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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 6, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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body. this is still, again, under investigation. we spoke with prince george's county police earlier. this is what they had to say. >> we would definitely encourage anybody with any information on this to call our crimestoppers hotline. they can remain anonymous. >> reporter: again, this was a check on welfare call that got prince george's county police out here around 11:30 this morning. still investigating to try and figure out exactly what has happened here. people who live here say it's a quiet build, they were surprised to see police out here, that most of the folks who live here are elderly people and they don't see these kinds of situations here. on news 4 at 6:00 more reaction from neighbors as they deal with what has now become a murder scene. reporting live at adelphi, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. new trouble tonight on the tracks. smoke blows into the dupont circle and cleveland park
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stations today. at least one train had to be offloaded. >> this latest incident comes as d.c. officials react to the news that the majority of the city's firefighters are not specifically trained to respond to emergencies on metro. >> news4's mark segraves spoke with the mayor today and the fire chief. he's live at the dupont station. mark? >> reporter: jim, dozens of firefighters responded here to dupont circle and cleveland park for what turned out to be a brake on fire on a metro train today. it was just a few weeks ago we had that deadly accident at l'enphant plaza. and while today's accident turned out to be minor and no one was hurt it once again raises concerns that the d.c. fire department is not doing enough to train its nearly 1,700 firefighters for incidents just like this. today it was a ma meth row car's brakes that caught fire to fill the car and station platforms with smoke. last month smoke in a metro
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tunnel claimed one life and sent 80 to the hospital. at a council meeting, the public learned only 100 d.c. firefighters were trained far metro incident last year and more than half of the firefighters in the district have never had that specialized training. >> i don't think anybody expected that only 100 of our firefighters were trained in one year and we will step that up. >> reporter: d.c.'s fire chief says he's already ordered increased training. >> it's every day. we're putting two or three companies out every day. >> reporter: chief jones says every d.c. firefighter will be trained and then retrained on responding to metro and any rail accidents. the head of the d.c. firefighters union wants d.c. to have its own metro cars to train on just like the military has. >> i want to see a couple metro railcars sitting at the training facility versus going out to landover so we can have unlimited access to train as much as we want to. >> reporter: the chief and the mayor also pledged today to keep up on the radio testing.
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you'll recall there were communication breakdowns in the tunnels and recent testing found ten failures. you heard the head of the union say he'd like to have their own cars at the metro station here at the training facility for firefighters. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from muriel bowser, the mayor, on why that might not happen. mark segraves news4. right now it is school spirit and school security at top of mind at frederick high in maryland. police think a gang rivalry may have led to a shooting outside a game on wednesday night that wounded two teenagers. one is now out of the hospital. law enforcement will be at the game tonight, standard for all athletic activities. the u.s. intelligence community tonight is working every angle right now to investigate the isis claim that an american hostage was killed today in an air strike. the hostage is 26-year-old kayla mueller. isis claims she was buried in
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the rubble of a building hit by jordanian aircraft. again, that is not confirmed and isis offered no proof today. jordanian officials call the claim sick propaganda. mueller is from arizona. she was working for doctors without borders when she was kidnapped by isis back in august of 2013. a whistle-blower is on trial in d.c. and the police chief was on the stand today strongly defending her actions against an officer who was demoted. that officer claims it was retaliation for exposing the department's his riff of providing police escorts to celebrities. news4's derrick ward just left those proceedings. he joins us live from d.c. superior court. derrick? >> reporter: well you know, it's not often that hollywood and the political life here in washington polywood if you will collide. usually when they do something interesting happens and that's what you have today. ouf the chief of police taking the stand in d.c. superior court in a civil case brought by one of her own opinion you could say
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it was all started bay tweet from actor charlie sheen telling of his police escort from dulles airport back in april of 2011. she showed the speedometer of the vehicle he was riding in and bragged about it a little bit. that spawned an investigation into just who gets an initial escort then commander of the special operations division hilton burton testified before the city council about the relative frequency in which celebrities got such escorts, which contradicted chief kathy lanier and assertions she made earlier. burton would eventually be demoted and in turn sue the chief and the city claiming he was being retaliated against. today in court chief lanier mentioned it's burton's handling of the sod division specifically a barricade incident in 2011 in which a suspect died. she said those were among the reasons that burton was demoted. she also talked about pushback from burton against the department's chain of command. while burton did not appear to be a player in the sheen escort
