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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 31, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> at 6:00 you're looking live at our storm team 4 radar and the system hitting the middle of the country is heading our way. police are trying to identify a body found in the potomac. we'll have a report live ahead. >> good evening. i'm chris lawrence. off the top at 6:00 an investigation is underway after police found a body in the water near reagan national airport. officers pulled it out of the potomac river this afternoon. darcy spencer is live near thomas avenue with new details.
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darcy. >> well chris, i just got off the phone a short time ago with d.c. police. they are handle this case. they say they are still working to identify the body. the body was found across the waterway from where i'm standing very close to reaganan national airport property. let's go to some video shot earlier today when d.c. police were still on the scene. right now police are not saying if the body was that of a man or a woman or an approximate age. it was found near four mile run, and a walker trail off of thomas avenue in arlington. again, very close to the airport. sfwroo i never felt unsafe before but, yeah it's used quite a bit. i'm kind of shocked. they found somebody around noon. i mean i don't know if it happened overnight or what but during the day it's very safe. >> d.c. police tell me that the body has been taken to the medical examiner's office for an autopsy. right now this is being handled as a death investigation. we're reporting live from northern virginia darcy
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spencer, news 4. >> thanks darcy. also new tonight police are looking for witnesses to come forward as they investigate a deadly accident in march low heights. today police said a teenager from d.c. has died from his injuries. thursday a car cut off a beach cause it to swerve. dick was walking nearby when he hit it. it was 19 years old. >> you are looking live at our storm team 4 cam. clear skies now, but storm could affect your big plans tomorrow. >> once we hit 8 p.m. this is when steady rain starts to move into the area. we can see sleet and freezing rain mixed in. especially for areas north of the d.c. metro area.
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the obama administration is trying to confirm. >> a man with a british accent threatening to execute others. goto was captured in october after he went to syria trying to win the release of another hostage. the white house says it stands with japan to condemn the apparent execution. in atlanta whitney houston's only child was found unconscious in a bathtub, but doctors say she is alive and breathing. brown's husband and a friend found her in the tub this morning unconscious. now, we're just weeks away from the third anniversary of whitney houston's death. she was found submerged in the bathtub in a beverly hills hotel. doctors say cocaine and heart disease contributed to her
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death. today residents and officials agree that it has taken far too long for fairfax county to finish its investigation into a police shooting from 2013. john gear was unarmed when a police officer shot and killed him. derek ward shows us that they're answering some questions, but raising new ones. >> i want to say the fairfax county officers deserved the benefit of the doubt, but that does not mean that they can never be doubted. >> county residents still want answers about the gear shooting nearly three years later. it came up during a general q & a session and aboard of supervisors hearing a day after 11,000 pages of documents from the investigation into the shooting of john gear. keith harm osama bin laden says it's taken too long and it's been too secretive. sfoot fairfax ward seeks to change the policy to one of transparency and create an independent review board to give officers fair treatment but have
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some accountability. >> the board decided not to establish or consider establishing the independent citizen review board and opted instead to have an internal audit review. loo torres explains he saw gear lower his hands and make a quick movement towards his waist. he says i fired a shot through the screen door and hit him. police would eventually storm the house, but gear was already dead. the release of the documents and the reaction from board members didn't impress some of those who have been following this case. >> one pressed on the questions generic answers, nothing that i heard today shows any real change. >> ferguson ohio new york. those guys are getting way better shaichat justice than we are. i mean they are getting disclosures. i spoke with don gear, and he says he hasn't had a hands to read the whole report yet. from what he says he says it confirms some things he has
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already felt. he said in the end what he would like to see is have yous. in fairfax county derek ward news 4. >> for most of the day water was gushing down a steep hill in a northwest d.c. neighborhood. an eight inch water main ruptured early this morning. with the temperatures so cold the water started to freezing. some customers lost their water and police had to shut down parts of harvard street near the national zoo. dpw crews put down salt and sand. crew hz to work most of the day to fix it. people who had to do this said virginia dmv ran into some problems today. an i.t. issue with the computer sparked all the dmv offices to lows. a system recovery enabled some of them to reopen but dmv is saying try to go on-line and use now if you can. which cars are being pulled off
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the roads those folks got one-on-one help to make sure they're covered. >> 55 cases and gone unanswered under the leadership of roger goodell. >> this group is tackle aing controversial issue head on and on the eve
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>> time is running out to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. the deadline is february 15th.
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today some folks in germantown got help signing up through the maryland health connection. so far this year more than 185,000 people have been rolled on the maryland health connection website. dmes ache abuse has been a big issue for the nfl this year. highlighted by the ray rice case and how the league handled it. on super bowl sunday two ads will address the issue during commercial breaks. one is funded by the nfl. the other by a d.c.-based advocacy group called ultraviolet. they sent an ad saying real fans won't stand for violence. >> not only do they see it as unacceptable but 55 cases have gone unanswered under the leadership of roger goodell. they also see the nfl and the players themselves as role models as leaders right in this country. >> it's the group behind the _#goodell must go calling for the commissioner to be fired. in nbc 4 as your super bowl station, coverage starts at noon. kick offat 6:30 sunday night. stay tuned after the game for an
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all new episode of "the black list" followed by a special news 4. still to come meteorologist amelia seagull is tracking a storm headed our way. we'll tell you what kind of impact it may have on you. washington redskins how he and other we thought our cable internet
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>> former redskins collins has traded in his big plays for a paint brush. jim manly went one-on-one to find out what's the story behind this? by a former red skin who won the super bowl back in 1991. >> you never know what it's going to turn out to be. >> andre collins one of six former redskins who paint and donate to help other retired players. >> transition from this game can be an emotional experience. >> we try and provide some stability for the players and
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for their families. for collin and other athlete artists, the painting is therapeutic. >> i just felt like my life was too football heavy, and i found out for so many other players that your life is just -- it's too much football. >> also the national -- he has one of the biggest charity parties this super bowl week. reporting in scottsdale arizona, jim handily, news 4. >> if you still need help planning your big super bowl party. we have you covered. from decorations to food. nbc washington's pinterest page is all the inspiration you need to get your bash the envy of all your neighbors.
