and the nfl experience. just come in here to get all the excitement. media day getting started in a couple of hours. a chance for thousands of journalists interview players on both teams and undoubtedly a lot of questions will reinvolve gate. a term for better or worse will be associated with super bowl xlix. e patriots arrived yesterday.
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the team owner stepped up defending head coach bill belichick and quarterback tom brady saying he's confident the nfl's investigation will find that neither they nor anyone on the team did anything wrong. in this case he's asking for an apology when that happens. of course we're hearing about a video tape surveillance video that allegedly shows one of the locker room attendants going into a bathroom carrying the game balls. 24 balls. he's in there for about 90 seconds. so right now the new talk on the street is that enough time to have let air out of the balls? so deflate gate continues. not going to be resolved any time soon. as i said media day getting started in a few hours. fans with special tickets with actually go watch these interviews for people without those tickets, well there's all the excitement in downtown and we're only seeing the crowds get bigger as we inch closer to the big day. back to you guys. >> sara live for us in arizona. thank you. nbc 4 is your super bowl station.
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look for live reports from jim all week. for full coverage leading up to the game on . > you may face higher electric bills in ff you live in virginia. stranded at the airport. passengers spending the night at of the snow. they take to twitter. how one airline responded. your drive equals slow downs. coming up the forecast on the way to work and what to expect wh
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on the wea day we ha our eyes on storm team 4 radar. it's on the left-hand side of the screen here. because of what happens here will impact what happens on the roads when you led out. >> we'll let you know the latest closures and delays today. we have live team coverage. >> those getting the real bro the northeast of us. this picture is from philadelphia. ta a live look here. the snow just blowing sideways. the record breaking storm is shutting down cities. we'll have a live report from connecticut at 5:45. good morning to you.
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tuesday, january 27th. we have lowings and delays to tell you about. in west virginia you s
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if you work for the federal government you can sleep in as well. agencies are opening two hours late. you do have the option to take telework or unscheduled leave. you can scroll lu a list of the closings on the nbc 4 app. we'll let you know about any changes to the delays and closures. let's go to tom now. he's keeping an eye on it. >> freezing temperatures morning. any snow that is falling is sticking to any untreated surface. most of the snow is in virginia. all across northern virginia coming out oa all the way down to near richmond.
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we have the bands of snow that are tracking south and east. there is one right now coming into loudoun county from the pan handle of west virginia martileesburg. another narrowing one north and west of winchester. coming into northern prince william over the next hour. thy put down an additional half inch to an inch. there's a larger area of snow now. the gray area that's in culpepper county. this all moving into stafford and spotslvania. look at the temperatures up in the upper 20s. what is falling is sticking on roads for the morning commute. there will be snowy patches. stay in the upper 20s. for the afternoon commute drying pavement. sunshine breaks out. in the upper 30s. next weather ae 1s. the cold plunge hour by hourahead over the next 24 hours. at 5:41.
