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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  February 16, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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in effect for most of the washington region. this is what it looks like right now on 95 north in fredericksburg and the snow is coming our way. storm team 4 radar is tracking the path of the storm as the heaviest stuff gets closer to our area. good afternoon. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly with meteorologist veronica johnson here in a very busy storm center. doug are will join us in just a bit. this thing is coming in earlier and fast. >> exactly. earlier looked like it would start between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. but a couple hours early, the moisture running into our area. it will also be fighting some drier air to our north. we'll talk more about that later. here's the first image, storm team 4 radar. you can see those spots north of i-66 and across southern maryland is where there is right now some slightly bigger flakes coming down. again, it's been snowing for about two hours, you folks an fairfax seeing that snow and road getting covered throughout
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prince william county fairfax county, loudoun county. look at this system it's big extending to the west into kentucky and tennessee so we've got hours of this snow yet to go. the biggest storm of our season so far, the winter storm warnings up they cover the area. we'll have a little more on which arias will receive the highest amounts with the storm. i can tell you everyone will have just enough to shovel and we are looking at hazardous roads later this evening. it's not going to take much. we'll be getting those snow-covered roads now. camdoug kammerer as more on temperatures. >> extremely critical. we've been so cold over the last couple days and just showed you that camera along i-95 in fredericksburg, the sides of the roads covered here. it will not take much at all to see accumulation on the roadways. take a look at the temperatures. those temperatures still in the teens in most locations.
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we're talking about the low to midteens as we continue to move through the overnight hours. we'll see those numbers rise just a little bit, but most areas will stay below 20. we're 17 in d.c. only 12 right now in gaithersburg and 16 in leesburg. that does two things. that allows snow to pile up higher and it allows it to pile up faster. here's our outside towards reston live camera. this is taking a look at the dulles toll road. it's been snowing there for about the last two hours. it will continue to accumulate as we move through the rest of the evening. once again, if you don't have to be on the roads, don't do it. you're going the see roads quickly become snow covered. we've got an lot of pictures out of fairfax county a lot into portions of southern maryland and northern virginia of those roads covered, especially those secondary roads. take your time tonight. we'll be with you all evening long facebook twitter, and nbc 4. >> in fact on facebook between 4:00 and 5:00 we'll be on our storm team 4 facebook page
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answering your questions about this storm system and what is next for us including tomorrow morning's rush. right now the heaviest snow between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. those roads getting covered very quickly and becoming treacherous. by morning, 5 to 9 inches of snow will be covering the area. more on which counties will see the highest amount of snow and where we're looking at delays and cancellations tomorrow morning. >> thanks v.j. the immediate concern turns to the road. salt trucks and snowplows are bracing for this snow but many chemicals they put down don't work as well when it's this cold. transportation reporter adam tuss is live in fairfax with just how crews are planning to tack it will roads tonight. adam? >> reporter: yeah, that's the big deal here pat. this cold how are we going to deal with the cold pimt's been snowing here for about the past two hours in fairfax. let me show you what's on the hood of our news van. it's coming down kind of fluffy. because it's so cold we'll have to deal with a lot of sand and
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salt initially. that is what the road crews are doing here. but take a look off to the left. that road down there in the distance that is the fairfax county parkway, and you can see that the snow as it's been coming down is already starting to cover road like that. the fair and accurate parkway is very busy but the traffic going slow because the snow is coming down, the road is cold and it is sticking. most snowplows don't get into subdivisions don't go onto the roads and start pushing this snow until there's about 2 inches on the ground. so it may be some time before you actually see a snowplow. there's a lot of contractors who have been called in from all across the region. some people i talk to just came from battling the storms in the northeast. they're going to have a big night ahead of them tonight. back to you guys. >> adam thanks. the weather is already causing problems at airplanes. mo than 2,000 flights have been canceled across the country. about 7,000 flights have been delayed. right now many of those delays
