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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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it's a busy map. tomorrow folks, a lot being done on the streets to prepare and at the stores among our team as well. let's begin with veronica and doug live in the storm center with the first word. >> this really is a big storm system that will be impacting a big part of the country, from texas really all the way to new york. >> the big thing for us is the rain tonight. then the transition over to snow. but depends onz where you live, who will see the snow first and how it affects your morning. >> take a look at the radar. you'll see who is getting the moderate rain right now, the areas in yellow and orange. up around frederick county maryland baltimore county, same thing in frederick county, virginia, around winwinchester, moderate rains coming into the area. this stream or flow is not going to end. it will continue throughout the overnight period. then the colder air will start moving in. where that colder air has hit already areas around missouri, southern illinois, southern indiana right now. that's the cold air coming into the area and yes we too, are going to start to see that
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transition. and because of all the snow expected these areas through kentucky, west virginia up to pennsylvania it a a winter storm warning that starts at midnight for us and continues throughout the day tomorrow. let's get more on that time line of what you can expect flout the day with meteorologist doug kammerer. >> i think the biggest thing to take away from this is tomorrow morning's rush hour may not be that bad. it will be raining in some areas but the snow will be to the north and west. this is what you can expect tonight into tomorrow, rain, some heavy overnight, especially around the metro area right through the overnight hours xs but the snow around sunrise in d.c., north and west a little bit earlier. but the roads become slick. once it changes to snow, it will become slick. here's your time ts line. snow starts between 2:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., there will be some snow for the morning rush, but the roads may not be all that bad. the roads will be covered to the north and west of d.c. let me tell you, if you leave your house and the roads aren't too bad, within two or three hours those roads will be
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covered very, very quickly. so just remember that when you step out the door tomorrow morning. >> again, for now, it's just umbrella weather with showers, your temperatures zdrop to the upper 30s. we'll have more on the cold air and your snowfall map in a few minutes. >> tomorrow's winter storm will impact bus service in the district. metrobus will operate on a moderate snow plan. buses will stay off hills and narrow streets if you take metroaccess, you'll have to make other plans. all service suspended all day tomorrow. metro plans to operate rail service as normal at this hour. >> our team coverage continues now with transportation reporter adam tuss live in tysons corner with the plan for road crews going into the night. tell us about it. >> reporter: pat thshgs is goinginggoing ing to be a challenge. rain falling now, that will be the tough part through the night. you can't treat the roads if it's all just going to wash away. let's look at the beltway in tysons corner.
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now, crews are going to be staged overnight and keep a very close eye on the changing conditions. as for right now in the rail yards, in the work yards, maintenance crews are hard at work making sure trucks that have already been through a tough winter are ready to battle one more time. are people tired at it point? we're all just tired and ready to be done with it? >> it's really tough on our crews, 12-hour shift oefrzs over and over. we've got several days of very cold temperatures we'll have to focus on as well. >> reporter: coming up on news4 as 5, what road crews say they need from you during this storm. reporting live in tysons, adam tuss news4. >> this winter storm is no joke, folks. check this out. earlier this afternoon, the national weather service posted this massive county by county map saying 92 million people are currently under a winter storm watch, warning or winter weather
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advisory. and that includes us. we're going to be be on the air for you as this storm blows in. "news4 today" will be up early covering all the angles tomorrow morning 4:00 to 7:00. now the other big story we are following right now. an arrest in a series of shootings. drawing comparisons to the d.c. sniper case. police are holding a man by the name of haung young for allegedly firing shots across the region over the last week. the shootings happened at five different locations including two yesterday along the i-cc and near a national security agency. news4's chris gordon talked to people in young's neighborhood this afternoon. but first wendy rieger has new information about his past. >> patd pat we have learned that young was a former corrections officer who worked in jessop and just resign nd may of last year. nbc's pete williams is reporting that young suffers from mental health issues. he was arrested last night after his car was spotted near the
