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tv   News4 Today  NBC  February 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> right now on news 4 today, a bitter cold start to the first half of your weekend. chuck is tracking a wintry mix for the second half. he is timing up the snow and the roller coaster temperatures for the next week. >> even though the inc. is dry to pay thousands of government workers, the reloaf could be short-lived. >> we will find out how the cuts will be for one budget. first off, good morning to you. >> welcome to news 4 today on this saturday. it's a chilly start. it's like 18 degrees outside when i started rolling in this
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morning. >> looks like we are ending february on a cold note. >> it has been our coldest february since 1979. but it has been the coldest february on record in baltimore and baltimore climate records go back more than woj 40 years. march begins tomorrow and that may be the thing. temperatures are cold cold cold again. 10 in gaithers berg and 12 in menassis. 20 degrees in southern maryland. it's a dry sky and picture to get the picture started. that won't last all weekend. winter weather to the west and the south. wouldn't surprise me to see a winter weather advisory for here sometime tomorrow. we are keeping a close eye on that. you will have to deal with the cold. have your winter coat ready to
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go. high temperatures above freezing but just barely. 35 in washington which will be 15 degrees colder than average. more about that sunday rain sleet, snow chance coming up. >> we want to take a look at the capitol where hours ago funding was extended but only for a week. president obama signed the bill minutes before the deadline last night, agreeing on the funding was not the issue. it was the president's proposed immigration that caused a clash in the house. it prevents 200,000 government workers from working out a paycheck. >> in the day ahead, you can share your opinion about the 2016 budget in loudoun county. there is a $2.2 billion budget at the loudoun public schools administration building. >> in prince william county the
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board will meet with members to talk about the budget. it may have to cut millions from your student's program. northern virginia bureau reporter has a look at this brewing battle. >> what's missing from here to here? >> add minus 4. >> the math county problem is not getting solved. factored into the equation class sizes. it's tough to find an empty seat in this algebra class, one of the courses required to guarduate high school. >> you get more one on one attention and with a large class, you don't get that communication. >> 3 x minus 4. >> she wants to ease congestion and trim class size. some like the idea. >> i feel close with the students and the teacher.
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it's a better experience. >> the county won't pride enough funding for the needs. when it comes to spending per student, we are the lowest in our region. they pay about $10,000 per pupil. nearly double that and the school board right here considering a list some cut from the budget. >> nobody talks about it. >> not using them as words, but the student admits impacts are discussed given he wrestles and plays football. he worries about one item in particular. >> sports are on it too. >> it's a big concern. >> there is a threat to eliminate full day consistent kindergarten. >> taxpayers will learn the new advertised tax rate. >> virginia's first lady filed paperwork to appeal h it has been seven days since she was sentenced to a year and a
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day. she was charged with corruption with her husband who was sentenced to two years. both are free pending appeals. >> a d.c. rabbi resigned his position after exceeding guilt tow recording women in a ridual bath. his resignation will take effect a month from raft. he was put on leave in october and since then the school has paid him more than $26 thousand thousand. last week he pleaded guilty to 52 counts of voyeurism. >> police are trying to find out who shot a teenager in southeast d.c. on nay lor road near the charter school. class was just getting out. it's not clear if he went to school there. they said the boy could be as young as 14 years old. he was still breathing when officers had arrived.
