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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 15, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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super cold start as we head towards thursday and friday. for now there's tower cam, shaking in that powerful wind out there. wind gusts are still between 35 and 45 miles per hour. so dangerously high wind gusts for now. as a result we could continue to see more trees brannings and power lines come down. more than 10,000 people lost power overnight. we could see additional power losses during the day. current temperatures in the single digits and teens. windchills are running almost 10 to 20 below zero. what to wear today? here's my advice, if you have it, put it on. dangerously low temperatures tonight. a chance for accumulating snow by tuesday morning. more on that coming up. it's not just the air that's cold and icy out there, roads, walkways, even roofs and power lines are in dangerous shape right now. we checked and pepco is working to restore power to more than 8,000 customers. dominion is dealing with more than 9,500 outages.
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in prince george and montgomery counties, officials declared a snow emergency. in d.c. the department of human services arkt vaeted the hypothermia hotline to make sure no one is stranded in the cold frmths you've got to really layer it on, pretty much cover it all up if you plan on heading ouchlt news 4's derrick ward is live along route 7 in sterling, virginia, showing us how dangerous these conditions can be. i see you're pretty covered up. >> in deed, these conditions can be bad. it's time to bring out old furry for this one. we're in a parking lot. as you can see, that's ice. we have one car stuck in a parking spot. they tried to get out and spun out. if you look over to the secondary road that hasn't been treated quite as much as route 7, route 17 the white surface that's where it's actually been treated. you have to be careful because there can be patches of ice that
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go through those areas. you are better off obviously on the main roads. secondary roads you have to take extreme caution and parking lots and things like that, even though they may have been treated, are still treacherous. you're inasmuch peril walking around today as you are driving. that's something to be concerned about if you do have to indeed go out. these winds make it hard to keep your balance sometimes believe it or not. definitely a day if you don't have to be out, even though it's bright and sunny that can be deceiving. it is brutally cold out here. we're live in sterling virginia, derrick ward, news 4. >> derrick, thanks so much. a good reminder with the cars flying buy on route 7 to take it easy on the roadways. all amtrak service between brunswick maine is canceled. heavy snow is falling along that route. weather is affecting traffic, too. right at bwi 35 flights canceled, ten delays. dulles reporting 26 canceled flights with six delays. >> while there may not be school
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today or tomorrow, the weather is causing delays. right now all ymcas in d.c., maryland and northern virginia are closed. they will not open until about noon. in alexandria the george washington birthday 10k would be under way right now. organizers canceled it because of the conditions outside. they do plan to reschedule sometime in the next few months. new this morning strong winds may have brought down a building in northeast d.c. police say this building was under construction on 12th street northeast. no one was hurt when part of it collapsed last night. weather was likely the reason for that collapse. right now police are working to confirm whether severe winds and weather led to a building collapse in southeast d.c. it happened early this morning around 3:30. they had to close a lane on good hope road by martin luther king, junior avenue southeast. the building was abandoned so no one was hurt there. we are following a developing story out of denmark. the gunmen behind two shootings in copenhagen was killed by
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police. the shootings were outside a synagogue and cafe yesterday. two people were killed and five police officers were hurt. the cafe was hosting a controversial swedish artist who had been threatened with death due to his cartoons of the prophet muhammad. police were investigating both as possible acts of terrorism. going to want to take your time on the belt way if you're driving out there this morning, maryland state police say there's a lot of black ice. the inner loop is back open after a serious crash in montgomery county. just after midnight several cars collided on the beltway between river road and the 270 spur in bethesda. take a look at the video here. several people had to be rescued from their cars. twro ems workers were hit by a car trying to rescue people. they were taken to the hospital in serious condition. montgomery county fire says at least six other people were rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. no one was killed, no word on the the snow played a role in this crash. >> you've got a few hours left to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act.
