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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 8, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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outside. 5k only three miles. not very long to stay warm either. outside from our tower camera views, reston tower cam, there's dulles international airport right there, blue ridge mountains off into the distance. nice morning outside. temperature now 40 degrees at national airport. still 30 in manassas 34 in gaithersburg. already 50 in fredricksburg. temperatures today i'll have to adjust the scale yet again. going to be a nice one for sure. most of the day will be in the mid to upper 50s today. afternoon highs probably touching 60 degrees in charles county maryland towards culpepper and rappahannock county upper 40s in northern maryland. we know it can't last like that forever. bitter cold later in the week. >> things switching up on us. right now hundreds of people enjoying the winter warmup in the meanwhile. they're lacing up their shoes for a 5k run. news 4's derrick ward is live in arlington and joins us now.
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you've got your coat on. but it must feel nice out there, huh? >> reporter: it does. it feels nice definitely for this time of year. we're expecting it to get warm later. we've done a study about the ideal temperatures for running. 49 51 degrees for long distance runs. this is a 5k run with a valentine's day theme. a lot of people still want to be out there. they say this is actually ideal for them. >> once you get going, it's just off you go. >> you remember what we were doing five years ago today? >> i think snow ma geddon. where is the snow? we need the snow. that's the fun part of winter. >> reporter: oh indeed it is for some people. flashback five years, this very day we were digging out of about 11 inches of snow. two storms hit that day and that was indeed snow ma get done.
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a total of 32 inches of snow that february five years ago. this year looking at record warm temperatures and ideal time for this race which is already under way. you're going to encounter street closures in arlington, but only for a couple hours. it's going to be warmer later tonight. makes everything okay. we are live in arlington. derrick ward news 4. >> enjoy it derrick, thanks. a prince george's county man is behind bars for allegedly killing his neighbor. rudolph phelps is accused of killing 51-year-old karen siegman. officer found her body while doing a welfare check on her on friday. people who live there are shocked. >> so a pleasant place to live for so long. i'm kind of frightened to be here. the thing is she's with god now. she's in peace. >> phelps is now charged with first
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a developing story right now. the united arab emirates is joining jordan in the fight against isis. the uae sent a squad rant of f-16 fighters to jordan to take part in air strikes against the militant g. jordan stupd up air strikes after isis released a video showing a captured jordanian pilot being burned to death in a cage. the war s f at home. the family of a captured american aid worker remains hopeful. the white house says there's still no evidence to support the claims that kayla mueller was killed. there's skepticism over claims that kayla mueller was killed in a jordanian air strikes. u.s. officials say they've her parents say this news leaves
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us concerned, yet we're still hopeful kayla is alive. in a statement to her captors, they said we have sent you a private message and ask that you respond to us privately adding you told us that you treated kayla as your guest. as your guest, her safety and well-being remains your responsibility. >> i'm sure that the family is reeling for answers and the community as well. muell was kidnapped in august 2013. according to the aid group doctors without borders, she had just left one of its hospitals in syria and was headed to a bus station in aleppo to travel back to turkey when she was captured. her college professor remembers her. >> she was not naive. she was a fully informed scholar and activist and walked in and let me say it with eyes wide open. >> i am in solidarity with the syrian people. >> reporte mueller is passionate about helping victims of syria's civil war telling her hometown newspaper for as long z i live i will not let this
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suffering be normal. her compassion has deeply touched this community which is why today so many are praying for kayla. and that was joe fryer reporting. virginia is considering expanding its offender dna database. state lawmakers are considering three bills that would require offenders with certain miss meade norse zu submit a dna sample. the county sheriff supports the legislation saying quote n the hannah graham case, if jesse meyer is found -- virginia became the first state to establish a dna data back in 1989. new york became the first state to expand its data bank to include all misdemeanors in 2012. two cos ins are in jail after police say they went on a two-week shooting spree. austin kerr and his 18-year-old cousin christopher face ag string of vandalism and gun
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charges. the stafford county sheriff's office says last month they randomly shot at eight homes. tips helped track them to a hotel in north stafford county yesterday. in the week ahead, virginia governor terry mcauliffe is expected to make a major economic development announcement. this w tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. at inova fairfax hospital. the proposed bell time changes could be voted on at tuesday's evening, letting high school students start later in the day. the son of the late marion barry is expected in court on friday. christopher barry is charged with simple assault, threats and other charges over an angry outburst at a bank in chinatown. he's running to fill his father's ward 8 seat. you may have to pay to send your kids to full day kindergarten in loudoun county public school. the school board asked virginia state lawmakers for the authority to charge a fee. right now the county offers part
