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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  March 4, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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eagan. i think we'll be very close to that number, if not a little over. let's look and show you what the transition here is. again, we've got rain right now. take a look at the numbers. 33 in pittsburgh 73 down towards virginia beex. we are right in the middle at 48. we've got this colder air waiting to the north that's going to come down and change our rain which we have now over to snow. you can see where the rain is down toward waldorf, light shower activity. but the heavier rain continues to be the north of 66 in virginia and 50 in maryland. we'll continue to see the rain throughout the evening. there is a lot more of it to come back to the west, and then the snow also starting to move our way. and look at the snow line starting to make its way farther in towards forces west virginia portions of pennsylvania. it will be moving our way. that's why we have the winter storm warning in effect late tonight through the day tomorrow. and what we're going to be seeing from this, we're going to see the snow begin early tomorrow around 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. to the north and west of the city and then move on through the city.
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so there will be some snow for the a.m. rush. but most roads won't be covered around the d.c. metro area. you may be able to get out of the house okay for the morning rush, but then everything gets snow covered and the roads are covered north and west early. we'll break it down hour by hour coming up. our team coverage continues now with shomari stone in greenbelt where a lot of people tend to be stopping on their way home from work to stock up for tomorrow. shomari? >> reporter: that's right. a lot of people are coming to safeway and giant and other grocery stores in d.c. maryland and virginia. they are stocking up getting ready. they are concerned about this storm. they're buying items such as cereal bottled water milk, nonperishable items such as canned goods and also bread, chblg. some are concerned they could possibly lose electricity. we talked to a teacher and another woman. let's hear what they had to say about the storm. >> i'm very concern birthday it because we may not have school tomorrow. and i teach. i'm trying to get stuff in the
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house just in case i don't have to go in. >> i'm shopping now so if i won't be able to get out and i need to eat. so i'm getting the essentials. >> reporter: is coconut water really an essential? >> yes, for me it is. yeah. one of the best things you can have for your body. >> reporter: some like coconut water, some like regular water. whatever floats your boat. right now i'm also going to get cereal for myself and i must tell you all that we talked to some people and they're stating that they want to make sure that they have everything that they need and tomorrow as well they plan on making sure that their kids stay home if schools are closed. that's what a lot of parents are concerned about out here in greenbelt. live at safeway, shomari stone. >> hold on a second. i saw everything in your basket except the most essential thing. where's the toilet paper bro? >> reporter: toilet paper?
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i'm always stocked up on toilet paper. are you kidding me? >> okay. >> reporter: tmi. back to you guys. >> thank you. this winter storm will have an impact on public transportation. metrobus will be on a moderate snow plan. buses will stay off the hills and nair narrow streets. metroaccess will be suspended. metro rail will be on a regular schedule. amtrak says they'll operate on a modified schedule. >> lots of flights will not be taking off tomorrow. airlines have already canceled about 1,700 flights across the country. here in our area, 240 flights at reagan national have been canceled, 166 canceled at dulles and at bwi 43 flights called off. many airlines are waiving change fees because of the storm.
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"news4 today" is getting an early start tomorrow. tune in for the latest road conditions closings and delay. we're on the air starting at 4:00 a.m. we're learning tonight about a possible motive in a shooting spree in maryland over the last week. a man named hong young is in custody. he is suspected of firing the same gun in five different locations. the most recent bullets hit a moving truck on the intercounty connector and a building at the national security agency. chris gordon in beltsville now near where young lives. chris? >> reporter: well a federal law enforcement officer tells nbc that the suspect may have a mental illness, that the shootings were not terror related or isis inspired. that's the home of the suspect, and today police executed a search warrant here. prince george's county police investigators entered the beltsville house of the shooting suspect, 35-year-old hong young.
