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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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county charles calvert county schools all opening to hours late. >> washington county allegheny county, st. mary's anne l and howard county also delayed today. >> in west virginia, berkeley jefferson, grant, hardy, hampshire, mineral and morgan county schools are all closed today. you can find the entire list at the bottom of your screen and in the nbc washington app. >> if you do have to go outside today, delay it as long as you can and make sure you really are ready. we say bundle up, but we really mean it. >> so tom kierein is in the storm team 4 west center. >> yeah, if you don't have to go out, just stay inside. if you have to be out for a length of time layer up and take frequent breaks. we have a new record low. breaks the old record from 1896.
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temperatures right now low to mid single digits just about everywhere. cambridge is the only one at 10. oakland, maryland this is not the windchill the temperature there is 8 below zero. shenandoah valley temperatures there are in the low to mid single digits. and winds are still blustery. current kchs are minus 5 to minus 15. and these are gradually going to be improving as we get into the rest of the day. so headlines this morning, frigid still very cold this afternoon. and then saturday snow, sleet and icing. a look at when these winds will be diminishing, that's at 5:11. want to mention this once more clara barton parkway is now open once again. megan mcgrath on the scene. she was shut down overnight because of icing from a nearby water main break. taking a wide look at things overall beltway in and out of top looking quite good. no major problems.
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same thing looking at prince george's county this morning. br avenue, pennsylvania avenue indian head highway all rolling along quite nicely. 95 in maryland cherry hill road looking good. 95 in virginia overall no major issues. i'm back at 5:11 with a look at 270. 6 degrees here in tenleytown. later today, we'll learn whether maureen mcdonnell will go to prison. the former first lady will be sentenced by the same judge who sentenced her husband, bob mcdonnell. prosecutors suggested 18 months for corruption that included taking gifts from a wealthy businessman. defense lawyers calling for community service. they say the public humiliation of the trial was punishment enough. northern virginia bureau roert david repo david culver will be in the courtroom for us. > now police need your help finding the driver in a deadly hit and run. someone found a woman lie management middle of braddock road in centreville last might. police say she had been hit
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while trying to cross the street. this happened in front of a normally busy shopping center, but because of the cold most people weren't out. police are still working to put together a description of the car. police are trying to figure out what happened to a man and woman found dead in a car at mountain run lake park. her found last night. we're told that both of them had signs of injury. at this point, town and county police are asking anyone who visited the lake yesterday to give them a call. new this morning, a new record says metro knew the radio network in the subway tunnels did not work properly but never told the fire department. their communication system is under scrutiny. the report says metro was aware the radio system was not reliable, but did not relay that information to fire officials. metro is saying the fire department should have routinely
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checked the radios. there is track work on all six lines. bethesda station will be closed for escalator repair. other red line trains will run every 10 to 20 minutes. orange silver blue and green will run every 16 minutes. there may be snow on the ground but believe it or not, now is the time to be thinking about what your kids will be doing this summer. we'll show you how to make your money stretch. and what happened when police tried to serve a search warrant and things g and right now i'm walking outside to our weather deck putting a t-shirt into hot water and we'll see how long it takes to freeze with record cold temperatur.
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take a look. just 5 degrees outside our studios. but look at the current windchills. negative double digits in a lot of spots. it is ridiculously cold out there. painful just thinking about it. imagine what it's like when you actually have to step out your door. we'll be talking to tom about the dangerous cold with your et weather and traffic on the 1> dangerous brush with death after a car lost control and almost crushed him. this happened in michigan just
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north of destr. e officer was helping another stranded motorist when another car careened off the icy road. the officer was hit. he was thrown into a ditch there. police say he's recovering now in the hospital. he's expected to be okay. this morning we're getting a look at the surveillance video from a shoot-out during an eviction last year in cleveland. when bailiffs tried to enter the apartment, the man insided edopened fire. there was a stand off for hours before he took his own life. good morning. we are starting off frigid under a clear sky. the winds have diminished a little bit, but they're not going to die down complete hely until later this afternoon. so a blustery cold morning. there is the 10 degree mark. we'll stay above zero but only in the single digits through 8:00. by noon reaching the mid teens. briefly upper teens mid
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afternoon. lots of sunshine just a few high clouds coming in. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the snow timing and totals expected for saturday. now melissa, do you have anything going on? brand new crash in hyattsville. sounds like we don't have any injury but newton street at madison way, a blo 270 at germantown road everything looking good. it would comes out there so be careful. may have on scrape the windshield like i did. 66 into and out of town also looking quite good. sa at 95 in virginia, # 5 95 at gordon moving along nicely. i'm back in ten minutes. developing news in switzerland where a train crashed. what witnesses say they saw before the collision. plus how google glass is changing the medical world by
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working together, but imposing new tax increases through public utility style regulations will hurt middle class families let's protect the internet we love without regressive taxes and fees. no to title ii.