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today is the deadline. if you live in the district, you can sign up through d.c. health link. several churches around d.c. will help people sign up as well today. we've posted all those locations on our website. search d.c. health. if you live in maryland you can use the state's health connection website. virginians can use to sign up. you may have had trouble signing up yet. that's because there was a glitch. it wouldn't allow people to verify their income electronically. this information is crucial because financial assistance is based on just how much you make. the government says that the problem has been fixed. 9:05. coming up a metro funnel fills with smoke. we'll give you a first-hand a scary incident maryland inspectors taking a closer look at bridges in the state. we'll show you which ones are being worked on in the area.
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some bridges in maryland are crumbling. this is according to the maryland department of transportation. take a look at this. that was earlier this week. we showed you that car struck by some falling concrete along suitland road. that sparked dozens of new inspections, and now mdot says at least 17 bridges need to be repaired. right now crews are working on five bridges in the state. they include four in our area, one on i-270 over route 85 in frederick and three on the beltway in prince george's county. a metro train surrounded by smoke, but this time it's a simulation meant to prevent another tragedy on the tracks. we got a look insidemetro's training facility where workers prepare for potential under ground emergencies. >> smoke billows underneath a metro train on fire in a tunnel. before you know it the entire tunnel is so thick it becomes almost impossible to find your way. this is just a test at metro's training facility in landover,
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the smoke coming from a fog machine, the fire not real. it gives you an idea what first responders have to deal with in heavy smoke situations. it also paints a vivid picture of what those passengers a l'enfant plaza went through. this is what it's like inside the actual train. you can barely even see a couple feet in front of you when it's filled with smoke. come down to the ground this is what people were doing to try to get air at the bottom of the rail car. the training deals with issues you might not think about the tracks and circuits in the third rail all to scale here. there's a lot in the way that you would simply have to remember to step over. this is just another example of what it would be like in a real world experience and environment. we have all the smoke in here. we're right on the edge of a walkway. you've got to be careful when you're in these situations. metro's chief of police says in the wake of the l'enfant plaza episode he wants all first responders to get this kind of training. right now it is not mandatory.
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>> i think when you look at that day there's always room nor improvement and that's why this training environment is so important, so important for the region to stay trained, whether it's firefighters, law enforcement. important we train as a region and everybody is consistent. >> metro tells us it welcomes the opportunity to train all first responders at its facility in landover. looking at ten minutes after the 9:00 hour. coming up we meet one person's journey from a man into a woman and how one state is helping with that transition. >> how cold will it get chuck? >> i'm putting the finishing touches on what promises to be a brutally cold start tomorrow morning. more importantly an increasing chance for snow monday night into tuesday. how long does the arctic blast last? easy for me to say. looks like all week.
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you're watching "news 4 today." today is a weather alert day for good reason. we're keeping an eye on the roads. here is a live look from the maryland department of transportation. watch out for slick roads and sidewalks. coming up storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will let us know how long this cold weather will stick around. the transgender community faces unique obstacles. stories like jay mcbride's are changing in new york. >> early on i went to the doctor's office and different people would stop by just to take a peek inside the door.
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>> called it! >> reporter: comedian jay mcbride knows a good joke. he wasn't amused by that experience. she knew from a young age herrer body didn't match who she believed it was. born as a male, it would be years before she took steps to live as a female. she faced medical roadblocks. the first, hormone treatment not covered by insurance. >> the insurance company i have now and the one prior both had written in specifically insurance does not cover costs for gender reassignment. >> reporter: governor cuomo is reminding them they can't discriminate against those seeking sex reassignment treatment. but that's just a start. >> it's hard to receive specific care, specifically for transgender issues. >> reporter: a transgender advocate is working to improve quality of life along with kim
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dorsey. they point to bias, inappropriate language and a poor understanding of their unique health issues including hormone treatment and mental health support as being at the heart of barriers. >> just to come to the table and make the person feel welcome to seek the service. >> reporter: saratoga hospital is recognized for two years for their efforts of improving care. simple changes are making a difference bathrooms identified as gender neutral. >> they would be asked your name and then what you prefer to be called and then we -- at our discretion as well as their forthrightness we would begin to say, talk to us about your experience of care and would like that to be like. >> reporter: that would include what type of room they would be comfortable in since traditionally hospital rooms are male or female. it's part of being the homework about care needs. >> i sort of knew more than they did about trans issues.
