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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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formation through the nbc washington app. fairfax county and page county schools will open two hours late today. let's go to storm team 4 meteorologist now for your forecast. >> maybe a little bit of patchy ice on some sidewalk, but most roads are looking really good. even the side streets and sidewalks that were shoveled yesterday. a clear sky now. headlines for this windchill wednesday, cold morning, blustery afternoon, and then tomorrow we may get a bit of a light wintry mix moving in late afternoon in to the evening hours. look at our windchills now down to single digits. far north and western suburbs. closer to the beltway windchills in the low teens to mid teens. and even right near the bay, windchills are in the mid teens. winds are gusting around 15 and 20 miles per hour. so layer up this morning. by 8:45 9:00 we'll still have windchills in the teens from the mountains all of the way to the bay. and we'll have the winds slowly
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diminishing a bit by noontime. windchill temperatures will be in the 20s throughout most of the and then by hid to late afternoon, our windchills mid to upper 20s as the winds do diminish. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine as get into the afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s chuck bell joins us live in the storm team 4 x 4 with your drive time forecast. now melissa, how rtsare the roads shall. 270 at old hundred road a lot different than this looked yesterday. remember we had the tractor trailer across the roadway here southbound. everything clear looking good. and the roads in general looking quite good this morning even though you you can see a little bit of snow on the grassy areas. the actual pavement is pretty dry. no major issues right now. taking a look at 66 now as you're headed in to town, if you're hopping on prince william parkway headed in to town you're fine. same thing outbound. no construction in the way. 95 at cardinal drive, everything
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looking quite good. taking a look here in prince george's county branch avenue pennsylvania avenue indian head and outer loop of the beltway also moving along quite nicely. a little bit to the north here 95 in maryland looking good northbound and southbound same thing as you're being look atlooking at bw parkway. i'll be be back in ten minutes. it's 5:02 right now. it is the big big out in new england. this video is from connecticut. the blizzard dumped up to 30 inches of snow. you can see the massive piles of snow as plows are working around the clock to clear the streets and parking lots. this morning many roads remain impassable impassable. and frigid waters flooded a massachusetts town after a seawall breach. some families had to be rescued by their neighbors. the damage is so bad, some homes may need to be torn down. and many areas are without you power. 5:03. let's get a sense of how all of
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the winter weather is affecting you, air travelers out there this morning. richard jordan is live at reagan national airport with more. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it looks like it will take a while for things to get up to speed back at airports across the country. primarily in the northeast. here at reagan already seeing cancellations to new york's laguardia, jfk also newark airport. logan airport in boston that airport had 23 inches. so it will take them a while to get things going again. most of the flights that were expected to come in from boston have already been canceled. there is only one here at reagan, a flight coming in at the jetblue flight expected to arrive at 7:40. that is the only one on the board still happening. so it looks like it will take a little while for things to get back to normal. part of the problem is that most of the major airlines still need to get their planes in position. many of them had moved them out of the storm zone ahead of the snow that was predicted to come
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in. so now they have to get those planes back in place. they also have to get the flight crews back in place, though it will take a while for things to get caught up. so if you have a flight to the northeast, new york, boston, check ahead, there is a good chance that that flight could either be canceled or if you're luke lucky just delayed. so we're here monitoring conditions. another raffletravel bullet point train service between new york and union station here in d.c. that is back up and rubbingnning on schedule. but trains to boston, that is a limited schedule. so if you're taking the train, something else to check out. richard jordan, new s. it should be easier to take a train to the northeast today as richard mentioned. amtrak says it is restoring normal service between d.c. and new york city. there will still be a modified schedule for trains continuing