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good morning.
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this is our coldest morning of the winter so far. temperatures right now are down into the single digits everywhere. now just 7 above in washington. that's a brand new record for the date. look at our windchills. windchills are down to around 5 below to 15 to 20 below zero windchills. even though the winds havedy mipished still gusting around 20 to 25 miles per hour so we'll have dangerous windchills for another couple of hours. out there in these frigid winds, a meal i can't seegal is on the weather deck. >> i took a hot bowl of weather out here i dipped an old t-shirt in it and if in less than five minutes, look at this t-shirt, completely fr so this shows how serious it can
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be if you're outside. so make sure you're bundled up and you're staying dry. that will prevent hypothermia from setting this. with windchill temperatures this low, 18 degrees or lower in spots, we could see frostbite set in in about 30 minutes this morning. and there you see on the side of your screen again wet skin is more susceptible to freezing than dry skin as demonstrated in this t-shirt. old high school lacrosse t-shirt. back to you. and we'll be making ice cream in 30 minutes. >> excellent. thank you. well nature is on full display at the u.s. canada border. check out these incredible images from niagara falls. it is so cold out there that the falls are kicking up water and creating amazing ice formations. most water falls do tend to freeze over when it's this cold but there is too much rushing water at niagara falls for them to completely freeze over. today a man in his 80s is in
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the hospital with serious injuries after a house fire in prince george's county. it started when the man tried to light a fire in his fireplace using gasoline. firefighters found him outside his home in temple hill wills last night. he was air lifted to a burn center. this video shows extensive damage. repairs estimated to cost about $100,000. what was the coldest day ever recorded in washington, d.c. take a look at the nbc washington app for eight facts about this just crazy cold weather we're having. 5:15. a developing story, two trains collided early this morning in switzerland. this happened about 20 miles north of zurich. witnesses say the faster long distance train hit the commuter train from behind. one of the trains derailed. we're told at least five people were hurt. e 69 vehicleof the victims is in serious condition. today students get a chance to weigh in on udc's plan to
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close a college campus. students will be moved to the campus in van ness. officials told mark segraves the decision was made you because of rising rent at the north capitol street location. today's hearing is at 3:00 p.m. on north capitol street northeast. you may soon be able to drive a little faster on maryland highways. the state senate passed a bill that would raise the speed limit from 65 to 70 miles per hour. a similar bill is pending in the house of delegates. the vote marks a milestone for the bill which died in a senate committee last year. opponents say increasing the speed limit is dangerous because it would cause some drivers to push to 80 miles an hour. maryland is offering state workers $15,000 to leave their jobs. the state is offering that buyout to save some money. say the employees are being offered lump sum payment plus $200 for each year of service. they would have to leave their jobs by april 28th. governor hogan hopes to save about $30 million by letting employees leave voluntarily. a bill that would let school
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security officers carry stun guns and pep are spray in virginia has been rejected. these officers are n sworn law enforcement and cannot carry arms under current law. spotsylvania county representatives introduced the bill saying it would help equip security guards to reso intruders. critics cited safety concerns. it's now 5:17. just 5 degrees out there. check your spice cabinets. hundreds of products are being pulled after traces of peanuts were found. fda is warning people to avoid cumin and products that contain cumin. other spices brown chili powder cinnamon and most indian spices. in news 4 your health women this college who have been bullied online are three times more likely to abuse alcohol and also more likely to suffer from depression according to a survey of 250 women and that's not all. women who bullied others online also had a high risk of alcohol
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abuse. there may be snow on the ground right now and ice, as well but believe it or not, now is the time to start thinking about what your kids will do this summer. summer camps are already filling up and many early bird savings expire on march 1. that doesn't mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg to go to summer camp. make sure you ask about sin link discounts, multiweek discounts and refer a friend discounts. a big trend this sum, all things s.t.e.m.. >> anything offering science, technology engineering or math will be super popular because parents are concerned that they're not getting enough of that during the school year. >> we've posted tips on how to find the best camp on our website. a maryland state employee is out of work today over a facebook comment. the comment by the police liaison officer referred to almost being groped while on a prison visit by guards. he said i haven't been groped as
