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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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trees down on sidewalk. we've heard reports of several branches on roads and also a number of power outages. megan mcgrath is live with a look at the numbers. >> reporter: well, we have very very slippery conditions out here this morning. once you get to the main roads, they have been treated. you're in pretty good shape. but the side streets, sidewalks, very dangerous. take a look at the tree here behind me and you can see the coating of ice. it almost looks like the tree is made out of glass. and then you look down here on the sidewalk we're on o street in northwest washington and i'm not going to move around a whole lot here because this is just a sheet of ice. has not been treated. very very slick out here. and that's the situation with many sidewalks all around the district. so when you leave your house this morning, make sure that you are have a careful as you make your way out of your house down the steps and to your car. because we are seeing extremely slippery conditions out here this morning.
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so you'll want to make sure that you throw some salt down try to melt this a little bit. right now we have temperatures below freezi we're not seeing any melting. as the sun comes out maybe things will start to improve. but right now, it's very treacherous treacherous. megan mcgrath, news 4. today mayor bowser will discuss whether the city could have prevented the disappearance of 8-year-old d.c. girl. are a relish sha rudd went missing one year ago this at the time of her disappearance, she was living in a d.c. homeless shelter with her mother and siblings. she was last seen with a janitor who was later found dead. her family and friends held a special service yesterday. worshippers gathered around her mother to pray and ask for answers. >> in the name of jesus, give us
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some answers. >> the fbi is offering an award of up to $25,000 for information leading to the whereabouts of relisha rudd. >> want to get you caught up on the weather headlines. tom kierein here now with more on the weird start to the morning. foggy and cold. >> and icy. temperatures stay a little below freezing so the iciness we had yesterday is still in place on untreated surfaces and we'll stay this way through 8:00 this morning with the fog around as well. minimum visibilities are generally around a tenth to a quarter of a mile. and then we'll get above freezing by 9:00. ought to be in the mid-30s. upper 30s by noon. so we'll have a lot of melting. watch out walking along under a tree lined street, you'll be pelted with falling ice by later this morning. and then during the afternoon hovering in the low 40s midafternoon, near 40 by 5:00.
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and then tonight back down below freezing we go. down to the mid 20s by dawn on tuesday. let's check road conditions now. >> traveling right now 270 south out of rockville, here is a look at montrose road. we're seeing the fog as you mentioned and the roadways are wet. most have been pre-treated, but do you want to watch out for occasional slick spots. here is a live look at the beltway. connecticut avenue, disabled truck on the side. new hampshire avenue northwest near m street lanes blocked due to d.c. gas because a man hole cover exploded this morning. and pennsylvania avenue malfunctioning traffic light. today lawyers are taking the first steps in bob mcdonnell's appeal. the former virginia governor was convicted of corruption. prosecutors say he traded political influence for more than $165,000 in loans and gifts white governor. today mcdonnell's lawyers will
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deliver opening briefs. if he loses mcdonnell will have to spend two yea a 19-year-old from southeast d.c. is facing charges for shooting another teen. d.c. police say woods shot a teenaged boy friday near the d.c. scholars charter school. police say the victim was under than 18 but would not give his exact age. wood is facing charge ever assault with intent to kill. the victim is expected to survive. this morning mayor bowser will nominate a new fire chief. we're told former seattle fire chief gregory dean is the mayor eye top pick. dean was the seattle fire -- with that department for more than 40 years. he will replace interim chief eugene jones. jones has led the fire and ems department since kenneth ellerby resigned. jones is credited with improving morale as well as increasing training after metro's deadly smoke incident in january. mayor bowser set to announce dean at 10:30. as soon as that happen we'll