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melissa has had big problems on or big problems on the roads. we're 270 southbound here totally shut down at 109 and old hundred road. because a tractor trailer that jackknifed across the roadway. a big issue in brainsville. alternate baltimore avenue because a massive water main break. we'll get her there and pictures. 70 east and 27 right lane and right shoulder blocked. can get around it to the left there. we have the right side of the roadway that is blokd right now. 66 headingf you're hopping on near prince william we look good. no major problems into or out of town. a lot of roadwork that it typically scheduled on a day like today didn't happen because the overnight snow. 95 in virginia there that looks . every overall prince george's county is looking good as well. chuck bell has been driving
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around charles county. he's on route 5 there. now you looking, chuck? >> good morning, melissa. we're on route 5 northbound gom hughesville inn tell the road in front of us the snow is sticking. there are white and black stripes on the highway this e black ruts where the people have been traveling. there's another car here on the right-hand se of the road. the pickup truck just went off the road. this is now the second spun out vehicle we've seen within the last two or three minutes here on route 5 northbound. so just because you can see black pavement don't forget to slow down. storm team 4 radar showing only light snow here in southern maryland right now. steadier snow across parts of northern virginia and northern maryland. he the snow is fairly light. don't let it fool you. current temperature here in the 4 x 4 is 28 degrees. it is cold enough for the snow to be sticking to the roads. they're having good success
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treating them and getting blows out. again, we have only seen about an inch of snow here. there's not at lot of plowing to be done. they're l done. don't take it lightly on the roads. they're getting slippery fast. that's two spin outs in the last five minutes. back to you. >> thank you, chuck. it's now 5:36. if you're trying to catch a train or a bus out of town today, you may ticket. amtrak is suspending service to new englanto modifying service between new york and d.c. because the snow as well. the bolt bus cancelled all service to the northeast corridor. so far there are no problems on vre or trains. be sure to check the forecast. we have been senlding push alerts to your phone. coming up richard jordan will show you what the roads look like in northern virginia this morning. coming up on 5:37. right now a blizzard is hammering new england. a live picture of the current
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conditions in massachusetts. this is what it takes to call something a blizzard. you have to have the really strong fast wind blowing around snow. reducing visibility. this area expected to get at least two to three feet of snow before this is all said and done for them. officials anticipating wide spread power outages. possibly coastal flooding as well. we also can tell you they have shut down for all intents and purposes new york after the mayor ordered that people get off the roads at 11:00 last night. angie at the live desk. this is not only crippling travel but it is stranding passengers. they are frustrated. take a look. we're stuck at jfk, no roads, no cabs no hotels. might mare. and that's the line. those are the lines coming off the flight bound for england.
5:38 am
a music producer from l.a. cried we're stuck on the tarmac at jfk in the worst blizzard ever. after they waited around for six hours for the captain to tell them the flight was going to be grounded they are couple of a hundreds say they have places to go the problem is they can't get ther ban in places. cabs can't get there. the worst part of all, they continue have access to the luggage or bags. virgin atlantic tweeting back y conditions are keeping crews from being able to get the bags to the passengers. >> angie from the live desk. thank you. it's 5:38. metro's culture of safety questioned. why the transit agency is under attack. plus storm team 4 meteorologist will have your hour by hour forecast for the rest of the day.
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angie at the live desk here. a lot of you are waking up to snow right outside your window and we want to see what you're seeing. you're sharing some of your pictures. robin is in germantown. her parking space looking a bit crowded this morning. and what is happening outside an apartment in gaithersburg. looks like two to three inches.
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nice blanket l like that. thanks if are e patriotic measurement at the george maison university campus. keep the photographs comn p them on twitter. don't ferg tot to use #weatheralertday. let's go ahead. >> let's check the forecast. what should we expect for the rest of the day. weather and traffic on the 1s. saw a shot of the national airport a few flurries. we have bands of heavier snow mainly in virginia right now. we have one band here in maryland coming out of howard county but across northern virginia there's wider bands of snow tracking from the northwest heading southeast on the pan handle and northern part o shen valley. each one of the bands could
5:43 am
put down an additional inch or two of snow. and the lingerg through by 8:00. upper 30s by mid afternoon. then the cold tonight down to the teens by dawn tomorrow. ne chance of snow is coming up at 5:51. what is going on now? >> first, i want to mention schools on a one hour delay. i wanted to pasta along. the issue 270 southbound. we're getting by to the right. that of course is very good. we have quite the backup as you head southbound toward 109. this problem kenil worth avenue closed. alternate is baltimore avenue. as far as travel times looking pretty good from germantown to the beltway. in virginia 66 east and 95 north looking pretty we're back in a couple of minutes with the latest
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good morning. we have bands of snow that are falling across northern virginia and maryland this morning. they're putting down a quick inch or two. right now we have one band coming out of the pan handle of west virginia into loudoun county. anotr band coming out of culpepper. and the areas in darker gray it's not snowing as much. the lighe color it's coming down harder. it's the one b here coming out of loudoun. these are putting on a quick one or two inches. a look at the next chance for snow is coming up at 5:51. >> thank you. it's 5:47 now. we're not the only ones affected by the huge winter storm. some p experiencing blizzard conditions. i to check in with water berry, connecticut. abby you are up to your knees in snow there.
