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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 5, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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this is still a massive storm and road conditions are quickly getting bad as the snow picks up and the temperatures drop. good morning. you're watching "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> and i'm eun yang. you are looking live at road conditions in leesburg virginia. look at that. the snow accumulating on the roads there. right now all major school systems are closed along with the federal government. most local government agencies are also closed today. >> the area remains under a winter storm warning until 9:00 this evening. road crews in maryland virginia and d.c. have been out all night trying to keep up with the changing conditions. snow totals will begin to add up
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quickly throughout the rnoon, despite this morning's rain and sleet. >> we begin with team coverage from the storm center and meteorologist tom kieran and amelia segal. >> around pre-dawn rain and everything wet, but it quickly ramped up. heaviest snows now into the afternoon. we'll see visibility go down. continue to avoid travel through the afternoon evening. >> right now a couple batches of moderate snow now. the areas in white, we're going to get it in waves. some moderate snow for a time then it tapers off a bit to the south and west. another wave of moderate to heavy snow in west virginia into southwestern virginia into tennessee. that next wave coming in later this afternoon is what will give us an additional maybe three or four on what has already fallen on top of what's come down this morning. right now the area in white, snowing fairly hard in
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montgomery and howard counties. fairfax, southern loudoun county much ofprince william and in prince george's and anne arundel. amelia is looking at snow total. how much have we seen? >> depends when you live. more to the north, less to the south. some places have seen less than five inches other place as trace. the heaviest snow happening now through 4:00 p.m. an additional two to five inches will fall in your neighborhood for the remainder of the day and, of course snow-covered roads and reduced visibility. the road impacts for the rest of the day, avoid travel. snow will be heavy at times heading into the afternoon hours. tomorrow morning, slick spots still possible tom. i think even delays tomorrow. talking about that and also impressive temperatures tomorrow morning. >> yeah. really plummeting and already had rortsd reports of about four to five inches north and west of the metro area has fallen around
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the metro area only one 20 twoto two inches. every flake that falless stick from here on in. at or below freezing. a ap total amounts of snow four to six inches common in washington down into the northern neck of the eastern shore. farther to the north and west we actually may pick up as much as nine inches in the higher ridges maybe a little more tapering off and ends this evening. hour-by-hour timing and the cold temperatures ahead, that's coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> tom, thank you. and barbara, pretty bad when you were coming in? >> it was. seems like the winter that won't quit. doesn't it? >> for sure. >> some in montgomery county could get as much as eight inches of snow from the storm. tracking the storm from rain to sleet and now snow. >> megan mcgrath is live in gaithersburg where the snow is begins to stick to the roads. it started at rain and now is snowing hard. >> reporter: yeah it was rain for a good part of the early morning. then we had a little bit of
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sleet and then around quarter of 7:00 it turned over to snow. and you can see all of the accumulation. oh that guy's having a tough time there. we've got a lot of slush on the road here. this is montgomery village avenue here. the far left lane just within the last ten minutes, two state highway plows came through and plowed that far left lane. that improved that situation a little bit there, but you can see that already we're starting to see a fresh layer of snow. because it's really coming down. we've been out and about all morning long and the neighborhoods are absolutely snow-covered. the plows have not reached them. we've encountered plenty of people digging out, getting at the sidewalks. businesses of course trying to dig out and clear things up but not a lot of people out. we are seeing some cars but a lot of people have listened to the warnings listened to the advice and are staying home. they're going to allow those plows to get out there on the roadways and do their thing good advice. what people should be doing. we've been talking to a few
