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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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injuries is what told. wide look at things. beltway looking pretty good. no major problems there. 66 and 95 both looking good as well. same thing when you look at prince george's county. everything moving nice and green. beltway at new hampshire avenue inner and outer loop looking good. you'll have the sheen on the roadway. it's going to be wet. perhaps the only thing icy this morning is your car. right, tom? >> scraping a ice off your windshield this morning. st radar showing a little bit of wet snow in the white. the area in pink is light freezing rain that is icing up a little bit. the area in green is -- the white zone is in the northern neck and southeast of fredericksburg. coming into southern charles county and western saint mary's. north of there at the prince george's and eastern saint mary's there's light icing going on. between now and 10:00 in parts of southern maryland could get a dusting to an in of ew moving through.
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a lot on grassy areas. the road temperatures are a little abo vi as well as in prince george's county. it may be a little bit below freezing in some of the neighborhoods. sidewalks are wet. road temperatures at or a little below freezing north and west of the metro area. we'll have these below freezing temperatures for anoth couple of hours. out on the roads right now c is joining us live. he's in the storm team 4 x 4. where are you now? >> reporter: good morning, tom. we're in the maryland on 301 southbound. so far so good on the roads. haven't seen any trouble at all. that's definitely good news. temperatures are below freeze. we're at 31 now at the 4 x 4. technically it could freeze up but so far all the treated surfaces the road temperatures are above freezing. we're not having a big impact. the biggest you need to worry on is on the way out of the door this morning. some of the railings or exposed staircases might have a glazing of ice. that's about it. so far so good here.
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we'll keep reporting back to you. now it is time for first 4 traffic again with melissa. good morning, chuck! have the problem on 95 northbound at 32. only one lane is blocked. the right lane. wider look at things overall. the other roads looking pretty good florida see them a little bit wet and your car will probably have a little bit of icing on the windshield but otherwise no othed indian head highway no major problems. i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you so much. the we have school delays to pass along this morning. be sure to download the nbc washington app for a full list. the man suspected of
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kidnapping university of virginia student hannah graham reportedly charged with first-degree murder. jessie matthew was already charged with abduction. he's ae disappearance and death of virginia tech student morgan harrying they will announce the new charges at an 11:00 a.m. news conference. we'll be there. you can follow david and nbc washington on twitter for up to the minute updates. [ chanting ] these students say they want more sleep. today is decision today. the board is expected to vote on the issue. news 4's megan mcgrath is live. >> good morning. >> reporter: s teens be given the opportunity
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to catch a few more sleep. that's the topic of debate. we're expects an answer as they vote on later start times. people in favor of the later start times, well they staged a sleep over or in yesterday in front of the board of education. many wore pajamas. others were wrapped in sleeping people drew dark circles under their eyes. they said teens learn and focus better when they get more sleep. they want the teens to go to school later. the school board is looking at five different options ranging from no change at all to delaying start times 20 to 35 minutes to allow some students to get a little bit more sleep before heading off to class. many students and parents favor later start times. however, many teachers do not
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9:30 this morning there's going to be public comment and the school board is expected to take the vote sometime after 10:30. we'll let you moe when they decide when it happens. lawyers expected to make ths in the whistle blower trial against kate wra up the two-day testimony. she defended her decision to demote hillton burton saying he botched a barricade situation. at the time police shot and killed a man. the judge admonished her attorneys. th judge refused to let her testify about the incident because d.c. police defended his actions calling them reasonable in a separate lawsuit. burton said he was demoted in retaliation for blowing the whistle on police escorts for actor charlie sheen and other celebrit she never personally approved any of the escorts. a deadly 20-car pile up in
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new jersey. we have new details on what may have lead up to the crash. >> plus the one factor that can slow down the recovery for women that suffered from a heart attack. keeping an eye on the weather for you. a wintery mix of precipitation .
