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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 13, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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news 4 begins now with storm team 4. >> off the top at 11:00, a live look at the national cathedral from our tower cam. the wind chills in the coming hours could drop to 15 below zero. team coverage tonight on this frigid friday.
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shomari stone will join us in a minute to talk about how people are braving the elements. >> we begin with doug though. doug if i heard you correctly, earlier, rough tonight but even worse tomorrow night, huh? >> that's exactly right. a cold night tonight, a cold start to tomorrow, then most of the day tomorrow won't be too bad. then the snow comes through, then the wind really starts. take a look outside right now. our current temperatures. 16 gaithersburg 18 out to dulles. manassas around the 16-degree mark. 14 in huntingtown. we're on the cold side for sure. one thing we don't have a whole lot of wind. tomorrow a wind chill advisory -- rather a wind chill watch in effect. wind chills 15 to 25 below zero in the d.c. metro area. close to 10 degrees below zero. that all comes along with some wind. how much win? winds gusting to 60 miles per hour during the night tomorrow night into the early portion of sunday. we're in for brutal cold.
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we could break a couple of records. shomari stone is in georgetown with the latest on how everyone is dealing with the cold right now. >> reporter: well doug first let me tell you it is absolutely freezing out here in georgetown. we drove to home depot, and they were sold out of space heaters. a lot of folks tell me they're doing the best they can to stay warm. what does it feel like? >> the arctic. >> reporter: love is in the arctic air the night before valentine's day for this family. >> right now we decided to come out for dinner for an early valentine's day and take the babies. >> reporter: they wrapped little anna in layers. >> make sure that we get a blanket because she's going to need it. >> her legs are cold. >> reporter: high winds and cold airner the forecast for d.c. maryland and virginia this weekend. tonight the temperature is below freezing and it's tough when you have to work outside. in downtown silver spring a security guard uses hand warmers. people drink coffee. and last-minute valentine's day
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shoppers are trying to stay warm. >> it's a little chilly very cold. >> my hands are really cold. >> reporter: as for this family? they plan to go home after their romantic dinner. >> i think it's going to get a lot colder tonight. >> reporter: isn't that nice? happy valentine's day. as doug told you guys it's supposed to be even colder tomorrow night. live here in georgetown i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> thanks. d.c. mayor muriel bowser has declared a cold emergency and road crews are on alert. and george washington canceled the 10 k because of the cold. developing tonight, a fight in a bathroom between a police officer and the prisoner he was escorting shut down part of dallas/ft. worth international airport. happened just after 6:00 our time.
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during the scuffle the officer fired a shot hitting the prisoner in the hand. >> doesn't look like we had any impact to flight operations or anyone other than those two men inside the bathroom when the altercation occurred. >> both were taken to the hospital for injuries suffered in the fight. all the terminals are open although the area around the bathroom is still closed off. new at 11:00, a search for four men who may be connected to an armed robbery and assault on metro. transit police release these pictures of the men. the robbery and assault happened just after 10:00 thursday night at the tenleytown metro station. investigators say they don't have warrants for the men, they just want to talk to them. if you have information call metro transit police. a bomb threat against metro caused some delays on the red, blue orange and the silver lines this evening. metro says somebody phoned in the threat to the union station and the eastern market station. police swept both stations with their dogs then gave it the
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all-clear. congress has tough words for metro during a hearing on the transit system's smoke emergency today. and they heard emotional testimony from witnesses. lawmakers said miscommunication and malfunctioning equipment were no excuse for passengers being trapped on a dark smoky train for 30 minutes. that's how long it took emergency responders to get to them. congress also heard from d.c. resident jonathan rogers he was on the smoke-filled train, video taped part of what was happening and even gave cpr to the virginia woman who later died. >> in a photo i believed to be the last i took before giving cpr to ms. glover -- sorry -- other passengers are laying on the ground at 3:39 p.m. >> the hearing is the latest in the series of ongoing federal and local probes looking into the cause of the january 12th incident near the l'enfant plaza metro stop. this just in to our