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people though who did have to go to work today. said they had no choice and saying the roads are pretty sloppy. >> we're wen i came over to maryland it got heavy. i'm coming from d.c. i work out there in d.c., and it's not so bad, but that was 45 minutes ago. >> reporter: this is crazy. i'm over the snow right now. i'm over it. >> reporter: what's your plan for today? what are you going to do? >> stay in and be warm. sit next to the tv and drink hot chocolate. >> reporter: yeah. i think she's not alone. a lot of people are over this. that's a reoccurring theme this morning as people dig out and just deal with another snow day. the kids here in montgomery county they're off. in fact the kids everywhere around the region are off. a lot of people are working from home or straight up missing work. it's inconvenient. more on that coming up in the next half hour. reporting live in gaithersburg megan mcgrath news 4. and meteorologist chuck bell is in the storm team 4, 4x4 and
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keeping an eye on roads in leesburg. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, brash. yeah a long trip here in the 4x4 this morning. my photographer joe and i got in the truck about 3:30 this morning and put almost 250 miles on the 4x4 and all the with out to west virginia back into downtown and now this is route 7 west of leesburg headed towards the town of purcellville when i was reading to schoolkids at the elementary school the other day and told them that. they would be out of school today and probably tomorrow as well. they were excited to hear that and now you can see a fresh coating of about -- [ no audio ] and we in downtown washington. so it really has made all of the difference as to where you live as to how much snow you've seen so far. we've got our pat collins snow stick, our own copy of it we'll be able to use for measuring some snow and, of course, the challenge this time snow
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mania. march snow mania. make a snowman and bonus points for putting your favorite team decor on your snowman. double bonus points if i see any oklahoma sooner stuff on any snowman pictures. your extra challenge, everybody. lots of snow coming down. bringing you more reports as "news4 midday" continues. back to you. >> extra points for turf skier, too. come on chuck. be fair here. thank you, chuck. this latest winter storm is causing thousands of flight cancellations. more than 3,200 flights are cancelled nationwide right now. in our area 253 flights are cancelled out of reagan national. 110 flights are cancelled from dulles. bwi marshall is reporting 100 cancelled flights. it you're parking your car in d.c. today, pay close attention to those street signs. there is no parking along any snow emergency route. that means you cannot park on many of the district's main roads. tickets can cost up to $250 plus
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towing and storage fees. if you're parked already and wanted to make sure you're in the clear a map of the snow routes online. head to and search emergency routes. our coverage of this late winter storm is just getting started. this is vienna where we are seeing nothing but a lot of white throughout and snow still falling. >> you can also see dramatic difference in conditions since early this morning. we have important information for you. if you have to be on the
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heavy snowfall now around our area and it's affecting the roads. this is new individual grow one of our news 4 crews of a car that lost control on fairfax county parkway. derrick ward leading coverage in fairfax county live in vienna. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well the plows are definitely coming through here now. we just sort of got sprayed pie one but that's a good thing. a small price to pay for passable roads. looking down center street down to -- you know what that is 213. 237. i'm sorry. down to 237, and the clouds have been putting their blades down now, which is definitely a good thing, but they've been out here all morning. and you want to take a look. a lot of people have been coming out. they've been finding their way out here and coming out to run different errands and a lot of people are definitely fed up with the snow. there's another plow coming
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through here now as we -- just as we speak, you can hear that. it's like i said that is definitely a welcome sound for folks here and you've got to give the city of vienna credit. they're doing a pretty good job getting streets passable and as sick as a lot of people are of the snow some people definitely do find the bright side. >> i am definitely ready for spring. but it's good because i get to go skiing this weekend. so -- that's okay for me right now. >> reporter: the powder is good here. you know it's got to be good up where she is going to be skiing. more coming up for you later, but one thing want to remember now, if fairfax county police institute add policy if you have an automobile accident and there's only damage no one injured, and the cars are moveable they ask that you handle that with the other drivers. otherwise, they won't come out, unless there's a serious injury or immovable cars. live in vienna derrick ward news 4. >> thank you, derrick. you can see a lot of snow on the road there. a check on the team 4