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on to boston. and on lines throughout new england this morning. as the cold weather continues to hit our area homeless shelters are filling up. today d.c. will start its annual point in time count of the hopeless population. more than 1100 homeless children are living with their families in d.c. shelters. 1400 single men and women are also living in city shelters. earlier this month, we told that you d.c. general is at capacity. the city is leasing hundreds of hotel rooms to try to handle the overflow. a five month old baby is back with her mother this morning. police say the girl was taken at gunpoint last night by her father in poolesville. police are still trying to decide charges for deare denny. they say he drove a rental car to the mother's home and assaulted her before taking his daughter. denny turned himself in late last night to police in prince george's county. the baby was not harmed. the washington suburban sanitary commission says right now the sinkhole that swallowed a family's car in prince
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george's county is no longer dangerous. the company says it is completely contained and you crews are now finished replace placing that 12 inch water main that broke in bladensburg. you saw that breaking news here yesterday morning. you can see the car is out of the hole. it took a crane to remove it. right now crews are waiting for asphalt from out of state to cover everything back up again. the big sinkhole isn't the only issue wssc is dealing with today. the "washington post" says the company is asking for an extension to repair hundreds of miles of sewer lines if maryland. the epa says lines have leaked millions of gallons of raw sewage. wssc has until 2017 to get it fixed, but they behind schedule. police are searching for a suspect in a pretty bizarre hit and run departments. a woman driving a toyota suv hit two peds and kept going. the woman reportedly turned in
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to this driveway and scraped a car as she was trying to leave. one of the victims says she ran him and his partner over. the car lot is at the back of a building that also houses a barber shop. it was filled with kugss at the time. some used their phones to record the incident. and showed those videos to detectives. it is how 5:07. there could be a major leadership change at montgomery county public schools. plus a proposal that could change where your kids could go to school in prince george's county next year. where you can share your opinion. taking a look outside right how. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will have your drive time forecast. just 25 degrees o
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5:10. heads up if your child goes to school in prince george's county. tonight you'll have a chance to weigh in on shallome big changes. school officials are holding a public hearing on plans to change several schedule boundary grade structures and programs. the proposal includes closures of thomas clagget and tenken more elementary. the meeting is at 7:00 p.m.. today the board of education in montgomery county starts to talk about whether to keep its current superintendent. the "washington post" reports that several board members have lost confidence in dr. joshua starr. the board will meet today to start discussing whether to renew starr's contract. the "post" says several board
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members don't believe starr has done enough to close the achievement gap between white and minority students. final vote is not expected until march. well, it's now time to look at your weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:11. >> chuck bell is live with the 4 x 4 in prince george's county. >> reporter: good morning from the greenbelt metro station in prince george's county. cold outside this morning. you'll need all the stuff that you you got in the winter closet today. parka, mitt tens gloves hat scarf, it's a cold start. temperatures are in the 20s. windchills single digits an teens. long johns, parka, your gloves. you need everything. the good news is the roads are in very good he ride in and the ride home. we'll be back above freezing later this afternoon.
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highs today mid to upper 30s. fair amount of sunshine coming our way. so it will be a nice enough day to be outside. a little solar for the ear lobes. and i thank you and tom for the drive roads. maryland 95 at cherry hill road looking good. same thing fltraveling north and southbound 270. beltway at river road no problems there. wider look at things overall no major issues on the inner loop or outer loop. much of the construction now out of the way. 66 and 95 looking good as well. two school closings to tell you about. warren county schools are on a two hour frederick county maryland also on a two more delay. >> was that virginia or maryland? frederick county, virginia. >> sour about that. again, frederick county virginia one hour delay. warren county two hour delay. you may not like the speed
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cameras, and we're learning the district lost millions of dollars from them. and there could be possible changes following a deadly plane crash near the montgomery county air park. news
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16 after the hour. new this morning, the fbi investigating a series of new online threats against passenger planes. shall be posted on twitter yesterday that a bomb was on board four separate flights going across the u.s. all on different airlines. passengers and luggage were screened once all the planes landed. no bomb was found. the twitter account that posted the threats has been suspended. this is the fourth day in a row someone has threatened a plane on twitter. also new this morning, japan's prime minister is calling the isis militants who are holding two hostages ss ss despicable despicable. isis deadline expires later today.
