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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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hours dlat today. you can also take unscheduled telework or leave. in the last 15 minutes, we've learned fairfax, arlington, fauquier county schools closed. prince william is also closed. prince george's county, loudoun county, spots vein gentleman, stafford two hour delay. falls church closed schools in d.c. alexandria, fredericksburg and manassas park all starting two hours late. >> and manassas city schools on a two hour delay. washington howard anne arundel county schools, charles, st. mary's calvert, king george all on a two hour delay today, as well. >> west virginia now berkeley jefferson, morgan county schools starting two hours late. all this information on the nbc washington app. let's go to tom now and see how the ice will affect you.
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>> yeahof the winter. about a quarter of an inch. right now radar not getting anymore icing into on, no more freezing rain or drizzle. this is a picture of a side street. most of the main roads are wet, but side streets are icy. your footing is treacherous. you'll spend some time scraping ice off your windshield, as wet. let the car warm up and deicers take effect and get the ice of off your side windows, mirrors as well as your back window this morning because it will be staying at or a little below freezing between now and 8:00. coming up at 5:11, a look at when this ice melts. you want to give yourself extra time as you're leaving this morning. we have fog and icy slick conditions so do be careful.
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an accident georgia avenue at wyndham lane. no reports of injuries. northbound 295 after 450, right lane blocked due to a downed tree. taking a look at the roads in virginia now dulles toll road heading out of leesburg looking good. 55 heading into the district here is a live look at 95 heading northbound at dale all lanes open. again watch for slick spots. they creep up on you. take your time walking to your car are or the metro this morning. all over the area size walks are covered in ice. some roads are pretty bad out there, too. trucks have been treating them, but you still need to go slowly this morning. it can be dangerous if you're not careful. so you may notice some trees down too. we heard reports of several branches down on the roads overnight. we're also seeing a number of
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power outages around our area. megan mcgrath is live with the numbers. >> reporter: well, if you take a look at this tree beside me, you can see the accumulation of ice. we got about a quarter inch. and tree limbs are snapping weight and pepco saying in d.c. 490 customers without power. pg 84 customers. dominion say they have 74 out in arlington, fairfax 78 anne arundel about 300 customers without power. so there is an issue with outages this morning because of the ice. also we're seeing very very treacherous slippery conditions out there. we're currently on chlt street where the sidewalk i'm standing on is just a sheet of ice. those untreated surfaces very very slip. you'll have a real tough time leading your house and getting to your calf this morning. i'm trying not to move around too much because i'm afraid i
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might fall. this is all just ice. once you get to the treated major road it was fine just wet. but my neighborhood, my sidewalk, my front stoop was incredibly vehicle and dangerous. so take it easy. things are starting to warm you were. i don't know that you can see it, but i am noticing some of the ice is starting to drip so it's starting to melt. so that will be good. temperatures get up some of this will start to thaw out. but right now it is very slippery. so be very careful this morning. reporting live in northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4. it is 5:04 and this morning mayor bowser will nominate a new fire chief. we're told gregory dean is the mayor's pick here. dean was the seattle chief for more than 40 years. or he was with that department
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that long. you will en he will replace eugene jones. jones is credited with improving moral and increasing raining. bowser is expected to announce dean at 10:30. today bob mcdonnell's lawyers will be back in court to deliver the opening briefs of his corruption appeal. his appeal case begin in may. he was convicted of corruption for raid ging plig favors for thousands of dollars in gifts and loans. mcdonnell was sentenced to two years. he does not have to go as long as he is appealing this case. right now iraqi forces trying to reclaim a big city in iraq from isis. an offensive is under way to take back the city of tikrit from the islamic state. the major offensive is trying to take back that city which is also the hometown of saddam
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hussein. now, we've learned thousands of troops are part of this major operation. it includes heavy artillery and also iraq has launched air strikes. we will hear from the montgomery county council president today about the plan to partially ban e-cigarettes. the county council expected to approve a big banning e-cigarettes from the same places traditional cigarettes are banned. the vote is tomorrow. and the a bill will be considered to keep pet stores free of puppy mills. doctors say more and more patients are asking them for this. the request that could be putting your children at risk. a man suffers a medical emergency midair during a sky dive. we'll tell you how he was able to land safely. speaking of safe if you have to get out on the roads, take it slowly.