5:48 am
pretty bad. >> reporter: yeah aaron. good morning. i'm about 5'5" on a good day to give you an idea. the snow drifts are getting pretty knee deep around waterberry connecticut. we're smack dab in the middle of the state. as you mentioned blizzard like condition. youy see blowing across my face. it was 16 inches two hours ago. now i think we're up to about 20 inches. we have the handy yardstick here. take a look at i-84. one of the main highways here in connecticut. t any drivers on the e the governor has a travel ban in effect since 9:00 last night. not many removal crews because there's so much snow to get ahead of. with the wliz around conditions with the wind combining with the snow is hard te blows on the highway again. that's why we're concerned about power outages here in connecticut. you can see our hotel parking lot, aaron, filled with trucks like these. power crews from across the
5:49 am
region from far away as canada have been called in here to deal with the blizzard like conditions. we know with td i it's going to cause more outages. it's swy here. i'm going to toss it to harry. has more on the conditions from massachusetts. here on long island the blizzard is picking up force. there's no question about it. very cold conditions. treacherous conditions. you can see over here over my left shoulder the crews are working very diligently. the salt spreaders, the snowplows, trying to keep this road at hempstead turnpike safe. even though there's a travel ban that has b issued by governor cuomo in nassau county. e seen a few people on the streets and a few cars going agaiban. meanwhile, it's the cold that is the biggest factor. when i take my gloves off, i feel like it's an instant windchill an instant frostbite
5:50 am
sensation. it a powdery snow. i walk here trying to walk off the sidewalk and i'm greeted by a large mound of powdery snow. going up close to my kneecap here. not easy to walk in. again, a tough blizzard. treacherous, very dangerous. if you're considering driving or walking. we are on long island. >> and o thanks to harry. we're watching the radar for you to see the snow in our area. we're to date on the road conditions as well. richard jordan is driving around northern virginia this morning. good morning. how is it looking out there? >> reporter: hey, we stopped in wood bridge. got out to show you the conditions we're dealing with here. light sw flakes. they're coming in waves and they are just adding up to what is already on the ground. take a welcome th is a parking lot. it turned icy. you canpractically bey that on to
5:51 am
the roadway and it is clear. that is because v dot has been hard at work all into the night. they have plows and snow trucks. you see one coming through hitting the roads. they hit all the major roadways. they're looking clear. they're looking good. haven't had any major issues on the roads this morning because of the pretreating and the plowg on overnight. but if you look across the street you can see the car dealership there. those cars completely covered. that's what you'll find when you head out this morning unless you park in a garage or some kid surface. you'll find the snow-covered vehicle there. you will need the ice scraper this morning. you'll need to brush it off. when you head to the untreated surfaces you want to be extra careful. as you saw, it is getting icy and slick out here. reporting live in wood bridge. thank you. we're talking about snow falling in our area as well. >> tom is here with us this
5:52 am
morning. you promised yesterday we would see places that got four inches plus of snow around the region. we did. at lot of folks today will have to deal with the cold and snow digging out. >> the difference between yesterday and today. yesterday morning we had above freezing temperatures. that was the saving grace for the morning commute. now overnight it's plummeted into the 20s. any snow that fell stuck. keep up with this when you're away from the tv with the storm team 4 weather app. it's a wea alert day today. we'll have frequent updates all morning long. we get snow bands across northern virginia and southeastern virginia. look ata. it's snowing around norfolk now. it's the peripheral effect of new england. we're not getting the blizzard but the snow falling across northern virginia pan handle of west virginia. it's tracking to the south and east. the metro area a few scattered flurries in fairfax, montgomery, thdist. snow totals from yesterday and overnight we had anywhere from 1 to 3 inch ses.