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>> reporter: improved health care services means being open to partnering with the trans community. >> you have an action plan to help with the person to have cultural relevance to our program and to our needs. >> reporter: as the director of lgbt health services at in our own voices points out, there's a spectrum of needs within the trans >> not everybody wants to transition medically and legally. they may just want to transition socially. >> reporter: in short, good medical care as with any community means taking a holistic approach. >> i'm a person here. let's remember that first. >> and that was bonita zahn reporting. in our area, one out of every ten people is in the lgbt community. whitman walker provides specific health care for them. scary moments for a prince george's county family when a tree punctures a hole in their roof. last night's wind caused this to happen at a home in landover. most of the ceiling collapsed
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when that tree fell through. >> look at this road in the sidewalk in this video. this is h street northeast and the snow in the time lapse. you can see how quickly, the sidewalk getting whited out. cars still going by. there aren't any people that we can see out there. before long the road is covered by the snow as well. i have a lot of windows in my house. i saw a couple people trying to walk in it and they couldn't. it was so vicious. bone chilling. >> the word i've been using all morning is flash freeze. we were 45 degrees at 6:00 last night. it started as a rain-snow mix. it went quickly to snow. the ground was just warm enough where untreated surfaces became wet and then temperatures plummeted. we were 18 degrees before midnight. near 30-degree temperature drop in six hours. here is a friendly advice. you saw derrick ward's live shot earlier. if you see black pavement out there this morning, it's
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probably glare ice. anything that's powdery white probably has been treated. that's probably the safer places. treat everything that looks wet this morning as if it were glare ice. it's dangerously slippery this morning. look at the ice starting to pile up along the shoreline, prince george kournity near national harbor. this ice here and all the ice on the ponds, lakes and streams, it's too thin. stay off the ice. it's so, so dangerous. need to stay inside and stay warm. a good reminder for our furry friends they need extra protection in weather like this, especially if they're not at all ak couple tommed to it. here is the view from wave slider in silver spring, a coating of ice and snow on the sidewalks this morning. this is repeated in a lot of places. a lot of out buildings and structures that weren't securely fastened have toppled over. you've got a great dramatic
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picture, send it to me on instagram or twitter,. as bad as it is tomorrow, colder air temperature tomorrow. reagan national airport is 5 tomorrow morning. that will probably stay. dulles's record low is 11. that one is as good as dead in the water by tomorrow morning. temperatures will be down near zero outside the capital beltway. high impact on the impact scale for today. dangerously low windchills. current windchills running 10 to 20 degrees below zero, and actual air temperatures aren't much better. it's 13 in washington with the northwest wind averaging 23, still gusting over 40 miles an hour. dangerous cold and wind for the remainder of the morning with temperatures inching their way to near 20 later this afternoon. windchills during the course of the day may not get above zero in many of the outlying areas. highs today only upper teens to low 20s. really need to take the cold very, very seriously.
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it won't last forever, but it will be here for tonight and into tomorrow. it will stay cold all week long as well. temperatures back down into the single digits by morning. it's a weather alert day. we'll have push alerts on our storm team 4 weather app and page as well. winter storm to our south, i'll be talking about that in the next weather hit. it does mean a chance for accumulating snow arriving after the sun goes down tomorrow. could have a couple of inches by tuesday morning. here is that seven-day forecast now. it's going to be cold and it's going to stay cold. we may not get above freezing at all this week. we could have high temperatures below freezing all the way through the course of the week. so a lot of those local creeks and streams and lakes and ponds will ice over. stay off the ice please! >> are we on par with the polar vortex that we saw last year? >> we got single digits twice last year at national airport. we'll do one tomorrow morning and we might have another single digit morning on friday.