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are at the airport in charlotte, north carolina. they're already feeling the effects of this storm. it's heading to our region. at our local airports reagan national about 150 canceled flights, more than 120 flights were scrapped at dulles and bwi marshall is reporting 55 canceled flights. metro says now it is suspending metroaccess due to this storm. metroaccess is that door-to-door service for people with disabilities. service will be suspended a of 6:00 tonight and all day tomorrow as well. bus service could be impacted too, but metro tells us any changes involving buses will be announced later tonight. the national zoo is also shut do you think ahead of the storm. the zoo closed its gates about an hour ago. on its twitter page today it says it will stay closed until it's safe for visitors. a number of colleges and schools rr also canceling afternoon activities as well as classes. you can see them at the bottom of your screen and find the complete list on our nbc washington app. we caught up with a few
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folks in loudoun county who are gearing up for this bad weather. this was the scene in leesburg earlier today. a lot of grocery stores seeing brisk business as folks loaded up on milk bread, and all the other staples. >> i got milk and bread, of course but also dog food so i had to stock that up because we have a big dog. >> donna is a schoolteacher and says she would welcome a fourth day off if classes are canceled tomorrow. who wouldn't. bostton is about ready to cry uncle again. new england is again in the path of the storm after getting hammered with nearly 2 feet of snow over the weekend. the city's public transit system is struggling to get back on track today. for the most part, rapid transit lines are operating underground only as workers try to clear snow and ice from the rails. this was boston's sixth winter storm in three weeks and the city has had nearly 60 inches of snow this month. we'll check in live to see how they're coping tonight in our next half hour. in other news at this hour
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an estimated 30,000 people are attending a vigil in copenhagen to pay tribute to a danish filmmaker and a synagogue security guard killed in shootings over the weekend. the violence strongly resembles the terror attackses in paris in january. and we are digging for new details about the danish gunman who was killed in a police shoot-out after those attacks on saturday. he's named in court papers as omar hamid al hussein. police released these pictures of him. he served two years in prison for stabbing a man on a subway train and was released just two weeks ago according to the bbc. radicalized in prison but corrections officials say they were concerned enough about changes in his behavior in prison that they notified danish intelligence. a bus filled with people flipped along the side of the road. why who was on board the bus made this a very precarious situation. frozen solid from fire to ice. firefighters find themselves
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dealing with a wild scene today. and it's already coming down out there.
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breaking news a snow emergency has been declared in the district e effective 7:00 a.m. d.c. mayor muriel bowser holding a news conference right now in northeast. let's listen in. >> -- 16083 and it's a 24/7 number. you can learn if your vehicle is towed, the location of your vehicle because it may be relocated to the impound lot at blue plains or private tow lot. snow as you know, is not our only concern right now. tonight we are expecting temperatures in the teens. temperatures that cold can be dangerous for many of our friend and neighbors including seniors, the homeless and other less fortunate residents who may not have adequate heat in their homes. so if you're worried about the
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safety of friends and neighbors, the district has resources to keep them safe. late last week i declared a cold emergency to ensure added resources are available for residents in need. and that cold emergency remains in effect. to request transport for persons that need to shelter simply dial 211. you may also visit as the system moves through the region we will closely monitor the accumulations and road conditions and we will gather all necessary information to make decisions about schools and d.c. government offices just as soon as possible. let me also mention, and bill will say a little bit more about this that our trash collection may be affected this week. already dpw would have collected
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today's trash tomorrow because we're on a sliding schedule due to today's holiday. and so we will closely monitor trash collections and give instructions to our residents as we know what the conditions are like tomorrow. furthermore, we have not heard about -- >> d.c.'s snow preps. inte a snow emergency will be declared in effect 7:00 tomorrow morning. city has some 200 pieces of equipment that have been deployed to deal with this snow. snow not the only concern in weather like this. the temperature is a big concern with temperatures in the teens, can be dangerous for seen yors and the homeless so check on anyone who may not have electricity or who may need some assistance or of course anyone that you see outside. the cold emergency declared last week remains in effect. and she will announce as soon as possible a decision about school closings and closings of city
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government offices. you've got to squint but here's a live look down on the mall and it is the tallest structure in our area. but now it seems the washington monument isn't the height everybody thought it was. so why the sudden change? and it's our big story of the day. storm team 4 radar tracking the arrival of this winter storm. much of the area under a winter storm warning right now. again, a live look. this is at the snow falling in fairfax county. veronica is back in just a moment with how it's going to impact our area.
