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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 26, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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snow is starting to fall in
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south of washington,d we sh be seeing i hour. the storm has been hammering the south for almost 20 24 hours now and it continues to head our way. welco to "news 4 tod" for thursday, fe 26, 2015. we have team coverage of the storm. let's take a live look here now. this is woodbridge. you can see the spoke flakes are starti to fall. it's picked up a little bit there sin we started this g at 4 #:00 a.m.. storm team 4 meteorologi tom n is here now with the late on the track of e storm and what i want to know when it all get out of here. >> i he t timing on that. right now we're starting to get lit snow very light in the e metro area but it is farthe south. we just saw woodbridge it's coming down a little harder. storm tea4 radar showing the storm covs north carol east west virginia, into maryla. bright colors it's coming a little harder. howard loudoun, fauquier
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rappah.r band farther sou from waldf over quantico. south down 95 toward richmond a band cg d pretty hard. anr band there fairly mode in sout calvert county. te are hovering right near freezing. just checked road temperatures. they're a l below freezing. anything untreated will begin to stick. so by 5:00 a.m., most of the region seeing the snow. looks the heaviest snows wille falling between around 7:30 t 9:30 in the mornin the time we'll have the heaviest snow. after that it quickly pulls off to the east. by noontime maybe just a little bit of lingering light snow and few linger flurries. picking u maybe an inch or two at t most in the meet mete metro area. 2 to 3 inches toward freder. amounts are much farther to the south in far southern
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maryla soun st. mary's nortk m get 3 or 4 inches. a few isolated spots farth south maybe picking up over 6 inch as this is a fast moving stord rat potent as well. meliss how are the? > brand new crash inner loop of the beltway between river and the spur. not seeing it on camera so it's just up here over to the right. we understand it's an overturned vehicle. u can see firefighters on their way right now. just happened about one minute ago i wou say. 66 here westbound bd westmoreland stre left lane blocked until 5:00 this morning. taking a wide look at things, no major problems right now as you' taking a look at the belte outbound 50 is a li slow. no real rean for that we're justomething slomgoming some slowdoe this. newing look different late on the crash coming up. yo a little exa time
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to get to work if you work for government. agenci are opening two hours today. you ha the option of up sched leave or telework g as well. >> as for your kids this just into our news room. arlingn county schools are on a two hour delay and prince willm county schools are closed public schools aren a two hour delay. spotsy king george schools are closed. we're pushing all the closers to nbc washington scrollg on the bottom of the screen.> so the timing of t it difft f you this g to get it on work and get your ki. megan mcgrath is live in woodbr with what the are looking like out there. looks the snow picked up where you are. >> rep yeah it did actual we had a little lull in the action there for a while whe seemed to independent could stop but within the last minutes or so it started to pip depend. d i'd still call it a light
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flurry. t we are seeing a very very tiny bit of accumulation if you look right here. this is has fallen so far this mo just a dusting. this stuff that you see over here this of course is from past snowstorms. but we are starting to see a dusting in the area. i'm standing along routee in the woodbridge area. you can see that we have wet paveme. it's a lite shiny here this mornin t we have seen a lot of vdot crews out there. we've see some of the trucks actu laying down salt. e seen a lot of salt on the road. one ramp that we pass over and you could just e the salt kind of stacked up on t ramp to make sure that it doesn't freeze. so roads are in good shape, but of cou the timing of this we're g into the morning rush hour, timing of it is not great. we'll sta to see the traffic pickg up here shortly. we'll be dealing an eye on the and we'll let you know all about the latest road cond throughout the morn reportg l woodbridge
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megan mcgrath, news 4. let's stay in virginia for a moment and go to a meal wra sea segal on the road for us in the dumfries area. we're heading south on 95. we passed through springfield. we were noticing some flurries at that point. the activity like megan just said has picked up a little bit more but even from springfield down to he right around the dumfri area we are seeing a li bit of a dusting on the roads at most in areas, though. but even i have to say at times by photographer irene and it salt or is that snow. so the activity is still very light here. and we have seen plenty of salt truc out this morning treating the roads. getting you ready for that morng commute. tempere now in the storm team 4 x 4 is at freezing wh left washington we were a li above that. but temperatures are falling. we'll contie to bring you updas on road conditions thro virginia during the morng hours. >> amelia thank you.
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today we expect to learn how long a maryland woman will spend in jail for murdering ag 35-yead katrina benn was found guilty of shooting eric soma to death in his bed. the two were neighbors who beca romantically involved. a park ranger noticed a gun on thy and was true five pre owners to benn. a state department spent the night in ja after being cha with soliciting sex from a minor. he was arrested after a ser online exchanges with a fair detective who minor. rosen is charged with one count of using a communicati to solicit a juf thil.juvenile. his secy clearance is suspen we're learning new informn in the murder 89 man in maryland.ll strip was found
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stabbed to death. a 60-year-old resident the admi to stabbing belvin in resp the sexual advanc also charged $5,000 to his credd of a his death. you c go to a town hall to talk about living working or shoppi council members will be the and say you will have a chance to ask all kinds consumer related questions from landlor agreements how to get a license to sell epd attend the town hall it's at the reed center at 6:30 tonig you're looking live outside. light snow right now. just learne counli schools are closed today and m snow is head ed d.c and you see the snow is fallg here in waldorf. we'l.
