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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 4, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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es at 5:00 a.m.. get ready for a wild weather ride over the next 24 hours. take look at radar. it's working hard right now. right now you're waking up to rain and temperatures are on the rise. a mild start, but this time tomorrow, a major snowstorm is expected to be here. tom will lay out the timing of all this for you. breaking news. a man is now under arrest for a number of shootings in public places. the new information we're learning this morning. it is 5:00 a.m.. good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to news 4s today on march 4. it will be milder, so a nice have it conveyor belt of rain coming in from the mississippi valley riding along this front august of the way into the atlantic seaboard. right now a brief break from the
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rain north and west of the metro area, but south and east we're getting still a little bit of light rain falling now and that will continue to track off to the east. more rain will be moving in later this morning. right now temperatures are all above freezing. the iciness we had yesterday is all melted. in southern virginia and central virginia mid-40s. mid-40s shenandoah valley to low 40s northern part of the valley. there is the sky over the metro area. a little bit of light fog in the air and rain temporarily stopped. but have an umbrella ready, it will be back. and then showers the rest of the day. snow looking likely on thursday. just had a winter storm warning just you issued now all these counties in pink all of northern virginia eastern west virginia most of maryland and metro area under the winter storm warning late tonight into thursday. coming up at 5:11 we'll take a
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look at your highs today around neighborhoods. good morning. still have closure here in the district m street at new jersey because of that police investigation from overnight. could be around for a little bit longer here this morning. 66 at fairfax county parkway everything eastbound westbound moving quite nicely. no major problems. still have this will crash in manassas lake jackson drive at hillcrest, closures there right now just because a tow truck is on the scene trying to get this accident out of the way for you. so should be rapped up here shortly. beltway at kenilworth loops looking good. same thing 270 at old hundred road. we typically get a little slow around this corner here in hyatts town. right now looking okay. i'm back in ten minutes. we have breaking news. one person is in custody in connection with a series of shootings will maryland. you can see here on the map the locations. overnight we we've learned the fbi believes the same person is responsible for all of the shootings.
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latest one happened on the icc and at the national security agency. richard jordan is live along the bw parkway with new developments. >> reporter: nsa building is just around the corner here and thas the last place in this shooting spree now that has spanned several days and five different locations. just before the shooting at the nsa building eight miles away on the inter-county connector, a landscaping truck came under fire the fbi saying someone was in a wooded area fired shots there toward traffic. two people inside the landscaping truck both suffered minor injury. one was grazed by a bullet. the second man had minor injuries. he was scratched up by some of the broken glass that resulted from the shooting. but the fbi now believes that the two shootings from yesterday are connected to three shootings earlier in the week. and even one last week.
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all at highly populated area, one outside the movie theater in columbia, a maryland another one was outside a walmart store in landover. and the first was in a shopping center just across the street from the anne arundel mills mall. that was the first shooting there. and that was in hanover. video showed a vehicle of interest at the time. a car driving with the windows down in very cold temperatures. it was that tip plus the information that was gathered from the investigation that ultimately led to this one arrest. fbi saying they have one person in custody. unclear what the motive was the reason behind will the five shootings was. but that is all part of the investigation. something that will likely turn up when federal investigators release more information hopefully later came. richard jordan making calls to find
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out how far along repairs are at a water main break. a big sinkhole was caused. this was on 13th near farragut. about 25 homes lost water when it was turned off for repairs. also developing right now, police officers shot a man in d.c. they believe was involved in a different shooting blocks away. police say shortly after midnight they found a man shot in the stomach at new jersey avenue and m street northwest. a few blocks away on n street they say a second man pointed a gun at officers and they shot him. according to police officers believed the second man was the suspect in the first shooting. we don't know his condition right now. the first man was taken to the hospital, we're told he was awake when he was taken there. we'll let you know any new details we gather. it is just about 5:06. later this morning, the man charged with be abducting and killing a university of virginia student hannah graham is due in court for a hearing on pretrial
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motions. jesse matthew's defense team will reportedly ask for a continuance. they also want the state to provide a dna expert. the murder trial is slated to start june 29. matthew is also facing sexual assault and attempted murder charges in fairfax county. that trial is set for early june. new this morning, future fairfax county board supervisors will earn more money. the board voted in favor of a pay raise.the next board will make $90,000 a year up from $75,000. the chairman will make about $95,000. it seems support for the raise was luke warm. a board member says residents shouldn't have to fund board salary increases. this comes as supervisors are considering increasing taxes by 16% over the next three years. right now it will cost you a little more if you take the dulles greenway. you'll have to pay an extra ten cents. that's $5.20 during peak hours off peak it's $4.30.
