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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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breaking news. off to a messy start. i-95 north is shut down due to an eight to nine car crash. a is working for
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you to get out of the door. s start can tom. >> there's the storm team 4 ray radar. we have several things going on. have three different types of winter precipitation. right now getting rain on the eastern shore in the green area. pink area some light freezing rain. then the white area is wet snowfall in between richmond toward the northern neck of virginia. that may be putting down a quick half inch to an inch over the next hour or so as it tracks to the north and east. it's stopped in the metro area. the n pink in prince geor county charles, and saint mary's is just some light icing. farther north and west temperatures near 30s. down to fredericksburg it's a little bit above freezing. the snow that is falling down that way is going to begin to melt on roadways. maybe pile up a little bit on elevated surfaces.
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warm coat scarf, gloves. and later today you'll need sunglasses. cold near friesing between0 and 8:00 a.m. between 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. the winds will pick up. next a look at the hour by hour temperatures. th coming up at 4:41. now chuck is on the roads. where are you now in the 4 x 4? >> good morning, tom. we're in prince george's county come route 5 going southbound. so far so good. have seen a lot of chemicals but haven't seen any ice. we're going to continue going southbound here to the cold air now. 30 degrees where we are. and, again, things are below freezing but these are the types of temperatures where road chemicals are very effect i. also what little bit of precipitation we're getstly in the form of rain right now. one of my weather watchers in sainmary's county said there's a little bit of light freezing rain to the saint mary's
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counties. t it. if you see any troubled spots, let me know. speaking of trouble on the roads, meg news with melissa. breaking news maryland 95 northbound at the howard county line. we're talking about a total shut down of 95 north right now. all lanes blocked because of an eight to nine car accident. we have a 2 1/2 mile backup ape e alternate bw parkway or 29. 66 east at 123 finally clear. the earlier crash is out of the way. no problems on 66. beltway at coalsville that is running along nicely. and a wide look at things overall no major issues as you look at the beltway. 198 and laurel westbound slow from an earlier crash. one of the lanes is blocked. back in ten minutes. new this morning a report just released by the food research action tracked how
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low-income children in many in our area are eating school breakfast. it looked like d.c. doing a great job. 70 kids out of 100 eating the school breakfast and lunch. virginia not so good ranking 26th. while there was some progress in our area the study found that together the states missed serving breakfast in 3 1/2 million low-income children per day. >> thank you. it's 4:35. a bill to expand dna collection in virginia is closer to becoming law.e unanimously passed the bill yesterday. it would allow police to collect dna samples from people convicted of serious misdemeanors including stalking and indecent exposure. advocates say the bill could help solve and prevent crimes by finding links between cases. the bill is expected to pass the house. a developing story now. isis released a new video
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showing capture of the british journalist. this is a still frame from the video which isis claimed was shot in aleppo. it's the eighth video. cantly has appeared in delivering isis' propaganda. cantly was kidnapped with american journalt james foley. foley was executed last august. the white house is expected to ask congress tomorrow to officially authorize military force against isis. crews r missing passengers following h in taiwan. divers are looking for the bodies of three people in the body. at least 40 people died when a jet plane crashed into a river r takeoff. today a special prayer service will be held for those that died. 15 people survived. a new report said more cyber attacks similar to those of sony pictures. according to the security and research firm crowd strike. comes after president obama issued another warning against
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imposing more economic sanctions agains which could scuttle a possible deal. a multimillion dollar initiative to help minority boys in d.c. is facing legal concerns. d.c. council member who represents ward 3 said the empowering males of color initiative says there could be some issues with that initiative. but thinks that it could violate title ix as well. under the plan the city would spend $20 million to add support program and the brand new school for black and latino boys in the district. shea said she believes girls should have the same benefits as well. today the afro will hold a discuss as part of black history month. they lined up a panel of local officials. topics including police brutality will be on the agenda. it happens today in northwest washington between 7:00 and 9:00
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p.m. new this morning there could be changes on how you pay for parking in annapolis. the city council asking the maryland general assembly for authority to offer several ways for you to pay for parking. that's according to the capitol gazette. it includes smartphones and using sensors. the annapolis city council asking permission from the state to create a parking authority to look into the matter. robots replacing humans. it's alrd at a faster rate than you might think. how soon they could be taking jobs away from you and me. keeping an eye on the mes outbreak. what lawmakers are doing for the first time to protect you and your family. >> we are on the roads right now. ice and rain cou
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welcome back. this just into the news room. prince william county schools are opening two hours late today. prince william opening two hours late. take a look at the screen. roads appear to be wet. there are sok a icy spots out there. you have to be careful. tom is timing out when it will get above freezing in your neighborhood. t fourth and fifth graders will attend a rally to save their charter school. the d.c. charter school board voted in december last year to start the process of revoking the license of the dorothy height community academy. the board accused the school of fiscal mismanagement. 1600 children would need to find a new school. 300 jobs would be lost.