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lanier says she wishes she'd gotten on top of the celebrity escort issue sooner than she did. now, who's gotten celebrity escorts here in d.c.? well britney spears for one, believe it or not. not because she was a star we were told in testimony here today, but because she was a star a celebrity where there happened to be a threat associated with her appearance. now, the chief was on the stand for the later part of today's proceedings. they didn't finish up with her direct testimony. they expect to have more next week. right now live outside d.c. superior court, derrick ward news4. someone's going around firing shots into people's homes in a virginia neighborhood. the stafford county sheriff's office got reports of shootings from homeowners in white oak last night. bullets piercing the sides and windows of at least four homes on forest lane. forest lane road. the same happened to several other homes in that area last week. no one has been injured. so far investigators think the
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gunman is using a rifle. everyone in the area is urged to look out for suspicious active ty. it will likely be june or july before jesse matthew will face sex assault charges in fairfax county. the judge delayed the trial today to give matthew's lawyers more time to analyze dna evidence. prosecutors did not object. matthew is accused in the 2005 sex assault in fairfax and also charged with abducting uva student hannah graham. a d.c. elementary schoolteacher charged a sexually abusing a child is out on bond. leroy ware works at minor elementary in northwest d.c. a 9-year-old boy told his mother the police and another school employee that ware had touched his private parts. the documents also say ware admitted to doing so in a police interview and also said that it was inappropriate. he's been ordered to stay away from the child and the school indefinitely. we're still waiting to see if people in this prince george's county neighborhood will have clear roads and running water when they get home
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tonight. repairs are still under way today to fix an 84-year-old water main that broke here in capitol heights on cedar heights drive. water was gush do you think the street as you see this morning. the washington suburban sanitary commission says only a few customers have lost service. we turn now to the weather and doug another temperature swing in the works for our weekend. >> a big temperature swing, jim. we were at 9 degrees for the windchill last night, and by sunday we'll be at 59 degrees. that is a huge swing, but today we're still on the cold side of things. take a look outside right now, 32 degrees in d.c. 30 in gaithersburg 29 right now in leesburg. those are the windchills across the yair. if you're going out and about on this friday night, thank goodness it's friday it will be a little on the chilly side but next cup dales the roller coaster continues. we're starting off cold but moving up so slowly. i'll show you just how warm things get this weekend coming up. in alexandria today, many
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who knew ruth ann delgado are remembering the beloved music teacher who was shot do death one year ago today. charles severance is charged in her murder and the murder of two other residents. we report on this musical legacy that continues with a strong following. ♪ hello, everybody, so glad to see you, hello ♪ >> reporter: it was ruth's signature song to greet the children in her music together classes. she led the popular program for two decades until she was shot to death last february 6th as she answered the door at her alexandria home. but the tragedy hasn't stopped the music, hasn't stopped steady stream of toddlers and their parents. >> we didn't know what the family would want to do, if they wanted to keep it going or not, and they quickly made it known that they did and in mer memory they wanted it to go on. ♪ i'm walking down the street, street, street ♪ >> reporter: it wasn't long
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before the joy of her music boomed through the classroom again. one teacher won't dwell on this date day-to-day on the calendar the date she was killed. >> i didn't get melancholy because i'm still doing this on a day-to-day basis. when the children come in it washes all those -- it erases all those feelings of sadness. >> reporter: the music together teachers say while they have kept the songs coming it's the family ruth ann's husband, norm and daughter lucia in particular who have taken over the business side of the program. >> they're strong determined kind people and they -- they're just full of love and encouragement. it is a living legacy. it keeps going. the music brings people together and the familyies really respond to it. >> reporter: on news 4 at 6:00 a new permanent tribute to ruth ann and how her neighbors are marking this day.
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a federal judge has ordered a new round of court hearings on whether john hinckley should be given longer leaves from a washington mental hospital. doctors at the hospital want to allow hinckley to spend roughly half the year in his mother's hometown of williamsburg. the government opposes that plan. a federal judge has ordered a risk assessment for the end of march. it's been nearly 34 years since hinckley attempted to assassinate president reagan. breaking right now, ntsb is set to release new information on that deadly metro north crash in new york. a man shot and killed by a fairfax county police officer. i'm david culver. investigators launch a sex investigation at a local nail salon tonight.