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scene, one of young is linked to. in his car police found a semiautomatic handgun legally registered to him but has since been linked to four of the five shootings. and his car a blue lincoln town car was also seen as several of these shootings. young was arrested without ins department and he's been taken to a hospital for observation. >> reporter: prince george's county police detectives and investigators entered the home of the shooting suspect 35-year-old haung young. hours later they came out with bags of evidence. young resigned from his job as a corrections officer last year. he work for the maryland department of corrections in jessop which is cooperating in this investigation. young lived here in beltsville with his mother, father, and sister. his wife recently divorced him and moved. i spoke with young's next door
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neighbor. >> i see him walking around. he does not speak much. yeah, he just looks down and washingtons. that walks. >> reporter: the neighbor says he never saw the 1999 blue lincoln town car that police have been looking for since the series of five shootings that began a week ago. the news of young's arrest shook this quiet upscale neighborhood in beltsville. what is your reaction to the fact that hawn young, a neighbor of yours has been arrested for five shootings in the past week. >> scary. we keep looking for him. >> reporter: they have him in custody. >> custody. that's good. i'm glad he's in custody. >> going through the sniper situation of years ago, i actually live in kensington so we had a lot of that over there. this brought back memoryies. now to a developing story in virginia where one man is in custody after driving off during a routine traffic stop. we're told an officer pulled him over near arlington boulevard and north courthouse road in the
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clairnden area. while the officer was talking to the man, he apparently hit the gas with the officer had leaning no thewindow. the officer was not hurt and the guy was stopped a few blocks away. pat collins is working the scene and will join us soon. the former ferguson, missouri, police officer who shot michael brown last summer will not be charged. the justice department concluded there is not enough evidence to prosecute darrin wilson for civil rights violations. but in a separate report released today, federal officials also criticized the city of ferguson and its police force for racial bias. we'll have more on that part of the story and local reaction coming up in our next half hour. authorities are trying to determine why a small plane crashed while trying to land at norfolk airport this morning. three people were killed when the plane crashed into the norfolk botanical garden. investigators say the plane was just over a mile from the airport when the pilot lost communication with the control tower. crews began searching right
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away, but there was heavy fog. officials believe the plane was en route from florida. new this afternoon first at 4, a local teenager now accused of a connection to isis. plus, the battle over health care and the supreme court is right in the middle of it. why just a few words could determine whether millions can afford insurance. flooding in a forbidden place. the first steps under way that would let you grab a sled and head to capitol hill, first at 4.
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new at 4:00, a woodbridge teenager is in frad custodyederal custody accused of helping a man get to syria to fight for isis. "the washington post" reports fbi agents raided the teenager's house, a student at osborne park
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high school. agents were reportedly watching the teen for more than a month. and another teen at that school is also under investigation. the "post" reports the man who traveling to syria faces indictment now. a delay in the trial of the man accused of murt'd murdering a uva student today jesse matthew had his first court appearance since being charged with murdering 18-year-old hannah graham. the judge agreed to delay the start of the trial and provide a dna expert. matthew is also charged on attempted murder and sexual assault charges for a case in 2005. authorities say forensics evidence links him to the 2009 murder of morgan harrington. he hasn't been charge nd that case. matthew pleaded not guilty in the two cases in which he faces charges. wild winter weather causing big problems all over the country. the emergency some people are dealing with before a single snowflake even falls. >> it's what everyone wants to know. how much snow will fall over the next 24 hours?
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veronica has the updated snow totals first at 4.