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a live look in woodbridge.e snow continuing to fall there, has actually picked up quite a bit in the last few minute all the s will make for a tric morning commute. > in maine, a 70 car pileup. take a look at the scene. you can see the cars were totay m gelled on the highwa this wn 95 around new port.
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one crash sent off a chain reacti people were seriously hurt. 50 cars had to be towed away. >> you get one car that hits a weir spot or driver who is not real paying atten and you end up with a mess like that. pa of th reason we have the dela today, they don't want so many vehicles on road. >> tharight. the timing of the snow, people start heading out for work and school and real quick, prince s o o hours late today. >> let's check in with tom n now to find out more aboue snow. weather and traffic on th. >> yeah, snow moving in right on time as we said yesterday, movin around 4:00 5:00 and now we getting it across virg and maryland brighter bands right in southern maryla charles county, northe st. ms where it's coming a little bit harder. another bri near fred near southern of fauquier co into spotsylvania. anotr brigh band across howa county, mont the potomac
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into ly and northern fauqui coun. around the metro area light snow showing up on the tower came. the sky looking a little fuzzy. just very light snow here right in washing right now. hour b the rest of the day, we'll have the heaviest snows around 8:00 this morning. d then it quickly tapers off. temper hovg below free all day. right now we're in the mid to s respect on. only getting in to the low 30s. maybe a lite sunshine breaking out.l amounts around the region an inch or two in the ime metro area, much lighr farther north. 2 to 3 southern suburbs, 3 to 6 mu farther to the south. coming up next weather and traffi we'll track this hour by hour. meliss are t roads? still have a crash and now a camera on it inner loop of the
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beltway bet the river road and spur, right shoulder blocke an overturned e that is off of the road. so the response is off to the righ of the roadway. shouldn' be slowing things down much. of cou is good for us here this morning. look at things overall no proble in or out of town. 270 at hundred dollars roa moving along. inbound river at davenport street off to the right side of e a lane blocked for road work. 66 headed in t on the of town completely fine. 95 in virginia also looking quite good. i'm back with live pictures for you at 4:51. at 4:45 now here is a live look at woodbridge, virginia. the snow is starting to fall down pretty heavily now and you can see more cars are on the road. is why it's importt to tracs today and what is happr forecast. the timing of the snow. stay w
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good morning. snow falling across most of virg into maryland eastern west va now. bright bands getting some big flakes now falling in prince y just to the west of clinton and that extends near mt. vernon. southe fairfax county. and then down into southern priny n dale city and woodbridge. anot bright band farther to our south in calvert county and that stretches across northern st. into southern charles county. zachar joins us live in waldor does it look like now, zach? >> yeah we just went through a l patch. saw a little bi much flurs here. but it's been pretty clear.
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started at e shop at about 3:00 a as we reached the beltwa we saw some flakes. that's whe we started to see salt trucks. t as we headed down here to branch avenue, clea for the most part. starti to see a little patch here and there. but commuters a starting to starr day and as you mentio we'll start to see? snow here in a little bit. we'll continue to head south and we'll have krup dates for you all morning long. now as you're getting rea for work this morning, we're brin the news straight to your phone. if you nbc washington app, you're already getting our push alerts. if you haven't done it download the app on your smartphone. ju in fairfax couy schools on a two hour delay. fauquiy schools are closed. in less than 48 hour funding for homeland se runs out unle congr can make a deal and actually pass it. the senat will attempa last minu vote friday night, but rebl in the house are outrand by the plan. tracie is live on capitol now.
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any closer to a deal here? well, we're getting closer if we're close enou to get this thing signed by midnight to and prevent that homeland se shutdown. here's what's happened so far. senate republicans gave up and deci separate the votes on immigrn and homeland securi. democra who were pointing fings at the house said okay we'll vote first as long as they play along. but what we have not heard are house complains s saying they are willing to give up the block on is the hold up in all of this. all right. tracie live for us on capihill. congress will meet today to dis the veterans affairs budget. budgets f veterans programs in will 2016 will be on the agenda along wit a look ahead to 2017. vetera affairs secretary bob mcdonald will be among several peop speaking today. earlier tweek he made a publ poll for lie to go a home veteran about serving in special forces. it is 4:49.
