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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  February 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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jim handly working the live december income the newsroom. a lot breaking now. the latest school closures on the bottom of your screen. we have our eyes on the skies for flight delays and cancellations coming in. >> in virginia, the governor has declared a state of emergency. parts of the commonwealth expected to get about eight inches or more of snow overnight. the department of transportation is warning the chemicals on the streets they don't really work that well. beware the roads will be slick. for more about the temperatures and what lies ahead, let's go to doug. >> frigid temperatures across the past few days just now
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getting into the teens. storm team 4 doppler radar showing everyone now is seeing the snow from baltimore, hagerstown down towards fredericksburg and leonardtown. as we've talked about in the last couple days everything that's falling is sticking immediately and there's a lot more of this storm so to go. we just started and we have a lot more snow back to the west. this will be an all-snow event. the type of rain snow or sleet, that is not an issue here. it's all going to be snow and that's what we continue to watch as we move through the rest of the night tonight. you can still see that making its way in. your headlines through tomorrow morning, everything sticks, the roads are covered in many areas already and if they're not in your area they most likely will be in the next couple hours nap will continue to pose significant delays moving through the region. one of the areas seeing snow the last couple hours is out towards reston. look at the live camera. accumulations along the sides of the roadways i think the main roads and main highways will be okay but all of the secondary roads will be big problems as we move through the rest of the
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evening. if you don't have to be outside, try to stay indoors. a winter storm warning in effect for our entire area. the most heavy snow south of the metro d.c. area. we'll have know totals at about 5:15. >> for the latest on the road conditions download our nbc washington app to deep you posted on that. things will be tough. our transportation reporter adam tuss what's the plan oi attack? >> definitely a challenge because it's so cold and has been snowing far couple hours. i want to show you what's going on in the yard as these guys get ready. this guy is waiting to get his plow. we are now in the battle. the trucks are coming in. they're trying to gear up and get ready. these are the kind of plows that these guys are using. huge plows. >> make sure that the truck is fueled up so woe don't have to
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stop. >> reporter: going over the game plan at the vdot yard in fairfax when the subcontractors from all over the region start to pour in like this usually means something significant is going to happen. this is serious business for a lot of people but snow means money for a lot of these guys. a lot of these guys are subcontractors for vdot. they get the call to come here some h jersey they come down here time to take care of our roads. >> these guys are being told to start their spreaders every hour so they don't freeze in the cold. this is hard work. and because it is so cold out, all across the region putting down any liquid is a risky move. instead, this storm being dealt with initially with a heavy dose of sand and salt and plow. >> we'll be plowing as much as we can tonight but because what's left on there tomorrow will freeze. >> reporter: for right now, all hands on deck. for drivers a long wait to fill up at the gas pump before
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settling in for the night. crews will be on 12-hour shifts until saul the snow is taken care of. we'll tell you why at 6:00. adam tuss news4. >> going to be a long night. we're trying to find out if weather had anything to d do with this fiery train derailment in montgomery west virginia. the train is carrying crude oil, which as you can see caused an explosion today, setting one home on fire. one car has gone into a nearby river and two homes have been evacuated. tougher to get out of town right now. more than 150 nights have been canceled or delayed out of reagan national today. that's just over 100 at dulles national and a little more than 07 flights are delayed or
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canceled out of bwi. tomorrow could be even worse. already 100 flights have been canceled for tomorrow. loudoun water is working around the clock. a large number of customers have called to report they're not getting water because of frozen water pipes. the utility says it can take up an hour to thaw a frozen meter. they're working around to clock to get to everybody ho who left a message. metroaccess service is about to shut down suspending as of 6:00 tonight, remaining suspended all day tomorrow. customers are being called to reschedule trips. it's possible bus service could be impacted tomorrow as well. and the national zoo has shut down to prepare for the snow. it closed around 3:00 today and on its twitter page today the
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zoo said it will stay closed until it's safe for visitors. mayor muriel bowser declared a snow emergency beginning at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. tom has the impact for us. >> reporter: this bitter cold is one thing but snow is the focus now. hundreds of crews are stocking up and heading out on city streets right now. mayor bowser just wrapped up a news conference declaring this snow emergency. >> all cars should be moved from snow emergency routes tonight but certainly no later than 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. vehicles that are not moved in time will be subject to a ticket tow, and impound storage fee. >> the thing you need to know, a ticket is $250.
