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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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developing at 11:00, shoppers in a panic. i'm darcy spencer. a power outage shuts down a
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local mall. why some worker sas i they felt unsafe at 11:00. a convicted killer featured on a popular local podcast will have another chance to make his case. the decision that could bring him one step closer to freedom. we'll have that story including a story out of atlanta where five people were killed and police are now talking about the shooting. developing right off the top at 11:00, things got chaotic in pentagon city after a power outage cleared out the mall. shoppers evacuated. traffic tied up. and as darcy spencer shows us from arlington, it could be a while before the lights come back on right? >> reporter: that's exactly right. i just checked in with dominion power. they are saying that the problem is an equipment malfunction underground. they have got half a dozen workers here working throughout the night to get this problem
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>> the cell phone video shows the chaos as shoppers tried to get out of the garage parking lot seemingly all at once. the shopping center evacuated when the power went out. >> we were in macy's and we were trying to go to apple to get my iphone fixed and when we walked in basically, the whole mall was closed and really dark. >> it kind of frightened everyone. >> reporter: janai was working in the mall when the outage happened. she said no one knew if there was a real emergency. >> police officeing around. they never told us anything. i had to find an officer. >> reporter: the lights went out about 6:45. you can see from these photos posted on social media the emergency lighting kicked on. shoppers with bags in hand finding their way out. >> some people kind of went crazy initially. >> reporter: what does that mean? >> like oh what's going on? started screaming.
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>> reporter: arlington county fire went in to make sure no one was stuck in the mall's elevators. some store employees had to stick around because they couldn't get the gates to come down to secure their stores. >> i'm not sure what happened. we were just in the store. and everything was went all black. >> reporter: dominion power called in to find and fix the problem. we did reach out to the mall as well as mall security. at this point, we have not heard back to get a statement. again, from the mall. now, dominion power says again, they'll be working throughout the night and estimate to have the power restored at 3:00 a.m. and they're very hopeful and confident the mall will open on time tomorrow. we're live tonight in arlington, darcy spencer, news 4. new tonight, two cousins are in jail after police say they went on a two-week shooting spree. boston kerr and cousin christopher facing a string of vandalism and gun charges and the police department said they shot at eight homes in kingford
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and stafford. they were tracked to a home and captured this afternoon. also new tonight in the district cameras captured what may be the suspects taking off after an assault with a knife near 14th and u. here's a closer look. see several people in the street wearing hooded sweatshirts. d.c. police say it happened in broad daylight january 16th and they consider the people in the video persons of interest. in maryland a fight between two neighbors ended with one of them dead. rudolph phelps in custody accused of killing karen siegman and got into an argument that turned violent. officers found the body with a welfare check on her friday. she was killed in her condo in adelphi and folks that live there are shocked. >> this building has been so pleasant place to live for so long now and kind of frightened. you know? to be here.
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but the things that she's with god and in peace. >> police arrested phelps a few hours after they found siegman and charged with first-degree murder. inves is under way in how of a mid shipman died at the naval academy. investigators say rolando amador's roommate found him dead many their dorm room thursday night. it's not clear huh hoeow he died. he was 22 years from maine. we're getting new information on what caused this mess along massachusetts avenue today. d.c. water officials tell us a contractor struck a water main and that caused the break. crews repaired it and water is restored to everyone except the georgetown law school. tonight two families are spending the night away from home after a fire ripped through the townhomes. it broke out late friday night on landing court and we have learned it started in one home's chimney and then spread to the neighbor's house. no one was hurt but the fire did
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about $200,000 in damage. developing tonight in georgia, investigators say a man shot and killed his ex-wife and several children and then turned the gun on himself. four people and the shooter died in afternoon in douglasville just outside tlantdl s say it's the worst killing they have seen in years. >> it's just tough. it pulls at your heart and tears on your heart. but, you know it just don't make no sense. >> especially when you consider that neighbors who know the family are saying the youngest victim is a toddler. we're also learning more tonight about a deadly accident involving bruce jenner. investigators say he rear ended a car near malibu causing it to spin into the intersection and hit head on by a hummer. now, the driver of that car is dead. but the olympic gold medalist and reality tv star was not hurt.
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investigators say he was not being chased by paparazzi and did pass a sobriety test. all right. tomorrow morning you can see chuck todd's interview with u.s. secretary of state john kerry on "meet the press." they discussed the escalating war in ukraine and todd asked if the plans to increase its role there. >> i have no doubt that additional assistance of economic kind and others -- other kind will be going the ukraine. and we do so understanding that there is no military solution. >> you can hear the full conversation on "meet the press sunday" here on nbc 4. nbc nightly news anchor brian williams quote, decided to take himself off the desk for the next several days. williams wrote an e-mail to colleagues today saying it's apparent he is too much a part of the news. now earlier this week he apologized for statements he made about his reporting in iraq. he is now admitted that the statements were not true.
