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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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indictments. >> reporter: 's taken an emotional fi months to get to this point starting back on september 13th. this was the last time hannah was seen alive walkg a popular downtown mall. surveillance video and witnesses soon led police to jesse matthew. after a nationwide manhunt, police took matthew into custody but only for hannah's abduction. but the search for hannah continued. her parents tearfully pleading in front of cameras. crews found her remains on an abandoned property but it wasn't untilodh police made it official. matthew is now their murder suspect. >> yesterday afternoon albemarle county and charlottesville city detectiv met with fairfax county authorities serve a capias and four indictments on jesse mat. >> reporte matthew was in jail in fairfax county tonight for a 2005 sexual asslt. but between that rape and hannah's death, the maximum punishment life in prison. >> he is not charged with
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capital murder. >> reporter: whonderring what may be holdi prosecutors back from that decision. we asked scott goodwin, once part of the prosecution team. >> it qualifies as a capital case but the prosecutor has the last call and for whatever reason she cld decide not to go forward with the death penalty. >> given these new charges are coming out of albemarle county, does that mean that investigators e that hannah graw killed there? >> reporter: tw a question ut to the pse she saidee fact the body was found in her jurisdiction, albemarle counsuhe in charlottesvie deite where the murder took place, she could bring m charges. she trout brougt that first-degremuharg versus that capital punishment charge based on a personal matter. it's likeha a discussion with the grahams before going forward wat to the grand
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jury. we've mentnetink to morgan harrington, the 2009 death and abduction that took place in charlottesville. where doe that case stand more than six years later? i spoke wi morgan's mom this morning we'll bring you an update on th at 6:00. david cul news4. >> it took less than three seconds a could have be much worse. a sta trooper's cruiser sideswipedur a routine traffic s here on the beltway. d e dr who's to blame is still out there. news4's pat colli talked to that trooper about that close call. he joins us live in rockville. pat? >> reportjim, in maryland there's a move-over law. if you see cti a ticket onsi ofhe road, you're supposed to move over lane if you can and slow down so you can pa safely. it's the law. but it appears some people just don't get a state trooper traffic stop on a busy road can be death
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defying. take a look at what happened to this maryland state trooper's car a couple years ago on i-70. now, the tr walked away but ended up retiring because of that crash. these kis things happen more often than you think. meet now trooper tyrell flowers jackson. >> loo like he came all the way up side the vehicle. >> reportn meet tyrell flowers jackson's car. sideswipe the beltway last weekend a he pulled over a suspected drunk driver. the striking car didn't stop. >> i heard a loud bang. vehicle struck my vehicle while i wn shoulder and continued to keep driving. >> reporte ww like? >> it was startling. >> reporo this happen? let's g to the dashcam. whoa. slow that down. let's see it again.
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beat stil h. >> as muc you don't want it to happen, you don't think it could happ to you, like i said, it's a very possibility your job, but when it happens it catches y off guard. >> trooper tyrone flowers jackson i lucky man. you don't know how lucky. this is th second time that this has happened to in the last eight months. more aboutha coming up at 6:00. live in momenty, pat collins, news4. now to breaking news family and frien of kayla mueller are sharing their heartbreak tonight after learning the aid worker and isis hostage the no longer alive. mueller hee bis in syria since 2013. isis says she was killed bay jordanianir strike last week. her family says the proof of her death ca from a picture e-mailed them. in the last hour, one of her aunts shared her thoughts on kayla. >> the wo wants to be more
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like kayla and if that is her legacy a the footprint that she leaves on the world, then that is a wonderful thing. >> report: kayla's family just released a let they're she wrote a few months ago. here is part of that letter. "i have co to a place in experiencwhere, in every sense of the word i have surrendered myself to our creator because literally w no one else. and by god and by your prayers i have felt tenderly cradled in prefall. i have now been shown in darknessd light and have learned th even in prison one can be pre" you can the entire letter on the wat rht now. a fairfoun resident is being tested for measles right now. that paen is in isolation at home. health ofs say this individual diagnosed in january the case is related to internio travel. officialst test results to be back in the next 24 hours. they are looking into places now