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look for those snow emergency signs anywhere around the city. they're easily marked $250 tickets. plus a $100 fee plus $25 a day storage if you don't get the car right away. very important to pay attention to the snow emergency routes. as of 7:00 a.m. you should move your car tonight, not wait for the snow the decision about city government and schools opening late or closing, that won't decision won't be made until much later tonight, hopely by news4 at 11:00. tom sherwood news4. >> here's a reminder that thicks could be a whole lot worse. another 13 inches of fresh poud they are weekend gives boston its snowiest month on record. more than 90 inches of snow since the first of this year
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most coming in just the last three weeks. boston began keeping records in 1872. you can always stay stay ahead of the storm with the nbc washington app. now back inside trying to unravel a mystery in the second tas case of a stolen food truck in recent months. a lot of questions remain about where was it and what happened to it. pat collins tracking down the details. he ease in alexandria tonight near the site of the latest theft. patrick? >> reporter: that missing alexandria food truck is miss nothing more found tagless and violated this morning in forestville forestville, maryland. this is sonny. he owns sate an indonesian
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restaurant in alexandria but his most recent venture, his baby was sate the food truck. a big bold red food truck with a rooster painted on the side and vanity license plates. last friday evening, sonny left his big red food truck at a shop down the street to have a little touchup work done. but before you could say i'll have a number 4, that truck was gone stolen. out of here. there was a bmw on one side of your truck. >> yeah. >> reporter: a mercedes on the other side of your truck. >> right. >> reporter: but they stole -- >> the red truck. >> reporter: your big red truck. >> yeah. >> reporter: your truck. >> on valentine's day. >> jason honeycutt was on to work when lo and behold he sees the sate food truck. it was tagless. remember that big rooster on the side? someone sprayed blue paint all over it. jason took this this picture then called 911. what kind of man would steal
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another man's food truck? >> i don't know. not somebody i would want to associate with. that's somebody's live hood. >> reporter: that food truck was found in an industrial area on pen bell place. right next to this fire hydrant. i guess if you're ditching a stolen truck it doesn't matter if you park it illegally. for safekeeping the truck has been impounded by police so they can give it the full csi treatment. this is not the first truck stolen is this superstorm sandy that ends up here. what's going on here? more at 6:00. live in alexandria pat collins, news4. a blood-soaked shirt may help police tind the person who stole a car and took it on a dangerous high-speed chase. it began around 8:30 last night in calvert county. police say the car was stolen after it was left alone with the engine running to warm it up.
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when spotted by a shall have's deputy, the driver took off. the chase reached speeds of 100 miles an hour. the driver ended up driving on the rim when one of his tires blew out. that ipded with a crash in upper marlboro. an ex-boyfriend with a grudge that's the theory for a break-in and a fire at an apartment complex in arlington. police say a man smashed a window climbed into his ex-gifford's place on south scott street this morning and set a fire when the woman and her current boyfriend ran out the back door. that fire was quickly put out and the couple wasn't hurt. the ex-boyfriend is now in custody. we're working every angle as this winter storm roar into our region. straight ahead, thrive fairfax county to show you preps there and doug will have an updated look at snow totals for us tonight. apparently everything shrinks with age, including the
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washington monument. why surveyors say the height is changing. help those most vulnerable as the storm moves we've posted hotlines on the nbc washington facebook page.
