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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  February 24, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> the budg f the department of homeland se runs out on friday and while there may be movement to a deal on capitol hil it's far from a done deal. steve handem on the hill now with the latest on all this. steve? >> reporte r or the recent. with e oct democrats um here say there's still no final deal. even though senate republican leaders are trumpeting what they call a natnari soluti. the possible breakthrough comes four days before 2,000 tsa officers and border guards and secret service officers and so-called coasties would stop getting pa but still have to work. with democrats pounding republicans -- >> onewhy don't these senators go without their pay. >> reporter: m mcconnell backed down. >> i'm ready to try another way. >> reporter: h agreed on two votes, one to fund dhs, and a separate vote to block president obama's immigration order allowing millions without proper papers to stay in the u.s. >> the bill isn't tied to dhs
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funding. there's nc o fe on the other side to oppose it. >> reportere at jumped the board. >> i agree that the president overstepped. i'm willi to vote to repeal that, but i want those two separated. >>epte b some republicans demand that dhs funding st linked to the obama immigration order. >> the president should not be allowed to rewrite law. >> reporter: democrats demand that dhs vote first. >> to make sure that homeland security i funded. isis is funded. you see that every day on tv. >> and not so send a message to al shabab th we're just going to shut down homeland security. >> reporter: the mcconnell plan is to vote on immigration first so democrats charge the crisis continues. there has bn so movement on that. the latest mcconnell plan with four days to go 3 1/2, is actually to vote on homeland security first. but democrats in the senate still say they won't make that deal unless house speaker
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boehner agrees to split homeland security from the immigration issue and hold the homeland security vote t the house. live in the hill, steve handelsman news4. a bipartisan group of local members of cons introduced a bill today that would make sure all homelandri employees get back pay fl there is a department shutdown. that bill would give all dhs workers retroactive pay regardless ofer they're furloughed or forced to keep working thrgh the shutdown. for the past 24 hours a local complex for senior citizens habe a crime scene. a 95-year-old former naval officer was fnd dead in his apartment. police say somebody killed him. pat collinss colesville, maryland, wh latest. pat? >> report: jim, daniel long belvin. he was a veteran. he was a retired navy officer. he was 95 years old.
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95. now daniel long belvin found murdered inside his home. the body of 95-year-old daniel long belvin f dd inside his second-floor apartment. he was discovered yesterday afternoon, b they say he could have been dd y police describe it as trauma to the upper body. some sources say it was a sry scene. this is the randolph village senior living complex in colesville theanemee put out a memo to the residents. they talked about the investigati. they talked about the police activity, but idt mentionur it says over the ne couple days you'll notice police presence throut the building as they conduct an investigation. we apologize for any inconveniencthause you. we appreciatyo cooperation. this is what you t om management >>esrda
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>> reporter far, no motive, no arrest. live in montgomery county, pa collins, >> three people are still in critical coit afr a train crash in california. wendy rieger is at the live desk with more on that. >> we just got an update on those patients. we've learned the driver of that train is still in very bad shape. it's metrok train. it slammed into a truck that was stuck on the tracks early this
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morning near oxnard. 38 people whuree critically. they'ral chei t driver of the truck. he was found disoriented more than a mile from the crash scene. not clear how his truck became stranded on t tracks. investigats improved train cars may have ke more people from serious injury. metro link redesigned those cars after several deadly accidents between thye 2d 2008. at le desk, wendy rieger, back to you. the kidnappers of an american missionary in nigeria are demanding a ransom of all $300,000 for her safe return. the reverend phyllis sordor of the free methodist church in seattle was abducted by five armed men mo morning at work in central nigeria. police told nbc news the kidnappers p criminals rather than terrorists because they only took her and the extremist group boko hitteraram
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does not generally operate in that area. republicans in congress are promising to renew they're push for the keystone pipeline. this afternoo as promised president oba vetoed the bill that would authorized the pipeline's construio republicans s the pipeline would move fr canada to the gulf coas and would boost the economy and create jobs. the president relies on a study that is in con feels le ng. we're ready for spring. but i have a feeling we've got more winter coming before that happens. >> we really do. you're exactly right. i'm going fo a high of 39 tomorrow and that's going to feel almost balmy compared to where we've been. we set a record this morning not at national, 14 degrees there but look at the numbers towards the west. this was early this morning 4 below zero in dulles a new record. that's the ese en at dulles airpsi 1996. look zeros all across the board.
