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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 11, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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what's happening right now. one person dead after collision between a school bus and suv. what police tell us about the accident. a much celebrated little league team from chicago no longer holds that national title. new developments in a cheating scandal this morning. and temperatures are expected into the 40s today, but just a brief break from the cold. when we can expect temperatures to actually plunge. good morning, everyone. you're watching news 4 md"news4 midday" mid. i'm barbara harrison. breaking news this morning. eun yang at the news desk. >> a jury reached the verdict in the whistle-blower verdict
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against lanier. stepping from the decision to demote captain hilton burton after a botched barricade in which police shot and kill add man in mount pleasant. burton claimed demoted in retaliation for blowing the whistle on escorts. lanier testified she never personally approved the escorts. the chief was not in the courtroom for the verdict but attended every day of the trial the last two weeks. check more on the story on eun yang at the live desk barbara. >> thank you. and falling debris smash add car windshield. look at damage from chopper 4. a woman behind the wheel of the car yesterday afternoon when a chunk of concrete fell from the beltway. live in morningside, we have what's going on now. are crews able to start repairs there, richard? [ no audio ]
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>> reporter: -- under the bridge afraid more concrete will fall. right now highway inspectors are up on cherry picker examining the bridge documenting the damage. on the other side road crews are sweeping up the debris left behind. these inspectors are banging on beams and taking a close look under the overpass. the missing pieces are obvious. >> it looks like it needs to be repaired a lot. >> reporter: tuesday concrete from the bridge on suitland road under the i-495 overpass in morningside suddenly fell and hit a car. the 14 1/2 foot drop made a big impact. the front windshield smashed, crumbles of concrete coated the car, the driver horrified but not hurt. today road crews blocked off the lanes to clean up the rest of the debris and those who travel beneath the bridge are looking for new ways to get around. >> i go under this bridge every day. this is the way i go to work.
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i might find a different route to go to work. this is dangerous how, they need to do something about this. it's serious. could have been even worse. could have been the whole bridge falling falling falling. >> reporter: repairs made immediately after the incident. the additional fixes can't come soon enough. >> it's in bad shape. you can see the rust on the beams and the concrete breaking off. yeah. it's decaying. >> reporter: the work continues right now to see what issues need to be addressed. now, last year the maryland state highway administration inspected the bridge and found it structurally deficient. that means that repairs need to be made but not anything that warrants actually closing the bridge. some people who drive underneath that overpass say they're not convinced. they're skeptical. reporting live in morningside, richard jordan news 4. >> thank you. right now the frederick county sheriff's office is trying to figure out what caused this deadly crash near
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middletown. the pictures the bus and suv collided around 7:15 this morning. the driver of the suv died. the bus driver taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the only student onboard the school bus was not hurt. we're waiting to hear whether a person has come down with the measles in fairfax county. as soon as we know we'll send you a breaking news alert through the nbc washington app. we learned that the person started experiencing symptoms yesterday. the patient is currently health officials are waiting for test results and are currently looking for possible exposure sites. according to the centers for disease control, 121 people in 17 states and washington, d.c. now have the measles. and right now the sun is out and temperatures are on the rise but don't expect that trend to continue. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with his first forecast for "midday" this wednesday. good morning. >> hey, barbara, good morning. starting off this morning, we were down into the 20s. now it's rebounded nicely. warmed up about ten degrees into the upper 30s.
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a very light breeze now. that's a live view from the storm team 4 capitol camera that's turned over and looked towards union station, where there's plenty of sunshine pouring down and the wind's only around 5 miles an hour. temperatures in the upper 30s to near 40 degrees already across northern virginia around the metro area in the mid to upper 30s and the mid-30s around the bay. further west shenandoah mountains, generally freezing. most locations low to mid-30s. increasing clouds later today. now the storm team 4 radar scanning the skies no rain no snow anywhere in the vicinity. that's the way it looks now barbara. >> thank you, tom. right now a former basketball player and now former analyst greg anthony is in court in d.c. he's accused of soliciting a prot toot ang to an ad police put online last month. saying the hearing hasn't started in the court as of yet. anthony was in town to announce a college basketball game.