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send a push alert to your phone using the nbc washington app. i'm angie goff at the live desk with this happening right now. an offensive you said way to take back a city in iraq from isis. iraq's arm just launched a big military operation to recapture the city of tikrit from the this is a handlesaddam hussein's hometown. today the feds are starting to dig into safety on metro trains. the federal transit administration will conduct a safety management inspection. officials will look at how safely wmata maintains and operates metro. this inspection is not related to january's deadly smoke incident. today local leaders will also debate the proposed purple line. the maryland public policy institute hosting the debate it's set for 7:00 p.m. in silver spring. the purple line is a planned
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light rail system that would run between bethesda and new carrollton. this just into our you newsroom. alexandria schools and d.c. schools are on a two hour delay this morning. again, alexandria and d.c. two hours delay. check all the listings at the bottom of your screen. it's now 4:36. soon you could have fewer places to smoke an e-cigarette in montgomery county. a bill is expected to be approved. the vote is tomorrow. at the same time the council will vote on a bill that would keep county pet stores free of puppy mill cats and dogs.council president will talk about both bills at a news conference later this morning. heads up for drivers commuting on richmond highway this morning. starting today, traffic will be cut to one lane only in both directions for a quarter mile stretch between fairfax county parkway and backlick road. this is part of the long term widening plan for that area. this part of the project lasts until may of 2016. prime minister of israel is
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in the district. benjamin netanyahu will be speaking before a joint meeting of congress toll. he's pushing his opposition to the president's plan to strike a deal with iran over its nuclear program. house speaker john boehner invited the israeli prime minister before consulting the white house leaving many lawmakers unhappy. the vice president and about 30 democratic lawmakers plan to skip the speech. a new poll says 48% of american voters say he should not have been invited without the president being told. 30% have no problem with the invitation and another 22% say they don't know enough to say either way. developing this morning, los angeles police under fire for the shooting of a homeless man in broad daylight. we have the video and what police are saying led to the shooting. parents are asking doctors to delay vaccinations for their young children. how doctors are responding to
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the request might concern you. it is icy and foggy as you can tell by this live picture. tough on see the capitol this morning. tom is timing out when the me new details this morning on
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just an absolutely incredible unbelievable skydiving piece of footage here that took over social media this weekend. a man in australia says he spent 30 second unconscious in a free fall thousands of feet in the air, about 9,000 feet up he was when this started. he reportedly had a seizure just
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after he leapt from a plane. the instructor realized something was wrong, actually caught up with him. on his second try, the jump master was annual to pull the driver's rip cord. that was about 4,000 feet. the diver regained consciousness at about 3,000 feet and then managed to land safely. nbc news could not independently confirm the and you thenuthenticity of this video. back at the live desk a developing story out of downtown los angeles. we just got our hands on new video that shows -- cell phone video that shows the deadly shooting of a homeless man. you see the officers are struggling with the man. they used a stun gun on him first. and then you hear five shots. this happened on skid row. officials saying the officers reacted after the man tried to go after one of the officer's guns. the shooting happened after they were responding to a report of a robbery in the area. and witnesses outraged by this.
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at least one of the officers was wearing one of the body cameras, but at this point they are reviewing various video sources. let's get a look at your weather and traffic on the 1s now. >> freezing rain and drizzle has stopped. radar scanning the sky. warmer air aloft is coming in, but road temperatures are below freezing. some of the air temperatures a little above freezing, that includes washington parts of northern virginia. but most places are a little below freezing. but afternoon highs should make it in the low and mid-40s in washington southern suburbs right around the metro area, farther north and west highs reaching upper 30s. so we'll get melting during the rest of the day starting about 9:00 this morning. a look at timing for another wintry mix for tomorrow coming up at 4:51. how are roads, alexis?