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that's howuc cold air was out there overnight last night. fortunatelywe at least have a little bit of a warm-up. then we have a chance of snow. this is thursday future weather showing a good chance for snow area wide. some areas will see more than others. we'll contie to watch for the that in the headlines today. better tomorrow, 39 act chance for snow, and then more cold is on the way. we'll break it all down for you and who has the best chance to see accumulating snow in a minute. seven months after marijuana possession s decriminalized in the district, the drug is about to become entirely legal for some. d.c. mayor muriel bowser says the new law takes effect this thursday. news4's tom sherwo explains what it means for you. >> good morning, everybody. >> good morning. >> reporterth mayor and police chief cathy lanier, spent about an hour briefing the council and media on what will and won't be legal as of 12:01 a.m. thursday morning. some possession for home use two ounces and six plants, will
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be legal for adults over 21. but selling won't be. >> above all, i want to stress that initiative 71 will allow for home use and home growth of marijuana. the purchase and sale of marijuana the use of marijuana in public space, and the use of marijuana b juvenile res mains illegal. >> repte ay leaders emphasized t local pot law won't apply on any federal property in d.c. buildings, parks traffic circles whe it's still a crime. nbc 4 just posted a full q&a about the d.c. pot law on our nbc washingn app. the chief later announced the initiative approved by voters last year only allows for private home consumption. >> the tag line we want people to remember, in your home. you know, use and grown in your home. >> reporte the mayor said there will a big city public education camign on t law, and so far just by some
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conservative crism there's no word from congress about possibly blocking the law before it can take effect. >> we work on implement the law. >> reporter: i the district tom sherwood news4. in maryland tonight, the group parents affected di addiction st a letter to dell galts in annap urging them to vote against the bill that would legalize the sale of marijuana in state. the marijuana control and revenue act was introduced earlier th month. it would regulate and tax marijuana jt as alcohol is taxed. and it wod rules for manufacturinan sales. opponents worry that that could lead to addiction and eventually the use of more dangerous drugs. one year into office and about half of virginia voters are happy with governor terry mcauliffe's job performance. a new quinnipiac university poll found mccauff has a 49% approval rating. 25% of the people polled said they disapprove and 26% were
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undecided abte governor. when asked abo how they feel about the next three year, 62% said they are generally optimistic the man in charge of serving our nation's veterans is making a public apology. >> that waniao excuse. >> new at o'clock tonight we'll report on the group speaking out in support of va secretary bob mcdonald. and a maryland man forced to explain to s daht that her mr and baby brothers are gd e n' go home. ken gemmellks w so many peoplee affected by the tragedy that hit his family.
