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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the area. a wintery just expired moments ago. but you can still encounter icy conditions as you leave for work. we're tracking the conditions on the roads and the problems that could slow town your commute. we begin our coverage with storm team 4 meteorologist with where you can encounter ice on the roads. >> right now areas north, south, east and west have a coating of light icing. that includes your car, your front windshield on the car, the front steps, your sidewalk maybe and untreated surfaces including shrubs and trees getting a light icing from overnight. li rain that fell and froze on untreated surfaces. right now most of that is really breaking up now in our eastern suburbs. a little bit of light snow from prince william county in the gray zone. south of there through stafford and down toward just an eastern part of the northern neck. then to the east of there all of this area in pink. that is still light rain that is
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falling. it is icing up a bit on untreated surfaces that includes charles and saint march res eye county. ther one narrow band of light icing that lingers from near mount vernon and south of alexandria. across the plateau mick and into prince george's county. temperatures at or below freezing. we've hoovering around 30 degrees to 20s around the metro area. road temperatures a little above freezing. but 66270 within the beltway, 95 north the road temperatures are just around 30 degrees. next weather and traffic on the 1s is coming up at 6:11t the drive time forecast. thank you. our weather hashtag is windchilltue. chuck bell is covering you this morning. we're seeing a little bit of wet snow flakes mixing with the
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rain drops here. we're not too far away from andrews here. we have driven all t way down and back and the only play we have seen any snow flakes within the last 15 minutes or so. and all of route 5 coming northbound into the city was bumper to bumper and moving very slow this morning. the roads, as you have been mentioning have been fine. some of the handrails and stuff like that may be a little bit slippery. that's the reason for the school delays here. the roads have been in pretty good shape. we're not going to worry about that too much. if you see any iciness please send me a tweet. we'll get back to melissa now. it's been an awful morning on the roads. >> it has been pretty rough in certain spots. breaking news right now. another new problem bw parkway southbound at 100 all lanes are shut down. we got off the phone with police here. all lanes are blocked. war that.
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this morning you won't want to take bw parkway southbound if you're coming from north of 100 there. westbound at the beltway still have the crash off to the right side. i wa show you the picture to show you it's not much of a problem anymore. wide look at things you can see we're getting a little bit slow in the normal spot. 66 inbound there inside the beltway. d.c. 295 as you're passing 50. take a look at 66 and 95. some of the problems here up north again maryland 95 south after 32 we have the left lane blocked. 198 westbound the ramp to 95 there is blocked. it iy n morning. >> thank you so much. a lot of your kids can sleep in this morning. several schools in the area are starting late.
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the man suspected of kidnapping university of virginia student hannah graham is reportedly charged with first-degreemurder. broke the news on our nbc washington app. jessie matth charged with. he's disappearanc virginia tec harrington. police will announce thes at an 11:00 a.m. news conference. you washington o the minute u. we expect to hear closing arguments the whistle blower trial against d.c. lynn near. she took the decision to . saying he bo situat the judge ad attorneys. the judge re testify beca
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defended the them reasona lawsuit. burton said retaliation whistle for actor charli. she testifie any of the escorts. you should find out whether your a kids will start school at a different time. the school board expected to make the final decision on possible schede changes. news megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: later start times in montgomery county for student it's been the topic of debaawhile. later this it morning we're expecting get an answer. a decision from the school board whether or n the going push the start times back.w yesterday people in favor of a later start time they held a sleep in here at school board headquarters. a look.
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[ chanting ] and you can hear them chantding there. theye saying that want more sleep. some were wearing pjs. others were wrapped in sleeping bags. r the 7:25 start time for high school to be pushed back an hour. they say teens learn better. they learn more and they focus more when they have more sleep. the school board is looking at five different options ranging from no change at all to delaying start times from 20 to 35 minutes. those options would not cost a lot of money. there are more expensive options out s of the budget those aren't expected to go anywhere. the school board is expected to take this up this morning. there's going to be public comment at 9:30. and then around 10:30 a little bit thereafter the school board is expected to take a vote. so we'll know the answer as to whether students will be allowed to sleep in a little bit longer. we'll bring you the latest when it happens. back to you guys.