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right now the snow is coming down across our area. take a look at these live pictures road conditions in fairfax county. a live report in just minutes. let's head back outside and look at the history surrounding -- it's out there somewhere -- the monument to our nation's first president appears to be rewritten on this presidents' day. >> new numbers put the official height of the washington monument as 10 inches shorter than what's been reported and on the books for more than a century now. >> the original recorded height of the washington monument was
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555 feet and 5 inches. that's how good they were back then. but the latest official measurement, 554 feet and 7 inches. the monument is not shrinking. this is due to a change made to the base guidelines for building measurements over the years. >> i'm surprised by that but i guess it make sense since they measured it from a different point. >> less than an inch from the very top of the monument has also worn off over the years. it is still the tallest structure in d.c. and the tallest freestanding stone structure in the world. >> we miss that scaffolding. >> yes, we do. more than a dozen people were treated for injuries after a crash between a senior citizens bus and an suv. 15 people were injured. only one of those injuries is considered serious. the "baltimore sun" reports some of those taken off the bus were in wheelchairs. first responders got everyone off the bus within just ten
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minutes. joshua starr's tenure as superintendent of montgomery county schools is officially over. his resignation took effect today. starr and the school board reached an agreement earlier this month to part ways. he leaves before his four-year contract ends which is in june but will continue to be paid until then. the board has already started looking for a new chief of those schools. you may have just been outside shoveling or putting down chemicals that will help get you through the storm that's now passing through northern virginia in full force. >> but some folks don't get dressed after they've taken care of their business and their homes. they've got to help the rest of us. kristin wright live in the centreville area with their story. kristin? >> reporter: first i want to show you the ground. look down here. definite accumulation. then i want to show you the road. this is centrewood drive and, you know what it hasn't been snowing for all that long but the road is already snow
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covered. you can see drivers taking their time to get where they're going tonight. earlier we met a snowplow truck operator who's also a home owner, and, boy, he has a long night ahead. a strategic cocktail to battle the elements as the region's next storm blankets virginia. jeremy has a long night ahead. but first he has to get his own home ready. >> i'm going to really salt this down. >> reporter: bags of rock salt are going fast at nearby sears appliance and hardware. customers like wendy know that magic number. how much snow do you expect where you live? >> 4 to 8. >> this morning it's been salt. >> reporter: jeremy vaughn could work a 16-hour shift before coming home to what could be a big cleanup. he has a plan for that too. >> if you have powder you can use this. you can use this. you can use a regular leaf
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blower. >> reporter: tonight on news 4 at 6:00 what county officials want you to remember about tonight and tomorrow. live in sent reville, kristin wright news4. >> thank you, kristin. >> for those out in prince william county the government and schools closed tomorrow. four-day weekend for you guys. >> i hear cheering out there, all the way out there. we have a busy map. this thing has been busy. that is fast-moving affair doug kammerer. >> it is. it will be out of here most likely by this time tomorrow so only here for the next 12 hours or so but it's coming down right now. storm team 4 radar showing we have snow across the region and that snow will be coming down fairly heavily moving through the rest of the night. everywhere you see it snowing here we've already gotten reports of some accumulated snow especially northern virginia portions of southern maryland. you could see where this storm is back down to the south. there's a lot of moisture continuing to make its way in and the temperatures are extremely cold. this is probably one of the coldest snowfalls we've seen in a while here with temperatures only around 12 in gaithersburg 16 manassas 15 in huntingtown