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judge ordered internal affairs to be made public in the john gear case. northern virginia reporter david culvert just stepped out of the courtroom with an update for us. david? >> reporter: jim, this is a big win for the family of john gear. essentially today's order now forces the fairfax county police which is right across the street here to release the internal affairs records on the officer responsible for shooting and killing john gear. that officer is adam torres. he shot and killed gear on august 29th 2013 while gear stood unarmed in the doorway of his springfield home. police said he later had a gun on a nearby stoop. for 16 months fairfax county police refused to release any information on the criminal investigation, even withholding it from prosecutors. in december, the judge ordered police to make public the 12,000 documents and reportings from the criminal investigation. they say just five months before killing gear officer torres had a meltdown with a prosecutor in
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a separate court proceeding. now, today's ruling means that the gear family and their attorneys will get access to what if any action the police action took against torres after that incident. it's also going to reveal the names -- this is important -- of the supervising officers who were on scene at the time that torres shot gear. the judge said that the fairfax county police department has until february 20th just two weeks from today, to release those documents to the gear family. we're going to bring you the reaction from the attorneys. we're standing by for them to come out of the courtroom. we'll bring you that ahead at 6:00. plus we'll it will you the one thing that could happen in the next two weeks that could keep these documents from being made public. we're live in fairfax, i'm david culvert, news4. and new at 5:00 do you recognize the man in these photos? metro police are trying to identify him because they're investigating cell phone robberies at the deanwood station on the orange line in northeast d.c. the suspect approaches victims,
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grabs their phones out of their hands. if you recognize him, call or text the metro police. also new at 5:00 tonight, a gun-toting wig-wearing bank robber went to great lengths to hide his real identity. check out these pictures just into the newsroom. the fake beard bandit stormed the suntrust bank on leonardtown road in waldorf yesterday. he pointed a gun at the teller and stole cash. charles county deputies tell us the robber is in his mird 30s to early 40s. he's at least 5'5" but they don't have much else to go on. and the charges are now official in a botched illegal cosmetic procedure that killed a woman in prince george's county. prosecutors have indicted vinny taylor for murder assault, reckless endangerment. they say he illegally injected silicone into a woman's butt at a hotel in capitol heights last year. that woman got an infection and died days later. investigators don't know what kind of silicone taylor was injecting and they say he has no medical training.
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inspectors are checking on a home damaged when a van crashed into it. this video is truck removing the van from a driveway in silver spring. we're told this van was backing um hit a parked car around 11:00 this morning, then the driver lost control and hit the house there. there were no serious injuries. congratulations, you made it it's friday. >> yes! it's friday! >> look like we've got some nice weather coming in. >> we really do. we've been watching this storm all week long to see where this next storm was go. it's going far enough north it's going to drag up so much warm air, we'll be in the 50s come tomorrow and near 60 i think during the day on sunday. i'm coming to your house by the river, wendy. let's show you what's happening. it's a little on the cool side and we've seen a lot of cloud cover today but seeing a little bit of sun before it sets in about the next 20 minutes. it is a cool 38 degrees with a windchill of 32 so well below average for this time of year. we're not going to see much more in the way of cold air come over
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the next few days. it's just going to be the milder air. already milder to the southwest. that's where the warm air is coming from. 42 in charlottesville, 41 winchester 35 over there towards annapolis. again, it is a fairly cold evening and it will be cold. make sure you bundle up if you're heading out. storm team 4 radar not showing anything not picking up anything around our region but we have a lot of cloud cover. those clouds making their way in from the north and west. notice they continue to move in. i do think we'll see some clouds overnight during the day tomorrow too, although we will mix in some sunshine here and there. our next storm that's going to help was the warmer air not only going to do that but what it's going to do winter storm watch, once again for parts of boston, pick up 8 to 12 inches putting them over 60 inches for the year. meanwhile, we're down here in lowly d.c. with less than 5 inches in most arias, and look what we get out of this. nice mild weather. some of you out there are rejoicing at this weather. 52 in d.c. 54 in fredericksburg 49 in gaithersburg a beautiful afternoon, but it gets even
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better. travel, no problems. exercise best day we've seen in a while. get out and about you bet, enjoy it. tomorrow will be fantastic. no excuses not to get out to the playgrounds with the kids during the day tomorrow. 59 on sunday. once again, even warmer. that storm system still comes through here but now it just gives us a chance for some shower activity and that's really it. 53 degrees on monday. it will cool things off on tuesday, yeah a slight chance of some flurries late monday night into tuesday, but that's it. then we get into some real serious cold i think next week. thursday and friday. temperatures 35 on thursday, a high only 25 degrees on friday. when chances of snow with that always possible with cold air, but we'll talk more about that pattern as it sets up at 5:45 this evening. for right now, a lot of people out there loving this weather. the rest of us snow lover, we're doing the snow dance. i don't know if you heard about this but we're doing it. dupont circle tomorrow around 11:15.