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hours later, they came out with bags of evidence, ten weapons including a semiautomatic pistol, hundreds of rounds of ammunition. police say all of the weapons were legally owned by the suspect in the five recent shootings. >> our investigators worked all night to link these cases together forensically. >> reporter: young lived here with his mother, father and sister in beltsville. his wife recently divorced him and moved. last year young resigned from his job as a corrections officer in jessup, maryland. >> i see him walking around, does not speak much. yeah, he just looks down and walks. that's it. >> he has never looked at my face. >> reporter: but the neighbor never saw the 1999 blue lincoln town car police have been looking for since the series of five shootings began a week ago at arundle mills walmart columbia mall movie theater, the icc and the nsa. yesterday afternoon, a tree service truck was targeted along
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the icc at the i-95 interchange. one occupant of the truck was wounded by shattered glass another had a bullet lodged in his clothing. police say both were in mortal fear for their lives. then yesterday evening a building at the national security agency was hit by a bullet. the search for a suspect ended about 10:30 last night when anne arundel county police made a traffic stop in the area of the costco in arundle mills which led to young's arrest. >> when everything is said and done and we've closed the book on the court case that the state's attorney's office is going to have to put together, it's going to be a case studying good police work. >> reporter: a police officer told plea that young's wife who divorced him is safe and living in another state. that's the latest, live in beltsville, maryland, chris gordon news4. some big news in maryland politics tonight. democrat chris van hollen says he will run for senator barbara
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mccullski's senate seat in 2016. congressman van holland represents parts of montgomery and frederick counties. he's also suspected a successor to nancy pelosi. he could be running in a crowded race for the senate. mccullski announced fwo dd two days ago she will not seek another term. a kid in lie school in northern virginia is facing charges that he helped a man travel to syria so he could fight with isis. according to "the washington post," fbi acts raided the house of the 17-year-old on friday in woodbridge and they arrested him. the paper says the teenager is a student at osborne park high school. they're not naming him as much as he's charged as a juvenile. that report also claims the teenager helped arrange the other man's travel using online contacts that led to isis. more than 384,000 health insurance subscribers in virginia and millions of other
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americans could be affected by the outcome of today's supreme court challenge to obamacare. thuz 4's steve handelsman is live on capitol hill with details. >> reporter: nationally by most estimates it's 7 million to 8 million americans who could lose their subsidies and would have to give up their coverage if this challenge to the health care law succeeds opponents and backers of obamacare came to the supreme court again. this time the issue is federal subsidies for obamacare insurance. in all these states that have no health exchangeses of their own where people use health, lawyer michael carven argued the language of the obamacare law only allows subsidies to be paid through exchanges, quote, established by the state. conservative justice anton scalia agreed say saing it may not be the statute congress intended but may be the statute congress wrote. liberal justice ruth bader
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ginsburg countered that giving subsidies at average around 70% only to people in some states would be disastrous. morgue that robinson from indiana said she may lose the care she needs for migraines. >> i need the subsidy because my family otherwise cannot afford health insurance. and if we do not have health insurance, my migraines are not being treated and my health is deteriorate deteriorating. >> reporter: critics complain that subsidies allows irs to find those who opt out. >> there is no reason to force millions of us to pay tax penalties if we don't join a government program. >> reporter: the swing votes might be justice anthony kennedy and chief justice john roberts but neither gave a clue about which side they might back in this obamacare battle. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll found 54% of americans want congress to act step in and make sure the subsidies get paid in the
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affected states if the high court guts the current plan when it rules by late june. but when somebody in oral arguments in the court today suggested congress cooperate and fix this problem, somebody else said, this congress? and everybody laughed. i'm steve handelsman news4. >> steve, thank you. same sex marriage is once again on hold in alabama. that state's supreme court issued a ruling last night ordering alabama's judges to stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples. it's an order that contradicts a ruling from federal judges last month. the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in april on whether states have the right to ban same sex marriage. next at 6:00, it was him. some of the first words in the boston bombing trial from dzhokhar tsarnaev's own attorney. what we learned on day one of testimony. more controversy for potential presidential candidate ben carson says he thinks being gay is a choice. virginia state troopers