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the change was approved last year. new video this morning of a plane in distress. what we're learning happened on the runway after it touched down that sent passengers to the hospital. a scathing report about the ferguson police department the racially charged comments that the feds uncovered. and we take a look outside now where you might see a little rain here and there today. but we will be war up. chuck bell is
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take a look at the moments after a scary landing of a turkish airlines jet. the plane was landing in dense fog in kathmandu when it skidded off a wet runway. the front landing gear just collapsed. 22 238 were on board. shall had a pew bumps and bruises. no one was seriously hurt. more than 70 passengers aboard an asiana airlines flight that crashed have reached a settlement. the 2013 crash killed three teens and left nearly 200 --
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40 degrees outside our studios. get ready for a wet commute. >> chuck bell is now with the storm team 4 x 4 keeping an eye on your commute from herndon. even a little bit of rain can mess things up in the morning. >> reporter: you said a mouthful there. it only takes a little something around here to really snarl traffic. by comparison today will be easy compared to what we'll be facing tomorrow. tom will have more about that but this morning you'll need one of these because there is a little light rain and mist coming down. we're 38 in american ton. and just a sloppy slushy mess. still quite bit of quite ground cover out here. so what you should expect for today? another big meltdown kind of a day with the rain coming in and with temperatures today climbing way up into the 40s even 50s. there will be a whole lot of melting going organization that will keep the roads, combination
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of melting erate rain and temperatures in the 50s. definitely a day you'll need your jacket and umbrella. and you'll need both of them again later on today. wet roads always mean trouble for the morning commute. melissa, tell me we're getting lucky so far this morning with the traffic. >> not terrible because of course it's so light right now. but we do have wet roads. i'm just glad it's not frozen. 270 at germantown road no problems. but again, we have the moisture chuck is talking about the owed ross on the roads and camera lens. 95 in virginia no issues. woodrow wilson bridge looking quite good. and then 95 and bw arc way in and out of tonfof town, no problems there.way in and out of town, no problems there. how play dates could be the answer to getting your child to exercise are more. >> and digging out from the snow in the midwest gets ugly.
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how an offer to help shovel snow ended in assault charges for one neighbor.
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16 after the hour. and in just a few hours, boston marathon bombing suspect skroe car tsarnaev will be on trial. skra gray is live in boston to tell you what we can expect. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. dzhokhar tsarnaev faces 30 charge 17 punishable by the death penalty. will opening statements we expect the prosecution will begin by overwhelming the jury with the magnitude of the attack how vicious it was, three people dead 16 of those lost limhim limbs, 260 or more injured. as for the defense, they will take a different tell probably talk about tamerlan dzhokhar's older brother, saying that he was the
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mastermind behind the attack and that dzhokhar was only following him, trying to impress someone he looked up to and that he was a pawn in all of this. the strategy here is not so much based on guilt or innocent, but instead trying to avoid the death penalty. that would seem to be the focus of the defense here. again, it begins later this morning and will likely continue three to four months. that's a time line that means it's all but certain this trial will be going on monday april 20th the date of this year's boston marathon. back to you. >> jay, thank you. today the justice department is expected to hold a news conference to release its report on the ferguson missouri police department. this report comes six months after a white police officer shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown who was unarmed. it found the department routinely discriminated against blacks that's according to information provided to nbc news. investigators uncovered a
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pattern of unfair traffic stops quiable arrest unreasonable use of force and interference with free speech. president obama is pushing back against benjamin netanyahu's speech that blasted u.s. nuclear negotiations with iran. netanyahu said any agreement quote, paves iran's path to the bomb. the president said the u.s. would never sign such a deal. he also said netanyahu offered no useful alternatives. meanwhile democrats are fuming over moves to fast track a bill giving congress oversight on any iran nuclear agreement. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell skipped the traditional committee process. that move came just after netanyahu's speech. a man faces charges for impersonating a police fairfax county. tyler polkinghome turned himself in. news 4 was the first to tell you about court documents linking a series of incidents in fairfax and montgomery counties. a maryland woman is now
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facing gun assault charges. police say bridget robertson shot the a woman handing out parking tickets. this happened months as ago but not charged until this week. robertson will be in court later this month. more than 100 people in our area are saying the u.s. army gave them cancer and now they may sue. the group is in tread rick, maryland and says chemicals at fort dietrich are to blame. the army denied 106 of 110 claims. four were unresolved. a lawyer for the group says it's planning to challenge the denials in court. 19 after the hour. this afternoon prince george's county attorney will be in annapolis to testify against four separate bills dealing with marijuana use in the state. one of those bills includes the marijuana control and revenue act that was introduced last month. it would regulate and tax mayor hair like alcohol except rules for manufacturing and sales. new numbers say more and
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more young white people are dying of heroin overdose. the cdc released a new report it says overall those deaths are on the rise. in 2013 there were more than 5,000 more heroin related deaths than in 2010. the cdc says in 2000 middle aged black men were the most susceptible to dieing from an overdose in, 2013 the dominant victims were white men between the ages of 18 and 44. according to the cdc, overdose was the number one injury related death that year. same sex marriage is on hold in alabama. at least for now. the state supreme court ordered probate judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. this goes against a previous ruling by a federal judge. same-sex marriage was approved in that state last month, but only in some parts. the legal status of hundreds of same-sex couples who had already married is not the clear now. hillary clinton is steering clear of tough questions on a growing e-mail controversy.