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>> wa p.a. -- pajamas? >> it's not a real thing. don't come. >> tweet that out, douglas. listen up if you want to save ten bucks on its cell phone bill. >> verizon is cutting costs on its data plan but there's a catch. a star nba point guard had some not so nice things to say about a female rookie referee. what he said and how the refs are responding.
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jayson werth will begin his final weekend in jail today. he'll report to the fairfax county jail later today to days of a five-day sentence. he was convicted of reckless driving, you'll recall going 105 miles an hour on the beltway last summer. werth is being allowed to serve jail time on the weekends so he can rehab from his shoulder surgery during the week. an nba all-star is under fire tonight for comments he made about a female referee who gave him a technical foul. >> and now those comments have led to a broader discussion about the role of a female ref in professional sports. diana is here to take us through this. >> the nba is reviewing the comments made by l.a. clippers' chris paul. this might not be for her, is what he said referring to rookie referee lauren hopecamp. paul made the comments after last night's game. here you see him give him the
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technical foul after he questioned her during the game. paul said about the call, "a that's ridiculous. if that's the case this night mott be for her." many across the country thinking this was a knock at her gender. this afternoon the national basketball referees association tweeted out this statement. "after the review, the calls meat by miss holtkamp are fully justified. we deplore the unprofessional comments made by chris paul. #shebelongs." check that out on twitter. holtkamp is not scheduled to officiate friday. we'll continue to follow developments on the story. back to you. want to save ten bucks on your next cell phone bill? >> why a major carrier is slashing prices straight ahead. investigators reveal who may be to blame in a major insurance company hack attack. consumer reporter erika gonzalez will show you how you can protect yourself. and a sex investigation at a local nail salon. what an employee is accused of doing.
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women who went to a nail salon say they were sexually abused. the shop is at dupont circle's neighborhood. >> a nail technician is having to answer to accusations. kristin wright is in the studio to tell us how long this has apparently been going on. >> the nail tech was arrested in december. since then investigators learned of a third woman who says he touched her at the nail salon.
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hung nguyen was just in court on the new charge. a nail tech at color nails and spa is charged with touching women at the spa. court records say hung nguyen who goes by "tiger," inappropriately touched three clients between november of 2013 and last august. an employee and friend tells news4 the allegations are not true. >> i think he didn't do it. i don't believe that he did. >> reporter: one woman says after a pedicure the defendant later began to massage her shoulders, then put his hand inside of her shirt, according to charging documents. suspect then placed his hand inside her pants. >> he's still working, i think, right now. he's still working. >> reporter: the owner of the hair salon downstairs is also one of tiger's customers. >> my reaction would be surprise shocked. i've been in for him to do anymy nails and i never saw that
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really, in him. >> nguyen is facing four counts of sex abuse. he has a trial date set for april. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. we just got new video in of the aftermath of a car ramming into a local organic grocery store. you can take a look. a mercedes-benz jumped a busy sidewalk. this is right along h street northeast. it slammed right into the front window of the h street organic market. now, police aren't saying yet what caused the driver to lose control, but they could, in fact be cited. it's also unclear if anyone was hurt inside that store. at the live desk chris lawrence. >> thank you, chris. students on the campus of the university of virginia are still waiting for answers t about a new rape case investigation. uva sent an e-mail to students yesterday notifying them about an alleged attack that happened back on january 30th in a campus. school says the assault was reported yesterday but has not released any other details.