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thanks to freezing temperatures the water used to put out this blaze at a philadelphia medical building froze. nearby trees, power lines and cars became layered with ice. temperatures there are only reaching single digits and the windchills feel below zero. folks in northern virginia are bracing for a long night of winter. >> yeah and they are taking steps now to be prepared. news4's kristin wright live in centreville to show us conditions in fairfax county and the prince william line too. >> reporter: yeah. when doug says that you should .out on the roads if you don't have to here's why. let me show you. first i want to show you the roads. this is centrewood drive in centreville and this is just a
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layer of snow and it hasn't even been snowing that long. cars are taking it pretty easy going, pretty slowly. if you look at the sidewalk good indicator of how conditions are at the moment. it is completely snow covered. the snow has been fall ging in centreville for about two hours. it started as a few light flakes. it quickly picked up and began coming down at a much faster and steady clip by 3:00 and that's when we noticed it starting to stick. we see some accumulation already. what we're also seeing is a bit of a run on rock salt. we stopped by sears appliance and hardware in centreville. bags of ice melt are going quickly. >> i bought a small bag of ice melt because my husband already purchased a ten poup bag of ice melt from here last week. >> if we get a significant amount tomorrow they'll be
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buying snowblowers because they won't want to shovel. >> reporter: at 5:00 how people are handling the snow at home. kristin wright, news4. we've noticed flakes getting bigger and bigger and sticking to the roads. it won't take much no matter where you are across the area because everybody gets snow with this l system. we have snow coming down at a pretty good rate right around i-66. here's vienna just south of 266. you're seeing some pretty good snow and those erodes getting und bowling green and through fredericksburg just south, areas of i-95. the roads have been treated over the last couple days but this snow is coming down pretty good and we have hours of it to get through because it's not until around 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. tomorrow that this system makes its way eastward and shut off.
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road get covered quickly not just by tomorrow morning but for this evening. we could see between 1 and 3 inches in some areas by 10:00 p.m. 11:00 p.m. so, significant delays through your evening. just stay put, folks. 14 degrees in camp springs. everywhere we're very much below freezing. it's a fine powdery type of snow not netly good for snowmaking. it will accumulate very quickly. here's your time line future weather. snow covers the area here. by 8:00 same thing. coming down fairly good anywhere you see the dense white here, the brighter white, a that's where we're expecting some slightly heavier snow. winchester area down towards stanton, that's at midnight. here we are early tomorrow morning at 3:00 a.m. even areas down through southern maryland could see that heavier snow before it all starts to come to
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an end, again, between 5:00 and 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. it moves east but the damage is done. let's look at how much we're expecting. 2 to 4 inches up north, hagerstown frederick, baltimore, leesburg and as much as 6 to 10 inches in these areas south, that's waldorf, warrenton, fredericksburg and luray. in fact we do think, storm team 4, that there could be some isolated locations, especially southern maryland down through the northern neck that may come close to a foot of snow out of this storm system as it makes its way out of here from west to east. meanwhile meanwhile, areas up north, that 2 to 4 could be slightly less in some locations. so let's move around the area now. you can see again, manassas woodbridge, quantico expecting between 6 and 10 inches by tomorrow morning when this storm system shuts off. some of the kwlefs snow of course overnight between midnight and about 3:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
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so when you wake up tomorrow morning, depending on what time all this will be east of us and moving out. we've got a cloudy kay dey coming up, certainly a cold day. you'll have to watch for ice. 28 to 33 degrees, all that snow getting compacted down and becoming very slick. so for travel for exercising out and about, it's going to be a very cautious day to take snow-covered roads, not good snow even for snow making if the kid want to get outside. you can always follow us on facebook. we'll be answering your questions throughout the 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. newscast. a lot of folks have been asking is this cold friend going to continue? it is. we'll talk about that later. >> look at thursday. all right, v.j. thanks. for more than a century, it stood higher than anything else in our city but now looks like the washington monument isn't as tall as everyone thought. the reason may not be what you think. after days of bitter cold now it's time for a winter storm. so what can you do right now to make sure your home is ready?