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he's pleaded not guilty to the charges. and right now police are trying to figure out who stabbed a man to death inside a luxury hotel in the district. the body was found at the donovan hotel along 14th street and northwest yesterday. we're waiting for police to release more information about a possible motive a suspects and the victim's name as well. a second teenager shot at frederick high school in maryland is back home and out of the hospital. two teenagers shot last week outside the gymnasium. police are asking anyone at the game during the shooting on february 4th to hand over any photos or video that may help the investigation. the other teenager involved in the shooting was released from the hospital last week. right now it's in the hands of congress. the president sent lawmakers a draft war authorization today. what it means in the fight against the islamic state. plus the action that has little league officials taking the national title away from that team in chicago.
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and breaking lottery news. the jackpot in tonight's powerball drawing is bigger
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today in just a few hours a panel of judges is expected to hand down its decision on the "costa con cardcordia" cruise ship
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disaster. 32 people died. the captain asked for leniency at the court today. prosecutors say he should spend 26 years in prison. right now almost two dozen police officers and firefighters are at the white house for a very special honor. let's check in with eun yang at the live desk with news. >> good morning, barbara. the officers and firefighters are at the white house to receive the medal of valor. the nation's highest honor for public safety crews who risked their lives to save and protect others. vice president joe biden and attorney general eric holder are awarding 22 police officers and firefighters you can see here this is a live picture waiting for the awards ceremony. seven officers and firefighters are from watertown, massachusetts. honored for their role in saving lives during the gunfight with the spictsuspect in the boston marathon bombing.
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we congratulate them. some of the finest. back to you. new at "midday," the team that won the legal league championship is no longer call itself champions. little league officials took away the team's title hours ago. the team is from chicago but accused of recruiting players in outside the city limits. the team they beat from las vegas was awarded the u.s. championship instead. strong language from the speaker of the house a few minutes ago when he told democrats to do in clear terms. plus straight off opening night, john o'hurley joins us in the musical "chicago" at the national theater near the district. his favorite part of the show he'll tell us. i'm tom kierein on the stock market team 4 weather deck. a beautiful skies calm wind. just the calm befored cold.
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breaking news. just minutes ago, announced tonight's powerpaul lottery jackpot is worth $500 million. yep. $500 million, up from where it was not too long ago a few hours ago at $485 million. talking with people about what they would do with that money. >> reporter: if you choose the cash payment, you're going to get a lump sum of more than $327 million.
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what would you do with all that money? we've been asking folks that very question. >> i have my family. i have friends. and -- i help the sick and give to charity. >> reporter: you wouldn't blow it on yourself? >> well i'm going it have a good time too. >> the first thing, i would put a lot of it away for my kids in some kind of trust. something like that. put a little way for my wife and i. probably go on vacation. brand new, probably a brand new truck and get the gym i always wanted. i run a fits in business. >> i probably would retire and then i would probably travel. i don't see any great, you know expansion of my style of living though. >> reporter: but you could give half away you said? >> definitely. first thing. >> reporter: now before you start spending that dream prize, keep in mind your chance of actually winning the jackpot is just 1 in 175 million.