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nbc news president turner says announced an internal nbc investigative team is working to gather the facts about the statements. lester holt will anchor nbc nightly news until williams returns and for more on the story go to still to come a second change for a convicted killer featured on a local podcast and how he plans to win his appeal. healthy habits and chili bowls don't usuad in hand. today customers got a taste of something to help their life style. from highs of the 60s to highs in the 20s and 30s, when
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we have new details tonight about the appeal that was just granted for a man at the center of a popular podcast. on friday the maryland court of special appeals agreed to hear the case. he's serving a life sentence for strangling his ex-girlfriend in 1999 while they were both in high school and his attorney said they're extremely happy. the case captured national attention when the serial podcast examined the story in detail. one of the big arguments is that the trial attorney botched the case. >> gutierrez ineffective. you cannot bring new evidence into it. it's going to address the same issues raised that are already pending. >> the court will hear that case in june. here in the district emergency crews mush ss rushed to a neighborhood after carbon monoxide was leaking inside a home near new
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hampshire avenue. they took a person to the hospital. coming up next on news 4 at 11:00, an appetite to steal. how a woman used a restaurant's app to swipe thousands of dollars from the business. rain
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along with the half smokes and cheese fries they got advice of free health insurance and one of several businesses partners with d.c. health link this weekend. part of a final push to sign up residents before the february 15 deadline for that affordable health care. tomorrow churches throughout the district will spread the word on
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the importance of getting covered. >> communities are coming together not only for the folk who is are coming here but they know how important it is for thr family for their friends and neighbors. >> the diner in adams morgan hoping the late-night crowd stops by tonight to be covered and folks standing by to help 2:00 a.m. through 9:00 in the morning. now a top trending story on a woman in maryland accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a restaurant using a mobile app. take a look at donna prouty's mug shot. police say she stole $2,500 where her husband worked. the app accepts payments and allegedly she used it to transfer the money of the restaurant into her own bank account. imagine putting all that effort and brain power into something positive instead of crime. there you go. still the warm weather still sticking around for another day? >> not too bad out there
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tonight. low around 37. tomorrow it is going to be beautiful. if you don't have plans outdoors make some. high temperature tomorrow around 60 degrees so it's warmer than today. our high today was 50. now, it's not a perfect day because we are looking at plenty of clouds around. partly to mostly cloudy skies. i'll be showing you the cloud cover in a second. that's one of the weather headlines. warmer temperatures tomorrow. showers are likely on monday. now, an update from earlier. the chance of rain really at any time on monday. we could still see it ending as a wintry mix including some snow and showing you that with future weather and cold for valentine's day. next saturday. your impact for tomorrow whether you're traveling, outdoor exercise just heading out and about for sunder rand the weather cooperating. best we have had in a while. you could go golfing or skiing tomorrow. temperatures right now are in the 30s. 38 in washington.
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low temperatures tonight in the suburbs in the 20s. inside of the beltway in the 30s. here's skycast 4 tomorrow showing you what kind of cloud cover to expect throughout the day. 8:00 a.m. mostly cloudy skies. we'll remain mainly cloudy in the midday hours and then afternoon hours seeing more sunshine partly cloudy skies at that point. all in all, a really great day. here's the hour by hour planner. 7:00 a.m. temperature around 37. so chilly and not frigid. 11:00 a.m. plenty of clouds. temperatures in the mid-40s and feeling nice at that point. a light jacket for the afternoon if you even need that at all. a high temperature of 59 will hit at 3:00 p.m. even tomorrow evening. still pretty nice. here's future weather. monday at 7:00 a.m. notice the showers potentially already in place. so a soggy morning commute and we could have some rain around for that evening commute, as well. this system pulls away from the area overnight monday and as it does we could see a bit of snow
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an maybe ice mixing in. that would have a little impact on the area but still something you might notice. tuesday, because of the rain on monday it is colder. high temperature of 44 degrees. not only that breezy. so it's going to feel like temperatures in the 30s. wednesday, looking pretty nice and typical for this time of february. and then chris, starting on thursday this is the temperatures dropping off. 40 on thursday. only 28 for a high on friday. saturday valentine's day, a high temperature of 30 degrees. so soak up the warmth tomorrow because it's leaving us next weekend. >> a lot of people chilly going out on dates next weekend. all right. saturday night live is serving up laughs for better part of four decades and we want to know who your favorite character is. on our nbc washington facebook page we have 16 of the most hyster the winner will be revealed before next saturday's big 40th anniversary special and we're giving away two tickets to see