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polar vortex stuff. >> that was like four layers. >> i'll be standing outside during the morning show tomorrow. this ought to be fun. >> thanks chuck. well, there's someone from herndon who deserves some big recognition. author poet kwame was awarded for his book "the crossover." we featured his program, the book in a day that turned more than 1,000 kids into authors. he told us about the last book he finished but we couldn't get our hands on it. the crossover is about a set of middle school basketball twins written in verse. the newberry is considered the highest award for children's literature. kwame will be doing a book signing at herndon elementary school on march 2nd. coming up, why more than a dozen couples won't forget the day they got married in the district. we'll show you the special ceremonies. how the fire and rescue department in burke is honoring
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black history month. that's ahead. well kol to first read minute. i'm carrie dann. >> i'm mark murray. this past week in politics was dominated by the president's request to congress to authorize the use of military force against isis. and a new nbc news maris poll shows a nay row majority of americans want to see that proposal pass. >> in the poll 54% of the public say they want their member of congress to back the president's move which would authorize the ground troops only in limited situations and will require another congressional approval in three years, well after president obama is out of office. >> right. but a look inside the number shows a mixed picture with 45% of the public saying they're confident obama's strategy to fight the terror group will work. 48% say they're not confident in the plan. >> with congress set to start debating the measure for at least another week, this debate is likely to go on for months. it's not clear when or even if congress will vote on the plan.
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that's having a partner, who's with you all the way. cigna. the fire and rescue department in burke virginia, is honoring black history month with this new plaque. you can see members of the department holding it up here. heroes including wood choppers who cut down thousands of acres of trees
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in burke to provide timber to the union's army and engineers. it was a special day for 14 lucky couples. d.c. superior court opened its doors yesterday for a special round of weddings. this is the first time the marriage bureau opened its doors on a saturday making it possible for lucky couples to say i do on valentine's day. 14 couples were married on february 14th. >> the staff came up with this idea and volunteered to come in on a saturday morning that they didn't have to do and perform the weddings and help couples get their licenses, so it's great. >> the court's director of family court presided over the ceremonies. they were able to get it all done all the weddings in about an hour. >> wow, that's impressive. >> not bad. >> it appears this is a popular date. on social media yesterday a lot of people in my feed posting anniversary pictures as well. >> it's easy to remember right? you don't forget that one.
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time is 9:26. strong winds are causing quite the mess across the region. take a look at the damage across the district. the winter weather causing treacherous driving conditions. we'll show you the hardest hit areas.
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loosened up and is flying down. more than 10,000 people lost power overnight last night. that could can't on into the day. looking down at reston town center, notice the milky white colors on the road that's where the chemical is. if you see black pavement early this morning, be on the lookout, it could be glare ice if it's not been treated. it's likely covered with icy
9:31 am
patches this morning. dangerous windchills for the remainder of the day. near record cold for tomorrow. current wind gusts are between 35 and 45 miles per hour. when you factor that in to the temperatures which are in the single digits and low teens, windchills are running 10 to 20 degrees below zero right now. that's where we're going to stay the rest of the day. temperatures today only climbing into the upper teens to maybe near 20 degrees. overnight models are coming in, increasing confidence of a snow chance monday night into tuesday. your future weather in a few more minutes. the winter weather could be to blame for dangerous situations in northwest d.c. take a look at this. scaffolding that fell off the building at 9th and v streets northwest. the building was under construction. you see the sheeting flapping in the wind. no one was hurt. all am trach service between boston and brunswick, maine, is canceled today because of heavy snow. there are cancellations in the air today too. right now 60 flights out of reagan national are delayed. at bwi 34 flights canceled
9:32 am