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we at va are working hard to restore trust and again i apologize to those who may have been offended by my misstatement >> p aolfr e secretary of veterans affairs today for misrepresenting his military service. robert mcdonald was caught on camera telling a homeless veteran he d ithe special force mcdonald actually served five years in the army's 82nd airborne divis he qualified as an army ranger but never served in that elite unit. today he said there is no excuse and that he was just trying to connect withhara
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the iraq and afghanistan veterans of america says it accepts mcdobld's apology. in a statement, that group's ceo and founder says we know secretary mcdo is a man of exceptional commitmt who served honorably and cares deeply about our veterans. that organat is committed to helping him succeed in this extremely tough job and focusing on the mosts facing us such as reforming va, battling suicide, and ending homelessnes a young lawyer in the district killed just walking down the sidewalk. he was hit by an suv that flipped ov yesterday on 8th street northwest. news4's kristin wright was in court with e driver of suv today and she's downtown with the latest. kristin? >> report right. the driver, james chandler was held today in court without bond on a charge of second-degree murder. new tonht at 6:00 james chandler's at in court today made mention of the
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weather and road conditions outside yesterday while the prosecution idbeev chandler gh phil snodgrass was a young lawyer. he started out as an intern and then got hired at the national federation federal employees in washington advocating fo federal workers' rights. in a statement, his colleague told us in part, "phil was a young and talented member of the nffe family and had an outstanding le mind. we are devastated by the loss of our brother." snodgrass snods' sein brht future was taken away suddenly. he was hit by a car while walking down 8th street northwest monday. in d.c. superior court, the suspected driver, james chandler, was held without bond on a charge of second-degree murder. his aory the judge it's been cold d icy, but court records sh that investigators think chandler was high. sergeant thorn asked the defendant if he ever smokes pcp, and the defendant replied yes.
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prosecutors y chandler also told investigators he'd recently had dental surgery and taken motrin, percocet and an ant bot bye ottawaic the morning of the crash. he said he'd also taken three different narcotics by his psychiatris snodgrass wa from outside of baltimore. the suspected driver will be back in court on march the 7th. live at d.c. superior court, kristin wriew >> thank you, kristin. we're just getting information into the newsroom about an arrest following twog packages left at metro stations. metro transit police arrested marcus robertson today and just released this picture. they say he admitted to leaving suspicious items with notes on the platform at the l'enphant plaza and gallery place stations yesterday. policy he wa carrying a ninja throwing star. doug's back with our weather. i'm just -- i don't know what to
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say anymore. >> nothing left to say. >> bad and worse. you know, wha can you tell us to cheer us up? >> when you ve a place like minneapolise do you expect this kind of cold air. >> in january. >> we would expect it. >> that's6z the problem here. mentioned just how cold it's been. not this cold since 1996. that's nearly 20 years ago. everybody's little cranky here talking act h cold the weather has been. it's just going to stay this cold over t next couple days. we're not talking about temperatures n zero again tonight like we saw out there this morning. current number at the airport with an icyko potomac river, 28 degrees. windchill ri now at 17. it is very cold. it will continue to be. our high temtuod barely made it to 30 and our average highhis time of year is now up to 50. sure would be nice if we could get there with some sunshine but we're at half that mark. martinsbur 29. 26 huntingtown. take a look show you the radar
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notice some snow towards the south. it is snowing. reports of snot.ary county along the northern neck. nobody else seeing that snow. we're not going to see any ofcb18 nvuiwsd7 tot as the storm system continues tmo oft coast. but we are continuing to see it in and around portions of southern maryland. couldn't give us any more than maybe a trace, maybe a quick coating asiw' that whole system moves out. ocean city,my however, could pick up a coating if you're thinking about heading to the beach. that's part of one southern storm system that will continue to move off. the next one barely on the screen here. look what this has with it. winter storm warnings from just east of dallas just south of memphis over tar birmingham atlanta is in this, north carolina is in this. raleigh cou see 5 to 8 inches of snow as the next storm system moves in. that next storm system will also move our way. here it is dow to the south. we call it a southern slider. snow as far south as atlanta making somen in towards the birmingham area. here it comes in towards our