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time kindergarten. loudown is one of the counties that doesn't require full day kindergarten. right now the power is back on at pentagon city mall and doors open at 11:00 a.m. dominion virginia crews restored the power overnight. the outage forced people to leave the mall creating a real traffic mess. dominion says there was an equipment malfunction under ground that caused the outage. bruce jenner's deadly crash. the olympian and reality tv star involved in a chain reaction accident. what police are looking into that could explain what he was doing behind the wheel before that accident. nice and comfy. a good way to describe how the day is shaping up. don't get too used to it. chuck bell timing out when an arctic blast will settle back in. >> don't give up yet. don't let those new year's
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facing legal trouble days before she was found unconscious in a bathtub in her atlanta home. nbc news confirms there was a warrant issued for the 21-year-old late last month for failing to appear in court for driving with expired tags. the warrant has since been dismissed. the only daughter of whitney houston and bobby brown was found face down and not breathing in a bathtub nine days ago. she's been in a medically induced coma ever since. right now the l.a. county sheriff's department is trying to obtain a search warrant to determine if bruce jenner was textth just before this deadly multivehicle crash. one woman died in yesterday's accident. jenner was driving one of four vehicles involved. the former olympian was not hurt. police say jenner was being followed by papai before the
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all week we have been talking about how to reboot your new year's resolutions. that's because this time every year many of our good intention, they start to fade. >> it happens. if you're struggling to create positive change check this out. eun yang has advice on how to make habits that last. >> my job, my kids the weather, my evening entertainment. >> reporte 42-year-old angela can come up with any number of reasons why she doesn't work out every day. >> it's really hard. there are so many other things competing for your time. there's always something else you could be doing. >> reporte angela's excuses probably sound familiar e specially this time of year when many people resolve to lose weight and/or exercise more. after a few weeks of trying people tend to give up. in fact one study found that just 8% of people who make resolutions succeed. >> i think one good thing that happens is people set goals that are way too lofty. i'm going to go on a diet i'm
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going to lose ten pounds a month, i'm going to exercise every day. it's very very difficult to achieve those. >> reporter: janet is a clinical psychologist and life coach in fairfax county. she says good habits don't happen overnight. they take time to develop. according to a study out of england, the average time was 66 days. but for some it took more than eight months. >> people don't like change. we are creatures of habit and we're used to doing what we do. making any change takes a very long time and with any kind of glitch or stress in your life it's very easy to go back to the old way of doing things. >> reporter: but she says there are keys to making habits stick. most importantly make gradual changes. >> as you change habits gradually, you can really incorporate them and feel like they're part of you. as you do it gradually and slowly you can add things more and more and they become automatic. >> repor f example, it may be unrealistic to go to the gym
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every day if you haven't been going at all. maybe start with just three times a week. if you don't accomplish that goal she says don't beat yourself up. >> focus on the positives. so instead of focusing oh i didn't exercise three times this week i did exercise twice this week. that's better than the week before. >> reporter: she also says be specific and organized. mark goals on your calendar so you cannot only make a schedule but track your progress. angela says to kickstart her exercise habit, she and her friends started a running streak. >> the idea is starting on thanksgiving day and ending on new year's day you commit to running at least a mile every day. >> reporter: angela says it taught her not to make excuses for skipping her workouts. >> it teaches you to reboot your own assumptions of what you can do. >> reporte
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right now new england is bracing for yet another major snowstorm. taking a live look at rochester, new york where more than a foot of snow could fall today. hard to see through the camera shot there. take a look at this new video that we just got into the newsroom of the snow falling in albany. right now parts of new england are under a winter storm warning, chuck saying the snow is going to get more intense later today. the snow is expected to fall through tomorrow night. >> it's true. it started snowing and it will keep on snowing. >> what did you say earlier? the snowman in worcester, mass will last until april? >> that's right. they had 33 inches of snow right after the super bowl and it's continued to snow there. i was born in worcester. another 12 to 15 inches of snow between now and tuesday. >> this is what they expect? >> they live in new england, everybody. for us five years ago today was snow ma get done.