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tom kierein is timing out when the ice will begin to thaw.
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5:09. today students in maryland will start taking a new standardized test called the parcc, partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers. the test is tied to the common core standards forproficiency.
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third through eighth graders will be tested in math and english, high school students will get algebra and english tests. also prince george's county school board will hold a budget meeting. they're seeking nearly $2 billion, 7% more than school ceo kevin maxwell's original bumg either. it includes programs that maxwell was going to cut and competitive pay for teachers. the school system is dealing with cuts in state funding and possible furloughs from the county. today's meeting is at 4:30 at wise high school. we have new details on the harrowing skydiving footage you've seen in your facebook page. take a look. this is a terrifying swas a man says he spent 0 seconds30 seconds unconscious in a free-fall. he reportedly suffered a seizure.
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thankfully his jump master caught up to him and pull the diver's rip record at 4,000 feet and the diver regained consciousness at 3,000 feet and then landed safely. nbc news could not independently confirm the authenticity of the video, but from what we can see, i cannot imagine. luckily he was connecticutunconscious. culpeper closed and manassas schools on a two hour delay. >> this is why i don't go sky diving. in case i yesterday anymore reasons. >> you and me both. we'll stay on the ground. weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, what are you seeing? >> temperatures at or below freezing. after 8:00 we'll get above freezing. a lot of melting going on. going to need a helmet walking down some streets. by noontime upper 30s.
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mid-40s this afternoon. morning fog will be dissipating as sunshine breaking out. a lot of melting during the rest of the afternoon. look at the next chance for a wintry mix coming up at 5:21. how is the commute give yourself extra time as you're leaving your house due to fog and slick spots. downed tree northbound 295 after route 450, right lane blocked. 9th street southeast near wahler place, reports of a sinkhole but traffic is getting by. fog warnings in effect on the bay bridge. taking a look at 66 just east of route 28 watch for slick spots. new information and video of a deadly police shooting outside a homeless shelter in a well-known los angeles neighborhood. why doctors say how you perform on a treadmill can say a lot more about your health than you might think. and school closings and delays keep coming in.
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5:16. a live look at the capitol where it looks a little foggy there. tom kierein has your latest forecast now. the key thing this morning are the road temperatures. we'll have our road temperatures staying at or a little below freezing between now and around 8:00 this morning. and there is a live view from the tower camera showing some fog around the region. road temperatures down 95 and points just a little bit to our south, road temperature hovering right around the freezing mark. so is 66 and much of the beltway, road temperatures there right around the freezing mark. and 270, up toward frederick and hagerstown, those road temperatures in the upper 20s. so we're looking at a lot of ice. chuck bell is out in the 4 x 4 seeing some of that. where are you now?
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>> reporter: we're on the border between northwest washington and montgomery county here. and, boy, let me tell you, what a difference it makes between being on a main road that has already seen salt and treatment as oppose the to side streets. this little side street is completely encased in ice. we have it in the low setting and we're just inching loochk to avoid any clips on our part. but, man, you really need to be extremely careful this morning. most of the untreated roads and sidewalks and staircases have about a quarter of an inch of accumulated frozen rain on it. and, man, does it just take nothing at all before you start slipping and sliding. so it's probably not a bad idea since so much of the school districts have either delayed or canceled, those are on the website and running on the bottom of the screen,s about you need to be prepared for very slippery situation outside this morning. temperature here at the 4 x 4 still only 31 degrees.
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so some of these sheltered neighborhoods, cold air in pockets. once you get on the main roads, all it took was just any amount of treatment or chemical and it improved right away. but untreated roads remain did i think dangerous first thing this morning. so be careful out there, everybody. if you have an icy street or hill in your neighborhood send me a tweet @chuckbell4. and we'll try to make it as many neighborhoods as we can. aaron, i know that you love winter. here are in march with frozen rain you couldn't be happier, right? >> because i just booked a trip somewhere else? absolutely. i'm in a good place. chuck, thank you. it's 5:18 right now. a developing story in los angeles this morning. we're getting a look at dramatic cell phone video of a deadly police involved shooting. police say they were in the skid row neighborhood yesterday they were responding to a robbery
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call when officers got into a fight with the homeless man. in the video, it appears the man was unarmed. lapd says he was shot only after reaching for an officer's gun. at least one of the officers was wearing a body camera. detectives are gathering the video to help in their investigation. i'm angie goff at the live desk with this happening this morning. north korea just test firing two short range missiles. this word from south korea's military. the missile launch comes right before south korea and the u.s. launches their joint military drills in the north continuing to call the annual exercises preparation for invasion. a 19-year-old from southeast d.c. facing charges for shooting a teenager. police say that wood schottenstein aged boy friday near the scholars charter school. the victim was younger than 18 but they would not give his exact age.
