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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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more problems such as this one at ford's theater where a pipe burst and flooded the museum. >> new details are coming out about a deadly crash in the middle of a residential neighborhood. we begin tonight with team coverage of this snow squall out there. it's moving closer to the d.c. metro area right now. amelia segal riding along with it in the storm team 4x4. >> let's start with chief meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm center tracking this thing on radar. doug? >> you saw adam tuss on the key bridge. i'm curious what happens with the key bridge, an -- chain bridge, rather. it's interesting to see what will happen with that region because bridges always freeze over first. we'll go to adam in a second. but first there's the band making its way to the south. these two will meet up over southern maryland where some of the heaviest snow may be in the next hour. but currently the heaviest snow in montgomery county just about everybody seeing snow. reports of 270 snow covered now, back around the gaithersburg area, back toward clarksburg and
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right down toward bethesda and rockville where it's begun. to the south fairfax county, we've watch td come through loudoun county, route 7 is where amelia segal is to the western portion of the beltway, american legion bridge. this storm moving very, very quickly. this is the arctic front we've seen come through. behind it we'll see much colder conditions but right now a winter weather adviseory in effect for i-95. i expect these to be dropped toward the west, but we'll continue to watch as this storm system moves through. amelia segal as i mentioned is in the storm team 4x4. amelia, you've gone from nothing in loudoun county to heavy snow. now you're tracking it in towards d.c. >> reporter: yeah exactly, doug. we're about five miles corner. the snow right now is lighter in intensity so the roads here are just wet not slushry. but toward leesburg once the snow moved in and it was heavy, the roads were slushy and had isolated slick spots. not tracking any wind but we've
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bb out here since about 4:00 p.m., the temperature at that point 35 degrees rg the latest temperature on the truck right now around 26.5. we have noticed almost a ten-degree temperature drop. the visibilities right now just outside of tysons aren't so bad. our plan is to continue to move eastward and bring you the latest conditions on area roads. right now though, route 7 is okay with just wet roads, not slick conditions. but as the snow continues to move in, of course, we could notice some slick spots likely developing, doug. >> thanks. stay safe out there. you can see the first band here, one more back to the west you'll see more snow showers toward martinsburg. the big notice is windchills of 11 back to the west. we'll talk much more about the cold that moves in next in just a minute. here is a live look at the roads on i-270 in montgomery county. this snow burst could be trouble if you're getting ready to head out. farther south, news4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live on chain bridge.
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adam, how rtare the roads there right now? >> reporter: not too bad right now. nothing is falling but, as doug mentioned, bridges and overpasses freeze first. that is a major concern. what road crews were so concerned about in d.c. maryland and virginia, they sent out hundreds of trucks to treat the roads and take care of this storm because they didn't want everybody out here as the snow was falling. but take a look. it looks like we're pretty loaded up tonight with the normal rush hour commute. it could be a long time to get home tonight if you do get stuck in this. just give yourself a little extra time. we'll check back in later in the hour. >> thanks, adam. this cold weather could be to blame for a close call for some of the nation's most priceless art i facts. the museum in the basement of ford's theater blooded today.ecause of a pipe burt bursting down there. mark segraves talked to visitors who were disappointed the museum was closed today. mark? >> reporter: well, jim, you're right. this could have been absolutely
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devastating because inside this museum in the basement of ford's theater, they house some priceless artifacts. and the big concern now is how that water that flooded the basement will cause hue middlemidity and the impact it will have on the art i facts here that tell the story of president lincoln's assassination. >> we are very pleased that none of the objects in the museum, priceless artifacts associated with lincoln's presidency or assassination were threatened by the water. >> reporter: crews are still inside trying to remove all of the water. while no art i facts were damaged, there are still concerns about the floor and the long-term problems from the water that need to be addressed before the museum can reopen. >> need to make sure the carpets are absolutely dry, there's no water that got under some of the cases. >> reporter: the museum is home to irreplaceable artifacts like the gun that fired the fatal shot that killed president lincoln as well as clothing worn