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recovering after getting hit by cars. their warning and their plea before another big storm. and doug and veronica crunching numbers to tell us what's going to fall wher
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right now, our weather gurus are tracking all this stormy funky weather coming our way. everyone in the viewing area is going to have some snow at some
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point. here's what tepco is doing right now. there are 150 linemen and 400 contractors standing by. call centers are fully staffed ready to respond to any power outages. pepco also warns people to stay away from downed power lines and utility poles. they also ask that you report any such thing that you see as soon as possible. tonight, an official with the human rights campaign says it shows this man is not ready for office. former johns hopkins neurosurgeon dr. ben carson lit a firestorm online after saying being gay is absolutely a chies. speaking on cnn he used prison as an example, saying quote, a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight and when they come out they're gay. that comment came less than 24 hours after carson announced an exploratory committee for a possible presidential run. new at 6:00 hilary rodham
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clinton is now under subpoena to release more of her personal e-mails. the special house committee investigating the attacks on the u.s. mission in benghazi, libya, in 2012 just issued those subpoenas for e-mails related to that attack. the "new york times" was first to report that clinton used her private e-mail account exclusively while she was working as secretary of state rather than using her government account, raising questions about transparency. there is mixed reaction tonight to a decision by the justice department not to charge the police officer in ferguson missouri, who killed michael brown. officials said there is not enough evidence to prove that officer darren wilson violated federal civil rights laws. however, a separate scathing report found ferguson's police department and its court system did violate citizens' civil rights. among the findings were that african-americans were disproportionately subjected to
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excessive police force and baseless traffic stops. also, they often received a number of tickets designed to raise city revenue. >> it's not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of ferguson like a powder keg. >> michael brown's parents released a statement about officer wilson being cleared. it reads in part, while we are saddened by this decision we are encouraged that the department of justice will hold the ferguson police department accountable for the pattern of racial bias and profiling that they found in their handling of interactions with people of color. tonight jurors in boston are processing a day of emotional testimony from survivors of the marathon bombings nearly two years ago. dzhokhar tsarnaev is facing 30 counts in the blast that killed three people and injured hundreds. nbc's chris pallone is live in boston with details from day one of this trial.
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chris? >> reporter: doreen, after day one, it appears that dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense team is less concerned of getting him acquitted against those 30 charges and more concerned with keeping him from being put to death. "it was him." that statement not from prosecutors but from dzhokhar tsarnaev's defense attorney in the defense's opening statement. judy clark admitted her client's role in the april 2013 bombing that killed three people and injured more than 250 near the marathon's finish line. many analysts expected the defense to focus efforts on keeping tsarnaev from being put to death if the jury were to convict him but not to plainly admit his role in the bombings. clark asked jurors to keep an open mind implicating dzhokhar's older brother tamerlan tsarnaev as the mastermind. the defense's opening only lasted 20 minutes. prosecutors took nearly an hour painting a vivid picture of the day of the bombings. william winerob said tsarnaev
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carried a backpack to the finish line, in it a bomb that's preferred by terrorists because it's designed to shred flesh. during the proceeding, tsarnaev sat quietly, sometimes slouching, wearing a blue blazer and striped shirt. not only were his family members in the courtroom but many bombing victims and their security is tight outside the federal courthouse with boats patrolling bass ton harbor and bomb sniffing dogs checking passing traffic. prosecution witnesses continue testimony thursday. and prosecutors were able to question a handful of witnesses most of them victims in the boston marathon bombing, this afternoon. five in a row took the stand without being cross-examined by the defense. live if boston chris pallone. back to you. >> chris, thank you. doug is back now with more about this nasty weather headed our way. and i should say we just heard from the d.c. taxi commission, emergency fares will go into effect tomorrow morning.
