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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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lord have mercy, here we go again. this is what it looks like right now in lexington, kentucky. folks, that is what is coming our way. good evening. >> we have a long list of school
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cancellations already. here are some of the big ones. d.c. prince george's, anne arundel, fairfax, arlington counties all planning to close tomorrow. so are loudoun, prince william. let's go straight to storm team 4 as doug kammerer can tell us when this snow is going to turn into rain. doug? >> we're still in the 40s across the region. 46 at the airport. the rain is coming down fairly heavily at times but you can see just up to the hagerstown area heavier rain is filtering in across the region. you can see where the rain/snow line is. you know what's happening in pennsylvania coming very close to the maryland border here. we are starting to see the
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changeover. that's why we have the winter storm warning in effect. it goes through tonight and on into thursday. the snow is going to move in here early tomorrow morning, between 2:00 a.m. well to the west and around 5:00 a.m. metro area. snow for the morning rush especially after 6:00. in d.c. the roads are not going to be quite so bad until 7:00 8:00. so don't have a false sense, you get out there, the roads are okay around 6:00 they are going to get very bad very quickly. i have an updated snow total map and, yes, some totals have gone up. >> salt trucks are out across the region and people spent the evening getting ready for the possibility of being trapped inside for tomorrow. shomari stone is live. >> reporter: we are near the
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beltway and i must say, a lot of folks are heading to different grocery stores and hardware stores. a lot of things are selling out tonight. folks are getting ready storm. >> you get ice belt. >> reporter: bob is out of luck. home depot sold out in bethesda. >> there's no ice melt here. >> well we'll have to look someplace else. >> reporter: tonight, several hardware stores are sold out. the night before the d.c. area could be in for the worst winter storm of the season possibly 4 to 8 inches. >> reporter: people rushed to grocery stores. their concern is about school closing and closed roads. >> i hope i don't have to go in. >> reporter: safeway in greenbelt is busy. >> we go into high gear because we know people are going to be stocking up for lots of items, particularly if they have kids expect them to be home from
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school. today is a wednesday. >> march 4th. but for bob, it feels like christmastime. >> it's about time for spring. >> reporter: indeed. i am ready for spring and summer quite frankly, i'm tired of the snow that's expected to come tomorrow. it's worth mentioning i'm curious to know how much snow will be on the ground when i wake up tomorrow morning. shomari stone news4. rail stations will open at 5:00 a.m. but expect delays. also metro access has been suspended for tomorrow. buses will operate on a moderate snow plan tomorrow. that means some routes will not be in service. you can expect delays on amtrack as well. there will be limited train service along the northeast corridor tomorrow.
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and if you plan to fly, expect big headaches there. nationwide 2300 flights have been canceled today. more are expected tomorrow. just about over 200 flights in d.c. are canceled. most of them at national airport. and a snow emergency goes into effect at 7:00 a.m. if your car is parked along an emergency route, you need to move it for risk of a big fine. tickets can cost up to $250 and that doesn't include the towing fees. and be sure to wake up early with news4 "today in the morning for the latest snowfall and road conditions and cancellations. tonight, an ex-prison guard has been charged with attempted
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murder. hong young fired the same gun in five different locations. the most recent case came last night at a national security agency building. chris lawrence learned more about young's background. >> reporter: we're learning a lot more about the man in custody, including the arsenal that police say he had here at his home. >> reporter: prince george's county police went in with a search warrant and came away with ten guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo. the hall reminded them of a similar deadlier case. >> most of us here were probably in some way shape or form of the events 15 years ago, give or take with the d.c. sniper case. >> reporter: hong young legally owned all of those guns. his wife divorced him and moved but there was no clear motive
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for what happened. ballistics matched young to four shootings. he started at anne arundel mall and then finally on tuesday on the intercounty connector outside of the nsa. >> we worked all night to link these cases together forensically. >> reporter: these shootings were spread out across multiple counties but young used a handgun, not a rifle, and no one died. he's been charged with attempted murder. federal officials tell nbc's pete williams that young has no ties to terrorism but he does mental health issues. in if beltsville chris lawrence, news4. police are concerned tonight that a woodbridge teenager may have tried to recruit teenagers to join isis. the osborne park teen's name has
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not been released and he's being held at an unknown location. the teenager that traveled to syria is facing an indictment but it's unclear where he is. the u.s. ambassador to seoul, mark lippert, was attacked sliced with a razor near his face but the injury was not life threatening. president obama called him to check on him and his family. the unidentified suspect was immediately arrested by the police. new at 11:00, a maryland restaurant owner accused of videotaping women in a bathroom is taking an extended leave of absence. he planted a camera at rams head tavern bathrooms. a lawsuit was filed against him earlier this week. he will focus on his family and