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she's under fire for using personal e-mail instead of a government issued e-mail. many say she skirted federal rules. clinton did not mention the controversy when she spoke at an emily's list gala. she did however stir some speculation about her 2016 presidential ambition. she asked the crowd, quote, don't you some day want to see a woman president? emily's list works to elect democratic women who support abortion rights. 5:21. a snowy story out of ohio. a man was help to go shovel his neighbor's sidewalk when another neighbor told him forcibly to go away. >> take a look at this picture. the man on the right is the one helping out his neighbor. the man on the left is the other man blowing snow on the first man. you can see there, it looks like the snow is going thpin that direction. our partner station ifn cleveland spoke with both. >> i was clearing the sidewalk so kids could walk for the school buses and they said they
5:22 am
could walk in the street and i said are you stupid? and then that's when he grabbed me by my throat and my face. >> did you grab him at all? >> yes i grabbed him like this and i says leave my sidewalk alone. just like will this. okay? that's all i did. >> yeah that's not legal. >> police say the second man is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge. try to get along you have to live near each other. maybe it's the weatheric it's make people a little crazy. >> you can't call a grown man stupid to his face and not expect some sort of -- somebody grab you around -- just escalated way out of control. >> that's right. it's the weather, i'm telling you, tom we have to get it under control. >> don't talk to me like that. who do you think -- i'm a grown man. there is the sky over washington. we have a little bit of light fog around. and the storm team 4 radar showing some moderate to heavy
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rain thousand just to our south and east. and also to our west now on your tv you can see the rain coming down pretty hard here in this area in the yellow and orange in southern ohio into kentucky that area of rain will be moving in later. we're right now getting the one band of moderate rain from charles county across into calvert and the bay and over toward cambridge. west of there, a little bit of light rain in stafford and north of fredericksburg to just snort of north of charlottesville. we're all above freezing. low 40s farther south. mid-30s farther north and west. there is the sky over the northwest part of washington showing a little bit of light fog and pavement is wet. occasional showers moving back in by 8:00 or 9:00. then by noontime, maybe a little light rain. then more of the moderate maybe sometimes heavier showers, rain showers during the afternoon. might have some ponding of water. temperatures reaching the upper 40s midafternoon. big area now under a winter storm warning for accumulating snow for tomorrow includes
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eastern west virginia, all of northern virginia, just about all of maryland and the metro area for late tonight into tomorrow where we could pick up 8 inches or more north and west of the metro area. and that will be quite common all the way into the shenandoah valley. 4 to 8 inches northern virginia nearby suburbs as well as this maryland and metro area. farther south in southern maryland most locations there too, could get 4 to 8 inches. and over toward fredericksburg and culpeper. much farther south, northern neck maybe 2 to 4 inch amounts. so quite a potent storm coming in tomorrow. and then after that cold sunshine back on friday snow won't be going anywhere. it will start melting on saturday and sunday as we get into the 40s. then near 50 degrees or so on monday. tuesday into the mid-50s. a look at the hour by hour timing on this snow when it arrives and ends that's all coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:31. how are the roads? just a bit wet here and there of course.
