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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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in maryland are seeing freezing rain and sleet, but most of us are superstorm sandying temperatures above freeing right now. that's very good news. that means we'll just be dealing with rain. we still have that on the radar. rain moving through portions of northern virginia down towards southern maryland including right here in d.c. looks like possible freezing rain or sleet still happening in through portions of maryland but i've looked at some of the observations here and temperatures are above freezing for the most part in this area so watch out, there could be a few slick spots but not to worry tonight. there's still a winter weather advisory until 10:00 tonight. if you're along the potomac river toward charles county, if you're along the potomac toward the north and east, that's where we have the winter weather advisory. includes loudoun county fairfax county in the district but not seeing too many problems this evening. that's good news. now this storm system moves out. the next one then moves in. that's tomorrow night. with rain starting off but then that rain transitions to snow and we have a winter storm watch in effect for everybody. we have a very good confidence here that just about everybody will see accumulating snowfall.
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we'll talk about who sees what and when and how much coming up in my full forecast. >> now to two breaking stories. the ground is giving out along a stretch of farragut street in northeast d.c. one vehicle's front end slipped into this hole. we are live on that scene. first a report of gunshots along the maryland intercounty connector. a truck is found with a shattered window. two men were in that vehicle. one had to be taken to the hospital. this investigation is unfolding along the highway near i-95 in prince george's county. news4's darcy spencer is there live. darcy? >> reporter: wendy, toicht tell you exactly where we are. we're on the eastbound side of the icc in prince george's county just past old gunpowder road. you look up ahead of me, that's where the scene is. let's go straight to the video showing the truck that was shot at right around 3:00 this afternoon. it's important to know that neither victim was actually shot. the bullet did not penetrate the skin but still very frightening
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for those two people in that truck as well as anyone out here on the icc here this afternoon. that truck is registered to a tree service company here in maryland. we're told that two people were in the truck, again, driving eastbound when someone fired at least one shot from a wooded area here above the icc. broken glass apparently hit one victim in the face. he was transported to the hospital. the second victim also in the truck, he had the bullet lodged in his clothing. it did not break the skin. again, he also was take on the hospital to be checked out. maryland transportation authority police are the ones who are here on the icc investigating. they are still trying to figure out where exactly the shot came from what kind of gun was used exactly what is behind this. now it's important to note that the ic skrshgs still open. this investigation is taking place here along the shoulder. we'll bring you additional details as we get them. reporting live from prince george's county darcy spencer, news4.
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take a look at this folks. a giant hole opening up right in the middle of a northeast washington street after a water main break this afternoon. it's already causing some big problems. one driver needed help from a tow truck after the front end of his car wound up in the hole. news4's zachary kiesch live on the scene now. zachary, what's going on there now? >> reporter: jim, take a look at this. this is 13th place northeast, a buckled road some dirt obviously crews are here. the result of this sinkhole right here. crews tell me this is the by-product of these old pipes are expanding and contracting and obviously this isn't going to be a quick fix. police and crews tell me this is going to be an all-night job. take a peek at this video and check what one of our colleagues shot earlier today. this guy was driving down the street when the sinkhole happened as he was driving. take a look at that. a tow truck was able to pull him out. but as i mentioned, this thing isn't going to be a quick fix.
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i talked to a resident, a gentleman who lives across the street and he says he felt like something might have been up when he left the house this morning. >> i did hear when i walked out this morning, me and my daughter we heard water coming up from the ground but it was probably sprouting up about that much. since it was past my house town the hill we were straight. so i dropped her at school went to work and on my way to grab her, they're like you need to get here because if the sinkhole don't going to get you, the tow truck is. >> reporter: i talked to eric again. his car is parked in the back so his car is safe. talked to another resident and asked her to take a peek and she said she'd rather stay in the house. she was afraid of the sinkhole. obviously not something you see every day here in northeast d.c. crews are here they're working on this. water is shut down in the area. this is the result of an eight-inch water main break, quite interesting to see the damage that that can cause. reporting live here in northeast d.c. zachary kiesch news4.