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the legal road ahead. that's according to a statement from his father. it was him. those startling words today from the defense attorney representing boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. his attorney admitted the guilt during opening statements in the trial. legal experts say his defense team is not trying to get him acquitted. rather they are trying to save him from the death penalty. so far, they are pointing blame at his older brother tamerlan as the mastermind of the blast that killed three people and injured more than 250 others. during the first day of the trial, a surveillance video from the sports store at the blast site was played in court. you can see the store owner rush to the door to see what happened. he and fellow employees started bringing the injured inside. he was the first to take the stand in the trial. taking a look at our storm as we make our way through early
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tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. snow to the north and west and rain to the south and east and a mix in between. i'll update you on what to expect in your area and a revised snow total map coming up in a few minutes. also tonight, new developments in ferguson, missouri. a police officer was fired as the city responds to a scathing report from the justice department. and the move to allow sledding on capit
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developing tonight, a ferguson missouri police officer has been fired and two others suspended after the u.s.
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department of justice uncovered racist e-mails. this comes after a probe found racial bias within the department. >> reporter: the probe by the justice department lies out a pattern of repeated violations of citizens' rights. >> this investigation found a community that was deeply polarized. >> reporter: african-american residents who comprised 67% of the population were subjected to 83% of arrests during a two-year period. when police used force, 88% of the time the subject was african-american. >> it's not unthinkable how this set off the city of ferguson. >> reporter: the report alleges that the court focused on revenue over public safety and violated due process and equal protection requirements. police were encouraged to aggressively enforce city code.
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>> today's report allows the city of ferguson to identify the problems not only in our police department but in the entire st. louis region. >> reporter: the report was one of two released by the department and the other focused on the decision not to charge police officer darren wilson for michael did not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of officer wilson. >> reporter: his parents released a statement saying "we are encouraged that the department of justice will hold the ferguson police department accountable when handling people of color." hope for change for the family of the michael brown and so many others. there is something new at the d.c. jail. it is a library for the inmates. only news4 cameras were inside when the city unveiled it today.
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the hope is that they will be able to get their ged the the library will cost the city about $290,000 a year. the inmates were not be permitted to gather near the shelves. instead, a librarian will shuttle the books throughout the jail by cart. >> we do not give any books that would encourage or make something like drug use or violence popular or seem like a great way of life. we do have some restrictions but by and large we can buy the same sorts of materials that 95% of our public wants. >> there are about 1100 inmates in the d.c. jail now. any hopes of sledding during tomorrow's winter storm on capitol hill has been dashed by the police. there was an effort to allow sledding on the hills around the capitol buildings. they asked for a one-time waiver
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to lift the ban through sunday but a statement was issued saying no to the request. safety concerns. every time it snows, people flock to the capitol for sledding before capitol police break it up and tomorrow will probably be no different. >> it's a great hill. >> yeah. it's a shame not to let people take advantage of it. >> it is a shame. >> it's going to be snowing pretty good tomorrow from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. it's going to come down at a pretty good clip in and around the district. let's show you how things are right now. what a difference it is from a couple of hours ago. we had that very dense fog, even a dense fog advisory. fog or visibility is up to 3 miles. 45 degrees with some rain and look at the numbers around the region. we're still at 50 in fredericksburg 39 in hagerstown. the colder air is trying to
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filter in. we're seeing rain across our region from winchester leesburg frederick, washington down through waldorf. notice the switchover here along the mason-dixon line up close to hagerstown. some reports of snow there, would not be surprised to see sleet and snow around the martinsburg area too. you can see up towards the north, the poconos, right down through west virginia and back towards the west where the snow is coming down an inch per hour right now in portions of kentucky ohio and west virginia. that's why everybody in the penk is under a winter storm warning, including our entire area right on through the day tomorrow. it includes everybody and any time we have a winter storm warning we could get over 4, 5, 6 inches of snow. now, future weather, rain right around the 11:00 hour. by 3:00 a.m. still all rain around the d.c. area and areas to the south.