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my sidewalk a little slick, so be careful of that perhaps this morning if it hasn't kind of melted off enough for you. 29 and 198 here no problems. but again, you can see a little bits of the wetness on the roadway. wide look at things overall inner loop and outer loop everything moving quite nicely. no major problems. beltway at connecticut also looking quite good here. no issues there. taking a look at prince george's county branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue indian head highway, everything looking quite good. again a lot of the construction you would normally see is not happening because of some of the rain falling. a live picture of 270 at 5:31. fitness advocates are heading in droves to capitol hill today. they're lobbying members of congress to pass pro physical fitness legislation that would include bills to fund and revamp p.e. programs this schools. the event is organized by the sports and fitness industry association. they're calling it national health through fitness day.
5:26 am
some well-known local athletes will be there you canningincluding matt stover. researchers in cincinnati children's hospital say kids and teens who regularly exercise with friends are twice as likely to be highly physically active than those who don't. apparently the group said working out with a friend made them feel less self-conscious, the same support from family members did that havenot have the same effect. ♪ >> i love this guy. >> real estate lawyer from d.c. nearly lost everything in the housing collapse but he's looking for a new start on "the voice". jack performed ring of fire and sounded awesome. earned him a the spot on adam levine's team. don't forget tune in tonight to catch up on the season's biggest moments so far plus a look ahead at some of the hus calmusical superstars. >> so fun.
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it starts at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. good luck to jack. there you go. 5:27 our time. taxes could be going up in one northern virginia community. >> why prince will criminaliam county schools could still be in trouble even with the increase. and a shooting became more complicated. first rain and then 50 degree temperatures. and then snow. tom is timing out the mixed ba.
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breaking news at 5:30. the fooikbi saying one person has been arrested in connection with a series of shootings, the latest at ft. meade. two hours earlier, two men were shot on the inter-county connector. >> the shootings lasted last tuesday near arundel mills hall. this is surveillance video of the car police were looking for at the time. >> agents are also looking this to shootings at a walmart in laurel and the amc theater near the mall at columbia. >> good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. your weather and traffic on the 1s we go right to tom kierein.
5:31 am
>> between mornggood morning. temperatures are upper 30s near 40. a little bit of rain passing through, but a big bachb of rain much farther to our west. that will be moving back in later this morning. right now a little drizzle around the metro area. one band of lighter moderate showers from the lower eastern shore and cambridge to near waldorf. that's tracking off to the north and east. here is new timing on when snow arrives tomorrow. we'll have rain by around. snow thursday morning. and it will continue to note rest of the day. light to in ordermoderate. the snow will quickly tape herr off and by 8:00 p.m. pulling east.
5:32 am
leaving 4 to 8 inches in the metro area and 8 inches or more farther north and west. chuck bell will join us live in the yourdrive time forecasts today. starting to see some slowdowns. not seeing any incidents or accidents on 95 north, but we are seeing a bit of a slowdown here in stafford. it opens up through triangle and then gets throw again through dale city. dale city typical for right now. the stafford area not sure what is going on there. 66 west of nutley just seeing a little bit of a wetness there on the roadway. 270 at montgomery village avenue rolling along quite nicely. you can see the fog on the camera. wide look at things overall no problems inner loop and outer loop. same thing looking at 95 in maryland 29, bw parkway. i'll be back with travel times. it's 5:33. montgomery county ambulance slid on some ice and hit two
5:33 am
pedestrian s pedestrians. a woman fell and has serious injuries. the other person is expected to be okay. if you have to drive anywhere in our area, you can't escape them, we're talking about potholes. the recent cold snap is making the problem worse. the worst pothole area was 1300 block of r street northwest. yesterday workers repaired some of the holes with asphalt patches. ddot says they will probably have to resurface the street as well. we're keeping an eye on how long the pothole repairs will take. you can check out the interactive map, go to and search potholes. in the day ahead, man accused of molesting two girls in northern virginia is due in court. a yumgjudge is expected to set a
5:34 am
date for michael gardner's retrial. the state supreme court overturned his conviction originally because character evidence was wrongly excluded from his defense. gardner is former head of the falls church democratic committee. today a montgomery county man facing involuntary manslaughter charges heads to court. james chandler faces the charges following a fatal crash last week. police say chandler hit a car and trove off at high speeds. the suv he was driving hit several things including a wall wall. philip snodgrass was walking to a night class when he was rushed by the rolling vehicle. court documents say chandler has a history of violations on his driving record. if it you live in rinse william county, your taxes could go up nearly 4% next year. the county board of supervisors voted to advertise the increase will but they can vote for a smaller increase.