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where th person may have exposed otr today heal experts spent hours testifyi vaccinations before a senate committee. there are w 121 cases of measles instnd the district oland many are linked to that original outbreak in disneyland. doctors say vaccines are much safer th tse >> parents who make a decision to not imze i fear are doing so because they've received inaccurate informatn. i want themo communicate with their health care pv d make su they have good informatief make a decision aut vaccination. >> and many parents who feel strongly against vaccines. they're choosing to home school their children. measles is a highly contagious respira disease that causes fever and th terrible rash. this a really hot topic on our facebook page right now. students in montgomery county will get to sleep a bit later in the fall. the schoolrd approved later bell times today for all grade
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levels. news4's chris gdo joins us live in rockville with details and the heated reaction. chris? >> rorr: f more than two years now, the group called start sch later has been political active here in montgomerun circulating petition arguing that if students got more sleep they'd do bettern scho and be healthier. andod it all came down to a vote here bo the board of educatio the parents that the school board meeting wanted high school start times delayed from 7:25 to 8:30 to give student mrs. sleep. >> school districts that do not do the right thing and change their star times are engaged in nothing s of gross negligence >> poert the board was told an 8:30 start time would cost $21 million. the board w looking for less expensive alternatives. superintennt dr. joshua starr made a recommendation that costs virtually th >> i am recommending that the board adopt the model where all high sch middle schools start 20 minutes later. elementar schools start ten minutes later. and all schools end 20 minutes
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later. >> report: the board considered anotr option to start elementary schools earlier than high schools, but that plan cost $3.9 million. >> i think there is fairly compelli evidence that we should be doing something. >> reportbu oth board members favored doing nothing to change s stt times. >> so i think option five where we do not change anything is where i cast my vote. >> repor ta voted 5-3 in favor of the superintendent's plan to start high schools and middle schools 20 minutes later elementar schools ten minutes later. so parents are pleased with the outcome. >> i'm glad that the high school kids are go more minutes o sleep, so i'm pleased at the extra 20 minutes. i wish they would have an extra hour of sleep, but right now the 20 minutes will hel >> report: others think 20 minutes itoh ext time for students. >> i don't ihat the decision today will really
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make a significant difference in either improving the quality of academic achievement or in health improvement. >> reportee parents tell me this is not the end of their fight. they llb they say. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 we'll tell you what they plan to do about it. that's the latest live at the montgomeryouarof education chrisd news4. the highest ranking fire official maryland is worried about yo safety after yet another deadly fire. firefight s a 39-year-old woman, her 17-year-old son, and an adult neighbor were killed at a home in millersville in anne arundel coty lowell mesler has more. >> i'm not going to see my wife. i'm not g tmy son. >> reportth simple yet very painful words, and somehow
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pastor samuel sinnah found a way to say them. even harder he says was talking to his ot joseph, who along wi his father managed to survive. >> he lost a mother and a brother. >>epte a the tragedy doesn't stop there. according nndecoty fire officials it was around 2:30 tuesd morning when the back of pastor's home in the 100 block of hilltop road west caught fire. the pastor, his son joseph and wife, 39-year-old lettitia, made it out, but their youngest son, a 17-year-old, was trapped inside. his mother ran back in to save her son but was overcome by smoke. family members of 45-year-old christoph r, o v across t street, told us off camera he's considered a hero as he gave his own life to try and save his neighbors after hearing their screams. >> when chris heard the commotion and he came runnin out the house and asked what was going on and pastor sam told him
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that his we n we upstairs, ri just ran right in. >> repo morning classmate n county high schoolg showing up to pay their respects to sunny d and his mother. he was due to graduate this year. >> w alws trying to make people smile. i mean wouldn't probably want us to be all sad. >> report fs a cause fire officials say the de son accial started it in the back bedroom and delayed calling 911 because he tried to extinguis himself. in the meantime pastor sinna shshgs hoping you will keep him and his son in your prayers. well, today's fire prompted maryland's f marshal to encouragl residents to look at ways they can prevent fires in their home. 13 people have already died in fires in t state this year. 13. that's a 30% jump over the same time last year. seven of those who have died are under the e
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the big story over the next couple days is going to be the temperatu cold r making its way not just for thursd d friday but the brutallyol air coming just in time for the weekend. attention all you pet lovers out there the p ch gadgets for twift are unvto
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heavy smo situations and also paints a d picture of what those passengers at l'enphant plaza wenug and thi what it's like inside th actual train. you can barely see a couple feet in front o you when it's filled with smoke come down the ground. this is wh peop were having to do to try to get air at the bottom of the railcar.