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traffic. >> melissa mollet here with traffic. >> one on the beltway. outer loop at branch avenue. an overturned box truck pap huge box truck on its side will be there a while. 70 west at 27 lanes blocked there. headed westbound from a crash as well. looking at cameras, germantown road in germantown. you see the roads look nas pity. 66 east of compton. a picture. enter 95 in maryland still one lane blocked from a crash about 20 minutes ago. two pictures to show why you should not drive today. one from arlington police earlier this morning and from scott mcfarland on 270 northbound near hyatts towne a little while ago. nasty. wide look at thing. slowdowns looking at the big picture. 95 southbound. slow headed through laurel and a live picture tluz leesburg. nasty, guys. stay off the roads if you possibly k. melissa, thanks. chuck asked this morning, why don't you like the snow? exactly why. bad crashes. with the snow though comes
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snowball fights. tell you about the plan for dupont circle later today. >> reporter: here on our storm team 4 weather deck, reporting two inches of wet snow here in northwest. coming up after the break, i'm going to let you know how much snow has fallen in your neighborhood and the incredible temperatures we'll
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good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. tracking snow falling points north and west areas in white and gray snow. area in pink sleet and snow in southern maryland fredericksburg and points south. snow in the west. bright areas snow coming down hard into culpeper and here in northwest washington as well getting moderate snow that continues to track off to the north and east. we'll get it coming in waves. temperatures now below freezing just about everywhere hovering around 30 degrees. four to six inches washington down to the northern neck. six to nine inches north and west into the mountains. i meel amelia segal tracking weather. >> reporter: anticipate another two to five inches heading into the afternoon hours. depends where you are.
11:18 am
reports we've gotten send tom, myself and chuck reports, by tweeting us or posting them on facebook. here are snow totals. areas of montgomery county three to four inches. the district around too. southern maryland, anywhere from a dusting to an inch. fredericksburg not reporting anything. just sleet. lore rey, three inches. moving on to temperatures. tom said most below freezing. by 2:00 p.m. everybody below freezing most part mid to upper 20s. not much change around 6:00 p.m. when the snow is winding down. but as the snow ends clouds clear and temperatures plummet. we are talking about record low temperatures tomorrow morning fop add insult to injury tom, a lot of places tomorrow will going to be in the single digits. barbara and eun, back to you. >> thanks amelia. the virginia department of transportation is working around the clock to keep roads in the state clear of snow and ice. >> virginia governor terry mccollough joins us with more on what's being done to keep people
11:19 am
safe. >> good to be with you. >> problems throughout the state? >> we're fully deployed. in northern virginia we have 3,500 pieces of equipment out now. we hit the storms early and hard. we have plenty of calcium chloride you've got to treat the roads before the storm starts which we've done. good news it's warm. pavement is warmer better for us. the federal government is off. schools are closed. so we have 9,000 pieces of equipment out throughout the commonwealth right now but 3,500, fully deployed in northern virginia. we're ready for the storm. i think obviously 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon when it will really come down and we're prepared. treated roets. talked to my secretary of transportation done all the treatments so we're ready. >> we talked to vdot yesterday and they said some areas are returning low on salt. will you be able to take care of all the area need it? >> as are this morning, still had 40% of our max capacity left. hopefully barbara, we're getting to the end of this. the state of emergency declared
11:20 am
in february on the 16th, fully deployed. every part of virginia measurable snow. very unique. and kept everybody where they. spent about $2 million an hour. $150 million in 72 hours. you spend a lot of money doing it but got to do whatever you have to do and what's that we're doing. >> speaking of money, it's been a brutal winter. i'm sure crews and resources are taxed. how is the budget doing at this point? >> good news to all virginians. our economy is doing so well just announced lowest unemployment in seven years. jobs off the charts. just announced we came up with an extra $438 million extra. good news if you're in virginia we just announced in the last 14 months $5.6 billion direct investment in virginia. not that anyone's counting double what any governor's done in theirs first 14 months. be cautious. we feel good where we are. roerds safe out there creating jobs and we just finish add great general assembly session.