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folks who visited washington monument today didn't seem to be worried at all that the structure turns out to be shorter than first thought. >> who knew from this far or on this kind of day? government survey took new measurements and found the
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height was off nearly 10 inches compared to the original measurement 130 years ago. news4's richard jordan explains what's behind this historic discrepancy. >> reporter: mattie lord and michelle watt lined up early on presidents' day to reach the top of the epic monument dedicated to the country's first president. >> i like to go to the top and see the view you don't get to see from the bottom. >> reporter: but today the tower is not as tall as it was yesterday. surveyors recently measured the washington monument when it was draped in scaffolding for earthquake repairs and recorded a new height. the monument from its inception checked in at 555 feet and 5 inches but now officially comes in at 554 feet and 7 inches a 10-inch difference. so what happened? did the washington monument sink? not exactly. the guidelines for building measurements now use a different base point. the last time the monument was measured the visitors' entrance
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was used as one extreme. but every time before that it was the base of the monument about 9 inches in the ground. that's where you get 9 of the 10-inch difference. the extra inch is up top. the peak has been struck by lightning so many times the highest point is now rounded off. but nose that came to see the monument don't seem to care about a few inches. >> it didn't really make a difference to me. i think it's a beautiful structure and it's large and i don't think that that's what matters, the height. >> i was pretty surprised but i guess it makes sense since they measured it from a different point. >> reporter: even though it is 10 inches shorter it's still the tallest structure in d.c. and the tallest freestanding stone structure in the entire world. at the national mall, richard jordan, news4. here it comes, a winter storm about to affect millions of people. for some though it's just another round in an unbearable winter. for others things are just getting started. and here at home, a winter storm warning now in effect for much of the washington area.
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right now at 4:3, a one-two punch for winter. >> and we're right in the middle-it. frigid air is give weigh to a winter storm that's going to dump several inches on our area. >> we have teenl from how to protect your house to how this huge storm is affecting millions of others. >> let's begin with storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. what's the latest on the time line v.j.? >> that's right. well again, we've got snow coming down across the area now for a couple hours and culpepper reporting an inch of snow. that's the latest information, of course. we're going to be here all evening long for you giving you the latest information on totals across the area and of course on the storm system and how it's
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unwinding. bethesda d.c. alexandria reporting snow inside the beltway, snow-covered roads around portions of the beltway. same thing fredericksburg and into areas like bowling green around colonial beach and montrose area. snow covering not just the secondary roads but even some of the major roads as well as the storm system puts down some moderate and even heavier snow especially in areas of southwest virginia now. it is going to slide just to our east so areas across northern maryland won't see as much as southern maryland. 5 to 9 inches by morning. one tlas plais that that's been dealing with blast after blast of winter is the boston area. that's where we find nbc's sara dollop. what's it like there right now? >> reporter: it is cold veronica. the windchill really paralyzing the city of boston.