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derrick ward was talking about it. not for us this time around. we've had a hard time getting snow in washington this winter only a couple of inches so far. keep hope alive snow lovers. cold air is coming back later in the week. first ingredient to making snow first thing we've got to have is the cold air. starting on friday and saturday it will be cold s the view outside. planes coming down river today. if you're going out, the planes coming right over your head on their way down. great pictures on my twitter account. this is from greg in calvert county a beautiful sunrise. a little duck out there for a morning swim. yesterday morning was the big winner for sunrise and sunset pictures. jim got this one over the occoquan river. you can send your pictures i'm on twitter@chuck bell.
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for now a mild day for a nice change. temperatures today likely to be the mildest we've been in more than a month. if we make it to 60 degrees today, it will be our warmest day in january since we reached 67 back on january 4th. right now it's chilly outside. 40 degrees with a light southwest wind averaging only three miles per hour. temperatures are a couple degrees warmer than yesterday. check out fredricksburg. you're 19 degrees warmer now than you were yesterday morning at this same tim you're already up into the 50s. upper 40s in st. mary's county. mid 30s towards frederick county and the panhandle of wch wch. with so much warm air so close by i'm confident in the warm-up today. your hometown forecast in mcclaine virginia near 60 degrees. clouds back tonight, temperatures in the 40s on your way to work and school. showers likely off and on especially tomorrow afternoon.
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still relatively mild tomorrow's temperatures in the 50s as well. planning out your sunday afternoon, delightfully mild. those are the best words to describe today. a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s to 60 degrees for much if not all of the afternoon. winter storm warnings across new york and new england. that's part of anti cog weather story for them. if we were cold enough we'd be calling it an alberta clipper and looking at a little snow chance. it's still technically an alberta clipper, but not cold enough to snow. just a couple light rain showers tomorrow. 8:00 this morning, temperatures are rising as the clouds retreat farther and farther up to the north. clouds come right back in on us overnight tonight, wake-up temperatures tomorrow morning generally the low 40s. pretty mild by february standards. 59 today. cloudy skies and raindrops to contend with on your monday. not as much of an impact on the
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morning commute as the afternoon. then breezy and cooler weather returns tuesday, wednesday. arctic air on friday. friday 13th and valentine's day bitter cold and windy. soak in the warmth today. >> get ready to snuggle. the grammys come on tonight. what experts say could hurt one star's chances of winning and the newcomer proving to be tough competition. i'm nbc's mark murray. >> i'm carrie dan. >> we learned quite a few things about the emerging 2016 presidential contest. the first thing we learned, both chris christie rand paul had pretty rough weeks. >> that's right. it started with their answers and then walk-backs to questions about vaccinations given the recent outbreak of measles. >> we also saw a big speech jeb bush delivered where he clearly has his eyes on a general election audience more than a primary one. >> what was significant about the speech he embraced much of the language and the playbook that his brother george w. bush
9:22 am
n his successful bid for president in 2000. >> hillary clinton looks more like a white house recumbent running for re-election than your traditional presidential candidate. >> she's brought in obama's key personnel and white house communications direc
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tonight music's best and brightest will be honored at the
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57th annual grammy awards. >> the top award may come down to a superstar versus a newcomer. >> nbc's mike wilbur has more on the top predictions. it's a face-off between grammy veteran beyonce. ♪ drunk in love ♪ >> reporter: and newcomer sam smith. ♪ stay with me ♪ >> reporter: it's too close to call for album of the year. billboard's joe leavy thinks beyonce's album release on itunes may hurt her chance for winning. >> it sold great but the songs didn't get promoted to radio in the same way. sam smith is such a big story, new artist we're excited about his success. he's nochl nated in all four major categories. >> look for him to edge out iggy azalea for best new artist. >> he's perfect he doesn't think sam will win the highly