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and 16 in pawtuxet river. because of the cold air, that's why we think some of these numbers may be a little higher and that's why we added that plus. we'll auk about that in a second. winter storm warning in effect for everybody, including towards the pennsylvania line all of southern maryland all of the entire state of virginia now under a winter storm warning and of course the district through tomorrow around noon. now, monday 6:00 on future weather, take you through the rest of the night tonight. by 8:00, that's when i start to think we'll start seeing some of the heavier snowfall begin to move the. that's when we'll also see banding, those heavier bands moving in. that's why i think we could see 1 to 2 inches an hour in some locations. then notice this around the midnight area. notice the snow actually moving down to the south nap's actually drier air trying to penetrate the storm, and that's why we've gone lower for totals up toward the north. as we move through night, it will fill back in but the heaviest snow still from d.c. down to the south. southern maryland and places like the northern neck and fredericksburg i think you
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folks will be the bull's-eye for this one. normally it's the other way around but this time it's you folks and you will have the snow the longest into this area right on through about 7:00 a.m. then the cold air returns tomorrow. tomorrow another cold day but not quite as frigid as ititis been. your snowfall forecast. to the north around the martinsburg area hagerstown frederick, middleburgh, 2 to 4 inches could see a lit bit more in some location but 2 to 4 is what we're thinking there, maybe on the higher side for areas of frederick. i-95 corridor around washington up towards gaithersburg leesburg blue monlt, marshall around 4 to 6 inches if we get some of the banding, we could see a little more than that but we like that 4 to 6 inch mark. i like 5 inches in d.c. then 6 to 10 down to the south, woodbridge quantico fredericksburg colonial beach and leonardtown. once again because of the banding, because of some colder air, i think some arias will get a foot of snow maybe around the waldorf area down towards leonardtown, this is the area to watch for as far as that
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bull's-eye is concerned. that i mean pact forecast tomorrow and overnight tonight, you know what it is. it's going to be on the high side. significant delays disruptions, snow-covered roadways. you have to whole thing moving through night tonight. temperatures 31 on your tuesday, 32 on wednesday, another clipper system moves by give ls us a chance for quick snow showers, but that's it. then comes the cold air again, 18 on thursday with a low of 8 degrees. we'll be near record low temperatures early thursday morning. 20 degrees on friday. and then another chance for rain or snow. it's another storm coming up during the day saturday and into sunday. beal talking much more about this. we'll be here all night long. we're on twitter, facebook everywhere. we have it covered for you. >> we are everywhere. right now we have our crews across the region covering this winter storm. straight ahead, zachary kiesch will report live from a d.c. apartment buildings where pipes just broke. and consumer reporter erika gonzalez will show us the best de-icers for sidewalks and to protect our pets. also developing an incredible tribute to the
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victims of the shooting spree in denmark.
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the list is growing. schools in stafford virginia joining schools in prince william county schools. manassas park also closing schools tomorrow. chief meteorologist doug kammerer will have brand-new information coming up. as large crowds gather to mourn the victims of that deadly shooting in denmark, another group protested a small memorial that had been set up for the accused shooter. some men removed the flowers that were placed at the site where police killed omar abdel al hussein in a shoot-out. he reportedly opened fire in two separate incidents on saturday killing a danish filmmaker and a security guard at a synagogue. nbc news has obtained audio from the moments the first shoot og cured at a controversial free speech event at a cafe. >> make very clear we have no indication at this stage that he
5:27 pm
was part of a cell or that took him to where he was now. >> danish source say the accused shooter may have been radicalized while he was in jail last year. two others are being charged as accomplices. tomorrow vice president joe biden is expected to announce funding to help address a huge reported backlog of untested rape kits pap woman in new york city says the samples taken after a man raped her sat on a shelf for nine years before it was tested. >> you can't imagine someone who is raping women at gunpoint and threatening to kill them of course wouldn't -- you know, i would imagine that, you know law enforcement would stop at nothing to make certain citizens are safe from that sort of perpetrator
5:28 pm
perpetrato >> she was eventually able to get her rapist convicted. an initiative called end the backlog began by "law and order" actress hartakay shows tens of thousands of rape kits across the country have yet to be tested. the entire side of an historic building falls off. >> what caused this crash and why crews say they will have to demolish it. >> reporter: this probably isn't what most people think of when they think of hotels in downtown washington. but the district government saysitis a hotel and that decision could force a local church to close its doors. and you'll want to de-ice our driveways and sidewalks but also make sure you're buying the right products to keep your pets safe.