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megan. thank you. a live look on the roads now as we track the conditions. you'll be dealing with on your way to work. your drive time forecast and the accidents out there right now. also ahead a warning for drivers after a number of car break ins in arlington county. what you need to know to avoid being a poplus preventing potential accidents. e safety measures now in place on the this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk. more and more, we're having conversations about the food itself: how good it is for us. how good it is for the planet. at monsanto, we're working with farmers to make balanced meals accessible to everyone. while using natural resources more
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of 10 and right now wintery weather is pushing the way out of the d.c. area. you can still run into icy conditions on the roads. >> tom is helping you prepare for your morning with your drive time forecast. tom, still some icy conditions out there? >> yeah. from the overnight light rain that fell and then froze on
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untreated sut much of it is quickly breaking unand weakening quite a bit rapidly over the next hour. it's going see an end for the eastern suburbs. still light icing in prince george's stretching to southern fairfax county. little bit of wet snow parts of the northern deck a little band out of stafford and spot ls vain ya and for the morning i watch out for wet roads and maybe a few isiseyy spots. for the morning commute use caution but should be good weather for the afternoon midday and afternoon commutes. as things will be drying out. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:21. we'll be talking about a big polar plunge for the weekend andho >> bw parkway southbound at 100. we have all lanes blocked. your alternate is going to be route 1 to completely avoid that
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mess. you don't want to get on 95 because of the crashes there. maryland 50 westbound here just after 197. a brand new crash two left lanes blocked. ass times. on the other main roads not bad. 95 north 34 minutes. 66 east looking good. same thing maryland 270 and 495 and the outer loop rolling along pretty well. thank you. 6:12. new this morning a look at scary pictures of a rough landing in houston. take a look at the u.s. airways plane. g gear did not employ so the plane skidded on the nose. none of the 57 people on board the plane was hurt. the runway is still closed but we're hearing so far that no flights are impacted by this. the new warning i car in thes areland neighborhood. thieves have smashed dozen of car windows in the past week.
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some of the insi. make sure yo we'll take you live to boston and the problems being caused by the snow. plus new video coming into the news room. the implosion which just brought down a las vegas h
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breaking news on the roads t parts of montgomery prince george's and howard county a mess road wise. bw parkway we have all lanes completely blocked at 197. 100 eastbound 197 that is shut down as well. in maryland 95 southbound after 32 we have the left lane blocked there. and just take a wide look at this map. you can see how many crashes we have. richard jordan is on the road for us now. i understand you're trying to get on bw parkway. not having an easy time. >> that is right. we are stuck here with the rest of the drivers who are trying to do the same thing. this is the fro maryland 100 on to the bw parkway.