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>> here's a live look from moscow president obama condemning the forward of a man shot at least four times while walking on a bridge near the kremlin. he has been a vocal critic of vladimir putin and supposed to take part in an opposition rally near moscow. that has been canceled. >> you have one more chance. the final forum, part of fresh start february will be posted at 1:00 p.m. in southeast d.c. you are encouraged to be part of the discussion about priorities in the district. >> uber said it was hacked. if writers should be concerned. protect your cash. how a return was filed without
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. >> welcome back. we have a news 4 consumer alert. uber suffered a data breech affecting 50,000 drivers. it happened last may and discovered in september. now the company said no customer data user names or passwords were accessed. they are providing a year of identity theft to the affected drivers. no word on why they waited until now to release the information. >> the legislative session is in the books and they passed last minute bills on several key issues. they had to do with the rising heroin problem in the common wealth. they would allow prosecutors to charge drug dealers with homicide. in the wake of bob mcdonald's corruption trial. they put a cap on gifts for those wanting to do business
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with virginia. they passed tougher laws to protect students on campus. they okayed pay raises for teachers in virginia. >> "today" you can learn how to safely grow marijuana in the district. the group called the comfy tree act is happening at the holiday inn on c street. muriel bowser said she has done all she can on the district's new law. lawmakers say the new pot law violates federal law and they could cut the amount of funds that flow into the district. what's allowed and what's not on the nbc washington app. >> i'm chuck bell off to another really cold start to finish out the month of february. tomorrow begins a new month and new promises of at least warmer air for one day in the coming week. we are not done with winter
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president obama is mourning the loss of actor leonard nimoy who played mr. spock in the series and movies. he said he loved spock. they met in 2007. he died at his home in los angeles at 83-year-old. the original captain kirk wrote that he loved him like a brother. the tcl chinese theater in
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hollywood dimmed its lights in a tribute to nimoy. this is the ninth time it did so. the last time waslliams died. the theater opened in 1927. >> have you filed taxes yet? maybe you are planning to doing it this weekend. we have a warning about tax fraud. >> here is the tax return. >> adrian thompson is a middle school teacher living in d.c. and has been awaiting his tax return. >> we have cruise set up for us as well as taking a class to my last prerequisite. >> he is looking forward to more than $1,000 on his refund. was expecting until he got a phone call. >> just a few days ago, you filed your taxes and everything went through. normally until we receive the rejection can code. >> that showed us that his
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information was filed on a return this year. >> andrea smith is a certified tax preparer but someone got to the irs before he did. >> somebody not me. >> somebody not him filed a fraudulent return in his name. now what? he has to fight for his identity. >> he had to prove he was not married and didn't have children. >> you are adrian thompson know so. i am talking to the adrian thompson. what are you going to do to get your money back? >> i need to be in good communication with the irs. >> can you say that again. >> you will have to mail this off. >> about nine months it will take to get his identity and taxes fixed. >> eventually he can get his money? >> eventually. it will be lengthy. >> for may be a long process, but i will do what i have to do. >> the irs prevented $24 billion
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from getting into the hands of criminals. one way to protect yourself is change your log in right now. >> the number of families growing is living in the inner suburbs. "the washington post" reports the school system has more low income students than the district. the number of students eligible for free or reduced lunch rose since 2009. >> financial security is having a bigger impact on kids than you might think according to an analysis of census data conducted by council on contemporary families. 9% of children from the lowest income bracket received college diplomas while 77% of children raised in the top 25% had graduated by age 24. they say the stress of making ends meet can have a toxic
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effect on any relationship and put off freem getting married in the first place. >> kids listen up. you can enter your artwork for the easter egg roll design contest. elementary and middle school can enter the designs. the theme is 5 me five in humanor the of the first lady's campaign. it ends march 6th which is this friday and is yet is to show something like you eat five vegetables a day or do five jumping jags. it's along the lines of #give me five. >> angie has been the grand marshall or something. >> i have been there as a reporter covering it and last time was the first time. it's fun. might be one of the things you check off the list. >> there was flotus and angie
