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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 24, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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water and northern virginia elementary school with a day off. these are the brutal conditions you're dealing with your in your neighborhood now. the wheelchair is not even a factor now which makes these single digit temperature ss even worse. >> tom kierein is here. >> the temperature in dulles shattered the old record by 17 degrees. right now as you head out the door this morning dress accordingly. it is just a frigid morning. you need the sun glasses later today once the s bounces off the bright snow. and temperatures around the metro now in prince george's s just near 10 degrees. much of montgomery county in the mid single digits. reagan national at 16. much of fairfax county in the single dingtgits. look at loudoun county it's only near 1 degree. but 2 below zero right now at dulles airport. elsewhere around southern
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maryland it's milder weather there's not much snow cover. it's mid to upper teens there. in the mountains it's near zero. a clear sky with a light wind. headlines for this deep freeze tuesday a frigid morning and a cold afternoon. staying below freezing all day. we have a snow chance coming up on thursday. next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. chuck bell joins us live with the drive time forecast. we have metro delays right? >> we have metro delays. when you and yellow lines delays in both directions. still have this water main break here southern avenue southeast between 51st and easy. that means intersection is completely shut down. 66 into town no major issues here this morning. little bit slow through centerville and opens up fine. take look at 95 in virginia. that's moving along nicely. a wider look at things overall no major problems. back in 10 minutes with travel
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times. >> thank you. 6:02 is the time now. crews in our area are dealing with several water main breaks from all this cold weather. hundreds of people are affected, too. in alexandria macarthur elementary school is closed today. news 4 is live in janney's lane. crews are working to fix one of the problems now. how is it going? >> reporter: when we see a fluctuation in temperatures we get a lot of water main breaks. this water main in alexandria is causing problems fa l school. take a look behind me here. you can see the work that is underway here on janney's lane. what we learned that macarthur elementary school which is located up the street they are going to be closed today. they don't have water so they are not going to be able to hold classes. receipt pairs continue. they're about 100 customers total without water.
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also, janney's lane is closed. so folks have to detour through the neighborhood or problems take another route. looks like they are making some progress here but we still have the workers done in the hole trying to repair the broken pipes. it's going to be with us for awhi go to macarthur elementary school you don't have to get up this morning, kidsu got an unexpected day off. can you hear the cheer ss? >> i hear the cheers. megan, thank you. it's now 6:03. schools in our area are delayed for the weather today. page mineral, grant, and hardy counties on a two hour delay. shenandoah county schools are open on time but bus routes are using snow emergency routes. also closed today the courthouse in prince george's county.
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pipe problems there to blame. the workers were there because dputers, case files, evidence are at risk of water damage. meteorologist chuck bell is outside in the elements to give you an idea what you'll be dealing with during your commute today. that's c up at 6:11. >> dozens of activities at your schools are on the chopping block. the school district is dealing with a deficit of more than $17 million because the county gave it less money this year. school s reduce class sizes and reach teacher salaries. however, they have to decide what to cut from among dozens of other thl security full-day kindergarten and athletics. today a d.c. nurse charged with sexually assaulting patients heads to court. jared cline attacked patients at
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three d.c. hospitals and one hospital in prince george's county. cline likely has more victims. these incidents date back as far as may 2013. also today, the has been accused of jumping the white house fence and making it to the executive mansion is expected in court. 42-year-old omar g in cou he made it all the east room before s agents tackled him. this is video of t incident last fall it lead to the res the secret service gonzalez pleaded n d.c. mayor's e males of color ini facing criticism. we're learning tha ques only. the aclu said the black female stude of the same strugg male counter parts. d.c. council membe requested a legal the $20 million pr in addition, the a
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says, quote, studi separating boys an not improve academic perf it simply >> police are look person. this happened at t mosque in northeas. we're learning fro director that the mosq broken chairs, windo scattered prayer b. if you have any in e another bitterly cold morning. 10 degrees out there. get ready. we'll have more about the morning commute at 6:11. and winter weather taking a toll across the south. the problem the icy conditions caused for dozens of airline passengers moments after landing. also ahead getting the wrong message. while the advice on protecting your kids from peanut allergies may have been wrong this time. and what you can do to help them
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working to find out what caused the fire. chopper 4 flew over the scene as flames re can k & k tire warehouse senning smoke billowing into the air. it's is the storm team 4 x 4 is out on the roads for you today. chuck bell is live in alexandria this morning. hey, chuck. >> hey, good morning! it is a bone-chilling 10 degrees here in alexandria here this morning. you'll need to layer up! the record low at dulles set in 1967 was crushed. that same morning in 1967
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minneapolis also set a reportcord 20 below tables. minneapolis is 30 degrees warmer than we are. dulles is 2 below. there's something wrong with this picture. your drive time forecast temperatures single digits to near 12 this morning. fortunately all the roads are dry. so that will really help. co home later on today temperatures mid to upper 20s. fortunately still on the dry side of things. but they may not stay dry for long. for now let's go back toot warm traffic center with melissa. >> even though it's warm i have my full sweater dress on this morning. to make sure i'm extra toasty. blue and yellow line delays. delays in both directions on metro this morning. as for travel times in maryland looking pretty good. in virginia you're about 10 minutes behind 95 north
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quantico. tha you. it is 6:12 new this morning. angie goff is going over a new poll released breaking about how you politicians voted into office. why many are optimistic about the next few years. talk about sending a strong message. the extremes one basketball coach is going to in hopes of preventing anoth.