11:21 am
very bipartisan. worked together. moving virginia forward. >> governor get in the question on the hillary clinton controversy. you were the chairman of her campaign. >> yep. >> what's your take on this private versus personal e-mails? personal e-mails? >> well you see the story, many of the presidential candidates have been involved in the same situation. general colin powell did the exact same thing. the law had been changed after she left office. so -- you know, listen this is going to be a long campaign. you'll see a lot of activity on both sides. i hope she runs. she hasn't made the final decision. she's absolutely making the preparations. hasn't made the final decision. i've been friends of the family since the '80s. she's strong. she's tough. she'll get the economy going, as a father of five with three daughters i think it's time for a woman president of the united states. i just think that's great for our nation. >> right. >> but we'll get into it. a long tough campaign barbara. get your seat belt on eun, we'll talk about it 16, 17 months. >> virginia governor terry mccollough. thanks for joining us. look at the snow in
11:22 am
montgomery county. you see it piling up along rockville pike. >> keeping a an eye on the roads. and darcy spencer live in prince george's county. >> how are the roads? the snow is falling where you are? >> was just going to say, we got drenched here in the county all morning long and finally it turned over to snow. a couple of hours ago, a big, beautiful, the flakes are still falling. look at this. live along route 1. we did relocate to the beltsville area you're familiar with the wawa, mcdonald's, petko. a lot of people stayed home. government offices closed schools closed bus surprisingly there's -- giving a little beep out to us. quite a bit of traffic out here on route 1 this morning. the video you're seeing now is from earlier today at route 1 and conte road over in the laurel area. again, it was mostly rain for
11:23 am
much of the morkning and the snow began to fall and started to accumulate. a tub hundred trucks are out getting roads ready. talked to one woman who actually had to go to work. unfortunately has a rear-wheel drive. >> this camaro does not drive good in the snow at all. >> reporter: just finding that out this morning? >> no. when it snowed bad two weeks ago i was fishtailing the whole ride home. >> reporter: what brings you out this morning? >> i have to go to work. the post office does not stop delivering. >> reporter: right. snow rain sleet. >> right. got to get the mail out. >> reporter: shout-out to post 7 workers, working get the mail out to everybody. if you can stay home urging you to stay home so the road crews did get the roads plowed and salted this morning. darcy spencer, news 4. >> all right, stay warm out there. right now amtrak is running on reduced service due to the weather. trains between d.c. and new york
11:24 am
less frequent. that includes a-of-acela trains. if you have a reservation, amtrak said it will contact you about the changes. all mark and vre services cancelled due to the government closed. stay with us for updates on tomorrow's service plans for marc mvra train. a snow day for most of you a chance to have fun. >> that's right. >> reporter: another snow stick challenge. another chance to win an official pat collins snow stick, but you're going to have to work for this one. i'm pat collins. the story coming up. news 4. >> can't wait. and be sure to send your pictures to isee isee a look at some of the pictures already coming in this morning. keep them coming and thanks for sending them.