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>> thank you, zach. an update now to a developing story we've been following for you in the district. 16 students were taken to multiple hospitals this afternoon after someone set off pepper spray here at cesar chavez public charter school. there are no serious injuries. we just spoke with d.c. police. and they're not ready to say who set off the spray. one teacher was also treated at the school. hundreds of students in virginia will have to find a new college because today sweet briar announced it's shutting down as soon as this semester is over. this private women's college is blaming financial issues and declining enrollments. sweet briar, located just north of lynchburg, says the class of 2015 will be its final class to graduate. there are new restrictions on where adults can legally smoke marijuana in the district. today the d.c. council approved emergency legislation that prohibits the use of pot in private clubs or bars. smoking marijuana is only
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allowed in a person's private residence. the vote comes just days after legalized possession of marijuana went into effect. a group that led for the effort for legalization tells news4 it feels betrayed and may stage protests now. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will soon be on his way back to israel and se his appearance before congress today was not politically motivated. >> netanyahu made a historic and controversial address to a joint session this morning saying that negotiations between the united states and iran would all be guarantee that tehran gets nuclear weapons. >> i've come here today to tell you we don't have to bet the security of the world on the hope that iran will change for the better. we don't have to gamble with our future and with our children's future. we can insist that restriction ts s on iran's nuclear program not be
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lifted for as long as iran continues its aggression in the region and in the world. >> dueling protests were held outside the capitol during the prime minister's speech. chris gordon was on the hill today and has that story. >> reporter: this group carrying u.s. and israeli flags came to support israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's right to speak. joyce and bernard sax of springfield, virginia have children and grandchildren living in israel. >> when you tuck your children in at night, ask yourself what you have done to make america safe and to stand up for america's only ally in the middle east, israel. >> reporter: a counterdemonstration was held about a block away. they carried signs saying "netanyahu go home you don't represent jews or judaism." >> netanyahu's speech is warmongering against iran and this insulting behavior against our president. >> reporter: at one point shgt protesters supporting netanyahu objected to the message of the anti-netanyahu group. >> you guys are a bunch of
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idiots. >> jewish people. >> reporter: after breaking up the argument which turned heated u.s. capitol police took up positions in front of the protesters. all of this was going on while netanyahu addressed congress. afterwards cair the council on american islamic relations said israel sthould not be allowed to dictate u.s. policy on iran. >> keep in mind israel is a nuclear power and israel is a posing threat to its neighboring countries. >> reporter: netanyahu's speech was applauded by the jewish community relations council of greater washington representing local sinynagogues and schools. >> it drew pictures in people's minds about the danger of a nuclear iran in stark term which is i think will leave an everlasting impression for people. >> reporter: the speech led to spirited debate but in the end demonstrators disbanded peacefully. on capitol hill chris gordon news4. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. by now you've heard that congress has avoided a homeland
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security shutdown. the house passed a clean bill this afternoon and we are waiting for word of its arrival at the president's desk. passage of the bill means the department of homeland security will be funded through september and it avoids another shutdown deadline looming this friday. it also means more than 17,000 local employees won't have to be furloughed or work for free. jim and wendy, back to you. >> thanks pat. we could find out this week whether murder and kidnapping suspect jesse matthew will have his trial delayed. his lawyers filed a motion today asking for more time. the trial is set for late june. he's charged in the murder of uva student hannah graham. defense lawyers are also requesting a dna expert. a judge is expected to consider those requests tomorrow. matthew still set for trial in early june on attempted murder and rape charges that occurred with another victim in fairfax county. an arrest tonight in a police impersonator case in
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fairfax county. 19-year-old tiler polkinghome turned himself in last night. he's charged with one instant of impersonating a police officer but officers say further charges are possible. court documents show polking polkinghome's vehicle is linked to a half dozen instance where is the driver tryied to pull over vehicles sometimes by tailgating and other times with flashing lights or sirens. parking can be stress informal the dmv. >> one local woman is accused of taking her anger to a whole new level. >> what we've learned about the driver who was arrested for firing shots at a parking enforcement officer. puppy mills put on notice. how a new bill just passed will protect pets. and doug and v.j. are tracking rain and sleet tonight.