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>> we have wet roadways with occasional slick spots. here is a look at 95 north, north of prince william parkway, disabled vehicle on the shoulder. 395 corridor looking good as well with all lanes open. new hampshire avenue northwest near m street lanes blocked due to a d.c. gas because of a manhole cover exploding. back to you. is isis targeting twitter? the threat authorities are investigating and how twitter's found are may have prompted it. news 4 is testing out the roads so you don't have to. chuck bell in storm team 4 x 4 driving around. we'll get an idea of where the how
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but even for me, this is much. >> it's march, it should be over. >> i'm tired of it. the snow is fine, but the ice not so much. >> all you true. march is here. >> done. >> it seems many of us are pretty fed up with this winter wth and the road conditions out there. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 x 4 this morning keeping an eye on the roads for us. how are things looking out there? >> reporter: it is a skating ring on all the neighborhood streets first thing this morning. it really doesn't matter where you live, if you haven't had a chance to put any kind of salt or chemical down on either your handrails, stairs sidewalks, driveway, plan on a skating ring first thing this morning. this is warren street in northwest washington not too far from where the tv station is. we didn't have on go far to start finding icy roads. we're allege anxious to take a look this your neighborhood so you can send me your neighborhood address at@chuckbell4
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and we'll try to put as many of your icy neighborhood streets on tv as we can. but the rule of thumb is if it looks wet, it's probably ice first thing this morning. use extreme caution today for at least the next couple of hours until we get things above freezing and get it thawed out. it will be a slippery commute for many. so be careful. we'll take you over to boston where they just can't catch a break from all the winter weather. another round of snow slamming new england. this could push boston over a 20-year-old season record. it already has had 102 inches with 4 to 6 more expected today. the real concern right now is roof collapses. minimal amount of time. sometimes they match up. >> that boston snow will again delay the murder trial of aaron hernandez. court won't be in session until
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10:15 this morning. there have already been 5 1/2 snow days since jury selection started on january 9. the former new england patriots player is charged with the 2013 killing of odin lloyd. officials at the texas hospital where a nurse contracted ebola say that they are optimistic they can resolve a possible legal battle. nina pham is expected to file suit today against texas pressdy bi presbyterian hospital in dallas. she became ill while treating eric duncan, the only one to die here in the u.s.. take a look at this cell phone video of a big fire in fairfax county. you can see the fire there along with a lot of thick smoke. you can hear the fire trucks and ambulances on the scene, as well. this is at the garden center on lee highway, a drug caught fire
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there. the center itself did not catch fire. this just in, we have school closings to tell you about. fairfax, falls church and fauquier county schools all closed today. it is now 4:49. if you live in virginia, you may start seeing officers wearing body cameras in the near future. according to the freelance star the spotsylvania sheriff's office says it wants to equip them with the cameras. they're working to get 18 more. the report says stafford and culpeper counties are not planning on buying cameras because of the cost. today students in maryland will start taking a new standardized texas, the parcc, partnership for assessment of readiness and of for college and careers test. it's tied to the common core standards.
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this will affect elementary, middle and high schoolers. twitter is work with law enforcement to direct threats. twitter has repeatedly shut down accounts alledgedly used by isis. the threat included the aim think of a man's face in cross hairs under the black isis flags. we're getting a new look at how three young british girls travelled to syria to join isis. this footage shows the girl at a bus stop in istanbul 12 days ago go. according to the time stamp, the girls spent 17 hours at the bus stop. no one ever approached them. they are believed to be in syria now. today one local school plans to celebrate -- or actually schools that are open all over the area will celebrate dr. seuss seuss' birthday.
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>> students and staff at the st. elizabeth school in rockville will attempt to set the record for the most people wearing the cat in the hat hat. >> i left mine in the car. >> this is a picture of the hat that they will be wearing. the event begins at 10:45 this morning. dr. seuss was a genius. ahead of his time. every story has a message. truly profound too all these rhyming stories that have such a great meaning. >> hopefully we can -- because i was supposed to go to a school in fairfax today. they're closed how. hopefully they can do it tomorrow since they couldn't get it in today. just genius. and we'll also talk about weather with tom. montgomery county just closed, staff forward on stafford on a two hour delay.