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today you can cake tart in a snowball fight in the district. look at this video from last year. the event started five years ago and organizers say it's growing each year. a prize for the best dressed snowballer that happens tonight at 5:30 at dupont circle. and you've been waiting for it since, of course the first snowflake fell. well the pat collins snow stick challenge is here now. >> live from connecticut avenue in northwest. pat, this is the only thing that i like about snowstorms is your snow stick challenge. see what is it this time, pat? >> reporter: well, it's an interesting challenge this time. you're going to have to work for
11:28 am
this one, eun. you know did you wake up this morning, were you a debbie downer? did you look out the window around 6:00 or 7:00 and say, i don't see no stinkin' snow! what are you saying now? do i have a measurement for you. now, we're going over to some untouched snow, and -- at about 11:30, we have here -- we have -- about 1 3/4 inches but there's a lot more to come. that means another snow stick challenge and we're calling th the march snow mania. we want you to build a snowman. that's right. build a snowman. we're looking for the best -- oh excuse me -- we're looking for the best snowman maker in the whole washington area. build your snowman. take a picture of it. send that picture, tweet it to @patssnowstick. the best snowman gets an official pat collins snow stick. we're looking for the best
11:29 am
snowmaker. if you build it -- we will come and we'll bring a snow stick with us. more details coming up later. barbara and eun, back to you. >> all right. wow. sounds like a good one, huh? >> that's going to be fun. patty, making us work and the snow stick is a hot commodity. good news this is the snow that will stick. >> exactly. because it's wet. make those big snowballs, we want to see your snowmen. deal wiging with snow moment of the men. they could be snow ladies. >> sure. snowpeople. >> snowwomen. tom is back with more on the timing and who's getting hit the hardest right now. plus the snow is starting to pile up. we'll check out conditions across our area from our team of reporters already seeing a bunch of crashes. be careful. it's a weather alert d
11:30 am
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welcome back. right now major problems in eastern kentucky. this is i-65 where traffic is at a standstill. these pictures were taken by a driver who says she has been stuck there for seven hours. seven hours, and now here's a live picture from chopper, where parts of kentucky some more than 20 inches of snowfallover night. places including nashville, expect to see temperatures drop 30 to 45 degrees in a 24-hour period. so you can just see that traffic there, cars and vehicles those
11:33 am
trucks there, not moving at all. >> that one woman saying again she was stuck for seven hours. >> terrible. >> wow. >> tom is here now. tom, you know i think as pat was saying a lot of people probably woing, looked out, didn't see much snow. ah, they were wrong. >> right. >> and now it's here and really coming down too. >> all you had to do wait a couple of hours and that rain quickly changed over to sleet and then snow. change over to snow here in washington at about quarter to 8:00 this morning and all coming from a long con vapor belt of moisture stretching from new orleans all the way to maine. and we are right in the middle of that conveyor belt right now. and the colder air sunk in and it changed that rain over to snow. all of this tracking north and east. the areas in the bright white colors getting heavier snow. right now southern maryland, northern neck mostly rain to salisbury. elsewhere all snow. right now getting the moderate snow now around the metro area bright white colors including prince george's county montgomery the district al sdrooenldia, arlington, falls
11:34 am
church fairfax county and prince william as well and farther south into fauquier county and north culpeper county and north into the shenandoah valley as well. many locations from moderate to heavy snow continuing to fall and already about four to five inch there's. this is front royal where the snow is sticky. it's sticking to all of the trees. love this photo posted by candice tremble, you can see her there on her deck, looks like three to four inches have fallen there with more to come. temperatures only 28 degree, hovering upper 20s near 30 in the metro area and still a little above freezing far southern maryland over to fredericksburg. they've not had any accumulation yet but coming that way later today. the timing for the rest of date. the snow continues to slowly creep into southern maryland. and the northern neck by around 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. between now and then though transitioning into sleet. for us the metro has heaviest
11:35 am