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15 after the hour. prepare yourself for another rude awakening as you step outside this morning. while you were sleeping temperatures plummeted in our area. hovering around 10 degrees in northwest washington. you can see on our thermometer on the storm team 4 deck. we're among the warmer spots. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with current conditions in your neighborhood. the crazy thing, that's is not
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factoring in winds. >> we don't have any wind morning, thankfully. the warmer temperatures around the bay. northern neck in the low to mid teens. coldest temperatures now northern and wes of montgomery county to the mid to upper single digits. much of fairfax county the western part and the loudoun, prince william nr zero. two below zero at dulles. it's only two above in martins burg. these frigid temperatures will be with us for another couple so dress accordingly as you head out the door this morning. we have a clear sky and calm winds. it is going to stay frigid. >> thank you, tom. icy roads are keeping emergency crews busy in texas, too. take a look at the scene in dallas. in dallas a tracto on a icy bridge dangling over th hundreds of cras reported in the
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after sleet iced up the roadways. take a look at that. bunch of cars piled up after a major crash. ice was really up to 1 inch thick in some places. and the ice may to blame for an american airlines pla sliding off the taxiway at dallas-ft. wor airport. take a look at tgr here. the american air off the runway. 68 people on board nobody was hurt. tom kierein is looking ahead to the return of wintery weather. he has the next chance for snow. it's 6:21. good morning. i'm angie goff at the live desk with this just in. new poll numbers that tell us you virginia begans are happy that the job that the governor is doing. and things are looking up when it comes to voters. take a look. this is the latest quinnipiac university poll just released.
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governor mccullough with his first year under his belt getting a 49% in job aproouchl rating. as for senators mark warner voters approve 62 to 42%. and senator tom cain getting the majority of approval there. the to focuses on key states in the upcoming presidential election. angie goff from the live desk thank you. it's 6:18 now. police are trying to figure out what lead to the crash that killn and injured two others in the district. you can see where the suv flipped and landed there. police say a driver of an suv crashed into two cars and hit a light pole. the suv flipped crushing one person who was walking on the sidewalk. edhappened on 4 a and fourth street outside the governmen an eye witness tells us she was crash ended.
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>> just called m her feel very blesse i wa 15 or 20 seconds happened. i could have bee pedestrians. >> the second pe driver were take hospital with no threatening inju two suspects in custody following a deadly shooting in northeast washington. the two men are charged with first-degree murder police were culled to emmerson street northeast at 12:to 30-sunday afternoon after reports of a shooting. the man r died from the injuries. an bar owner char women in bathroom. kyle mill houser ow the investigatio woman was in the digital camera f floor. police say the vid man placing a ca bathroom. it showed six women in the
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bathroom are involved. d.c.-based lawsuit against uber is a federal case. eric search is for $2 million a was stabbed two if you don't rem he said he orderub september of 201 his friends cut short. the driver follo stabbed him six charter school l are earning more schools chancell. according to the post, leaders of s urn between $90 . some are paid th traditional prin others are paid . in some parts of lawmakers are be question whether need r one of the oldes revoked for inappropriate use of school funds. a new report takes a closer look at the suspension of elementary school opportunities.