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the training deals with issues you mig not even think about. tracks an circuits all to scale here. this is t jt another example of what would be like in a real world experience and environmen we val sme on the eng of a walkway. got to be careful when you're in these siton l'enphantza it is not mandatory. >> when you look at that day, there's a room for improvement that's why there's tg nmen whether it's law enforcemen >> reporte ty welcome all first responders at its training facility i landover but what about metro? how are tin specifically with thei training? that part of the story next hour at 6:00.
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live in new carrollton, adam tuss. virginia's house and senate have passed medical marijuana legislation now. both versions would allow cannabis oil to treat epilepsy. 15-year-old jennifer collins from fairfax and her mother helped to convince lawmakers to pass the bill. collins ha had more than 300 seizures a day. cannabis oil is the only treatment seems to work. it does not provide a high. differencn the bills must be worked out. governor terry auffhas expressedrte st for medical marijuana. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the is going to go ahead witi move to legalize possessionflc marijuana t next few weeks. at a job training center in southeasttoday bowser said she agrees with the d.c. council that congress acted too late last year to stop the law that was overwhelmingly approved by d.c. voters. the ballot initiativ changed the law. we'll work with the chief of
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police to make sure we have very clear guidance to our police officers. >> up on congress, house republica have said that congress' te barred any further spending by the district on the marijuana law. so it's not clear what action, if any, congress intends to take against ci if it goes ahead with its plan to enact this law. well, the sunset's nice out there, bu iing cold, buddy. >> i'll tell you what thursday will be okay then we're going right off a cliff. temperatue g toe the coldest we've seen so far this winter, a we just saw some of those c numbers here. take a look outside first off and i'll shoal you what's happening o there. towards reston, look at this, a nice shota dulles airport out towar the blue ridge. a low layer of clouds. it is going to be a spectacular sunset, i think and already shaping u that way. current ttuund the city, and you can see a we look towards t north, clearing skies, 39 degrees but notice that wind. winds out of the north at 18
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miles per ur so if you're at 39, you have an 18-mile-an-hour wind, it feels more like 30 degrees, feels more like 29 in gaithersb the a tre windchil7 towards pawtuxet river, 35 tords frederick it's goi to a chilly night tonight, this is balmy compared to we're going to be in the next 48 hours. storm teamad clear not seeing any rain no snow arnold ou region. we did s some of that ice overnight ndid cause om problems early this morning. that syst moved to the south and east. our next storm system, you can see it here towards the minneapol area. it's a pinwheel of a system. it is goi to get some energy out of canada, make its way our way and just drop the hammer when wee talking about the cold. it's not tomorro though. look at e numbers. 43 in d.c., 43 in leesburg, 45 frederickg. thas mixture of sun and clouds. tomorr a nice day. even though temperatures will be below ave w't feel all that bad. here's what it will feel like on thursday. nothere's thursday around
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12:00. the mpat rather the windchillu 33. 26 in martinsburg. okay, thacot not bad. how aboutthis? 5:00 we're down to 14 in gaithersbu in washington 12 in martinsburg. doug, we'ven before. okay how about this? 6 at 11:00 at night, zero in martinsbur i gaithersburg, and guess what it gets even colder. i thi by 6:00 on friday morning we're below zero in many areas as f the windchill is concerned, fy will the coldest d we've seen so far this year. noon windchills only around 10 to 15 degrees. guess wha sunday is even cold. tomorrow,problem. a very low impact day tomorrow. sun and clo and a better afternoon. as mo on through the next couple day ls you'll see what i'm talking about. 43 on your wednesday, 40 on thursday. wi that cold air comes a chance for some snow showers. maybe a few flurries. a high of only 28 on friday. then 40 o saturday with a chance for light snow.
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21 for a high on sunday with a low monday morning with a low of 11. some of you will be zero for an actual temtu with windchills well below zero. we have m cold air moving in. we'll cont t track it. just in a d.c. police captain describehis life as he sues his department. today his called d.c.'s police chief a liar. we'll explain what's on the line once a verdict is reached. and the coolest gadgets of 2015 go tdo. a woman ambushed at a ca apartmeui
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one o the most exciting events of e a a preview of technolog >> some of those top picks can be in you home in the near future. consumer reporter erika gonzalez gives you closer look. >> reportt evhi tt goes to the consumer at the electroniw makes its way to the sto kjells right away, but tonig we've got some standouts tara dunyan has a few items that took the cake. for starters, this huge wallet may look ke what a lot of people have but we can condense that. >> you leave the ten-pound wallet at home with loot pay.