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this comes as state lawmakers consider a bill to force schools to report on-campus sex assaults in the way of that now discredited "rolling stone" article that described a culture of rape at the university. since learning that 3 million virginians could possibly be at risk in that anthem hack we've been doing everything that we can to help keep you safe and secure. erika gonzalez is here to tell us how to combat health insurance fraud. >> with all the sensitive information that's out there, they've got names, social security numbers, addresses, health insurance fraud could be looming. and the fbi is urging consumers to stay vigilant. the fbi is in charge of investigating health care fraud in both the federal and the private sector. health insurance fraud can be hard to detect so if you've ever had anthem as your health insurer, now or in the past, the fbi says read your statements very carefully and look for
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thieves from providers that you don't recognize. double-check with your physicians to recall if you've ordered any medical equipment, and start keeping a log of the dates and the doctors that you've seen especially if you've got frequent visits planned now in the upcoming ing with them. it just takes a pad and paper. write those down. you can double-check whenever you get statements in the mail. it's an easy way to do it. investigators are looking at the possibility that china was behind the mass i havi attack. this story's going to continue to develop, wendy. look for the latest on our website, search "anthem." again, check those statements offeren. >> got to check everything now. >> absolutely. a few minutes of your time, you have to. this is what it's come to. >> thanks erika. some senators are calling on federal regulators to investigate verizon wireless for secretly inserting unique tracking codes into its customers' web traffic. they're called super cookies, a string of letters and numbers that help the company track
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customers' web-surfing habits. a verizon wireless spokesman tells us the company takes customer privacy very seriously. there is good news if you're a verizon customer. certain more everything phone plans will include an additional gig of data for the same price. here's the catch, though -- you have to call verizon for the changes to go into effect. it won't happen automatically. the changes kicked in yesterday, so if you call now, you should be able to take advantage of the new deal. vre is planning a fare hike but the rail system will give you a chance to weigh in on how much fares will be going up. the first of seven public hearings will be held february 18th at the stafford county government center. a 40-cent daily ticket increase is on the table right now. step up tickets for amtrak could go from 3 to 5 bucks and the fare increase is set to take effect this sumner july. lane low columbus, ohio sures on i-66 is definitely something drivers will want to avoid tonight. this work was supposed to happen
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last night, but the high winds delayed that project. around midnight there will be rolling closures on the eastbound lanes of i-66 between route 29 centreville and sully road. crews are installing new overhead signs to give you some extra information as you travel there. and that road should reopen by 5:00 tomorrow morning. local high school set to host its first basketball game since a shooting on ca this week. right now news4's shomari stone is at frederick high. he'll explain how students are rallying together in a live report. a child care operator is making changes as a measles outbreak worsens. the extra precautions you could see at your daycare. and riding dirty. why you may not want to hear what scientists found on new york's subway system. doug? >> trying to catch me riding dirty. i don't think so. nice and mild tomorrow 29 degrees to start then look at this a nice little trend upwards. 52 by tomorrow afternoon. it gets even better, though.
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new concerns tonight about the flu at the university of maryland. the campus health director there says he sent an e-mail to students and staff this morning saying a lot of people are turning up at the school clinic with viral infections including the flu. he ep couraged those who are sick with a fever to stay home away from others for at least 24 hours until their fever breaks. dr. david mcbride also said it
5:38 pm
is okay for a student to make these decisions without a visit to the campus health center. the measles outbreak is prompting a change for a national child care operator. >> that includes locations that are here in our area. kindercare is now requiring that all staffers who work with children younger than 15 months have to get the measles vaccine if they haven't already. this comes after five babies caught the measles at a kindercare location in suburban chicago. the illinois health officials still aren't sure of the exact source of this infection. the measles began to spread nationwide starting with those illnesses at disneyland in california in december prompting some doctors to turn away other patients who have not gotten this measles vaccine. i can not believe now in 2015 i need to worry about whether or not a case of measles is going to walk through my door. >> doctors are still stressing the measles shot. it is still the best way to protect yourself and your children from this virus.