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region duri the morning hours on thursday. the only reason this is a concern at all is because it is coming early on thursday morning. coulafct that early morning rush. but we're not expecting a lot of snow from this. what are we going to see from this? i think maybe just some flurries to the north, a trace to annch around d.c., annapolis, back towards the i 66 area, warrenton winchesr. eve an trace to an inch with temperatureshi cold will mean it's 6 on the roadways. similar to whaaw just over the last couple days. down to the south maybe 1 to 2 inches, leonardtown, fredericksburgculpepe but this is not going to be a big b. storm. latest comput models are trying to bring it farther north so we'll continue to watch that trend for you, but that's all it is right now is a trend. tomorrow wille a nice day. a great day when you consider where we'veee 39 for a high 41 towards fredericks n gaithersbu, sunshine tomorrow and l winds. tomorrow will be a nice winter afternoon. 32 with that snow to the south on thursday 32 degrees on friday with s sunshine, but
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still quite cold. we stay cold on saturday, but then we star moving in the right direction. 43 on sunday. temperatureon monday with some rain coming iou 5 degrees. >> 39 tomorrow. sounds pret thank you doug. new at 6:30, what happens before the recall. thee:u5eñ i-team talks to a maryland family fighting to change the way car companies do business. and they've got a car dealer on their side. major construction project starting tod in the district. we'll report how it's
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an update on the search for three british schoolgirls thought to on a mission to join isis militants in syria. police investigating their disappearance believe two 15-year-oldd e 16-year-old have trosz crossed into syria dpr turkey. the girls flew from london into istanbul a we ago. it could be very hard to find them in syria. the case underlines fears that online propand encouraging young women to join isis extremists. rede o reiterating his commitment to work with the u.s. ally qatar to help stop islamic sta militants in syria. he hosted qatar's emir at the white housetoday. >> the united states and qatar had a very strong security relationship. theyre hos t our men and
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women in uniform. they are partners with us on a whole range of security initiative >> qatar allows to u.s.-led coalition coti air strikes against isis to use its air base. qatar also has provided substantial arms and aid to syrian rebels. a local mosque is making some changes to the way it operates aft being vandalized. but even if the police catch those responsible it is possible that they will face -- that the mosque won't file charges. mark segrave reports. fortunat now we have to start locking the doors and just open during prayer time. >> reporter: d moogadin and david founded this mosque nearly 20 years ago in this northeast neigooo in all those years the door to the mosque has never been locked. >> we figured that we need god in the neighrho somewhere so we open the mosque. >> reporter: la night someone
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came into th mosque and ripped down bookcases, damaging holy books and paintings, and then smashed the mosque's window. now mosque leaders say locking the doors wot be the only change. >> then we have to put cameras, which really don't like when people are worshipping to put camera, to record. but i guess we have to start doing that putting more security and mo cameras into the mosque. >> reporte say they don't believe this was a hate crime becau thereere other incidents inhi neighborhood last night including a car vandalized g aund the corner. that comes as good news to those who pray here, who were hoping this wasn't a hate crime. >> i would like to see the person caught, but not prosecuted. i wod keo a minute with the person to find out why he did that. >> reporter:n as mk segrave n. next -- >> the house is on fire and everything igo it doesn't make sense. >> a devoted father's will to
6:26 pm
move forward while keeping the memory of his fendhire
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now at 6:30, record cold about to affect your bank account. the cost that goes beyond water main breaks an frozen pipes. >> you think traffic is bad in this partic st right now? well, just wait a few months and see what happens here.
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i'm adam tuss. we'll tellabhu project. a maryland family partnering with a local auto dealer to change the way car companies do business nationwide. new tonight, a bill in the maryland s senate affecting what you know about the safety of your car. >> it would essentially allow car dealerships to release confidential safety information before recalls happen without being penalize. the news4 i-team's tisha thompson shows how an unlikely pair is teaming up to push for this change. tisha? >> report laura christian admitted she a little nervous shaking hands in annapolis. >> amber's going to get me through it. >> reporter: s said her 16-year-old dr eder the air ba failed in their chevy cobalt. the air bags would eventually be recalled but christian says car dealers knew about the problem long beforthen. >> there was a technical service bulletin out about this. they calledt customer convenience issue. a deathly safety defect was a
6:30 pm
convenience issue. >> reporte she's now joined car dealer jack fitzgerald to push for a new state law that they say would be the first of its kind by protecting dealers who publish technical service bulletins on their website. >> we are prohibited contractualro disclosing this type of information. >> reporter: but peter kittsmilleof the maryland automobile dealers association who normally lobbies on his behalf, is against the change. >> we are not qualified to determine wheth it was a defect in t car or this particular carbroke. that's dangerous. i have 300 new car dealers. you can't have 300 new kaur dealers put stuff on their website based on what they see in their ser department. >> reporter: christian says she theys they're afraid of losing their franchises. >> it says they're scared again the little guys. i hope they're secretly cheering us on. >> that's the most offensive part about all this.
