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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  March 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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can't say this winter weather is behind us or will even end tonight. once the snow moves out we are talking near record cold again, folks. >> and a day off for thousands of kids and federal workers today and many of you may most likely be staying home tomorrow. several major school districts have already announced there will be no school tomorrow. those are crawl across the bottom of your screen. you can also get them on nbc washington app. a long night is in store for snowplows, snowblowers and shovellers out there too. the snow is piled up in many neighborhoods and streets are undrivable still right now. we have every county covered for you. our reporters are spanned out from northern virginia through maryland and on into the district. it begins with chief meteorologist doug kammerer. he niece the storm center with your first word. doug? >> still seeing snow in parts of the area although a lot of the area starting to see it taper off now. we're just about done with the worst of this storm. let's take a look and show you what's happening outside.
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storm team 4 radar, all the quite, that's the snow down to the south, southern maryland down towards fredericksburg took a while to change over but once it did it's been snowing heavily down toward this area. you see it back to the west winchester hagerstown just about done with the snow. still snow showers in through loudoun county and out towards montgomery county but along and east of i-95 that's where the bulk of the snow remains. that's where we could still pick up another 1 to 2 inches as far as that's concerned. as the snow continues to lessen in parts of the region look at our rockville camera. here's 355. i've been watching this camera all day. this is the best that 355 rockville pike has looked all afternoon. some very good news there. the main roads will get a little better. as we go through the night tonight, everything will continue to freeze as temperatures drop. and veronica johnson is outside right now. we're talking act record cold temperatures and windchills. >> that's right. out here on the storm team 4 weather deck here's our snow stick, just under 7 inches on the table. a lot of snow has piled up.
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and soon that will all start blowing arnold because our winds pick up late tonight as temperatures drop to the record low levels. take a look at where they are right now, 22 hagerstown 29 in d.c. by morning those temps will be in the single digits north and west to about 14 degrees in d.c. as the wind picks up what it will feel like 5 to 15. by early time during the morning rush 10:00 a.m., that windchill advisory goes until tomorrow. and, yes, folks, it is going to be cold so, get out now and clear the snow if you can. doug? >> yeah and of course i do think we'll continue to see some possible delays tomorrow possible cancellations. we already have a few school closings around the region. it will be very hard to clean up these roads tonight with bitterly cold temperatures. but there's good news. finally in the forecast. guys? >> can't wait for that. doug thank you. breaking news out of reston where this winter storm has taken on a snowplow. northern virginia reporter david culvert just shot the accident on sunset hills roeld.
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he joins us live from wheelie avenue. what are you seeing? >> reporter: jim, this happened about a mile from where we're standing. we wanted to come here to bring you that video, my photographer and i. we're down sunset hills road. we should first tell you the plow truck that is involved here the driver crews on scene told me he was take on the hospital and he should be okay. now to that video. take a look at this. here's what we saw as we pulled up to sunset hills road. you can see police they had it blocked off. notice here the salt and sand truck turned over in the ditch. it's on its side. the entire load of that salt and sand spilled over. crews there trying to figure out how to get it turned upright. so the contractors start hooking up these yellow straps. then they bring in this front-end loader. it starts tugging, hoping it will turn over but the weight just too much. the straps they snapped. and you can watch again as they try and try, but it doesn't seem to get it to turn over. there's the snap right there.
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just can't hold. i looked up those trucks way anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 pounds fully loaded. you follow me on twitter, you know they do eventually get it upright but it's the video that's most impressive. we're working to get that ed difficulted together and will bring that to you at 5:30. live in reston. back to you. a maryland family has to find a place to stay warm tonight because here's some video you need to see. this house on fire in hyattsville this afternoon. this is the neighbor on jefferson street shot this just as you can see the firefighters starting to arrive. several people were in the home. they all got out safely. we're told the snow did not slow down those crews from getting there. still don't know the cause of that. there are some slick spots on those roads out there tonight, especially on the side streets. it's only going to get worse as thee temperatures drop. news4's mark segraves live in clarendon tonight with the latest on conditions there. mark? >> hey, wendy. i have to tell you, doug is absolutely right. the snow is letting up here in arlington now.
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you may recall if you were with us at 4:00 we reported how bad the sidewalks were. well about 15 minutes later, look what happened. these arlington city crews showed up to clean up the sidewalks. coincidence? well you be the judge. while the sidewalks are getting treated the roads are a different story. there were those who popted or alternate transportation today. >> take a look here. a plow went through this road. coming up at 6:00 two women who went to extreme lengths to get the essential they couldn't live without. back to you guys. >> thank you, mark. this just in on a push alert.