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goff. >> if you get that lottery ticket be prepared and show up early. you will be standing in line for a couple of hours. if you have a kid under 4, a couple of hours is an eternity. >> otherwise known as an eternity. >> another cold start, can you believe it? happy to say goodbye to the month of february. technically meteorological spring begins tomorrow. march is a spring month. i swear it is. february was clearly a winter month around here. far and away not only the coldest february we have seen but about 6 degrees colder than january was. that is unusual. early this morning, a lot of early in the sky. sunrises are early now, but we go to daylight savings time a week from now. next weekend we move to daylight savings time. that will take the color out of
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our skies. nice and low and cold and sunny. only 20 degrees at national airport. wind chills into the single digits and low teens. 9 in maryland and 7 in thurmont. 12 in warrenton. there is cold air out there for short. teens to around 20 degrees and climbing up almost to 30 by about lunchtime. most neighborhoods will have highs in the low or mid 30s. the hometown forecast in waldorf, today's sunshine giving way to low clouds back down to about 20. it's looking dicy. cold sunshine and clouds come in on us after the sun goes down. by 4:00 a.m. light snow to the north and west and moisture coming up and probably a snow or
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sleet mix. 2:00 tomorrow all of this pink is at least the possibility of a rain sleet, or snow mix or a combination. that will continue through much of the afternoon hours before we can get the cold air scoured out. as a result there could be a minor accumulation of sleet or snow becoming all rain as more and more tries to work into the system. most of us will have a dry start and a chance of light snow west. the opportunity for rain sleet, or snow very light in the course of the day tomorrow. how much if you head added it up. our local model is cranking up a couple of inches. mostly snow. a chance for sleet around here. here's the way it's breaking down. a chance of to three inches of snow. sleet and snow might add up to about an inch. the first check of the
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seven-day. 35 today and 38 tomorrow and back into the 40s on monday. another chance of rain. 60 degrees on wednesday. with a chance for rain. >> stop. >> sorry. >> thanks chuck. >> you can celebrate the lunal new year in rockville, maryland and explore asian culture. there will be dance performances and different foots to tease your palate. that's it's f scott fitzgerald theater from 10 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. >> celebrate the year of the stheep begins at 1:00 at the premium outlets at the food court area. it was rescheduled because of the weather. >> after a series of sexual assaults in a local neighborhood, police go door-to-door to spread the word. >> how the community is showing support. this is not the sex as you are used to seeing and it wasn't for the hundreds of drivers.
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. >> no one is escaping the winter weather this year. today new mexico is dealing with a lot of heavy snow and more on the way for the northern areas. take a look at the video shot near the colorado border. the treacherous road conditions and winter storm warnings in
6:25 am
effect until sunday. more snow over the weekend and early into the next week. >> just a little further east a few inches caused major problems in texas. white out conditions and icy roads caused hundreds of accidents. >> nbc's jason rascon has more on the frozen temperatures and the frozen traffic. >> sudden white ow conditions and icy roadways led to hundreds of accidents on north texas on highway 75 outside of dallas. >> a lot of brake lights. >> traffic froze on nearly every major road. in ft. worth interstates 30 and 35 completely shut down. >> conditions are very bad here. >> what are usually 20-minute trips took two to three hours. >> i'm stuck on the road. >> amber flew in from the east coast. >> this is not what i thought texas would be like.
6:26 am
i never believe meteorologists but they were right. >> schools shut down early, some for the fourth time this week. at dfw, hundreds of flights were canceled and others delayed for deicing. >> you have more snow than we have in north carolina. >> it was enough to create one of the most treacherous travel nightmares in recent memory. >> ahead at 6:30 neighbors did not know about recent attacks in their community. the evidence to track down suspect. >> a major health alert in california. what thousands of people may be infectioned with after visiting one restaurant. >> here's a live look outside. temperatures outside the studios are below freezing. chuck bell is t
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our top stories, a live look at the capital. funding for the department of homeland security was extended but only for a week. president obama signed the funding bill minutes before the deadline last night. >> the prince william county board of super advisers and the school board are set to meet. they could receive millions in cuts. >> today is the day to get things done outside. it will be cold but you should see a little bit of sun. tomorrow we are in store with a
6:30 am