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newsroom video of a fire tearing through a home in clinton, maryland. that fire is out now, but three adults have been forced out of the home. nobody was injured here. also new at 11:00 tonight, several people including some kids face charges tonight in connection with a string of carjackings in the district. >> chris lawrence caught up with one victim tonight who was hit more thanonce. >> reporter: the car thief got caught but not before teaching one capitol hill family a tough lesson. >> you know kicking myself as much as i am applauding d.c. police. >> reporter: one of the victims told news 4 what happened but didn't want to be identified. >> i was about to take my youngest son to his day care and it was cold. it was cold like this. >> reporter: so he warmed up his car first. >> i left the keys in the car to my own demise and ran inside and when i grabbed my son to say good-bye to my wife and turned around the car was gone. >> reporter: a witness watched it go down. >> one of the guys jumped in my
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car and took off. >> reporter: to add insult to injury they came back the next day and stole his wife's acura using the fob from the key ring. >> i assumed they walked up and down the street clicking it till it went off. >> reporter: but others got more violent. here in northeast, the robber flashed a black handgun and forcibly took the victim's car. >> she's been directly linked to three car jackings and three stolen vehicles within the past two weeks. police found one of the stolen acuras but now it's part of an ongoing investigation. >> unclear when we'll get that vehicle back. >> reporter: call it lesson learned. >> cardinal rule don't ever leave a car running. the american civil liberties use is using this video to call for an end to the use of what they call jump out squads by the d.c. police. the video was released today. it shows raphael briscoe running
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from an unmarked d.c. police car back in 2011. police officers say he had a gun and a shot was fired from the cruiser. briscoe was killed. today a jury cleared officers of any wrongdoing. >> it was a drive-by on him. so i'm just angry. i'm very very angry. and i'm not going to stop seeking justice for my son. >> all cars should be clearly marked. the police say unmarked cars and the jumpouts are used to solve problems all over the city. that deadly shooting in chapel hill north carolina. police say they found 12 guns and a large stash of ammunition inside craig hicks' home. he's charged with killing three young muslim students in what some are calling a hate crime. president obama condemned the killings. the fbi says it's opening an investigation into the
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shootings. next week the nation's first openly bisexual governor will take office. oregon's secretary of state kate brown will take over for current governor john kitzhaber. kitzhaber announced his resignation today amid a corruption scandal. his fiancee is accused of using their relationship to enrich herself. a in an avalanche. his friends' quick action meant the difference between life and death. why you could run into big problems with the u.s. postal service this weekend. >> somebody who the state of maryland felt dangerous had my information and knew where i lived. an unsolicited love letters from inmates.
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prisoners reaching out to women they don't even know from behind bars. an investigation by the news 4 i-team reveals there have been complaints to jail officials that inmates are sending them unwanted unexpected letters by mail. as the i-team's scott mcfarland reports now, some are concerned about so-called prisoner pen pal services. >> reporter: a handwritten letter, so uncommon these days. especially from a stranger. how are you doing? when this maryland woman, who we'll call angela opened hers -- >> hopefully your day has been filled with bright colors and big smiles. >> reporter: -- she spotted something out of the ordinary immediately. >> i was afraid. then i looked at the envelope and looked on the back and it said inmate mail. that's when the real freakout began. >> reporter: an inmate named robert sent her a note from the
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maximum security prison in cumberland. a man she didn't know. he told her he'd been informed of her physical loveliness and wanted her to write back and develop a relationship. >> somebody who the state of maryland felt was dangerous had my information and knew where i lived. >> reporter: when she checked his background she found he was in prison for kidnapping and sexual assault. when we asked correctional officials about her case we were surprised by what we heard. they received eight similar complaints in recent months. unwanted letters from prisoners including some here the maximum security prison in cumberland. in angela's case the i-team's learned investigators linked it to an online prison pen pal service in ft. lauderdale florida. one of several pen pal matchmaking services in operation nationwide. some charge inmates between 10 and $40 a year to post their pictures and ads online to solicit pen pals to write. in most cases women voluntarily surf click and choose an inmate
