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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  February 8, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this sunday night, no end many sight. two more feet of snow in areas that have seen unprecedented amounts. behind it a potentially record breaking cold snap. this as the west cold gets hit with more torrential rain. american sniper trial for the man accused of killing navy seal chris kyle question whether the movie could affect the outcome. great divide. a proposal for the grand canyon. will it ruin the view or offer an experience like no other? and rescue me. hundreds of baby sea lions turning up on california beaches and no one knows why. tonight what's being done to save them.
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good evening. with more than four feet of snow on the ground this winter in another big storm bearing down on new england tonight. the mayor of boston warns they are simply running out of space to put it all. the latest storm building in upstate new york to southern maine with two feet of snow expected in some places. this on slot has blown through yearly snow removal budgets and quadrupled the number of snow days. the west is dealing with flooding from the pineapple express, tropical rains that left some communities under water. al roekker is tracking systems tonight. let's start with al first. >> reporter: good evening. this town 35 miles outside seattle was battered three days.
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this is the road partially washed away nearby homes flooded, a punishing storm that could dump even more water later tonight. tonight outside brennan, water falls are raging rivers are rushing. the brunt of this storm has just passed. >> each time we have one of these flood events i need to get this off my driveway. >> for bob and his neighbors, the flood is gone but the damage is not. >> all of this is mud and debris that's come down from the mud slide. >> reporter: landslides shut down roads and broke others to pieces. this is saturday above kelly road one of the worst storms hank brooks has seen in 30 years. >> it's really bad this. river went across this road across the next road 100 feet the other side. >> reporter: the storm that
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walloped washington hit the west pineapple express, inches of rain deadly wind in oregon and california. >> big trees the houses. it's cause for concern. >> reporter: from wind and rain to fire in central california the wild weather fanned flames in meadows. 40 homes and buildings destroyed after wind speeds reached 75 miles per hour. out east it's snow hammering the region. >> i'm not happy with it. i'm sick of snow. >> reporter: in portland maine another winter white out. >> more snow than i need to deal with. i'm ready to go to florida. >> reporter: this season boston a record 55 inches and counting. at logan airport, hundreds of flights already cancelled tomorrow. >> we've never seen this type of snow in the city of boston any other time in the history of our city. >> reporter: wicked weather
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hampering boast coast. rain wind fire snow a season many will never forget. as they brace in the northeast, they're beginning to clean up here in the west. good news while this storm hasn't completely passed it is beginning to taper off. lester? >> miguel thanks. for more on what to expect in the northeast, we're joined by al roker. hey al. >> hey. the good news is the storm is about over. maybe another inch. there could be a severe thunderstorm watch in california today. here in the northeast, 49 million people under a winter storm watch or advisory as this system pushes toward us. you can see from the great lakes to northeast we're looking at more snow. here's what we see. if the storm continues on this track, we expect to see the snow to really get going tomorrow morning. boston has picked up five inches of snow. new york and metropolitan area will see an icy mix causing big problems. snow continues as the long track
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event goes through tuesday morning tapering off in boston. snowfall totals generally 3-6 inches of snow in new york metro area with ice. boston could see upwards of two feet of snow around the region. in new york metro area into eastern pennsylvania a quarter of an inch of ice. big problems for roads and airports for tomorrow. and more bad news. we've got a big dip in the jet stream coming later in the week. temperatures drop 10 to even 30 degrees below average. we could see one or two more significant winter storms by saturday sunday dumping even more snow. continuing lester our weather of discontent. we have complete weather on wake up with al and the today show. >> thanks. we'll be watching. now to the fight against isis and the air assault targeting the group in recent days. the jordanian air force claims
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it's inflicted heavy casualties on isis basis. tonight it warns there's more to come. we have more tonight from jordan. >> reporter: jordan's air force says the bombing campaign is inflicting heavy losses on isis. in another raid t pilot saw smoke as high as the aircraft. isis fighters have been destroyed. the air force commander told me -- >> we exceeded damage of overall objectives. >> reporter: they are flying 20 missions a day, he says. he rejects isis claims that a bomb from jordanian planes killed an american hostage, kayla mueller. >> we did not target any target they claim kay la was held
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hostage. >> u.s. forces including these two american f-22 fighters are providing support. in beirut $25 million of american equipment, including artillery and hum vooes were delivered today for the lebron these army. >> it's what our soldiers need and in a matter of days what your brave soldiers are using to battle and fight terrorism. >> jordan leaders say their intensified campaign is revenge for the excuse of their pilot burned alive. there are fears here in jordan's capital of terrorist reprisals of terrorists. there's a limit to what jordan's err campaign can achieve. >> it's clearly hurting them but not going to be enough to drive them out of the territory they've taken. that is going to require complimentary ground forces. >> yet today the jordanian air force commander vowed to wipe isis from the face of the earth.