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cheese to meningitis there are some unusual and unnerving discoveries made about what's on the new york city subway system. a research team from cornell medical college created this pathomap. it maps out the dna researchers found in 24 subway lines in all five boroughs over a period of 17 months. now, most of the dna found across the subway system is harmless like the cheese dna. but they also found disease-causing back tear such as bubonic plague e. coli staph, meningitis and strep. the researchers say the results pose no public health ris sock no need to avoid the subway system. does creep you out, though. >> i didn't know cheese had dna. >> all over subways. studenting standing together in the face of adversity. >> a local high school is gathering for what will be an emotional game tonight just two days after a shooting. and news4's shomari stone will have a live report coming up. most dread the dentist chair, right?
5:40 pm
but today we'll show you why hundreds of local children were give an reason to smile. i'm darcy spencer in bowie where an old mall has been transformed into a training ground for prince george's county firefighter we'll take you inside.
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we're learning more about that deadly shooting involving members of the u.s. coast guard. one is charged with felony murder for killing another guardsman. the shooting happened thursday near the joint base cape cod
5:43 pm
where both female victims were stationed. the coast guard says all three knew one another. members of congress are mourning the loss of a colleague, mississippi republican alan nunnelee died today after a battle with brain cancer. he's been in the house since 2011. congressman was 56 years old. a surprise move by d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser in regard to the homeless in the city. they may get a new place to stay on the on. on the campaign trail she said it was not proper to place them in rooms. she asked a judge for permission to house them in places like rec centers. if the judge grants her request, as many as 15 families could be placed in semiprivate areas of d.c. general. it could be harder for you to take a selfie in some of d.c.'s biggest museums. the museum has banned selfie stix at the hirsch horn this week and is work ong a policy for other attractions on a mall.
5:44 pm
this follows a similar ban in new york city's museums. a spokeswoman says the ban is meant to protect the artwork from damage and visitors from hurting each other. >> aren't you supposed to be looking at the art anyway not yourself? >> come on folk. peel yourself away from your thing. doug? >> what? >> oh yeah. >> who needs a stick selfie? >> busted. >> everything's fine. i'll tell you what we are in for some great weather over the next couple days and it's coming just in time for the weekend. tonight it will be a little chilly so if you're head ought tonight, take a look at the temperatures. 34 degrees around 6:00 33 degrees around 7:00 8:00 then dropping to about 32 by 9:00. your nid friday night out will be a little cold but just be ready for it. not seeing too much in the way of wind tonight so that's the good news. 32 in gaithersburg 35 ft. belvoir, and huntington at 34 degrees. it's ban cold day, not seeing any snow anytime soon. no rain, no snow. you know who doesn't care about
5:45 pm
that? the local ski resorts. believe it or not, they have been producing snow for the past couple days. liberty mountain 100% open. look at the base here 3 1/2 to 4 feet at the base. winter green resort their base 40 to 60 inches. they're 100% open. snowshoe love it down there, too, 56 trails nearly 100% open. they've got snow. you don't have it in your backyard they have it in theirs. tomorrow if you're not going skiing maybe do a little biking. 34 at 9:00 a.m. up to 49 degrees at 1:00 52 degrees at 5:00. tomorrow a nice day to get out and about. i think it gets better on sunday. this is the reason why we're going to get nice and warm. it's all that storm system we've been talking about for days. that storm was making its way our way and it looked earlier in the week like it would go a little farther south. that would gives us a chance for rain to snow. that's not going to happen. we'll see that area of low pressure move to the north, going to give boston another 10 12 inches of snow nice and mild for us.
5:46 pm
the cold air retreats but it won't stay there. the cold air comes back and i really think it could come back with a vengeance late next week. talking thursday friday maybe right on into the weekend next week. could even be some of the coldest air we've seen this season. could have come with some snowfall. right now it looks dry and cold, but we'll continue to watch that for you. 52 on saturday 59 on sunday. some areas could get over 60 degrees. then on monday just some shower activity. 53 degrees. but take a look at this. again, just talking showers likely but nothing too heavy. becoming a little bit breezy. so you'll need the smaller umbrella. that's really going to be about it. behind that that's when you need the coats again. 42 degrees on tuesday, 47 on wednesday, and then it gets down right cold thursday and friday. thursday a high of 35 25 for a high on friday. if we get to 25 that would be the coldest day so far this winter. we'll of course continue to keep you updated. right now, though, just look at saturday and sun a basketball game is about to start at frederick high school in maryland.