6:31 pm
that is basically saying that we are sh -- mu car dealers are happy to allow their customers to drive defective cars because we don't care. absolutely nottrue. >> i'm afraid of the factory. you'd have to be an idiot not to be. >> report t 83-year-old dealer says he's been financially punished by his car manufacturerbeor speakg out. >> this is iornt to me. i don't know w i'd do if i lost my little girl when she was 16. >> both sides say if maryland passes this law, it could change the entire industry. we'll obviously keep you posted on what happ tisha thompson4 tea >> thanks, tisha. for the second time today a virginia state t crash after pulling overomody on side of the road. the most rent incident happened ju a few hours ago in fairfax coun. the trooper was standing next to a car on the shoulder of i-66 and the beltway. a passing car hit the trooper
6:32 pm
and the car th stopped. three people and the trooper were rushed to a hospital. the trooper suffered serious injuries. the other folks were said to be okay. and there are reckless driving charges tonight against a marine from quantico who crashed his vehicle into a state trooper early this morning. police say corey saenz was speeding andos control of his suv on i-95 south in prince william county. it flipped and crashed into trooper i.j. dalum. he was treated and released from the hospital. the driver refused treatment. this really cold weather we've been vi could lead to a shock the next time you get your utility b dominion virgin power customers s a record last week for electricit used in a single day. peak usage last friday was enough to power more than 5 million homes even though dominion on serves about 2.5 million customers. that low of 5 degrees on friday morning set a record at national
6:33 pm
airport. we're working to find out when the prince george's county district t will open up again. the courthouse in upper marlboro has been dealing wi busted pipes and electrical issues since last thuray because of the bitter cold. the wing that houses the circuit court reopened today but it is not clear when district court will also be able to do business. the massive 3rd street tunnel constct project begins in earnest tonight in downtown d.c. if you drive or work in that area, get ready for some big changes. a few hours from now, crews will start closin lanes and ramps along i 395 between d street and new york avp northwest. our transportation reporter am tuss is liit details on how the project will evolve over the next few homomonths nngo ey. >> reporter:t t easy at all but this is going to be relatively min work that will start tonight. let's look at the tunnel. this is the start of something much bigger. come august, it will be a whole
6:34 pm
different story. take a ride through the 3rd street tunnel it's almost impossible imine the open-air sectil covered and huge buildings will be going on top. do you know ho they want to build above the tunnel? >> i do know that. >> reporterdohinit's a good idea? >> i do. >> reporte cout laura fox thinks it will be a better use of the space but ddot is saying brace yourself, especially as the work picks up this summer. it's important to know this is going to be intense. beam girder, building serious stuff. >> it's serious construction. definitely t little, small project. it's a la project. and we anticipate that there will be delays. >> reporte s take a look here and you can what the plan is for the project. new buildings that will cover the existin open 3rd street tunnel. for rig now, the traffic impact's expected to be mainly in off-peak hours. >> i do worry about the traffic impacts but i doubt there's anything thouo to make the traffic rs >> rert: trafs bad, right? >> the tff is bad.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: we there was talk of shutting down the entire tunnel, th wld impacted tens of thousands of commuters from d.c. maryland, and virginia bu that plan has been scrapped. and back live here this whole project expected to take four years to complete. reporting le northwest adam tuss news4. >> thanks,ed a. joop a bill that would change the way virginia obtains its lethal injection drugs was defeated tod in richmond. governor terry mcauliffe's administrati wanted to contract wi certain pharmacies to get the three-drug combinationha used in executions. but t hse of delegates said no. supportery at is running out of the drugs and their europea manufacturers will not sell those drugs for execution a longer. a o poenlts say those drug companies would have been able to keep their intsre the former soldier accused