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much since the flight on my honeymoon. security has been extra tight in maryland prisons after a s involving smuggling in contraband. the super bug discovered at ucla is not a threat to the general public according to health will officials in l.a.. nearly 180 patients have been exposed to cre, an antibiotic resistant bacteria. 7 of those patients got the infection, two died. health officials say they traced endoscopes that were contaminated even though proper sterilization procedures were followed. 5:19 your time. 5 degrees here in tenleytown. today it in honor of black history month, michelle obama is honoring the women of the civil rights movement. there will be a panel discussion at the white house, including women from several generations who are still help to go bring about change. we're talking about really frto go bring about change. we've broken a record and that's not even counting the windchill. >> the fact that we have he's
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beautifully clear skies, not a good thing. a cloud, just one cloud would do so much to provide a little bit of a blanket. but instead we're dealing with this just -- we're out of adjective level of cold is just indescribable and you can get frostbite in just 30 minutes with exposed skin to these kinds of temperatures. many people walk to work. and are waiting for buses and at the metro. and you need to dress accordingly if you'll be out for more than just 15 or 20 minutes, layer up. we will have frigid windchills and temperatures in the single digits. walking bag home today, still very cold in the teens, but we'll have lighter winds. windchills won't be as bad this afternoon. we'll have bright sunshine throughout the day ahead. when you are away from your tv and you're walk away you want to find out how cold it is where you are, you can find that out with a storm team 4 weather app. here is the timing on snow
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developing tomorrow. adding ensuggest to injury after the cold we have snow moving in. all this area in lavender is snow shenandoah valley by around noon, then after that, the timing shows snow arriving in the metro area around 1:00 2:00 in the afternoon. and then continues light to moderate snow into t afternoon until around 6:00 p.m.. this pink zone that's a zone of some change over to sleet and some freezing rain. that's going to continue into the evening hours on saturday by 8:00 p.m. saturday, that then moves to the north. and then we may get a little bit of rain around southern maryland lower part of the eastern shore, that area in green. then changes over to just rain by late evening. but some of this could still be freezing rain on saturday night. and the snow totals before that changeover 2 to 4 inches in the metro area. much lighter amounts farther south and east. and farther north and west, this zone here, svenhenandoah valley could get 3 to 6 inches before a change over to the sleet and freezing rain.
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then some rain late saturday night until around dawn on sunday, then sun back sunday afternoon. cold next week highs staying below freezing on monday and tuesday. maybe near 40 wednesday. cold end to next week. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the hour by hour windchills for the day ahead. and now melissa, do you have any problems early on? >> brand new problem here on the rails. metro delay orange and silver lines right now just happened here single tracking through east falls church. we'll keep you updated. beltway at river road that's moving along quite nicely. no problems there. taking a look 66 west of ox road also looking quite good. 95 in virginia headed northbound in triangle completely clear. all the way through woodbridge. newton street at madison way, a crash there. should be out of the way soon.
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95 into and out of town fine. bw parkway same thing no major issues. we're we were seeing slowdowns earlier and then it faded. so probably just something happening a little crazy with those send are sores on the roadway. i'm back at 5:31 weather and traffic always on the 1s. we'll see you then with a live picture of 270. i'm richard jordan at the live desk. right how we have new video just in from australia. two cyclones hitting the area one right after the other. strongest is cyclone marsha with winds of up to 180 miles per hour. so strong wind, heavy rain there in more than australia, queensland taking the bankrupt. power knocked out, people that live on the coast have to get out of there fast. no reports of any casualties at this point. we also haven't heard of any serious injuries. but people in the area have been told to get indoors and stay there for now. that's the latest from the live
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desk. it's now 5:24. google glass could soon help medical technicians save more lives. one ambulance company is using the device to send real time images of the patient to doctors as they're driving to the hospital. emts say the technology can help will doctors diagnose the patient. it can also help hospital employees prepare for the patient's arrival. the next phase of the project is to make the ambulance a mobile hot spot so all the equipment can connect to the internet. brace yourself. there is a thin mint shortage. >> stop it. >> calm down. don't worry. the thin mints are on the way. girl scouts of greater washington say that a national thin mint shortage will not affect us around here. who knew there could be such a thing. >> oh, i knew. >> they will open today or supposed to and stay open through march. you can find your neighborhood cookie booth on our nbc washington app just search cookies. >> thin mint is my favorite. >> is it really? >> but i try not to buy them because it comes in a two pack
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sleeve and i eat the entire sleeve in one sitting. i have to keep away from those. >> they need to do like the rits crackers and put them in shorter sleeves. >> probably only should -- >> like that won't stop me. your time 5:25. commuting is a challenge in this kind of weather. and with temperatures dropping again, we have some continues on how to keep your car running so yo vapdedstranded in the cold. blim theame the windchills. take a look. negative 14 in gaithersburg. that is insane. some areas are between 5 and 20 below. coming up at 5:31 tom is tracking how low it is going t. watch news 4 today on the go. just done load the nbc washington app from the app .