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wood is pacing charge of as suggest with intent to kill. the victim is expected to survive. >> if you live in virginia, you may start seeing officers wearing body cameras in the near future. according to the freelance star spotslvania sheriff's office says it wants to equip all deputies with cameras, but needs $100,000 to do so. king george county sheriffs ordered two cameras for school resource officers and the office is working to get 18 more. the paper says stafford and culpeper counties are not planning on buying cameras because of the cost. happening this morning a judge will try to settle a last set of legal issues ahead of the boston bombing trial. the closed last minute arguments concern limits on certain types of evidence. these motions are sealed so it's unclear what lawyers are requesting. tsarnaev is accused in the 2013 shooting that killed three people and injured more than 260. a bombing i should say. opening statements in the trial are set to begin on wednesday. meanwhile snow in
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massachusetts will begin delay the murder trial of aaron hernandez. court will not be in session until 10:15 a.m.. there have already been 5 1/2 snow days since jury selection began. the former player is charged with the killing of odin lloyd. in news 4 your health oig this morning, researchers at johns hopkins university say they can now predict a person's risk of dying using a formula and data about treadmill performance. it's called the fit treadmill score. and it weighs the amount of energy your body expends and your heart rate during an intense workout. participants were the same age and gender here. those with lower scores had a 38% risk of dying within a decade. that's compared to people with the highest scores that had only a 2% arriving. >> need to get on the treadmill work a little harder? >> apparently it can be good for you. sirnl they can figure out -- i don't know if i want to know how long i'll live though.
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>> we keep saying that. we're not sure if i want to know the forecast unless it's going to warm up. >> you you'll like this we are going to get above freezing. downtown some of the icicles are starting to melt a bit. but elsewhere, at or below freezing including prince george's county montgomery county fairfax, most of thorn virginia. al manassas warrington, a little above freezing. it's the temperature of the basement that is the problem this morning even though it may be a little above freezing it's still icy on the surface. a little above freezing parts of the so you were send shenandoah valley and parts of southern maryland. this morning we have two types of pavement you'll be dealing with. most main roads wet, but icy spots on the side streets. this afternoon dry pavement as roads will be driving out. we ought to get into the low
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40s, midafternoon. keep up with all the changes with the weather app. tomorrow 340r7kmorning, back below freezing. during the day, cloudy and cold. highs mid-30s. and then maybe another round of sleet and freezing rain tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow evening. after that it gets warmer on tuesday night into wednesday as any iciness will change over to rain. wednesday highs in the 50s with rain likely. occasion atal rain showers. thursday, cold again. and a mix is likely. may get some sleet, freezing rain and snow and then after that staying cold on friday. then milder for the weekend, saturday and sunday sun back with highs in the 40s. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the hour by hour rolling coaster temperatures next 4 hours. good morning. we have an accident eastbound
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route 50 and whitehall road all lanes are blocked. and there are fog warnings in effect as you're crossing the bay bridge. beach drive northwest between joyce road and wise road that is closed due to a downed street. alternate is 16th. 95 all lanes open. watch for slick spots. 270 out of frederick, more volume but no reports of incidents. 66 looking good out of manassas and centralville all the way to the beltway. it's 5:24 now. fighting among virginia's state gop is causing some concern. it seems the centrist conservatives are up against the tea party and libertarian activist. one big issue is whether the state gop will select a presidential candidate at a primary or convention likely to influence whether the winner is centrist or right wing
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republican. have a construction on the newest gaming resort is continuing despite all the winter weather. mgm resorts international says it is on track for next year's opening at national harbor. officials say the first parking level is expected to be completed within a few weeks. the new casino will sit on 23 acres and have more than 3,000 slot. s and 140 gambling tables. you could be putting your child at risk if you delay vaccinations. a survey says parents are delaying vaccinating their kids. 93% of pediatricians say they're getting requests to adjust the regular vaccine schedule especially for children under 2. most doctors say they are flexible but 87% believe it puts a child at risk before one of the biggest fears of parents is the link to autism a connection that has been discredited many times. 5:26 now. if you ort cookies, there is a new