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you download the app and literally fits like a case beyond you swipe again all your cred data, swipe it at any cash register millions across th country, just a really easy and, you know, light weight solution. the belkin wimo. this is gre if i catch a flight and forgot to lower the thermost >> this allows you a lot of remote-cor options with your appliancea eleconi in your home and a great green and environment solution to the remote conol devices. >> the motorola multicollar is my favorite. this is a camera for our dogs. >> everyo loves their dogs, now with a cram that's wearable on the dog collar you can see what your d is doing speak to your dog through this collar, and it's just a really fun and also ju a great way to keep tabs on >> sparky don't eat that! all righ the phillips personal wireless lightingem for $199.
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tell me abth. >> here we are in the heart of winter and this is a nice customizae lighting option you can make it as bright as you need it to be as low light as you want tbe vibrant colors. you can download actual photos and things and have that be the lighting on your home. again, it h the wi-fi capabilitynd the remote control. wonderful solution >> very cool. all of this technology has either ma its way to store shelves or will do so soon. thanks to tara with the consumer electroni atn. find a list of all these gadgets and learn more about them on our website, search to tech. >> cool stuff. a man arrested for attacking a woman the lobby of her local apartment. >> and new tonight, the heroics that stop this assault. and some new information on the man who w taken into custody. >> new video just in of the man at the center of a multimillll whistle-blerit against d.c.'s police chief.
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right w, is in custody aft attacking a woman in arlingto he's a convicted sex offend in virginia. >> the attack happened this woman. the woman s leaving an apartment in the 1900 block of clarendon enas grabbed and dragged. jackie benno live with the surprisingsoo stepped in to help. jackie? >> rertjim, first of all, this crime all the more disturbingec we now though that the in custody is on the virginia sex offender registry r a previous convictio we're told this morning at 1919 clarendon boulevard a woman was walking out of the building abo 8:00 a.m. to catch an uber car. she was waiting for the carn the lob area between the exit and the lobby door when a man grabbed her and tried to drag her into an area behind some plants. the concier spotted what was happening ned the struggle, ran to the aid of the woman, stopped anrestrained the man. police we called and the man was arrested. jerome king, 32, from
5:32 pm
washingto.c was charged with abduction with the intent to defile. >> luckily for her the concierge was there to witness everything come to her aid. we do have the subject in custody. he's being interviewed by police detective we know that this individual is a registered sex offender. and we're currently exploring several crg on him. >> report you heard, the suspect has been charged with attempted abduction with the intent to defile. i can say that the concierge likely to receiving some type of commendation for this, at least fro the residents in the building. if you havconcierge, that's the guy you want. jackie benn, news4. new at 5:00, a third person now chard in the murder of a former ci contractor in loudoun county. six years after the killing a grand jurs indicted anthony roberts. prosecuts he led the 2009 attack on william bennett and his wife, cynthia. two other peop are serving
5:33 pm
time for taking part in that attack. the bennetts were taking a walk on a trail in lansdowne when they werep and beaten. cynthia survived. roberts has been in prison since 2009 on burglary charges. three people are recovering tonight. >> after a scare at a bus stop this morning. they were waiting in a glass-encl bus stop on little ri turnpike when a woman plowed into them. her vehic continued on and crashed i a tree. the driver and two pedestrians were treated at a hospital for minor injuries. the third pedestrian refused to be transported. no word yet on what made the driver l corol of her vehicle. winston churchill high school is getting a new playing field and it's using a new type of artificial turf. the county council approved -- the monty y council approved $1.3 million project today. this new turf is plant based and it may pose fewer health risks than that rubber-based turf that's beenr for years. the county council also passed a
5:34 pm
resolutiono promising that all new playing fields will be built using plant-based materials nig the union for police in frederick will decide whether they'll p officers back in county schools. this comes just day after a shooting at high school. the city's officers have been out of schools since last year when union officials determined the minimum pay was not enough for off-du cops. now school officials are offering tin tira >> we've met with them and the school determined not to do the off-duty they hired regular security gua unarmed securityguards. >> the school system does also have agreements with the county sheriff's ce and brunswick city police. we hau heard from the former pole commander at the center of this d.c. whistle-blercase. he spoke right after jury deliberat ended for the day.