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right now at 5:30 that still is still coming down. it is steady and starting to cover the road. and d.c. has now issued a snow emergency effective tomorrow morning at 7:00. virginia has declared a state of emergency too. >> and the combination of snow
5:32 pm
roads, low visibility is making traveling extremely dangerous this afternoon and tonight. schools have closed tomorrow in stafford prince william county and in manassas park. >> you know that list will get longer. keep it right here. we'll scroll them at the bottom. live team coverage beginning with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. the heaviest of this stuff is on the way still for the district. >> yeah it is. i think we'll see the heaviest tonight, then it kicks in south and east of d.c. with this one, a little different than the storms we've seen in the past. storm team 4 radar picking up snow everywhere across the area most on the light to moderate side. trying to make a sbol sbal with this it will be tough. notice these brighter white colors in this area. that's what's going to be making its way in towards portions of
5:33 pm
central virginia and southern maryland over the next couple hours and that's what we're watching for later on this evening. things are already starting to go downhill quickly, especially on those side roads. the heaviest snow tonight around p.m. and 3:00 a.m. the roads covered quickly. they're not covered in your neighborhood they quickly will. 4 to 8 inches by morning in and around the d.c. metro area lower to the north, more to the south. veronica johnson is talking tact cold air. this is a little different storm system as temperatures are only in the teens. >> that's right. efficient at making snow but not very good at making a snowball. follow me here. i've put together a little area of snow. i'm squeezing it tightly here and as i toss it it falls apart, doesn't even hold together very well. efficient at making snow and efficient at sticking to area roads out front nbc 4, roads already covered and it's only been snowing for about an hour and a half out here. look at the temperatures. talking about into the teens. going to hold steady here during
5:34 pm
the overnight period but 12 degrees gaithersburg 17 in d.c. and we stay i think just below freezing most neighborhoods tomorrow just one of the reasons why storm team 4 thinks we will have area-wide cancellations across the area tomorrow throughout montgomery county, howard county, loudoun co area that might see delays is up across baltimore county so over towards washington county in maryland those counties that border pennsylvania pennsylv.r your drive time forecast tomorrow, that snow will be wrapping up and ending temperature 16. again, under the freezing mark tomorrow so slick roads throughout the day. doug those flakes are trying to get a little bigger out here. >> that's the thing with this cold dry air. normally those flakes will be on the smaller side of things but it allows them to go higher. that's why we revised the snow totals. update at about 5:45. >> thanks guys. a pipe burst and flooded apartments in silver spring today. this is the bennington apartment building. we're told that the building finally got the water turned
5:35 pm
off. but you can see all the damage already done and the icicles forming as the water poured off those balconies. our radio partners at hot 99.5 supplied us with this video. and it was another pipe breaking in the district that damaged condos in southeast today. people living at 450 condon terrace in southeast are trying to figure out what they're going to do during another frigid night. news4's zachary kiesch live with a look at some of the damage. >> reporter: wendy, you know, the lights are on here at highland court apartments and the heat's on too. we were just inside. nice and toasty inside. the real issue here no running water. it's been about 24 hours here, a real point of concern as folks from around our area hunker down and get prepared for this snowstorm we're about to deal with. the culprit here a frozen fire sprinkler. we got inside and got an opportunity to take a peek one of the residents took us up here. this is the unit right above her unit it was a unit getting prepared to be sold and presumably no heat on there as
5:36 pm
they're trying to get this place renovated there. you see all the aftermath of this pipe and even a little bit of ice up in there. now the property manager, they dropped off about four bottles of water to each unit today, but folks say after 24 hours that's not enough. >> water just started gushing everywhere like water was coming from upstairs -- it was running like a river. >> reporter: in here. >> yeah. running from upstairs into here like a river. >> i have to be able to wash take medicine clean my feet i'm a diabetic. so i need the water. >> reporter: now, because these units are owned by individuals and many of these folks rent from them the outcome is kind of a case-bay-case scenario. some will have to stay here. others are being offered an opportunity to stay in hotels. i can tell you folks are here trying to get this fixed. water was back on then another
5:37 pm
pipe burst so no answer in sight. reporting live here in southeast d.c. zachary kiesch news4. >> tough night out there for them. zach thanks so much. as the snow continues to fall slippery sidewalks can become a safety concern tonight into tomorrow. consumer reporter erika gonzalez joins us with the safe and best sidewalk de-icers. >> whether you want to completely get rid of the ice or just get a little traction. our friends, the experts at consumer reports, have some suggestions in this freezing cold weather. you may be wondering what works best at melting ice. consumer reporters named the best ones magnesium chloride or calcium chloride. we've heard them mentioned a number of times today. both salts work in subzero temps. but what you keep in mind here is that both salts can really cause damage to your concrete especially your plants. so the "consumer reports" recommends using only a thin coat of this stuff. if you want to try getting some
5:38 pm
traction without the damage sand will work gravel will work fireplace ashes, maybe you've had that fireplace going the past couple days, that eel work. kitty litter. that will work the too. those products they're not going to melt the ice but you won't have the damage either. so that's good news to report there. now, some of the chemicals used to melt ice can also be very dangerous to your pets. definitely keep all pelts away from the antifreeze. it can be lethal if ingested by a dog or cat. when you bring them in wipe down their paws. we have a list of keeping your pets safe by going to and search pet safety. >> a fight brewing tonight between a local quaker house and d.c. government. >> why the church says it may be forced to close iltsz doors and why it was blaming the tax office. and news4 broke this story on twitter today. why the university of the district of columbia may be shutting down its community college location.