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nbc news jordan. >> with that claim of an american aid worker being killed the war against isis hitting home as never before as the obama administration grapples with that. it's facing tough choices on another front, looking to find a way forward in ukraine where that situation is spiraling out of control. >> let's remember to pray for day weather. >> at the united method dis church prayers for kayla and her family. >> they're tired. they're weary but also hopeful for kayla's return here to prescott. >> administration officials say there's still no evidence to corroborate isis' claims that mueller was killed. secretary kerry said on "meet the press" america and allies
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republican on the road to defeating the terrorist group. >> we have taken out a significant proportion of top leadership of isis. their command and control facilities have been attack aed. >> secretary of state kerry at a conference today in munich underscored this is a long road. >> this will gavel nice the hope to fight isis. >> yet another foreign crisis is commanding american attention this weekend. the ongoing conflict in ukraine. today the death toll is mounting as pro russian separatist intensify their attack on government forces. this as people lined up to flee the country and the chaos. republican senator john mccain continued to criticize america's european partners including uk and germany refusing to send arms to ukraine.
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>> it's not that we're doing nothing, it's that nothing we are doing has been sufficient to deter threats and meet our goals. >> secretary kerry insisted the u.s. and allies are on the same page. >> we are united. we are working closely together. we all agree that this challenge will not end through military force. we are united in our diplomacy. >> storm president obama will host german chancellor angela merkel at the white house. the two leaders will hammer out a yuan fooid strategy moving forward and expected to discuss issues like providing weapons to ukrainians and further sanctions against russia. lester? >> thank you. it's one of the most talked about films of the year. this week the drama surrounding "american sniper" takes place far from hollywood, in a courtroom in a texas town. tomorrow the prosecution and defense will question potential jurors in the trial of the man accused of murdering chris kyle
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the navy seal who's auto biography inspired the film. we have the report from texas. >> reporter: the only thing more popular in texas is the real life sequel now playing out at the white house. >> i want to see all three families get the answers they deserve. >> navy seal chris kyle became the deadliest sniper while serving in iraq. now this is the top grossing war movie of all time. kyle talked to lester about his mission at home helping struggling veteran. >> some are definitely coming back with ptsd. i want to help those guys. >> one of the guys was a former marine ralph. two years ago kyle and littlefield took him to the gun range. only routh returned home.
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his sister called 911. >> defense attorneys for routh declined to comment but said he will plea not guilty in december by insanty. kyle's widow says she doesn't think post-traumatic express describes what happened. >> they struggle with other things. they don't turn around and kill other people. >> what the jury will decide after the judge instructs them on the law, if this person has post-traumatic stress disorder is it of such an a greejous nature it caused this person to be insane at the time of the offense. >> defense attorneys argue kyle is simply too popular in the county. an attorney not involved in the case says the movie is problematic for the defense. >> i think the publicity and particularly portrayal of chris
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kyle as an american hero makes it especially hard for the defense to get a fair jury. >> the debate is heating up here in stephenville. >> people in this town are good people. i think they will give them justice. >> you don't think he'll get a fair trial? >> i really don't, but who knows. >> jury selection continues tomorrow morning at at the courthouse behind me. opening statements are scheduled for wednesday. >> thank you. coaching legend dean smith has died in a span that went 40 years. he led university of north carolina to two national championships. as coach of the tar heels he was a leader on and off the court developing nba greats like michael jordan and recruiting the first black scholarship athlete. he was 83 years old. the gulf world is mourning a loss. hall of famer billy casper has
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died. he was a frequent winner on the pga tour with 53 wins and three majors. he was 83 years old. when nbc nightly news continues on this sunday it's a plan to let tourists see the grand canyon in a new way. it's causing a deep divide. later, a mystery out west. why are h ♪ is it the insightful strategies and analytical capabilities that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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that contributes to ra symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers including lymphoma have happened, as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work it's one of america's most iconic landmarks visited by 5 million people each year. now a proposed project at grand canyon national park is drawing controversy with some saying it will ruin the view and argueothers
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argue it will let tourists experience the canyon like never before. >> it's one of the wonders of the world. now the park services calling the grand canyon endangered. on the verge of losing this to hotel, shops and restaurants, all centered around a tram ride taking visitors down the canyon's sheer rock walls to a flat form amphitheater snack bar and even restrooms. >> if it becomes a reality, i think it will be a travesty for the american people. >> it would cover 420 acres of the navajo land on the undeveloped east rim right down to the canyon floor where the colorado and little colorado rivers merge. getting to the bottom of the grand canyon isn't easy. right now the best option is a trail like this. >> this is the shortest about seven miles down.