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i think that means 15 extra bucks for every taxi ride. stay home if you can and off the road. >> they do that because we're expecting shovelable snow. >> you mentioned 7:00 a.m. i think the roads will be okay through 6:00, even in the city. around 7:00 is when the snow will really come down, when thell be cold enough and that's when we start to see the snow sticking. so you may not wake up to terrible roads, but they're going to get there quickly tomorrow morning. right now it is anything but nice t. is a mess across our region. we've got rain and we've got fog. viz nltsibility right now at the airport down to a mile and a half, 46 degrees with the rain falling, temperatures on the mild side today. that warm air on our snow cover on top of the snow cover, does lead to the fog. 52 in fredericksburg but 39 up toward frederick 47 in martinsburg, these temperatures will cool overnight. look at the fog. vizsibility now near zero in frederick. 0.3 mile in gaithersburg, 0.5 in
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leesburg and manassas. give yourself zraextra time. we can't forget what's happening right now with the rain across our area. heavier rain back toward frederick county, virginia, in toward clark county, right out route 50 and lute 7 and fairfax county, up there toward the city of frederick. all of this seeing some of that moderate to heavy rain, including i-81 and up along 270 and 70. this is all part of a very large system. notice the moisture goes from just south of boston all the way over towards dallas. you can clearly see the warm air on the south side, the cold air on the north side. that whole system will sag down. winter storm warnings from parts of texas all the way through the mid-atlantic region towards new york city. for us, everybody in our viewing area now under a winter storm warning. future weather shows the showers across the area with heavier rain to the north. the rain really starts to pick up a 10:00, 11:00 12:00, 1:00 a.m. but notice the snow line. here it comes. hagerstown, martinsburg you'll
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see the snow first. you'll have problems first thing. d.c., we see the changeover around 5:00, 6:00. that's why i think the roads might not be too bad, but don't let that fool you. the snow comes in quickly, gets heavy at times, all the way to the south. notice frederick, hahagerstown, marlt nz heart nzburg, the next wave move through and we get more snow in the area. this is why i've taken snow totals down. show you those in a second. by 6:30, just about out of the area. here rt snow totals 4 to 8 inches winchester d.c., warrenton. up to the north, 2 to 4, maybe back towards martinsburg, around the 4 inch mark. frederick around the 4 to 5 inch mark. more along the kamountains. 4 to 8 is just about everybody down to the south, well south, about 2 to 4 inches down toward portions of the northern neck and extreme southern maryland.
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high temperature tomorrow 30 27 on friday. we could see more delays friday morgue. 40 on saturday, 44 on sunday. a better weekend. then all i can describe as a heat wave, 50 monday, 56 on tuesday, 59 on wednesday. >> aren't we glad? thank you, doug. and some breaking news. our very first school closing announcement announcements. spotsylvania county in pennsylvania, no school tomorrow. we'll pass on more announcements as they come in. also coming up clock ticking to fix a massive sinkhole caused by a water main break. trying to get it down before the snow
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we warned you this was coming, and, as of today, it will cost you more to drive on the dulles greenway. the road runs between dulles airport and leesburg. rates are going up by 10 cents. now you'll pay fore$4.30 during nonpeak hours, $5.20 during the morning and afternoon rush. the greenway is one of the most expensive drives in our region. want to know how it compares to other toll roads? we've put together a list for you. go to when you get there search "toll road". the approaching snow has virginia state police warning people to stay alert and move over. tonight, we're hearing from two
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troopers who were hit in recent weeks. they shared their stories with our david culver. >> my lower back is a little hurt, sore. it stiffens up on me now and then, but i'm getting better. >> reporter: just two weeks after getting hit, trooper michael mcsellers is making progress. >> february 17th was my crash. >> reporter: take me back to that day. what was it like? >> it was snowy the ground was wet, couple inches of snow. >> reporter: similar to what's expected tomorrow. mcsellers tells me a pickup truck veered off the highway. >> within a matter of seconds i remember getting hit. i remember hearing a loud explosion. i remember getting pushed. >> reporter: mcsellers says his cruiser looked just like this, except these belong to two other troopers hit within the same week. all by suspected violators of the move over law. >> i'm feeling better than i have any right to be feeling right now. >> reporter: this is trooper michael campbell's first time seeing his wrecked police car since last week's crash. the impact knocked him into the