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the study released by the university of me children nationa million days thr between 2011 and alexandria stood decline during t for more than 16 over 6%. maryland schools almost 2% of ele students. in virginia almo elementary schoo reported. . >> new details about his legal causing a loudoun county supervis to be dropped from the board. he said he has multiple duis on his record. he said deputies have comet to his home and taken in him in once for fight he's been a part of. all th became a supervisor but they hurt his campaign. mom and dad, do you might want to take a few moments to sign up for a chance to get tickets
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easter egg roll. it's a hot ticket. the year tradition will take place this year on monday april 6th. you have until thursday at noon too enter to win tickets on a lottery system. we put the information on nbc this year's theme is give me five. that was ten. as part of the let's move campaign she's asking you to share five things you are doing to live a healthy life with the #givemefive. breaking news on the roads now. in damascus chopper 4 just got over the scene. in is 124. they have shut the road down in the past ten seconds. this is a wire that caught on and collapsed here. it fell on the ground and caught some of the ground on fire. we have firefighters on the scene just out of the picture here this morning. going to be tweeting about this as well. and pushing this out as that is shut down.
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blue and yellow line delays in both lanes. king street is the alternate there. right on the district prince george's line here southern avenue southeast between 51st and easy place right there completely shut down because of road work. otherwise actually looking pretty good. tom? >> the wires down maybe they're overworked with trying to keep our homes that are so cold outside keeping us warm. temperatures right out there with the wires are down are near zero. later this morning up to around 10. by noon mid 20s. 30s by mid afternoon with a light wind and increasing clouds. elsewhe in the 0u. back down to the mid 20s most of the region by 5:00 p.m. look ae tempe northern montgomery county. it's only 3 above.
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much of fairfax county single digits. near 10 in prince george's county. now the impact for today with the going to be low. we have the frigid temperatures but there may be ability will have patchy ice on some sidewalks and maybe on some parking areas. watch out for that. tomorrow morning not as cold. up near 40s for a brief time getting above freezing on wednesday. then another surge of arctic air moves in on thursday. a chance of snow with highs around 30 degrees. a light snow accumulation is possible on thursday. then on friday maybe a few flurries with highs around 30 degrees. then as we get into the weekend, still very cold on saturday. may only briefly get above freezing in the afternoon with sunshine. warmer on sunday with highs in reaching near 40 degrees. might get some rain on monday withem mid 40s. here is what i'm working for 6:31. new snow timing coming in. a new model coming in.
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i'll show you for thursday coming up at 6:31. back to you. >> thank y. > it's 6:24 now. you can lear car picks for 20 s news 4 consume gonzalez receive. you can get a fu ten top picks on washington app r this afternoon. on news 4 5:00 g the wheel at the greatest cars. aparticipate apparently you don't have to go to extremes to key from peanut based foods. a major study fr suggests it's a do. exposing infants first birthday c al seemed to . be -- pediatrician before making any changes at home. a college basketball coach
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banned his play frers the locker room. the nebraska cor abysmal game thi 74-46. it was the fifth. to send a messag none of the play locker room. they're banned from the media. these locke ipads in the locker, a kitchen st sound system a pool table. the coach is saying if you can't step up to the plate you can't enzwroiy the locker room amenities. >> it's like taking away your electronics at home. let's tell you about weather. no wind outside right now. that is not going to provide much relief as some of parts of the d.c. area wake up to below zero temperatures. we're breaking down your day hour by hour to show you the condit woul you'll be forced
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. the major construction project underway in the hours ahead and
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breaking news in damascus. 124 and moyer road shut down. because of wires on fire. we have fire department e a little bit out of view here. waiting for that to burn out. all traffic has been stopped. the alternate take 27 to get around. on metro blue and yellow line delays in both directions th morning. a brand new crash 50 westbound kenilworth. seeing some real delays ther we talk more about that in the next couple of minutes. a wide look at things overall typically this morning. 95 virginia lorton road. southbound looking good. and maryland 95 at cherry hill moving along nicely. more information coming up and
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travel times. thank you. tracking a messy situation in northern virginia. take a live look at the scene here. this could impact your day. crews are scrambling to repair a water main break that left dozens of customers without water in alexandria. megag dev the scene and joining us live in about 15 minutes on the impact it's having on a local elementary school. but the story you'll be talking about at work this mornin cold. single digit temperatures below zero temperatures in some places. t to injury we're talking about snow again, too. >> yeah. light accumulating snow on thursday. new model just came in. here is the new timing on that. right now it looks like at 2:00 a.m. on thursday this white zone here across northern virgin is some light snow for southern maryland. that's 2:00 a.m. on thursday.