9:26 am
anticipated record of the year. >> it's between cia and taylor swift. taylor swift is the easy choice. cia is smart choice. >> reporter: while at the nbc experience store joe told us he doesn't think taylor will be taking home many statues. >> reporter: her single "shake it off" is nominated because it came out during the grammy eligibility period. the rest of the songs which have dominated the billboard charts came out after the grammy eligibility period for this year and so they will be nominated next year. >> reporter: all eye also certainly be on the performances madonna, ariana grande lady gaga and tony bennett will hit the stage. >> the grammy tradition of mixing the old and the young will be upheld with tony bennett and lady gaga. that's a performance i'm looking forward to. >> reporter: mike wilbur nbc news. a tragic story in georgia
9:27 am
where police say a man tried to kill his entire family. why police are calling it the worst crime scene that they've seen in years. communication problems still a major concern after metro's deadly underground eme tell you why training is coming into question. chuck is tracking spring like temperatures for today, but not so fast. later on he's timing
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taking a look at our top
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stories this morning, the power is back on at pentagon city mall. the outage forced people to leave the mall creating a traffic mess. >> the cruel cold winter is giving us another break to the tune of near 60-degree weather. right now looking at temperatures starting to climb. chuck bell has his eyes on the radar and is already seeing sprinkles. right now we're at 9:30 on the dot. we want to check on your pat rafter. >> let's get a check with meteorologist chuck bell. chuck is outside. what's it like out there? tell us. >> it's chilly. about 40 degreese front lawn of channel 4. you'll need your coat no scarf no hat, no gloves. once we get a few more breaks of sunshine things will improve. here is the picture around the area reston town center towards dulles nice morning towards northern virginia metro washington and the prince
9:31 am
george's county side of things looking good also. towards the national cathedral, nice morning. temperatures now 40 as i mentioned downtown. still a few pockets of colder air out there, 34 in culpepper and hagerstown and frederick, maryland this morning. already in the 50s towards fredricksburg. all you need to wear for out and about later this afternoon, more than a light jacket or sweater, outdoor recess kind of day for sunday. enjoy it. here is the sloping line going the wrong direction. by later in the week into next weekend, old man winter is back with a vengeance. so soak in that 60-degree warmth today. comple check of what those bars mean friday and saturday not pretty. seven-day coming up. >> thank you, chuck. a developing story now. police in atlanta, georgia, trying to piece together a gruesome shooting. they say a man shot and killed his ex-wife and several children before turning the gun on
9:32 am
himself. nbc's duffy dixon has more . >> reporter: stuffed ani placed next to the crime tape. a vivid reminder that th youngest of the family m killed in this home was years old. >> i hear gunshots and k screaming. that's the first thing i. two gunshots and kids scre >> reporter: around 3:00 afternoon, investigators man parked at the top of tree circle in douglasvi walked down the street, home and started shootin >> pulls on your heart, your heart. it don't make no sense. >> reporter: some victim outside, some victims in people who live on the s try to help. >> the wife was on the f still moving. >> reporter: neighbors w row of ambulances assemble, a white sheet covering a s >> to see the kid's shoe in the road, boots, was heart-wrenching. >> reporter: neighbors s man to blame, the children
9:33 am
father, estranged from his he, too, died, committin suicide after trying to his entire fam >> heartbreaking the thi this happening. >> that was duffy dixon reporting. police say at least two children did survive the attack. both are recovering in the hospital this morning. new this morning, police arrested a 17-year-old in connection with a triple shooting at a mall outside of pittsburgh. two men and a woman were hit. all three were taken to the hospital. two are in critical condition. police say one of the victims was targeted in the attack. police arrested the suspect at his home in brackenridge just after 3:00 this morning. investigators trying to figure out what led to the death of a midshipman in annapolis. 22-year-old roman dough was found dead in his dorm room. he was a mechanical engineer major from maine. no foul play is suspected. the academy is providing grief counselors for students.