5:35 am
even with the increase schools will face a shortfall of more than $2 million. the board has another work session on march 10. they will vote in late april. p. former ravens running back ray rice received more than a million dollars to settle his wrongful termination grievance. the ravens terminated rice's contract in september following the release of graphic video that showed rice punching his then fiance in an elevator. they have since married. rice had a $35 million contract with the ravens when that happened. today you can learn more about virginia's move over law and a new message from state troopers, drive to save lives. three virginia state police troopers were struck and seriously injured last month on a northern virginia interstate. today one of the injured troopers will talk about his experience and try to help you stay safe on the roads. it will happen at 10:00 this morning rain or shine at the 95 northbound rest area at the dale city exit in prince william county. police and vdot the officials
5:36 am
will be on hand to answer your safety questions. all three troopers are still recovering from their injuries. home last manless man killed by los angeles police was living under an assume man and was wanted for violating probation terms for a bank robbery conviction. he was a french national who was convicted in 2000 for holding up a wells fargo and pistol whipping an employee to pay for ktfor acting classes. he died sunday after a confrontation with police. they say he shot him when he tried to grab a probation officer's gun. rain right now as you take a look at radar. snow tomorrow. but before you start worrying about all the snow we'll help you get true today and show you the conditions you'll be dealing with in your ride to work. >> this is my favorite story. we'll tell you how the smithsonian is taking a stand against an annoying popular trend. >> the potential danger this your son or daughter's room, and
5:37 am
a major recall just announced. if
5:38 am
5:39 am
if you're bringing your family to the smithsonian, you will have to tell them to leave the selfie sticks at home. they have been banned from all museums and gardens. >> good. >> it says the selfie sticks are a risk to exhibits and displays as well as other visitors. you you can still take a regular sellfie if you wish.
5:40 am
we have a consumer alert. dream on me is recalling about 13,000 bassinet to cradle products. they were sold in pink blue group and white. the wire supports on the sides of bassinet can disconnect causing fabric sides to lower posing a risk for infantss. the babies can fall out, get trapped or suffocate. the company has received one report so far. no injuries have been reported. we were talking about a little rain heading in to work this morning and the temperatures are pretty mild. it's 40 outside. >> can't complain about that. how about that little silver lining in the forecast? >> yes a brief break from the cold temperatures. is this moderate to heavy rain in ohio down into kentucky. that will be getting closer to us later this morning. right now just a few sprinkles. light rain to our south. and eastern shore. temperatures right now are hovering around 40 in the metro area mid-30s farther north and west p low to mid-40s across parts of virginia. hour by hour we'll hover near 40 for the morning.
5:41 am
mid to upper 40s during the afternoon with showers off and on through the day. so grab an umbrella before you head out. a look at totals forecast for tomorrow's snow coming up at 5:51. overall looking pretty good. wide look at things lots of movement. 270 south, you are on toim from german town to the beltway. outer loop 95 to 270, also on time. and in virginia 66 east fair pax county parkway to the beltway, 11 minutes. 95 north quantico to the beltway, only about five minutes behind. apple and google scrambling to fix what is being called a freak attack. how you're vulnerable to hackers. it is round two of the health care law at the supreme court. the issue being debated today and how
5:42 am
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5:44 am
looking at the stories
5:45 am
making headlines at 5:45 police officers shot a man in d.c. they believe was involved in a gift shooting just blocks away. police found a man shot in the stomach at new jersey avenue and m street northwest. suspect in that shooting was shot by police blocks away after officials say he pointed a gun at them. department of justice expected to release a scathing report today, it details racial bias in the ferguson police department. a soggy commute this morning as we take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. rain is moving through our area. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has driven in the storm team 4 x 4 to herndon, virginia. how is it looking where you are? >> reporter: it's called the storm team 4 x 4. not much of a storm today, but tomorrow there will be a storm for sure. i'm following it on radar. most of the rain has left for now, so we have a little break in the action.