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then by around 5:00 a.m. that snow begins to move to the western and southern suburbs during the day on thursday. the snow light snow spreanorth. there may be some hr amounts across through 7:00. it will cause a problem by thursday morning. by 10:00 much of the snow moves to the east. by noontime it quickly exits but probably leave some accumulation ar methodro area. frigid morning. accordingly. montgomery county near 10 degrees. much of fairfax county single digi alexandria teens in washington. dulles down to 2 below zero now. chuck bell joins us live in the storm team 4 x 4 in the next weather on the 1s. >> thank you. today crews are expected to begin construction on the third
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street tunnel project. is map of the area. richard jordan is live with what you need to know. >> reporter: there's already been utility work going on here but today is when the road work begins. and the barricades are up. now you have the signs. these are still covered up. thiss a detour sign. it's going to be uncovered as part of the project. there will be detours in yart. here is the impact for you that you need to watch out for. the road work will be happening between new york avenue and d street. this is to put a deck over a portion of 395 and extend third street. there is one closure that is thef ramp from 395 to third street. that will not be open to any traffic at all during a portion of the project. but most of the work will happen overnight from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. so this shouldn't have too much of a disruption during the
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morning orh hours. however, withthere will be workers here throughout the day. you can expect traffic will be slowing down because of the workers here and you can also expect this will be lasting quite a bit of time. because the project is not another four years. reporting live this morning in northwest washington richard jordan news 4. two men waking up in jail charge in a home invasion in montgomery county. police say one of the men charged in the case actually installed a heating system in that bethesda home. investigators say he came back to the house and robbed it. the homeowner tells news 4 the men went for a box filled with $10,000 cash and rare coins. a state audit shows the maryland transit administration failed to verify millions of dollars in the labor costs coline. they were pushing back a bid deadline for companies seeking to build the project.
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the purple line connect montgomery and prince george's county. it would include1 stops. right now marijuana is legal in alaska. overnight alaa became the third state where recreational marijuana is legal. adults 21 and ol to one grow up to six p 53% the ballot measu. the district will change this at midnight thur. you can possess of marijuana and plants in your home. it a you cannot places. possessing marijuana is still a federal crime on federal property. it is unclear whether congress will act to block the law. the city ily assuming it won't. prince george's county schools could lose millions of dollars if a plan goes to
6:36 am
through to rewrite no child left behind. according to the washington post the new law would take away $2 million in federal money. the reason for the change? it would send money to any schools where low-income children are enrolled. only districts with the highest numbers receive that number. you may not have to pay the fine if you got a ticket on i 66. the virginia dep tr signs in lane yesterday mornin the signs have b v dot said there w failure that cau they figure out which have been ticket a messy situation in alexandria right now. crews scramble to repair a water main. the number of people left without water and the elementary school that is now giving kids an unexpected day off. >> and you see the storm team 4 x 4 there. chuck bell braving the elements as we deal with record-breaking .
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>> a local district promising to cu
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right now it of6:40. these are the temperatures you're waking up to this morning. negative 2 at dulles. that's a record breaker. we're working to get you up-to-the-minute the minute you're up with everything you need to know between today and the "today" show. we start with meteorologist chuck bell live in alexandria live with your forecast. >> reporter: good morning. it is a record cold start out here this morning. it is 10 degrees here in alexandria. as you're getting ready this morning, y layer up. if you have put it on. temperatures are bel zero in a few spots but single digits wide spread.