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interstate. they were pulled over on a rest area, cars going 15 to 20 miles an hour. you can see plenty of police to let them know we're on the side of the road. imagine you're on the interstate, cars going 65 70 75 miles per hour. well that's the real-life scenario these troopers deal with. >> when you're driving 70 miles an hour in a car, it don't feel like you're going that fast. but when somebody is passing you going that fast, you feel it. >> reporter: these troopers warn slow down or change lanes. >> if the weather is bad, and you don't need to be out, don't be out! >> reporter: david culver, news4. >> announcer: next, an officer dragged down the street, trapped in the window of a car. why a driver took off after a routine traffic stop in a virginia neighborhood. and see this first female drill commander leaving her mark in history. plus, what virginia is doing about its low salt supply the night before a storm,
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spotsylvania. storm team 4 is tracking the winter storm moving into our area overnight. it starting with rain and then snow all day tomorrow. we talk about the challenge for road crews and for local schools tomorrow. but first doug and veronica, there's a whole lot of changes that this is going to go through during the course of the day. >> there really is. you just saw that shot there the beltway. already it's bumper to bumper. that's just because of the rain
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across the area. wait until we get to tomorrow. rain tonight and snow tomorrow. >> maybe even at the beginning some sleet mixed in. so it will be a while before the snow starts sticking to area roads. >> here's the rain now. storm team radar showing the rain across our region, very low visibility, fog also a major issue. visibility near zero in places just to the west of d.c. but heavier rain toward winchester and making its way toward leesburg. here's the whole picture rain to the south, snow to the north. this snow is going to come in two separate waves tomorrow morning. you may see a little break and then the snow moves back in during the day tomorrow. so a winter storm warning in effect late tonight in through the day tomorrow. this is what i'm talking about. notice right around 5:45, still seeing that little mixture around d.c. rain to the south but snow to the north. where you live depends on what you'll wake up to early tomorrow morning. >> that transition time between 2:00 and 5:00 a.m. but probably getting some sleet at the very
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beginning, which means it will take a while for the snow to start sticking to area roads. 4:00 a.m. hagerstown, cumberland, petersburg where it will start sticking to area roads. by 7:00 a.m., leesburg gaithersburg, 270, frederick, front royal. by the time we get to 10:00 in and around d.c. will start to see the snow stick to roads. same thing out in 66 headed west through fauquier county, prince will yomiam county. we will see widespread snow-covered roads. >> once it sticks in the area, we'll see very heavy snowfall rates during the day tomorrow too. heads-up for that. we'll continue to give you the latest updated snowfall totals coming up in the next 15 minutes. virginia's supply of road salt is running low, and now it's being trucked in from other places. but that's not the only problem facing road crews. we continue our team coverage now, transportation reporter
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adam tuss is in tysons corner. adam? >> reporter: yeah, jim, the rain that's out here right now, that's going to be the biggest challenge, a bit of a steady rain falling in tysons corner. that means you can't pretreat the roads because it will all just wash away. that means we need to use a lot of sand at first with this storm and already weary crews have a tough challenge. getting ready for what's coming next. you might not think of this as fighting the snow but maintaining the trucks just as important as plowing. are people tired at this point? all just tired and ready to be done? >> it's really tough on our crews. these 12-hour shifts over and over and over, and we expect this one to last. we've got tonight. we've got tomorrow. then we've got several days of very, very cold temperatures that we're going to have to focus on as well. >> reporter: now one of the main issues with this storm vdot is down to about 20% of its salt supply. a lot of road crews around our region have used plenty of salt this winter.
