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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  February 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now smoke in the tunnels. trains delayed, passengers concerned. metro what metro is saying about multiple problems on the rails. a live look outside shows there's still snow that hasn't melted. we'll look at the temperatures and what you can expect
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overnight. put policy in front of american citizens' lives. >> it father of a hostage killed overseas calls out the obama administration a. slick roads are still a concern tonight and into the morning. machine's commute could be a slow one. storm team 4 meteorologist amelia seigel breaks down the road conditions and has a look current temperatures. chris temperatures now for the most part are above freezing. overnight, everybody will drop to below 32 degrees. any snow that melted to, any sidewalks that weren't cleared will turn to ice overnight. that could impact your machine morning. here's -- your monday morning. here's look at temperatures. washington at the 42 degrees. the suburbs in the mid to upper 30s. as we take a look at future temperature across the area this is 1:00 a.m. notice that the suburbs already starting to fall below that freezing mark. washington still at 34. by 4:00 a.m. just about
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everybody is below freezing. we're tracking icy conditions at the that point. and 8:00 a.m., when you're stepping out the door, temperatures at that point in the mid to upper 20s. 28 degrees for those of you in washington. so the road conditions tomorrow morning, the main roads should be mainly fine. the concern, though is with the secondary roads and the sidewalks. if they weren't treated, they could certainly be icy. after that, our focus turns to breezy conditions and falling temperatures because. because of that the weather has a moderate impact on your monday. wait until you see how cold it's going to feel in your neighbor tomorrow afternoon and evening in my full forecast in just over ten minutes. you mentioned the roads. the school closings and delays are already pouring in. some school districts will be on a two-hour delay including fairfax, loudoun, anne arundel, and prince george's county. schools in frederick county virginia are on a one-hour delay. you can download our nbc washington app, and we'll let you know about others as soon as they come in. all weekend, metro has been
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dealing with smoke incidents at several stations including the one where a woman died last month. the stations at l'enfant plaza, woodley park foggy bottom, and rosalyn have all been affected by smoke. passengers have been tweeting what they have seen smelled and heard in those tunnels. darcy spencer is live in foggy bottom. darcy, what are the riders telling you? >> reporter: well i was able to speak to a woman who was down inside the tunnel here at foggy bottom tonight. when she said she saw and smelled smoke, she described it as a white smoke. she said it kind of looked like a haze. fortunately, she was able to get out. she said she was definitely concerned. it's all quiet here at the metro station tonight. but this of the second time the fire department had to respond here just this weekend. >> it was really smoky. you could smell it and see it. >> reporter: gale rankin got off at the foggy bottom metro station to catch a kennedy center shuttle and found herself in the middle of a smoke
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investigation. >> it the people getting off, we all noticed, everybody said, yeah it's smokey in here. with the last incidents that happened it was a concern. >> reporter: there was a report of smoke in the tunnel between foggy bottom and rosalyn. fire departments responded to both stations but it turned out to be some sort of maintenance problem. >> all trains will be coming and going on track two. >> reporter: trains were delayed for a while. julie anne stennis is a george washington student who was trying to metro to the library. she got off at metro center instead and walked to g.w. because of the holdup. >> i was stopped at the metro center platform with the doors open. after sitting there for a while, i just got off. who knows how long you'll have to wait. >> just this weekend, there we four incidents at metro stations. one at l'enfant plaza involving a train with a mechanical issue. there were problems reported at the woodley park station and another at foggy bottom. >> it makes me want to get a car sooner. but as long as they have an evacuation plan which i don't k -- i think they need to work on it because if so many
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people are put in the hospital the last time obviously something's not working. >> reporter: metro officials tell us tonight that the problem here at foggy bottom tonight was an arcing insulator. they also say that they tend to have more mechanical problems when the temperatures are low. reporting live from northwest, darcy spencer, new. new at 11:00, pepco crews had to respond to more than a dozen smoking manhole covers today. they were spread out across the district and we found another tonight near and r street. a spokesperson said all the salt and ice on roads leaked into underground equipment causing the smoke. earlier to witnesses heard a big boom coming from a manhole cover on the national mall. pepco says that was caused by a transformer blowing a fuse. the combination of the blown fuse box and faulty underground cable cut power to thousands of people. pepco says about 2,600 customers in the district were affected at
