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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. right now at 11:00, streets are so iced over even the most experienced drivers would rather not drive. >> conditions are bad as far as ice is concerned. i thought they'd come through and get some of this up. >> and the road crews say that's what they plan to do.
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the operation in place right now to clear the streets and keep you safe. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. >> temperatures are dropping. the roads are refreezing. good evening, i'm jim slans. >> i'm doreen gentzler. the federal government is open tomorrow on time. d.c. schools will start on time tomorrow. but the dangerous conditions mean another snow day for thousands of area students on wednesday. fairfax, prince william, loudoun, falk wire two hour delay for prince george's anne arund el. >> we'll begin with doug. i heard you say earlier, it will get really cold again, huh? >> all right. you got me now? it's been on there, buddy. i'll tell you. the temperatures have been on
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the cold side for sure and they're going down and down big time. we'll be talking about that during the day tomorrow. the outdoor impact tomorrow temperatures start off at around 15 degrees early. will rise during the day tomorrow. 27 by 11:00, 33. then another chance for snow. another compact system that will move through and give us a huge wallopg the evening hours tomorrow night. so your wednesday headlines, cold but nice early. most of the day tomorrow not bad, but here comes the arctic front, here comes some snow here comes wind chills below zero. we're talking way below zero including some records. we'll talk about that in my forecast in just a minute. >> thank you, doug. right now in virginia traffic is moving as slowly but smoothly on i-95 just north of the prince william parkway. but a different story on those side streets. shomari stone is live. you're seeing sheets of ice out there? >> yes. we actually drove in several neighborhoods.
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and we saw sheets of ice and snow. look right down here. i'm on richmond. right here under this snow it's solid ice. a lot of folks are concerned about driving on secondary roads like this one right here near potomac mills mall. i'll tell you one thing, it's also when you walk around and get on sidewalk well they're also covered. some folks are doing what they can to try and melt it. >> get a little here too. >> reporter: he dropped ice-melt on the sidewalk outside his house. >> this is pretty messy. >> reporter: but nothing compared to his street. >> conditions are bad as far as ice is concerned. >> reporter: take a look at gina place. tonight a sheet of ice and snow covers it in woodbridge virginia. spots that were wet earlier today are now frozen and the soft snow has hardened. >> i thought they'd come through and get some of this up but i guess the little bit of plowing that they did, they moved on. >> reporter: moved on to other
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neighborhoods and found several potentially dangerous roads. tonight's refreeze into tomorrow morning followed by arctic air has started what i describe as an ice-melt buying frenzy in some hardware stores. this bridgewood home depot was sold out when donovan showed up. >> everybody picks things up as soon as the weather gets bad. >> reporter: so what are you going to do? >> go to another store. >> reporter: too bad. as soon as he rolled out to go to another store, a new shipment arrives. that's good for todd stubblefield he can buy more when he runs out. >> kind of getting tired of the snow. >> reporter: well a lot of people are tired of it and i'm out here in woodbridge virginia. a lot of folks are going to have to come out tomorrow and remove a lot of this snow outside their cars and a lot of them tell me that they're actually quite sick of this but the kids an the teens really like it because a lot of the public schools here in prince william county they're closed tomorrow. and we'll just have to see if they come out here and have a
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good time in the snow. live here shomari stone, news 4. what they won't be doing is shoveling much of it. continuing our coverage now jackie bensen is in charles county maryland. the roads there aren't the only thing people are worried about. >> reporter: they've actually done a pretty good job of clearing primary, secondary roads here in charles county. we're now going to show you what doug was talking about, this refreezing that people are worried about and how it happens. take a look at this. this is the snow that's been piled up in this shopping center parking lot. i mean i'm pretty tall. it goes way above my head. during the day, we got that sun. things started to melt a little. and this parking lot that had been plowed down to a dry black top, take a look at it now. we put a light on it so you can see it. that's just a sheet of ice. that's essentially snow that has melted and refrozen and it is dangerous anywhere tomorrow whether it's coming out of your
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house, getting a cup of coffee at the convenience store before you come into work anywhere where you see a little pile of snow a big pile of snow next to that pile of snow there could be this very treacherous ice. now, the head of charles county kept of public works told us he'll have crews out tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. to put out salt and abrasive which is sand the only thing you can use on ice like that and hopefully we'll have anything that can cause danger of that nature safely so that people can travel safely to work tomorrow morning. live in waldorf, jackie bensen. >> thanks jackie. all this ice is causing railroad crossing gates to malfunction. on randolph road in rockville, this is near the montrose crossing shopping center. csx officials say they're aware and asking drivers not to drive around the gates when they're down even if they don't see a train coming. developing right now an suv stolen with a child inside.