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more than 50 million people in the path of it including people in boston already dealing with record cold and snow. slippery roads, power outages, bone-chilling cold. more than a dozen states are bracing for a new round of winter weather. >> before you know it it will be spring and this will be a memory. >> reporter: before spring, a new storm. this one is forecast to gain strength from oklahoma to the carolinas before barreling up the east coast through washington, d.c. and into new england. >> it's important we stay focused and not let the frustration get the best of us. >> reporter: boston still reeling from the weekend storm struggling to restore public transit ahead of the next wallop. in philadelphia firefighters battled a blaze and the elements turning this medical building into three stories of solid ice. >> miserable. it's just getting really old. getting depressing. >> reporter: preparations are under way in places that so far
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have had comparatively mild winters. atlanta salted all major interstates this weekend. drivers in little rock arkansas nashville, tennessee, already taking it slow on increase lig slick streets. >> it's pretty gross really. it's not quite snow not quite rain somewhere in between. >> reporter: and smoe removal equipment at the ready, prepared to do battle against a winter that just won't quit. boston is expecting 3 to 4 inches of snow with the new storm, that is in addition to the 7 1/2 feet they've received since january. pretty unbelievable. >> oh sarah. thanks so much. >> enough already. >> the snow is coming down in some spots but you have time to get your house prepared. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez so here to tell us what we can do. >> short window of time but none of the things we're about to go through eat up large chunks of time. so you can take a few notes and
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get to it. start outside. if you haven't done so you're going to disconnect the hoses from the spigots. clear the gutters and outside drains of debris or ice so that melted snow which in this event may take a little while to get to, but so melted snow can travel down the drain. the key is to keep the water from melting snow from backing up into your basement. inside your home keep a small drip going on those faucets that may be at risk of freezing. that constant flow of the water will help keep the pipes from bursting. if you turn on the faucet and no water comes out, call the plumber asap. do not use an open flame too to try and thaw a pipe. if a pipe does burst, this is obviously worst-case scenario here turn off the water at the main shutoff valve. usually this is in your basement or in your crawl space. another great idea just because of the snow and all this may not be a bad idea to have that plumber's number handy. because the snow should be light
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and powdery, this doesn't happen it's not an-in all cases but because it's light and powdery an electric leaf blower can help if you clear the car, the sidewalks, can help you do it in a couple minutes. carefully. try that tomorrow if you've got one. at 5:00 we'll continue to get you ready for the snow. we'll talk about the best ways to de-ice your sidewalks. that's coming up at 5:00. if you have an idea for our consumer watch, e-mail us. look forward to hear from youing from you. >> sidewalks were tricky on sunday. >> absolutely. it will take a while for this stuff to melt. it's going to be so cold the next few days. get ready for it. and remember we'll be on the air early tomorrow as we try to get your day started. news4 today has your news weather, and traffic tomorrow from 4:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
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we are getting pictures of a fiery train derailment in west virginia. this is happening near montgomery west virginia about 45 minutes outside of charleston. the train is carrying crude oil. it caught fire exploded after a derailment. several homes caught fire in that explosion, and now everyone who lives want mile and a half of that blast zone is being evacuated. several of the railcars have gone into a nearby river. heavy snow is falling there but it's not clear if it had anything to do with the derailment. i'm wendy rieger. back to you. >> it's here. we're already see snoeg across our area and, folks, this is just the beginning. >> storm team 4 is tracking this winter storm that could leave us digging out from several inches of snow. our coverage continues.
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companies in northern virginia and maryland are among more than 200 businesses lining up to ask the federal government for permission to begin flying
4:41 pm
their drones now rather than wait for new rules to be finalized more than a year from now. proposed rules were announced yesterday. news4's brian mooar has our story. >> reporter: after a decade of talk, the faa has proposed rules for drones. a dramatic new angle for filmmakers more realtors showcaseing property inspectors can check out bridges. companies are bank ong unmanned craft because they can go where people won't or can't. and the faa recognizes that's a big deal. >> they might be able to be used in situations where it might be dangerous to send a conventional aircraft such as overseeing a fire. >> reporter: but there are safety concerns. who's flying these aircraft and where? the proposed rules allow flight only during daylight under 500 feet and five miles away from
4:42 pm
airports. operators can only fly within their line of sight and they have to be certified by the faa. the rules cover drones under 55 pounds but industry groups want special treatment for smaller craft. >> a three-pound drone or a five-pound drone is very different than a 50-pound drone, and if that were to crash into a building or be at risk for hitting another manned aircraft they're at two ends of the spectrum in terms of the potential for damage. >> reporter: for now, the rules are up in the air and the public has 60 days to weigh in. brian mooar, nbc news washington. finding success one student at a time. the big push in our area to help local kids find a bright future. a winter storm moving in right now. v.j.? cancellations will be far and wide tomorrow. the only area that might see some delays are here the counties of maryland that border of course pennsylvania. i'll tell you what storm team 4 is looking at.
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it's our turn now. this is it folks, the arrival of a winter storm in our area. >> snowflakes are falling all over the region and this is just the beginning of a storm that's going to bring us several inches. >> just how much snow exactly?