dulles reporting 26 flights canceled. >> you may have to start your sunday workout a little later because of all the weather. today all ymcas in d.c., maryland and virginia are opening up late opening at noon today. people are being asked to stay off the roads in several different areas. indiana is dealing with whiteout conditions. heavy snows and high winds caused this five-car crash. slick roads caused a bigger pileup in pennsylvania. it involved more than 100 cars and trucks. no one was seriously hurt. we know the name of a man killed after a shootout with d.c. police. we first told you the story wednesday morning. according to investigators d.c. officers caught benjamin gwenn robbing a store on swan street northwest. they say they tried to stop him but he pulled a gun and ran away. police say gwenn and the other officers shot at each other before he killed himself a few blocks away. a baltimore police officer
9:33 am
is back home after being shot by a suspect during a chase. the suspect was killed yesterday. police aren't releasing his name. we know he's a teenager from kentucky. the car the suspect was driving was registered to a kentucky home where three people were found dead. baltimore county detectives are working with police in kentucky to find out what happened and how it led to baltimore. we continue to work to find the name of a man -- the name of a man whose body was found in a parking lot. deputies in loudoun county say he may have killed himself 3020 miles away from where he tried to murder his estranged wife. she lives in middleburg in loudoun county. according to the sheriff's office, the man shot his wife before she grabbed the gun fired back and he ran away. she is expected to survive. it's been six long years without any answers for the family of a federal worker who
9:34 am
vanished on valentine's day. no one has seen pamela butler since february 14 2009. she was last seen going into her home in northwest d.c. no one ever saw her leave. yesterday her family and friends gathered to say they haven't lost hope of figuring out what happened. >> six years, we're waiting and police are working as hard as they can. it's a hard case to crack but we're getting there. we're getting close. >> surveillance cameras recorded butler's boyfriend going to the how the and leaving around the time she disappeared. he's never been charged for any crime. ukrainian forces -- the warring sides are pointing fingers and blaming new attacks on each other. the peace agreement was struck last week. if it's successful, then both sides should begin pulling back weaponry to form a wider buffer zone this week. president barack obama spoke with the leaders of ukraine and germany hours before the
9:35 am
cease-fire took effect. more than 5,000 people have died from the conflict in ukraine. a ferry captain is heading to prison for a 2012 crash that killed 39 people. it happened in hong kong. a jury found the ferry captain guilty of manslaughter. his boat hit a smaller one with more than 100 people on board. eight children were among the 39 who died. the captain could be sentenced to life in prison. right now some ports on the west coast are at a standstill. what president obama is doing to resolve a contract dispute. >> why two u.s. senat
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9:37 am
presidents day is tomorrow, but it's not a vacation for president obama. a partial port shutdown is going on right now.
9:38 am
dock workers and their employees can't agree on a new contract and that could cost the economy $2 billion a day. the white house says the president brought the labor secretary along to try to fix the problem. two u.s. senators from the midwest are in cuba on a trade mission. one minnesota senator leads a bipartisan coalition supporting legislation to lift the 50-year-old cuba trade embargo and travel restrictions. both lawmakers want to open doors to american agriculture. they'll spend the next four days in cuba before returning to the u.s. in this week's wednesday's child he may look familiar to some of you. we've featured dayvon before. news 4's barbara harrison reintroduces us to him. >> wow what do you think? >> mamma mia. >> they are big, huh? as big as you were expecting? >> yes. >> maybe bigger. >> reporter: at 13 dayvon is
9:39 am
fascinated by dinosaurs. his questions impressed a specialist at the museum of natural history. he showed how they reconstruct the dinosaur from bones like this. >> that's the kind of clues that you look at. >> i have a question. how do you get the bones together once you find the fossils? >> that's a good question. >> when did he first realize his interest in these prehistoric creatures. >> i was in second grade and i read a book about lots of different dinosaurs and i decided i should become a paleontologist when i grow up. >> reporter: he says he's working hard in school. >> a b, cs. but mostly as. >> david is a very social, very charismatic, curious young man. >> reporter: his social worker says he would do very well in an adoptive home. >> what he needs is a lot of
9:40 am