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now to a developing story. at least one person is dead and duchblzs are hurt after the massive pile up. this is an the new jersey turnpike just outside new york city. you can take a look at cell phone video here. more than 20 cars involved in the accident. state police say the weather is partly to blame for last night's crash. it's snowing in boston right now. imagine that. it's breaking records. there are now an average 37 inches of know on the ground there. in the last month the snowfall added up to just over 69 inches in total. more than 10 inches higher than the former record in that same time span. just trying to wrap your head around that much snow. the season is one of the area's ten snowiest winters with at least a month left to go. let's check in with weather in our area. good morning, tom.
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lk yet? that is amazing snow they have up there. we're getting a little bit of light snow. the area in white on the storm team 4 area in pink is a little bit of light icing. the area in green is light rain. all moving to the north and east. a little bit of light freezing rain where it's rain falling and then creating a glaze much ice on prince george's county charles, saint mary's. and down there between now and 10:00 this morning there could be a dusting to an inch of snow and a little bit of sle mary's and the northern neck. right now we have wet roads. that's going to be the morning impact. wet roads. watch out for icy spots on sidewalks. you'll be scrapingeg icy windshield. the midday and afternoon drive times should be fine as the pavement will begin to dry out and we'll have temperatures above freezing. but a few slick spots through the morning commute.
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during the afternoon with sun breaking out in a blustery wind that will blow dry the roads. mid 40s by mid afternoon. coming up look at the cold plunge for the weekend. now a look at roads this morning. here is melissa. what right now still have the problem 95 northbound at 32. we have the right lane blocked. the entire roadway not shut down any longer. still just the right lane blocked after an 8 to 9 car crash. pretty serious there this morning. other problems in the area. just a warning if you're heading out. it looks like it might be nasty 198 westbound. the ramp to 95 maryland is blocked because of a crash. maryland 95 south after 100 a crash. same thing 95 south after 32. an accident on the left side of the roadway. going to be following this and tweeting out as well. if you travel the 95 express lanes can be confusing. what transcription officials are
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doing. and new ingredient mcdonalds is adding to a popular sandwich and you'll only be able to get it in our area!
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist. showing an area of rain, some sn icing south and east of the metro area. the area in pink is light rain that is falling and then creating a glaze of ice on elevated surfaces like your windshield maybe some icy spots on your sidewalk. most roads are just wet. this includes prince george's charles, and saint mary's counties. nor neck the area in the gray and white is a little bit of wet snow that is tracking through now and 10:00 this morning. i'm back at 5:21. angie goth at the live desk with the developing story. just outside of baltimore we just learned that firefighters have contained that 2-alarm
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fire. also new a 54-year-old female two men ages 19 and 17 in the hospital. they're in critical conditions. they haven't released their names. they respond to the heavy fire around 3:00 a.m. this is in the brooklyn park area. we are getting word that investigators wil proy stay on the scene for the next couple of hours to continue to investigate how it started. >> thank you. it is now 5:16. now new features on the 495 express way to keep you safe. new signs saying entrance so you know you're get on the lanes. they added mashers to the entrance ramps. they said it's planning to add purple easy pass signs to the pavement on all entrances to the lanes. >> so far so good out there. we want to encourage drivers, you still continue to keep your eye out on the signs. travel slow, travel safe out there. >> transurban said on the 95
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express lanes police are cracking down on people waiting on the shoulder for the hov lanes on 395. today maryland lawmakers are talking about a new bill to prevent heroin deaths. it would give immunity to anyone who call for someone overdosing on heroin. there's a hearing on the bill in annapolis today. montgomery states attorney john mccarthy will testify. the schools in charles and saint mary's counties opeo hours late today. this morning gettina the wild high speed chase through the streets outside of los angeles. the chase started when a man carjacked a woman at gunpoint. they say police found a large semiall pistol at the scene.