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isis wants jordan to release a sue i'dicide bomber in exchange. today the president's pick for attorney general will answer questions on capitol hill. begin later for loretta lynch. she's been meeting with dozens of senators. she's expected to be confirmed but the gop is promising to grill her on issues ranging from civil rights to immigration. himselfalso today in ashburn, a man facing murder charges after detectives say he broke into his ex-wife's home and killed her husband. denise and cory madison had been married for just three months when this happened. you can search madison on for a link to the go fund me page that is raising money for the mad decemberdisson family. today a meeting to discuss tighter controls at 3407bmontgomery county airport as neighbors ask for the number of delights to be re flights to be reduced. six were killed when a plane
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crashed in to a gaithersburg neighborhood. 9 90% of the flights are training flights. >> it's a constant fear and fear that has increased with the years. >> news will4 cameras were allowed inside a private meeting between concerned neighbors and the montgomery county executive. the county is reviewing flights coming in and out of the airport and looking to change the times of operation at the airport. no word on when these changes will take place. today's meeting starts at 4:00 p.m. at the montgomery county council building. now to a story first on 4 a major break in a hit and run months after the crime happened. police arrested encame edna browne. police were able to track brown oig down at his job. he they seized his car. a heads up if you drive on 66. vdot will close eastbound lane
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just before the fairfax county parkway underpass intermittently between midnight and 5:00 a.m.. they're part of a cloelarger project on 66. as many of you know, big changes have been proposed for i-66. tonight you have the chance it weigh in. virginia transportation officials are holding public meetings this week to discuss plans to ease congestion. we all know i 66 is also pretty jammed. they want to add two you new toll lanes. specifics are still in the works. new rush hour toll for solo drivers inside the beltway may be a part of that plan as well. the toll could go into effect as soon as 2017. a lot of people say no matter what time of the day, there is some sort of delay. it's a tough -- >> a lot of roads like that ash here. around here. the party is ramping up at the super bowl. plenty of stuff to do and see.
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>> sarah dallof is live in phoenix where most of the festivities are happening. sarah, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, aaron and eun. a lot to look forward to today you including the opening of super bowl central here in downtown phoenix. it is a 12 block celebration that is free to fans. and one of the show pieces one of the showcase pieces is right here behind me it is a rock wall it has been dubbed the grand canyon experience. 30 feet tall climbing wall with a water fall oigdown the middle. last year in new york, it was a toe backboggan run. this year the grand canyon experience. all in all about a million people expected to visit the attractions. this year also marked another first for fans they were able to for the first time to buy tickets to media day. the patriots really brushed off any questions yesterday during media day about deflategate
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saying they want to focus on the game seahawks equally focused. one moment of levity yesterday, marshawn lynch notoriously uncooperative at media events did show, but he answered every question with i'm here to so i don't get fined. the nfl had threatened increasing fines against him if he did not speak to the press and did not attend media events. we also talked to the director and the producer of the super bowl broadcast coming up on sunday. they say they are all ready to go. and just to give you an idea that even the super bowl broadcast is supersized a regular sunday night game would use about 25 television cameras. they have added an extra 20 for this sunday. >> huge deal out there in phoenix. sarah dallof live for us. thank you. jim handly will have reports tonight frlsom phoenix. and super bowl xlix right here
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on nbc 4 sunday night. already here just like that. >> and we're looking at a little snow on sunday, so good time to stay in and watch if you need an extra excuse. to find out more about the impending weather and how frigid it is today, let's check in with tom kierein, weather and traffic on the 1s. >> and the only reason you're heerks here you'll get heavily fined if you're not. how much were you you fined on monday aaron? >> i'm only here -- no. >> well, we're starting off this morning with some blustery winds and i'd like to find the windchill temperature map. look at this. this is down just to 4 degrees with our windchill this gaithersburg. windchill at dulles now at 9. windchills around the metro area are just in the low teens. those cold biting winds will be with us you through the morning. look at our temperature, well below freezing. you might have a little bit of patchy ice, but really most of the roads, side streets and sidewalks are dry.