support, love and a permanent home. >> reporter: some very special treasurers for dayvon to take home a book on dinosaurs foss illized rocks and a bronzed head of the try sayer taups. now all dayvon needs is a family that will perez your him. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. if you have room in your home and heart for dayvon or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hotline. the number is 1-888-to-adopt-me. or search on the power of prayer. what some people are calling a miracle that is helping a prince george's man. >> it's going to get worse
9:41 am
before it gets better. a bone chilling
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9:43 am
some people including a doctor are calling it a miracle of recovery. when a prince george's county pastor came back from the brink of death. >> news 4's doreen gentzler tells us the unique procedure that helped save his life. >> i try not to go back there a lot, simply because i thought i
9:44 am
was asleep for a night. and here it was three to four weeks later. >> reporter: when michael freeman, pastor of spirit of faith christian center awoke in his hospital bed, he says he had no idea he almost died. >> you kind of wake up and they tell you you're in a different month, you're in a different hospital. >> reporter: what he thought was a common cold turned out to be an aggressive pneumonia that was attacking his lungs. doctors at their local hospital said there was nothing more they could do for him, but his wife dolores didn't give up. >> i was never frightened, i was never worried, i was never concerned. >> reporter: at the suggestion of a family member, they reached out to med star washington hospital center where they have a program called ecmo short for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. it's a machine typically used for patients whose hearts won't pump. but some hospitaltion use it for
9:45 am
patients like pastor freeman whose lungs aren't working. >> cardiac surgeon ezekiel molina runs the program. >> in a situation like this, what the pump does is replaces the function of the lungs. >> reporter: ecmo works by withdrawing the patient's blood, pumping oxygen into it and returning it to the body. in pastor freeman's case, it gives the lungs time to heal. >> once we decide to institute something like ecmo we know the risk of that patient dieing is around 50%. >> i didn't cry, didn't feel like crying, didn't want to cry. i said, i don't have time to cry, i'm in a fight, a fight for life. >> reporter: pastor freeman stayed on the ecmo machine for three weeks. just when doctors were beginning to give up, his lungs started to heal. he was going to live. dr. molina says one remarkable thing about this case, even though the pastor was close to death, his family never doubted his survival. >> i personally truly believe that they must have an impact in the final outcome.
9:46 am
>> he is where he is today because of the combination of care, with my faith and with the doctors. >> reporter: this is pastor freeman the day he came back to his church surrounded by a cheering congregation overcome with emotion. though his lungs are still healing, he says this experience has made him feel morale live than ever. >> i'm getting better every day. any day above ground is a good day. i feel great to be alive. >> good for him. dr. molina tells us most hospitals in our area do not have an ekmo program because it requires a lost training and experience. it is absolutely frigid. we've got 11 on the weather bug
9:47 am
right there. >> 11 degrees. >> that's without the wind. >> that's before you put the windchill on it. >> this is the coldest day we've seen so far? >> absolutely right. 11 is our coldest morning. no doubtl be the coastest temperature of the winter season. tomorrow will rival it as temperatures will be lower tomorrow morning, but the winds not quite as ferocious. that's a good thing. winter is not done with us yet. it's going to be a viciously cold week. there's the tower camera looking down the river. a lot of ice starting to form on the potomac. i can't say it enough stay off the ice everybody. it's going to thicken up over the coming days, but won't be thick enough to support you. >> elizabeth carole sent me this picture of her best buddy with a horse blanket on. no doubt. even with a fur coat you need
9:48 am
extra. for dogs that don't have that siberian coat, maybe another her e layer of warmth is a good idea. send it to it's 13 at national airport. winds averaging 23, but still gusting near 40 miles per hour out there right now. current temperature in thurmont, maryland, is one below zero. fredricksburg is 17 above. andrews air force base is about 15. hourly temperatures today making it all the way to 20 degrees. that will be 27 degrees colder than average for this time of the year. winter storm watches and warnings are out down to our south. this is a big part of our forecast going forward. we still don't have any advisories in our area yet. i fully expect that to change later today. we'll push it out on our app and our website. we'll keep you posted.