5:46 am
have your umbrella hat and jacket ready. but tracking it off to the north, here a better look of it on storm team 4 radar. a couple sprinkles in southern maryland but a lot of moderate rain across west virginia and band of new on the north side of that. so you'll need to be ready for tomorrow in a big way. drive time forecast wet roads all the way around. temperatures have been above freezing now for more than 12 hours. we'll be climbing this to the upper 40s by later on today. so all the big mounds of snow that are along the sides of the road will be doing the quick meltdown today in the rain. but big snow comes tomorrow tom has the whole kit and caboodle on snow forecast map. i've been tweeting out about this. if you have a flight out of town tomorrow get on a lean today if you can. >> sound goods to me. i'm out of here. 13 before the hour right now. today the supreme court will hear a second critical challenge
5:47 am
to the president's health care law. at issue who qualifies for the federal subsidies that help millions of low income americans afford insurance. a rule against the at hin strags could be a death blow for the law. racy pots joining us with more on this. >> reporter: especially if you live in virginia not a big deal in d.c. or maryland because they have their own exchanges. but people this virginia use health to get their health insurance. but the law says those subsidies for low income americans are only for people who buy through a state exchange. five simple words in a 1,000 page law that the supreme court is now going to review. as you said if they rule against administration on this then people in virginia who are low income could lose those subsidies, in many cases hundreds of dollars that people get every month in tax credits to offset what they're paying in insurance premiums. >> so to go a step further, if they do real against the administration is there a plan
5:48 am
if they lose sf. >> not >>. >> reporter: not really. the argument of the administration is that the law is on their side they believe the correct interpretation is that everyone whether you use the state exchange federal exchange is covered by the subsidies. so not the from anything that we've heard do they have a backup plan. the backup plan would be president obama going back to congress saying hey, let's fix this. a republican controlled congress. >> all right. tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you. poll numbers show a majority of voters want congress to fix the law if the court invalidates the subsidies and a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll 54% of those surveyed say congress should ensure all are able to receive the federal aid. 35% say congress should not pass such a law. overall views of the health care law remain largely divided along partisan lines. 81% of democrats say the law works. 86% of republicans disagree. good morning. this happening right now.
5:49 am
rescue efforts under way after 32 workers died after a mine explosion in eastern ukraine. that's according to ukranian parliament. rebels who control the area, though, only confirming one death right now. this is video outside the scene. the blast believed to have been caused by mixture of gas and air and not shelling. that's according to the russian backed separatists. more than a dozen are in the hospital we've learned, some of them are in critical condition. eun. >> angie goff from the live desk. thank you. 5:49. later this morning, the map charged with an ducting and killing hannah graham is due in course for a hearing on pretrial motions.ducting and killing hannah graham is due in course f they will ask the judge for a continuance and they want the state to provide a dna expert. the murder trial is slated to begin begin june 29. pot clubs are now officially
5:50 am
against the law in the district. d.c. council voting uhe than musly on an emergency bill to ban them here. the clubs are more prevalent in other countries. they allow people to pay a ebb in inshall shallmen ship membership fee and smoke inside the clubs. an advocate threatened to protest with a public smoke-in which would be against the law. the snow we're expecting isn't only heading here. several states are bracing for the storm. states as far south as arkansas and texas may see some snow. in the northeast boston is expecting to get battered again along with states from new jersey all the way up to maine. we are just -- can't -- it won't stop. >> tom, people are talking about last year we got the big snow in march, so not so unusual. i just -- spring just a little bit? just need it at this point. >> well, the good news is after it one in the foreseeable future for the next ten day, i see no snow. >> that's just ten days.
5:51 am
>> but we have to get through the next 48 hours. now looking at the radar we are getting rain in the ohio valley and on the northern end of that it is snowing in pittsburgh over toward columbus, ohio. but south of there, that is all rain. and that's advancing off to the east. it will be getting closer to us the steadier rain another couple of hours. right now just a little drizzle in the metro area. a few showers around cambridge moving off to the north and east. temperatures are well above freezing. any icing from yesterday has melted. mid to upper 30s northern western suburbs. near 40 in washington. southern virginia, southern maryland low to mid-40s. a little bit of light fog, live view from the tower camera. we'll stay near 40 through the morning rush hour. by noontime mid-40s. upper 40s this afternoon with occasional shower. have the umbrella with you.