mixed bag of weather. >> let's get straight to chuck bell with what's happening outside. what are we looking at? >> sure is cold again. single digits in the teens and low 20s. if you are out the door early on saturday morning layer up for sure. a beautiful sunrise about ready to take place. there is the view from the tower. the national stride here in northeast washington. beautiful looking sky and spent of sunshine for the front half of the week. clouds filling back in later, but it is sure off to a cold start. nothing on radar this morning, but winter weather advisories across north carolina and ohio. we may end up with a winter weather advisory here for tomorrow. nothing to worry about for today. outside this morning, temperatures climbing up to the mid-and upper twints and highs up to the low or mid 30s for a
6:31 am
brief time. for tomorrow we will have a chance of snow in the morning and a rain sleet, snow mix before it's all rain later tomorrow. more on the timing of that coming up. >> we have the search for a man linked to three sexual assaults. it happened in maryland and darcy spencer talked with neighbors there. >> prayers at the tower of praise church international for three women sexually assaulted in the area over the last few months. >> we like the police to step up the security in this neighborhood. >> the pastor said the church has been targeted by criminals. he put up surveillance and when they didn't capture a clear image, he turned them off. >> we had a piano stolen. sometimes our musical instruments. >> police believe the same man
6:32 am
sexually assaulted three women since september. the latest happened wednesday night behind the church next door. the victim is in her late teens. this sketch was developed after the first attack and the attacker was captured on surveillance video. christian's mom owns a hair salon across the street. >> it's a concern, happening across the street. i feel better that police have been in the area patrolling more. >> prince george's county detectives went door-to-door handing out flyers. the assaults were less than a mile apart. >> we are concerned about this now. now we have to watch. more than normally. >> darcy spencer, news 4 today. >> they'll gather to remember the young man killed by a driver in the district. a memorial service is today in
6:33 am
phoenix, maryland. he died earlier this week when police say a man fleeing a crash screen flipped his car and crushed him. he was walking to a night class when this happened. the prince george's county school board wants more moan than first expected. they are taking home $2 billion, 7% more than what kevin maxwell's original budget asked for. it included programs that were supposed to get cut and competitive pay for teachers. they are dealing with funding and furloughs. they head to the county executive for approval. >> the can happen in massachusetts. they ruled the trial can stay in bost origin. the defense attorney for them requested a change in venue. three people died and 260 others were hurt when two bombs explode
6:34 am
near the finish line of the marathon. the trial is set to begin on wednesday. >> a state of vandalism attacks at a d.c. mosque. it was vandalized on tuesday night. on wednesday another ins kent. they ripped down wall hangings and broke chairs. they are looking into whether it could be hate crimes. >>. >> keeping sacred places crime-free. it's known as worship watch. it is designed to encourage them to report suspicious activity. police say houses of worship are not immune to criminal activity. the more common crimes such as vandalism and arson are targeted at them. >> donald whirl will celebrate a special service at st. matthew's cathedral. the mass will begin this evening and you are invited to light a candle. it is open until midnight.
6:35 am
it's in northwest d.c. >> i few hours to go and a charity is short of the goal to keep the heat on in dozens of homes. they are trying to raise $15,000 by the end of tomorrow. they are not all the way there. the money helps with the cost to heat dozens of homes for families. visit nbc washington and search our daily bread. >> a maryland man forced to explain to his daughter that her mom and baby brother were gone and she can't go home. >> if you think traffic in one part of the district is bad now, wait a few months. the huge project under way and how it will affect traffic for commuters. >> you will have to deal with the cold. we are starting off with the teens in the district. what a mixed bag of snow sleet,
6:36 am
and rain and when
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6:38 am
. well next month, arlington will expand the number of red light cameras, saying they will add cameras throughout the county. among them major intersections and washington boulevard. lee highway and north georgia and route 1 at 23rd street. we posted the full list of new locations in the nbc washington app. >> they said if you don't want a red light ticket don't run the red light. >> it's part of a project that
6:39 am
will cover the open parts of the talk with drivers about the traffic impact there. >> changing cities changing landscape. traffic impacts coming for already weary commuters. >> it's a pain period. >> john has to driver around the area navigating zones and now a new major one right here in the heart of d.c. is it progress? >> i don't see any. every time they put a build up more potholes build up. what are you going to do? can't do nothing but deal with it. >> you can see what the plan is for the project. new buildings that cover the existing tunnel. the chief traffic engineer said this is unprecedented in the area. >> i don't think we have seen anything like this this type of tunnel construction. >> for right now the impact is off peak areas.