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so what's happening is salt is being shipped from other areas, places like richmond and fredericksburg. for some drivers, it's already been a winter to forget. >> i actually was involved in a collision early on. one of the first snowfalls. >> reporter: of this year. >> yeah. >> reporter: this man drives a big suv as a car service. he says the snow means big bucks for him normally. >> it's surprising. i love it. >> reporter: tomorrow means a big day for you probably. >> yes. very big day. >> reporter: a big day coming, whether we like it or not. and back here now live along the beltway, as you see everybody trying to make their way home tonight, vdot is already shipping in the extra salt, and the crews ask you to stay off the roads tomorrow and give them an opportunity to do their jobs. reporting live in tysons, adam tuss news4. d.c. delegate eleanor holmes normality
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norton wants kids to be able to have access to one of the best snowing hills in the entire dmv. that's the one down at the capitol. every time it snows, bunches of folks go down there, try to get a run or two in. then here come the capitol police breaking it up, telling them they've got to go home. eleanor holmes norton wants them to stop that. let the kids sled at least this one last time for what may be the last good snow of the season. we're learning new details about a man who police say led them on a lunchtime chase in the middle of a normally quiet arlington neighborhood. he's in custody tonight facing a number of charges including assault on an officer. news4's pat collins has the story. >> reporter: police out tonight looking for a pellet gun that a suspect said he tossed from a car as he was leading the cops on a bizarre chase through this quiet barton street neighborhood. it took some time but police finally got their man. and they searched him head to
6:36 pm
toe right there on the spot. now, it all began when an officer pulled over this chrysler car for running a red light. it didn't go well. >> when the officer approached the vehicle and made contact with the suspect, the suspect appeared to be a little squirmish, something wasn't right. the officer was leaning inside the vehicle. suspect floor it's. >> reporter: he drives through the neighborhood, up one street down another. the cops are closing in. at one point, the tires on the passenger's side of the chrysler car go flat. he comes to a crashing halt right here in this crosswalk. he gets out and continues his escape on foot. finally, they get the suspect cornered and cuffed and in that chrysler car they find a gun. a real gun. the suspect has been identified by police as 22-year-old dreern iriks. he's charged with felony eluding, assault on a police officer carrying a concealed
6:37 pm
weapon, reckless driving and drive ong a suspended license. he's being held without bond. in arlington, pat collins, news foush. winter wernt starting to have a big impact on school calendars. several school districts already overbudget on snow days. what they're doing now to keep from cutting into summer vacations. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. a u.s. ambassador has been attacked with a razor.
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i'm wendy rieger at the live desk. the u.s. ambassador to south korea was attacked on his way to give a lecture in seoul. he was cut with a razor knife on his face. south korean media showed a picture of him bleeding from the
6:40 pm
head. somebody was arrested for the attack. his injuries were nonlife threatening. a busted water main that created a massive sinkhole in northeast d.c. yesterday has been fixed. the repairs shut down part of 13th place near parody place much of the day. all those who lost water service should find their taps running once again. coming up and new at 6:00, making history in the military. news4's angie goff introduces us to a u.s. army officer leading a unit that's only ever been led by men. some schools already canceling tomorrow. we'll tell you how it's affecting spring break, summer break and all the days in be
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there's another school closing reported in. prince william county schools will be closed tomorrow. we've got mark segraves ready to tell us what school districts are doing about all days. and doug is here with another update on the forecast. all coming up in about three minutes. in the military women have not only fought for their country but also for their right to do jobs traditionally held by men. tonight news4's angie goff shows us a military police officer making history by taking charge of one of the most prestigious units in the army. >> reporter: precision. strength. perfection. it's been the legacy of the united states army drill team for decades. a team where the marchers march alike, drill alike and to some
6:44 pm