5:52 am
big area under within thsnter storm warning all the areas in pink. late tonight into tomorrow for snow. this is the new model run. by 6:00 achl.m., that band of pink is sleet. it is snow farther north and west by 6:00 a.m. and then that line of snow gets closer to the metro area by 8:00 a.m. starts for change from slooet to snow right in the washington metro area. then it stays snow the rest of the day. the darker colors here this may be moderate to heavy snow at times by around 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. then after that the snow really tapers off quickly and gets much lighter as it tracks off to the east and pulls away. leaving about 8 inches or more northern western sub about your all way in toward the mountains and northern shenandoah valley panhandle of west virginia 4 to 8 inches nearby suburbs in virginia and maryland and right in washington. and farther south, lighter amount maybe 4 inches far
5:53 am
southern maryland and northern neck may get just 2 to 4 inches from this system as it's quickly going to be leaving us on thursday night. keep up with all the changes storm team 4 weather app after the snow tomorrow we get sun pack friday and saturday but staying below freezing friday. we'll get melting saturday and sunday. turn our clocks ahead one hour saturday night. and monday and tuesday, in to the 50s and partly cloudy. a lot of melting going on. i have a sign for you. this is for eun. am i holding this right? >> no snow or snow no? >> doesn't work so well. >> it works either way, right? >> it does. >> we love you to death. >> we're working on it. >> i think at this rate it's coming. >> if we could stay home with our kids and sled we'd be more than that. >> i love my kids but i don't think i want to even do that. >> we do have a crash dale boulevard ramp to 95 in
5:54 am
virginia southbound we have a new crash. route 1 at joplin, a crash with lanes blocked. dale city here a little slow northbound. pretty typical for this time of day. just a little slower than we like to see at 19 miles per hour. wide look at things overall inner loop and outer loop actually looking pretty good. you can see 295 is a little slow here as you're passing 50. otherwise, though, in general things are looking pretty good right now. beltway at colesville outer loop moving along quite nicely. looking at prince george's county now inbound, indian head highway just fine. branch avenue a little slow headed inbound towards the beltway. i'm bringing the signs over to you in just a minute. >> we'll just have to carry them around with us all day. hope something changes. >> good luck with that. 5:54. your commute could be faster. telegraph road widening project is finished. leaders will celebrate with a ribbon cutting ceremony.
5:55 am
telegraph road now four lanes between south van dorn and south kings highway. you can also use a new trail and sidewalk there. that project was completed ahead of schedule. so you could have a security flaw on your mobile device called a freak attack. landon did youdyowdy joins us live with a fix on your phone. >> i feel like every day i'm saying the word hack now. and apple and google are promising a fix for a security flaw recently found this devices that use ios and android software. the flaw called freak attack is being blamed on an old u.s. government rule requiring software makers to use weaker en encryption for programs sold briar college is
5:56 am
closing because of financial problems. the college's president says they have looked for a solution. he says the declining number of student and lack of support for discounted tuition rates has led to this closure. the engineer of a metro link train that derailed in california has died. the 62-year-old died at a hospital in los angeles. the train derailed after colliding with a truck abandoned on the track. david petraeus will plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mishandling classified materials. prosecutors say petraeus gave eight binders full of classified information to his biography and mistress paula broadwell. prosecutors are recommending two years of probation and no police on time. take a look at this individual i don't. a no holds bar fist fight broke out in the middle of parliament in ukraine. it started with shouting, but the fight spilled out into the hallways. the fight happened as leaders
5:57 am
brokered a cease-fire in the nation's battle with russia. breaking news while you were sleeping involving a number willof shootings in maryland, the information that links five separate attacks to the same suspect. what we're learning about the arrest made by the fbi overnight. and a live look outside for you right now. we're seeing rain across some parts of the area and we're anticipating a major snowstorm to come our way by this time tomorrow. your forecast from tom kierein and a look at roads when "news 4 today" continues.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking development involving a series of shootings linked to the same suspect. >> but first we're tracking a wild day of weather for you. you'll need apn umbrella, but the rain will beco >> here we go again. >> tom kierein here with communities under a winter storm warning. >> that's right. much of the region is under a warning. i'll shoe youw you the zones. but we've had rain come through, so the pavement is wet. look at all this rain this area in the reds and yellows and
6:00 am
oranges, rain coming down really hard south of pittsburgh into southern ohio and kentucky. that will be getting closer to us later this afternoon. just a few sprinkle, a little drizzle around the metro area. light rain across the potomac and eastern shore. it is hovering in the upper 30s near 40 in the metro area. we'll stay this way for another two or three hours and then jump into the upper 40s this afternoon. but look at teasehese zones under the winter storm warning. it includes virginia maryland and metro area for accumulating snow beginning tomorrow morning in the metro area and much of the day on thursday. your headlines, have an umbrella ready for the day as we'll have occasional showers all day long and that snow likely on thursday.


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