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a story you'll only see on news4. a ticket writer doing her job writing up illegally parked cars and gunshots are fired. >> turns out someone didn't like her writing those tickets. this happened back in november near the intersection of corcoran and mt. olivet roads. just today, news4's mark segraves found out is suspect in the case also works in law enforcement. >> reporter: the ticket writer was on corcoran street placing tickets on illegally parked cars
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when she heard a woman yelling absenies at her from across the street. charging documents show the suspect is a police officer authorized to carry a badge and a gun. before the shots rang out, witnesses in this apartment complex told police they saw a woman standing on this walkway wearing a security guard's uniform and carrying a gun in a holster. they said she was boasting that now that she was a security officer no one could mess with her. the park enforcement officer told police she ignored the verbal threats from the woman and continued down corcoran street until she heard the gunfire. when police responded, they found shell casings on this sidewalk as well as unspent bullets. their investigation led them to an apartment inside where they found a woman who identified herself as a special police officer who works for the department of homeland security. 30-year-old bridget robertson of capitol height maryland has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. her girlfriend originally told
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police the two of them had nothing to to with the shooting but later she told police she lied because she was concerned for her own safety. she told police robertson had been drinking and appeared intoxicated and fired her gun recklessly as she was waving her gun around in the air. according to an official with the federal protective service, robertson did work for that agency briefly in 2013 a contract employee. it's unclear where she was working at the time of her arrest but she was taken into custody at the reeves building which houses several d.c. government agencies. robertson was released pending a court date later this month. in the district mark segraves news4. new tonight, we've got the results of a civil rights investigation into the ferguson missouri police department. the department of justice says it found a pattern of discrimination that violates the constitution. the doj report says blacks in ferguson make up 67% of the population but made up 93% of the arrests.
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90% of all citations and 85% of traffic stops. the report also found that 88% of cases in which police used force involved african-americans. the probe was started after the shooting death of an unarmed black teen by a white police officer. what could be one of the biggest trials of the year is now just hour ace way. opening statements in the boston marathon bombing are set to begin in the morning with the jury now in place. the final panel of 12 jurors and 6 alternates was whittled down from a pool of 1,300. the selection process took two months. dzhokhar tsarnaev is accused of planting those bombs that killed three people in april of 2013 at the marathon. the trial is expect to last about three months. nsa whistle-blower edward snowden apparently wants to come home now. snowden's lawyer says the former contractor would return to the u.s. if he was guaranteed a legal and impartial trial. snowden has been in russia since 2013 after leaking details about
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the government's mass surveillance program. his lawyer says the only guarantee they've gotten is that snowden would not face the death penalty. there is a new effort to help stop animal abuse and it passed the montgomery county council today. the council unanimously approved a bill that bans any retail pet stores from selling cats or dogs that do not come from an animal care facility or a nonprofit animal rescue. right now there aren't any stores currently impacted by this law in the county but the idea is to prevent the sale of pets that may have come from puppy mills in the future. oh chose cherry trees at the tidal basin, this will make you feel better they will likely be blooming later than normal this year but we do have a date. the national park service is predicting peak bloom between april 11th and the 14th. that would put it right in time for the annual parade but towards the end of the festival
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park service officials say any big swings in the weather, doug in the coming weeks could change that date. >> if the weather changes, we're going to make those changes and let the public know what those changes are. so they can really decide when they're going to come to the park and really enjoy those blossoms. >> this year's festival runs from march 20th through april 15th. we're keeping our eyes on april 11th. what a week we're about to have. >> it's been like this for the last couple weeks. >> yeah it has. >> since around valentine's day we've been dealing with this -- cold snow ice, sleet, rain you name it we've had it the past couple weeks and we'll get it big time in the next 48 hours. show you what's happening right now, radar, rain in through parts of northern virginia into areas of maryland including parts of the district. we're looking at freezing rain and sleet. however, most areas now are reporting just rain. but this was the area we told you yeld. if you live in northern virginia no need to worry. that's why that winter weather advisory was canceled here.