6:36 pm
of jumping the white house fence is expected to make a plea deal. omar gonzalez's attorney said during a status hearing today that they plan to resolve the case next month. they did n reveal the terms of the deal. in september he was tackled inside the eas room of the white hous he was carrying a knife. new information tonight for some people who own dogs in arlington. we'll tell you what investigatory poisoned some of those pets last month. and the questions that they still can't answer. and doug, what's coming up in weather? >> what's coming up on our weather, a little in the way of snow happening right now just to our south and east. but that's not the storm that will affect us
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live desk. even people who don't have anthem heal ice ha been affected by the hack earlier this month. nearly 8 million and 19 million people who d have anthem insurance may he d their records compromised in that attack. the insurer says those people all have blue cross/blue shield providers, he providers that received care at some point from an anthem provider. anthem announced earlier this month as many as 80 million records cohento e in that attack including informatione suri numbers and addresses. the insurer wi still be in the process of notifying impacted customers. anthem cove about 3 million people in virginia alone. at the live desk, i'm scott mcfarlane. >> thanks, scott. we now have an answer to what was makg ickn a neighborhooin arlington virginia. someby put caffeine pills in sausages. two dogs found those sausages while out on north columbus street la month. they survived, be they suffered rapid heartbea and had to be watched overnight.
6:40 pm
nobody's been charged in connection wit poisoning. police say they don't know whether some intended for the dogs to eat them. but if they find whoever's responsible,ha person could face animal cruelty charges. is the federal government violating t free speech rights of the washington redskins? that's the argument the team is taking overheofts trademar tradk. tm sa the federal government has no business deciding if the word redskins is disparnlin but the word braves is not. in similar cases, the government has argued it's not banning free speech, just not giving a trademark for it. next at 6:00, a plane crash takes a mother and her two young sons from thr family. tonight, how ken gemmell is fighting to car on for his surviving daughter. >> trying to explain that to a
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call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v persevering in the face of unthinkable tragedy. ken gemmell lost his wife and two youngest children last december when a plane crashed in their neighbornd set the family's ho on fire. last night at 11:00, he told news4's angie goff how he was trying to move forward. tonight he talks about the impact this h had on his surviving daughter. >> it was tough trying to explainpl in that to a 7-year-old. it's not easy. >> reportew you explain something to a child that you
6:44 pm
cannot understand yourself? >> investigators there are continuing gather evidence. >> reporter: demr 8th ken gemmell lost most of his family. his wif marie, and two young sons were killed when a plane crashed in their gaithersburg neighborhoothuse caught fire. 3-year-old le and newborn devin died in their mother's arms. ken's 7-year-old daughter ari aribell at school. for weeks she could not comprehend su a nightmare could be a reality. >> for her, she's like what do you mean a pla crashed into the house and there was a fire and everything's gone? to a 7-year-old that doesn't make sense. >> reporter: recently that house, whata of it, was torn down, but not before ken took his daughter back one last time. >> i wanted it to be her decision and her to be okay with it, you know. i made sure she understood it wasn't going e a happy time but i also wanted to make sure she had that closure to know, you know, wha. >> dear aribell.