9:34 am
investigators say they found a total of 40 bodies in a deadly plane crash in taiwan. three people are still missing. 15 people did survive this crash. you can see that crash right there on the dash cam. the plane clipping that taxi and part of the bridge. transasia pilots who fly a similar plane will take a new professional exam in the next four days. the families of four passengers were already given money to help with the f coming up general manager jack requa and mort county are expected to testify. they're looking into the underground emergency that killed one woman and sent dozen hospital. it happened last month at the l'enfant plaza metro station. we're learning more information about the radio problems in metro's underground tunnels. metro leaders and first responders were called before the d.c. counc a
9:35 am
>> you asked me should y concerned in going dow tunnel and using a radio. i'll tell you this, you' better using your cell. >> reporter: that blunt coming from the head of union that represents d. workers. following that comment, from ed smith, head of t u that represents d.c. firefighters. >> we have radio problem throughout the city, not the me >> that's something that to be addressed immediat >> we've always had prob with the large buildings downtown. >> reporter: those comme about responding to an e not sitting well with d. council member kenyon mc chair of the committee on the judiciary. he called this meeting. metro's acting general m jack requa was here questions. >> you asked the questio metro safe. you asked that to the head of metro. do you t? >> i ride metro and i en others to ride metro. i think mr. requa stated rides metro and he belie metro is safe. >> reporter: what about training in the metro sy?
9:36 am
news 4 obtained a copy o number of first responrs have gone through metro emergency response train programs by year by agen. last year d.c. fire and ranked dead last, just 1 through that training, c to fairfax county, 7 part, in montgomery coun taking part, arlington 250, and prince george's 146. >> the ultimate question only the national transp safety board will be abl answer, why did that ele fire grow so large at l' plaza and what sparked i in a news 4 i team exclusive, crooks targeting your ride while it's warming um in the driveway. the one sign that can make your car an easy target. the health care enrollment marathon kicks off. how officials are trying to get as many people covered as possible. chuck says temperatures will be
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today you can sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. teams will help at churches across the district part of a 24-hour marathon to help you get covered. the deadline to sign up for coverage is next sunday. for a complete list of churches go to and search dc health link. this week's wednesday's child is a bright 17-year-old with a lot of dreams for his future. >> he has a dream to be a particular type of scientist. barbara harrison took him to a d.c. museum that's all about the kind of work he'd like to do. >> shamir would like to be a forensic scientist one day. rachel exhibits manager at the museum greeted us and invited us to tour the crime solving wing of the museum.
9:40 am
>> this is the csi exhibit. >> he wases fascinate bid the scenr clues and learned how evidence would end up at a crime scene lab. at 17 al shamir has a plan. >> go to college and study forensic science. >> what made you decide forensic science? >> i just like the fact that forensic science is solving crimes and helping people out. >> shamir is a great teenager very shy at first, really sort of introverted but also really friendly. >> he was excited to actually learn some of the scientific things he hopes to do some day. >> you're going to leave a fingerprint right in te of that glass. >> he wants and needs an adoptive family that would love him and support his aspirations. >> how long have you been in the foster care system? >> since i was eight. >> i think he could benefit from a family that is committed to him, that's encouraging. >> he wants to be a success in life. >> success for me would be
9:41 am
achieving all my goals and accomplishing everything i want to accomplish in life. >> with that attitude and his wonderful smile, he's sure to make a family proud of him. barbara harrison news 4 for wednesday's child. >> if you have room in your home and you heart for al shamir or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline. that number is 1-88-to-adopt-me. we have includes to deal with first thing this morning. i remain brimming with optimism that you'll like the way the sunday afternoon is facing up. i'll give you the for
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new this morning, germany's government says a top level summit will be held this week to discuss the on going crisis in ukraine. chancellor angela merkel will meet with russian president vladimir putin, ukrainian president poroshenko and french president francois hollande. the fighting in eastern ukraine has killed hundreds in recent weeks. a maryland woman is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a restaurant using a mobile app. police say donna prouty stole $2500 from a restaurant's bank account. it happened at an ocean city restaurant where her husband works.