4:46 pm
more on our team coverage now, we begin with storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. v.j.? >> yeah guys. there will be some county some of you, a few neighborhoods that will see a foot of snow maybe even more. everyone getting some snow, light snow moderate snow. bright white it's snowing a little harder. same thing around areas of prince george's county and it will continue to come through for the next several hours overnight into early tomorrow morning. impact forecast is high because roads are becoming snow covered already, even major roads right now, and that means significant disruptions to our area. and i do think we will be seeing some delays and cancellation ss across the area tomorrow. what type of snow will we get? it's all about the heavy snow and low visibility at times during the overnight period.
4:47 pm
this is after 8:00 big flakes come down but this is a fine powdery type of snow. you can see the amounts we're forecasting between 2 and 4 inches hagerstown around frederick, that's where the lighter amounts will be and where there could be enough snow to shovel big time right through here 4 to 6, d.c. leesburg, over 6 inches down across southern maryland and the northern neck. but concerns with some of the air we're seeing right up to our north that might change some of these totals. with more on that let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer. >> we talk about dry air coming into a system. we also talk about very cold air coming into this the system so once again show you that map. down to the south, 6 to 10 inches but we have plus in some areas to the north, 2 to 4 inches if we get another dry air, however, that could be lower, hagerstown frederick. 2 to 4, that's why we have you in that lower range there. this is the area we could see a bust of a forecast in this region.
4:48 pm
down to the south, 6 to 10 inches of snow. this we almost know you're going the get no problem. the difference is it's so cold outside it's easier to get more snow out of less liquid precipitation. what does that mean? well that means if we get 6 to 10 inches we could ease easily see that upwards of a foot in some locations with some of this moving in. same deal around the metro d.c. area on the moist side 4 to 6 inches and could see plus there too. some arias, northern virginia parts of maryland could get up to 8 inches. more about this moving through the rest of tonight. all about what comes in during the overnight period. tomorrow morning that snow will be ending for your tuesday morning rush. the.s16. we hit 31 stay below freezing all those neighborhoods and that means icy, slick roads throughout the day tomorrow. if you're brave enough to exercise anyone doing anything outside, you need to watch for ice on the area sidewalks. light snow coming through the area on wednesday mainly during the afternoon, not to worry at
4:49 pm
all about this system on wednesday that will bring snow showers to the area and another chance coming up for the weekend. but 31 more days left until spring. so some of you i know celebrating, some folks like the snow some folks like the warmer weather and they can't wait. i'm about ready to burn my boots myself. end of the week near record cool thursday and friday and more on this weekend snow chance. all that coming up on news 4 at 5:00. stick around. >> a boot burning. we'll look for that video. thanks v.j. this is black history month and we've posted a list of local events on nbc washington facebook page. we want to tell you about a local organization called the musicianship. >> it's working right here in d.c. schools using music to help kids find success in life. news4's aaron gilchrist has our report. >> reporter: malcolm stokes is a trumpet player and also a volunteer with the musicianship
4:50 pm
working with two sisters at bell high school in d.c., an example of part of the mission to go into schools and give musicless lessons where teachers could use the help or there are no music classes. >> we work primarily with at-risk youth. our students come from neighborhoods where schools sometimes have dropout rates as high as 50%. many of the families have a lot of challenges and what we try to do is use music as a tool for them to admooef all areas of life. >> reporter: the musicianship summer program brings kids of all abilities from all over the district to work with professional musicians who teach and mentor. it's gone from two kids five years ago to 160 last summer. jasmine web was one of those kids last summer. now she's a high schooler. >> i joined sophomore year and decided to play bassoon because there were no bassoonists. spring of sophomore year i picked up trombone because you
4:51 pm
cannot do marching band with a bassoon. i started playing cello because the school got new cellos. >> reporter: and she loves them all. bassoon has been a real challenge. snits big and it's clunky and it's weirdly shaped and it's pretty ugly but it's awesome. >> reporter: why is it awesome? >> because it sounds so beautiful and it adds flavor music and sometimes people don't notice it because they don't know the sound, but it does. it's awesome. >> reporter: jasmine will head to college in the fall with all of her musical knowledge, double major in music and physics composition and look forward to the future snipe started listening closely to movie soundtracks and it made me want to score movies. >> reporter: does that mean you would p be putting the bassoon down and -- >> never. never. >> reporter: why? >> i love it. music is like second nature to me. and playing muse sick second nature. i don't want to ever give that up. >> music programs are being cut all across the country and our goal is to be able to curb the