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it is butche bumper. nothing but brake lights. we s a tow truck possibly heading to the scene. eastbound 100 on maryland there was a car pulled over to the shoulder. th c is crushed. it looked like it was involved in a very serious accident. just a taste behalf we're seeing. no reports of any serious injuries that th point. a lot of nasty wrecks on the roads this morning. >> thank you. 6:17. right now snow is falling in boston. yep. this is the area's third straight week of snow. you're looking at a live picture from that area. right now doesn't look like snow is falling i which in the picture. this is new stuff. a building in massachusetts collapsed under all the snow there. eight people were inside. no one was hurt when it happened yesterday. it's one of several issues in the area including multiple
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building cave ins. wi snow you have probably guessedrecords. >> jim cantore is live in boston. gomorning, jim. no break for the folks in boston. >> r yeah you see what you're missing, guys? don't you miss this? >> not really jim. not even a little bit. >> reporter: y not even a little bit. right. well here is the deal. i mean i thi the record that set it is apart from everything else is the 30-day record. we broke the 30-day snowfall record in boston in 17 days. all right. we've had over 40 inches of snow in the last 17 day which is is remarkable in the boston area. what you're seeing behind me. what are you doing with the snow? we get a state of emergency. hopefully we can get some help through here to get big equipment and get the stuff out of here. the biggthing today they shut down mass transit. huge. limited bus service. the trains aren't going anywhere. e mayor is asking people to
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stay home. it's the ninth day that school has been cancelled so far. they're trying to figure out what they're going to do to make up the days. apparently by law we can't go into july. could you imagine going to school in july? that's where we're at right now. we're up to june 30th. that's when the school year ends. the biggest thing is getting the snow out through here. logan pretty much shut down i did. they hope to get up to operation today. as you know you deal with it at reagan you have to get the aircraft back in before you can get them out. here i. looks like down the road thursday night and friday another snowstorm. this looks winnier. maybe a litt boston. saturday and sunday could be a block buster for the area. a historic amount of snow both has fallen and potentially will fall. a short period of time. and that even in the heartiest of new englanders has pretty much crippled boston. become to you.
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>> quite a scene. thank you, jim cantore. at boston's logan airport 53 flights have been cancelled today. we're checking on delays in our area. reagan three flights. dulles had one cancelled flight. same for martial. around the u.s. there have been 169 flights cancelled so far today. we're seeing the end of this winter weather right now. thankfully. more is on the horizon. storm team 4 breaks down the polar plunge in the days ahead. it's angie at the live desk. we got new video just in of a big can boom that went down in las vegas! take a look. this is the hotel and casino. it looks like fireworks inside the 12-story building. like that within seconds the implosion. a success. it does look like part of the right tower is still standing. reduced to a lot of dust within seconds.
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the implosion happened in the last 20 minutes or so.s 13th gambling building in las vegas to go down like this. also i'm seeing on twitter a lot of reports online from people that didn't witness it but said they live up to five miles ss away and they felt it. >> thank you. 6:21 now. you'll probably see new features on the 495 express lanes designed to kee you safe. they put a s they also ad entrance ram. transurban said it's planning to add big purple easy pass signs to the pavement around all those entrances. > this morning we're getting a look at a wild high speed chase in los angeles. you can see
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start when a woman at gun. the chase hi the man jump police to carjack t. the man even surr. our sister s he w hospital. police found semiautomati scen mcdonalds offering a fillet of fish with old bay tartar sauce. it's a limitof the tartar s than 700 loc. it will hit stores on monday. >> it would work in other parts of the country. it's so unique to us. >> we think we'll run out of old bay around here. let's go to tom and see how the weather is starting to move out. >> it is. as we look at the storm team 4 radar the light freezing rain is quickly coming to an end. we still have it going in southern mard and parts of the northern neck. this area in the gray and white ed
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back to wet snow. there may be a brief dusting on grassy areas there. the pink area we're getting a little bit of that light freezing rain. that is falling and creating a glaze that is in northern saint mary's county. there's one narrow band in central prince george's county. switch over to a few snow flakes. western charles county down 95 west of fredericksburg. temperatures bel freezing. any untreated surface is going to be slippery than includes your front steps and the sidewalks. iciness on your car. allow yo time to scrape ice off the car. above freezing by mid-morning and a blustery wind. windchills in the 20s during the afternoon as we get into the low 40s diminishes tonight. mid 40s on wednesday. d then 40s thursday. might get a few scattered light flurries or thursday. then the polar plunge arrives on friday.