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the rally will take place at the wilson building in d.c. >> you can go to a meeting to talk about new bike lanes in fairfax county. they are proposed more than a decade ago in 2003. the meeting is 7:00 tonight at lynn brooke elementary school. okay. we knew it was coming. new this morning a new re says that cheaper, better robots will replace human workers over the next ten years. just ten years! the boston consulting group predicts that investment in industrial robots will grow 10% a year in the world's 25's biggest export nations. . should push labor costs down about 16%. >> but there is something about a human touch. you cannot replace what we offer. >> we have robots in here. the cameras. >> but the robot can't replace your humor, your side eye, your
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charm! >> yu c disagree with that. let's get you up to speed on the forecast. you can wet roads. let's check with tom. >> good morning. i would like to have a snow robot to take care of the snow. we have a little bit of snow now showing up here in the northern neck of virginia. the area in white south of fredericksburg and near richmond. in the pink is light freezing rain. this is all tracking off to the north and east. could get a dusting to an inch of some of the snow. southern charles county southern saint mary's county between now and 10:00. temperatures by 8:00 still a little bit below freezing. by noontime should be in the upper 30s most of the region. then hitting the low 40s by mid afternoon. as we get into the weekend, though colder. look at a polar plunge coming y at 4:51. melissa has breaking news.
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>> maryland 95 northbound at 32. the howard county line. an eight to nine car crash. all lanes blocked. we have a three mile backup approaching the scene. the alternate bw parkway or 29 this morning. it's going time. 95 here at skagsville north. these folks are heading north. looking to see a backup starting here in a minute. 95 virginia at dale boulevard that's moving along fine. so is 66 into and out of town. prince george's county overall no major issues there. back in a couple with more on the 95 crash. new video into the news room of an emergency landing. what we're learning from the live desk about the passengers on the plane. thieves may have their hands on two kittens saved by a local animal rescue group.
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you're going to be scraping ice off the wind shield this morning. watch out for icy spots on the sidewalk. we're getting a little bit of wen neck of virginia. that coming into charles countyd east a little bit of freezing rain. this all tracking off to the north and east. and i'll that other update in a couple of minutes at 4:51. melissa has breaking news. >> breakin in maryland at 32 all lanes still blocked. you'll cli and -- i'll call police. bw parkway or 29. it's an eight to nine-car accident. going to take some time before everything is completely open. maybe opening one lane at a time. ate here at scaggsville road. we're expecting it to get backed
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up in a little bit. we'll have more coming up in a couple of minute 4:51. there e now 121 cases of measles in the u.s. so far this year. nearly all or linked to an outbreak at disney land in california. today u.s. lawmakers will take on the issue publicly for the first time.c tra pots is live this morning on capitol hill with more. good morning, tracy. >> good morning. it spread all the way from disney land to the east coast. the latest cdc update said it hit 17 states plus one case here in the nation's capital. most of the cases are linked to disney land but about 15% are not. the cdc is going to be here on capitol hill today. the director of communicable diseases will be here answering questions about how do you track this and how do you stop it. they're going to hear today from a pediatrician whose written a letter about getting the shot. the mmr.
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the shot against measles. his kids were exposed but they cannot get the shot. there are a lot of people that are comprised or for other reasons cannot get the shot. we have a brand new pugh research poll where 83% of americans say that do believe that the shot is safe. but there are a lot of communities now including the district that are dealing with what the cdc said are confirmed cases of measles. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. 12 minutes before the hour. leaders looking currently at the measles outbreak. montgomery's leading health official updates the council on the threat of measles in montgomery county. they'll hear an update on childhood vaccinations. voting on using artificial turf. it would be the seventh school in the county to use it if approved. turf would cost just over 1 million as part of the capital improvement program. also today d.c. mayor will
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meet with members of the board. bowser will take questions. the meeting starts at 7:30 at columbia's saint e miss. church. scary pictures coming to us out of houston. a u.s. airways plane was force eg landing. this is what happened when the plane's front landing gear did not deploy. 57 peopl on board. we heard one person did go to the hospital. u.s. airways hasn't released a statement as of now. we know that putter of the runway still closed. hearing from the airport that flights are not impacted. >> angie goth thank you. it is now 4:49. a new law in virginia said you can breastfeed your baby whenever you want. the bill was introduced after a woman from loudoun county said she was forced to leave a gym for breastfeeding inside. both chambers of the general assembly passed the law
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unanimously. it has one catch, it said that you cannot breastf if you are illegally somewhere you're not supposed to be. just in prince george's countya two hour delay today. schools in prince george's county will open two hours l> d.c. police trying to figure out who stole who kittens. somebody broke the window at a petco and took three-month old kittens. they took in the animals. the two were up for adoption at the store. >> we pu so they can have a good life. when someone comes in and steals an animal within we don't know what they're going to do with it. the group is offering a $500 reward now. if you have any information call d.c. police. okay. we're talking about a little ice this morning. even when i was driving in my windshield wipers the rain was freezing there on the surface. >> yeah. on elevated surfaces but the roads are fine.