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by john wilkes booth and medical instruments the doctor used to treat booth. luckily, the water didn't get high enough to damage any of the artifacts but the damage is bad enough to temporarily close the museum. >> oh, a little bit. we've come all the way from maine, and this is one of our spot stops. a little disappointed. >> reporter: now, the good news is the theater was untouched and is remaining open. so if you have tickets for the play "lincoln's widow," come on down. the show will go on as scheduled. many of our viewers also know this is the home to lincoln's topcoat he was wearing the night he was assassinated. that coat just happened to be out for cleaning when the flood occurred. live at ford's theater, mark zee graves news4. the damage assessment in under way after water from a sprinkler pipe drained down the walls of all three floors of the georgetown library. a spokesman tells us a box of
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artifacts from a rare collection of d.c. artifacts sustained water damage. the library's web site says it will be closed through at least saturday. we'll continue to keep an eye on the road conditions as this snow burst moves on through. stay updated on our nbc washington app and throughout the hour here on air with us. just in to our newsroom, we've learn the name of a woman who was killed by a suspected drunk driver in silver spring late this morning. police say the red suv you see in our chopper 4 video here hit vanessa dixon as she stood near a bus stop along crest haven drive. she was 49 years old. police identified the driver was david rodriguez and say he also hit two other cars. he's being held on suspicion of drunk driving. back to back is the new court schedule for the man accused of murdering uva student hannah graham. a jury trial will begin on june
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29th for jesse matthew. that's just after he's in court in fairfax for an unrelated sex assault. matthew is accused of killing graham last september after meeting her just a few blocks from uva's campus. her remains were found five weeks later. president obama has chosen joseph clancy to permanently lead the secret severanceekcret service. he has been interim leader since julia pearce julia pierson was reresigned. president obama spoke at the white house summit on violent extremism this afternoon. he says the problem is not the muslim religion, and he said
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people should stop using the term "islamic terror." some critics say the president should hit islamic extremists harder with words and with weapons. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: as president obama convened his summit on extremist violence, an alarm bell was ringing on the isis video of christians beheaded in video. analysts say they hear the isis spokesman ranting in what sounds like an american accent. >> and today we are on the south of rome on the land of this mountain. >> reporter: there's a rush to identify him and other possible americans in isis. >> probably the greater threat are those who have not been identified or can't be because they don't appear in a video. they can come back home with a greater anonymity. >> reporter: terror back home was the summit's focus. after the attacks in denmark and in france. but president obama said don't call it islamic terror. that plays into the claim that isis fight forz all muslims. >> it is a lie.
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nor should we grant these terrorists the religious legitimacy they seek. they are not religious leaders. they're terrorists. >> reporter: at the summit were minnesotans trying to counter recruiting videos from the isis-like group al shabab aimed at somalis in minneapolis. >> if you guys only knew how much fun we have over here. this is a real disneyland. >> reporter: with terror sure to be an issue in 2016 republican jeb bush criticized obama leadership. >> there's no trust right now. the united states is serious about this. a minute there's a problem, the feeling is we'll cut an run. >> reporter: but in the middle east and in the west, there is a problem right now. and what to do on both fronts is still a work in progress. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> steve thank you. former florida governor jeb bush says he is his own man. don't compare him to his father or brother. and he says his views are shaped by his own thinking and experiences. speaking in chicago today, the likely 2016 presidential
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candidate said mistakes were made in iraq. bush also criticized president obama's move to normalize relations with cuba, claiming little will change in that country's human rights and political makeup. a new poll from quinnipiac university shows jeb bush and hillary clinton neck and neck in virginia. it looked at potential match juchs in spring states. if bush and clainten were facing off in virginia today, they would each get 42% of the vote. 35% of virginia voters said they are less likely to vote for bush because of his family name, while 21% are less likely to choose clinton because of her husband. the storm team 4x4 is moving east along with this burst of snow we're getting. we're tracking the impact on your drive home. right now the best option may be to wait until it passes. >> cold weather is also creating problems. kristin wright with more on that in rockville.