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police are at the scene where the car was found at first street and wane place darcy spencer is there live. >> reporter: that's where we are right now not far from mississippi avenue. this child is okay. we're told 5 years old. take a look behind me where you see the d.c. police cruiser. the stolen suv we believe to be a denali is right here behind this apartment complex. police are still processing this vehicle and the two suspects are still on the loose. police say that two suspects stole the suv from a man. it happened in the 3700 block of second street about 9:30 tonight right here in southeast. now, the victim apparently had just gotten out of his denali. that's when two people knocked him to the ground and took off in that suv. now, apparently the suspects did not realize that this was a child in the suv, again a 5-year-old. they basically bailed out of the
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car right here behind this apartment complex. i'm told that the vehicle was unaccounted for. that's what d.c. police were saying for roughly 15 minutes. but the good news here is that the child is okay. i've not been able to confirm if the child is reunited with their family. we don't know if this is a little boy or little girl. but police are continuing their search for the suspects that tonight. from southeast darcy spencer, news 4. >> new at 11:00, a suspect wanted in new jersey was last spotted here in maryland. police say this guy made three consecutive atm transactions at the royal farms in sevearn about two weeks ago. the next day he tried to withdraw for cash in maryland but he was denied. if he looks familiar to you, you're asked to call the police. another case of measles confirmed here in thed.c. health department confirmed a second patient today, but there's no indication
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the two local cases are related or connected to the outbreak in california. according to the centers for disease control, 141 people in 17 states and d.c. now have measles. 80% of the patients were exposed to the virus at disneyland. tonight the district has new cameras set up all over town. they want to catch drivers who are speeding and ignoring stop signs, we're told. we have posted the full lest ofist of new locations in our nbc washington app. a among them are seven speed cameras and those that will catch drivers blowing through stop signs. the next 30 days will be a warning period but after that if you're caught you have to pay a fine. cars traveling north can no longer turn left at west cedar lane as crews work on upgrades to the intersection. construction is expected to last
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through the summer of 2016. drivers will notice a lane shift in the area. 19 oil tankers are still too hot tonight for investigators to get anywhere near them. this is in west virginia not too far from charleston. those cars caught fire yesterday when a train derailed at the conowaw river there. a boil water advisory will end tomorrow after no traces of oil from those cars was found in the drinking water. there are new questions tonight about the safety of the tanker rail cars. the 26 that derailed outside charleston were supposed to be reinforced and safer. but those cars have now been involved in several fiery derailments including one last year in lynchburg, virginia. next at 11:00, you're trying to get over to the tables but some other guys are winning big outside. stealing cars from local casino
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lots with the security cameras watching. the news 4 i-team showing how some crooks are playing the game and beating the odds.