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>> anything untreated is still covered with ice. the pavement temperatures have stayed below freezing overnight. so it will stay icy here for the next couple of hours. radar showing it's no longer getting any freezing rain or any freezing drizzle but look at our temperatures we're right at or a little below freezing in montgomery county and much of fairfax and prince george's county. in the district reagan national is at 34. but right in washington also right at or a little below freezing as well as right near the bay, eastern shore, easton now up to 33. a little bo above freezing in fredericksburg warrington and manassas. at or a little below freezing farther north and west including much of the shenandoah valley and in the mountains. post your pictures like sue did in arlington with this shrub with icicles on it and this street lamp was transformed into a chandelier by the icing we had yesterday afternoon. still in place like that this morning. here is the timing on yet another icing event coming in tomorrow. 9:30 10:00 in the morning,
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increasing clouds. but by around noontime that's when we'll begin to see sleet moving in here. it's after that not until around 2:00 or 3:00 that we'll have sleet moving into the metro area, northern virginia, much of maryland and then after that the sleet should give way to icing and the icing will be in place during the evening hours. just north and west of washington, this green zone may be a little bit of light rain by the evening hours, as well. so for the drive time commute, most main roads are wet like this but watch out for icy spots, we'll have the fog around as well. then drying roads for the afternoon as temperatures get into the low 40s. keep up with all the changes with the storm team 4 weather app, and then tomorrow morning, we'll be down to the mid-20s and we get the mix tomorrow afternoon into early evening and then on wednesday, rain. some occasional showers with highs 50s. then another chance of mix in fact looking likely of that on thursday. and then staying cold friday into the weekend, saturday and sunday into the 40s with some sunshine back. now a check on first 4 traffic.
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as you mentioned, we are seeing the wet roads and some slick spots. so do be careful. so give yourself extra time. taking a look accident in silver spring georgia avenue at wyndham lane a car in a bus stop. no reported injuries there. taking a look at roadways around the area 66 at 50 wet roads there, but there are very slick spots as you get into fair tags county. 270 south out of germantown, all lanes are open but watch for fog and slick spots. 95 in maryland heading down toward the beltway, again you'll find all lanes open. use caution as the fog and slick spots persist. route 50 heading from annapolis into the district looking good as well. schools are trying to take precautions. arlington county schools are closed adding to the list that are closing or having a delay this morning. >> we'll keep on top of of that. next time you get on a treadmill will you could get more than a workout. what your performance says about your risk of dying. p. and samsung coming out with
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a new device to rival apple's iphone. the new features.
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four, three, two, one -- take a look at the nighttime launch of this rocket this is the spacex falcon 9 rocket. this is the falcon's 16th
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launch. it carried two commercial communication satellites. a volcano in central chile is threatening a nearby town. the volcano erupted yesterday. locals say it has shown signs of activity for weeks with several explosions. the village is ready to evacuate if the activity continues. it's now 5:58. starting today, you can try out new restaurants in prince george's county county. restaurant week starts today. it is the second annual restaurant week with special price and menus. a chance to try something new or go for that splurge restaurant. it runs until sunday. samsung unveiled its next smart phone. one it hopes will give the iphone a run for its money. take a look at the new galaxy s-6. if features gorilla glass front and back and a new look advanced camera and built-in
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wireless charging. it are l. come in five colors. not clear how much the phone will cost just yet but that will be released or the phone will on april 10th. and we will find out what it will cost. >> i'm sure it will be a lot. charles county schools on a two hour delay. they keep rolling in so stay with "news 4 today". use extreme caution on the roads. it is a skating rink out there on some side streets and parking lots. chuck bell will have a look at the roads. >> and all that ice is taking a toll on tree branches. there are a number of power outages this morning and some reports of trees down. if you work for the federal government you're allowed to come in up to two hours dlat today. you can also take unscheduled telework or leave. in the last 15 minutes,
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we've learned fairfax, arlington, fauquier county schools closed. prince william is also closed. prince george's county, loudoun county, spots vein gentleman, stafford two hour delay. falls church closed schools in d.c. alexandria, fredericksburg and manassas park all starting two hours late. >> and manassas city schools on a two hour delay. washington howard anne arundel county schools, charles, st. mary's calvert, king george all on a two hour delay today, as well. >> west virginia now berkeley jefferson, morgan county schools starting two hours late. all this information on the nbc washington app. let's go to tom now and see how the


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