6:48 pm
what developers are proposing is a 10 minute tram ride. >> people who will never otherwise experience the grand canyon now we give an opportunity to get down close to the floor of the canyon. >> for navajo nation president shelly who plans to give developers the okay to build on their land it's also about opportun>> i want my people to have another life. they need jobs homes, good homes. >> some navajo tribal members say the cost to the canyon is too high. for her, it's about more than money. >> it is my church. it's where i say my prayers, give my offers commune with the holy ones gods that walk along the canyon. >> there are some of your people that don't want this. >> a lot of people want to go back to the old ways. you can't go back. >> it's not the first time development of the canyon has drawn criticism. a decade ago, the sky walk faced
6:49 pm
an emotional site. it was ultimately built. this latest project is likely to face bitter battle too. opponents say the development would be too close to their spiritual resting place. >> these landscape in the canyon today is still very important to the people. we're not going to give up in being good stewards of these lands, never. >> a proposed plan now causing a divide as wide as it has canyon itself. nbc news, the grand canyon. when we come back to
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some 50 million drivers use the navigation app to help them avoid everything from traffic to bad road conditions. one of the app's features has some in law enforcement sounding an alarm. they say it could be used to track police and poses a real danger. gabe gutierrez tells us more.
6:53 pm
>> reporter: it's the app millions use to avoid traffic jams but now waze is helping them spot speed traps and police officers. i does scare me. >> johnson is with the national share association. >> why give anybody a tool to violate the law, a tool to put officer at risk? it doesn't make sense. >> critics don't blame the entire app, just one feature. one that allows drivers to post where officers are and allows other drivers to find hem easily. we tried it ourself and sure enough within minutes we found the police cruiser where the app said it would be. >> that feature has prompted the police chief in los angeles to write a letter to ceo of google waze's owner for changes. why it's not tied assaults to officers tensions are high after two new york city cops were ambushed and killed in december. civil liberty activists say
6:54 pm
other drivers should be able to warn others. >> this is new technology but this is free speech and fundamental right. >> waze says users can't stalk officers using the a. we think very deeply about safety and security and work with police departments all over the world. some think this is a good idea and be a deterrent for bad drivers. >> may cause them to slow down drive in a slower manager. >> an ongoing debate at intersection of technology and public safety. up next tonight, the race [alarms blaring] ohhhhh... whoa whoa whoa! who's responsible for this?!? if something goes wrong, you find a scapegoat. ...rick.
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finally tonight, the rescue effort to save hundreds of baby sea lions stranded on california beaches. they're wash ago shore in big numbers, and no one knows exactly why. we get the story from nbc's joe friar. >> reporter: it has become a daily event along california's coast. malnourished baby sea lions rescued and rushed to care
6:58 pm
centers. >> you can see his spine very prominent. >> most are six to seven months old and and should weigh 60 to 70 pounds. instead they're hovering close to birth weights. >> 26 pounds. >> upon arrival, they check their vitals. this girl's signs look promising. >> we've got a shot on this one. going to be slow in the area of months. >> she's one of many being treated here at the pacific marine mammal center in laguna beach. >> how busy is your center now? >> extremely busy. this is one of our most busy seasons in history. >> normally they have two or three animals this time of year. they have 40 and rising rapidly the year is young and already more than 350 stranded sea california mostly pups that should be nursing. food supply is scarce and moms are searching for food leaving behind hungry young. it's hard to say why this is
6:59 pm
happening, but warmer waters and fish pattern changes could be playing a role. irene is a retired pediatrician volunteering her time to help. >> i call this my happen iiest place but also my saddest place. on some days it's very sad when you see the pups. >> here they start with a liquid diet and gradually build their strength and learn how to eat fish so they're prepared to return home. >> you get to see them get better, get to see them go back in the ocean. that makes it the happiest place you could ever be. >> life here would be a whole lot happier if they never had to treat these precious pups in the first place. laguna beach, california. >> that's "nbc nightly news" for this sunday. we hope you join us again.
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that's all from me lester holt with nbc news. good night. we're all shells of people walking around. the happiness in our life has been taken from us. >> reporter: they were, high school sweethearts, raising five strapping sons. >> it was a rowdy house. and our parents loved it. >> reporter: then, that terrible night. >> she everywhere. >> reporter: a mother, murdered. but as shock set in, leads poured in. witnesses reported strangers, lurking. a car, speeding through the neighborhood. and there were footprints, out behind the house. >> jason i'm putting alarms on every door, because somebody's out there!


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