5:39 pm
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5:41 pm
a church has been providing room and board to school groups for years but it may have to close its doors. here's mark segraves. >> we consider ousts to be a
5:42 pm
church. i don't know of many hotels that worship seven days a week have a spiritual program once a month. >> reporter: since 1966 the william penn house has been a place of prayer and peace just blocks from the u.s. capitol. like other churches they're exempt from paying property taxes but a few months ago that changed. the d.c. tax office sent the quakers a letter revoking most of their tax-exempt status. the decision will cost the quaker house $18,000 a year. >> they could force us into making strategic changes of possibly selling the property. >> reporter: the office of tax and revenue says they first alerted if the quakers to this problem in 2011 and issued the decision late last year. "otr issued a letter revoebing the exemption on only that portion of the property used by the public for lodging, as such use is analogous to hotel use and as such cannot be exempt." that letter preserved the exemption for the portion of the property used for religious
5:43 pm
purposes. this is where the rooms at the william penn house. as you can see no privacy. 35 bucks a night gets you a cot and breakfast. it's not your typical capitol hill hotel, and he says it's different from hostels, which do pay property taxes because the vast majority of people who rent these beds are church and school groups coming to d.c. to do charity work as part of their education or ministry. and that is exactly what quaker houses are meant for. >> groups from all over the country of young people who have taken their own time and energy to raise money to come to washington to try to make a difference in the world and make a difference in their world. >> reporter: in the district mark segraves news4. >> the quakers could sue the city or the d.c. council could step in and give them a special exemption. but sanford says they can't afford to sue and so far no council member has offered to help. dealing with the loss of a friend and a teammate. up next, the emotional journey
5:44 pm
of one resilient group of teenagers here in our area. . we're continuing to track the snow. we have spotsylvania schools now closed tomorrow as well. we'll continue to get more and more closures. i especially think down to the south and east of d.c. that's where we'll see the biggest issues. a winter storm warning for everyone. ♪ ♪ with 5 perfectly sweetened whole grains you can't help but see the good. try new cheerios plus ancient grains. ancient goodness, great taste.
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that's i-66 at sudley road and you can see the snow accumulating on those roadways. a very ruff night for travel.