5:35 pm
news4's krn joining us live from d.c. superior court. kristin? >> repo wendy, the jury has been dismissed for day. they will continue deliberations in the morning. they do have a lot to consider. first and foremost whether information hilton burton provided d. council after the charlie sheen police escort warrants ecnd t whistle-bl w. leaving d.c. superior court, captain hilton burton told us his battle against his own police department has made life difficult what's be li for you? >> hell. >> reporte i closing arguments captain hilton ìáhp &hc%rs attorney toldn=eá the jury "she lied. how can chief lanier protect you if she's lying to you?" d.c. polief cathy lanier and co-defendant, assistant chief lamar green took the stand accused violating d.c.'s whistle-bwe protection act. burton filed the lawsuit alleging tt in 2011 he was demoted tw ranks and then transferr t the fire
5:36 pm
department retaliation. he said it was because of testimony g to d.c. council on how mpd handled celebrity escorts. lanier said there w a policy in place and she didn't approve escorts celebrities pap tweet by actor charlie sheen showing his d.c. police escort in 2011 sparked the investiga i who authorize t escorts for celebritie w and why. lanier's ey argued that burton wa demoted for his performan a way he handled t bde situation the attor told jurors burton knew he was on shaky ground and called hif whistle-blower as his insurance policy. he was on very thin ice to begin with, the attorn to the jury, "which is probably why he gave council the testimony in the first place." the eight-member jury must reach a unanimo decision. kristin w n.
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going out and about tonight not a bad evening to be out there. temperaturt 30s. windchillhon the upper 20s. if you're thinking about walking the dog tonight 35 degrees around 7:00, 34 degrees around 9:00, 32 a 11:00 but the coalest a the season is right behi "ws" hacked. who the magazine is blaming for a series of disturbing posts. there's a very fine line here betwe free speech and good taste. >> there is a kos sum controvers parents quon why a student was allowed to dress up as a sl i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours. look what i've got. when you get verizon fios, you get beautiful hd picture quality, super fast internet, and america's most reliable network.
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reports a d indicted nypd rookie peter leyang today in the death of an unarmed black man. the shoo happen back in november. he and his partner were on patrolf8qqñ a dark stairwell when gurley happened to enter from a floor below them. leyang accidentally shot him in the chest. "newsw iogin tonight i readers for potential offensive posts online aft is hacked.
5:41 pm
>> they said they took over their social media accounts this morning fout minutes. "newsweek' twitter page and banner were dere placed with this image of a masked figure that included the text "je suis isis." a call for change tonight as one of mvrd m.d.'s hit-and-run bishops. a leader says they should reform their election process for bishops citg heather cook. she was confirmed to her post despite a prior drunk driving conviction information he says wasn't avbl to all who elected her. cook is currently charged in a deadly hian in baltimore where police say her blood-alcev was nearly three times the legal limit. >> two pp wound up in the hospital a police cruiser and a car collided in prince george's t we're to the cruiser's lights and sirens were on, but the other driv apparently didn't
5:42 pm
see it. that crash near indiana head highway in flt washington. the officer was not hurt and no word if the other driver could face charges. the w l home improvement retailer is about to zbooif a hiring spree that will include hed of jobs in our area. home dots tonight it will hire 1,700 permanent and part-ti workers here in the washingto region. the compa says they will hire 80,000 across the country. this all comes ahead of spring which is depot's busiest selling season. a controversial costume is it offensive free speech or both? >> all n tonight a loudoun county part questions why a student wa allowed to dress up as a slavthk thursda a man accused of stealing a rolls-royce golfa has bailed himself out of jail again. and new at 5:00 prince george's county bu chief tracee wilkins asked why this suspect has been granted bd r fourth me
5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
tonight a loudoun county parent is raising concerns about an unusual and some offensi costume permitted at recent high school spirit week. >> the stu dressed up as a slave. northern viauh julie cay le wh the details. >> reportla week was winter spir week here at heritage hsc and throwback u is part of the fun. students a supposed to come in a costume as something from the past, but no one imagined a student w come dressed as a slave. this is photo of the costume the student wore for throwback thursday. here's one outraged mom describesit. she didn't want her face shown worried the be
5:46 pm