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they're looking great. thankfully looks like the morning commute will be all right. nothing falling from our skies. storm team 4 radar all clear. there is the clear sky over northwest washington. today we'll be in the low 20s by 8:00 a.m. bright and sunny along with blustery winds. by noontime near freeze. but above freezing midafternoon. mid to upper 30s. and then winds diminish tonight and by dawn tomorrow down to the mid-20s. afternoon highs, does look like we'll make it tomorrow in to the upper 30s. then a cold front approaches us on thursday late afternoon and evening. we might get a little sprinkle of rain in the metro area. maybe a few wet snowflakes north of us by thursday evening. all of it ending by midnight. so really not a big deal. then on friday 20s in the morning, afternoon highs mid-30s. so a little colder beyond that front and even colder on saturday with highs only near freezing about freezing. sunday maybe rain changing to snow and then rain and then snow
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again on monday. might get some accumulations north of the metro areas. that will be late sunday into monday. drying out on tuesday. next weather and traffic on the 1s hometown highs for the day ahead. how are the roads? looking good. nice and dry. 270 at father hurley boulevard, no problems. nothing in your way. same thing headed northbound. earlier construction is out of the way. 66 at virginia visitor center everything looking good here. no major issues. taking a look at 95 getting a tiny bit slow northbound passing through dale city. pretty typical for this early in the morning. around that bend we always see the volume building. beltway at kenilworth avenue no issues. and then a wider look at things nice and green and lots of movement. right now d.c. water you crews are trying to figure out what caused this leak near 16th and k-streets. part of that intersection was set down while water spewed out on to the roads yesterday.
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a busy road too. it's open now. wssc says the leak came from a 30 inch pipe underground. speed cameras lost millions of dollars in revenue last year. it seems that many were not properly maintained. the "washington post" first reported the problem. d.c. mayor bowser responded saying some of the cameras were not installed on time and many batteries were not replaced. a police spokesperson says the cold weather in 2014 was a factor in not being able to change the batteries. former mayor gray and police achieved cathy lanier said last year a change this driver be may have led to the drop in speed camera revenue. 5:26. in 4 your health a new noninvasive test could make it easier for doctors to spot heart disease. this test is called heart flow. it uses imaging technology to create 3d model of the heart. the test can tell whether an artery is blocked and also whether blood flow is impaired. previously multiple tests were needed to figure that out.
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some of them were invasive and all were costly. >> thes technology is to reduce costs, reduce the number of invasive procedures reduce radiation exposure to the patient and reduce events. >> theres say the test costs about $3,000. less than current diagnostic tests. they say it's more accurate at determining whether a blockage needs to be repaired. our time is 5:26. 26 degrees here in tenleytown. new this morning, president obama back at the white house following his trip overseas. we're live on capitol hill with the changes he faces with the republican-led congress. we're learning more details about the drone which landed at the white house causing stepped up security. what we now know about the man in a operated the drone. and it is so cold out there this morning. tom kierein will have your hour by hour hometown fore
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dunkin's new white chocolate raspberry lattes and coffees. rich white chocolate and fruity raspberry flavors topped with heart-shaped sprinkles. fall in love with one today. america runs on dunkin'. looking at the stories making headlines at 5:30, it is already cold out there right now. just 25 degrees outside of our studios in northwest washington. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein will let us know exactly what you can expect today. listpolice say a five month old girl who was taken by her father is back with her mother.