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get $200 back. just call 1.888.774.4418 today. storm team 4x4 riding out in the snow squall to give you an idea of what you might expect out on the roads tonight. you're looking at a picture live
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on route 123 in mcclane virginia. snow has been heavy at times but so far we're told the roads are primarily just wet. justice for a d.c. family one year after their mother was murdered. deet ra martin was found strangled to death in her south d.c. apartment last february. today her boyfriend kevin mcdarin johnson pleaded guilty to second degree murder. he faces 20 to 26 years in prison as part of a plea deal. he'll be sentenced in april. fwotwo parents in d.c. have been charged with attempted child cruelty. they were in cart today for a pretrial hearing. christophe lucas and his wife jenny chang covered their faces as they walked out of d.c. superior court today. police say the couple left their 1 and 2-year-old children alone in a car for an hour while they attended a wine tasting inside a restaurant in the foggy bottom part of town last month. it was 35 degrees outside at the
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time. the two are due back in court march 6th. we've been telling you how to prevent your pipes from freezing in these subzero temperatures. but what should you do if one bursts anyway? it's happening to aloet of people lately. kristin wright is in rockville with the very first thing you should do if you do have a leak. hi, kristin. >> reporter: hi, doreen. firefighters here at station 32 have been very busy, and montgomery county's fire chief put it best today when he said you have to know how to manage this type of emergency and what to do immediately. buckets and gallons of water coming down from a broken pipe on the second floor looked like the pipe p had just burst. the basement complete apply flooded. six to eight inches of water and rising. with the recent deep-freeze reports of broken and frozen pipes are coming in night and day across the area. a busted pipe at an apartment building in southeast d.c. left
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tenants in trouble. in silver spring maryland, the water wouldn't stop. pipes most likely to freeze are located on the perimeter. montgomery county fire chief says, if it happens in your home, this is what you should do first. >> we need people to be aware of and know in their home how to turn off their water, how to manage their emergency when it happens. >> reporter: more snow and more cold is on the way tonight. >> if you know where your water shutoff is when that pipe breaks you can immediately turn off your water you can mitigate the damage in your house. >> reporter: we have posted great information from our consumer team on how to handle burst pipes in our nbc washington app. just search "burst pipes." live in rockville kristin wright, news4. >> kristin, thank you. behind us we're looking at a picture of live picture of chain bridge. adam tuss has probably jumped back in the van at this point if he's smart. it looks nasty out there.
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it did come up quickly, didn't it? >> that's the thing. you're fine one second, next thing you know the snow comes down heavily, the wind picks up 20, 30 miles an hour. you can see exactly what we're talking about. it will last about 15 minutes, maybe towards a half hour. but that's it. then look what you get behind it. that is clear skies now if reston. this is almost like a thunderstorm. you see the thunderstorm coming your way. you get the brief, heavy downpours of rain. then behind it you get sunshine. that's what's going on right now. we don't see the sun, however as the sun went down about a half hour ago. but clearing skies right behind this system. that just goes to show you the dynamics involved here. a fairly heavy line. more snow to the south. this may actually take over. you may see this band move very quickly in through southern maryland. southern maryland watch out for your roadways there. wuf had a lot of snow over the last couple of days. another band to the west we could see move through too. this is pretty much it right here. again, it's coming right on through the d.c. metro area
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right now montgomery county, upper prince george's county and central fairfax and around the wood bridge region in prince william county. it continues to move east at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. behind it, it's just the cold. how cold? well, the coldest air we've seen this season. we do have the winter weather advisory in effect until 9:00. but i do expect this to be canceled as this continues to move off toward the east. however, we could still see some problems on the roadways. that's why we may see that winter weather advisory stay up until that time. but generally an inch or less right now we haven't seen anybody really over a dusting if not a little less than half an inch. what are we dealing with as far as windchills? 25 in d.c., 21 in gaithersburg. but martinsburg at 14, petersburg, west virginia now at 6. that's the air that's coming in here. your windchill advisory in effect for tonight through the day tomorrow. for windchills between 5 and 15 below zero. that includes the entire area.
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let's show you the windchills through the night. by 11:00, near 1 in d.c., minus 3 towards martinsburg winchester. tomorrow morning, 6 below in d.c. 9 below in martinsburg, 11 below in cumberland, 5 below in fredericksburg. even around noon we're not warming at all, windchills between zero and 5 below still. it looks like those numbers get even colder as we move on through the area. 21 below in gaithersburg. 16 below in leesburg. what was that, adam? all right good deal. got adam tuss still on chain bridge. let's go to him right now and see what he's dealing with. adam, there he is. >> reporter: well, i figured i'd come out from the news van and defend myself. but the snow squall has come through here. it is definitely moving across the bridge. what we've been telling you all day is that it's going to blow through pretty fast. we have rush hour going on. this is what road crews were worried about, everybody on the
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roads when this comes through. hopefully everybody gives themselves extra time to get home. we are out in the snow on chain bridge. back to you. >> newly informed member of storm team 4. way to go. way to go. that's what we're talking about, buddy. you've got about another 15 minute fz that. then it will be blowing through your area. then it gets really cold. 18 tomorrow, 19 on friday. look at friday, 4 degrees for a low temperature. that would set a record. i think we're going to be talking about windchills near 25 to 15 below zero. that's how cold it will be on friday. 32 degrees saturday most of the day fine. we see a light mix toward the evening hours switching over to all rain on sunday. then it just stays on the cold side moving through monday and tuesday. jim and doreen, you can become members anytime. just stand out on chain bridge for 15 minutes in the cold. >> adam did such a nice job. we don't want his job. >> no. he can have it. also, i bet the next time he jumps out of that van he'll put a hat gloves maybe?