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but we still have it into parts of maryland as we continue to see areas of some sleet and a little bit of freezing rain too. bowie, annapolis both reporting freezing rain baltimore reporting freezing rain too, back towards gaithersburg same deal but we are continuing to see this on the light side. and that winter weather advisory includes the panhandle of west virginia loudoun, fairfax countys in virginia then down towards maryland most of maryland still under that winter weather advisory. veronica johnson is outside. we talked about the temperatures coming up. >> that's what we've seen. on the weather deck it's all about the rain. my infrared thermometer, 34 degrees out here on the surface. that's really what i'm seeing areas d.c. down to the south, those temperatures above freezing. that's the air temperatures across the area from 36 in d.c. 34 leesburg frederick now at 34 degrees. any locations i think up around
5:20 pm
i-70 in maryland 109 and up around frederick is where you're close to the freezing mark. here's a look at what we're expecting. temperatures actually going up during the overnight period folks. so that by time we get to 10:00, 11:00, we'll be around 38 to 39 degrees, down south right now, i 95 arias like 301, even up i-95 until you get to baltimore. again, those road surface temperatures pretty much fine right now. doug back ovechkin to you with what's next. >> what's next is what's going on. here's piece number one. this is the energy going through now, snow in new york and boston. look at the moisture to the south. you notice this frontal boundary and moisture coming out of the gulf. that's what's coming our way during the day tomorrow and into the day on thursday. let's break it down. tomorrow morning, just shower activity around the region temperatures well above freezing not worrying about freezing roads across our region. more showers through 11:30, through the noon hour. then the rain sets in tomorrow
5:21 pm
afternoon. it's going to pick up become a little more moderate especially right around the evening rush. tomorrow night's rush is definitely going tock on the wet side. look at 9:00. that's when some of the heavier rain develops and we'll see that heavier rain come through the region. then start to see the cold air. first, what about the rain. rain likely early and the heaviest rain will be in the afternoon. we could get up to a half an inch or more of just plain rain. but then the cold air moves in. here's 2:00 in the afternoon. rain to the south. snow to the north. that snow move downs and by 8:00 just about everybody is seeing snow. this is going to be the problem as we move on through the day tomorrow or rather thursday. we are going to see snow early in the day. it will continue right on through the afternoon. so this is something we'll continue to watch. we have the latest on snowfall totals. isle have those coming up at 5:45. 46 degrees on your wednesday. 29 on thursday. 27 on friday. we're cold for sure. we get to 40 on saturday. we spring forward on saturday and into sunday. right now the weekend not
5:22 pm
looking too bad. but still well below average. once again, how much snow? see you at 5:45. this week of bad weather will be bad for the streets. we found a pothole palooza on one road. what's being done to fix this problem. >> two of the most dangerous robbers on the east coast. new tonight on news4, what the fbi is doing to track down the black hat bandits.
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there is no word on when cia director david petraeus may be in court to enter a guilty plea. >> the retired general admitted to one count of mishandling classified materials. prosecutors will recommend two years of probation, no jail time. that is according to court documents at the justice department filed today in the city of charlotte. charlotte is the hometown of paula broadwell, the general's former mistress and biographer. court documents say petraeus loaned broadwell notebooks that contained classified information. a new recording out tonight of the man now known as jihadi john and on it he appears to denounce violence. >> islam telling me koran, this is the wrong thing, what happened was wrong. you know what you want to say. if i had the opportunity to the
5:26 pm
last comeback i would make the last comeback. >> the recordings were made in 2009 before emwazi joined isis. on it he talks about being british intelligence agents accused him of extremism and watching him. >> a lot of the kids on the streets of west london where emwazi comes from are getting involved with criminal gangs. and emwazi's is mixing with them. they're his friends. but at the same time some of those kids are also getting involved in religion and religionous extremism. >> the advocacy group that released the audio claim encounters emwazi had with british agents could have contributed to hi radicalization. a slight setback in the iraqi offensive to retake the city of tikrit from isis. forces there are encountering strong resistance. and some of the same techniques used against american troops when they fought insurgents there. those include roadside bombs, sniper and suicide bombers.
5:27 pm
the effort to take tikrit is now in its second day. it's not clear when a former virginia cabdriver on the fbi's most wanted terrorist list might return to the u.s. liban mohamed is detained in syria. he's accused of providing support to al qaeda and al shabab. new fallout in a deadly police shooting. >> how a newly formed commission plans to change procedures following the death of john gear.
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sleet and freezing rain tonight, a snowstorm in the works for later in the week. you'll want your nbc washington app ready this week as this system moves in. >> doug is tracking tonight's storm and the one that is heading our way. doug? >> guys, a lot of advisories the winter weather advisory a winter storm watch that goes into effect tomorrow. right now the winter weather advisory dealing with sleet and freezing rain. this is our brand-new rockville camera towards 355 rockville pike. you can see it right here. this is veers mill road. the drop moving.