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news 4. >> we all spend it in our minds before we even buy a ticket. the wife of a u.s. marine is nervous after proposed isis sympathizer hacked her phones. posted threatening messages and threats made to the president also. it's not clear if this hack is connected to the hack of centcom's twitter accounts earlier this year. opening statements are under way for the trial of the man accused of killing a farmer navy s.e.a.l. inspiring the movie "american sniper." eddie ray routh is accused of killing american sniper chris kyle and a friend at gun flange 2013. kyle's widow is the first to temperature. the defense will try to argue routh was insane and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. in about an hour president obama is expected to announce
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withdrawal of nearly all u.s. troops deployed to fight ebola in west africa. he's meeting with ebola responders today. afterwards an update on u.s. plans to fight ebola now that the outbreak is greatly reduced. the u.s. sent nearly 3,000 troops to that region. just 100 will remain after april 30th. this afternoon, the president will also talk about his proposal to use war powers to fight isis. he sent his formal request to congress just after 8:00 a.m. this morning. this comes after months of failed attempts by military intelligence officials to try to rescue an american hostage. nbc news andrea mitchell has more on the president's request and the special mission to save kayla mueller. >> reporter: for 18 month, the white house agonized over her fate. she was everyone's daughter sister friend. bright adventurous, compassionate, as the president told ben smith of buzzfeed. >> my immediate reaction is heartbreak. >> reporter: the frantic efforts to save her include add special
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forces raid last july. it missed finding kayla and three other americans who were later beheaded by only day or two. for months her family's senator, john mccain circled the reason seeking help from foreign leaders leaders. >> i want tos express my deepest condolences to kayla's parents. >> reporter: no relenting on the u.s. poise policy of not paying rein s. the toughest decision i have to do having conversations with parents who understandably want by any means necessary for their children to be safe. >> reporter: and five months after the u.s. started battling isis the president is today asking for war authority, from a deeply divided congress. >> the challenge will be to more narrowly define how american ground troops can be used. >> set a precedent that somehow congress is setting restrictions or parameters around the commander in chief, and
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violatingviolate ing the cons stoorgstitutionconstitution. >> good morning,er carrie. >> good morning. >> asking for war powers to fight isis. tell us about that. remind us why he needs this. >> for the past six months the u.s. has been carrying out strikes against isis but a lot of pressure including from members of congress who wanted to have a formal authorization bylaw makers saying to the president here's the parameter what the president can do. what the president sent to capitol hill this morning was a broad outline of the powers he wants congress to pass. what that includes would be action against isis but that authorization would expire after three years, and also limitations or whether or not there could be ground troops in what kind of situation. >> all included and in what he's asking for? the things it would allow him do? in the asking. congress has to pass this. there's opposition actually in both sides on some of the language here and this is not a quick process. the senate will hold hearings starting soon on this language and this will probably not come
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up for a vote for weeks if not months. >> are more republicans in favor of this action than democrats? >> opposition on both sides. democrats are harkining back of course to those long ground troop engagements in iraq and afghanistan. saying we don't want there to be overly broad language. we want this to expire after that three years or even a shorter amount of time and republicans are saying this may not give the president and military commanders enough authority. what the president asked for this morning, not give them enough authority to do what they need to eradicate the enemy. >> moving on a funding bill has not passed for the department of homeland security. what john boehner, house speaker hshs to say. >> the house has done its job. ask senate democrats when they're get off their [ bleep ] and do something, other than to vote no? >> well -- how he feels about it. when can we expect action on this? >> what we're going to see is a continued animosity, both between, by the way, between john boehner and senate democrats and between john
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boehner and senate republicans. a difference's opinion what to do going forward. dhs funding runs out february 27th. about two weeks to figure out this impasse. the issue boehner is upset about the house has indeed passed that dhs funding bill but the house also attached action that would roll back the president's executive action on immigration. that's why democrats are opposed to it and senate republicans including mitch mcconnell saying we need to strip out that language to get something passed to get to the president's desk and keep dhs funded. >> let us know what happened tworchlts two weeks to watch. >> thanks carrie. for more check out first read on if you are worried about your cholesterol levels you may be able to add things like eggs back into your diet now. we'll tell you about new recommendations. plus new information on a campus scare. the warning sent to students at a university in newport news virginia this morning. and what's done about u.s.
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concerns u.s. park pol
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it's a big first for the white house, courtesy of the first lady. the old family dining room appears for the first time ever as part of the public white house tours. michelle obama surprised tourgoers yesterday unveiling the rom's modern re-sign. the old family dining room is small
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prifbd next to the state dining room added back in 1825. a fairfax teen with epilepsy may soon be able to use cannabis oil to treat her condition. virginia's house unanimously passed medical marijuana legislation yesterday. the senate passed a similar law last week. 15-year-old jennifer collins from fairfax and her mom helped convince lawmakers to pass this bill. the house and senate will now work out differences between the two bills. governor mcauliffe expressed support for medical marijuana in the past. doctors say more teens are using so-called designer drugs made out of household supplies. urgent care centers say they're seeing an uptick in patients using over the counterdrugs like spice, synthetic marijuana and bath salts. according to the national institutes on drug abuse, spiced products are now the second most used drug by high school seniors. regular marijuana is number one. in news for your health federal dietitian are rethinking
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cholesterol concerns. you may not have to avoid all foods that have high c cholesterol. they recommend it no longer be listed as a nutrient of concern. it is not associated with increased risk of heart disease. that means you may not be advised to limit your cholesterol now. so you can eat eggs lobster, shrimp and liver but you may want to watch out how much bacon and butter you consume. this morning on the "today" show dr. internationally azhar explains why. >> be more liberal in low saturatesed fats and perfect, egg, fish things like that but avoid saturated fats and trans fat. the latter trans fat, phased out, because we know how unhealthy it is. >> high cholesterol is mainly passed down from generation to generation because of genetics. if you are diabetic or obese, you should still stick to your strict diet. today, new information on
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the motive of a shooter accused of killing three university of north carolina students. plus new action from the mayor in d.c. after the deadly smoke incident at metro. how it could help emergency workers. and seasonal temperatures now, but that's going to change. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is back with your first look at the seven-day forecast for this week.