9:45 am
police there say she used her husband's mobile app that accepts payments from customers and deposited the money into her own bank account. she turned herself into police on thursday. a warrant was out for her arrest in november. we have a warning for you, you warm up your car this morning, cold mornings are bringing out thieves, preying on unsuspected drivers. >> the news 4 i team is showing how quickly and how often it's happening. the i te scoe went under cover to show you the latest trend. >> reporter: a morning routine playing out in so many neighborhoods this time of year warming up the car while waiting. >> reporter: a white car titling in the driveway as another car drives by. within seconds a man hops in the white car and takes off. >> reporter: thieves call them puffers because of the puffs of ignition coming out of the back.
9:46 am
they're easy to spot even from far away and easy to steal. >> people think their driveway is safe. >> reporter: the news 4 news team spent time with the w.a.v.e. team. we're not showing their faces because they work under cover. not only looking for cold car thieves but warning potential victims, too. >> the one right next to us is lit up as well. >> reporter: in an upper marlboro neighborhood we spot that first puff of smoke from a bmw, but soon surrounded by other unattended cars including this honda. >> pull up. >> officers approach the drivers to alert them about car thiefs. >> i have to take that into consideration but it's a one-car family and i wouldn't want my car stolen. >> this fusion sits in a driveway running more than 20 minutes before officers finally knock on the door. the owner said she didn't realize it's illegal to leave car unattended. >> i have to be with the
9:47 am
vehicle. it would be a $70 fine. >> reporter: this day, no tickets, just a warning. >> i'll think abit. i i'll keep an eye on it. >> reporter: police say that can make it worse,ing lating a stolen car to a possible carjacking. >> these crews will troll gas stations. >> reporte gas stations also easy pickings according to the w.a.v.e. officers. >> that one is running right there. he just went inside. >> reporter: when they steal the cars they're not stealing the cars to keep them? >> correct. >> reporter: many end up being exported overseas like this black car that investigators found in a shipping container before it headed to africa. >> this is their job. they get up in the morning just like you or i get up to go to work -- >> reporter: organized teams sometimes use the cars to commit other crimes. as our i team cameras roll officers pull this vehicle after spotting it driving through several gas stations and speeding. they suspect the riders smite
9:48 am
have been searching for a vehicle to steal. police find marijuana and a gun on the car. >> possible connection to a carjacking ring a drug ring and now homicide. >> reporter: w.a.v.e. team members say they notice them getting boulder. cameras caught this man sliding into a woman as car as she pumped gas. first stealing her purse, when she goes inside to report the crime, he comes back and takes the entire car. that car theft one of 244 already this year in prince george's county. police say it's reason to keep the keys with you in your hand or pocket while you're fueling up your car and why you should avoid those early morning warmups in the driveway. scott macfarlane, news 4 i team. >> to watch those car thefts caught on camera go to our website, and click on investigations. >> it happens like that in your front yard. >> no need to warm up your car today? >> no. if you have the ability, today
9:49 am
could be a top-down kind of day. >> we need more sun. >> we do need more sun. more sun would be better but nonetheless, it's still going to be 10 to 15 degrees warmer than average. if you're like me you an old convertible, haven't had the chance to put the roof down all winter long. today is about as good of a chance as you'll get for the next 14 days. you can even get the car washed as long as you can keep it in the garage tomorrow it will be clean for most of the coming week. >> and put the top up. >> put the top up before you wash it absolutely. plenty of clouds for now. these clouds should be moving northbound. you should get a little more sunshine into metro area. not 100% sunshine. mild and dry. relax, take it all in. what to expect for the next 24 hours, the mild air, clouds come back tonight. won't be cold tomorrow morning. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s tomorrow morning, but rain chances are back
9:50 am
starting as early as daybreak. most of the rain will be in the afternoon hours. right now at reagan national airport, temperatures at 40 degrees. not enough wind to generate any kind of a windchil lo how big of a spread we have for temperatures. 40 in town 42 in prince george's county. almost 50 in st. mary's county. mid 50s in fredricksburg. 20 degrees warmer in fredricksburg than in quaunt toe. 36 degrees in leesburg. your sunday afternoon, delightfully mild today. temperatures in the upper 50s nor most of the afternoon. a little more sunshine between 1:00 and 4:00. sun is down after 5:30. for your sunday evening, a few clouds at 7:00. temperatures stay in the low 50s through 9:00. our average high temperature this time of year is only 46. those are all warmer than average. with raindrops in the forecast for monday morning back to work and school commute, make sure you have the storm team 4 weather app ready to go.