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notice where the snow is. winchester martinsburg, hagerstown sleet mixing in to the north but by about 6:00 everyone north and west of d.c. is swechitched over to know. 6:00 a.m. we have a mixture of rain sleet and snow. the roads are going to be a-okay early tomorrow morning. do not get fooled by that. by 8:00 watch what happens here. by 9:45 everybody is seeing the snow and by 8:00 i do expect to see those roads starting to get covered in and around the d.c. metro area. it will come very quick and we'll start to see the snowfall rates pick up very quickly as well. there's 9:45. how about around 3:00. still seeing that snow mostly down to the south now as it ends up to the north and by 6:30 it's just about out of here. who gets what? yes, we've changed this a little bit. we had a wide 4 to 8 for everybody and feeling more confident of 6 to 8 back towards
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the west. hagerstown is on the lower end. over towards the leesburg area martinsburg, gaithersburg woodbridge and then 2 to 4 down to the south. i think there may be an extended period of sleet that could lower totals. heads up down there. your snow impact road conditions deteriorate. slick spots early. i almost didn't want to put that word in there at all. cancellations, we'll see those and the roads get treacherous later on in the evening hours. here's the next couple of days and you'll notice temperatures of 27 on friday morning. could see more delays on friday morning. saturday and sundays, highs in the low 40s. not a bad weekend. spring forward on saturday. and then the 50s come and it looks like they want to stay. >> they get what?
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>> they get bad. >> and this is going to be heavier snow than the fluffy stuff we had last time? >> it will for sure be heavier and wetter and then lighter as the day goes on. nationals not thinking about snow. of course not. i'll tell you what they are worried about as they prepare for your first spring training. >> hi guys, help a new form of innovation is taking shape, bringing media and technology together for more people. together is more wi-fi access in more places. it's a home you control with the touch of a finger. it's reimaging tv to give more people more choices.
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so we're talking snow and jason is talking -- >> baseball. spring training. >> trying to take you away from the bad weather for a while. >> okay. >> the nationals' first training will take place tomorrow. max scherzer will start on the round. also jason worth will not play. however, he did swing a bat for the first time since undergoing shoulder surgery back on january 9th. one thing the nats will have to get used to starting tomorrow the new basement to speed up the breaks between innings. they will last 2:25 unless it's a nationally televised game it will last 2:45. the hitters will automatically be hit to first base. unless it's a foul ball or wild pitch, batter also have to keep one foot in the batters box. some of the national players i
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spoke with are not thrilled about these new changes. >> i'm not a fan of it. i like to take my time and make sure i have a prepitch routine that i go through. but i'm going to have to learn quick in a hurry to keep my foot in the box and speed it up a little bit. >> it's not just standing out there to be on tv longer. if that were the case yeah i'd say get rid of it. i'm not totally against shorting the pace of player or whatever but there are certain intracracies that it will be hard to take away. >> cool video here. two first overall draft picks, steven strassberg throwing to brice harper. it's the first time these two have ever faced each other. they have been in spring training for two weeks and position players, just one. i want to give you an idea -- harper said, i'm thankful he's on my team.
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i think we know who won that battle. first pitch tomorrow against the mets starts at 5:00 p.m. max scherzer will get the start. let's move on to college basketball. a win tonight would make both teams feel a lot better going into the atlantic tournament. pick this one up in the first half we are tied at 25. that is trey porter doing the alley-oop. and then for three. he nails it. that would start a 15-4 colonials run. later, for the bucket.
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to rfk stadium, d.c. united. 36 minute no score in this game. gets that one past. the home crowd is loving it. let's move on to the 55th men now. i don't know if you can do that. it's a lot of water on the field. united with a 2-1 victory tonight. a lot of rain. the head coach was ejected. >> cold and wet, isn't it? >> just call the game. >> it looks actually fun. >> nah. get sick.
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another video gone viral. researchers tried to use a gopro cam to study an octopus but the octopus had other ideas. it grabbed the gopro and turned it on the researcher himself. they then posted the photos and video online because that's what pretty much everybody does these days. >> that is pretty cool. >> i'll be posting this stuff up online too, take a look, snow to the north. this is 6:00 a.m. in the district again, roads are okay early. the snow moves in and it becomes heavy at times.
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d.c. north and west we're talking 6 to 8 inches. south and 2 to 8 farther south. wouldn't be surprised to see some totals higher
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- danny devito -- zoe kravitz --


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