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police are still trying to decide on charges for deare denny. denny. there is a lot of cleanup to do after a sinkhole followed a car. crews are waiting for asphalt. good morning. i'm eun yang. it's wednesday january 28, 2015. >> and good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. a few school delays to pass along to you. fairfax county schools are opening two hours late today. so are page, warren county schools and frederick county virginia schools are on a one hour delay. now let's check in with tom kierein to get an update on the forecast. too cold for heme, tom. sdl . >> well below freezing, so any sidewalks that weren't cleared will be ice covered this morning. most streets are dry. woodbridge down to 25. by noontime getting above
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freezing. by midafternoon should be in the mid and upper are 30s. right now buoy is only low 20s there now. windchills in the teens. it will drop more by 8:00 a.m. by midafternoon ought to hit the mid-30s there. another hometown oakton just 20. and by 8:00 only going to be around 19 degrees. and then as we get to the afternoon hours getting a little above freezing there, bright and sunny. next weather and traffic on the 1s chuck bell joins us live with the storm team 4 x 4. a look at your bus stop forecast this morning. a water main break? >> brand new water main break in silver spring westbound university at piney branch. so take a look. westbound lanes understanding it's not really causing much of a problem it's on the right side right now. but still a warning here as we get traffic building. we could of course have a little bit of a slowdown there as they take care of that water main break. wide look at things overall, no major problems. taking a look at 66 you're on
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time there. no issues. 95 at mine road rolling right along just fine. and belt way at central avenue looking good as well. a little bit to the north here, 95 in maryland and bw parkway into and out of up tofof town looking good. travel types coming up. new this morning, president obama is now back at the white house. he stepped off air force one just a few hours ago go. he's already thinking about congress. in fact he was talking about them on the plane. tracie potts live on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. he was talking to them on the plane. we understand that nancy pelosi who was with the president in saudi arabia convinced him on the plane to drop his plan to tax 529 college savings plans. there were big name democrats along with republicans who were against that.
5:33 am
john boehner said it was a bad idea for the middle class.white house now confirming the president will not go forward with that. which he mentioned in his state of the union address. also coming up the keystone xl pipeline. they will try to get it on his desk. he's already said he will veto that. so we'll see if they have enough votes to override. and then finally immigration, homeland security funding running out next month. that's number two on the republican agenda on the senate side here. they're trying to get the and roll back the president's immigration orders. again something that he's not willing to go along with. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. the this afternoon the president will attend a formal farewell for chuck hagel. the president will speak at the ceremony in arlington. earlier this month, hagel went on a farewell tour of visiting several military bases. hagel is expected to be replaced by ashton carter.
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confirmation hearing for carter begin next week. president obama calling for new rules for drones. today we're working to learn the name of the man who crashed one into the white house plan. we're told he works for the nagsed a gee owe spacial intelligence agency. he says that he was drinking at the time. that drone led to heightened security at the white house. we don't know whether that man will be charged with anything. d.c. police are moving forward with granting a handful of people permits to carry concealed firearms in public. eight people have been given a permit since the department started accepting applications back in october. that's according to the "washington post". police say they denied permits to 11 applicants. 66 applied. 34 d.c. residents and 32 nonresidents. most of the cases are still pending. mayor bowser expected to talk about the homeless population across the city today. she will give the opening remarks at the point about it time count tonight. that count is a yearly census and survey of homeless people in the district. some lawmakers have criticized
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the district's ability to help the home last. especially during the winter months. a new report says you're at a big disadvantage if you don't have a college degree in the district. according to the d.c. fiscal policy institute, right now the difference between low and high income wages is at the biggests's been since 1980. the report says only people with advanced college degrees are making more as the city recovers from the recession. the "washington post" says d.c. mayor bowser plans to address the inequalities in her budget this spring. 6:35. today u.s. park police will swear in a new chief. robert maclean is a 23 year park police veteran. he will manage more than 700 employees and annual operating budget of horn $100 million. i'll be emceeing the ceremony at 10:00 this morning. winter weather not over yet.horn $100 million. i'll be emceeing the ceremony at 10:00 this morning. winter weather not over yet. we take a look at the blizzard conditions. plus a possible change when you pay for a taxicab in
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fredericksburg. and temperatures are only in the 20s and it feels colder. chuck bell will have your bus stop forecast coming up.