5:31 pm
it's moving and what does that tell us? it tells us it's not frozen. that's very good news because we're not seeing a whole lot in the way of freezing rain as far as reports go. not a lot of problems on the roadways this evening as we predicted during the day yesterday. thank goodness for that. here's where we're seeing some areas of freezing rain baltimore and annapolis, both reporting freezing rain rain to the south and west. we'll continue to see that along i-95 down to the south. so that evening planner tonight, one thing to notice 34 degrees. but notice temperatures actually rising as we move on through the night tonight. we'll talk more about that plus how much snow you'll see in your area. that's my forecast as well at 5:45. almost anywhere you drive in our area you are likely to hit potholes as you know. the snow and ice over the last week mostly to blame. transportation reporter adam tuss is live in northwest d.c. with a look at some of the dangerous obstacles out there for you drivers. >> reporter: wendy, they're
5:32 pm
everywhere out here. take a look. this is fox hall road southbound, this major pot role right here has opened up and cars are having to swerve around it. it's in southbound lanes in the middle of the lanes creating a dangerous situation. we're finding this across the area. don't worry if you never actually wanted to climb down into a massive pothole. we did it for you. this one here on fox hall road in northwest looks like something you'd find in a steeplechase race. and then my, oh my check out this street, the 1300 block of r street in northwest. unbelievable. is this the worst you've ever seen it? >> it is. i think you'd be hard pressed to find another block in the city that is this bad right now. >> reporter: kim's lived on the block for about eight years. not a fun ride at the moment. >> i try to drive in other blocks of my neighborhood but right now i have to park on the street because the alley is icy so i've had to drive up and down
5:33 pm
our street and my--year-old son thinks it's a roller to count all the potholes in this block and some have the cones in them they have the ice frozen in them. your foot goes down in. these are deep potholes and there are many here on the block. as we were on scene, we notified d-dot and they did show up. did they getwe'll show you how they responded coming up next hour at 6:00. you want to check out where potholes are, where the ongoing repairs are going, go to our pothole map on our nbc washington app. reporting live in northwest, adam tuss news4. i've got a list for you, too, adam. thanks. rain ice, snow all big concerns in the next few days. consumer reporter erika gonzalez has steps you can take now to make sure your home weathers this next big blast. >> no rest for the weary. i know you are sick of this winter but now is not the time
5:34 pm
to give up. before the snow and rain move in tomorrow and thursday clear your zbuters of debris and ice. even if you did it a few weeks ago, clear your drain before we get more winter weather. another hazard slippery sidewalks. but with the winter that we've had, can you even get your hands on ice melt? storm team 4 meteorologist keirtom keir keirein got this tweet today. stores around one consumer are sold out. you can rye triregular clay kitly layer, sand fireplace ashes, all will give you the traction you need. slow and steady gets the job done. taking the time to prep now will save you from lots of potential headaches over the next couple days. i'm pat lawson muse at the live desk. we're learning about reports of a shooting near the nsa near ft. meade. park police received a report of
5:35 pm
shots fired near the bw parkway and route 32. when they got there, the nsa reported one of their buildings had been damaged by what appears to be gunfire. both agencies are investigating to determine if the agencies are related. darcy spencer is en route to the scene right now. at the live pat lawson muse. wendy? the fbi ramping up efforts to track down two bank robbers it has nicknamed the black hat bandits. just since january they have hit eight different banks in our area. and the fbi says they want to find them before someone gets hurt. news4's pat collins is live downtown with details on all of this. pat? >> reporter: wendy, if the fbi gives you a nickname it doesn't mean that they like you. the fbi called this guy the beacon hill bandit. he hit the same beacon hill td branch five times. this guy they call forever loyal. the t-shirt speaks for itself
5:36 pm
now the black hat bandits. they've got the hats. they dress in black, and the fbi wants them real bad. you see, when the fbi gives you a nickname, watch out. >> we give them a nickname it also helps with imagine nax to help the public latch on to what we're looking for and look out for the robbers as well. >> when you get a name from the fbi if you're a bank robber -- >> he's going to get caught. >> the black hat bandits. they have guns. they come into a bank and they take charge and push people around. at one bank they held a gun up to a customer's head. >> it's a bad situation. >> are you fearful that somebody's going to get hurt? >> that's our primary fear at this point. we're very concerned at the level of violence and the fact it is directed at customers in the bank and, you know, that they may harm someone perhaps even unintentionally. >> reporter: it was just yesterday the black hats robbed
5:37 pm