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temperatures only reaching near 30 degrees on friday. then a cold hearted valentine's day. thanks to the wind that are going to be coming through gusting bringing windchills down to 0 to 10. maybe a few scattered flurries possible f day saturday. then sunday. our coldest day of the winter so far. likely sunday into monday morning. ne weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:31. what to wear bus stop for had a big mess this morning. breaking news still have the bw parkway problem at 100. richard jordan sitting in the mess. all lanes blocked. nate will be route 1. it's completely shut down. it's a new problem here. any new problems? unfortunately yes. beltway at land over road. ramps blocked in both directions. t to treat the roads. obviously we are seeing some slickness there. 50 westbound and maryland after
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197 two left lanes blocked there. a live picture here to show you whs looking like. completely jpd maryland 50 westbound. we had a crash there. it looks like it's out of the way but the jam continues. a wide look at thicks. the beltway microwave ing wayway behaving. 66 and 95 looking good. a texas man died from an exploded a. air bag was made by the japanese company takata. a metal disk from the air bag sliced into the man's neck and killed him low speed car accident. this is the sixth person killed include to the air bags made by draft. million cars trucks, and suvs have been recalled. a brewery in northern virginia butting heads with red
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bull bu to o trying to ge change the c name. according tohe red not tolv in the color the logos don' alike to me related pict they said th wrot red bull, qu bully. apparently red bull stopped a company in england. >> it's named after old ox road which has been around for 300 years! apparently there's a petition online to guilty red bull to drop the case. we're tracking a number of problems on the roads. your traffic conditions plus your wt >> sounding the alarm about the
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measles outbreak. the action being taken in the hours d as more new cases surface. watching out for your child's health when they take the field.
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♪ good morning, usher! hey! did you know bees communicate through dance? me too... we're practically twins!
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right now we're tracking potential problems for you wintery weather rolls out of the area. stafford county schools are starting two hours late today. we have a full list of the screen. overnight the rain and zleet sbrougt ice. the conditions are likely a factor of many of the accidents we've seen. we have a crew driving around bringing you live pictures of the road conditions and problems now. let's get to melissa folls anding news. >> all on montgomery county. take a look here. this is what richard jordy were driving in eastbound 100 just before bw parkway which right now is completely shut down. unbelievable amount of crashes here this morning. bw parkway southbound at 100. this is the closure i'm talking
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about. all lanes blocked. e alternate will be 1. beltway land over road ramps blocked to treat the roads. that should be out of the way next ten minutes. 50 westbound after 197 we have the two left lanes block there had. kind of nasty and maryland 50 westbound we had information it was completely shut down. now we're seeing only one lane is closed. it is jammed the entire way in from the annapolis area. it looks wet but spots are icy and it causes problems. >> that's right. and the pavement temperatures e a little bit b freezing. any untreated surface is going to be a bit size si this morning. what is falling from the sky is breaking up now. the area in the gray a few snow flakes. western charles and down 95 between stafford and fredericksbu. maryland a little bit of a mix of the light sleet and little bit of a light snow in
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the gray and pink zone in charles county. and samary's county. what to wear today. your winter coat scarf, gloves and sunglasses. we'll get the sun breaking out later this afternoon. bus stop this morning remaining cold. and then 8 to 9:00 the winds will start to pick up. it will be near freezing but the temperature 20s. >> thank you. 6:32. chuck bell in the storm team 4 x 4 this morning keeping an eye on road conditions. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, aaron! we're on route 50 going eastbound. we just got on route 50 off the capital beltway. traffic on the beltway is moving fairly slowly this morning. accidents all over the place. traffi ead toward the bay now light traffic on this side of route 50. that's good news. better still the little rain snow mix we were dealih t 30 minutes ago basically
6:33 am
come to an end. most of the rain snow mix is overwith for us. we have seen no iciness on any of the roads. when we were down near branch avenue comes into the beltway s some fairly long icicles hanging off the street signs and the power lines. so as we've been saying all morning. the untreated areas could be slippery this morning. especially handrails on exposed staircases. the trickiest part of the morning might be getting into your car and scraping the ice off the windows. seen quite a few cars still driving. make sure you scrape it off. if you see any travel troubles let us know. we'll be back in before over. >> thank you. it's now 6:34. several delays at your kids' schools to pass along.