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some point. but at last check, power has been restored to all of them. a fla fire on top of a street car is prompting the distri to inspect the entire system. the car started sparking last night. the fire did go out on its own. engineers tested the power system and everything checked out. right now the street cars are only running simulated service. and mayor muriel bowser says street cars will only whoep it's safe to do so. in southeast, a man and woman are recovering after someone shot them. happened just before 2:00 in the morning on elvins road. a woman of shot in the face and a bullet grazed a man. the shooter is still out there. al shabaab is responsible for the deadly mall attack in kenya. now the terrorist group is making threats against malls here in the united states. as nbc's kristin welker reports, they're already beefing up in one of the nation's >> reporter: at one of the world's busiest shopping centers, the mall of north america in minnesota, there is
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extra security today. this after a video surfaced overnight showing shabab a somali-based terrorist group, calling for attacks against western malls including this one. >> i think when it's a threat like that everyone's extra on guard. >> reporter: the group claimed responsible for the 2013 attack in the westgate mall in nairobi, kenya. a reign of terror where more than 60 were killed. today the secretary of homel officis are investigating the latest threat and urged vigilance from the public. >> i would say that if anyone is planning to go to the mall of americaed eded eded ed todd they have -- mall of america today, they have to be careful. >> reporter: he stresseded that people sho shopping. >> i'm not telling people to not go to the mall. i think there needs to be an awareness, there needs to be vej lance, and you know be careful obviously. >> reporter: in a statement, the mall said "we will continue to
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monitor events with the help of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies." meanwhile, shabab has also called for attacks against the west edmonton mall in canada and london's oxford street shopping area. canadian officials addressed the threat in a news conference late today. >> i feel west hampton mall is very safe. i also feel the community is very safe based on the nature of the threat we received. >> reporter: the group has been recruiting heavily including in minneapolis, near the mall of america, and a city with a large somali population. >> this is what this group does. and that is why we've been focusing not just on going after the evil of isis overseas but also the home-grown terrorism. >> reporter: a senior administration official says so far al shabaab has not shown an able to launch major operations outside east africa. >> what the new video does is it moves al shabaab from being a regional threat to putting them on the world stage in terms of threatening western countries in the united states.
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a young woman was killed while isis was holding her hostage. and now her father says the u.s. government put policy ahead of american lives. the "today" show got an exclusive interview with kay mueller's father. he has mixed feelings about the obama administration refusing to negotiate a ransom with the terrorists. >> we understand the policy about not paying ransom. but on the other hand, any parents out there would understand that you will want anything and everything done to bring your chile home. >> a lot of folks are talking about the story on line. we want to hear from you. leave your comments on our nbc washington facebook page. be sure to tune in tomorrow for the "today" show's full interview with kayla mueller's family. at the white house tonight, president obama welcomed a lot of the nation's governors including some who are eyeing his job. mr. obama made some brief remarks and led a toast to the governors association dinner. wisconsin governor scott walker was there, just one day after
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the "washington post" reported that walker said he doesn't know if the president is a christian. mr. obama did not address that, but he did say he's committed to reaching across the aisle. >> within this room we're not going agree on everything. but i am committed to working with each and every one of you over the next two years to keep making progress. >> president obama plans to deliver remarks at the governor's association tomorrow. next at 11:00, it is hollywood's biggest night. news4 has you covered on everything oscar. we're going to look at the winners, the losers and the stars turning heads. find out how to join the conversation on the buzz everyone's going to be talking about tomorrow. the road conditions are certainly causing problems for a lot of drivers. but some had more luck than others. a local man captures a unique look at about 12 inches of snow. you're just minutes away from a "sports final" so jam-packed we may have to ask . why the wizards' offense stalls
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in detroit and makes their grumpy guy. nascar spins around daytona to give a new kid a sbried-- new kid a ride to victory lane:and what stefan diggs. the nfl combine to know ab.
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♪ spoiler alert. [ laughter ] ♪ moving ♪ >> with a host like neil patrick harris how you can not open with a broad way-style number?