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right now the cherry blossoms are blooming. well not here in the district but in japan. a cherry blossom festival is underway in the sen stral part of that country. our sfeft val begins march 20th, the first day of spring and runs through april 12th. of course we will celebrate the gift of trees from japan. and they're not blooming it's way too cold for them to bloom and getting colder. right, tom? >> can we look at that video again? >> really makes you feel better. >> keep looking at it. yeah. right around the corner. >> it. >> the corner though is about 50 miles away. we're going to get through the rest of february here and into early march and can still get hit with snow late february early march. not today. look at that gorgeous blue sky over the region now. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera. temperatures have climbed nicely since this morning when we were in the 20s. right now into the 30s and then later today should be hitting the low to mid-40s by mid-afternoon. with lots of sunshine.
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just a few wispy high clouds coming in later this afternoon and some much colder air moving in tore. enjoy these temperatures while you can. this will seem warm compared to what's coming friday into the weekend, and first part of next week. right now mid to upper 30s. reagan national now at 36. right nigh theear the bay, reached upper 30s across virginia. shenandoah valley into it's mountains, most near the friesen mark freezing mark. heading out the door need warm koeshgts sunglasses. and bright sunshine later. temperatures by mid-afternoon by around 4:00 we should be reaching the mid-40s northern virginia and around the metro area. maybe a bit chillier by the cold waters of the bay around 40 there. farther north and west low 40s. shenandoah valley charlottesville up near 50 maybe, this afternoon as well as out in eastern parts of the west virginia. highlands there, too, up around
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50 degrees. the coldest air yet for the season though is about to move in coming in during the day tomorrow from the north and it will be plunging south and bringing in an arctic blast that will be with us here all the way through the weekend, and into the first part of next week. monday morning, we have may have a near record low. the record low for monday morning is 5 degrees. set back 110 years ago, back in 1905. we may be near that record cold on monday morning. stay up with all of these cold changes with the storm team 4 weather app and as we look at the forecast for tomorrow morning, down to near 30 degrees. cloudy skies starting off tomorrow. remaining cloudy through the rest of the y. it will get up to around 40 around noontime and turn colder in the afternoon with passing flurries falling windchills into the teens. the winds increasing. could have gusts of wind to 40 miles an hour on thursday night as we plummet all the way down to the mid-teens by dawn on
11:33 am
friday. windchills will be down into the single digits to near zero. lighter winds on friday afternoon as we get into into the upper 20s. saturday valentine's day, a coldhearted day afraid to say. 15 degree bees low normal temperatures. afternoon snow showers may give a brief dusting. sunday that's when the coldest air will arrive. blustery width, temperatures just near 20 degrees sunday afternoon. feels like subzero with the winds. next snow, maybe tuesday. could get a wintry mix of rain and snow. stay tuned. >> thank you, tom. check in with news 4 eun yang following breaking nugsz at the live desk. what's happening? >> barbara, breaking news right now. greg anthony reached a deal with prosecutors. he was arrested in a d.c. hotel last month for prostitution. news 4 mark seagraves is the courtroom saying in anthony complete 32 hours of community service in florida, charges will
11:34 am
be dropped. earlier this month anthony pled not guilty to a charge of soliciting a prostitute. more on the story later on news 4 and on eun yang at the live desk. back to you. new details about the deadly shooting near the university of north carolina. apparently a heated fight over a parking spot may be to blame. that according to the chapel hill police department's preliminary investigation. a man, his wife and her sister were shot and killed at an apartment last night. they're all unc students. police arrested craig hicks overnight, now charged with three counts of first-degree murder. and right now police at christopher newport university say all is clear after reports of a man with a gun walking across the campus. police did not specify whether or not the man was found. no one hurt. classes are in session since there is apparently no threat.