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. a busy afternoon for storm team 4. >> rains falling in some parts of the region, but that rain is about to turn to snow. meteorologist veronica johnson has the latest snow totals in just a bit. the same storm is already causing problems across the country. some residents had to be rescued
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on boats today as melting ice caused serious flooding around western pennsylvania. evacuations were voluntary but some say they had no choice with the water levels rising around their homes. >> the rain and snow causing snoer problem ice jams. large chunks of ice are breaking free and causing backups and flooding here on the ohio river. more rain is expected there, too. by the state. three short words at the heart of the latest supreme court challenge to obamacare. >> the federal subsidies that help people pay for their policies could be in jeopardy, and that includes more than 384,000 subscribers in virginia. >> news4's steve handelsman is live with details. steve? >> reporter: pat and jim, thanks. nationally by most estimates, 7 million to 8 million could lose their subsidyies and coverage if this challenge to the health care law succeeds. >> out of my health care! >> reporter: opponents and backers of obamacare came to the
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supreme court again. this time the issue is federal subsidies for obamacare insurance. in all these states that have no health exchanges of their own, where people use health lawyer michael carvin argued that the language of the obamacare law only allows subsidies to be paid through exchanges ss xoet, sfaebled by the state. anton scalia said it may not be the statute congress intended by it may be the statute congress wrote. liberal justice ruth bader ginsburg kournlted that giving subsidies by average 70% only to people in some states would be disastrous. martha robinson from indiana says she may lose the care she needs for migraines. >> i need the subsidy. otherwise, my family cannot afford health insurance. if we don't have health insurance, my migraines are not being treated and my health will deteriorate. >> reporter: critics explain subsidies that allow everyone to
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afford coverage allows irs to find those who opt out. >> but there is no reason to force millions of us to pay tax penalties if we don't join a government program. >> reporter: the swing votes might be justice anthony kennedy and chief justice john roberts but neither gave a clue about which side they may back in this battle. the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll finds most americans 54%, want congress to act to make sure the subsidies keep being paid in the affected states. ss if the supreme court guts the current plan when it rules in june. when it was suggested today that congress might fix this, somebody said this congress? and everybody laughed. back to you. >> interesting. all right steve handelsman with the latest on this big story. thank you, steve. veronica, how much are we going to get? >> come on. >> i'm tired already.
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we're going to have enough snow enough to shovel probably in two sessions. but we've got our own snow equipment, don't we? if you want to see the snow equipment that jim, pat and myself have, go to our facebook. here's what to expect tonight and as we get into the day tomorrow. the transition from rain to snow will start early tomorrow morning, just before sunrise. rain some heavy tonight, then snow turns around sunrise. then the roads will start to become slick around sunrise, too. 6:00 7:00 a.m. on doppler radar, both scans are on. this is a live radar. showers around d.c. leesburg, too, but pockets of more moderate and heavier rain to the north. south of martinsburg, just up i-81, rainfall rates here close to an inch per hour. look at that just to the north of 72 some heavier pockets of rain falling right now in the stream of moisture is going to continue all as our temperatures drop. look at how they're dropping already. look at the rains from 62 in
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richmond virginia, 36 in state college. that is not far. but that's where the cold air is and it will continue to make its way southward into our area. here's the time line for this evening, if you are going to be going out. no need to worry about the roads this evening, 9:00 we're mild at 41. 39 at 11:00 p.m. but it's after midnight when we're going to see that rapid drop in temperatures. and by 11:00 p.m. i do think there could be pockets of sleet starting to show up just to the northwest around hagerstown and martinsburg martinsburg. cumberland, 11:00 p.m. most of the area seeing rain. here's the transition getting into 2:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m., to the north and west, there's the change from rain to snow. by the time we get to 5:00 a.m., 6:00 a.m. a lot of locations seeing snow already. yes, it will start to stick to area roads. i'll show you a time line of how quickly i think it will stick as it maybes its way through. by noon, everyone is getting snow. it won't be moving out of here, folks, until 4:00 to 5:00 tomorrow evening.