6:34 am
check the nbc washington app for a full list of delays. today congress will talk about an issue a lot of you are already talking about. measles. nationwide now 121 cases of measles so far this year including a cas in washington. good morning >> good morn we have 121 cases spanning from disneyland to th coast. it's now 6:35.
6:35 am
local leaders are also taking steps to stop the spread of measles. montgomery county leading health official will update the county council on the measles and talk t childhood vaccinations. police need your help finding out who stole who kittens. investigators are looking through surveillance video. somebody broke the window at petco yesterday morning and took three-month-d kittens. the two were up for adoption. they took in the animals. >> we put time and effort into them. so they can have a good life. so when someone comes in and steals an animal we don't know what they're going to do with the group is offering $500 reward. it is now 6:36. breaking new to know about before you go to work. tracking a number of accidents on the roads now as we deal with slick conditions after a night of winter weather. what you need to know to get around the mess. getting the chance to sleep
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in. the debate in the day ahead as montgomery county public schools weigh in. paying more for the water in yo proper posed rate hike y
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breaking news. we are dealing with major problems on the roads this morning. mostly north and east of the beltway. 66 and 95 looking good. maryland 50 westbound after 197 two left lanes blocked. this is brand new. 50 eastbound at 197 is completely shut down now because of a crash there. bw parkway south at 100 all lanes blocked there. alternate will be route 1 there. take a look to minutes. it's taking you 41. 95 s from 216 to the beltway 9 minutes. we're pretty slow all around town. now on the tomorrow team 4 radar the light icing we had transio snow in the area in the gray and white.
6:40 am
that's in southern maryland quickly moving to the month and east. it will be gone in about an hour. temperatures hovering around fr. should be thr 30s by noontime. a lk at the coldest air of the winter coming up. your water bill is going up te not by much according to the gazette. they plan to raise the rates by 1% this year. the company said it would likely raise fees. the gazette said changes would $4.20 to your bill each month according to the report. rates have increased by about 7 1/2% every year in the last decade. today montgomery county schools wi vote on using a new artificial turf. it would be in the count approved. adding the t
6:41 am
over 1 milli capital impr the the new study released which takes a look at women and stress. why it said young women could be in serious trouble. >> we have all types of problems on the roads. melissa will be back to go through them. we'll show you the conditions you'll face
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breaking news right now on
6:44 am
bw parkway. completely shut down southbound at 100. again, all lanes are blocked. na will be route 1. we have a four mile back up as you're approaching from the earlier crash. making a big mess for everybody this morning. 50 westbound after 197 still have two left lanes blocked. very slow. inbound on 50 right now and heard from our photographer irene, telli us about 50 eastbound and 197. she said the lanes are open. it is very slow. richard jordan has been driving around the area for us. what are you seeing now? >> well, melissa. i can attest to the problems you were talking about on the bw parkway. we had to bail on that. it is simply not moving. we're southbound on i-95. we're seeing a lot of brake ligh here. slow going and we're going to be stuck in traffic for another th how far the crash ahead of us is that is blocking lanes
6:45 am
here on southbound 95. earlier the problem was on the nsh lanes. i-95 shut down because of a multicar crash here. that's been cleared up. we're seeing several accidents. lot of vehicles that are pulled other on to the shoulder waiting for . e also seen a lot of tow trying to get to the accidents. trying to cle them as quickly enough. if you are stuck in this we're experienci here all morning long. it is a big mess. the icy conditions likely to blame for that. let's get more on the forecast from tom. >> thank you. we had light rain falling overnight and it created a glaze of ice on untreated surfaces. and now it's all ended. but we still have the icing remaining. temperatures are below freezing. storm team 4 radar showing the mix of the icing and the snow. which is now in the gray and area. that has transitioned over to light snow and it is tracking off to the north and east. we'll be quickly pulling away. the metro area it has ended. this will continue in southern
6:46 am