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e whi expected to ask congress today or tomorrow to officially authorize military force against isis. after president obama presents his updated attack plan lawmakers in the house and senate will hammer out the details and ma that. th will lead to the first war vote in congress in 18 years. isis releasing a new video showing john cantly. is a still frame from that video. this is the eighth video ca appeared in. i was kidnapped with american journalist james foley more than two years ago. foley was executed last august. german chancellor angela merkel said the international t to try again and again to work on ending co e and russia. merkel spent yet immediating with preside canada's prime minister. germany, france and russia are holding a four-way talk
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tomorrow. harry reid will be at gw hospital tomorrow for surgery on his eye. you probably s band the righ he w year's d see out of the e this is his se fix he's expected this month. jury selecti texa killin the former mar kill friend. he faces capit kyle's service portrayed in t movie "america nasa may try to launch the falcon 9 rocket if the wea cooperates. the mission was rescheduled yesterday and delayed because of weather concerns at cape canaveral. it will carry a weather satellite that monitor solar wind. liftoff is scheduled for 6:05 eastern time tonight. it looks like we're having
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some icing now which should be cleared. we have seen the school delays start to roll in the last half hour or so. a live look at reagan national airport with wet roadways there. there are places that are dealing with the patchy ice. >> it's mostly on any untreated surface like your sidewalk your front steps, watch your footing when you're stepping out. it looks wet. it could be a little bit of a sheen of icemo the storm team 4 radar is showing the pink zone is where we're getting a libel of freezing rain. there's been some snow south and east of fredericksburg. that seems to be transitioning to a little bit of rain in pink in prince george's county that is a zone of light freezing rain as well as on the eastern shore from up near centerville all the way to cambridge. ths a little bit of a light icing going on there as well. watch out this morning. if it looks wet it could be ice roads have been well treated and just wet this
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morning. air temperatures at or a little bit freezing. all across virginia and maryland in the mountains as well. down to 23 that's the cold spot. the purple color is a winter weather adviso metro area. 10:00 for the eastern shore a neck as the wintery mix will continue. getting above freezing by 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. we'll have the iciness around on elevated surfaces including your car windshield through about 9:00 and between noon and 5:00 p.m. we'll be in the low 40s with a gusty wind. it will feel chillier with sunshine back. with the wind it will feel like the 20s to around 0u degrees. 20s tomorrow morning. mid how on wednesday. maybe a few flurries on thursday. then a polar plunge friday into the weekend. very cold. that's going to linger all the way to first part of next week. melissa now looking at roads. we've had a problem on 95. >> had a couple of problems on 95. a couple of other things popped
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up. 95 northbound maryland here we have the two left lanes blocked from a new crash there. still have this crash just a little north of that. 95 northbound at 32 with the right lane blocked. this area obviously having some issues here this morning. because of the number of crashes that we're seeing right now. we have the left lane blocked. richard jordan how are the roads looking and what are you seeing now? >> right now we're on 95 south just after route 32 and things are looking pretty good. we can give you a advantage point here if we look through the front camera of the northbound lanes. that's where the accident was. you see traffic seems to be moving pretty smoothly. it looks like they removed most of the vehicles that were involved in the crash early this morning that had 95 northbound shut down here. we have seen several vehicles
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pulled over on to the shoulder. a lot of semi trucks pulled over. a few crashes not affecting traffic too much. most of the main roadways are cleared. all those vehicles have been pulled off to the shoulder but you're going to see that it is a li dicey when you get on the roads. telling drivers to watch out for possible ice. so it is a big issue to contend with this mo all right. a good reminder for everybody. let's take a look at other spots. 66 looking good. haven't seen any problems on 66 this morning. 95 has been the problem child. and northbound at 95 in virginia a little slow but that's typical for this time of day. the owners of the rebel casino hotel will not go through with the deal. a federal judge refused to allow
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the sale happen. a brewery s heads with red bull. red bull's law to old ox brew trying changean name. you can see th side by side. according to t red bull calle not to use red in the color s news for your health. a new study finds if you smoke it may raise your unborn's child risk of diabetes. researchers at the university of california found women whose mothers smoked while pregnant were two to three times more
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likely to be diabetes as adults. fathers who smoke while their wives were pregnant also kriblted to a higher risk. the lead author said they found that smoking parents is a risk factor for diabetes independent of obesity or. e stress may play a role in your ability to recover from a heart attack. that's accordi out of it fouer men and women o mental stress tended to have than those und. wo than men. that might exp generally reco after heart at mcdonalds is offering a fillet of fish with old bay tartar sauce. it's a limited the t than 700 locat. around this area.