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and adam tuss son his way to hear metro explain emergency plans. follow adam on twitter twitter @adamtuus. just yesterday received a special look in landover. you can see the agency has already set up a drill in response to the underground emergency near l'enfant plaza that happened last month. d.c. fire & ems department also responding to what happened then. mayor muriel bowser only let's fire officials hear what's being said. the encryption blamed for communications problems that day. the fire chief said it is ending that this week. next week u.s. park police say it's going to be hiring 18 new officers in response to concerns the department can't keep national monuments safe. this was mark seagraves spoke with the chairman of the parks police union saying terrorism was a concern at monuments across the united states
11:36 am
especially in light of attacks in other countries. even things like homicide investigations are suffering. >> we're pulling detectives and horseback officers to respond as patrol officers. we're pulling folks who usually do forensic evidence collection to work as patrol office because we're so short staffed. >> the union officer told mark the agency does have enough cameras to practice incidents on roads like the baltimore-washington parkway, maryland state highway administration planning to put in six new cameras next year. the daughter of whitney houston a show of support, bobbi chris mean brown. and what about a drone-related degree? a look at colleges now offering that kind of education. >> i don't care about expensive things. ♪ cashmere coats, diamond rings ♪ >> plus "chicago" onstage in our area starring a familiar face. john o'hurley is here with a
11:37 am
look at the show you might not have known that that "seinfeld" star can sing and dance, too. we'll see it you guys can just leave your coats right over here. wow. your bedroom is amazing. oh, thanks. we worked with a designer from havertys. total refresh. oh, i cannot believe people. what? covering up your new bed like that. it's okay. what kind of animals did you invite to this party? we can help. much better. refresh your space with an extra hundred off every thousand at havertys.
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plus enjoy 36 month no interest financing. havertys. discover something you.
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in less than an hour now you'll have a chance to attend a prayer vigil outside the white house for bobbi kristina brown. that vigil starts at 12:30. the 21-year-old has been on life support since found face-down in a bathtub almost two weeks ago now.
11:40 am
whitney houston found unconscious in a hotel bathtub three years ago today. the coroner ruled her death accidental drowning and list the cocaine and heart decease as contradicter factor erer factors. stell stepping down from "the daily shows." >> a lot of ideas, things in my head. i'm going to have dinner on a school night with my family, who i have heard from multiple sources are lovely people. >> that's part of the announcement from last night's show. stewart says he doesn't know when his last show going to be. his contract expires in september. ♪ where'd you come from ♪ mississippi ♪ and you're parents ♪ very wealthy ♪ where are they now ♪ >> i hear he's great in the musical "chicago" back on the stage in our area.