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big changes could be on the way for people who take taxis in fredericksburg. officials may he saidend the zone system there. the city's taxi board is recommending a flat rate of $8 for any trip within the city.
5:39 am
however some city council members say it might be too steep for low income residents. council members are asking for more information. heavy snow is still pummeling parts of maine. some cities have seen more than 16 inches so far and more than 2,000 people are still without power. tough going through. and our meteorologists are calling today windchill wednesday for a reason. >> it's bet eritterly cold morning out there. chuck bell live is at the greenbelt metro station where i assume people are bundled up. >> reporter: disindeed >> reporter: it is indeed a chilly one out here. tom, you should be outside, too. has lawrence welk would say, what should you put
5:40 am
polka, polka. we'll warn up a touch this afternoon into the low to mid-20s. but it will be cold for sure outside this morning. you'll need the extra layers for you first thing. make sure you god gothur uure you got your gloves on. i have the scarf on to protect my ear lobes. melissa melissa, do you have your park came parka, parka, parka on? >> what is going on? >> what is happening today? >> just playing along. 3 395 north at 14th have report of a crash off to the right side. not really seeing it on camera. we could see slowdowns because of it. westbound university boulevard at piney branch we have a water main repair off to the right hand shoulder. wider look at things overall no
5:41 am
major problems into and out of town. travel times for you, 270 south looking good down to the beltway. outer loop to 270 also looking good. a little slow 95 north quantico. 31 minutes. and 66 east to the beltway, 10 minutes. back to you. fwloo what what the smith stonesonian wants to before the hour.
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washington navy yard building 197 will reopen to workers this coming monday 16 months after the shooting rampage there. a ceremony will be held at 8:00 a.m. to reveal the renovation. 400 human resources employees will move into that building on monday and each week 400 more
5:45 am
workers will return until august 4,000 are back. among the new additions, a remembrance area to honor the 12 people who were killed there. this just in clarke county schools are opening one hour late today. 5:45 now. students at a prince george's county high school returned to class today, their first day a back after one of their classmates alledgedly shot two others and himself this weekend. police say the shooting happened at the shooter's home in clinton sunday after an argument over a video game. 16-year-old dunmore faces attempted murder charges. he's being held without bond. one victim remains in critical condition. all three attend frederick douglas high school and played on the football team. counselors will be on hand. a group connected to isis is taking responsibility for an attack at a luxury hotel in libya. ten people were killed at the corinthia hotel. the group pledged its a leenlg
5:46 am
yaps to isis. david berry who worked for a security firm was killed in that attack. the company's coo confirmed berry berry's death saying our company mourn this is extraordinary loss with his family and friends. the u.s. japan and south korea are nearing a deal to share intelligence with each other about north korea. envoys from the three nations held talks in tokyo today. the goal is to share and safe guard sensitive information on north korea's nuclear program. it's a tricky political issue. some south koreans voiced concerns about sharing intelligence with japan. the country's one time colonial ruler. you can learn more about the issue of human trafficking today in fairfax county. it's on the rise across northern virginia with teens being targeted in public places. tonight the risks of human trafficking will be discussed. the meeting starts at 7:00 at the west springfield high school
5:47 am
auditorium in spring field. a lawyer is preparing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit in response to the underground emergency on the yellow line earlier this month. pat reagan is representing the family of carol glover who died. he spoke to pat on the phone. >> there was a delay in getting the people out of there. and it was completely preventable. as tragic as this is it was completely preventable. >> glover was 61. reagan is the same lawyer who represented victims families after the deadly crash on the red line in 2009. he says he plans to file the lawsuit by the end of this week. d.c. may no longer be the only city to draw tourists to its trademark attractions. smithsonian institution says it has secured $50 million to possibly start building a museum outpost in london. the site would sit near stadium that hosted the 2012 summer olympics. this would be the first time in the smithsonian history that
5:48 am
it's had a permanent space outside the u.s.. 5:48 now a d.c. public charter school could shut down the amos 5 campus in northwest. a meeting was held last night to discuss the potential closure. leaders say the charter school license may be revoked and that would leave 1600 placechildren whout a place to go to dallasclass. tonight manassas park city schools is considering a year round schooling. it wants to start the year three weeks before labor day. that change could start as lerl i early as this fall. you you can head to to see how you can rsvp for tonight's 7:00 meeting. virginia commonwealth university says it will no longer require some applicants to submit their s.a.t. scores. it's not required if your child has a grade point average of 3.3 or higher.