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so snow for more than a 12-hour period expected. the impact on area roads they will deteriorate rather quickly. that means cancellations will be far and wide as we go from moderate conditions on area roads to more treacherous conditions on area roads by the time we get to the afternoon. here is a look at the amounts 4 to 8 inches here throughout most of the area, some areas less around hancock, hagerstown, a big area this time of a large a. snow probably having to shovel in two waves the areas down through here, leonardtown, st. george island, st. mary's, where the lighter amounts of snow will be. of course we'll take a look at that snowfall map again later in the newscast. we're going to have more on when i think it will start to stick to area roads. friday still cold and we could have zlais. sdelays. mcdonald's going clean within two years the company says it will only buy chickens raised dd without antibiotics. the change comes as mcdonald's
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tries to shake its junk footd image, also a response to other restaurants dropping unrecognizable ingredients from their products. the clean movement gained popularity the last couple years, a period in which mcdonald's has seen a drop in sales. a video has a bus driver in deep trouble. first at 4, for the first time we're seeing a disaster on the roads in realtime. why police say they know what caused it, even though you can't see it in the video. a great way to save money in the long run. keeping those big items ss around your home up and running. how can you make sure you're making them last as long as possible. and a winter storm, if you haven't heard, is headed our ways folks. that means a lot of students could stay home tomorrow. >> here is our nbc washington flash sur ray of the day. would you rather know about school closings the night before or find out in the morning and make sure the cancellation is worth it? call or text the number on the screen or vote on our facebook or
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gay marriages are on hold this afternoon in alabama's largest county. this while the probate judge there reviews conflicting rulings over the issue. a federal judge ordered marriage licenses be issued to same sex couples despite the state's ban on them. well, late yesterday alabama supreme court disagreed and upheld the state's ban.
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there are 66 other county probate judges who must also decide what to do now. a great way to save money around the house and keep your appliances running longer. >> erika gonzalez shows us ways to add years of life to those big ticket items. >> when it comes to big, expensive appliances like dish wash ers and refrigerators, you want them to run as long as possible. the alliances in your home are a big investment. you can avoid repairs, keep them running efishly and get them to last as lock as using thiez tips. first, your refrigerator. it will stay colder, run better and last longer if the cold air can circulate easily. so don't overstuff it. do the doors seal properly and keep the chill in? close the door on a slip of paper and tug on if. if it slides out, time to replace the gasket so your fridge doesn't work as hard. compressor coils clogged with
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dust can't release heat efficiently and make the fridge work harder. cleaning the coil with a brush and vacuum once a year will add years of life to your refrigerator. your dishwasher will last longer if you clean the gasket with soap and water and take the time to remove food debris from the filter. >> much of the energy of your dishwasher goes toward heating the water. before you do a load, run the water at the sink until it gets hot. that saves the dishwasher work and longer. >> team your range working its best by keeping the burner ports clear. >> don't overwork your dryer. clean the lint filter before every use. use the auto dry setting. that will save energy and wear and tear on your clothes. and clear the vent annually to help the dryer run efficiently and help prevent a fire hazard. >> reporter: overstuffing your washing machine strains the motor, transmission and other parts. fill it but loosely. your laundry will be cleaner and
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lsh will last longer. it is the most famous hill in our city, but when the snow falls you're not allowed to ride that sled down capitol hill. but that could change in the kays to come as another winter tofrm moves in. >> that winter storm is already arriving in our area falling as rain right now. meteorologist veronica johnson is coming right back with when the rain is going to shift over into snow. right here first at 4. stay with u
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4. right now at 4:30, it's a wet start to your evening, but things are about to change and change fast. >> oh, it's thick out there already. but all that rain is about to turn white on us. storm team 4 radar has been busy watching the rain roll in. >> the question is, when will it turn to snow? veronica johnson joins us with an update. what about that? >> that's going to be while most of us are sleeping, during the overnight period. after midnight and before sunrise tomorrow is the switchover from rain. there's a lot of moisture out here right now to snow. you can see some of the heaviest rain to the north. there's d.c., there's frederick, baltimore, winchester sliding through the northernmost county fz maryland and yes, colder air showing up. way up here around western pennsylvania, around ohio that cold air comes in tonight and allows our temperatures to drop down into the 30s and, yes, the
4:31 pm
freezing mark by around 5:00, 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. we're at 46 now. not bad. even hagerstown at 47, 50 in warrenton. mild day today. your evening, just wet roads with rain continuing to come through. but here we are 5:00 a.m. thursday. there's your snow across northern maryland. watch that line drop as we get into the early morning hours, right on into a 10:00 11:00 a.m. by lunch time, right through areas of southern maryland, so by say, 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, snow into southern maryland. it will start out as rain, but we're expecting between 4 and 8 inches of snowfall areawide. we'll have more on who gets what and the time line on the snow-covered roads coming up later. you may be able to use your sled on capitol hill during the snowstorm. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is asking capitol police for a waiver of the sledding ban on capitol grounds. you may remember during winter storm last month, several
4:32 pm
sledders were told to pack up and get out of there. if it's approved, the sledding ban would be lifted from tomorrow through sunday. as the storm moves in remember we'll have every part of the area covered. "news4 today" will begin early tomorrow morning airing from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. it created an intensely charged atmosphere where people feel under assault and under siege by those who are charged to serve and to protect them. >> that's attorney general eric holder just a short time ago discussing the justice department report that found a longstanding pattern of racial bias in the ferguson police department and legal system. among the findings, african-americans in ferguson are disproportionately subjected to excessive police force, traffic stops, questionable arrests, and ticket fines to help the city raise money.