snow from now until 2:00 3:00 and then after that quickly tapers off. as of 8:00 p.m. moderate to heavy snow northern neck southern maryland lower eastern shore and north and west of there, just lingering flurries until around 10:00. leaving in its wake six to nine inches north and we of the metro area including montgomery county northern prince george's howard frederick, as well as southern washington county. panhandle of west virginia, most of the shenandoah valley as well and higher rimps getting as much as nine to ten inches. in the metro area four to six-inch amounts common as will much of southern maryland and the northern neck. one thing i've changed on the map in the last couple of hours. looks like you there even in the northern neck earlier looked like two to for inches. now there, too, could get over four inches of snow and well as southern maryland. hour-by-hour the rest of the day, a live view over rockville. rockville pike meets mearsville
11:36 am
road. almost a whiteout. stays that way into the afternoon. look at the temperatures plunging from the upper 20s all wait down to near 10 degrees by dawn tomorrow with a clear sky. then staying below freezing the rest of the day on friday. saturday finally melting in the afternoon as well as on sunday. upper 40s sunday. nice weekend overall, though with a partly cloudy sky. then much milder as we get into next week. looking nice. highs in the 50s on monday tuesday and wednesday. do you remember the 50s, barbara and eun? >> oh, i want to tom. how sad we think 50s is warm. >> we'll take it. >> we will. can't wait. thank you, tom. winter's latest push is bringing snow to much of the region. right now roads are acherous in places. >> live from frederick county maryland good morning. you've seen one accident this morning. how are the roads where you are? >> reporter: once severe accident eun, several others
11:37 am
look behind me pap state road. route 85. the pike in southern frederick county state highway administration crews just came through. so the roads are passable. 340e6789 of the traffic you'll see here though staying under 20 miles per hour. on i-270, at about 30 miles per hour. that's where we saw trouble late this morning especially near the interchange with route 80. several cars spun out. one of which was a, driven by a driver headed from rockville to frederick. he said he was going 30 miles an hour and lost control of his rear wheel tires. >> i just -- slid out of control. coming down the highway. >> reporter: and appropriate medics broke open his windows, helped him escape the car. appears uninjured. maryland state police responded and kept traffic way from him before they could get him safely away from the car. the car itself will take a while to remv from i-270 northbound. we mentioned one of several
11:38 am
spinouts several accidents we saw on that highway. maryland state police no surprise report a higher than usual number of single vehicle accidents in and around the frederick county area. so many of those cars they say deliberately passing snow plows and salt trucks and that causes trouble. here in frederick county the whole county is basically closed. not just the schools but county courts county government so many merchants and even coffee shops some are closed expecting a higher level of snow in frederic county than in northern or southern montgomery county. as we close, some roads impassable without four-wheel drive. live in frederick, scott mcfarland news 4. >> scott, thank you. very dangerous. do not try to follow those snow plows, and give the crews plenty of space and don't pass them especially. snow is ramping up across our area. chuck symbol in the storm team 4x4 in loudoun county. any improvements out there? what are you seeing? >> reporter: no improvements at
11:39 am
all, eun. just got out of the truck here in purcellville talked to a sweet lady she's driving the snow plow down through the neighborhoods. got out, got the snow stick out, pat collins snow stick and mischered a fresh four inches of snow here. making our way towards the d.c. metro area. it's 25 degrees with still moderate snow out here in the northern parts of loudoun county. and the road conditions remain very very slippery indeed as we've been saying all morning. we say it every time if you don't have to be on the roads don't get out on the roads and you want to win your snow stick, put some sort of your favorite team gear on it. i repeat double credit for boomer sooner gear on your snowman. eun? >> okay. i'm going to have to say, double credit for the terps! i have to challenge cluck on that. send your pics. next stop fairfax county the snow started at daybreak and conditions are getting worse. >> many are sitting at home dreading the moment you need to get off the couch and start shushaling. start now.
11:40 am
we're back with a look how soon you'll be able to do that. your time is 11:40.