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>> we're really busting him out. we here at nbc 4 are celebrating black history month. we held a reception in our studios today recognizing our partners who are making a difference in the black community owners and the washington regional transplant community presented $5000 checks today to the washington tennyson education foundation and to the minority organ and tissue transplant education program. we also enjoyed some wonderful music from the divine purpose choir. they were rocking it. >> and some good food, too. >> indeed. new at 6:00, dozens of undocumented immigrants turned away in maryland. the ripple effect a judge's
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. here we see again the live camera on chain bridge. and look at the difference in just a few minutes. this gives you an idea how quickly the snow is moving
6:25 pm
through. it was near whiteout conditions during the commercial break. now it's starting to clear up. here is a look at our weather patio as the snow is moving into northwest d.c. right now. >> not much. >> not much, but i'm sure we'll be going right back out to the weather patio as soon as we see some snow. the snow is not lasting long, but it is likely to impact your drive home. jim? tonight dreams are on hold for millions of children who are in the u.s. illegally who were supposed to be applying for temporary legal status today. but a federal judge in texas has blocked president obama's orders. that leaves those children in limbo. chris gordon now reports on the impact it's having on some families in maryland. >> reporter: this is the maryland immigration advocacy organization. this was supposed to be the first chance to apply under
6:26 pm
president obama's executive order for amnesty. since the executive order is put on hold, iris martinez feels her family has been left in limbo. >> translator: we are all in fear again that, you know, we might get deported while we are at work or anywhere else. >> reporter: madila worries she and her husband could be deported. >> translator: my daughter is a u.s. citizen, but there's always a concern someone could come to her door or they are starting to gather people for deportation. >> reporter: opponents for the president's plan says there aren't enough schools to accommodate the immigrants. >> in montgomery county, we now have over 3,000 new students from the past year. most of these central americans coming up here illegally. now my kids are in trailers, our kids are in trailers, because it is blowing up the budget. >> reporter: the director says immigrants have history on their
6:27 pm
side. >> for the last 50 years, each one of the presidents have been deemed a kind of executive orders to resolve immigration issues. >> reporter: so what happens next? casa de maryland sees an appeal to reinstate the executive order for amnesty allowing immigrants to apply for work permits and social security numbers in the next four to eight months. reporting from langley park, maryland, chris gordon, news4. quick bursts of snow moving across the area. doug and veronica will be back with the latest timing. they'll tell us who gets hit, next. >> reporter: i'm tom sherwood at the top of the national cathedral where $10 million worth of earthquake restoration work has been done. but a lot more work needs to be done and a lot more money needs to be raised. i'll have the story omcoming up. from the final four to number one. the winner of the pat collins
6:28 pm
snow stick revealed, next.