4:33 pm
the investigation began last summer, prompted by michael brown's deadly encounter with former ferguson police officer darrin wilson. today the justice department also announced it is not going to prosecute wilson on federal civil rights charges due to a lack of evidence. well, it's our talk around town today. whur's troy johnson is here with new local reaction. troy, many of your listeners think the justice department findings are just the tip of the iceberg. >> they do. they say if tanss of racial bias like this can be found in a small town like ferguson, just imagine what kind of violations could be happening in cities all across the country. they say that police officers they know are not all bad, but this certainly is smoke -- where there's smoke, there's fire. there's clear concerns about mistrust in communities. a lot of people are appalled at how that particular police department operated with dis enfranchising and harassing citizens. the department of justice states in its findings that these were intentional actions and they're
4:34 pm
concerned about the connection between money and disenfranchisement as well. i worked in st. louis for a long time, and i had an opportunity to talk to tony scott, a longtime broadcaster in that area. here's what he has to say about how people in the st. louis area and around ferguson are reacting. >> the justice department's report on ferguson is no surprise to folks down here. the issue is whether this is going to effect any change. is there going to be a change as far as police chief goes? will thering things put into practice that will keep this from happening. everybody wants to know here is a report. now what? >> speaking to what toney is saying, he says a lot of people with all of that damning evidence, they really don't believe -- they're except cal that any changes p come out of this. >> troy the justice official said today that the end result was a profound erosion of trust between police and the community. >> yeah. they're appalled, the listeners that i spoke to, at how this police department operated.
4:35 pm
the findings and the intentional actions that this department took. you know, attaching fees to this minor infractions that people are going through. you get a ticket, but you get in a situation where you could lose your job, and that hurts your family. that's certainly something that's resonating with people here in the area. they wouldn't want to see anything like that happen. they're also feeling for mike brown's family as well. here is a situation where a family lost a son, and the killer will not be held accountable. they're certainly upset about that. >> michael brown's killing last summer sparked protests, most of them peaceful, some of them violent. is there the likelihood we could see more protests because of what we're hearing today and yesterday? >> that could happen. i think there's some lingering anger. but the situation is one where there are people who still have their eyes on the ball. they're still paying attention to what's going on, even as most of us have kind of moved on to whatever the next thing might be. the thing that's interesting about this is, this comes as we mark 50 years since the march from selma to montgomery,
4:36 pm
alabama. when those marchers were marching for civil rights. and here we are in the same situation. so, again, the struggle continues. that's what people are telling me. >> thank you for shining another light on this today with the news coming in. good to see you, troy. see you next wednesday. >> absolutely. >> pat, back over to you. this afternoon a virginia state trooper is lucky to be alive and he's got a plea for you. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver has a preview from prince william county. >> reporter: take a look at this virginia state police cruiser behind me. this belongs to trooper mike campbell campbell. this is what's left of his squad car. amazingly, he's alive to survey the damage just a week after getting hit on the side of interstate 66. i'm david culver. coming up, you'll hear his story, plus his plea to get you to move over. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we have just received new pictures by the police of the
4:37 pm
guns owned by the suspect in five shootings in maryland. prince george's county police say they found ten weapons, including a semiautomatic pistol a shut gone and a crossbow in the home of hong hung. young was arrested yesterday in connection with five shootings in the past week, including yesterday's shootings on the intercounty connector and near the nsa. police say young does own all of these guns legally. young is in the hospital tonight under observation. at the live desk, wendy rieger back to you. cutting the ribbon on a project years in the making. where traveling is a lot easier now in one traffic-choked part of our area. and frightening moments all caught on camera. what happened in the seconds before this bus crash that has the driver in big trouble.