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we like old ba these parts. it will hit stores on monday. >> i love old bay on my crabs. i'm a maryland girl. but i'm not sure on the fillet of fish how i'm going to feel it. i c put it on anything. >> popcorn. >> and i like it on chips. everything! co flakes whatever >>well as you scramble to feed your children there's a new concern about how many students are hitting the books on an empty stomach. and breaking down a new report what to support schools. a lot of school delays because of icy roads. take a live look .
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breaking news. icy conditions on the roads leading to a number of crashes. let's get to melissa with the first 4 traffic. >> good morning. another new problem here. this one just popped up. 50 and maryland westbound reports of a lane blocked. not seeing it on the camera. doesn't mean it's not there. there's a problem there. 95 northbound after scaggsville
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road. 95 has been a mess this morning. north at 32 have the right lane blocked and 95 south after 32 the left lane blocked. tom this morning 95 has not been the greatest. >> yeah. most roads are wet. you know just even with wet roads we get multiple fender benders. they're going stay wet for another right now getting a bit of a wintery mix the, white, and gray. the pink that zone is getting t is freezing up on some elevated surfaces including your car windshield. coating of ice at prince george's county saint charles. temperatures at or below freezing throughout much of the region. and what to wear today. dress for a winter-like day with a warm coat scarf, gloves. later today woul need your sunglasses as we get the sunshine by the afternoon. for
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freezing through 8:00 a.m. and between 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. ie mid 30s. by then blustery wind. next weather and traffic coming up at 5:41. now chuck bell is joining us live. he's in the storm team 4 x 4. chuck has been out the last couple oencountering wet roads. what are you seeing now? >> yeah tom. we have done everything we can to find a snow flake oa sleet pellet but have not been able to do it. it's still 30s and there's a little bit of light rain hitting the windshield here. it's coming down and mostly liquid form. we have done as much searching around as we can. we stopped at the starbucks and i asked the girls inside who were sweet and said they did have a little bit of light icing on their cars when they got up first thing this morning. that's what you should probably expect an your way out the door. schools here have been delayed two hours. the most danger will be on the rails on the exposed sidewalks
5:32 am
and that stuff. otherwise no big troubles on the roads from our perspective.y disagree. >> i might a little bit. i love your investigation includes a stop at starbucks. i wish you would bring some back! taking look at 95 northbound you can see we're pretty slow through triae city. 95 maryland is most of the issues. beltway and route 50 in virginia that's fine. and overall look at the beltway no major problems at this point when you look at the inner and outer loop. back in 10 minutes. i'll see you at 5:41. 5:33 and we have some school delays to pass along to you. take a look at your screen here.
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watch the bottom of your screen or download the app for the full list of delays. new this morning a look at scary pictures of rough landing in houston. take a look at the u.s. airways the front landing gear did not deploy. nose. none of the 57 people on board the plane was hurt. the runway is still closed but hearing no flights impacted. today a hearing in annapolis will try to change the definition ook the clean air act. it bans smoking in public indoor areas. if the definition is changed, then e cigarettes would be banned in those areas. according to a recent report in the new england journal of mee exposure of formaldehyde from e cigarettes could be more dangerous than regular cigarettes. new this morning, you could soon use your smartphone to pay for park napsannapoli
5:34 am
th asking the authority for several ways to pay for parking. gazette. they're asking for permission from the state to create a parking authori to look into the matter. they're working on the details who would be on the committee and how it would work. a multimillion dollar initiative to help minority boys facing legal concerns. d.c. council m repres empo initia some issues wi initiative. but thinks tha title . under the plan spend $20 mill progra for black and distri. shea said she should have th well. if you live in d.c.'s ward thre mayor bowser will take your questions. she's meeting with the ward three democratic committee for a community dialogue. the meeting starts at 7:30. the weekly newspaper ca will hold the first black lives matter discun as a part of black history month.