a welles fars fargo bank in falls church their eighth bank job since january 2nd. they work with military-like precision. >> they're professionals and, you know they didn't just wake up six weeks ago and decide to start robbing banks. we believe these are career criminals. >> reporter: there's a $30,000 reward in this case. if you know anything about these guys call the fbi. 202-278-2000. 202-278-2000. coming up at 6:00 more about that unusual clue left behind by the black hat bandits. live in northwest, pat collins, news4. a local police helicopter finds itself in a dangerous situation. new tonight, the bright light that blinded the cockpit and the search for the person responsible. a violent confrontation breaks out in the middle of a maryland school. now a police officer has been indicted and why families are outraged over that officer's
5:38 pm
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and when you sign a two year agreement, get an incredible $300 bonus. this great deal won't last. visit to learn more today. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v one of the three men arrested outside the white house apparently told officers he was, quote, the highest god. according to court documents michael fogg also told officers he was there to see the president to talk to him about his wives. fogg was arrested after allegedly going through a small pedestrian gategate on the north
5:41 pm
side of the white house. property owners in fairfax county may be paying more in taxes next year. board of supervisors is advertising a tax rate of $1.09 for every $100 of property assessed. for the average homeowner that translates into a tax hike of about $185 next year. only supervisor pat herrity voted against it. county's initial budget plan leaves the fairfax county schools about $14 million short of what's been requested. at this point, supervisors can only reduce not increase, the tax rate. public hearings and the final vote are set for next month. for the first time there's an event in fairfax county that's designed to give jailed inmates a fighting chance once they are released. a variety of groups set up at a resource fair at an adult detention center are faith-based, private, and volunteer organizations offering help on everything from getting a cell phone to getting a ride.
5:42 pm
connections to housing and jobs also available. the thing i'm worried about mostly is, you know going back and violating probation again so i'm trying to go into program where is i can avoid it. >> right behind me bewe got the job training and employment thing going on so i mean i'm definitely going to have to take care of that. >> officials say these events are important factors in easing an inmate's transition and decreasing crime. about 200 inmates participated in this. former johns hopkins neurosurgeon ben carson is now the first high-profile republican to formally enter the 2016 race for the white house. carson launched an exploratory committee today and is national headquarters will be in northern virginia. he developed a loyal conservative following after criticizing president obama's health care law at the national prayer breakfast in 2013. carson is also the only african-american candidate expected to make a run for the white house at this point.
5:43 pm
talking about temperatures over the next couple days we actually rise overnight and that means tomorrow morning rush hour just going to be on the wet side. a little wet and rainy, 40 degrees, tomorrow evening's rush heavy rain and temperature of 46. then the cold air moves in and so does the snow.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
take a look outside at our
5:46 pm
new rockville camera in montgomery county. you notice all the drops on the lens there. the good news though, is i'm seeing those drops moving and again, that just means we're not seeing the rain freezing in that area. however, we are still seeing reports of a few areas of freezing rain. let's get right to the radar and show you where those are in through portions of maryland for the most part most of virginia on the drier side of things still a little bit of rain associated with that system right along i-95 but it is rain. the freezing rain up toward the north. let's zoom in here. i'll bring this in. as you notice in through prince george's county annapolis, where we are reporting freezing rain back through the west through gaithersburg down towards clinton, bowie, into portions of calvert county. the numbers, 30 degrees in rockville, 32 in college park 32 in camp springs, 31 in huntingtown. we are at the freezing mark in these areas. give yourself extra time. the main roads should be okay, but watch out for those secondary roads. watch out for those sidewalks. that's going on the issue so that winter weather advisory
5:47 pm
continues tonight until 10:00. most of the state of maryland all encompassed in that but also fairfax county loudoun county virginia the panhandle of west virginia too. then we get to winter storm watch. winter storm watch in effect for everybody beginning at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow night right on through the day on thursday. here's our snowfall totals. and these are pretty big. these would be if this was to come to fruition this would be the biggest storm in the d.c. metro area in this season. 3 to 5 to the south, but up to the north, they could see as much as 8 inches or more here. and it's going to depend on how much moisture moves in. hagerstown martinsburg, winchester frederick, they would see it first and have the most problems on thursday morning. d.c. metro area, 5 to 8 inches coming in around manassas warrenton, woodbridge clinton, bowie, columbia gaithersburg and down to the south, waldorf around 5 to 8, quantico 5 to 8, fredericksburg then extreme southern maryland in through the northern neck talking 3 to 5 inches. could this change? the biggest thing we're worried about this forecast does the cold air move in fast enough?