maryland northn eastern shore over the next half hour. thank you. 6:46 now. the man suspected of kidnapping university of virginia student hannah graham is reportedly charged with first-degree murder. broke the news on the nbc washington app. jesse matthew was charged with abduction. and death of virginia tech stu harrington. sources till our affiliate that the police will announce the new charges at an 11:00 a.m. conference. l be there. you can follow david culver on twitter for updates. mandatory reporting of campus violence is one bills moving forward to combat the on campus issue. lawmakers yeste advanced legislation that requires colleges to write transcripts if a student is found guilty of assault. the bills in response to the death last fall of hannah
6:47 am
graham. the bill is moving through the chambers. we expect to find out whether your kids in montgomery county public schools will start school at a different time. the school board expe final decision today. we are live in rookville with a look at the options they're consider. morning, megan grath. >> reporter: should they be allowed to get a little more sleep beforeo class? that's been the topic of debate for awhile now. later this morning we're expected to the school board is going to be voting today as to whether to change start times. whether to push them back to allow students to get more sleep. yesterday those in favor of the later bell times they staged a sleep in here in front of the board of education. they have a little bit of fun with it. a lot of people wore pjs. others brought their sleeping bags. theye calling for the 7:25 start time for high school to be pushed back an hour. they say that teens simply learn more and they focus better when they get more sleep. the school board is going to be
6:48 am
looking at five different options. they range from no change at all to delaying the start time 20 to 35 minutes. those cheap options. there are other options that are more expensive. given the budget constraints they're not expected to go anywhere. ma students favor the later start time. parents as well. many teachers are not that keen on it. they don't want to see a later start time. we are expecting to hear of e folks this morning. 9:30 the school board will open things up for public comment and take their vote a little after 10:30. we'll bring you the latest when it happens. we'l on midday. thank you. it is now u6 49. today prosecutors and defense attorneys are expected to make their closing arguments in a whistle blower trial against d.c. police chief. she testified differenting her decision to demote captain burton. she said she botched a barricade situation in 2011.
6:49 am
police shot and killed a man in mount pleasant. the judge admonished her attorneys. refusedo let her testify about the incident because d.c. police defended burton's actions calling them reasonable in a separate lawsuit. burten said he was demoted in retaliation for blowing the whistle for police escorts for actors and other celebrities. new pictures just in of the fire just outside of baltimore. a story we've been following all morning. take a look here. firefighters still on the scene investigat2-alarm fire at the house in the brooklyn has been contained. notice smoke is coming out of the top of the house. three people in critical condition. being treated now in the hospital. we know that one of those people a 54-year-old woman, two other men, one 19 one 17 years old. we're working to find out what caused the fire. aaron, back to you. >>. 6:50 the time now. the virginia legislature that is
6:50 am
taken another step toward expanding the dna data base. this would affect people convicted of serious mie stalking. it can help solve and prevent crimes by finding links between cases. that bill is expected to pa a new law in virginia said n breasd your baby whenever you want. the bill was woman she was forc for breastfe. bo assembly pas unan again today and every day this week you can chat an facebook with a member of the news 4 today team. up today at 10:00 a.m. mr. tom kierein. tom will be there to answer all things just period. just all things. >> that's right. >> we say we don't want snow but
6:51 am
a lot of people are asking for more snow. >> at lot of frustrated snow lovers this winter. we've had about 4 inches of snow here the entire winter. i think they got that in a half hour in boston yesterday. and here we've had aability will have a wintery mix overnight and now it has et ended in the metro area. getting it in the pink and white zone you see in southern maryland. e white area is a little bit of some snow that is now falling. o m off to the north and east. it had been light freezing rain. it's in pink in the eastern shore. the batch of light snow extends to virginia where there may be a dusting between now and 10:00 this morning. as the transition just overs to a brief period of snow. i took this photograph of this icy tree in northern montgomery county. about 1:00 this morning. wet at that point. the road temperatures we have any untreated pavement that is icy.