repercuss f child. >> he came in, had this white shirt on w red stains on it as if, youw,d en whipped so that was blood. on the back of the shirt say "propertyf heritage high school." >> rertt kos sumed student,'s african-american was also scattering cotton balls. wh this mom's daughter came hold and td her about the costume asked to see a picture. hecolat th student was allowed to wear the costume all day long. >> i was livid. i couldn't believe what i was hearing in 2015. i just was like are you kiting me? >> repr: but a loudoun county school spokesman said heritage sl administrs concerned the minuteye udt walk thh e door last thursday. >th sa look, you're really pushi t boundaries here. that ia escostume. it is not disruptive per se. now, if anybody comes to us during the day with strong objection says this is disruptiveth the costume comes off. >> reporte t fly kwer for spirit we reminds students that any costumes may not
5:47 pm
violatehe d code. the spokesman says is slave costume didn't. the adminisats decided they had to protect the student's free speech rights. >> there a very fine line here between free speech and good taste. as we know free speech is not always tasteful speech. >> reporte t heritage high mom says she plans to send a letter to stlors and the superintenn >> what if someone comes and dresses a wants to do the holocaust or the klan? is that tond inappropr? wheris the line? >> reporte the school spokesman a plan or swastika costume would be prohibitec that's hate speech. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, some stude reaction to that slave costume. live from loudoun county, i'm julie ca news4. hello everybody. meteorologt do kmer right here in storm center 4 taking a at what is going to be a fairly nice night
5:48 pm
tonight, fairly quiet day tomorrow, d then, well and then it just all drops from the sky. we're talking about whether there is e temperatures. those are g tbe dropping. right now ave nothing out there as far as the skies are concerned,le for the most part, 39 degrees temperaturil a little bit tonight. we'll be down to about 32. we'll call it cold. but trust me, we'll wish for 32 degrees we make our way through th couple days. 37 right now ft. belvoir, 34 up there towards the gaithersburg area. nothing t radar. radar is all clear. it's goin stay that way. i think we have a slight chance of some flurry activity maybe a snow shown thursday. that's wi first batch of cold air wh right now is up in canada. cold air to the north, it races down on thursday. thursday will be a cold day, friday is going to be a frigid day. but then we get into the real arctic air. that comes down and goes all the way down toward florida. florida, they're already talking about this being the coldest winter there. they're scared. they're tbe in the 50s!
5:49 pm
oh boy. for us, we'll have windchills below zero here. the next couple days this is what we're talking about. 43 degrees on your wednesday, 40 on thursday. again, 30% chance of some snow flurry activity but that's going to be abou it. could the be a snow shower yeah but we won't see much at all. what we will see is falling temperatur dg the day on thursday. the get to friday. a high teur 28 but take a look at these windchills. 8:00 a.m.en 5 below and zero degrees. noon betwn zero and 5 degrees, and around 4:00 in the afternoon between zero and 10. the coldest day we've seen so far this winter by farut think it gets colder. another stm moves in on saturday just to our north. it will gives us a chance for light snowwe really behind it is what we're talking act that arctic air. high tempur of only 21 degrees o sunday and once again that is wi th be the coldest air of the season with windchills ne zero on sunday. and i'm talking zero all day.
5:50 pm
we may not get above zero in some locations with that windchill a those winds gusting or 30 miles per hour. we stay co on monday with a high of 28. next thursday chance of snow, could be a mixture between rain and snow. that's wa far out there. one thingow sure, we'll have se of the coldest air of the seous far. >> doug, k thereew frustrations tonight about the criminal court system in prceeoe' county. a man suspected of being part of a theft ring was let out on bond not once but four times over the past month. county bureau chief tracee wilkins le now with more on what we're uncovering. >> we've been following these squatter storie prince george's c a we were looking at what happened with the suspects that were taken out of one of the homes last week in tantallon, were surprised to find one of them has been out on bond. this is his fourth bond in two different counes when prince george's coun police t. stormed this
5:51 pm
mansion la week, they brought out six squatters they believe are part of a theft ring, stealing f local homes and golf courses. 19-year-o timmy fox was picked up later in the day and charged with stealing this rolls-royce golf cart. now he's out on bond -- again. according ou records on january 3rd in prince george county foxx was picked up on six charges including theft and use of a stolen vehicle. he posted bond and was released pap few weeks later in prince george's w charged with seven counts of theft and burglary. he posted bond and was released pap few days later in anne arundel ctyw charged with 16 counts of theft and burglary, posted bond, and again was released. then on february 4th the day of the tantalraid he was charged wi t counts including possessi of an illegal firearm burglary and theft. oncega he posted bond and is now out of jail totalling four sepa bonds in two different counties.