degree even look alike. but now a turn in tradition and at the center of it all, first lieutenant lauren glover. >> it's really exciting and humbling. just trying to do our jobs the best of our ability. >> reporter: do you get nervous? >> a little bit. >> reporter: nerves because maybe she's doing something that's never been done before. click by click, she is changing the course of a team's 62-year history by becoming the first female officer to command it. >> i think it just, you know, reinforces that we can do anything. when people are told they can do anything, they kind of believe it. but when you have examples of it, it becomes a truer reality. >> reporter: when lieutenant glover joined the military in 2011, she had no idea that a team like this existed. she saw them perform for the first time last year, and she was sold. she said this was something she had to be a part of. but she questioned the chances. you didn't think it was a possibility. why? >> well, from what i nd about the drill team, the past commanders were captains and
6:45 pm
males and it was an infantry platoon. >> reporter: she knew the past pushed any way and got the chance. an opportunity that would also make her the first woman to lead a combat arms platoon. >> the biggest challenge for me was overcoming the anxiousness of coming into a new situation and not knowing how i would be received by the men of the platoon. but the guys have been great. >> reporter: as commander now, she's already led her team of 19 men before dignitaries medal of honor recipients and schools across the country. it was during an nfl halftime show things got real. >> when they announced my name, the stadium roared. that was really exciting. it kind of takes your breath away that people are so happy for you. not everybody is proud, you know. they're not happy that i'm a female in this position. so i'm here to show them that i can do it. >> reporter: a sense of pride and resilience she got from her mom laura who also was in the military for 28 years. now her turn to walk the walk,
6:46 pm
only looking back to see who follows. >> it may be tough. you might be scared. you might be the first one. but don't limit yourself. do the best you can. >> reporter: angie goff news4. >> wow. before becoming commander, lieutenant glover was a key part of twilight tattoo the live-action military pageant will happen weekly starting april 29th a chance for you to see glover and her team perform. >> and worth it. that is so incredibly impressive what they do. >> it is. we're gohaving snow headed our way. a lot of parents waiting to hear if their children's schools are closed. prince william and fauquier and spotsylvania is closed already. what if the schools are past their allotted snow day for the year? mark segraves with what the districts plan to do about that. >> reporter: jim some students
6:47 pm
in our area have already missed as many as ten days of classes because of the snow. others as few as just one day. but those numbers have a lot of school districts in our area making plans on how to make up the missed classes. >> we want our parents and students to plan on the school year being extended at the end. >> reporter: that's right. montgomery county schools have already gone over their allotted snow days. and right now the plan is to make up that day and any more days at the end of the school year. taking a bite out of your kids' summer vacation. >> i do not think that will impact them. they will not go longer in nont gomry county. they haven't. they never have. they forgive the day. >> reporter: well, many schools did get waivers last year and didn't have to make up their snow days. that's far from a sure bet this year. so far, seven school districts in our area have gone over their allotted snow days. in maryland, charles, frederick,
6:48 pm
howard montgomery and prince george's counties. and in virginia arlington middle and elementary schools and fauquier county. >> the reason for the 89 -- >> reporter: while the project of a longer school year is disappointing to many students, most parents understand. >> yeah, that drives me crazy too. it does. but you know, i rather to be safe than sorry. >> reporter: some districts still have days to give. d.c., fairfax and loudoun are in good shape. the others will have to make them up like montgomery county has planned to add one day to the end of the year, frederick county will be in school on april 1st. we have a complete breakdown of every school many our area by searching the nbc washington app. in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> and that spooky looking forest scene behind him is the front yard of channel 4. >> that's nice. >> that's what we have right outside the door. spooky looking. that's the fog, and that fog
6:49 pm
is from the warmer temperatures we've seen with the snow-covered ground. the two mix, and there you go. you have fog. it's zroe aes's zero viz nlt. >> the next 24 are going to be a tough 24 hours for most of us. and get ready. stay indoors tomorrow we expect more school closings making our way through the night. you can see the fog from the tower cam looking northwest. lots of fog with 48 degrees rain at 45 by 7:00, 42 by 9:00, dropping to 38. by rain rain rain. and again, that fog will continue to be prevalent through the evenings. fog year zero in frederick, zero in loudoun and dulles. please give yourself extra time on the roads, not just because of the fog but the rain. heavier rain back to the west, still seeing some of the heavier showers now in and around montgomery and frederick count eighties. we're all waiting on the snow. look where the snow is. just started snowing in pittsburgh, cincinnati, the cold air is trying to filter on down. so this rain we have out there right now will change to snow. that's where we have the winter
6:50 pm