5:35 am
it lined up a panel with local officials and equality advocates discuss race conditions. to it happens today between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m. the search on for two stolen kittens. somebody broke the window at petco and took the kittens. they took the animals in. the two kittens were up for adoption at the store. the group reward if you have an d.c. p it is 5:36. there could be changes to whom you share the road with in fairfax county. why leaders want to hear from you if you ride a bike. robots replacing humans.
5:36 am
happening! at a faster rate than you might think. how soon they could be taking jobs away from you. >> and a live look outside right now. this is reagan national airport.
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today fourth and fifth graders will attend a rally to try to save their charter school. the d.c. chart voted in st the lice height communi. the fiscal m 1600 children a new 300 jobs would. th wilson bui >> you can go talk about new fairfax county. they are propo decade ago in .
5:40 am
the meeting is lynn brooke elta we have more school closings coming into the area. they're saying weather-related condition. s being cautious. >> and we're tracking melissa trac bunch of accidents. a slick spot can cause big problems. k with meteorologist tom. >> we have light rain overnight that fell and then started to like your car and on some elevated shrubs and tree limbs. most roads are wet. right now getting that area in pink. the area in the gray and white is wet snow. south of fredericksburg reports of sleet as well in stat ford and the gray area near fredericksburg east of there across southern maryland and toward the eastern shore we're getting this light icing creating a light graze on
5:41 am
untreated surfaces. temperatures afreezing now. in the afternoon should be hitting the low 40s by late to mid afternoon. a little bit of sunshine breaking out. look at much colder air moving in for the weekend. how are we doing, melissa? another new crash this is maryland 50 westbound at the beltway. it's off to the right side of the roadway. it is a little slower than we typically see this time beltway at branch avenue northbound have three different crashes. one being reported at old branch and another at wood yard. you might want to take your alternate route if you head through that way any time soon. taking look at travel times. 95 north quantity koe to the beltway not bad. 270 southbound no major problems. i'm back in ten minutes. see you then. thank you. the number of measle cases
5:42 am
continues to grow. later this morning lawmakers will tackle how to stop the spread. have saved a lot of money on gas. we're getting the first look where the extra money life's morning
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multitasking. it's multiple ideas for growing families and drawers with many layers to show exactly what you need. life's the food that brings us together. and kitchens where every meal is the most important of the day.
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good morning. when you step outside you'll is maybe a glaze of ice on your front step sidewalks, car, the shrubbery and tree limbs. we're getting that. that area in pink we're getting some of the rain that is falling and freezing on untreated and elevated surfaces in southern maryland the northern neck of the s continuin move to the north an east. will be around for another hour or so. then it's going to be quickly ending. thayou. it is now 5:46. there are now 121 cases of measles in the u.s. so far this
5:46 am
year. in a few hours the senate will hold a hearing. tracie potts joins us with more on the story. >> lawmakers want to know why is it spreading so quickly. why is it spreading across the united states. it started in disney land and now it's all the way to the east coast. what can they do to prevent a vigorous discussion on the hill today about that vaccines which 83% of americans think are safe according to a recent pugh research poll. there's opposition out there. people who either don't think they're safe or don't think that the government should mandate them. in spite of the fact that we've got this growing outbrokeeak. the latest numbers the 121 cases they're tracking cover d.c. and 17 states. 85% of t cases, most of them are linked to disney land but not all of them. that's part of what we expect
5:47 am
they'll be discussing today. on the panel today we'll h and the number of other people including a pediatrician who wrote a letter that went viral. his kids were exposed at disney land but his kids cannot get the vaccine. all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. and health leaders in our area are also trying to take steps to stop the spread of measles. today montgomery's leading health official updates the council on the threat of measles in the county. we'll also hear an update on childhood vaccinations. the council meets at 2:30 p.m. in the rockville office building. montgomery public schools will vote on using artificial turf. winston churchill will be the seventh school in the county to use it if approved. adding the turf will cost just over a million dollars as part t improvement > you can learn about the 395 widening project. >> the plan is to construct a fourth street between duke street in arlington. it happens today at holmes oo 7 to
5:48 am
9:00 p.m. mandatory reporting of campus sexual violence just one of the bills moving forward to combat that issue on campuses. lawmakers yesterday advanced legislation that requires colleges to write transcripts if a student is found guilty of assault. the bills are a response to the death last fall of uva student hannah graham. the bills will advance today. a bill to expand dna collection in virginia is closer to becoming law. the state senate passed a bill unanimously yesterday. it would allow police to collect dna samples from people connected ofg or indecent exposure. it could help solve and prevent crimes by finding links between cases. the bill is expected to pass the house, too. a new law in virginia says you can breastfeed your baby whenever you want to. the bill was i woman from lou she was forced for br. both chambers assembly passe unanimously.