9:49 am
amelia will be here at 6:00 and 11:00 as well. cold, windy and sunny today. clear and brutally cold tomorrow morning. temperatures near zero in the suburbs to about 10 downtown. here is where it gets interesting, 8:00 tomorrow night, clouds are back in place. that storm the main bulk of the storm will go to our south. but, and that's a big but right there that's going to go out to sea, but an awful lot of cold air already in place. moisture thrown over the top will equal snowfall. likely between sundown monday night and sunrise tuesday morning. how much snow is still wildly optimistic depending on which model you're looking at. snowfall chances will be higher and potential snowfall heights will be higher the farther south you travel. more likely to get snow in fredricksburg than frederick maryland. our local model bears that out.
9:50 am
maybe two to three to the north of us and maybe six down to the south. this isn't a forecast. this is just computer out put for now. we'll be making the forecast later today. i wanted to give you a heads up that an accumulating snow is looking more and more likely into the morning hours of tuesday morning. it could be a cancellable level event. kids that don't have school tomorrow may not have it on tuesday and it's going to stay awful cold all week. february will be colder than january for a change. >> you'll be watching the models closely. >> you betcha. the overnight models are coming in night. >> we talk about the cold. you've got to respect this cold. >> it's not the average cold out there. it's extreme cold. take extra precautions. coming up meet your streets. what's the story behind veirs we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime? ...why settle for this?
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you can't burn anything before 4:00 in the afternoon between now an april. fire officials say it's the most dangerous time to start a fire with all the low humiditity and gusty winds. fires are allowed after 4:00 if you don't walk away from them.
9:54 am
first 4 traffic reporter introduces us to a man whose family has been in montgomery county for hundreds of years and became the name sake for veirs mill road in this edition of "meet your street." >> billy veirs is an 11th generation marylanders. it was his grates great, great grandfather samuel clark veirs who built the mill the road is named for. >> it was a gris mill in the 1800s, employed about 100 people. >> reporter: over the years the family has owned several thousand acres. the mill is now gone. but veirs mill road is busier than ever a sight that samuel may not recognize. >> it kind of makes me feel
9:55 am
proud. >> reporter: the question is why name this particular stretch of veirs mill road? this actual route used to be used by customers in rockville and wheaton to get to the old mill. it's now bustling, filled with houses apartments, stores and restaurants. but no matter how prominent and known around here -- >> as long as i can remember it was misspelled. >> reporter: for some the veirs name is tricky even street signs have been wrong over the years. >> oh, well, i feel like what can i do? >> reporter: no matter the spelling, he jokes there's a little change he would like to make. >> i'm thinking about turning it into a toll road. >> reporter: good luck! >> ez pass. >> reporter: north now to father hurley boulevard in germantown, a name not familiar to someone. >> maybe by some priest or
9:56 am
something. >> reporter: ding ding, ding. >> monsignor leonard hurley is retired, he started mother seat ton catholic church in this two-bedroom house, later building the church. in 1986 just before he was reassigned to another parish father hurley gave me my first communion. the search has expanded and at the urging of prar rischers in germantown drive was renamed father hurley boulevard. in germantown, maryland, melissa mollet, news 4. >> if you have a street you'd like to meet, let us know. we want to introduce it to you. tweet melissa or reach out on nbc washington's facebook page. you've driven across the key bridge many times, but you've never seen it like this. tonight at 11:00 i'll take you on a rare tour and uncover some of the secrets.
9:57 am
in case you didn't know, today is a weather alert day. we're checking out the damage from strong winds in our damage like this tree that fell on an
9:58 am
9:59 am
grab the winter coat. winter is here. good morning.
10:00 am
i'm angie goff. >> i'm adam tuss. welcome to "news 4 today" on this frigid sunday morning. let's get straight to chuck with the forecast. what's it look like, chuck? >> there's not going to be any break in the cold during the daylight hours today or overnight tonight. the cold will relax ever so slightly late tomorrow into tuesday but we'll stay below freezing and that's going to make a snow forecast look more and more likely for monday night into tuesday. still a little time to fine tweak the fine points on this, but it looks like snow is coming our way everybody. reston town center right now the ground is right -- it's white from the snow from last night. the roads treated with the anti icing chemicals. current windchills are 10 to 20 degrees below zero. winds are gusting 35 to 40 mipgs or higher. that's likely to continue through t


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