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p. a fast-moving burst of snow moving across our area right now. it's having quite an impact on the drive home. >> our team coverage continues all the way to 7:00. doug and veronica tracking it all in storm center 4. where is it now, doug? >> it's right over the i-95
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corridor coming right on through the district. the good news here is we're not seeing the snowfall rates like we saw with that saturday storm system that dropped a quick inch in some locations. so if you get a coating, that's going to be about it. we have not seen too many problems back to the west on some of the roadways. some of them are covered toward montgomery county, especially those secondary roads. that will be the case through prince george's county, part fz anne arundel county. the storm itself, frontal boupdry coming right on through i-95 now getting close to bow we croften, clinton, right now around mt. vernon as it continues to move off to the east at about 20 miles per hour. behind it, we just get cold. there will be a few more snow showers in parts of the area, especially to the north of the d.c. metro area. but the cold air is what we're really watching out for. the entire time, that's been the biggest part of the story. >> reporter: that's right. here on the weather deck i'm seeing some flakes now, picking up a little bit the flakes a little bigger and much wetter than the other day, the fine
6:32 pm
crystaly snow that piled up quickly. temperatures and wind gusts will be very important through the overnight, what it feels like. 30 40-mile-an-hour wind gusts in winchester but nothing like what we dealt with on saturday. it will however bring down the windchill temperatures throughout the overnight from the teens at 9:00 to the single digits by 11:00 and 5 to 10 degrees below by tomorrow morning. doug? >> everybody done with the snow burst by 7:00, really by 7:30. everybody should be done by that. then it's just the cold. we'll talk much more about that and record-breaking cold coming our way in a few minutes. plus, we'll talk about 50 degrees. >> something to look forward to. thank you our team coverage continues with news4's david culver. we seem to have live cameras everywhere to capture the snow moving through. he's in arlington. david, what are you seeing
6:33 pm
there? well, i guess we're not going to hear from david just yet. we'll have to wait a little longer to find out about that. we'll have to wait to find out about the prince william shurp intent to make up in $11 million of budget cuts. tonight's school board meeting is canceled because of the weather. we expect to learn the details on the budget this monday night at a public meeting. and then there was one. out of the field of hups of entryent hundreds of entries, we have a winner in the snow us your pet challenge. >> news4's pat collins caught up with the entry who earned an official snow stick. >> reporter: snow us your pet. the snow stick challenge. best pet picture gets an official pat collins snow stick. we had a ton of entries and an award winning panel to judge
6:34 pm
them. from the nbc 4 hall of fame liz crenshaw and our highly regarded i-team tish thompson and sock macfarlane. they came up with this final four. the black lab with the big orange tennis ball, g in the snow, the bird perched atop the snowman, and buster, the snowball-encrusted snowdog. using an olympic scoring method, they voted and voted and voted. and the winner of the official pat collins snow stick fatme and her pet bird sunshine! fatme crowbani. she's 15 years old and she loves her pet bird sunshine. it appears the feeling is mutual. >> sort of gives you little kisses. >> yeah, he does.
6:35 pm
he makes kissing noises. he can high-five sometimes and he mimics my laugh. >> reporter: when it snowed on tuesday fatme couldn't take sunshine outside so she decided to bring the snow to the bird. well sunshine took to that snowman, well like a duck to water. our judges were impressed. >> the bird sat on the snowman, and they made an itty-bitty snowman. that takes some talent. >> i can't get my 4-year-old to sit still for a moment. they got that bird to sit in place on a manmade snowman. >> reporter: congratulations once again to fatme and sunshine, winners of the pat collins snow stick challenge. in fairfax, pat collins news4. >> as we mentioned we did get hundreds of entries. you can see many more of them some pretty creative on let's go back to arlington, david culver out there, to see what kind of snow is falling out
6:36 pm
there. >> reporter: vance and doreen, sorry to leave you hanging there. now you can see how quickly it's coming down. at 5:15, notice there was none of this. we were told to stand by because doug said it 'twas coming through. we waited. we saw adam tuss' live shot when he was in mclean. at 6:20, this started coming down hard. a lot of folks scurrying to get from the pentagon station home. now the sidewalk is covered with a slick coating of the snow coming down here in pentagon city. live in pentagon city back to you. >> thanks, david. still tracking the snow that's moving through right now, back to our storm team 4x4 to determine if the drive home is getting any better. >> snow isn't the only concern tonight. what you need to know about the extreme cold coming our way behind that system. and the search for a good samaritan who helped a police officer
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the storm team 4x4 is making its way through flurries in northwest d.c. right now. amelia segal has run into lots of backups and some slick spots on her trip in from leesburg. new at 6:00, tonight the trial date is set for one of five suspects arrested in the
6:40 pm
murder of a prince william county teenager. kawain smalls will be on trial starting march 18th for the shooting death of brendan wilson, an rotc student at woodbridge high school. four teeth agers are charged with conspiracy to commit a felony. police characterized the case as drug related but the victim's mother says her son wasn't part of that crowd. generally when we report that the police are looking for someone, it is a suspected criminal. but tonight police in arlington county are trying to find a crime fighting cabdriver. police tell us that last night two men stole merchandise from a store in pentagon city. officer fitzgerald caught up with the suspected thieves. one took off running, and fitzgerald followed. but halfway through he got some unexpected help. >> a red taxicab pulled up and the driver rolled down his window and said hop in. i hopped in the back of the
6:41 pm
taxicab, shimmied over to the passenger's side pulled up next to him. i hopped out. >> the suspect is 28 years old. he was cuffed. he's locked up. his alleged accomplice got away. before officer fitzgerald could thank the taxi driver he had driven away. tonight he wants to find that cabbie and thank him and pay his fare. coming up tonight, we'll tell you how this car got coated in ice and about the even colder air coming our way. and changing minds about the way police handle mental health issues. the officers working to make a difference in our communities. >> it just blows you away about how bad it is out there on the road, abo
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
tonight "changing minds" about the way police handle calls involving mental health. we have covered some cases where police have gotten it wrong. but more and more, law enforcement agencies in our region are trying to help people with mental health issues instead of just arresting them. tonight we meet a couple of officers who are trying to make a difference in the way local police respond to people struggling with mental illness and their families. >> no thank you. >> christy gallagher and her daughter meg are laughing and smiling together today. but not too long ago, christy says she had to call the police on her own daughter. >> she can get very violent, very mean. it's very hard, but i have to keep her little brothers safe and i need to be safe. >> reporter: meg has been diagnosed with bipolar and attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders which can cause rages tantrums that turn suddenly violent.