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and send a letter. but angela says she's never used any pen pal site. so how did your name and home address get into the hands of a convicted felon? the operator of one of these sites tells the i-team he's seen cases where people on the outside try to get revenge on inmates by sending them the names and addresses of random women found online or even in a phone book. hoping the inmates will squander their money on stamps and paper and to falsely get their hopes up they've scored a girlfriend and to get them in hot water with the warden when women like angela get a letter, get scared and complain. a state prison spokesman says our intelligence people take these issues very seriously and address them immediately. we investigate any complaint about unsolicited correspondence as soon as we know about it and notify the inmate to cease the contact. >> i hit send and that's how it all started. >> reporter: liz ludwig said she once fell for a prisoner she met on a pen pal web site said he took her for $20,000 before they
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split. cases like angela's are why these petitioning the federal government to shut down all these sites. >> there's a big circuit out there that needs to be stopped. >> reporter: she thins many of the inmates who participate are scoping for possible victims. >> this person had been incarcerated for so many bad things. >> reporter: angela said the inmate hasn't written again but she'll only feel safe while the convicted kidnapper is behind bars. and the i-team reached out to some prison pen pal web sites but did not hear back. maryland state correctional officials say they've received no new complaints since the i-team began working on this story. if you have a tip or a story idea for our i-team call 202-885-4444 or you can e-mail the scanning of some packages and the postal service's e-mail has been out
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now for two days. regular mail service is not affected at this point. the post office is trying to correct the problem, but it says the issue could continue into tomorrow. >> no. oh no. >> you're watching a snow mobiler getting swept up in an avalanche. it happened in wyoming. the guy was headed up the side of a mountain when a wave of snow broke away. friends quickly rushed to save him once that snow settled. the guy was buried up to his neck. fortunately, with his head above the surface, but his friends were in a hurry to dig him out because of the weight and the pressure of all that snow on his chest and other areas. he'll be okay though we're told. >> wow. >> that guy is feeling very lucky to be alive tonight. we're not feeling real lucky about these low temperatures we're stuck with. >> no. we're going to need valentine's day to help heat things up i think. because we're looking at low
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temperatures the across the region. i just looked at some of the computer models and it's even colder. >> even worse. >> even worse. it is a cold night tonight but we don't have a lot of wind. 25 degrees, that window out of the south at 6 miles per hour any time the wind is out of the south, temperatures will be warmer. look at the numbers. 18 in gaithersburg. it was 14 in gaithersburg. now up to 18. so temperatures have actually risen a little bit. 19 in windchester. now, we have a few clouds moving in. this is the next storm system that's going to move in towards our area during the day tomorrow. it will bring up slightly milder air tomorrow. and most of the day saturday is really not going to be all that bad, but back to the west that's our storm system. and that's where the brutally cold air is it's cold tonight. it will be cold tomorrow morning at 8:00 a.m. when you step out
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of the door. snow back to the west could mix with rain if we get warm enough here during the day tomorrow. i do expect temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s during the day tomorrow. that snow comes through. could actually have a band of snow. i think we'll see snow showers. they'll come through the area. they could be briefly heavy, maybe 15 to 20 minutes. you could see a quick coating. some may see a half inch to an inch. best chance of that is maryland anne arundel county even down towards calvert county. then it turns windy into the day on sunday. i and i mean windy. wind chill watch in effect. and this could be a wind chill warning back to the west. we could be under an advisory tomorrow. look at this the chills 25 to 15 below zero. that's just brutal. back to the west especially. the wind is going to be howling with winds gusting to near 60 miles per hour. a high wind watch in effect for the entire area.