6:52 am
over the next couple of hours we'll stay below freezing. wee the in upperner upper 20s. there's the low cloud cover. the gray sky over the metro area. icy through 8:00 a.m. by noon upper 30s. low 40s by the middle of the afternoon. the winds will begin to pick up. we can have gusts of wind over 20 to 25 miles per houre the low 20s with the windchills later this afternoon. temperatures tom morning with the lighter wind. mid 40s on wednesday and partly cloudy. a chance of a few scattered flurries on thursday. friday here comes the polar plunge. won't get above freezing. highing only near 30s on friday. for valentine's day on saturday it is going to be cold with temperatur only reaching low 30s and maybe a few flurries windchills may be 0 to just 10 degrees on valentine's day. that is sunday and monday. maybe the coldest days of the
6:53 am
winter so far. down to single digits by dawn on monday morning. more breaking news on the roads. we have had so many accidents this morning. >> it is just a mess. breaking news again. we're talking about bw parkway southbound at 100 still have all laneblocked. alternate is route 1. it's a three mile backup as you approach 100. here is four mile backup. paralleling that problem. 95 southbound in maryland here at 32.s what richard jordan was sitting in awhile ago. it is completely jammed. you can see the crash response. we had northbound problems southbound problems. this the latest issue. inner loop ramp to southbound branch avenue completely blocked now because of a crash. 50 westbound after 197 two left lanes blocked l slow but open. and 95 in virginia no major issues now. 6:54. a cold start to the day no snow
6:54 am
in the forecast. chuck bell is keeping a close eye on the road conditions now. he's live this morning in the storm x 4. good morning. >> reporter: good morning! we've been watch technology all morning long. we've seen very little in the way of snow. about an hour ago we had snow in e central and southern part of prince george's county. right now we're -- the 197 exit he backed up. may want to be looking for an alternate way around route 50 inbound first thing this morning. the roads have been in good shape but there are a lot of glazed over untreated surfaces. be extra careful this morning. >> it's 6:54. a hearing in annapolis will try to change the definition of smoking as it relates to the clean air act. lawmakers want to include electronic smoking device finance bans smoking in public areas. if the definition is cha cigarettes
6:55 am
would be banned. >> stress ma role i from a that's accor out of yale. it found you men mental tended to ha than t. women than. that might exp generally re after heart 6:55 here are four things to know. in hours thel a closer lookwhy the measles virus is spread soggy quick ly so quickly. >> the hotel in las vegas was reduced to rubbl overnight. a 60-story casino is expected to take the place. in a few hours the montgomery county school board will decide whether or to change the school start change. as soon as the decision is m an alert to the nbc washington app. the man suspected of kidnapping student hannah graham
6:56 am
reportedly charged with first degree murder. police will announce the new charges e matthew at 11:00 a.m. you can follow david culvert on twitter. wintery mix quickly ending and sunshine breaking out by noontime. blustery winds into the afternoon.e 120u20s. bw parkway south at 100 all lanes blocked. maryland 95 south a four mile black up approaching 32 you can see the crash in the distance. and the inne to southbound branch avenue is blocked. >> we have several school delays this morning.
6:57 am
that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> we' be back in 25 minutes. be sure to check nbcwashingtom. us on twitter. we know we've been having a lot of problems on the road this morning. until then have a great day! make it a great tuesday
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. >> get morning. turnpike tragedy. they trigger a deadly pile up in new jersey while they are buried. declaring another emergency with another storm on the way. breakingvernight. a us airways plane wanted to make a landing without the nose gear. the 56 people on board safe as they launch an investigation. a simple solution with wrong way crashes on the rise. a new way that is proving to prevent them. why aren't more states doing it? too smart. the newest television able to listen in on share, and keep your personal conversations and


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