6:45 pm
christy says that's when police send the crisis intervention team, officers specially trained to handle mental illness. >> often they're just here to calm down and make sure that she's okay to stay in the home. >> it's all about community policing. it's giving those people the options, the resources available out there within this county. >> reporter: officer scott davis and mike chinbloom are the crisis intervention team of the montgomery county police department. these officers handle not only cases like meg gallagher's but they're also the ones working behind the scenes at some of the region's most dramatic and challenging crime scenes. think like barricades, murder/suicides, missing children. >> there are situations where we'll come on scene and it will be a very dynamic, very quick situation xs situation. we have to make snap judgments. >> a two-person team can't respond to every issue. these two are in charge of
6:46 pm
training montgomery county police to recognize and deal with mental health issues. 600 of their colleagues have been through the week-long program. they learn how to recognize when somebody needs mental health first aid and what to do about it. >> we just have to make sure we point that person in the proper direction where to go. >> there's a big need for this kind of help in montgomery county. last year the cit unit responded to more than 5,000 calls for help, and at least 20% of the jail population here has mental health issues. >> it just blows you away about how bad it is out there on the road about the people that just are so afraid to seek treatment. >> montgomery county has a crisis center staffed 24/7, and they work with the police department when mental health issues come up. crisis center coordinator noel gunzberg is a therapist, social worker and a lawyer. she says she uses all of those skills to help people in crisis. >> what we can do is try to help
6:47 pm
those officers that are now kind of left on their own on that scene, know what to do know at least some basic resources. >> at the end of the day, if you look in the mirror and said i did everything in my power to try to get this individual the resources they needed, that's a good day. >> if you or someone you know needs help with a mental health problem we have a lot of resources you can check out on our changing minds site on that includes a treatment center locator that shows where to find help in your neighborhood. but know this. if it's a real emergency and someone is in danger of hurting themselves or others, it's time to call 911. >> good information, doreen. you might be glad this isn't your car. that's ice. belongs to a guy in baltimore. there was a water main break in his neighborhood last night. what happened is as drivers went by they splashed water up onto his car. for hours. that's the end of it right there. he says it looks like a
6:48 pm
popsicle. we're told he's working to get it scraped off. one might suggest he doesn't do that. maybe just wait it out. >> wait it out. big blow-dryer maybe would do the trick. so we're just having fun tracking this fast-moveing squall. >> are you guys finished talking about weather? i sense it over here. you guys are done talking about this thing. >> that's why we need you. >> right. >> you do it. >> that's right. let's talk about it now, show you where the burst of snow is as it continues to make its way through the region. to the west it was toward reston earlier. watch how it just comes in here very very quickly. just as quickly as in it moved right on out. we have seen some problems on area roads, but fortunately not many. hopefully some people were able to leave early. right now, where's the snow in storm team 4 radar shows you where it is. just east of i-95, in through prince george's, anne arundel. this is heavier than we saw come through the d.c. metro area.
6:49 pm
tracee wilkins is live in prince george's county. seeing some of the heavier snow make its way through there. >> reporter: i am. i'm doing this so i can block it from hitting the side of my face. let me show you what it looks like on 202. that snow is really coming down starting to coat the road out there. you were talking about the possibility of whiteout conditions. well i know this is no fun on the windshield. two hours ago doug we had sun, we had pink skies, and clear skies. and now this is what we have, the snow is just really coming in fast and hard. tracee wilkins live in largo back to you. >> that sunshine today helped out a lot. temperatures got about or just above the freezing mark. if it would have stayed around the 20s, i think we'd have more issues tonight. good news this hasn't caused a lot of problems. the problems now, they're just going to be cold air related. 32 now in d.c. dulles coming in at 27, 27 toward reston.