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anna kendrick and jack black joined him for a musical look at all the nominees. and right about now everyone's on the edge of their seats to see which film is going win best picture. they already awarded the oscars for supporting roles. patricia arquette was widely expected to win best supporting actress for her role in "boyhood" and she did. then she made political comments that had fellow nominee meryl streep giving her a rousing applause. the best actor oscar went to j.k. simmons for "whiplash" and made a speech for parents. >> call your mom, call your dad. if you're luckiy enough to have a parent alive call them. don't text. don't e-mail. call them on the phone. tell them you love them and thank them, and listen to them for as long as they want to talk to you. thank you. thank you you, mom and dad. [ applause ] >> wow. words to live by. a lot of folks are talking about those lego oscars and neil patrick harris' nod to "buryman" when he appeared in his --
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"birdman" when he appeared in his underwear. tell us what you think on twitter and facebook and head to where we have posted all of tonight's best the oscars are just about over. you can still relive the big night. we've got plenty of stories line and on our app including the oscar fashion faux pa of the past. right now a lot of you are on facebook and twitter talking about who you think was best dressed on the red carpet. to find out who the experts thought stood out, go to our nbc washington app and search "oscar." i saw john travolta rocking the tux with no tie look. i'm -- i'm not an expert on physician, but i think if you're going to wear a tuxedo, it calls for a tie. >> i quickly glanced over. did he have like a necklace going on, too? >> yeah. i don't know. that was -- >> no thank you. >> that jumped out at me. back to us tonight, temperatures are already dropping out there. >> so tomorrow morning, anything that melted today is going to be ice tomorrow. driving to work i saw a sidewalk that hadn't been treated. that is going to be a solid
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sheet of ice. throughout the day tomorrow we're not going to see melting. we're going to start off with temperatures in the upper 20s and then they'll slowly fall as the day wears on. breezy conditions throughout the day means we're dealing with a windchill factor. so here are your weather headlines. slick spots tomorrow morning. we're already getting school delays. of course "news4 today" starts at 4:26. tom's going to have the latest weather conditions at that point. by tomorrow afternoon, it's going to feel like temperatures are in the teens. and by the evening wait until you see how cold it's going to feel when you factor in the winds. overall this week, it's a cold week. believe it or not, our average high is now 50 degrees. most high temperatures this week are about 15 to 20 below normal. i values to say the climate prediction center coming out with their latest report. it looks like we'll have below average temperature right on through the first week of march. so spring not looking to make an appearance any time soon.
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temperatures now in the 30s and 40s. college park at freezing. bowie close at 33. annapolis at 32. washington still coming in at 42 degrees. the school day forecast for tomorrow delays likely. we're already getting those in to the newsroom. recess potentially indoors tomorrow. not only because of the ice but the breezy conditions creating cold temperature outside. dismissal -- feeling like temperatures in the teens. so here's the hour-by-hour forecast throughout the day tomorrow. starting off 7:00 a.m. a temperature of 28 degrees. at least we'll start to see some sunshine develop as the day wears on. clouds do decrease. but it's breezy and cold. notice how the temperatures slowly fall as the day wears on. so 11:00 a.m. mid 20s. 3:00 p.m. we're at 24. by the evening hours, temperatures are in the low 20s. tell feel like they're in the single digits. so want to walk you through the feels-like temperature in your neighborhood. this is at 4:00. feeling like 8 in gaithersburg. 5 in hagerstown. 16 in culpeper. and 14 for those of you in
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washington. heading into the later evening hours, it only gets worse by 8:00. feeling about 8 in washington. 2 in gaithersburg. and 8 degrees over in easton. it's very cold tomorrow night. it's a cold start on tuesday morning. a high temperature of 32. so not much melting on tuesday. really the only day this week we could see medicaling will be on wednesday with the high of 41. we'll then be dealing with more refreezing wednesday night into thursday morning. thursday and friday, two cold days with high temperatures only in the low 30s. next weekend, 3 on sudden. maybe some rain later in the day on sunday. of course with many school delays across the region for tomorrow road conditions continue to be an issue. as news4's derek ward shows, the snow and ice impacted people saturday as well as to >> reporter: by morning, it was time to start undoing what the snowstorm had wrought. this doctor checking on patients. but the critical condition of the roads flatlined the trip
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home. >> i got stuck on river road. i left my car, was hoping that a big plow would hit it and i'd trade it for a now one. >> reporter: that didn't happen. by morning he was out reclaiming it from mother nature's icy embrace. she doesn't up easily. finally he got underway. he wasn't the only one whose trip had taken an unexpected turn. plows were out putting the final touches on road that were slowly becoming more passable. and people started emerging from their winter shelter. under the glare of a surprisingly warm midday sun. >> i think i am actually overdressed right now. >> reporter: by midday this is what you had -- little bit of spring. but people aren't fooled. they know it's not going to last. >> we're trying to get the ice off of the sidewalk so it doesn't freeze over that. >> reporter: in the meantime these little ones found enough to play around in. and this man was with his daughter who was getting a bicycle ride in while she could. >> i was trying to keep up you but i couldn't. >> reporter: she like was obviously taking advantage of this mini thaw while it lasts. >> i think this is getting
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colder. it's all going to freeze again. it's going to be the same tomorrow probably. >> reporter: that's right. spring doesn't show up until march 20th. hang in there. derek ward >> i'll be -- out there. ♪ more than 300 voices lifting up in musical tribute to dr. martin luther king jr. concert was held tonight at the kennedy center. the choral arts society of washington and the washington performing arts sponsored the event. he sang spirituals and h.i.m.s about the triumph of the human spirit. and civil rights icon and baptist minister reverend ct vivien was presented with the 20 today chinatown came alive at the sound of firecrackers as
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the chinese new year parade made its way through d.c. this year's sign represents homeownered animals like sheep, rams and goats. some chinese families try avoid having children in the year of the sheep because they consider it bad luck. others love it because, well they're just downright considered cuddly. coming up a scary moment for number two virginia. we'll show you how they overcame this frightening collision to pu this... is the best part of the day. when we sit down together and talk.