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a 14-year-old girl is recovering after she fell into really cold water off the jersey shore. she and her friends were walking along a pipe that leads out from the shore into the ocean when she apparently lost her footing and fell. fire officials say they got a call that somebody was stuck on the ice. but by the time the rescue crews got there, she was in the water and showing signs of
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hypothermia. her friends did not fall in but they needed help getting back to shore. >> gamblers losing big at local casinos, but not at the tables. an investigation by the news 4 i-team finds recent car theft at or near maryland's two biggest casinos. scott mcfarland shows us they walk in for action at the tables but walk out to find drama outside. ♪ >> reporter: you risk losing every time you walk into a casino. but larry mcmichaels didn't expect to lose outside, too. it's 5:00 inside the garage of maryland live! casino in anne arundel county. watch your screen closely. you're about to see a car thief take mcmichael's 2005 audi. a man seen walking throughout the garage makes his line to the line of cars being handled by the valet. then slowly slides in before quickly peeling out. mcmichael didn't know how easy
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it happened until i-team obtained the surveillance video. >> i was heartbroken, man, i won't lie to you. i was sick. >> reporter: he wasn't the only person to lose big outside a casino. >> they told me hey, we think we made a mistake and gave your car to the wrong person. >> reporter: mandel way also gave the keys to his acura to the valet attendant. the valet later gave those keys to a woman who drove off with mandel's car instead. he finally recovered his car at this montgomery county lot more than a month after it was stolen. he was shocked to see his car was stolen from the grounds of a casino which he says is known for intense security. >> i was inside enjoying myself. while they were enjoying my car. >> reporter: they found seven police reports of investigations into stolen cars since early 2013 on the grounds of maryland lots in hanover and at least one more on the grounds of horseshoe casino in baltimore since its
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opening in august. overall crime has dropped 16% in the neighborhood surrounding the casino since horseshoe opened last year. they can park in the garage to avoid parking on the street. a spokesman says they have 200 security officers and cameras covering just about every inch of the casino and in her words, it would be nearly impossible for someone to perpetrate a crime on the property and get away with it. >> i end up getting none of my stuff back. i just walked away from it. >> reporter: as larry mcmichael found out even when you get your stolen car back you lose money. he had to pay for a tow service to retrieve his car, plus storage fees at the lot. mandel ways' car was missing so long he bought a new one, just days before he tracked down the stolen one which he says the crooks beat up. >> they put an additional 370 miles on my car. >> reporter: police tell us neither of those car thieves have been caught yet. maryland state gaming officials issue a monthly report for all crimes at state casinos from
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stolen cars to stolen cash to stolen phones and you can read through those reports right now on our website,, click on investigations. scott mcfarland news 4 i-team. >> and the news 4 i-team would like to hear from you if you have a tip. call 202-885-4444 or you can send an e-mail to so on major roads the snow is mostly gone but there's chance you can encounter ice in the morning. the "today" show's jeff rossen went to a test track to get tips on how to drive on slick ice. >> right. you just did the two things you should never do. jam on the brake and jerk the wheel. >> what am i supposed to do? >> get off the accelerator, get off of the brakes straighten the wheel and ride out the skid.
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>> another tip, if you're driving up a hill they say accelerate slowly. if you happen to start sliding back they suggest that you don't hit the brake because that's going to turn you sideways. instead, you're advised to steer to a safe place on the side of the road. you can see more tips for driving in the snow on the "today" show at 7:00 right after news 4 today. >> that test track looks kind of fun, doesn't it? >> doing some doughnuts. >> be careful out there because those roads really are icy. >> that's the thing. exactly. it's the secondary roads that are an issue. that's why so many school closings are out there, so many delays. and tune in tomorrow at 4:30 we'll have the latest for you then. as far as tonight goes it's on the cold side. it feels like january. 22 degrees. here's good news. the wind chill is also 22 degrees. so there's no wind there's no wind chill to talk about