5:49 am
about 800 universities have already dropped the s.a.t. requirement. gpa is cited as a better determining factor of cad meck success and says research shows a racial and socioeconomic by as on the s.a.t.s. mortgage company that helps people get new homes is getting a new home itself. fannie mae says it plans to move its headquarters to 15th and l streets northwest in downtown d.c. where the "washington post" is currently located. the new building is about to go up at that corner. fannie mae which is now on wisconsin avenue wants to consolidate all of its employees in to one building. the "washington post" plans to vacate that 15th street location early next year. today you can weigh in on the future of the prince william county land fill. plans are in the works to trabs form it into an eco park. lawmakers want to use the property to produce green energy, but they also want to build an education center to teach students about the environment. you can learn more at two meetings one at 3:00 and within at 7:00 at the department of
5:50 am
parks and recreation. here at the live desk, we're just getting reports that an alleged american isis commander has been killed. this photo provided to us by nbc news. look to your lower right. that is isis commander who claims to have lived in the u.s.. now, according to jihadis the high ranking figure is word on how or where he died. intelligence experts are saying that this source is reliable. nbc news cannot independently verify this report. 10 before the hour. and we are gearing up for super bowl xlix around here. just a few days left before the big game and for fans headed to arizona, there will be plenty of stuff to do between now and then. jim handly is in phoenix checking out what is on tap for today. we have a lot coming up today from super bowl central. the party starts today. concerts fireworks, we'll catch up with wounded warriors as they take to the field. i'm going to try to climb this
5:51 am
rock wall and stay tuned for the latest controversy. the next twists and turns we'll catch up with our nbc analyst tonight news 4 at 4:00 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00 live from phoenix. >> jim will give us an inside look all week long. you can also follow his behind the scenes experience on our nbc washington facebook page. >> and you know he'll find good food. that's one thing i know about jim handly. >> if there is good food to be had, he'll do it. want to turn to tom kierein now. really the story of the day is the deep dive we're taking in temperatures. >> and the wind. it is a cold nasty bitesing winding wind. it really is digging in deep. windchill in gaithersburg, 5. that's what it feels like. feels like 9 at dulles. windchills closer to washington around the beltway area in the teens. just low to mid teens. so layer up with everything you've got. our feels like temperature by around 8:00 this morning, still
5:52 am
just in the low teens. it will feel like the teens for the rest of the morning. and then by noontime the winds will diminish a bit as temperatures get up to around 30 windchills will be in the low to mid 20s. but still rather cold. temperatures right now well below freezing. there could be patchy ice on maybe unshoveled sidewalks or steps. so watch out for that. otherwise most roads, even the side roads and rural roads have been clearing out. look at this gorgeous snow we had yesterday. this is in middleburg virginia. this photo taken by lloyd ferguson. you can share your photos on my facebook page and twitter. and i share as well on instragram. hour by hour through the day today, we'll have a clear sky, our temperatures with bright sunshine will be into the upper 20s and low 30s by noon but then the metro area ought to get in the mid and upper 30s. winds will still be blustery throughout much of the day with bright sunshine. here is new model timing on a little bit of maybe wet snow and
5:53 am
sprinkles moving in tomorrow. this is as of 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. pink zone is a little sleet, a little bit of wet snow perhaps sprinkles in the metro area. a dusting of snow to our north up near the pennsylvania border. and then most of it passing eaves of the east of the bay by midnight. as we get into friday we'll have it into the mid-30s with sunshine. cold day on saturday. looks like a little more potent storm may be moving in sunday night, maybe a little bit of rain changing to ♪ snow. then maybe back to rain on monday. changeing to ending as snow monday afternoon and then sun back tuesday. i think the windchill has gotten to chuck bell's head. melissa's too. >> and now i'm look losing my mind. all i can do is play with him. they start laughing and it's all