5:49 am
new this morning we on the nationwide school breakfast program. tu pretty good job with this. according to the food research action cente low income children in the district are taking advantage of the school breakfasts. d.c. took the third spot. maryland just cracked the top 10. yantd took the 26th spot. we may be dealing with freezing rain. parts of colorado celebrating the unusually warm weather there. the dogs look so happy. no snow in denver. they're golfing! temperatures hit 68 yesterday. that sent people outside. >> oh! doesn't that look so nice? sun shining and warmer weather? the plunge we'll experience later in the week. even lower?
5:50 am
>> have you ever done a polar bear plunge? >> oh fwhob. that's not my thing. you won't need to. just step outside this weekend. the there's a live view of the streets around our metro area. mostly just wet. but the most treacherous part of the commute may be the front steps and sidewalk where there's maybe a little bit of patchy ice. storm team 4 radar showing this mix of different colors there. that's a wintery mix. the pink is light freez. e white and gray is wet snow. the green is rain. there's a battle going on between warm aloft and cold air at the surface. we're getting very cold air at the surface below freezing the rain that is falling here in the pink zone that is where we're getting the icing. so there is a crust of ice on your car and shrubs and tree limbs. and much of the region that continues to ice up a little bit now. very light icing in prince george's county. there's a little bit heavier icing going on in southern charles and ea a saint mary's county. the eastern part of the northern
5:51 am
neck is getting some rain on the bay. a little farther west there, too, getting they're maybe getting some sleet as well as the rain that falls and ices up. the gray zone reports of sleet and little bit of wet snow in stafford, oran county. and then farther south there's a little bit of wet snow king george county and south of there. there may only be a dusting on grassy areas as it moves through. i took this photograph about 1:00 this morning. the tree was coated with ice there. the road was just wet. that's 108 from the north. this is going to be the story as you head out this morning. we'll have the light icing because our temperatures are at or a little bit below freezing. that includes prince george's county where it's down upper 20s. cln at 28. gaithersburg at 27. dulles at 29 degrees.