6:50 pm
the windchill will be a big factor. temperatures tonight will drop quickly down to 30 at 7:00, 22 by 11:00. again, the windchill overnight is the biggest factor, not this little burst of snow. it's the windchill, between 5 and 15 below early tomorrow morning extremely cold tomorrow and even colder on friday. high temperatures tomorrow 18, 19 on friday with a low temperature of 4. that would set a record that has stood since 1896. that's the kind of cold air we've got moving in. a latest mix on saturday may start off with snow changing to rain. it will be all rain on sunday with a high of 50 degrees. we get above freezing for a change, and we go right back below it starting next week. guys? >> thanks, doug. combine used to mean snog nothing, but now it does. >> reporter: i'm dianna russini at the combine. we don't know who the redskins will draft first, but we did find out who is going to start
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity your home for the most live sports. robert obviously is a hard worker, you know. he works hard on his body and his strength. >> it doesn't matter just working out. working out is great. but, boy, you have to understand the game so well that when things happen you can react. >> busy day in sport. we heard from the current redskins coach and the former redskins coach, mike shanahan. a lot to get to right now. >> shanahan lit them up. >> he went off today. it was great. the nfl combine taking place today through monday. coaches and general managers from across the league trying to improve their rosters and the redskins are no different. dianna russini is at the combine in indianapolis with more. >> reporter: jason is it going to be an offensive lineman or a safety? jay gruden says they haven't
6:55 pm
made a decision yet. but a decision they have made who will be the starting quarterback going into camp. >> robert ended the season as a starter, we anticipate that going forward and we anticipate both of them coming in with a good frame of mind and eager to get better. it's up to robert to continue to grow and mature as a quarterback and person. moving forward we want to see improvement. >> reporter: jay, what have you learned last year to this year? are you going to change anything? >> we've changed a lot. we've addressed our coaching staff. it's all a process. listening to everybody and trying to find the best players to help our football team win. >> reporter: while jay gruden kept it short and sweet former coach mike shanahan was on the radio, and he wasn't holding back. >> die anannadianna you're right. shanahan discussed everything from donovan mcnabb to albert haynesworth.
6:56 pm
but let's face it. what's a mike shanahan interview without talking about robert grichk griffin iii. he discussed it in detail. >> i knew he could things in the dropback game that would really give him a chance to excel later in his career but as i told him, i said, you're not ready for that right now. you're not. i said i don't care who you talk to. we've got to do the things that give you the best chance of being. you're going to have to trust me. i don't think he ever did after that point. >> so mike shanahan letting the redskins and everybody else have it. great interview, over an hour long. he pretty much aired everything out. >> i heard some people say he threw eye bunch of people under the bus. >> he did. >> i wonder if he offered clarification and if there's any melding twin the two. >> he offered clarification but threw a lot of people under the bus. my thing is, you're a twoo-time super bowl winning coach. there's no need to go back there. you can't ruin your legacy. just leave it alone.
6:57 pm
it's in print. a few more nuggets from that interview, shanahan said during a meeting with griffin the quarterback told the coach which belays he felt were acceptable and unacceptable. also former coach said kurt cousins will be a good nfl quarterback and dan snyder was behind the trade for donovan mcnabb. one more redskins note, safety ryan clark has officially retired from the league. clark spent three seasons with the redskins in two different stints. he won a super bowl championship with the pittsburgh steelers. clark calling it a career. he will work for espn. he spent 13 seasons in the nfl. >> good for him. he's had a good career. i heard cousins was working out with jay's brother, right? >> jon gruden. >> what's up with that, man? >> trying to get
6:58 pm
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on the broadcast tonight, polar express. dangerous subzero temperatures
7:00 pm
across a huge part of the country. so many roofs collapsing crews can barely keep up. our crews tonight losing control on icy roads from north to south, what to do and what not to do in that moment of panic. sudden blast of explosion tears through a california o refinery. residents from miles away say it felt like an earthquake. tonight, the tangled mess of wreckage and the investigation. what happened? and new revelations as the defense lays out its case of the american sniper trial in texas. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news," reporting tonight lester hol


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