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amelia and i will be contributing to a pot luck. the whole crew has thrown everything together. we'll be working tomorrow but the storm looks like after the game now or -- >> here's the thing. we're definitely going to be looking at rain tomorrow evening. maybe a little bit of a wintery mix. the rain that's for sure. that gets here around 8:00 p.m. during the day on sunday there's only the hands that we're dealing with the wintry mix. namely snow and sleet.
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snow and sleet. it's in the metro area and then to the north. the counties that border pennsylvania back into the panhandle of west virginia. this is when rain and sleet, the area here in pink starts to move into the area. as you are heading home most of them only dealing with rain but areas well north monday morning, a soggy start. the game comes to an end by 1:00 p.m., and after that the winds kick up. it will be windy monday afternoon. here are the headlines. there's a chance of that wintry mix during the day. again, about 50%. especially for those of you north of washington. what is definite is we'll be
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tracking rain tomorrow evening on into the first half of monday. i posted the latest timing on my facebook and twitter pages. can you check that out as well. roads to watch tomorrow night into early monday are going to be parts of 72 1540 route 81. as far as the school day goes on monday delays are possible north of washington. i think everybody else is going to be heading to school on time. you start to dry out a little recess. dismissal, it's windy. temperatures right now in the 20s and 30s. 34 degrees is the temperature in washington. it's a cold but dry start tomorrow morning. 26 by 11:00 a.m. the temperature around 33. until 3:00 p.m. there's a chance of a wintry mix. cold but dry and breezy on tuesday, chris. the high of 34.
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then after that a string of dry weather with temperatures for the most part below average. highs in the 30s. >> all right. not looking too bad. thanks amelia. >> automakers have issued another massive recall tonight involving air bags that could go off without warning. it involves more than two million toyotas, chryslers, and hondas made in the early 2000s. the national highway traffic safety administration says the vehicles were recalled before, but not all of them were fixed. you can find a complete list on nbc still ahead, a lot of missed chances for the cavs against the canadiens. jason is up next with sports and be sure to join us on the super bowl zone tonight at 7:30. we'll take a seat on one of the f-16 jets that's going to fly over tomorrow's game and get the nfl fan exper
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thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now.
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could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. this is the xfinity sports desk. your home for the most live sports. >> well if you love a good high-scoring hockey game this one was not for you. >> defense, had a good time watch this game. we have not seen the capitals struggle like this all season long. losers in five of their last six games, including a recent five
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had game losing skid on the road. good ercht defensively from the caps but the offense was lacking. it's the first time they've lost in montreal since 2010. this one a battle between the pipes, to say the least. braidon hopy facing kerry price. these two did not disappoint. we were scoreless in the first period. aaron fair loses the puck. ward grabs it. tries to sneak it past price. he is not having it. ward with a good look, but he can't cash in. still on the power play. rocket off the post again. the caps can't catch a break. luckily, their goaltender kept him in it. 20 seconds to go. stopped by braden. the rebound. swept away by matt. 29 saves in the game for braden.
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price had 36. the capitals they lose a heart breaker. from overtime. 1-0. >> not much downtime with the capitals. they're back in action tomorrow at home. the jolla s beat up in creighton today. fans make signs of themselves and dance with. myself not him. first half. georgetown up five. the real draw. knocks that down. he scored 15 points. georgetown lead is up to 14.
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a few plays later, it's dsr again. 24 for him. georgetown went on a 31-3 run. creighton missed 23 consecutive shots in this game at one point. crews pass creighton 67-40. the basketball. martin grabs it. a little give. martin throws it down. huge dunk. 15 points for martin. better than that one right there. ryland up 11. after halftime. back come the colonials. kevin larson usually see him in the post but he knocks down the three-pointer there. gw up one. more from the colonials. the rainbow three-pointer is good. that's put g.w. up six.
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back comes rhode island. they were hosting richmond. up by six at halftime. came back down. just two now. t.j. cline. that's good. the spiders take a one-point lead over vcu. they were in the half. it's the kindle anthony show. richmond up seven. anthony getting started. spider on top six. that three-pointer added to the lead. he had a game high 22 points. richmond starting to pull away. scary moment for vcu. weber goes down and landed awkwardly. he had to be helped off the court. he returned to court on crutches. 14th ranked vcu.
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they fall to richmond 64-52. also a very huge game tonight for second ranked virginia. the cavaliers. they're at home tonight. hosting fourth ranked duke in charlottesville. serena going for the grand slam title. sharapova's return hits off the net. a wicked back hand. she took the first set 6-3. second set now. serena up 6-5. maria on the serve. looking to a tie break. she does exactly that with the big-time forehand. championship point for serena.
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serena realizes she won the open. she continues to celebrate. she takes it 6-3, 7-6. >> share poefal cannot beat serena. >> for like a decade. domination. >> great player against everybody else though zoosh yeah she is. 96 hours and counting. the hands on contest is going strong at the washington auto show. the last person standing gets a
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on this saturday night, brutally murdered. the terror group isis claims to have beheaded another hostage after a deal for his freedom being so close. what went wrong? more than 2 million vehicles recalled again due to faulty airbags. why wasn't the problem fixed the first time? found unresponsive whitney houston's daughter rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious in a bathtub. taking a stand. some of the country's top universities make some big changes to prevent sexual assault, but it's not without some controversy. and no-fly zone. the debate over drones and a stark warning from the faa ahead of


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