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"snl" in new york city and check out an episode tonight right after the news. my vote goes to church lady and mr. robinson. still ahead, virginia with a big win
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well nba standards, which you see blowouts this was a blowout-blowout. >> yes. comes at the perfect time. the longest losing streak of a season. >> never a bad time for a blowout. >> that's true. five games of losing and now you get this. tough month for the wizards. some might say that downward
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slide began three weeks ago one day when the wizards were humiliated at home by the nets. tonight, they get the revenge and snap that five-game losing streak. and jameson on hand. feeling the love. as he's ignited into the bullets and wizards alumni association. starting in place of the injured bradley beale. oh yeah! making it look so easy. 12 points for him. wiz up a dozen. plumlee running in to some tough "d" and out of bounds. worst party foul ever. beers all over the floor and people in the front and the girl's like that's costly. like 100 bucks in beer right there. the wizards got your back though. john wall splitting the "d." a shot to fall. his reaction is awesome. he's a little shoulder shake. wizards snap the losing skid in a big-time way, 114-77. college hoops, top ten
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matchup tonight. virginiaing louisville. prime time game. it cost the cavs for a while. their star justin anderson he gets hurt and it's bad news so the second half with him on the bench the cardinals will make a run. thing 1 and thing 2 jamming early. and so was the offense with anderson. first half uvf up 4. to justin anderson! the alley-oop. that junior up and getting it. virginia up 11 at the break. cavs star jams the left hand in the second half. icing that hand from the sideline. a report said it's a broken finger and needs surgery. without him, cavs holding on. dare yen atkins gets it to go. and later in the game louisville they're within 6. huge block for the cardinals. they're on the break. check out this you guys. harold. finishing off the alley-oop. huge play for louisville. under 30 seconds to go.
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virginia with the lead. chris jones. taking it to the rack and somehow he gets it to fall as he's fouled. back and oh! yeah. off the glass. louisville down three. virginia they escape closing it out on frort. 53-47 they win the final. john thompson iii and hoyas in trouble against villanova. first half. hoyas down 13. trying to get back in it. ljp baseline off the glass for 2 of 15. georgetown down 11. later in the half turnovers hurting the hoyas. hill yard comes up with the steal on the break. all the way for the bucket and the fo. he had 15. wildcats up 14 at the break. not much better in the second half. villanova avenges an earlier loss this season to georgetown. the 3. they would put a hurting on the hoyas. 689-53 the final. smart and the 18th ranked
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vcu on the road against st. bonn venture. burgess attacks the paint. contact and he gets the bucket. no foul called on the play. tied at 71. now, seconds ticking away. marcus posely drives. puts it up and in. second straight game he comes up with a game winning buzzer beater. st. bonaventure takes down 18th ranked vcu. the storming of the court. vcu lose 73-71. for george mason, the bus stops here in philly taking on st. josephs. skip ahead. under 20 seconds to play. doesn't care where he is. spot up! knock it down! cuts the lead in half. 16 points for him. and then patriots with the press but st. joe's beats them in a big way. the dunk and one. 14 points, 11 boards for him. st. joes edges the patriots
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58-54. america's swimming sweetheart not slowing down for the last high school meet. she set a new american record in the 500 free last night and the prelims. tonight it's the 200 mark. that will fall. jam packed house at the germantown indoor swim center in maryland. here's ladecka in front. you see her pull ahead. and she ignites the crowd. all alone. goes out in front. and finishing strong. she goes on to lower her own national high school record with a time of 1:41.55 and took the 500 free tonight and finishi ju shy of her own record from last night with the frank martin award for outstanding meet performance. her high school career may be over but she has cherished every moment. >> my teammates, i have made the best friends on this team and i couldn't have asked for a better four years with all of them. i'll remember the swim times but
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i think i'll remember the times with my friends the most. >> sounds just like a normal teenager. about the friends. >> you get the feeling like some of those other girls are just -- are happy to be able to tell the story i swam against katie. >> people tweeting like i walked by her. >> i know. i know. it's -- >> for the event. >> as talented as she is -- still in high school. >> so sweet. not for long. stamford here she
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>> live from the north of england, it's "a very somber christmas," with your host, sam smith. >> ♪ stay with me ♪ ♪ like a wreath or tree ♪ ♪ 'cause it's clear to see ♪


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