6:41 am
closer to the chesapeake bay temperatures up in the mid teen financ s as a s aa cold start. rising up into the low teens as we get toward 8: you go out this morning extra layer of socks and a pair of gloves. don't forget the weather app as well. it has the latest forecast. tom is back in ten minutes. he's talking about another chance for some snow. melissa, you don't want to miss that. >> i won't miss it. absolutely. the biggest problem. 124 in moyer road. it's completely shut down. a lot of folks come in that way through gaithersburg. completely closed because these wires that came down across the road shutting the road down. so that's going to be an issue this morning. if you're in that area you're going to want to take 27 instead. blue and yellow line delays on o here. we have the delays in both
6:42 am
directions now. on the roads 95 north 10 minutes behind. and then in maryland a little slow here top of the beltway outerway 95 to 270 19 minutes. only a cup the of minutes behind. more in the issue in damass coming up. thousands of federal workers in our arey he to work without pay next week. security hanging 1,000 workers in maryland alone workers in maryl stay their regular pa that bwi marsha dci declarations. could furlough 3
6:43 am
and the u.s. fir headquarters in is expected to be shut down. president obama is urging lawmakers to make a deal quickly. last minute maneuvering on the hill hasn't solved the impasse. and senate republicans may try a new plan to break down the standoff. peter alexander joins us with more on the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you broke it down pretty well. the clock is ticking now. homeland security as noted, would partially shut down if the spending bill isn't passed by the end of the day friday. that's the time table we're working with. conservative republicans refusing to pass a homeland security budget. unless it rolls back president obama's executive action on immigration. the ones that protect about 4 million undocumented immigrants from being deported. here is the latest mitch mcconnell has been trying to basically find a solution
6:44 am
pushing for separate votes on homeland security and dismantle the immigration action. a shut down would be bad for the economy and insisted it would have a direct impact on national security president oba said. with lep 90 hours to go we keep waiting. virginia senator tim cain is expected to address the possibility of furloughs later this morning. he's holding a press conference. cain and warner pushed hard for a deal calling it a crisis. more than 12,000 people work for dhs in virginia in just a few minutes, the "today" show will have more on this. the veterans affairs secretary is apologizing for saying he served in the military's special forces. he m homeless vet who said he served in the special forces. he released a statement saying he was inaccurate when he responded he was in the special forces too. the va website said mcdonald
6:45 am
served in the 82nd airborne unit. the today the man accused of jumping the white house fence expected in federal court. 42-year-old omar in court for a s he m east room before agents tackled h. this is video of inci. it lead to the r the secret servi gonzalez pleaded i'm angie goff at the live desk. new this morning for the soccer fanatic. getting word from fifa world cup task force. not only moved from the june and july months but want to move it to november and december. but to shorten the games. the reason to move the games because of extreme weather in qatar. the height of the summer season
6:46 am
they can see an upwards of 104 degrees.e seeg pushback from this specifically from european nations who have at lot of their own tournaments and games that run during those fall months. we'll continue to follow this. but once again big news for soccer fans. over to aaron. >> thank you. we're tracking a big problem in northern virginia. a number of people with of kids with an unexpeay from school. megan mcgrath tracking developments in the scene. >> silently while you slept temperatures plummeted under a clear sky with a calm wind. it is down to ne zero western and northern suburbs. teens south and east. coldest temperatures 2 below zero in dulles. zero in frederick. >> still have this big p damascus. 124 at moyer road. completely shut down because of the wires in the roadway. take 27 instead.
6:47 am
blue and yellow line delays in both directions. >> thank you. repairs jurndway now to fix a broken water main that is closing a school in alexandria. they are working to restore water to hundreds of customers including macarthur elementary school which ied baut dd because of this. megan mcgrath is live there. >> reporter: well we're seeing some progress here. a little while ago we saw one of the workers turning a valve trying to turn the water back on. so pipe itself has been repaired. you can see however they are still doing the work of filling in the hole here. we still have janney lane closed. it's closed between west taylor run parkway and sky hill road. macarthur elementary which is located up the street it is closed for the day. crews are right now salting down the icy patch here that was left after the water began to spew from the broken pipe. they were doing it a few minutes
6:48 am
ago. hard to say how long the road will be closed. they don't seem to have any metal plates they can put d the hole. they have to fill it in and put pavement down or bring in one of the plates. we have a gaping hole in the middle of the roadway here. they might be able to scoot the traffic around to one side of the hole. we're keepg an eye on it to see. water should be restored soon. that is the hope here. that's what they're trying to do. but stilt at macarthur elementary school decided to close for the day. reporting live in alexandria. >> thank you. pipe problems also affecting prince george's county today. the district court closed again. county workers say computers, case files, and evidence are all at risk of water damage. all the snow days we've had lately could mean your kids are
6:49 am
going to spend more time in the classroom this spring. the freelance star said several fredericksburg public area schools are about to schedule makeup days. if there's another snow day it will be made up on april 3rd. fredericksburg missed four full days. ! the bitter cold is something you're focussing on this morning. tom is tracking when things will warm up again at 6:51. a d.c. nurse charged with sexually assaulting patients heads back to court. police say jared kline attacked patients at three d.c. hospitals. d.c. police say kline likely has more victims. the incidents date back as far as may 2013. d.c. mayor's empowering
6:50 am
males of color initiative facing more criticism. we're learning that the aclu is questioning that program for boys only. in a letter the aclu said the di's black female students share many of the same struggles as their male counter parts. d.c. council mem requ the $20 mi in addition, the sa separating boys no performance. it simply gender stereo typing. a d.c. fire employee is scheduled to appeal in court on charges of steeling gas on the taxpayer's dime. gove fill ups the news 4 i-tea of dollars have be fede country using th gas fo >> gener on the first tan they've been doi little bit.