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if you like grind-it-out basketball where the high scorer only gets 13 points -- >> 13? >> have we got a game for you. i love it. virginia they're without one of their top players in justin anderson. somehow, some way, the cavaliers
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keep on winning. the second rank team in the country showing everyone why they're such a complete team. fans pumped up at john paul jones arena tonight. the cavaliers hosting florida state. second half action scary moment here. malcolm brogdan and london perentez collide. how about that -- still down on the ground. watch it one more time. the starting backcourt collide heads, brogdon returned. p perentez did not. just over three minutes to play the cavaliers clinging to the four-point lead. and look who it is -- brogdon with the huge bucket. he had four suspense. virginia wins 51-41 to improv to 25-1 on the season. up next a visit to wake forest on wednesday. nba. randy whitman and the wayards visiting the detroit pistons. first quarter, it's the new guy.
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ramon sessions driving and finding the reverse lay-up. session has five assists, send points. add 24 to that. just over two minutes to play in the first half. off this detroit miss john wall is running, speeding down the court. finds butler for the big-time jam. he had the double-double. wizards led by five at halftime. the second half detroit just took over. pope made six three pointers in the game. he had 26 points. detroit, they beat the wizards 106-89. the wiz dropped seven of their last nine games. alex ovechkin and the capitals visiting the flyers. caps down 2-0 to start. second period, things getting chippy between the teams. that's janon chimera and jack renaldo him on the chin. caps down 2-1 at this point.
11:27 pm
that fight may have sparked the team. the equalizer here -- puts that puck on net. it scores 14th goal. we're all knotted up at two. later on, same score. just over four minutes to play. can't get control of the puck. the flyers to. to michael delzado. fires what turned out to be the game winner. flyers topped the capitals 3-2. the caps their four-game winning streak comes to an end. coming up tonight on "sports final," joey logano wins the daytona 500. we'll show how he did it. dianna russini catches up with newly retired ryan clark at the combine. and what was the ultimate factor in hanging up the cleats. plus a guy leading the league to one about to join. former maryland star stefan diggs breaks down his highlight reel and explains why he's ready for the next one. >> i think his skill level's
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going to translate well to the nfl. >> a lot of people saying he's probably a third
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what it look like to get nearly a foot of snow in under 14 hours? something like this. bradley stelzer captured this video in frederick using his ipad between 9:00 in the md :at night. it shows how fast snow piles up as a 12-inch wine bottle quickly disappears. completely covered upper all that winter storm. boy, something to see. if you didn't get out and chop up the ice, it's going to be difficult tomorrow because it only gets colder. >> we're not talking about nilting tomorrow. we'll start with a temperature around 29 degrees. temperatures slowly fall throughout the day. what you're looking at is how it will feel throughout the day.
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not only do temperatures fall but it's breezy as well. around the midday hours, in the teens. by evening hours, 7:00 p.m. feeling like only 8 degrees. so the snow the ice, it's not going anywhere. slick tomorrow morning. even tomorrow afternoon. 30 then 32 on friday. >> that's it for us tonight. "sports final" is up next. have a great nig.
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do not be alarmed. "sports final" will save you. caps flame out in philly while the wizards let down in motown. >> we play the last couple of minutes of quarters like it's the pickup game. >> if they get more than three plays on the first round, they'll have to take me out -- >> calls it a career and gives his prognosis for jay gruden and rg3. >> jay had to answer questions. you think you're the best wide receiver in? yes, i feel that 100%. >> takes center stage at the combine. this show's got some pop. and it starts right now. ♪ welcome in to "sports


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