11:41 am
11:42 am
i'm aylett green at live desk with breaking news out of new york where a plane has skidded off a runway there. this all unfolding at laguardia. check out this picture tweeted out by our sister station in new york. a delta flight that arrived from atlanta. it landed at laguardia and then
11:43 am
slid off the runway. that's the information that we have right now no reports of serious injuries but the picture shows the plane's nose against a fence. the ground there covered in snow. the plane was an md-80 that went off the runway about 11:10 this morning. right now the fire department out of new york saying no injuries at this time. we'll stay on top of this developing story. back to you. >> thanks molette. plows are out in northern virginia right now. working to clear away the snow in this ongoing winter storm. >> some of you are, too, even as the inches keep building. news 4 derrick ward picks up live team coverage from fairfax county. live in veeienna. snow is really coming down where you are? >> reporter: indeed it is. the city doing a great job making streets passable but they are up against it. route 123 and center road down here, and we've seen plows come through here about, i'd say three or four times within the
11:44 am
past hour or so. and that's keeping these streets passable. we've got video from the scene earlier today when the snow first started to fall. they first put the plow blades down i'd say about 10:00. a couple hours into the snowfall but need at least an inch or so before the blades become effective. before that they're putting down sand and abrasives to make sure you had traction on that upgrade up there on the other side of the street, and coming down into the intersection. we haven't seen anyone sliding out or any mishaps. that's not to say that it isn't dicey driving out here and these are conditions you shouldn't tackle unless you absolutely have to. live in vienna derrick ward news 4. >> it is snowing out there. thanks, derrick. if you plan to send the day inside the comfort of your home snow shoveling laws may mean you need to head out sooner than you think. >> our consumer reporter is here with a breakdown of law ace cross the region. because it keeps snowing, you probably want to get out early
11:45 am
to not clean up a bunch later on. >> the kids are home. everybody pitch in and do a little something. technically, time on your side. if you wait for tomorrow to come you know it's going to freeze. going to be that much harder to get it out of there. break this down for you. the rules jurisdiction by jurisdiction. if you live in loudoun county the rule you much clear sidewalks within six hours after the snow stops falling. since the snow isn't expected to end until later this evening, then you've got until about noon tomorrow to clear those sidewalks. d.c. arlington, montgomery county all have 24 hours. so you'll have to clear your sidewalks by tomorrow evening. and prince george's county 48 hours to clear your sidewalk. how about fairfax? prince william counties no law requiring you to shovel your sidewalks, but, of course it's still highly encouraged. the last thing want to do is make something difficult for snob get around. you know.
11:46 am
you don't want an accident to happen. of course so if you can get out there, do a little at a time a little bit, a little bit association that tomorrow you don't have as tricky of a time trying to get all of that frozen ice out of your way in the morning. >> a lot of people complained they can't find salts. there's just no salt out there to be had. >> we actually reported that a couple days ago. we had a few people tweet tom in the morning saying i can't find ice-melt. easiest way. thankfully great reason to have fireplaces going. take the ashes from the fireplace, and use that for traction. you can use kitty litter. use sand as well. it's not as harsh on your plants and on the concrete on your sidewalk. it's not going to damage your property. that will at least give you traction. >> good ideas. >> thanks. >> thank you. we are back with the latest on the roads from melissa mollet and the district's plan to clear the roads. >> reporter: and moderate snow continues to fall outside the studios in northwest washington. so much snow that the pat collins snow stick is measuring
11:47 am
an additional half of an inch of snow in 30 minutes. so what does that mean for road conditions tomorrow? i'll have that forecast coming
11:48 am
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i'm storm team 4 meteorologist amelia segal. 2.5 inches of snow has fallen here in northwest and that's
11:50 am
going to have a big impossibility on roads and linger into tomorrow morning. looking at snow to continue throughout the afternoon hours, and it will be heavy at times. so if you can avoid travel this afternoon and evening, some slick spots are still possible tomorrow morning especially on those secondary and less traveled roads. by tomorrow evening it should be just fine. heads up. nome talknot only talking about snow tomorrow morning record-cold temperatures in spots. vwi and dulles likely het record low temperatures tomorrow morning. the suburbs in the single digits. so be prepared for that. i think schools could be delayed tomorrow morning, but most likely most of us will head into work. you definitely want to bundle up eun and barbara. >> amelia segal on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> and we're going to check on the roads a little further with first 4 traffic now. >> melissa mollet tracking rask on the roads. >> still seeing things pop up. at the way station, left lane blocked there causing a little
11:51 am
delay. taking a look east of 270. want to show you this because it's pretty covered there, except poor that center area that looks like it's didn't traveled. a live picture from our photographer. praped nos touched in that neighborhood this morning. connecticut avenue looking wet on the main portion of the road and then can you see what has fall and accumulated on the edges there. a wide look at things slow pretty much everywhere because of this nasty stuff coming down. outer loop branch two left lanes blocked and two reasons not to drive. this arlington earlier this morning and then where scott mcfarland was, hyatt soundance stay home. it's nasty. and you can see it filing up along rockville pike. >> darcy spencer live in prince george's county. how are kicksingconditions where you are were? >> reporter: i heard you talking earlier. me may have wondered is this really going to happen?