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toy that will let you enjoy the baked goods all year round. wicked cool tools. isn't that a cool name? they unveiled the first ever girl scouts cookie oven. it's 00kind of like the classic easy bake oven. the oven is not cheap, it's $60 and it will hit store shelves nationwide this fall. your city could become part of the next monopoly game. hasbro is holding a contest. the 20 cities that get the most votes will each be featured as a property space. the one with the most votes will appear as the coveted boardwalk square. >> there is a washington, d.c. monopoly and there is an empire
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monopoly that we with love. coca-cola boardwalk, apple, you have samsung. >> how about that. i'm still old school. i think i have the old monopoly the first one. >> we should play. i get a little competitive. vus just warning you. >> no! later today, the feds will be looking into metro. >> a test that will show how safe you are on the trains. plus one year later and there has been no sign of a missing girl from d.c.. the push by city leaders to renew the search. and a foggy national harbor. tom says the fog will clear and ice will melt.
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d.c. mayor bowser will nominate a new fire chief. we're told former seattle fire chief gregory dean is the mayor's top pick. he will replace interim chief eugene jones. an offensive is under way to take back a city from isis. iraq's army launched the operation to recapture tikrit.
5:31 am
and the big story, the ice crippling commutes across our area. chuck bell is in the storm team 4 by 4 driving around the roads. tom is timing out the roller coaster weather over the next 24 hours. good more than to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get right to tom and a look at the forecast. >> the other problem this morning is some fog. we have a dense fog advisory all these counties in gray including the district, prince george's county montgomery and fairfax and northern virginia, southern maryland. and some of the fog could be around until about 9:00 this morning. so slow down, use your low beams. but by mid-morning, most of it should be gone. right now radar not picking up anymore freezing rain or freezing freezing drizzle. but surface temperatures are at or a little below freezing so watch out for the icy nest that will be around this morning. going forward, by noon, upper
5:32 am
30s 37 midupper. midafternoon 40s. by this time tomorrow morning, back down below freezing into the mid-20s. next a look at neighborhood highs at 5:41. how is the commute? you want to give yourself extra time if you're leaving your house this morning due to fog and icy conditions. no report of delays on inner or outer loop in maryland. eastbound route 50 at whitehall road, all eastbound lanes are blocked, two westbound lanes are open and getting by. but you want to watch for the fog warnings on the bay bridge as well. georgia avenue at wyndham lane, right lane blocked due to an accident. beach drive northwest between joyce and wise, that's closed due to a downed tree. northbound 295 aft 450, right rain block lane blocked due to a downed tree. beltway at 50 more volume. no incidents. and traveling further into montgomery county looking good
5:33 am
as well. it's 533 and we're tracking a lot of closings and delays as you start your day. federal agencies on a two hour delayed arrival. if you work for the government, you can also take unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. >> if you have the nbc washington app, we're pushing all the big delays and closings to your phone. right now fairfax, mochbry, ry montgomery arlington and prince william county are closed. >> prince george's countyspotsylvania two hour delay. d.c., alexandria fredericksburg manassas city also. washington alleghany, charles st. mary's calvert king george all on a two hour delay. we just learned that frederick county virginia schools are on a one hour delay. in west virginia, berkeley
5:34 am
jefferson, mineral and morgan county schools are starting two hours late. for the complete list check your app or watch the scroll at the bottom of your screen. if you're planning on fly out of up to today, you may want to double check your delightflight. more than 500 have been canceled nationwide. 25 out of a reagan national bwi have 12. all flights out dulles right now are on time. and here is a live look at conditions this morning on jefferson davis highway in virginia. we're dealing with fog and you may also be dealing with slick patches especially on the sidewalks. road conditions caused an eight car pileup on the jefferson davis highway at monroe street. icy spots making the roads treacherous. >> very slick and icy and we're just hoping to get back to the
5:35 am