6:40 am
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the "today" show is next. let's find out what they are working on. >> joining us live from new york. good morning. >> good morning to you. just ahead here on a saturday here on "today," last minute safer funding and that is only good for a week. the big question in terms of what happens next and whether saved may be compromised if congress can't pull together a long-term deal. we will tackle those questions at the white house. >> the face of evil. what we are learning about the so-called jihadi john. britain's prime minister defending his security forces against allegations they harassed him so much they drove him into the hands of isis. >> i new reality show called sex box. yes, sex box. it's what it sounds like. it's billed as a relationship show. more than a few people wondering if it has taken reality tv too
6:44 am
far. >> and we are also still talking about this dress. the dress that divides people around the world into two camps. we will talk to the host of the popular show brain games about what exactly our brains are doing to make us see that dress in different colors. >> it's the dress that should get its own reality show. >> someone is working on that right now. >> they probably are. call us. >> what did you guys see? >> at first i saw white and gold and then literally i was in carpool waiting for my daughter and it turned blue and black. i flipped out in the car. the lighting. >> you are looking at the phone and it t looks white and gold. >> minutes later it was blue and black. it has to do with the lighting in the background? i read a big post on it. >> should you see your opthamologist. >> i should skip to the next story. >> i'm telling you.
6:45 am
>> i like your honesty. >> good to see you all. >> lawyers for comedian bill cosby are asking a federal judge to throw out a defamation lawsuit. three women are accused cosby of calling them liars. cosby's attorney said the clients were acting in self defense. >> health officials in california said 1500 people could be at risk with the measles measles. someone rode a bart train to san francisco exposing 1500 riders. the same person ate at a popular restaurant in berkeley. wait staff and diners are being screened. so far no one has tested positive for the virus. a drug to stop the development of the ebola virus is being tested in the u.s. and liberia. they are hoping the zmapp drug
6:46 am
will block the protein. those who are infected or suspected to be infected will be included in the testing. more than 9,000 people have died from the disease. the u.s. reported one death. >> i father and daughter are opening up about the death of their loved ones. they died when a plane crashed into their home just before christmas. for the 50 time ken shares what his life is like without his wife and twos. >> we were always out and about. i know a lot of our friends didn't know how we did it with two or three kids getting out as much as we it. >> there was a short time when ken had it all. a beautiful family of five. a wife marie, his college sweetheart. ara belle loved to be a big sister and baby devin just seven weeks old. there was so much to look forward to.
6:47 am
then monday december 8th 2014 ken was at work and his daughter was at school. around 11:00 in the morning, he started getting calls about a plane crash in his neighborhood. >> they didn't know where it was. at that point i started calling my wife and there was no answer. >> he got to the scene and police couldn't let him see the house. the plane pierced the house, setting it on fire. his wife and twos were trapped inside. >> i think they knew they were probably in there and we were holding out hope they got out. >> after five hours, his fears were confirmed. most of his family was gone. >> they found them in an upstairs bathroom and i think by the first couple of words i knew what it was. >> marie was cradling hers cole and her baby devin. she used her body to try to shield them from the smoke and fire. >> were you surprised by that?