5:52 am
eveny and southern maryland it's near 30. farther west a little below freezing. mid to low 30s in southern southwestern virginia. but shenandoah valley to the mountains most locations around the freezing mark this morning. hour by hour for the rest of the day cloud cover now over washington. don't have anymore freezing rain. don't have any snow or sleet falling into the metro area right now. a little bit of py ice will linger. we'l and get aboveg around 9:00 this morning. near 40 by noon. low 40s during the afternoon. partly sunny and the winds going to be blustery too. the wind could be gusting to around 20 to 25 miles per hour. so windchills down into the 20s today. so layer up before you head out the door as we're going to have the gusty winds. last wi traveled to morning side maryland and visited the imagine charter school there. had a terrific time. these students had a unit on
5:53 am
weather. we talked about the di. it was a lot of fun. i love visiting the i public charter school in prince george's county and what a terrific group of students there. i want to thank the teacher on the right for the invitation visit the imagine public charter school in morning side maryland. and then overnight tonight a partly cloudy afternoon and overnight then by dawn tomorrow partly cloudy and lighter wink. upper 20s during the day on wednesday and mid 40s and partly cloudy. thursday clouds around and few scattered flurries. temperatures in the low 40s. then the polar plunge takes place on friday down into the teens in the morning. n highs upper 30s on friday. then it gets cold by sunday. saturday may get a little above freezing. a chance of a few flurries. cold hearted valentine's day fore going to have much of saturday holding steady just in the low 30s with a few scattered
5:54 am
flurries and cold sunday. only up near 20 degrees sunday afternoon. single digits monday morning back into the mid 20s on monday afternoon. melissa is here with more breaking news on the roads. >> breaking news. it just came in. bw parkway southbound at 100. all lanes blocked because of a crash that just happened. we're going to be tweeting about this and pushing it out on the nbc wn app. 50 westbound at the beltway. still have the crash. itting loose to the right side. not slowing things too much. still this area has been kind of nasty this morning. beltway at branch is a little bit slow because we have a 3 different crashes there. and 95 south after 32 left lane blocked there at 198 west ramp to 95 is blocked as well. richard jordan has been driving around the area. how are things looking we're on i-95 northbound and maryland 32 t nasty crash that shut down the
5:55 am
interstate. looked like a taxi cab that is pulled off to the s took pretty strong front end damage. i posted the video on twitter. you can go ahead and check it out there. spot order the overhead signs here on 95 northbound just a few miles ahead there is another crash shutting two left lanes. we're on the way to check it out now. >> just ban mess this morning. hit hard with the crashes. looks wet it could be icy. one icy patch can make it really nasty. 66 and 95 no major problems if we're taking big look at the beltway we're rolling pretty well along the beltway. it's 5:55 now. your home in alexandria is worth more than last year. the new city report foua single family home rose 2.9%. the average value of a condo rose 3.5 percent to more than $300,000. offi building values remained
5:56 am
flat. new this morning a new report says that robots will replace human workers in the world's factories over the next ten years. the boston consulting group predicts the robots will be cheaper and better workers. says investment and industrial robots will g 10% a year in the world's 25 biggest export nations. through 2025 investment should push labor costs down 16%. now the gas prices are cheaper, the situation is encouraging us to do more of something with our savings. cnbc here to explain what it is. good morning. >> good morning. we know now what americans are doing with the money they're saving from cheaper gas. they're buying more gas. a repoe firm finds plunging gas prices are encouraging peoe to drive more often and buy more trucks which tend to be less fuel efficient. it's contributing the u.s. added more than 3 million new jobs last year.
5:57 am
most in the second half just as gas prices started falling. more jobs means more americans e now joining the daily commute to work. back over to you. >> thank you. dominion will delay a decision to put a new underground power line in alexandria.d town. according to the washington post. comes after residents complained about disruptions from construction. dominion will make the decision this summer. m team is working hard for you to keep you safe on roads. you're waking up to light icing which is causing big problems. take a live look right now. accidents ke coming into the first 4 traffic center. we just learned that the bw parkway southbound is shut down. we'll run through everything you need to know next and keep looking at the bottom of your screen for school closings and that k.
5:58 am
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breaking news right now. a number of problems on the roads. take a look at the map here. these are the accidents melissa is tracking for you as we deal with icy conditions out there. the weather overnight to blame for a number of school delays in the area. a wintery just expired moments ago. but you can still encounter icy
6:00 am
conditions as you leave for work. we're tracking the conditions on the roads and the problems that could slow town your commute. we begin our coverage with storm team 4 meteorologist with where you can encounter ice on the roads. >> right now areas north, south, east and west have a coating of light icing. that includes your car, your front windshield on the car, the front steps, your sidewalk maybe and untreated surfaces including shrubs and trees getting a light icing from overnight. li rain that fell and froze on untreated surfaces. right now most of that is really breaking up now in our eastern suburbs. a little bit of light snow from prince william county in the gray zone. south of there through stafford and down toward just an eastern part of the northern neck. then to the east of there all of this area in


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