hotel safely. we're southerners from richmond. don't know why we came this far north. >> so we're also dealing with slick sidewalks throughout the district. cars were turned around this is on massachusetts avenue after a large tree fell. we're keeping a cle eye on road conditions. chuck bell is out in the storm team 4 x 4. we'll check in with chuck in a few minutes. metro will be coming under screwed any today. the scrutiny. there will be a full safety in-special. richard jordan is live to tell us what this means. >> reporter: first off you should know if you plan on taking metro, whether trains or buses, this should not affect you. the morning commute should continue as planned. the federal trafrns it administration is looking at the safety management system
5:36 am
basically how metro makes sure that it is following safety procedures. this is only the second time the fta has done this they did it in chicago. thousand doing it here in washington. and it all comes just a couple weeks after that smoke emergency, deadly smoke emergency on the yellow line train near l'enfant plaza back in january where one woman died because of all that smoke. now, after that we learned that there was an issue with the radio communications that affected emergency responders getting to that metro do to make sure its communication system is working properly. so they will be looking at those safety issues not only when it comes to the metro trains to the underground system but also the bus system it starts today but it will take several months to complete.
5:37 am
the review should be done sometime in may. richard jordan news 4. >> richard i also want to know are the conditions icy out there? how are the roads where you are? >> reporter: roads are doing okay. if you're walking to the metro, it will be tough. a lot of the sidewalks are ice-covered and thick ice also. p so it will be slippery. so if you are planning on walk to the bus stop or metro, you'll definitely want to be careful. but roads are good for the most part. >> richard jordan thank you. today local leaders will debate the proposed purple line in maryland. the public policy institute is hosting the debate there. it's the a 7:00 at the afi silver theater. the purple line is a planned light rail system that would connect the bethesda and new carrollton metro stations. a figure fire in fairfax kouchtsity. you can see the fire in the
5:38 am
video as well as the thick black smoke. fire trucks are on the scene, you hear the ambulances, as well. this is on lee highway, a truck caught fire there. the center itself plants and fertilizers did not catch fire. today mayor bowser will discuss whether the city could have prevented the disappearance of relisha rudd. she went missing one year ago this week. today's press conference is at 3:15 at police headquarters. at the time of her disappearance, relisha was living in a d.c. homeless shelter with her mother and siblings and was last seen with a janitor who was later found dead. yesterday her family and he said friends held a special service. worshippers gathered around her mother to pray and ask for answers. >> we want closure god. we want release. in the name of jesus, give us
5:39 am
some answers. >> la rishrelisha would have turned 9 yesterday. starting today, traffic will be cut to one lane only in each direction for a quarter mile stretch between fairfax county parkway and backlick road. this is part of a long term widening plan for that area of route one. this part of the project should last until may of we are tracking secretary of state john kerry's arrival in geneva. he has already head with russia's foreign minister. no real details yet from that meeting, but he did just tweet out saying that they talked about ukraine, syria and iran. all eyes will be on what he says to the u.n. council later today. it's believed kerry will strongly defend israel and ask for more international support for the jewish state. the speech comes even as u.s./israel tensions continue to rise over a possible iran nuclear deal. here we go again, in boston
5:40 am
the new record this brutal winter could force the city to break. thousands of government workers spared from a shutdown, but only temporarily. the new problem that could derail a long term deal to fund the department of homeland security. it is icy and foggy outside. tom is timing out when the mercury will begin to rise in your neighborhood.
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p temperatures are at or a little below freezing so we have icy side streets. most of the main roads are wet. icy sidewalks, as well. that was a picture i took just a couple hours ago. we also have patchy dense fog around. watch out for that. roller coaster temperatures. highs today low to mid-40s by later this afternoon. next weather and traffic on the 1s a look at the timing of another icing event for tomorrow that's coming up at 5:51. eastbound route 50 and whitehall road all of the east bound lanes are blocked. and then left lane and shoulder on the westbound side are blocked, as well. beach drive northwest between joyce road and wise, a downed tree. and here is a look at travel times around the area for you. back to you. uber admits it was hacked. >> the personal information that was put at risk. your time is 5:44.