11:41 am
this week only the opportunity to see this broadway hit at the national theater, and playing billy flynn is john o'hurley who joins us with more on what he's doing with this razzle-dazzle part up there. enjoying it? >> listen done over 1,000 shows of billy flynn on bradway and on tour and enjoy every night as much as the last i. think a lot of people don't realize that you have this history of music and dance. >> i started my career actually started off in 1981 long long long ago, back when it was still outside and hadn't discovered roofs on theaters yet. long ago, opera, went to broadway. the beginning of my career before i discovered television. >> how did you like television? a long run on "seinfeld." >> long time. prior daytime television a long time and moved out to the west coast. i was on all of them. >> soap operas. >> the original twin brothers a show called "loving" years and
11:42 am
years ago. played twins. the evil and good. kind of fun. >> and so -- about this show you play billy flynn. that is a nature role. i understand you were terrific. major role. people at the station saw it last night. >> absolutely extraordinary evening. one of my favorite opening nights last night at the national. one of the greatest kooftcoustically i prommed. i would say that to anybody. performed. couldn't have been more attentive or had a better time. >> at one point you lafred and they loved it. >> towardsed end of the show i broke that fourth wall. a funny moment at the end of the show and it kind of took me out of the show a minute and i enjoyed myself. >> can you say what it was? a. spoiler alert. it involves the jury scene. i can't tell you about that. >> everybody said it was wonderful. i think people like it when you break that fourth wall i. think certain times yes. i think atship point in the show
11:43 am
if you've engaged the audience for 2.5 hours and have a little break especially in something that is a musical comedy i think they kind of like to know they're in on the joke as well. kind of fun. >> what is your favorite song? you sing a few? >> my favorite one, hands down what they refer to as the ventriloquist number. the running tape you just saw a few minutes ago. i think it's they both reach for the gun but one of the best and most innovative songs ever written in all of broadway history. absolutely a phenomenal piece of music. >> nice to dress up like that? >> look like the maitre'd at flemming steakhouse? >> nice and casual. hopefully enjoying washington i. >> always do every time here. washington audiences are always so kind to the show. expect a sold-out run here. a lot of fun at the nationals. >> doesn't matter i'll tell people it's here at the national. >> still some seats are left. >> a few? >> yes. we'll be sold out through the weekend. >> happy you took the time to
11:44 am
stop by here. >> my pleasure. enjoyed talking to you. >> thanks for coming. >> you bet. again, at the national until the 15th of this month. wanted for kitten snatching. a new picture of the wanted moon nap story. plus the blue glow from your phone and other devices could be keeping you awake at night. the app that could help you out. but to be so brave to live this truth of who you are and if mrs. jenner this transitioning, i give all my support to her. >> and more from patricia arquette on transgenderism on the "meredith
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d.c. police want your help to camp the man they say stole two kittens in the district. they released these pictures to us. take a look nep say this man in the black cap took the kittens from the pet co-in columbia heights. the kittens were up for adoption and are 3 moss old. there is a $500 reward in this case. in news for your health you might want to think about taking a nap this afternoon. a new study discovered a short nap may improve your health. researchers in paris found napping helps restore your body's immune system. a 30-minute nap improves stress levels and hormone for men who stwloept hours the night before.
11:48 am
researchers saw significant improvement and still recommend you sleep seven to nine hours a night. having a hard time getting those seven to nine hours of sleep, there's an app for that. dr. joshua weiner is here with why your electronics could cause you sleep problems and how to solve them. good to see you. >> and you. >> i was thinking i knew would you talk about this and thought about the lights on my phone, my -- whatever else. >> tv the light, your ipad whatever. >> all of that stuff. all going there, the -- alarm, too. >> how are you sleeping? >> not good. >> listen to what i say. >> tell us many think we have some kind of digital device in the bedroom. how is it affecting us. >> these digital devices release light, primarily blue light impacts sleep negatively. this blue light, it suppresses the release of melatonin. the sleepiness hormone.
11:49 am
you need ta bump 0 help induce sleepiness. even a little light bulb next to your bed that helps you read can suppress mel known enatoninmelatonin. reading before you go pushes back melatonin one hour. >> how sensitive to the light? >> very. have you are having difficulty falling asleep at night and one of these people who's reading, around a light, or -- almost everybody for that matter. you should consider doing something to block this blue light. they make light bulbs that don't emit blue light and apps. one app is called f.lux. another is called twilight and these are free apps you ask get and it will change the color of the computer screen or the hand-held device's screen so it's not releasesing the blue light. >> most of these machines have that blue light in them? >> yes. all have that blue light. >> can you ask the manufacturers
11:50 am