5:48 pm
if it does we have these numbers, maybe a little bit more. if the warm air tries to stick in a little longer those totals may come down just a bit. that's something we'll watch. skycast 4 shows it to us fairly well. moving through tomorrow we'll see that rain during the evening hours around 5:30 see that rain coming through the region, in through overnight, wednesday night. 10:00, heavier rain around 10:00, and here comes the transition to snow by around 3:00 4:00, 5:00 in the morning snow in and around the d.c. metro area and that snow comes down heavy by 7:00. that's when i think we'll see a lot of problems on those roadways. i think rush hour will be a problem. i think we'll talk about school closings during the day on thursday again. so get ready for that. thursday morning high of 29. friday a high of only 27. even with some sunshine. right now the weekend actually looking pretty good as we spring forward on sunday. guys? >> looks like temperatures are going to spring forward as well. the eye in the sky for
5:49 pm
fairfax county police nearly blinded. >> fairfax 1 is the chopper police use when criminals are on the run or someone is messing. officers tell us someone shiped a bright spotlight into the cockpit last week. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live at t hangar with more on this danger. julie? >> as you can see, the chopper is grounded today because of weather, but they were coming back to base last tuesday night when suddenly a jarring incident a bright light hit the chopper. they call it spot lighting. when police chopper pilot chris lovejoy climbs into his seat above fairfax 1, he's responsible for both flyd lki r t bad guys below. this is the kind of video often taken during a mission. but last tuesday night as fairfax 1 was headed home around 8:00 p.m., a bright light was suddenly trained onto the chopper. lovejoy wasn't behind the controls that night, but he knows what it's like. he's been the victim of a laszer light before. >> when you're aif year to
5:50 pm
dating flying aircraft and all of a sudden you get lit up and it's a dazzling effect and you're wondering what the heck is going on. >> reporter: fairfax county police have not made an arrest yet, but they think they know who's behind the so-called spotlighting last week. lovejoy says while the intent might not be malicious, the behavior is deliberate. >> it wasn't an accidental spot spotlighting. this was somebody who purposel at as i understand it for several minutes. they were able to identify who it was. they have a -- we have a night camera on the aircraft, you know to basically see the individual on camera and see who it was. >> reporter: lovejoy was flying for the maryland state police a few years back when his chopper got hit with a laser pointer one night. there are about 4,000 laser attacks on aircraft nationally last year. >> the laser hit the glass on the gains in the cockpit and kind of illume nuclear facilitied the entire cockpit. a complete dazzling effect. >> reporter: whether it's a spotlight or laser, it not only
5:51 pm
endangers the chopper crew but those on the ground below if the aircraft were to crash. now, the pilot who got hit with that spotlight last week he just showed up for his night shift. on news 4 at 6:00 you'll hear from him about what that experience was like and from a pilot who says the penalties need to be stiffened. live from fairfax county i'm julie carey, news4. fairfax county's board forward tonight. there are new plans for police oversight. the board voting on a new commission that will review the handling of shootings that involve police officers after a very highly controversial one that included -- that turned deadly for a man who was not armed. northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert is live with details outside the government center. >> reporter: that new commission will be made up of former police officers lawyers, members of the media and those of you who live right here in fairfax county. but it did face some opposition today. >> aye. >> aye. >> and the chair votes aye and the motion carries.