4:38 pm
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hey, if you're looking for someone to cheer for on "the voice," we've got your man. >> i love this guy. >> yes! yes! i knew it!
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♪ i fell into a ring of fire ♪ >> that's greg, a d.c. lawyer dreaming of making his singing career a full-time career. he was picked by adam levine on last night's show. tonight get a sneak peek at each team's celebrity advisers. the special edition of "the voice" starts right here at 8:00. for the first time we're getting a look at the moments after a bus driver in detroit fell asleep at the wheel. the driver is in court today. kimberly gill takes a look at the incredible video that could determine his fate. >> reporter: it happened last year just after 6:00 p.m. on monday october 20th. you see the 65-year-old smart bus driver heading westbound in west bloomfield. he seems to be driving along smoothly until a couple of seconds before the impact when he appears to stand up in the floorboard to press the brakes. and then --
4:42 pm
he takes out at least six cars and a mailbox before finally coming to a stop. take a look again from the camera on the front of the bus. the only passenger on board, a woman, wasn't hurt. >> are you all right? >> i am, i think so. >> reporter: she probably picked the best place to sit. as for the driver, he appears shaken up but seem tos be okay when he calls for help and then talks to investigators admitting that he dozed off. >> what happened? >> i fell asleep coming down that hill. >> your smartphone could be vulnerable to hackers. why people with just about every kind of smartphone will want to hear how a security flaw could put your device at risk. and veronica is tracking that winter storm headed our
4:43 pm
way. >> that i am. we've got wet roads. we're close to 50 degrees now, but look at tomorrow morning. 32 freezing. yes, it will be snowing throughout the area. not ending until the afternoon when we drop to the upper 20s. how much and what you can expect as we get through a whole day of snow tomorrow. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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right now first at 4 rain
4:46 pm
now, snow later. we are keeping a very close eye on rain that's falling hard across the area right now. and our team coverage continues now in the storm center. doug kammerer, our chief meteorologist will let us know about schools tomorrow, if kids have to go to class or get to stay home. that in a minute. >> tell us exactly when the transition happens. >> that's the thing. we stay in the rain tonight with just wet roads. but early, early tomorrow morning we make the change, around 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., in d.c. areas north earlier. we stay in the snow pocket all day long. that's what we're talking about, such high amounts we're forecasting throughout the area. widespread high amounts. a lot of moisture to work with here. this time, unlike some of the other storm systems. in fact, we've got it now showing up early moisture counties of northern maryland is where the rain has been. you can see higher totals here in fact coming through areas north of frederick, maryland
4:47 pm
around 70, up i-83. moderate rains sliding off to the east. here is a look at the snow chances. you can see the how the chances will go up very quickly right after sunrise. 5:00 a.m. a 60% chance of snow in d.c., areas north earlier, areas south a little later. by 8:00 a.m., up to about a 70% chance. then our heaviestyiest snowfall right here around 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. up until around the afternoon hours until 3:00, 4:00 p.m. we stay in the pocket of very heavy snow until it starts to exit the area and things should start winding down around 4:00 5:00. here is a look at when we think the roads will start getting snow covered. at 4:00 a.m. up here, frederick, maryland, hagerstown, winchester, cumberland, snow covered roads when most roads will start being covered. yes, earlier there may be secondary roads being covered by snow. by 7:00 a.m., howard county, northern montgomery, northern loudoun counties, by 7:00 a.m. as the snow comes into the area,
4:48 pm