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we could even see, some of us over 60 miles per hour. with that wind the intensity of the wind, we could easily see downed tree down power lines and outages just in time for valentine's day night, that's tomorrow night, into early sunday morning. some of us could wake up without heat. wind dhil tomorrow not too bad. tomorrow evening down to 6 in d.c. right as we're heading out to dinner. 2 below in martinsburg, zero in gaithersburg. this is where i told you it gets worse. take a look at these numbers by sunday morning. 12 below in d.c. 15 below in winchester 22 below back towards cumberland. amazingly cold numbers on sunday. tomorrow's impact forecast though low to moderate. not bad early but snow showers and wind will move in later in the day. we stay on the cold side. high temperature on got 21 but most of us will be in the teens all day. then only 25 for presidents'
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day, 36 for tuesday. and it does look like we have snow coming in on tuesday night into the day on wednesday. we'll watch that storm very closely over the chuck bell will be in here tomorrow morning. >> we've got a lot of winter coming our way. >> this pattern looks to last for the next two weeks. >> it's a television program that's launched the careers of some of the world's greatest comedians. all weekend long we're celebrating 40 years of "saturday night live." it starts tomorrow night with a valentine's day special. then the 1975 first season premiere will air right after news 4 at 11:00. sunday the fun starts at 7:00 with a red carpet special and the anniversary extravaganza starts at 8:00 3 1/2 hour hs of comedy. join the conversation both nights with the # snl40 and check out content on our website. sports coming up. terps on the road.
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> terps on the road. this time they got killed in iowa right? >> yeah 16 points. >> something like that. penn state, that's a winnable game. >> they just played each other. and it was a tough game. at the xfinity center. now the terps are going back on the road and they have a big showdown tomorrow night where the rubber meets the road. that's where the terps are right now. six regular season games left. critical matchup against penn state. this is their moment of truth.
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you know how bad things sometimes come in three? three road losses for maryland. pretty much blowouts. tomorrow night they're visiting the nittany lion they've won three straight at home. you should know that tomorrow is a rematch from a dogfight. a week and a half ago saw the terps edge out a w. now they face them again in happy valley and the terps admitting they don't need any help getting up for this one. >> our guys respect them. you know i remember at halftime saying this is a really good team we're playing. all the guys were shaking their head penn state is good. our guys understand they're talented. they won three in a row at home. >> a hard environment to win in. but you know we saw here they're a capable team and a good team. that's good for us to know we have to go in there and play our best and our hardest. >> john wall has one goal in new york this weekend and that's not to worry about scoring field
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goals and instead help create opportunities for others. par for the course for the guy tied for the league lead in assists. wall enjoys helping out off the court, too. today he inspired young ones at a basketball and fitness clinic at ps-19 in manhattan. doing a relay race push-ups. part of a monster event today called the nba fit celebration. he's not that much taller than those guys. that's what i love. wall knows the school kids look up to him and he takes pride in being a role model. >> i've been through the tough times. when you can show kids a better way. i'm looking at a situation and blessed to get out of situations and have an opportunity to give back and have a cleeb image. that's what i want to give back to kids and show them that you can make it from tough neighborhoods and get through adversity. >> the all-star event tonight, it's the rookie game. otherwise known as usa versus the world. oladipo, team usa.
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there he is. 22 points a game for him. he'll be in the dunk contest. dunk king. zach levine throwing down the oop, but teammate showing im inging imhim up. he was named the mvp team world wins it. and if i had time to tell you what i learned tonight, victor oladipo has an amazing voice. they miked him up. he was always singing. i don't know if you've heard him, sign that guy up. american idol for n
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so here's where i should have signed on to one of those personal charter planes because if you still need a unique way to celebrate valentine's day, go to london. here's the deal. there's a restaurant there with a "game of thrones" theme popping up in the city for one weekend only. it's called all men must dine. and it will treat diners to dishes seen on the show. that might not be such an attraction. but the dining hall is complete with contortionists and jesters. hbo is behind the week-long event, duh, to help support the release of the season on dvd. >> that dvd thing.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- samuel l. jackson norman reedus musical guest, jessie j


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