9:51 am
not only to have you t also your radar at the palm of your hand. snow across parts of new york and new england and light rain across parts of the upper plains. that's our next little weather maker as it's on its way into the area. could bring the first drops as early as 4:00 or 5:00 tomorrow. most of the rain is an afternoon event. nice and mild outside today. here is your hour by hour cloudy and damp. mid 40s to start out. low 50s at lunchtime. more rain in the afternoon and showering into the evening time as well. from there on out, winter time starting to make a comeback. near 60 today. low 50s tomorrow turning breezy and cooler on tuesday. wednesday typical for february. there's the leading edge of the much colder air on thursday. windy and very very cold late into the week all the way into valentine's day. valentine's day looked like a cold one. find someone to snuggle with.
9:52 am
no chance for snow it doesn't look like. back over to you. >> thanks chuck. the story you don't want to miss. a local college goes above and beyond to comfort a young girl after a video of her crying goes viral. >> we want to get to know you and have you know us. starting tomorrow every day at 10:00 a.m. you can chat on facebook with a member of the "news 4 today" gang. i kick it off tomorrow monday. make sure you like the nbc washington facebook pa. (vo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble... ...and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not honda. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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ava, can you tell me why you're crying? >> because i want to see george washington. >> she is just broken up. that is 5-year-old ava lane. that video was taken after her mo it to her that george washington lived more than 200 years ago. >> video has received over 500,000 views and as jason pugh reports, george washington univer >> reporter: it's time f lane to meet her favorit president, george washin. >> it's george. >> ava was sitting in on brother's home school cl we were discussing presi we were discussing symbo
9:56 am
the united states, talki the white house which sh if george wash there. when we informed her tha unfortunately george was was no longer alive, she very sad. >> so sad that her mother capt >> maybe we can see our president, president bar obama. >> how did you feel when found out george washingto wasn't around anymore? >> sad. >> why? >> because i wanted to m >> what do you think youik about him? what was so cool that yo to meet him? >> because he had cool c >> reporter: it may not real george washington, bu ava, this one will d jason pugh, news 4 sport >> oh my gosh. that's so cool. maybe the colonial year will come back right, cool clothes. >> you've heard of them
9:57 am
infesting college dorm room hotels even the movie theater. why getting rid of bedbugs could soon get harder frmths what we're learning about the legal troubles facing whitney houston's daughte
9:58 am
9:59 am
right now on "news 4 today," you might want sunday brunch on the patio today. it's going to be a strangely
10:00 am
warm one, and then arctic air returns for your workweek. >> don't want to go wherever that is. that looks like rochester, new york where they're expecting snow. also should you pay to enroll your child in kindergarten? the unusual and pricey solution a local school board is considering to ease a strained budget. reality tv star bruce jenner involved in a chain reaction accident. what police are looking into that could explain what he was doing when behind the wheel before the crash. good sunday morning. welcome in. i'm adam tuss. >> i'm angie goff. welcome to "news 4 today." wet want to begin with the man of the hour, chuck bell. he has good news for us. >> good morning. today, secon of the weekend promises to be even nicer than yesterday. some clouds around first thing this morning. you see that on our tower cam. you can see it southbound past the cathedral. a wit of


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