5:47 pm
48 hours after that last game ended with gunfire and two students wounded. news4's shomari stone is live in frederick now with an update on what's happening tonight and the latest on the search for the suspects in wednesday's shooting. >> reporter: good evening. first of all, city and frederick police are still looking for the shooter involved in wednesday night's shooting. i've seen several police officers out here right now. and tonight is the first game since wednesday night. the jv basketball team is playing frederick high's team as we speak. the city of frederick police say they have appropriate security for tonight's game. frederick high students return to classes for the first time today. many wearing gold and black, the school's colors. students call for a large turnout for tonight's games on social media. on wednesday night during the jv game against rival thomas johnson high someone fired several shots outside the gym hitting two students. they're not frederick high
5:48 pm
students but police are investigating the shooting. officers have not identified the person or people who fired the shots and police have made no arrests. we're now going to hear from a basketball coach to talk about what's going on right now. >> we're trying to keep business as usual with everything. very excited when they made a decision we were going to host the game tonight. i think it provides some structure and familiar fi withity with our players. >> reporter: one of the team's victims is in fair condition right now. we don't hav other one. live in frederick, shomari stone, news4. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with some breaking news. the ntsb is in new york right now giving a press briefing and we're getting some vivid new details and learning important new information about that crash in new york that killed six people. the engineer now says that he could actually see there was a woman sitting in her suv on the tracks. he sounded the emergency horn. he hit the brakes. at that point he was going 58
5:49 pm
miles an hour. in four seconds he slowed down to 48 miles an hour but in that four seconds is when he collided with the car. at that point, the moving train started literally ingesting pieces of the third rail as it slowed down on the track. in fact now the ntsb is saying 12 pieces of that third rail penetrated the railcar, each of them about 40 feet long. the engineer says his car started filling up with smoke. he could see at the back end of that first car a fire and it was quickly moving to the front. but that did not stop him from trying to save some of the passengers. >> he saw a passenger who was crawling towards that door. the passenger could not walk so, he picked the passenger up grabbed him, held him in a fireman's pose and turned around and carried and handed
5:50 pm
him to an emergency responder. >> reporter: five people in that first car were killed as well as the woman in the suv. right now the ntsb is beginning a process of doing 3d laser scanning of the suv, the railcar, the rail crossing trying to get a complete picture of what happened. they're also going to be doing audio testing to see how far down the tracks you can actually hear that emergency horn sound. we style on top of this story and bring you any new developments. for now at the live desk i'm chris lawrence. the first two funerals were held today for victims of that commuter train crash. one was ellen brody, the driver of that suv that was stuck on the tracks. preliminary findings in the investigation reveal brody got ahead of the crossing gate in that bumper-to-bumper traffic and that's when the gate came down. investigators say the car was inside the railroad crossing gate for about 30 seconds before the train hit. five passengers on the train were also killed. now back close to home there was a reason to smile for hundreds of preschoolers today.
5:51 pm
dentists provided free dental services for the give kids a smile annual program in springfield. zachary kiesch spoke to to some of the volunteers and the kids at today's event. >> did you have fun at the dentist? >> yeah. >> yeah? >> reporter: they came in large groups some with parents like 4-year-old aaron and his mother angela others with friends and teachers from school. >> this is about providing dental care to children of need in our area. >> reporter: free care and today almost 300 youngsters from northern virginia took advantage. all identified by their schools as being in need. some made their first trip to the dentist chair. >> hey, guys. how's it going? hi. what's your name? >> reporter: this doctor led the charge but he wasn't alone. dentist, hygienists helped volunteering their time. they provided about $50,000 in care. >> it's really about having them come away with a positive dental experience so they understand the importance of dental health and dental hygiene.