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right now on "news 4 today," birth bitter cold snap take two. but it feels even worse because for some areas, it is beyond cold. d.c. reached a new low at 7 degrees. wicked windchills making things even worse. >> tough to look at that right?
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in the negatives, double digit neglect til difference we're the #dangerous cold and tom kierein is in the "weather center" to talk about how this cold is going to play out throughout the day. it's brutal out there. >> really is. and that thermometer we showed on the weather deck only 2 above zero there. and the windchills today, right now they're around 5 below to 15 below. they will say this way through 8:00 a.m.. then they will improve by noontime windchills between 0 to around 10 above. then when you're heading back home, most of the wind will be gone but still maybe a breeze windchills around 10 to 20 degrees as the air temperatures climb into the upper teens. but look at the windchills now where he minus 5 to around minus 15 most of the area. even though winds are only gusting around 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's enough to drop the chills. look at these temperatures.
5:30 am
thurmont up near the pe border that's not windchill, it is 6 below zero there. hagerstown only at 2 above zero. gaithersburg only 1 above. it's only 3 above in clinton and prince george's county. much of prince william county only near 3. dulles at 3. lorton at 5 above. fredericksburg only at 5 above zero now. coming up next, a look a over the next 24 hours. melissa, you have a delay? we super methave metro delays. a cracked rail. orange and silver lines right now sink dwell tracking through east falls church. so going to have to allow a little extra time there for yourself. in arlington, washington boulevard at north evergreen, that is closed until noon you because of replacing some pipes. alternate is wilson boulevard. and crain highway north at berry road, one lane blocked there.
5:31 am
wider look overall, inner loop and outer loop, no major issues. and we shouldn't see anything because it's so early still good to know around here we know it can get a little nasty. 2270 at montrose road, looking pretty good. again goin70 at montrose road, looking metro and also hearing about possible issues on vre, so we'll talk about that in a couple minutes. but orange and silver lines single tracking through east falls church. a lot of your kids' schools are closed this morning because of the weather. in virginia following districts are fairfax, loudoun county prince william county stafford spotsylvania county. >> also fauquier county manassas city manassas park. king george. delays arlington, alexandria city falls church city culpeper county page county
5:32 am
clarke county warren and fred drink county all delayed. >> maryland montgomery prince george's county frederick county charles and calvert all twlaed. >> washington county, mayers anne arundel, howard county are two hours late as well. we're learning that allegheny county schools are now closed. in west virginia, berkeley jefferson, graptsnt hardy, hampshire, mineral and morgan county all closed. the entire list at the bottom of your screen and of course always available in the nbc washington app. it is not just the schools that are affected by the weather today about that prince george's courthouse closed again. frigid cold temperatures there caused a pipe to burst in the building on wednesday. p that damaged the electrical system. it's left the building in upper marlboro without any heat. no word as to when that building will reopen. you can check the nbc washington app again as you are on the move this morning if you have to be to stay up-to-date on the latest with all the closings and delays
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around the entire region. 5:33. 5 degrees in northwest washington. you may want to head out to your car a little early today it make sure that it starts. aaa says it is fielding more than 50,000 calls for dead batteries since last friday. and they're expecting a lot more as this bitter cold blast just won't go away. we're reaching the coldest temperatures we've seen yet. car experts have some advice to keep your engine running. >> make sure there is nothing left on in your car unplug the little cigarette lighter adapter for your phones and just pray that it starts. >> aaa recommends that you check the strength of your battery regularly especially if it is more than two years old. and with the temperatures like they are right now it only takes a few minutes for for you. we posted eight facts about the cold weather this our nbc washington app. we're waiting for a word on whether the map will be charged in a hit and run that killed a maryland woman. the victim vanessa dixon was headed to a job interview when she was hit by an suv.