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today virginia supreme cou could c plans to change the r an appeal fr a group of women who were against s the new buils planned there. the al city council is planni a l of changes for the area in old town including ad new hotels and parks. the supreme cou isn't expected to make a decision until the spring. warning today if you live or drive in northern virginia as somee is impersonati officer. tlooes three times since last octobe a veh with lights that looks a lot like an unmarke tri to get drivers to pull over. in each case the driver got susp did not do that leaving the suspect to drive away. say it's a black en sedan with virginia plates. call police if you have any infon on this. here is a live look. the snow has really picked up. you can see some thick flakes.
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if youk closely, it looks like tom is here to tell us more about wha we're seeing. i feel like i should just leave it up to you. >> and over high shoulder, i call this the sadness box for those -- >> that is so accurate. >> that's the radar showing the snow. d we do have a weather alert day that is in effect that means we'll have frequent storm 4 updates all morning as the snow is coming down across of virginia eastern west virgin. now comg into maryland. bright colors here, brighter white is where it's coming down a li harder. there one band there in howa county into montgomery anotr one in loudoun county prince william no fauquier into rapp county. lighte is no falling in much of the shenandoah valley but still coming down at a dece pace there. another bright band south of wash from near spring d to prince william county. r the one here in southern
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charles county northern st mary's cen calvert county. r bright band there in the ean part of the northern neck. temper are dropping. we had been above freezing but now it's down to the upper 20s near 30 degrees. winter advisory counties purple north and west of us for lighter amounts. a warn now storm warning in pink that includes charles, calver st. mar over to staf and spotsylvania and all across southeastern virgin lower part of the ean s that winter storm warnr heavier amounts of snow. timing on this snow moving in right on time as it was lookg leak yesterday a 4:00 this morng and n it wi pick up in intensity. heavie snows will be falling around 7:30 to 9:30 this mornin d then that heavier snow dark colors that will be headg off to the east by arou 9:00 10:00 this mornind by noontime maybe just a li lingering white snow and a few lingering flurries after that for the easte suburb
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ther to early afternoon leg general coating to the h to near an inch along the penn border. and then around the immedia metro area about 1 to 2 inches on montgomery, prince george's fairfa shenandoah valley. d heavieruth, 2 to 3 for calvert, chars and northern st. mary's d then west of there, stafford and spotsz vein i can't into culp and farther south heavier amounts 3 to 6 inches st. ms county much of the northern neck and areas just to thh of freder. roads will be getting slick as w stay below freezing. a litt sun back in the with drying road but stayg below freezing away 30 degrs an 20s tomorrow morning. afternn highs low 30s. might morning flurries around on friday. still cold saturday. warning trend on monday might get snow and sleet mix early mond morning. and then a chance of a mix on tuesda next the way it looks rig now. and then much warmer 50s on
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wedny wh rain. and now we have the show coming down. are getting some accumu. yeah we're starting to get covera for sure. this is route 1 in woodbridge,n mcgrath is there for us showin the snow coming down. a lot of roads in virginia ha pre- still it's going to be slick and start to accumulate. inner loop betwr road and the spur we still have the right shoulder blocked. very hard to see, but in the dist off to the right. should not be slowing things down too mh at this point. 66 and 95 looking pretty typica a li slow inbound through manass. reason for thargs just just seeing some volume. prince overall and in damascus, 124 still clost moyer. your alternate i it's 4:54. anothe look in woodbridge this mo snow f pretty good right
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now.s moving farther north. schools are manass
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this just in. cal ver county schools are closed this morning.
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we'll update the list for you and e you can find it on our nbc washington app. so we have live pictures along s in waldorf. >> and montgomery county schools are delaying two hours. l reevaluate at 7:00 a.m.. complete snow is falling. tom will be back in just a few minute a look at when this will all move out of here. d.c.'s fire chief says protecs are in place that willp employees from misu governmt fleet cards. investiga revealed two firee been charged with using taxpayer are funded card buy thousands of doll gas for their pers cars. the chief says the federal and fire depart have good ways to monitor the cards and prevent misuse. iteam repor looked at hundreds of cases across the country and d federal employees s moren $2 million in gas by
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misu their fleet card. >> you can learn more about the e 1 you utili you may be affected but not until next year. the vi department will hold aon dust meeting tonight at 6:00 at the fire station on f street in woodbridge. route 1 project involves cons a duct bank that will carry new underground utilit maryland poker players have at serious money. world of pok is bringi the circuit event to the state for the first time. it kicks off today at the horse casino in baltimore. it includes 14 vat tournaments. buy in starts at $365. one event has a prize pool . news 4 will "today" conts now at 5:00 a.m..
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so if you don't see snow outse of your window just yet, wait it is coming. take your time get to go work and school. the snowstorm is hitting right in te of shall has an eye on the radad it's showing wideadsnow. >> yeah we'll get a couple of inches. more to our south. it sends all way down into sout maryland lower part of the eastern shore. quickly advancing off to the north and east. bright white colors where we get bands of more moderate snow in northern prince william coun and in northern fairfax. and right into southet around alexandria, e bands are bright


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