storm warnings in effect. once again, they're for everybody in our region. what are we going to see? let's take you through future wench. showers and rain across the area as we make our way through 9:00. same deal around . but notice that changeover starting to happen, martinsburg, hagers town, rain to the south. tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m., the roads around d.c. may be fine, maybe in fairfax, prince george's county. toward the south you'll say no school? the roads are okay. they will not stay that way. by 9:00, 10:00, everybody is seeing snow, and it will come down heavily at times. there may be a break in the action to the north and west. this is why we've lowered totals. but watch it does build back in as the next wave comes in. you won't be done just yet. we do expect heavier snow to continue through the middle part of the afternoon. 4 to 8 inches for most of us. this is a pretty big swath here winchester to frederick fredericksburg fredericksburg 2 to 4. to the extreme north and west and south and east. most of us are in the 4 to 8
6:51 pm
inches. high impact tomorrow, 30 degrees only 27 on friday we could see more delays. 40 on saturday, 44 on sunday. the weekend not bad. guys, most of next week looking pretty good. >> thank goodness. >> thank you doug. we've got sports coming up. the wizards have gone viral. plus for all the wrong reasons. oh, my goodness.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
. >> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. i know a few people who are just saying, what happened? i mean, these guys just -- they started off gangbusters. >> well the wizards haven't beaten gr team nen good teams all season long. it's catching up with them. >> in the beginning they were whipping up on people. >> the top three in the eastern conference, oathnly one win all season. >> it seemed like they were doing so well. >> we don't know what we're talking about. >> here we go. the struggles for the wizards continue after another loss in chicago. randy wittman's group had a chance to take the series against the bulls. instead, the wiz kids left the windy city with morrow questions than answers. just one victory for the wizards
6:55 pm
in of the last three weeks. if there's a play that signifies what this team is going through lately thshgsis is it. porter letting his man run across the court for an open three. he misses but chicago did get an easy rebound. watch it again. porter kind of in no-man's-land. he had to be yelled at to help out. he does. how about that, a series of mental lapses. both the head coach and the players say this is just one of the problems and one ever the reasons why they haven't been winning as of late. >> we just ha mentality. we have to get back to playing the way we did early in the year. we're taigking a lot of shortcuts, taking the easy way out instead of working and dog everything we need to do to win. >> that's kind of basically what it boils down to. i wish it was strategy. we just take too many plays off. and in the three-point game as last night was coming down the
6:56 pm
stretch, it's magnified. these are happy times for head coach. there she is, the maryland women's basketball team how about the season they're having. this video of them celebrating the perfect 18-0 record in big ten play this year, that earned them the number one seed in the big ten tournament which begins today. the terps have a double bye which means they don't play until saturday. the ladies know though, they have a target on their backs. >> when you go into this time of tournament time, it's 0-0. nobody's record matters it's a clean slate. for me we have to play even better, just like all the teams coming after us are going to give us their best. >> we're really excited to just play. this is the month we've been
6:57 pm
waiting on. all of the hard work, it's just showing this month. >> maryland just the third team in big ten history to finish conference play with an unbeaten record. let's move on to baseball. first spring training game for the nationals tomorrow in vieira, florida. for those of you who baseball is a slow sport and too boring, it drags open and on and on that's about to change due to a few rule changes. the average baseball game a little over three hours long. major league baseball wants to speed that up. each spring training park has a clock in center field that counts down the time between innings. hitters also not allowed to completely step out of the batter's box this year unless certain situations call for it. talked talked to a lot of the nationals mraishs at spring training. they're not happy about the new rules. we'll see how they're imt implemented this season. >> i think it's a great new rule. i know some others traditionally that love it the way it is. >> fairfax county schools are going to be
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on this wednesday night, stunning admission as the marathon bombing trial gets underway in boston. what the defense told the jury that just about no one saw coming. pattern of bias in the wake of the uproar in ferguson. the feds now releasing in shocking detail how police treated people there for years. death spiral, that's what could happen to obamacare. tonight, a warning at the supreme court with health care coverage for millions the balance. nbc news exclusive, iran hitting back at israel's allegations about the bomb. and is it the last blast of winter? a monster storm taking aim. snow and flood emergencies across a huge part of the country. "nigew from nbc news world


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