5:54 am
done. >> you're to godoing the right thing. >> thank you. in rockville, westbound sgchlt udu gude closed because of a truck. wider look overall, inner loop and outer loop moving nicely. westbound yfd at pineuniversity at piney branch, water main work. west overall 95 northbound here slow spot through dale city. 17 miles per hour. pretty nasty. a heads up if you drive on 66. vdot the will close eastbound lanes before the fairfax county parkway underpass intermittently between midnight and 5:00 a.m.. the work was supposed to happen monday night, but was canceled because of the snow. the closures are part of a larger project on i-66 to install new overhead began fridays. big changes are proposed for 66.
5:55 am
tonight you can weigh in at a public meeting.big changes are proposed for 66. tonight you can weigh in at a public meeting. vdot would like to add two new toll lanes though specifics are still in the works. it could go to effect in 2017. the meeting tonight at battlefield high school starting at 6:00. apple made major gains following the release of its iphone 6. landon dowdy joins us now with more 4 your money. >> good morning. keep watch on shares of apple today. they jumped in after hours trading last night as the company reported record profits during the quarter. tim cook says apple is luring customers away from rivals that use android. cook also says apple will start shipping its new smart watch in april. miles per hours are rediscovering their love for burgers. a research firm says 9 billionburgers were served at restaurants last year up 3% from 2013. first gain in five years.
5:56 am
and that means every person in this america ordered a burger about every two weeks. in xwarcomparison grilled chicken fell 9%. back to you. thanks landon. cities and counties in northern virginia are the fastest growing in the state according to a new report. this comes out of the university of virginia. loudoun, arlington, prince william and stafford are all among the top five for growth since 10 20 10. fredericksburg alexandria and manassas are the top three cities with new people. quite the spectacle under way at the washington auto show. nine people surrounding a car trying to keep touching the hyundai sonata to win it. the handle competition ends at noon on sunday. until then contestants will be given 15 minute breaks every three hours even if they all make it until sunday, only one will be randomly chosen to get
5:57 am
the winning key for that car. good luck. >> they should have to stand. if you're sitting anybody can sit there for a good long while. that guy in the back? he looks like a winner. >> he'll be ifn for the long haul. people in young digging out after a powerful storm. the impact it's having on travelers trying to get out of the d.c. area. and we're taking a live look. 25 bridgefrigid degrees. our meteorologists are working on the timing of when we'll get a warm-up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on news"news 4 today"," people across the northeast are digging out as airlines try to get service restored after the powerful winter storm. >> and you'll notice a crass tick difference as drastic difference outside. temperatures have plunged. and with strong wind gusts, it will feel like temperatures are in the teens. >> they are brutal. this morning the winds gusting
6:00 am
around 20 miles per hour. there is the sky over washington now. we're clear, but a blustery frigid morning. and blustery afternoon, too. winds will still be gusting through much of the day. a then a wintry mix is looking a little more likely for late on thursday. look at these windchills closer to washington now, gaithersburg down to just six. fairfax county near 10 degrees. windchills in prince george's county only around 10. and near the bay, windchill ps are in the mid teens. the feels like temperature by 8:00 this morning will still be just near 10 to low teens. and then the windchills will be a little more t


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