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tonight. but it returns tomorrow night. so i don't have a whole lot of good news. 12 right now in gaithersburg 15 in huntingtown. so we've got very cold numbers. storm team 4 radar is all clear. it will stay that way tonight for most of the day tomorrow then here's our storm system right back here. you notice it right around st. louis. that storm will make its way our way, come straight across our area. it will bring a quick burst of snow then it's out of here and just brings more cold. we'll start off cold then gets frigid. the cold air in place. we see sunshine early tomorrow. here's the snow back to the west around 3:00 into the mountains, back towards romney petersburg if around the 7:00 7:30 hour that's when i think it comes through d.c. if you remember what happened valentine's night, we saw pretty nice conditions then the wind picked up and the snow came down extremely heavily. it coated the ground in about 15
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minutes. coated the roadways too. that could happen again as we make our way through wednesday night. behind us that arctic front brings in even more cold and arctic frigid air. what to expect tomorrow. the snow burst between 5:00 and 9:00 5:00 to the west 9:00 to the east. a quick coating to an inch but it won't take lockng with temperatures this cold. give yourself extra time tomorrow. then turning windy and cold. what about the wind chills? we're in the teens and low 20s. not bad, but then watch what happens tomorrow night. 11:00, we're at 2 below in winchester then we're down close to 10 below in winchester 10 below in gaithersburg and 6 below in d.c. we could go down another five degrees. we're talking 20 below zero on friday with a low temperature of 4. that would be the record. the record on friday is 8 set back in 1896. so that's the kind of cold air we have coming in here record
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breaking cold. 18 on thursday 17 on friday saturday and sunday another storm system moves in but the warm air comes with it. it may switch over to some sleet, then switching over to all rain. this would be mostly a rain event. but rather saturday night into sunday could be a little bit messy. >> thanks. so did you see the caps game tonight?
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. so caps own the penguins now this year. >> i apologize because earlier in the sixth i said that the caps and the pens were playing a
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game. i was wrong. it was a game. it was a fight. it was a brawl, it was a showdown. it was a melee. it was so much fun. the caps have played a lot of games. tonight was definitely one to behold. caps wrapping up their four-game road trip with quite a row in pittsburgh. the caps they played a lot of games this season 58 to be exact. here we go with this one, the 32nd showdown between those two. ove and crosby and the first period. pens turn it over. overy y ovie takes over and that nasty backhand. reviewed and his league leading 37th goal. caps up 1-0. third period tied at 1, ovie trailing kris letang smacks him hard. he slams into the boards. no penalty call. so in hockey you take care of your own business off the face-off two penguins, ovechkin
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trying to instigate. he just smiles. no call on that either. >> they like him. >> ovechkin not even on the ice, these two teams going at it all night. not big fans of each other. later in the third, a two-man advantage for washington. penguins tried to clear. they can't. nicklas backstrom, what a send across to joel ward. wardo out at the door and cashes in. caps take the lead and they hit the empty netter. >> currently ovie got a beer dumped on by a fan. was he aware of that. was it collateral damage? >> i don't know. he's probably thirsty anyway. but the fans are -- been over here a whole lot, but they have quite the rivalry over the years and sounds like the rivalry started coming back. >> beer shower. that's respect.
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that's what that is. these two teams play again a week from tomorrow at verizon center. college hoops tonight. the georgetown hoyas and do we mean nearly everyone on the roster. it was almost unfair. fiercely patriotic hoya fans get to see the show. first half georgetown up 5. here's aaron bowen. shot doesn't go become hop kins is there with the follow slam. 12 points. devonte smith pretty jumper. how do you defend that? 12 points in the game. hoyas up 10 at the half. georgetown starting to run away with it on michael jordan's 52nd birthday. monster dunk. the pressure from jordan in north carolina. guess how many points he had. 12. six players scored in double figures. georgetown routs them. >> you said guess, then didn't
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let us say anything. >> too much. >> ♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love. at monsanto, we believe
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if it snows just a little bit around here we figure out a way to get pat collins in it. and his snow stick. this time he's asking everyone to check me out now, snow us your pets. >> snow us? >> yes. snow us their pets. now you got it. but we got hundreds of entries. everything from goats to cats. but we don't see one with the guy with the bra up in a tree. but anyway we've got a panel
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judging tomorrow and we'll announce the winner tomorrow evening after the morning people. >> that was a gorilla in a bikini. >> what was that? >> you got to see it to believe .
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- taylor swift -- john oliver -- musical guest imagine dragons,


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