to change or -- when you sign up for one of the comcast or -- >> no. i don't think can you do that. everything is you have to buy something in order to block that. because it does change the look of the screen. so you're still able to read and see clearly but not want that on all the time because it makes it harder to see during the daytime. >> i see. how bad is it for you? i don't have problems falling "sleep" asleep. i wake up. >> it doesn't wake you up. more issue of insomnia falling asleep. sleep is critical. just saw a piece on it. anything people can do to enhance and improve the amount of sleep they're getting the better. >> tell us each about the apps. how do they work? >> some of them they just block this blue light. the screen ends up becoming a reddish amber color and so you can still read. some of them actually a screen you can attach. for some of the apple products the hand-held apple devices you
11:51 am
cannot down load the apps. you need to buy a screen that clips on top. for android devices, you can get some of these apps. >> i see. everything else just should throw your bed covers or pillow over it? >> they make sunglasses actually that block the blue light and special light bulbs as well. >> good advice to maybe get a good night's sleep. >> try it. >> none for me. i'm waking up in the middle of the night. talk about that another time. our time is 11:51. coming up the next big job opportunity plus a closer look when we can expect
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kbeeping an eye on several developing stories today. at 3:30 this afternoon president obama give as statement from the white house on his request to congress to authorize the use of military force against isis. president obama says isis is not only a threat to iraq syria and the mideast, also to the u.s. you can watch the statement here on nbc 4 and online at waiting to hear whether a person has come down with the measle over in fairfax county. soon as we know we'll send you a breaking news alert through the nbc washington app. we're told the person started experiencing symptoms yesterday. the patient is currently quarantined at home. if you hadn't already you may want to buy a powerball ticket today. the jackpot up to $500 million. the fifth largest lottery prize
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in u.s. history. download the nbc washington app yorn smartphone. we'll send a push alert with the winning numbers when announced. as the rules for drone use in the u.s. starts to take shape, so does the job market involving drones. if allowed for commercial use, drones could become an $82 billion industry within ten years. that o'cording to the association for unmanned vehicles systems. they say this could mean over 100,000 jobs colleges arethat. a small but growing number are offering drone-related degrees. students like jessica brown are lining up. >> if i can do anything with uavs i would love to do it whether being the actual pilot, sensors or be the cameras. >> this could impact industries like agriculture, security movies and even delivery services. draft rules are due out in september just in time for the fall semester. we're working to help you
11:56 am
shop for your loved one this valentine's day. the national retail federation says an on average you'll spend $142 on the holiday this year. a big chunk of that will go towards flowers including delivery fees. today on news 4 at 4:00 consumer reporter erika gonzalez compares the fees across the board so you don't have to pay too much and have options in case they're out there. for an even bigger break for your wallet we've penned lots of inexpensive do it yourself valentine gifts on the nbc washington pinterest board. time for a final check on the forecast. tom's here. >> revel in this wonderful weather while you can because it is going to be turning so beginning tomorrow afternoon. beautiful downtown washington live view there from our city camera overlooking the potomac river, washington monument basking in mid-day sun under a blue sky and temperatures responded. already in the upper 30s, much
11:57 am
of the region and continue to climb into the low, around 2:00 near 30 by tomorrow with a cloudy sky. all cloudy during the day thursday and strong winds developing during the afternoon. may get up to around 40 around noontime then temperatures drop down into the 20s by sunset. teens by dawn friday. some of those winds thursday night could be gusting to 40 miles an hour. might get a few scattered flurries or maybe a quick passing snow shower tomorrow afternoon as that cold air surging in on combusty winds. then the winds die down during the day friday. highs upper 20s. saturday valentine's day, it's only going to make it into the low 30s. maybe a brief, passing snow shower that might put down a quick dusting saturday. mainly in the afternoon. that's ahead of another surge of even colder air moving in on sunday. sunday afternoon just in the low 20s. very strong winds on sunday. windchills near zero. and then temperatures plummet all wait down single digits by
11:58 am
dawn monday and remaining subfreezing on monday and into much of tuesday. tuesday might get a little bit of rain or wet snow. stay tuned. weep keep you posted. have a great afternoon. >> a snuggle up weekend sounds like. >> there you go. >> good thing. that's "news4 midday" for today. thank you for being with us and invite you to tune in for news at 4:00 5:00 6:00 and tonight at 11:00 and back tomorrow morning at
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>> meredith: i'm meredith jennings, and... i'm terrified that my husband is planning to kill me. whoever you are, if you're watching this, it means that i'm right. oh, god. no matter what it looks like, an accident, or i got sick, don't believe it. it was aiden, he did it. >> aiden: hey, hope. >> hope: yeah? >> aiden: getting lonely down there? >> hope: no, i'm fine. >> aiden: i'll just be a few more minutes. >> hope: ok. don't hurry on my account.


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