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good morning. just updating and checking the latest road temperature, right now just south of washington along 95 and roads across northern virginia are hovering just a little bit above 30 degrees. that's still below freezing. beltway prince george's county as well as montgomery county 95 and 270 and 70 temperatures there, too around 30. farther north and west, road temperatures are in the upper 20s. it's now 5:47. unless congress can make a deal we are in for a repeat of last week's massive battle over funding for homeland security. tracie potts is live on capitol hill now. so tracie congress repet theset reset the clock. where dough law lawmakers go from here? >> reporter: senate democrats
5:48 am
will take a vote on even whether they want to sit down and conference with republicans. house republicans are saying sit down with us, at least talk about this immigration thing because we don't want to pay for something that we feel is unconstitutional. senate democrats are saying we won't even talk about that. either pay for homeland security or that's it, pay for homeland security. so that's it. it is not clear whether they will conference which would lead to a compromise by friday. >> tracie potts live for us on capitol hill. thank you. the prime minister of israel is in d.c.. benjamin netanyahu will be speaking before a joint meeting of congress tomorrow. he's pushing his opposition to the president's plan to strike a deal with iran over its nuclear brahm. john boehner invited the prime minister before consulting with the white house leaving many you law makers unhappy. the vchdice president and about 30 democratic lawmakers will skip the speech tomorrow.
5:49 am
a poll says 48% of american voters say he shouldn't have been invited without the president being told. 30% have no probm with the invitation another 2% don't know enough to say either way. soon you could have fewer places to smoke an e-cigarette in montgomery county. the county council is expected to approve a bill banning e-cigarettes from the same places traditional cigarettes are banned. the vote is tomorrow. at the same time the council will vote on a bill that would keep county pet stores free of puppy mill cats and dogs. the council president will talk about both bills at a news conference later this morning. later today air force commemorates a somber anniversary. 50 years ago today colonel hayden lockhart was shot down over vietnam. he was the first air force prisoner of war. form he p.o.w.s veterans and air force officials will gather for a replaying at the air force memorial and 69th bomb squadron
5:50 am
will provide a b-52 flyover. driving on the ice can be tricky of course. obviously you want to drive slowly and watch out for black ice this morning. if your car does skid, take your foot on or the brake and accelerator, try to straighten the wheel slowly and then ride the skid out. if your car starts to roll backwards, you want to stay off the brake. you should look over your shoulder and try to steer to a safe location. he issier . >> and when you lose control, you're like oh, no. but you can recover from it. >> you have to have presence of mind. this morning we're starting off with at least no more freezing rain or freezing drizzle falling, but we're dealing with the aftermath. radar all clear now. we had warmer air coming in
5:51 am
officer what is left of the snow and ice. so dense fog advisory until 9:00 all the counties in gray. visibilities will be down to around a quarter mile or less. so watch out for that fog this morning. temperatures hovering they're 30. much of northern virginia a little below freezing although a little above know quantico manassas warrington. we have amazing icicles. this photo by jesse mcguire taken in arlington. this photo of a street lamp looking like a chandelier taken by sue kromer. send your photos and i'll share. going forward tomorrow, we have a chance for the another round of icing and freezing rain. this area in pink may start out as sleet, there is out in the panhandle of west virginia by around noontime tomorrow. then during the afternoon, that is when that moves farther east.
5:52 am
the pink zone is a zone of maybe sleet to mid afternoon. by 5:00, that hey may transfer over to icing and freezing rain similar to yesterday. could get some icing during the evening hours. rain the area this green. for the morning commute icy spots wet pavement main roads. afternoon commute, drying roads. low 40s during the afternoon. all these up and down changes, you can keep up with it with the storm team 4 ach. tomorrow after that mix, we'll get warmer air moving in and rain moves in on wednesday with temperatures in the 50s and another mix looking likely for thursday. stay tuned. still cold friday into the weekend saturday and sunday, sunshine back. highs 40s. chuck sbel livebell is live now. >> reporter: we're in prince george's county. this is berwyn heights. and these hilly streets are very
5:53 am
much ice covered. this is berwyn heights elementary school coming up. we already tested this parking lot out once. we'll show you what the kids would have been facing had they been coming in first thing this morning. a sheet of ice on this hill right here going right into the school parking lot. and this story could be repeated in just about every neighborhood. so a very good idea that the schools are delayed or closed. the latest veil on esest available on our website and at the bottom of the screen. we'll be driving around all morning. now a check on traffic. looking good if you're traveling the beltway. we have an accident in maryland eastbound route 50 at whitehall road all of the lanes are blocked. serious accident. use caution there. beach drive northwest between joyce road and wise road is closed due to a downed tree. alternate is 16th street.