by 10:00 a.m., our temperatures have been low enough for long enough, we could even start to see snow-covered roads just northwest d.c., prince william county, montgomery county. by 1:00, prince george's county, and even stafford county by 4:00, i think everybody has a chance to have snow-covered roads because again then the system will be leaving, the damage will be done. several inches of snowfall yes we're counting down to spring. just 15 more days. but as we talk more about the snow coming our way, let's go to meteorologist doug kammerer and jim handly with more. >> doug the big question the storm as she says, is coming in fast. but will schools decide before it comes in to should down tomorrow? >> i think they'll have to. tomorrow morning you'll wake up and normally the kids go to school between 6:30 and 8:fully, it may be okay in your area, d.c. south especially. but after that time the snow is really going to start coming down. so between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m.,
4:49 pm
two to the north 5:00 just outside the city, that snow is coming down but not heaviest until after 9:00. that's when it really starts to build. that's why i think early tomorrow if you may get out okay as far as rush hour is concerned, as soon as you get to work, here comes the snow. that's why we're talking about cancellations tomorrow. it will come to an end about 5:00. the high-impact area for thursday, just about the entire region. now, d.c. rockville, woodbridge, leesburg, everything r everybody in the high impact, moderate impact to the south for much of the day. but eventually that high impact area will also move down towards our southern zones, too. so once again, you may start off with just rain or wet roads but they quickly become snow covered. >> right now, again, we're forecasting a very wide area with 4 to 8 inches of snow, d.c. probably around 5 maybe 6 inches. little pocket of 2 to 4 up around hagerstown, lighter amounts in extreme southern maryland. this time everyone willing
4:50 pm
shoveling. i don't think anybody will be sweeping a snowfall on this one your four-day forecast, the weekend not bad as we spring forward. temperature on saturday 40 degrees 44 on sunday. the weekend at least is going to be dry, but a lot of snow coming our way tomorrow. we'll have more on what to expect with the latest data on news4 at 5. the massive piles of snow in boston are becoming dangerous. the roof of the old bayside expo center partially collapsed early this morning. it was vacant at the time. nearly 200 roof collapses have been report nd the past month. most of them due to the heavyweight of snow. >> it is one of the busiest commuter roads in fairfax county. during the afternoon rush, traffic will be running a lot more smoothly. that's because a year's long project to widen telegraph road is finished at the intersection with south kings highway and south van dorn street. long one of the worst bottleneck bottlenecks in the county.
4:51 pm
there was a ribbon cutting to mark completion of the project. telegraph road is now four lanes from south van dorn street to south kings highway and includes some turn lanes. >> this is a critical project. one, because of the growth at ft. bell vor but also because this intersection is one of the biggest gridlocked intersection in the district. what really makes it significantly different is it's 100% funded by fairfax county. >> among the improvements at huntley meadows park, a new entrance, sidewalk, trail and a parking lot. now some stories we're working on right now in our newsroom. he is rocking the boat just after announcing a possible run for the white house. why his comments have made many people talk this afternoon on social media. plus a new place to find a good book to read. but this library is not open to the public. why most people will never get to use it.
4:52 pm
i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. we're keeping an eye on school delays and closings as the winter weather starts to bear down on us. the university of maryland college park already has decided it will close tomorrow. the latest closings and delays are updated by the minute on our web site and our nbc washington app. team coverage of this impending storm coming up on news4 at 5. i'll see you then. now to a security flaw that could leave your smartphone vulnerable to hackers. iphone and android users are at risk here. apple says its ios fix should be ready within a week. google says it's already offered a fix to the android devicers. the flaw is known as freak attack. hackers can exploit it while you are surfing the web on your phone. for weeks now, boston might remind you of heavy snow but this afternoon it's home to one of the biggest trials in the country. what lawyers for the accused boston marathon bomber admitted
4:53 pm
today in open court. >> reporter: he drove up this street and down that street. and when his car blew out two tires, he continued his escape on foot. arlington police got their man today, but it wasn't easy. i'm pat collins. the story coming up, news4.