6:48 am
>> not at all. i think she was trying to do everything she could to keep them calm and try to save them as much as possible but to make sure it wasn't painful for them. >> in his eyes his wife was a hero. her actions touched heards herets here and across the nation. >> this was before the game. >> the denver broncos also reached out, flying ken and arabelle for a playoff game. >> sometimes it can be difficult because it's overwhelming. we are only here because of what happened and that hurts a little bit. to see my daughter smile is really cool. >> together ken and his second grader are doing the best they can to rebuild in a new home. the old one torn down with no plans to go back. amid the scores of donations
6:49 am
sits the few things they managed to salvage. picture frames a tea cup and a family tree made with help from marie. >> what do you want people to know about her? >> how great of a mother she was. she loved the kids so much. >> love. so strong. this grieving father knows he can't give up now. now ever. >> there will be people who watch your story. and not be able to understand how somebody goes through such loss and such tragedy is able to wake up every day. >> we don't want to let this defeat us. we don't want this to become what defines our lives or ruins the rest of our lives going forward. we just need to persevere and do what we can to honor marie, cole and devin. >> and ken told me that the
6:50 am
overwhelming support from the community is helping them heal. a lot of people asked does he plan to remain in the area. he doesn't know if he will rebuild the house that is torn down but he has no plan to go back to that spot. it's way too tough. the school and his work and the community made him want to stay in the area. >> i'm glad they focused on the positive. it's an awful story, but some of the good that came out of it. >> his courage is something to be inspired by. i said you are the strongest man i know. >> when you think you are having a bad day because the car doesn't start, you realize what good or bad can be. >> we are going to share more about how this impacted his surviving daughter and hear from her as well. >> great piece. i don't know how you held it together during the interview. >> i know. >> tell us about the weather. >> it's all good news from how
6:51 am
pretty it is outside perspective. the temperatures have bottomed out once again into the single digits but a beautiful sunrise is taking place in the eastern sky. tweeted out a picture and going-over to my twitter feed. a beautiful picture of the sun coming up in the sky and mostly clear for the time being here in washington. temperatures are still on the cold side for sure. 20 degrees at national airport with a wind chill down near 10. most of the outlying suburbs are colder. spartanburg and around the panhandle is 12. single 20 degrees this morning. sure is cold. there will be a substantial warm up into the 20 low 30s. most neighborhoods should be able to get above freezing for a couple of hours and combine that with the sunshine and a fair amount of melting that can take place. for tomorrow, a chance of snow
6:52 am
flakes and a chance of a rain, sleet, snow mix and becoming mostly rain by sunday evening and sunday night. tomorrow is not looking like the best day at all. focus on what's good. quite cold and hourly temperatures this afternoon. not above freezing if are a long time. when you have that sunshine it helps. i will be getting our weather app for what's coming our way tomorrow. here's the way it shows up on future weather. today not much to worry about. going mostly cloudy in the overnight hours and by predawn, there is an opportunity for snow out west and northwest. then as there is a little break in the action and we get into the afternoon, this could be the sleet-rain mix coming into the areas of pink where the computers there could be a chance of a rain-sleet mix. snow flakes have a chance in the
6:53 am
morning tomorrow. with time enough warm air coming in to get this changed over to rain. hourly temperatures tomorrow well below freezing early on in the day. highs up into the mid-and upper 30s. our local model trying to crank out an inch or two and three inches of snow across the panhandle of west virginia. probably an inch or less of primarily sleet. there is the seven-day forecast. an ugly day tomorrow. a break in the action on monday and milder finally turns back in. chances for rain and temperatures spiking to near 60 on wednesday ahead of more cold air arriving late next week. >> coming up a thief targets a nascar team and
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6:56 am
lot of and found. take a look at this. someone stole a nascar race car in atlanta. surveillance shows the thief taking off in a truck and unmarked trailer with the race car inside. the car belongs to a nascar driver and the team extreme. the team tweeted that the car was found. just when you think you have sewn it all. >> how about it. >> wow.
6:57 am
>> today we ended on a cold note. >> don't complain. sunny and cold and there is a chance we could get a little accumulation of slushiness. shouldn't be a lot of anything but i wouldn't be able to rule out the possibility of an inch to three in northern maryland. >> thanks and that's it for news 4 today. we will have a local news
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6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight. last-minute reprieve. facing a midnight deadline congress passes a measure to fund the department of homeland security for one week. so what's next and is the spker's job in jeopardy? we are live with the d.c. drama. on the defensive. prime minister david cameron answers the question of the forces drove jihadi john into the hands of isis. >> having making incredible judgment and they make good judgment on our behalf. >> this morning what we are length


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