5:52 pm
>> it's very important because i want to make sure he has access to good health care and dental care at a young age. >> reporter: dr. elise chu, a volunteer, came all the way pennsylvania today. why? it just felt like the right thing to do she said. >> nothing like chips or pretzels that can kind ofscape away the medicine. >> reporter: there were few tears but most walked out of the northern virginia community college with smiles. >> have you been doing a good job brushing your teeth? what else did they tell you? >> reporter: limit the candy and brush twice a day, something i heard a lot of. quality care for the deserving, for the kids. reporting in northern virginia zachary kiesch news4. if it's just too cold to head out to the bar, you have company coming you can get liquor at your doorstep with just an app. it's called drizly. there's service in the district and it's expanded to baltimore. you download the app, put in your credit card information, liquor store workers deliver alcohol with a $5 fee. the app's developer say the only restriction is you have to be of
5:53 pm
legal drinking age. >> we made sure to build a system that does that responsibly so there's an i.d. scanner that a driver uses when they get to your door that's actually scanning your i.d. to ensure you're over the age of 21. >> right now drizly is only available in part of the district but that includes the northwest and downtown. no word on if they plan to expand throughout our area. i think theystretching hoeszs running through smoke, training day in prince george's county. darcy spencer is about to give you a front-row street. new at 6:00 "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins was the u.s. response to claim answer american isis hostage was killed today in syria. sp
5:54 pm
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there's a push under way to ban the use of helium balloons in the old dominion. supporter sas it's one of the top forms of litter especially on beaches. there have been 4,000 balloons found along the coastline in the last two years. the biggest problem is the impact to the environment and animals. >> we've found balloons inside endangered sea turtles, marine mammals, entangled in birds and in huge numbers along our barrier beaches along the ocean front of virginia. >> the punishment for releasing helium balloons would be $5 for each balloon. that bill is set for a full senate vote on monday. firefighters in prince george's county are getting a
5:57 pm
unique training opportunity. >> they're practicing their skills at a mall that is set to be demolished later this year. darcy spencer is live in bowie with the details. >> reporter: wendy, when most of us look at this empty space, we see an old abandoned grocery store. but when firefighters looked here they saw opportunity for training and to get better. they're stretching hose lines, looking for the fire and any people who could be trapped. in an area so smoky that they can barely see in front of them. it's a prince george's county fire training exercise for firefighters like monica yates, it's about improving her skills in something as simple as pulling hose lines. >> every time you go around a corner the hose line can get kinked and that means that it's less water flow. >> reporter: the training ground is the bowie marketplace mall, which is set for demolition.
5:58 pm
it's the perfect setting for firefighters outside of a traditional training academy. this exercise is in the big open space of an old grocery store. >> we don't run too many commercial structure fires, but when we do they're usually deadly and a lot of dhings go wrong. >> reporter: it's also training for victims in smoky conditions but having a plan to get out in case of a fire is key. you're in your bedroom and hear a smoke alarm go off. you want to feel the door. if it's not too hot, you want to open it slowly. if there is smoke, you want to shut it and find another way out. it's not every day that firefighters get to use chainsaws, but they're using them here. this exercise involves climbing a simulated roof and cutting a hole through the smoke towall so smoke can escape. they're practicing cutting through a metal roof. every single firefighter goes through the training getting better and quicker and
5:59 pm
ultimately staying safe and saving lives. in bowie, darcy spencer, news4. new at 6:00 serging for the truth. claims that an american hostage was killed today in syria. what it means for the u.s. strategy against isis. another metro tunnel filled with smoke today. no injuries this time. but there are more questions about how d.c. firefighters are train ed trained to respond to something like that. >> and d.c.'s police chief on the witness stand forced to ask questions about police escorts and claims of retaliation. awful news out of syria tonight if it's true. it could be another sick and twisted propaganda ploy from isis. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm jim vance. the claim by isis that american hostage kayla mueller was killed today in an air strike has not been confirmed. but u.s. intelligence community is working hard to learn more about this. nbc's jennifer johnson with more on this from capitol hill. jennifer? >> reporter: jim and doreen, that's right.
6:00 pm
the white house, the pentagon, the fbi all cannot confirm what isis is claiming. still, there is great concern that this may be true. isis is claiming that jordanian fighter jets hit a building killing an american female hostage identified as kayla mueller, a 26-year-old aid worker from arizona. while there is great concern u.s. officials say they have no evidence yet mueller is dead. >> i can not confirm those reports in any way. >> reporter: mueller's family says kayla was taken captive by isis in august 2013 while leaving a doctors without borders hospital and was devoted to helping war refugees in syria. jordan's fighter jets have been pounding isis targets since an isis video surfaced showing one of jordan's captured pilots being burned alive in a cage. but if muler is dead it's unknown if the air strikes or isis militants killed her. >> i would not p


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