11:52 am
just got rained on all morning long. you can see, the snow is here. it's big, it's beautiful, coming down fast and hard here in prince george's county. i wanted to show you where it's beginning to pile up. this is a curve area. you can see, a curb area. a really nice kind of snow light and fluffy. you can get to your shovel into it and under it and get your sidewalks shoveled. it's beginning to pile up. so much ice here lately you need your scraper. this time you'll need the shovel. here behind this is route 1 here in the beltsville area. you can see the road is simply wet at this point. we have had treatment come through here. we've had the sand truck, the salt trucks the plows. things are looking pretty good. traffic is pretty light. now, i know everybody knows one of those people. one of those people are going to gelt out and exercise. no matter what. show video of this guy. earlier this morning, at the height of the storm, he is out there jogging along route 1, and that's dedication. get out there in the snow and go ahead and get your exercise done.
11:53 am
let's hear from a woman out this morn running a few errands. >> okay. well the roads are bad. i suggest that everyone stay in today. and -- high to go -- well my daughter's having her 21st birthday party on sunday. so i came out. high to do errands, so i might as well have stopped in the grocery store to pick up some items for that. >> reporter: all right. schools closed here in the county. ales of offices closed. stay home. watch channel 4. enjoy hopefully the last snowstorm of the season. back to you. >> good idea. unless you want to build a snowman to wane snow stick. the snow is really starting to come down out there right now. >> take a look at conditions outside of our studios in northwest washington. steady snow and it's really starting to stick. >> news 4 kristen wright continues our storm team 4 coverage from southeast d.c. what dop roads look like there? >> reporter: you know, what you'll find is that many of the residential streets like this one, this is tanner court.
11:54 am
tanner street in southeast. you'll find that they're really snow-covered. you can see all the tire marks and footprints. a lot of snow on these residential streets, but then what you'll find is the main roads like alabama out here -- all right. >> we just lost kristen but she's live in southeast washington where snow is 12ik sticking and continuing to fall. coming back in a few minutes with pat collins snow stick challenge. >> and up to the date on the top of the hour with the latest on snow emergency plans and our winter storm warning. staying with live weather coverage until 1:00 today. if you're trying to catch the day's of our lives, it's still on. >> check cosi at noon. don't have came channel 4.2. com kat, 208. and cox on 803.
11:55 am
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11:57 am
all of the snowy weather can only mean one thing. time for the pat collins snow stick challenge. >> pat is on connecticut avenue in d.c. where he usually is when it's snowing. pat? >> reporter: joining me now for a snow measurement here at connecticut is terry mcauliffe the governor of virginia. governor if you just go over find untouched snow. use my official pat collins snow stick. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> here we go. >> what do you got there? >> we got about 2.25 inches.
11:58 am
>> and it's still coming down. >> if you live in virginia about 80 degrees, get out of the district. a beautiful sun tan. you need sun tan lotion over there. >> how do you like my sun stick sdwrvgts it's good. would you like to have one? >> love it. >> but you can't have one. >> 1922 biggest -- it's a big one. >> yeah. >> well to get one you've got to build a snowman. epter ernter our snow stick challenge. go home and work on it. >> back to the governor's mansion in richmond get the five kids out there, two dogs and do it's i want a stick. >> thank you, governor. >> thank you, pat. >> terry mcauliffe governor of virginia measuring snow here in d.c. >> pat collins, love it. that's "news4 midday" but coverage continues at noon. >> stay with u
11:59 am
12:00 pm
snow is blanketing the area now. road conditions quickly getting very bad as the snow picks up and the temperatures drop. welcome to our extended coverage of this winter storm. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm barbara harrison. >> the entire region remains under a winter storm. the district is under a snow emergency meaning you'll need to watch where you park


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