5:54 am
95 north near fairfax county parkway, accident on the shoulder. seeing delays approaching. taking a look at 270 out of frederick, you can see the icicles on the camera. we are seeing more volume here out of frederick but no reports of incidents or delays. here is a look in virginia 95 just around the prince william parkway. back to you. quick change for you. loudoun county public schools are now closed. they were delayed. loudoun county public schools now closed for the day. and a lot of school systems are closed because of the conditions. charlie gishler joining us on the phone. so how are you tackling the problem, icy conditions? >> yeah ice is nobody's friend here. and i think the first thing you have to do is wash it right when you walk out your door. it's pretty slick out there. but the main lines are pretty much wet right now. but that being said we're right the at that critical time where
5:55 am
the temperatures are right there at freezing. you can go some places might be a little above freezing, some places a little below freezing. so if you go down the roadway and you see something that looks wet, maybe it's an elevated surface of roadway, maybe take your feet off the accelerator and just maybe use a lower gear. but slow down this morning. that's the key. get point a to point b safely. and also watch out for some dense fog in some of the areas. it will create some pretty dense fog in areas. so be careful. >> so just a few seconds left here. do you have trucks out on road were they out overnight doing what if they were out? >> we were out if full force and we're still out there now. we're in post-storm operation, so we're patrolling for any icy spots and we'll be doing some clean up and preparing for the next storm. >> like we all are over and over again. charlie gishler with maryland state highway administration thank you. 5:56.
5:56 am
uber says it was hacked back in may. we're getting more information on the information that was put at arriving.risk. >> popular ride app uber has come out with the latest saying security breach occurred last spring but it wasn't realized until september. so close to 50,000 drivers names and license plate numbers may have been stolen. add uber to the growing list. back to you. >> morgan brennan, thank you you. starting today, you can try out new restaurants in prince george's county. restaurant week starts today with many restaurants at national harbor taking part. this is the second annual restaurant week in prince george's county with special pricing and menus. it's your chance to try something new, maybe go for that splurge restaurant. restaurant week runs until sunday. samsung unveiled hits next smartphone one it hopes will give apple the iphone a run for its money. take a look at the new galaxy
5:57 am
s-6. it feature as light weight metal casing an gorilla glass. it has built in wireless charging. the new phone will come in five colors emerald, gold, blue, what andnd black and white. it will be released april 10. boston really can't catch a break from the wintry weather. another round of snow slamming new england right now. it could push boston over its 20-year-old record for the season. boston already has 102 inches of snow this year. up to 6 inches could fall today. and that could break the 1995/96 record of 107.6 inches in boston. snow and freezing rain may have stopped falling here, but we're still feeling the effects. we're tracking the conditions you'll see on the roads, side streets and the sidewalks along with when the ice will finally melt.
5:58 am
5:59 am
an icy start to your workweek. we're tracking conditions for you on the roads this morning after hours of freezing rain leaves our communities coated in a layer of ice. temperatures you you seesee here are the critical factor as things remain just below the freezing mark.
6:00 am
tom kierein is tracking conditions your children will be dealing with if it they still have school this morning. >> yeah right now around the region we have temperatures that are hovering right around the low 30s to right around 29 30 degrees in our western and northern suburbs. right how reagan national at 34 degrees. and this is critical this morning because we had all the icing yesterday. we stayed at or a little below freezing all night long. so the icing is still in place. i took this picture of a side street in northwest washington a few hours ago. it's ice covered. most of the main roads wet as they have been treated with chemicals. but pavement temperatures are below freezing as are the sidewalk. you'll have to spend have a time scraping ice off your windshield. i took this picture of a car in northwest washington just covered in ice.


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