5:47 pm
if you don't have to be out on it stay at home. we'll be on all night long. keep it here on nbc 4. looking at the radar, you notice the roads are really becoming a problem. look at the evening planner. here's nebraska avenue right outside our station in northwest. a little snow but that road okay. seeing salt on the roadways. here's the entrance into our station. this road is snow covered. that's what you'll see in your neighborhood those snow-covered roads and this is the reason why. it's snowing and we have temperatures in the teen only 17 degrees, and temperatures may go up a degree and then kind of stay exactly that. but snow snow and snow as we move through the rest of the evening hours. temperature, 14 in reston 13 in dulles 10 in gaithersburg 16 towards bowie. anything that has fallen continues to stick. we'll show you on future weather right around 8:00 tonight, that's when i expect things to start picking up especially in northern virginia and in southern maryland. i want to turn your attention to the north, frederick county,
5:48 pm
washington county, carroll county baltimore, look at the front edge giving back a little bit. the heaviest snow still south of d.c. but back to the west winchester frederick, westminster, lighter snow for you folks. that's why i think your totals will be lower. then down to the south, this is where the heavier snow is. fredericksburg waldorf, huntingtown, lexington park these are the areas that will see the most snow and the areas where the snow will end the latest in towards tomorrow morning. by 7:00 a.m. across the bay and we're just dealing with the cold weather. the winter storm warning includes everybody and it does say up to 5 to 8 inches in hagerstown but i don't think you'll get that. i'm looking more 2 to 4 inches for your folk 2 to 4 inches maybe a little more maybe 5, but frederick county for you folks, then down around the leesburg area parts of loudoun county 2 to 4, but 4 to 6 more most of loudoun and most of
5:49 pm
fairfax county including the district. i like around 5 timpbls for d.c. down to the south, woodbridge, quantity quo, fredericksburg, culpepper leonardtown, 6 to 10 inches maybe a little more here if this thing starts to wrap up. so those are the numbers pap lot of you on my facebook page say you guys are conservative compared to others. i think so and that's what we'll be sticking with. 28 to 33 degrees tomorrow. watch for ice when you step out the front door. high temperatures 31 on your tuesday, 32 on wednesday, another chance of light snow on wednesday. but really the factor here is the cold air again, 18 far high on thursday overnight lows in the single digits possible records once again. >> all right, doug. thank you. just in falls church city public schools are now closed. our photograp have fanned out across our region to bring you the best pictures. our prince george's county bureau tracee wilkins is out in largo with a look at the
5:50 pm
conditions on the road. what are you seeing? >> reporter: a big difference between now and just a little while ago. we were talking to you all about 4:00 p.m. take a look at 202 now. pretty much snow covered. when they get to about 2 inches we'll see these plows out here trying to get the snow off the roadways. we headed over to the wegmans a little while ago to talk to folks about what things are looking like inside the grocery stores and of course the parking lot was completely packed. here's what it was looking like out of the roadways just as the snow started to really pile up in prince george's county. and when we talked with folks about the snow just starting we asked what's on your mind what are you most concerned about with all the accumulation we're expecting. and of course they said work school and food. >> considering i have two kids and i'm a teacher, if we have to close, we have to close. i feel as though i'm hope weg don't have this snow to shut us in. >> i do janitorial contractor services so we'll have to go in
5:51 pm
if we can but i'm really concerned. >> cereal milk and bread. >> reporter: they still had it? >> some. >> they was out of bread. >> and cheese. >> had a hard time getting bread. >> yes. >> reporter: the county's emergency operations center will be opening at 10:00 p.m. that's the center that monitors all of the major government agencies to make sure that all needs are being met for folks here in prince george's county. that starts at 10:00 p.m. the people who are going to be taking care of the roadways they started at 3:00 and will be working 12-hour shifts until the snow is hauf the roadways. tracee wilkins, news4. forget the ice and snow look at the high winds over the weekend are capable of doing. part of this centuries-old building collapsed in old town manassas on battle street saturday. the building was vacant. the city tells us crews will take down the entire structure. the university of the district of columbia may be closing its community college on north capitol street for budget
5:52 pm