5:34 am
police are investigating the crash as alcohol represented. the related. police have not released the results of the test. the is devastated. >> she had five children and three grandchildren and whoever take her life away, i need to see that person put to justice. >> it could be six to eight weeks before charges are filed. the driver is not in custody. the fbi is trying to keep you safe the next time you head to the bank. the bureau along with local police is offering a $30,000 reward for this group of bank robbers. take a look they're dubbed the black hat bandits because they dress in all plaque and always cover their faces. since last month, the bandits have hit seven backs in seven week. we've posted the photos on our nbc washington facebook page so you can get the word out about these bandits.
5:35 am
a bill that allows breast feeding in more public places is now headed to virginia governor terry mcauliffe's desk. the current law in virginia allows breast feeding on state owned property but allows privately owned businesses to set their own rules. the new law allows women to breast feed anywhere they are lawfully present. the governor plans to sign the bill. police say they are now talking with a person about of interest in a deadly hit and run. u.s. park police believe they recovered the car that hit and killed rick warrick last month on the bw parkway. at the time warrick and his fiance were changing a tire near laurel. today fairfax county police could release more details about a man shot and killed by one of their officers in 2013. john gear was in a standoff with police when he was shot. earlier this year, the fairfax county board ever directors released the results of an independented audit. the board of supervisors i should say.records show gear had his hands up and he was unarmed at the time of the shooting. today more records could be
5:36 am
released. keep an eye on the nbc washington app, we'll post any new developments. it is 5:36. a local rabbi accused of secretly recording women now faces decades in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. barry freundel pled guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism. prosecutors say he recorded women as they undressed in a shower area. they say there could be more than 150 victims. freundel will be sentenced in may. the request police are making this morning following a mysterious death investigation at a park in northern virginia. >> what is being called a potential game changer for how you watch tv. >> this is just tough to look at this morning. temperatures with windchills in the negative teens in most places. we're looking at 3 degrees at dulles, fleg it neg with the
5:37 am
windchill. >> and next experiment, i have sugar, shall milk, going to pour it in a bag and see if we have ice cream. see how long it takes to make this morning with the ♪ insight is knowing you made the right decision from the start. insight is knowing how to handle things that don't go as planned. and sometimes it's knowing when to step back and see things differently. when you have insight, you can handle your finances with confidence. that's why at pnc insight is behind
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all the expert guidance we provide tools we create and services we offer.
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here is a video of snow in amman, jordan. streets were empty and a few drivers themselves stuck. more cold is on the way, too. more snow at possible higher elevations. so it's not just here. not just around -- it's around the world. >> everybody a getting hammered. >> misery loves company. >> let's talk to tom kierein now about how miserable it is outside right now. >> it is dangerously cold. you have to respect this kind of cold. coldest weather we've had so far this winter. temperatures right now in the low single digits. and we'll stay this way through 8:00 with frigid windchills through the morning. winds will begin to diminish by
5:41 am
noon. right now peak gusts 15 to 20. temperatures during the afternoon will reach upper teens by 2:00 3:00. overnight tonight, cold again. down to near 10. snow likely developing on saturday. and look at the totals at 5:51. still have delays? >> metro delays orange and silver lines single tracking through east falls church because of a cracked rail. train 300 and 301, 15 to 10 minutes behind because of a signal switch problem. 270 south to the beltway, on time. outer loop 95 to 270, on time. in virginia, looking good. no major issues. i'm back a if you've ditched your cable subscription in favor of online streaming, dish network wants
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looking at the stories making headlines, later today we'll learn whether maureen mcdonnell will go to prison. she will be sentenced by the same judge who sentenced her husband. fairfax police need your help finding the driver in a deadly hit and run. shall be found a woman lying in the middle of braddock road in centreville.