5:52 pm
>> this happens a lot. >> reporte former prince george's ty'sttne glen ivy says an accused criminal racng up multiple charges o o bond and being released er over again is not as uncommon as one might think. >>heay the law is written, you know, e commissner makes a decisio based on whether the person -s a risk of flight. in other words, that he won't show up for court or if he's a danger to the community. >> repoer e the have not risen to anything violent, the judges and commissiowh released foxx may well have followed legal standards. >> it can be very frustrating for a community. the neighbors around these types of issues and sometimes for the police as well, because they put a lot of effort into making these arrests. in this ca it was a search warrant executed. senator. >>epte fadou at the end of this month. we'll see what happens then. again we following this swatter issue. to see the stories we deechb so far, log onto and sear squatters. in palmer park, tracee wilki, news4.
5:53 pm
flames ripped through a bar in ocean city this morning. flames and smoke heavily damaging e la lizard pub. two people had to be rescued. neighbors saw people climbing out of windows. three people we take on the hospital a precaution and that includes two firefighters. they're a expected to be okay. the lazy lizard is known for brewing i own beer. red bull is set to take on a local brewer. >> why the energy drink is taking a at the virginia-based business. >> rorr: tom sherwood in southeast washington. with unemployment still high mayor muriel bowser says she' going tkee jobs availablehe summer jobs program reform how the city spends $100 million a year on job tra
5:54 pm
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a loudco brewery is calling th a big old bully. the president of old ox brewery
5:57 pm
is confus why red bull filed oppositio with them at the u.s. trademark office. they want to refrain from using bo pictures or words or the coed, silver. ss e ly similarity between th products is they are both liquids. we reached out the red bull but have not heard back. he came from humble beginningno runs some of tc's most popular and decorated restaurant >> toda jose andreas shared his story wit so district students. news4's zachary kiesch w there and spoke the students about whath learned from this renowned chef. >> i would say apprenticeship is a story. >> report they learned less about the food that's made jose andreas famous and more to learn about failure and how to keep going. teh-ad ln was there. >> at any time building this foundationyo problems, you shouldn give up you
5:58 pm
should be enthusiastic about what you believe in and make your dreams come true. >> report a packed boardroom in the chef's downtown offices, 20 aspiring entreprenes listened. >> i belie it's important to share a ltlofho you are with whom whatever is willing to learn from your failures or your successes. >> report: is already on her way. >> my product is tender live care. in short it's tlc. it's all natural lip balm and hand made mints. >> reporteheroam uses entreprenesh to teach life skills an provide exposure. executive director bryce jacobs. >> learning about presentation skills, collaboration communicat being profession things like grit and resilience. >> report he's the owner of 20 restaurants. >> i'm telling you -- >> reporte but he hasn't forgotten s humble beginnings or the memories that he leans on for strength. >> so i hope that those kind of funny[@
5:59 pm
heart and maybe they use them in their own lives. >> reporteoo for thought from a man who has written his own recipe on success for students hung to hear it. reportingn northwest d.c., zachary ki now at 6:00, remembering the young isis hostage who in her family's nevep. >> she has done more in her incredib 26 years than many people can ever imagine doing in their lifetime. >> report: the montgomery county schar votes to delay the start of school 20 minutes fohiool seniors. this is chris gordon. why some parents say it isn't enough d they will continue the fight f even later school bells. a a maryland policeman nearly killed on the highway for a second time. this incident caught on video. >> fist at 6:00, it was not until last friday that most of us learned her name and saw her face for t first time. >> four days later, there is an
6:00 pm
internatiol outpouring of grief at the confirmation of kayla mueller's death. her parent received a video this weeke from isis that offered proof. the time and cause of her death are still unclear but one of the senato who worked hard behind th scenes for her release co not contain his emotion today. our steve handelsman on capil hill now with more on this story. steve? >> reportha one of kayla's home state senators john mccain. he was furio on the senate floor todaa choking up. back home in arizona, the muellers touch with isis, trying to get their loved one free, get her back home. the u.s. milita last summer staged a raid on an isis site where kayla apparently had be held bul oue strands of her hair reportedly. nothing worked to get her free. kayla mus famy got the news over weend in an e-mail with a photo of


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