6:45 pm
here's a stuffed animal for you. i know you lost part of your family and i want to give this to you. >> reporters shar one of the letters she and her dad received, me tn a thousand in all. >> she received this outpouring and it's lifted her up to where she wants to help others now. >> reporter: ie days following t tragedy, the doe neighs of clothes toy and essentials wer overwhelming with so little salvage frad the house when firefighters who responded tt y wanted the family to hav this. and then there was the go fund me site started by a local bait waite ress who knew the family jennifer miller. it raised nearly $500,000. why do you tnkhe such a huge reaction and so many people connected with what happened? >> anyone could imagine being at work or being at home far little bit but no one would have imagined something like this could in it happen. as you said my wife, the way she was shielding the kids try tock a hero for them, i think that resonated with a lot of people and, you know people
6:46 pm
wanted to t to help in any way they could. and they did. >> reporter:t takes support and strength to move on. and that's what the gemmells are now trying to do. aribell recen returned to school. ken isl getting back to work. at home, their family members are still pre and ken and aribell are looking for reminders tt an good even if it's not always fair. >> try to enjoy every day as much as you can. you know getting out and doing different things and having those differt experiences and those differt memories are your family and friends is very important. >> and ken hopes a website started by a friend will help his daughter learn more about her mom and brothers down the road. it is called and it is a space where anyone who knew the family can post their favorite memory. >> such a heartbreaking story. so much support for the father and daughter here but also so
6:47 pm
many painful memories. will they stay in the same area? >> he says that right now they don't know if they will rebuild, even if they do there is no intention if they'll move back. it is way too tough. but he wants to remain in the gaithersbu area and i think that speaks volumes about how great this community is. it's really impacted them. they feel like they're family. he does have some local family nearby. he's tough. a lot of people are pulling for them. >> certainly. >> thank you, angie. if you'd like to leave a message on website angie just mentioned go to you'll find link there. you can also watch both of angie angi stories with ken gemmell. now your storm team 4 forecast. >> it's been on the cold side for sure, high temperatures today, still below the freezing mark. right now coming in at 28 degrees. temperatus r a little bit tonight but not a lot as a result of some southerly wind, which normally keeps us a little warmer and some cloud cover we
6:48 pm
have going on outside right now. 24 in rockville, 23 gaithersburg25 reston, warrenton, 27 degrees huntingtownun 26. waldorf coming in at 26 degrees as well. storm team ra showing that snow ju to the south of waldorf in st.s county southern cave county right around patuxent river reporting a little bit in the way of light snow. you can s thi kwikly coming to an end. this is not a big deal at all. however take a peek out towards ocean city maybe a little bit of a coating for those areas. the big storm coming during the day on thursday, at least the bigger sto because it's still going to be a little one. outdoor impa for the day starting off cold in the 20s, but warming into the upper 30s by 3:00. not a bad tay to get out there and do a little exercise with sunshine an lighter winds. wednesday is n all that bad. it's thursday. 6:00 a.m., if ngn from say frederickshuday morning, maybe down towards southern maryland, look at the snow starting early thursday and then enveloping the enrer
6:49 pm
eve arou the d.c. metro area around 8:00 in the morning. then it quickly moves out. it's not a big storm but will provide enoughw i think, especially from d.c. south to see some problems on those area roadways. who's going to see what? well, maybe 1 to 2 inches to the south, and this is about it as far as we c see. this is not a big storm at all. fredericksbg, luray charlottesvle leonardtown trace to an inch around the d.c. metro area annapolis back towards leesburg, then south of that area that's where we'll see the most. to the nor maybe a few flurries at best. that's about all you can see up towards frederick and hagerstown. we'll conti t watch that storm. 39 keegs degrees on your wednesday. 32 thursday and friday with snow i recally thuray then sunshine friday after another cold start we could set another record early on saturday night out at dulles. just anoth rd and a string of them. 36 on your saturday, 43 degrees on sunday. and right now the warmest day coming on monday with a chance for some shower activity as well. could ba li bit of a mixture the of some rain and
6:50 pm