5:46 am
police say she had been hit by a car while trying to cross the street. dangerously cold now you can get frostbite exposed skin anywhere from about 20 to 30 minutes. and temperatures that are hover willing single digits with i said withes gusting to 20 feel like they're around 5 below to 15 below. temperatures right now single digits all around the region. 5:46. police are trying to figure out what happened to a man and woman found dead in a northern virginia park. officers found them a car parked at mountain run lake park in culpeper county last night. we're told both of them had signs of at this point police in that town and county are asking anyone who visited the lake yesterday to give them a call. we're learning p thatthis morning that an inmate who died inrousdy was in restraints when she was shot with a stun gun. police say natasha hk ken in a was in a restraint chair and wearing a hood. police say mckenna refused to leave her cell. she had also assaulted a deputy
5:47 am
three days earlier. she died five days after the incident. a $1,000 reward being offered for this man. d.c. police say he's a person of interest in a kidnapping. earlier this week a father said two men knocked him out and stole his suv. that happened on martin luther king skrr oig avenue southeast after taking that car thieves realized there was a child in the back seat and they kichditched the car. the child was not hurt. this man was charged with burglarizing four homes in wheaton. investigators say he entered through unlocked doors apznd windows. a pennsylvania man is facing murder charges in prince george's county for performing an illegal butt enhancement procedure. vinny taylor scheduled to be arraigned this morning. the procedure happened last march inside a capitol heights
5:48 am
hotel room. prosecutors say taylor injected the woman's butt with silicone. she became sick after the injection and eventually died. a bill that protects virginia homeowners from their homeowners associations is now headed to governor mcauliffe's death. the so-called homeowners bill of rights gives people the right to inspect all financial records. it also makes sure residents have due process during a dispute and gives you the right to cast a vote on all matters affecting your neighborhood. the bill had very little opposition. if you live in virginia, you may soon be celebrating happy hour with a pitcher of sangria. lawmakers approved restaurants to advertise drink specials outside as well as inside the buildings. the bill would also allow for pitchers of sangria to be sold. currently they are not allowed to serve more than two drinks to one person at a sometimetime. the bill heads to the governor.
5:49 am
we're asking you to fill in the blank. it's so cold that -- keep it clean. we also want to show you how cold it is outside right now. amelia segal live on the weather deck to demonstrate how quickly things can freeze out there. and we're glad that you're not frozen but what's in ht bag? >> it's so cold that you can make ice cream outside this morning. if you're watching and you're an elementary schoolteacher, i'm sure you you've done this. i took a bag, i put skim milk, some vanilla extract and a little bit of sugar. typically you'd put this in another bag filled with salty ice cubes because that is going to lower the freezing point. but i was thinking it's probably so cold out here this morning that we can make ice cream in the bag without putting it in that ice and salt. so i've been shaking it out here for about the last five minutes. time to give it a try. i have two spoons, so i'll save the other spoon for tom.
5:50 am
he wanted chocolate fudge. i said vanilla is the best i can do this morning. i do have to say, it's cold. winds on our storm deck really aren't an issue at least. let's see what it tastes like. it tastes like ice cream that you have in a root beer float where it gets ss nice and fizzy. so if you want do this you can but make sure you're bun demmed up. you can see we're urlsually doing this with another bag of ice cubes an salt because that helps the ice cream freeze. but it's so cold out this morning that we don't need that bag out here to make it work. i'll bring some in for you later. >> we'll look forward to that. >> that's how cold it is though. >> just stand outside and make ice cream. >> frozen t-shirts instant ice cream. >> how about add a little cookie dough in there. >> sounds good. i like the chocolate idea.