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most of the road temperatures metro area and all the treated surfaces are just wet this morning. storm team 4 radar showing a wintry mix south and east of the metro area. that's continuing to move to the north and east. pink is light icing. white is some snow. green that's light rain. and as we zoom in the storm team 4 radar we're getting a little bit of light icing. but it is transitioning over to a little bit of wet snow here in the wider zone. that stretches down into the northern neck of virginia and areas just south of fredericksburg where there could be a dusting to an inch here in southern maryland and parts of the northern neck and lower eastern shore between now and 10:00 this morning. mainly on the grassy surfaces. we have winter weather advisories in effect until 6:00 a.m. for souther and prince george's the district and prince william. in is going to be in effect a little bit later into the morning hours. i took this picture the road was
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wet but the tree had light icing on it. that's what you'll be encountering. if your car has been outside overnight it will have ice on the wipd shield. allow yourself extra time to scrape the ice off. we're at or a little below freezing now. cloudy sky over northwest washington. live view from the tower cam getting above freezing by mid-morning and noontime upper 30s. low 40s mid afternoon. blustery wind it will feel chillier as we get sunshine back.l may be 20s to low 30s. you can track the radar with the storm team 4 weather app and our four-day forecast upper 20s tomorrow morning. afternoon highs mid 40s on wednesday. partly cloudy and a little bit chillier on thursday. might have a few flurries or a quick passing snow shower. and staying above freezing much of the day. then the polar plunge arrives on friday. all the way down to the teens in the morning. afternoon highs near 30. and then on the weekend might get a few scattered flurries on
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saturday. mayb just briefly above freezing. then really cold frigid on sunday and monday. in fact monday morning we may be near zero or down to single digits much of the region. stay tuned. it could be the coldest weather of the winter so far. and now breaking news on 95 wh melissa sti breaking news. maryland 59 northbound at 32 all lanes blocked because of an eight to nine-car crash. looks like some of the backups are getting a tad better. folks getting off on skaggsville. staying off to the right side of the roadway in one of those parking lots there on the right side of th i couldn't remember.e bw parkway or 29. no major problems at the beltway. everyt is moving along nicely there. same thing at 66 east of sudley road rest stop.
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50 eastbound at 97 got a report of a crash there. back in a couple of minutes wite accident on 95 north. >> you. safety changes coming to the express lanes in virginia. the impact they can have on your commute. that's at 5:00 a.m. now to good news involving our own professional athletes. the big assist alex life's morning
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multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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police are asking for your help thi catch a bank robber. the disguise was so good they not sure if the robbers was a man or a woman. police say the person walked into a bank of america and told the teller they had a knife. they got away with some cash and no one was hurt. this just into the news room. howard county schools are opening two hours late. mandatory reporting of campus sexual violence is ju bills moving forward to combat the issue. lawmakers yesterday advanced legislation that requires colleges to write transcripts ift is found guilty of assault. the bills are in response to the death last fall of uva student hannah graham. the bills will advance through the chamber today. today a special hockey team in our area has a brand new car.
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alex ovechkin donated the honda to the washington i dogs. the team for children with developmental disabilities. you may remember that's the team ann schabb plays for. >> i got my own car! my own team! >> you can search -- uh-oh! you can search ovechkin for lots of pictures of him and the kids. the ice dogs plan to auction off the car to support their organizacute! no many little girls say that he's her boyfriend. two of the stars from the game awards are coming to washington. lady gaga and tony bennett are set for a two-night performance celebrating their jazz album. the shows will be on july 31st and august 31st. i bet it's going to sell out
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quickly. >> it's going to be a good show. metro cracking down on drivers who game the system so they can park for free. the transit agency said people are parking for a full day and waiting until after midnight when the gates and parking lots open and driving away without paying. metr problem they're considering extending the hours at night when the gates will stay down. stay with us. news 4 today continues at 5:00 a.m. breaking news right now at 5:00 a.m. the major chain-reaction crash on 95. let's go to melissa. >> take a look. just got off the phone with police. 95 north to 32 now just the right lane is blocked. this is a huge improvement we were completely shut down until the past hour or so. 95 north at 32 just the right lane blocked because the eight to nine car crash. no serious injuries is what told. wide look at things. beltway looking pretty good. no major problems there.
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66 and 95 both looking good as well. same thing when you look at prince george's county. everything moving nice and green. beltway at new hampshire avenue inner and outer loop looking good. you'll have the sheen on the roadway. it's going to be wet. perhaps the only thing icy this morning is your car. right, tom? >> scraping a ice off your windshield this morning. st radar showing a little bit of wet snow in the white. the area in pink is light freezing rain that is icing up a little bit. the area in green is -- the white zone is in the northern neck and southeast of fredericksburg. coming into southern charles county and western saint mary's. north of there at the prince george's and eastern saint mary's there's light icing going on. between now and 10:00 in parts of southern maryland could get a dusting to


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