reasons. mark segraves broke the story earlier today on twitter. classes would be moved to the van ness campus. the relocation would affect 2,500 students and is expected to cost about $11 million. but there could be other tax dollars involved in the closure. the university would still be responsible for the $5 million annual lease on that downtown property for the next 17 years. the university hopes to sublease it. the school's board of trustees would have to approve that closure. >> years of friendship tough practices, sweat and tears. those are the hallmarks of high school sports teams. but for the playoff-bound gonzaga high school hockey team there have been too many tears. carol maloney is here with the eagles' emotional journey this season. it's been 3 1/2 months since a car accident took the life of dominic petty, a beloved senior on the hockey team. images of #number 11 in heaven poured in in from across the
5:53 pm
country. now the eagles a team still coming to terms with this devastating loss are bravely trying to win it all. >> think about him every day. think about him every day. >> reporter: inspiration from a number. memories of a smile can be so bright they never fade. >> he never had a bad day. he was always the energy in the room make everyone laugh. >> not just saying that. he late rally was happy 24/7. if you were having a bad di it was annoying to see donald because he was so happy. let me just have my bad day. >> he died in a crash. he and his friends were hit after running out of gas and pulling overen the to the shoulder of the beltway. >> i actually got the call from rich on saturday morning. i hung up on him twice because i thought he was joking. i thought it was a sick twisted joke. >> it was tough. we struggled in the locker room but i think we're slowly getting through it. >> i mean you wake up like how
5:54 pm
does this happen? but, you know, you have to do it for him. >> at times we'd seen forgetting is the way that would be easiest, but you never forget. so you have to learn to celebrate. you have to learn to remember. >> one, two, three! >> donald! >> every day the team finds ways to honor dom, to include him, to play on. >> just knowing that dom loved hockey more than life keeps me, you know on the ice and practicing and keeping on top of hi game so we can win games and win the championship hopefully. >> no matter how the season turns out, you know, none of us will ever forget it. and dom has made it memorable and special for us. >> he's here. >> he is definitely here. he's here in more than one way. >> gonzaga going for the three-peat starting tomorrow with their quarterfinal game. their motto this year "do it for dom." we asked the eagles about their
5:55 pm
favorite dom memories. look at the smiles it brought to their faces. we posted those interviews on nbc washington facebook page. >> that will be so nice for his family. >> well loved. thank yo well virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency early as the snow sweeps in. >> when we come right back, we'll talk live with the governor on the phone.
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
the storm hitting us right now is having a big impact on millions of people. >> we have reporters from our affiliates in roanoke, philly and new york checking in with updates on the conditions in their areas. >> reporter: a holiday? not here and especially not for road crews who say they worked overtime all weekend. we had snow here and the salting that they did still left residue on the roads. they say that's going to help them when the snow starts tonight. and those crews were out this morning making sure the trucks were ready, the plows were on and the salt is filled up. they say that they'll hit the road again sometime after the snow starts.
5:59 pm
they're expected to come in late tonight, maybe about 10:00 and work all the way through the morning rush. in plymouth meeting, pennsylvania diana duran tay for news4. >> reporter: just about everything from roofs to roads turning to ice. temperatures here bottomed out at 8 degrees below zero this morning. among the coldest spots in the tristate. the mercury crawled up in the teens finally hitting 20 degrees by 1:00 p.m. the danbury fire department has been bombarded with calls for broken pipes. today the lowe's movie theater shut down for several hours after a sprinkler burst. >> this is the fist major snowstorm we're seeing in southwest virginia and we're expected to get hit with up to a foot of snow. crews in roanoke spent the afternoon plowing the roads. the problem is the temperatures are so low that they say the salt has been ineffective. forecasters predict this winter weather could stick around through the weekend. in roanoke, brie jackson, nbc 4. a steady snowfall across our area tonight.
6:00 pm
streets and sidewalks are coated right now in centreville, virginia. and the ground is so cold that snow is starting to stick. >> snow's not going anywhere anytime either. look now at the radar showing most of the storm still headed our way. >> d.c. has declared a snow emergency effective tomorrow morning so they can try to get the streets clear. that process could take days. first at 6:00 let's get you updated on the latest closings and delays. >> the national zoo, the university of maryland already closed for night. we just heard from several school districts in virginia. prince william, faulkier stafford and spotsylvania counties along with falls church manassas and winchester. all of them closed tomorrow. >> we have team coverage of this winter storm. we begin in storm center 4. both doug kammerer and veronica johnson are tracking all this for us. when does it get heavy, you


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