5:51 am
>> all fun aside, this is really dangerously cold. if you have to be out for a length of time just respect the cold. layer up cover your face too. because you can get frostbite just in 30 minutes or less. we have had a brand new record low for the date for february 20th it was a very old record set back in 1896. now 7 degrees in washington that is the brand new record low for washington. last time we had a february record low in washington was 45 years ago in 1970. temperatures right now are single digits all across west virginia virginia, maryland eastern shore. just hovering in the low to mid single digits. windchills are minus 5 to minus 15. winds peak gusts now around 20 plrnhour. to walking to work, layer up. frigid chills will be with us. walking back home from the bus stop or metro, mid teens with a lighter wind and lots of sunshine. we have a winter storm watch in
5:52 am
effect now for western loudoun county frederick, washington, panhandle of west virgini northern fauquier and all these counties in blue for snow, sleet andizing. the timing on its arrival on saturday leading edge of snow moves in to shenandoah valley and up toward the pennsylvania border panhandle of west virginia around noontime. after that moves in will to the metro area during the rest of the afternoon. continues to snow until around 6:00 7:00. pink zone that's an area where we could get sleet mixing in with the snow changing to freezing rain late in the evening and then rain mainly after midnight on saturday night. so it will be a nasty mix leaving around 2 to 4 inches of snow and sleet. metro area could get 4 to 7 inches in a big zone just north and west of us all the way into the mountains and shenandoah valley lightser amounts 1 to 2 inches southern maryland eastern shore. after that changes over to rain sunday morning. a little sun back sunday afternoon. a brief break sunday afternoon may make it into the 40s. and then we get cold again on
5:53 am
monday with sunshine back. teens in the morning, afternoon highs 20s. and then on tuesday, may not get above freezing and partly cloudy. back up near 0 on wednesday. the average high this time of year 47. looks like we'll stay below that for the next seven days. now let's check on the roads this morning. >> it's getting so cold and now we're having things affected like of course metro and vre. orange and sil single tracking through east falls church. and vre, fredericksburg line train 300 and 302 about 15 10 minutes behind. outer loop at the dulles toll road a vehicle on the shoulder there. so shouldn't be slowing you down too much. wider look no major problems on the beltway. looking quite good this morning.
5:54 am
talking a little meet your street my favorite thing these days the most requested street since i've started my new series is backlick road. such a strange name that it conjures up all kinds of weird visions. tonight at 5:00 we'll take a look at the history behind that road. plus if you've ever driven toll road you've seen the name wehle avenue. who or what is wehle? we'll check out another temporary ro. if you have one send me a note on twitter and i'd like to come meet your st. walmart workers will have more cash. they will increase wages to # $9 an hour by april. by this time next year, this will earn $10 an hour. some jurisdictions already have higher minimum wages. youtube getting toward
5:55 am
release a new app for your kids. landon dowdy joining to us toward release a new app for a new app will feature age appropriate content and kid friendly design with big icons. it will also have parental controls including a timer ta child's screen time. and it's been a week since reports of apple's own electric car and now it appears it's shifting in to a higher gear. reports say apple aims to begin production in 2020 and has assembled a team of about 200 people. it typically takes design a car. apple isn't commenting. how long would you wait in line for an icar? >> not that long. i'm just not one of those guys. landon dowdy, thank you. >> thanks. today a man in his 80s is in the hospital with some serious injuries. that's after a house fire in this prince george's county. it started when he tried to light a file in his fireplace
5:56 am
using gasoline. firefighters found him outside his home last night. he was air lifted to a burn sflr. this video shows the damage done to his house. repairs estimated $100,000. today you can meet in person with recruiters from around the region at the d.c. job fair. a lot of big name businesses will be there. clark construction csx, giant food sears and others. they're filling jobs in construction retail hospitality, armed services. you can also learn about ge dwchlt classes and other services if you're just re-enter re-entg the workforce. the fair kicks on the at 10:00 this morning at the arena stage in southwest. 5:56. the extreme cold most likely has you wanting to stay in bed under as many covers asimagine the impact it's having on the school buss in montgomery county. what t doing to keep them running.
5:57 am
5:58 am
right now "news 4 today," record breaking cold. the montgomery county school district working to keep its buses running as you get ready to deal with the dangerous conditions outside. >> you're going to need to keep yourself covered up when you go
5:59 am
outside. take a look at these windchills. we're experiencing the coldest spot in hagerstown negative 16 -- negative 11 right now. double digit negatives throughout our area. we're watching the impact the cold temperatures are having on the efforts to get to work or school today. >> we begin with the windchills you can expect in your neighborhood. >> they change minute by minute as the wind gusts and sometimes the wind goes calm. then it gets gusty again. windchills are subzero. coldest of the season so far, now 6 at reagan national. that is a record low for this date february 20th a very old record from 1896. it has not been this cold on february the 20th in 119 years. just amazing. down to low single digits all around the metro area, near by
6:00 am
suburb even away the bay. temperatures around the reenlg e them stay this way for much of the morning. frigid morning chills. this afternoon, cold. won't even get out of the teens. then saturday looking more likely for snow, sleet and icing. next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 6:11 a look at when these winds die down and now melissa has more delays. >> more metro delays. talking about the orange and silver line single tracking right now through east falls church because of that cracked rail. just a nasty cold morning out there. taking a look at vre, train


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