4:52 pm
music education drought by providing something they may not otherwise be able to receive. >> reporter: aaron gilchrist, news4. three cheers for kids at the prince william county boys and girls club this afternoon. >> the best part of cheering is you have to be loud. >> ready? >> okay! >> they are in the midst of a first-ever effort to raise money to buy outfits for all the students who cheer for the club's teams. >> they're going to have people bring in their clothes and we'll be selling them by pound to the value village and then proceeds will be coming back to the cheerleading girls here that will be for the uniforms and pom-poms and such needed things here. >> because our cheerleaders are really working hard and we want new uniforms. >> you deserve them. you can take clothing donations to the club on dean park lane in manassas through the 28th of this month. the club is also planning its
4:53 pm
26th annual steak and steak dinner in froil raise money. breaking news right now. new video into our newsroom showing just how much of a mess a burst pipe is making today. check this out. this is the bennington apartment building in silver spring. the broken pipe first flooded apartments then created that sheet of ice down the front of the building. you can see it's covering the awning at the bottom as well. the water in the building is now off, but the damage is done. meanwhile, crews are out and about right now treating the roads and preparing for the worst of the snow to come. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins joins us now live from largo with the scene from there. tracee? >> reporter: the crews started about two hours ago, came on at 3:00 a.m. and are working the roadways. this is 202, what major roads are looking like in the county. not too much coverage on the major roads but in neighborhoods we definitely are. they gave us information on what they think this event is going
4:54 pm
to do and how they're going the treat it. also we talked with folks about what they're expecting with all of this snow coming our way. more on that coming up in a live report at 5:00. live in largo, tracee wilkins, news4. the massive snowstorm causing a rip el fekt. countless travelers left hundreds of miles from home with nothing to do but wait for the snow to pass. >> reporter: a truck stolen from alexandria last friday found today in maryland. tagless and violated.
4:55 pm
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as millions of people deal with the extreme cold and wait for more snow to come folks in
4:58 pm
miami are scrambling to catch flights home to the northeast ahead of the storm. here's more. >> reporter: native new englanders know what's waiting for them back home. >> a lot of subzero days now. >> no work stores closed down. it's been bad. >> reporter: larry and mary escaped the latest wallop with a caribbean cruise but the storm still caught up and stranded them them. >> i was sad. as much as i want to be in the warm weather, i was sad. i want to go home to my babies. twoif daughters, they're grown, and i have a grandson and i just want to be with my daughters and grandson. >> reporter: up on m.i.a.'s fourth floor other families had nowhere to go even if they were headed somewhere much warmer than new england, in south florida, delays and cancellations piled up like snow. >> a plane was already in our gate when we pulled up so it was taking our spot. >> reporter: that landed cassie on a cot until this morning. >> it was actually really cold
4:59 pm
last night but we survived and we're good now. >> reporter: good now and finally headed home to georgia before another winter storm stirs up more travel trouble. but there's stale south florida silver lining for everyone. >> i'd rather be here stranded till may, june something like that. that would be fine. >> first at 5:00 it is upon us our first big winter storm of the year. bear do you think. d.c. has just issued a snow emergency that begins at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so beware where you park your car. happy presidents' day. i'm wendy rieger in beautiful upper norte northwest d.c. >> you're wearing it beautifully, wendy. i'm jim handly working the live december income the newsroom.
5:00 pm
a lot breaking now. the latest school closures on the bottom of your screen. we have our eyes on the skies for flight delays and cancellations coming in. >> in virginia, the governor has declared a state of emergency. parts of the commonwealth expected to get about eight inches or more of snow overnight. the department of transportation is warning the chemicals on the streets they don't really work that well. beware the roads will be slick. for more about the temperatures and what lies ahead, let's go to doug. >> frigid temperatures across the past few


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