5:52 pm
thank you. >> reporter: with that the creation of the ad hoc police practices review commission. so what sparked it? well, go back to this scene. august 2013 a police tank rolling through this springfield neighborhood. a s.w.a.t. team surrounding john gear's home. then a single shot from officer adam torrez. it hits and kills the unarmed gear. his family is suing the police department. twice a judge has already ordered the chief to hand over documents related to the case and officer torrez. >> we have not completed the internal investigation. >> reporter: that's supervisor michael frye among the three who voted against the commission today. he says it will interfere with the police doing their work. >> this is a reaction to the latest nasty story in the media. and it's just throw as much as as you can at the wall and see what sticks. >> i think tights right thing to do. >> reporter: the majority of the board says it's not just about the gear case but police-involved incidents as a whole and about opening up the
5:53 pm
lines of communication. >> i think it would be wrong for us to delay making some positive changes. >> reporter: perhaps facing the most pressure is the county attorney. supervisors tell me he mishandled the communication between them and prosecutors when it came to the gear case. ahead at 6:00 i'll explain what that means for the future of the county attorney position. live in fairfax, i'm david culvert, news4. today the smithsonian announced it isban on selfie sticks to all museums and gardens to help protect the exhibits displays and visitor, especially when museums get crowded. until today that ban had only been in place at the hirschhorn rue move seem. ireland and skateboard b will be the focus of two festivals this season at the kennedy center. for the new series they announced a festival on skateboarding, music and media that will include an outdoor ramp. they'll also host a festival celebrating ireland commemorating 100 years since that country's movement toward
5:54 pm
freedom. among the national show tours headed this way, beautiful, the carole king musical, "matilda," the musical, and kinky boots. cameras capture a wild scuffle inside a maryland middle school. >> a police officer finds herself at the center
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
bling at the bwi marshall airport. that's the focus of a bill heard earlier today by a maryland
5:57 pm
house committee. the measure would allow as many as 2,500 slot machines inside the airport. but it would go beyond the security checkpoint. so only customers with tickets could access them. a similar measure has failed in previous years to gain any traction. a school police officer is on administrative duty and facing charges after a scuffle with students that was captured by surveillance cameras. >> in the video you see the officer appear to hit a middle school we are her baton. >> reporter jane miller has the story. it's from baltimore. >> reporter: we caught a glimpse of city school police officer la'keshia pulley just before fellow school police officers gave her something to cover her face. she was taken into custody in handcuffs after a grand jury indicted her for what she allegedly did at the vanguard middle school in northeast baltimore last fall. october 28th the school system's cameras captured this scuffle between pulley and several girls. one of them diamond mccallum, appears to shove pulley then back off. pulley gives chase and uses her
5:58 pm
police baton to allegedly strike diamond several times. at least one landed on diamond's head requiring treatment in an emergency room. her mother spoke to us about the injury when we reported on the incident a month ago. >> she had six stitches -- i'm sorry, ten, four on the inside and six on the outside. >> reporter: the city police union defended the action as reasonable force saying diamond was 'republican strategisting arrest. a city grand jury decided otherwise. pulley was indicted on a felony assault charge for allegedly hitting diamond and misdemeanor assault charges for allegedly using pepper spray on the other two girls while they were being restrained by another school employmentey. the three girls were originally charged in the incident. those charges were dropped. the girls are still fighting suspensioned and transfers. >> i'm just happy that justice has started to be done for these young girls and that we're going to get somewhere to make this officer accountable for her actions. >> reporter: pulley is also charged with felony theft.
5:59 pm
prosecutors say in november she stole food that had been mistakenly delivered to the middle school. the food had been donated by the maryland food bank. breaking news off the top at 6:00, the nurtsational security agency is reporting one of its buildings has apparently been hit by gunfire just minutes after someone along the baltimore-washington parkway reported shots fired. >> u.s. park police officers are on the scene right now. it's near the intersection with route 32. no one has been injured as we know but a lot of questions out there now. news4 is on the way. we'll go there live as soon as we can. >> all this comes a couple hours after somebody fired a shot at a moving truck on the intercounty connector near the prince george's county line. two men were in that truck. one was hit in the face by flying glass. the bullet lodged in the other man's clothing. neither man was seriously injured. police say the shot came from a
6:00 pm
wooded area near the highway. nobody's in custody at this time. double dose of weather coming our way now. one system moving out of the area right now. big story is what's coming in next. doug kammerer what's it look like? >> well right now, jim, we've got some freezing rain across the area and portions of maryland and we are starting to see om tf the roads get a little on the slick side. we told you if you live in virginia around the d.c. metro area this is not going to be a big issue. that's what we've seen. in through montgomery county howard county anne arundel county northern to frederick county areas in the pink we are seeing ice on the roadways sidewalks becoming slick. down to the south this is just rain from d.c. down towards fredericksburg over towards leonardtown, all reporting just rain. we have the winter weather advisory. it includes loudoun county fairfax county and really anybody along the potomac to the


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