4:54 pm
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right now storm team 4 is tracking that winter storm, as we approach the 5:00 hour.
4:56 pm
it's raining in many parts of the area, but it's not going to continue raining. snow is moving in. storm team 4 is tracking it. team coverage continues ahead on news4 at 5. one man's good deed turned into an ugly confrontation in ohio. will emkey went out to shovel the snow, to clear the sidewalks for the kids in his neighborhood. but an angry neighbor shoved the snow right back at him. he said the kids could walk the street. he grabbed emkey and told him to mind his own business. later in the day, that same angry neighbor went back outside and put all the snow emkey had shafled back where it was. it ended up freezing into a massive wall on the sidewalk. so much for neighborliness. a developing story in boston where jurors are hearing emotional testimony from victims of the boston marathon bombing. the first day of dzhokhar tsarnaev's trial started with the defense admitting their
4:57 pm
client put the bombs along the race route. we have details from day one just wrapping up. tell us about it, chris. >> reporter: pat, after day one, it is clear that dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team doesn't hope to get him acquitted on all 30 charges facing him. instead, they're just trying to keep him from being put to death. it was him. that statement not from prosecutors but dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense attorney in the defense's open statement, judy clark admitted her client's role in the april 2013 bombing near the marathon's finishing line. many analysts expected the defense to focus efforts on keeping tsarnaev from being put to death if the jury were to convict him but not to plainly admit his role in the bombings. clark asked jurors to keep an open mind implicating dzhokhar's older brother tamerlan as coercing him into helping. the opening only lasted 20 minutes. prosecutors took nearly an hour,
4:58 pm
painting a visit id picture of the day of the bombings. william said tsarnaev carried a backpack to the finish line, in it a bomb, preferred by terrorists because it's designed to shred flesh. during the proceeding, tsarnaev sat quietly, sometimes slouching wearing a blue blazer and striped shirt. not only were his family members in the courtroom but many bombing victims and their families. security is tight outside the federal courthouse with boats patrolling boston harbor and dogs checking passing traffic. prosecution witnesses continue testimony thursday. and in all, the prosecution was able to fit in seven witnesses this afternoon. the defense only cross-examined one of them. the trial is expected to last until june. live in boston, chris pallone, back to you. right now, we are tracking a winter storm moving in on us. jim wendy? >> well, now at 5:00, the snowstorm is the real deal,
4:59 pm
people. it cob one of the biggest of the winter, starting right now with heavy rain coming down. >> this is a live look outside in fairfax county. drivers need to take precautions. the rain will be steady before it switches over to snow. >> and d.c. has already declared a snow emergency. good afternoon, i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. that snow emergency will go into effect tomorrow morning 7:00. now, that means parking will be restricted on snow emergency routes to allow for plowing. vehicles left in place could be ticketed, or they could be tied. many of you are likely to be looking at a day off tomorrow either from work or school. university of maryland has already announced there will be no classes tomorrow for terps. keep it locked here. we'll have the latest school and work closures on air and on the nbc washington app. standing here in the home base at ground zero of the storm
5:00 pm
team 4 center, what are we expecting? >> we're expecting that rain really overnight tonight and the transition into snow happens tomorrow morning. a lot of people will wake up look outside and say, guys, it's supposed to be snowing. no. we'll see a difference. this is why. take a look at this map. one thing to notice here's the cold air up around pittsburgh and state college. that's what's coming down. look at this, 72 in virginia beach, 59 in richmond, 46 here. it's going to rain until this cold air is able to work its way in. right now we dao have the rain coming down fairly heavy around martinsburg, hagerstown, toward frederick and now into portions of northern virginia and most of the state of maryland. we're going to continue to watch as this plume of moisture works its way our way. again, notice where the cold air is back toward cincinnati. they're seeing the snow and that transmission is going to make its way our way overnight tonight in through early tomorrow morning. it will all be snow by around 9:00 in most areas, especially d.c. north and west.


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