snow too late sunday. but nothing to worry about. >> one-w event at a time. >> i know. slow down. >> thank you, doug. >> kind of want to take cover, don't you. coming up, biggest game of the season out in college park perhaps. cal's i to tell us why the terps are ready to roll against wisconsin. lester holt with a look at what's coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi jim and doreen. coming up tonight a train versus truck collision near los angeles leaves scores injured and renews the focus on rail crossing safety. new technologc prevent she accidents. and more fallout from the brutal winter in the of the price we pay for for things we depend on. and mysterious overnight drone sightings or s landmarks raising concerns.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
okay. so there's a slump after the all-star gam a lot teams go through that. now's the time to turn it around, don y think? >> i think now is the time but i think the slumping started before the a-sr bre. >> a couple week before that. >> yes. >> better time to turn it around. >> the ti is now. not a minute too soon. a lot of hoopla surrounding
6:54 pm
basketball teams in action tonight. for somit's a clamor, like maryland, for the wizards, hoping to avoid another clink. eight lozs in ten games tonig the wizar taking on a team that only lost ten this entire season, the warriors. all they do in washington is win. they hen lrec 2009. coach randy wittman is concerned. >> wha tfiroit. we have to more mentally tough. we're not -- we're playing on our heels too much. we're kind of playing without purpose. >> they're going to be angry and ready to go but like everybody in this league you know they're going through their own adversity right now and we know we're going to get their best effort. >> they're going to get steph cur i are's effort too. he's starting tonight even with that sore ankle. >> the annual state of the ravens more sbeeg sbrooeging today with the nfl draft coming
6:55 pm
up and the scandal still fresh. ozzie newsome says what happened this past is affecting their futu and the approach. >> the one area we're taking a hard look and will be tough to bring a player to baltimore is someone with a domestic ain their background. our scouts do an unbelievable job when they get on the campuses so we'll have good information but as our boss has said, someone that has domestic abuse in their background it's going to be tough for them to be considered a raven. >> we overuse the word showdown in sports but tonight the game that couldn't be called anything else. the fifth-ranked wisconsin badge in a showdown with the maryland terrapins. giddy-up. the terps are 16-1 at home at the xfinity sent they are season. maryland the middle of a three-game home stand. the terps downed them last time out. melo has lead the way recently averaging 21 points a game. the terps' toughest test of the
6:56 pm
season and ainto play. >> this is the kind of chance that we wanted, you know. we've done really well home this year. this is a great challenge to see how good of a ho team we are. >> i think everybody will be ready to play mentally and physically. i just can't wait to compete against one hetms the country. >> our guys respect them so much and as a coach i expect coach ryan so mh beed in. hoplye' lec we're e underdog but hopefully dialed in to be successful. >> it's been a busy 24 hours at the xfinity center. last night itas the maryland women winning their 19th game in a row a-31-point defeat on penn state. the terpsti perfect in the big ten at 16-0. after the game maryland presented with the big ten regular-sean on trophy, doing this in their first year in the league, something special. this e kind of scene we could see tonight at xfinity center when kansas state stormed the court after knocking off
6:57 pm
rival kansas last night. all the rage in college sports but everyo ty talking about how dangerous this is, especially u how the jayhawk plars and coaches they were swarmed by crazy wildcat fans. i hear that one of the players even said twe elbowed by a fan. today kansas state's athletic director apiz to kansas for the incident. if the maryland men pull off the win against wisconsin, some expect a similar scene tonight right on the heels as this debate rag on. i've made my own flowchart diagrammed on -- you can this and see u agree, when they should be storming the court. >> no. >> importance, rival, thrilling victory at the end. he x'd it. >> if the players can't go in the stands t people in the stands can't co on the court. >> never. >> they shoder be allowed. >> how do you stop them? >> there's no rules against it. >> tear ga who knows wt. they have no right down there on the court. >> a little har
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on the broadcast tonight, disaster on the tracks. another commuter train plows into a vehicle in its path. tonight passengers critically injured and the fiery out of control, this relentless record cold, when will it end. crippling conditions in the roads north to south. sudden explosion shatters a quiet neighborhood and blows a home to bits. a terrifying moment caught on camera. to the jury, closing arguments of the "american sniper" trial in texas. we're there live. and mystery in the sky. who was buzzing paris landmarks from the eiffel tower of night, and why. "nightly news" begins now.


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