6:51 am
>> tonight on news the i-team takes investigation he. see how agents c guzzlers in the one man that sto qu google takeing steps to give apple pay a rub for its money. la i did dowdy is here with the story. good morning to you. >> hi good morning. google is teaming up with at&t verizon, and t-mobile to get people to use the mobile service instead of apple pay. it will be preind o android phones, currently you to download and install the app. google plans to enhance some of the program's features. >> thank you. we're going check with melissa now who is following break news on the roads. >> breaking news in damascus. 124 at moyer road is completely shut down because of this. a pole down. we had an earlier fire here. now the road completely closed.
6:52 am
you have to take 27 to get past this. blue and yellow line delays still have that problem in both directions here this morning and the water main break right on the d.c. pg line. southern avenue southeast between 51st and easy place. your alternate because benning and southern are blocked. wider look at things overall. looking pretty typical. and inbound 395. 66 and 95 looking normal here. 95 in maryland bw parkway everything looking good there. >> beautiful morning. sunrise underway. we'll show you shortly. and plenty of sun through the mo its trijd. by 8:00 ought up to be up around 10 degrees. noontime in the mid 20s. most of the region throughy in the metro area mid afternoon may get up to around 30 degrees. temperatures right now are frigid. north and west of the metro area
6:53 am
it's down to near zero right now. that includes mo virginia maryland shenandoah valley. southern and eastern suburbs in the mid to upper teens. around the bay mid to upper teens. the impact for the weather today is going to be low. most of the roads dried out. watct icy patches on sidewalk and s cleared. i took this picture yesterday afternoon northern montgomery county. the cover of snow looking like whipped cream and me without strawberries. t your photographs on twitter and facebook. i shared that on instagram. a lot of people love that. tomorrow morning not as cold. the afternoon highs finally above freezing around 40. another surge of arctic air pushes in on thursday and at the same time we may get some light snow. some light accumulation is possible on thursday in the mortgage throu a chance of flurries on friday and staying below freeze.
6:54 am
mid 30s on saturday. finallny as we get into monday temperatures in the mid 40s maybe some rain. >> it's now 6:54. this morning we are hearing from a maryland father who lost his wife and his two children in a plane crash. that's the scene from that fateful day. for the first time kent gemmells is sharing his story. news 4 angie goff spoke with him. >> a story ever extreme loss and unbelievable pie veerspers recently i sat d inte husband who lost family. he str what happened to daug a school at the ti >> for her, it's you mean the pla the show on fire is o. to a 7-year-old sense. >> the outpour
6:55 am
they received wa and later today 6:00 why ken and his daughter decided to stay in the area. >> thank you. dozens of school activities and resources now on a list of possible cuts in prince william county. the school board says it's working with a deficit of more than $17 million this year because the county gave it less money. full day kindergarten athletic programs and school security could be cut in response. the board also plans to reduce class sizes and raise teacher pay the upcoming year. 6:55. your time right now. here are four things to know on the tuesday morn. prince george's county schools could lose billions of dollars under a new plan to congress. crews begin working on the d street tunnel project in downtown washington. it's happening on 395 between d
6:56 am
street and new york avenue northwest. accused white house jumper omar gonzalez is expected in federal court. investigators say he made it inside the mansion and all the way to the east room before secret service agents tackled him. repairs underway to fix another broken water main. this one i by cold weather. >> some other schools in the area are delayed today. shenandoah county schools said buss are using snow emergency routes but the schools are opening on time. sunrise like a fireplace fire. live view from the storm team 4 city camera on the frigid tuesday morning. temperatures will stay in the single digits. just nea degre through 8:00 and by noon the 20s briefly near 30s by mid afternoon. >> in damascus chopper 4 over the scene.
6:57 am
124 completely closed at moyer. blue and y line delays in both directions. green line delays to branch for waking up with us. the "today" show is next. we'll be back in
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. good morning. the big chill. more than 175 million people enduring yet another day of record shattering cold and ice. in texas an american airlines plane slips off of the taxi way and dangerous conditions by this bone chilling cold. >> no excuse. secretary of veterans affairs apologizes for lying about his military record. why did he say he served in special forces when he never did. millions of kids at high risk of peanut allergy. the new approach doctors are now


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