5:53 am
but 3 1/2 to 3 1/2 inches farther north and west. ger town had 3.8 inches. we have the continuing snow band activity. all these counties in purple under a weathe u 10:00 this morning for an additional 1 to 2 inches of snow. temperatures a sub freezing. we have it sticking to any untreated surface. through mid-morning by ku7 30 we'll have much of the snow beginning to move off into the southern maryland northern neck and that pretty much dissipating by 10:00. time stamp by noontime some breaks in the may a little sunshine. overnight under a clear sky. it's going to get cold. afternoon temperatures under the partly sunny sky with a blustery wind in the mid and upper 30s. to feel colder with
5:54 am
gusting to 25 to 30 miles per hour. i took this photograph of a rural road predawn this morning. watch out everything is snow covered. post your photographs on twitter. on facebook. i just shared that snow covered road photograph on instagram. tomorrow the sun back. teens in the mn highs mid 30s. another round of light snow. it looks like on thursday night. gone friday. sunshine back. melting on friday. thend saturday. highs near 30. might get a lyiy mix on sunday. rain snow sleet quickly ending sunday night. sun back monday low 40s. >> breaking news 270 southbound reopened at 109 old hundred road. we have a little bit of slow down. but the earlier tractor trailer that was jackknifed is out of the way. so you can now take 270 once
5:55 am
again. 355 was getting backed up anyway. that's is good. megan mcgrath is on her way. kenli worth road closed from a massive water main break. wide look at things overall everything looking pretty good. no major problems now. outbound 295 inside the beltway is a little bit slow. inbound a little bit slow before the beltway. nothing too abnormal. 66 here and 95 virginia looking pretty good. 95 virginia a little slow through dale city. normal especially for this time of morning for us. beltway at branch avenue is looking good for us now. at this point this morning but this is the headline here this morning. 270 south and old hundred road reopened after a crash about two hours ago. back at 6:01. weather and track on the 1s. thank you. a new voice reacting to the underground emergen that happened on the yellow line earlier this month. the head of the union that represents thousands of metro
5:56 am
employees criticized the transit agency. he said workers need more and better training and employees are discouraged from reporting unsafe conditions. metro said it surveyed workers and more than 80% said they felt comfortable re you may face higher electric bills if you live in virginia. they'll be able to raise the bills if a new bill makes it through the general assembly. the legislation would require the power company to maintain the base rate for eight years. but they will be able to increase fuel surcharges and other ridersy bills. it makes up over 50% of your . uber doing away with surge price at least during snowstorms. the deal was not all uber's idea. it's part of an agreement made with new york's attorney general last year. the company got a lot of complaints after charging people eight the regular rate during the 2013 blizzard. uber has set a cap on prices during high volume periods. apparently some snow bound
5:57 am
new yorkers are super lonely. hundre buddies started popping up. >> in most ads the person said they don't want to spend the day alone because maybe he or she inside for long periods of time. then lists the pluses including having netflix and hbo. apparently having the right television shows makes you desirable and the food and wine. >> we didn't call it blizzard buddies in my day. i'll leave it there. >> okay. we're tracking conditions for you right now on the road. as the winter weather brings more snow to the d.c. area. our storm team 4 x had 4 is gives you a live up to the minute view. we have crews in maryland and virginia tracking any potential . have you covered on news44 today at 6:00. stay wit
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on news 4 today. bracing for a rough commute as winter weather dumps more snow on the d.c. area. icy conditions already causing problems on the roads. we're tracking those troubled spots to help you make it
6:00 am
through the work morning. right now the snow is concentrated over most of the d.c. area. dropping steady amounts of snow on the region. it will stick around through most of the morning rush which won't make things easier for commuters. e federt and a lot of schools are reacting right now. federal agencies ar on a two-hour delay today with the option for unscheduled telework or unscheduled leave.w


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