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stafford and fredericks county schools just closed for tomorrow. they're getting a four-day weekend there. fredericksburg and stafford county schools. also been a miserable day out there for air travelers. we just got off the phone with the metropolitan airport authorities this evening. it's warning people to expect more delays and cancellations. at last check, 430 flights canceled in and out of reagan national today according to and bwi marshall is reporting 170 cancellations. check with your airline for the latest scheduling information. mean while, more than 200 flights were canceled in and out of dulles airport today. and more delays and cancellations are expected through the evening again and possibly into tomorrow there. but one flight that took off the schedule this morning was virgin atlantic's flight to san francisco, and this virgin atlantic employee was proud to show off the, quote deshgs parted message for everyone
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today. driving is no easy task out there right now still. take a look at this accident along river road in bethesda. and montgomery county officials are reminding us that if you are parked on a snow emergency route, hey, folks, you're going to be towed. let's gate look at current conditions. chris gordon is on rockville pike near nicholson lane with the late tles. still coming down huh? >> it is. we thought it had stopped about 15, 20 minutes ago and now tights winds coming out of the north at a diagonal so, to speak. cars behind me on rockville pike rush hour has become slush hour people shoveling and falling all day, trying to keep up with it. metro crews cleared snow from sidewalks, roads, and bus stops all day. metro rail ran on time. even the snow at above-ground stations didn't slow them down. but with so many schools and businesses closed there weren't many riders. >> it was fine. it's pretty empty.
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not many people riding at all today. >> reporter: i asked this cabbie how he fared. >> there's nobody out here. >> reporter: there was plenty of time for fun. we found greg jones and his daughter gabriela sledding.s cold and wet and i've seen a lot of people sliding up the roads driving so doesn't look like a good day to be out in the car. >> reporter: how is it to be out on the sled? >> it's awesome. >> reporter: awesome. that's right. >> would it be too much to show you cute dogs playing in the snow at 6:00 what if on a snow day your car quit. i'll have the breakdown at 6:00. we are starting to see conditions on the road starting to deteriorate. in prince george's county,er they are seeing some steady snow continuing to be steady. news4's zachary kiesch has been just over the d.c. line in chillham all day talking with people in that area. how is it looking, zach?
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>> reporter: starting to look better here. we've seen a steady snowfall all day long and it's starting to let up. typically rush hour on chillum road, you see people at the bus stop commuters on their way home. not seeing that today. if you look at some of this video we shot today, you know, in this business you said you're only as good as your shot. we have some good photojournalists here contributing to this. take a peek at this some plows, some people doing it by handle. of course schools are closed in this area today. you see some cars spinning out there. eve an truck. that really goes to show what the conditions are out here. i happened to talk to a gentleman that pulled up in his bmw sports car. obviously not an ideal vehicle far day like today. >> the roads not that bad right now but they're getting bad because it's a wet snow.
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it turns into ice after a while. snoob. >> reporter: makes good snowballs. >> the kids will have some fun. i take my granddaughter out and do some sledding. >> reporter: obviously enough snow for the youngsters to have out here but the point of concern is what's going to happen to this road to these sidewalks when they freeze. again, if you're in prince george's county things are letting up a little bit. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, zach. to give you an idea of how quickly this is going to happen the northbound lanes of the gw parkway have shut down at spout run. that's not far from the key bridge area of georgetown over on the virginia side. because of icy conditions northbound gw parkway at spout run, shut down because of ice. jim? >> shoutout to all our photographers out there, too getting incredible pictures so you can stay home and take a look at it from the comfort of your warm home. the storm is not over yet as we've been saying. already a lot of cleanup needed in the city. news4's kristin wright joins us live near the eastern market
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metro station in southeast. hi kristin. >> reporter: at 7th and south carolina avenue. it is completely snow covered. not in good shape. it depends really where you go in the city. tonight dxdot tells me their main concern right now is that the falling temperatures. so right now they are treating the roads, they are plowing the roads, so that tomorrow we're not in big trouble. d.c. metro tries to keep up with the falling snow at the eastern market metro station in southeast washington. after all, people still have places to go. we met adrian rooney on 14th street in northwest. where are you going? >> i'm going to work at studio theater on 14th. >> reporter: no snow days. >> the show must go on. >> reporter: there was some snow trouble. in northwest, a pepco car was hit. the pole struck a vehicle. no one was hurt. but the conditions are why every snow truck in the district is out. many loaded up at the salt dome
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in northeast. the plan tonight first, clear bus routes and main roads like pennsylvania avenue and southeast, then circle back to take care of residential neighborhoods, which are snow covered. some don't mind this at all. >> i love it. i think it's exciting. i love that winter is winter in this area. >> reporter: not too much? >> not too much. nope. >> reporter: an important reminder tonight, do not park in those snow emergency routes. you will get towed. last time it snowed like this ddot said it ticketed about a thousand people. you don't want to be one of them this time. looich in southeast, kristin wright news4. and we continue to follow a developing story out of new york city that passenger plane that skidded off the runway at laguardia. >> more than 100 people were on board including a professional football player. what he's saying now about the scare tonight on social media. i'm chris lawrence in montgomery county. it takes a heck of a lot of snow
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to make a mound like this we'll tell you where it came from.
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a plane that landed at laguardia skidded off the runway and stopped just feet of the water. fooism did have to be take on the hospital. something officials say is a credit to the skill of the pilots. >> i think the pilot did everybody he could to slow the aircraft down. obviously the pilot and the co-pilot's good efforts were reflected in the fact that there were only minor injuries. >> everybody had our seat belts on. it wasn't really that bad, but it was pretty scary. >> new york giants tight end larry donnell was on that flight and posted a video on instagram saying he knew he should have stayed at home. good advice. >> could have been a whole lot worse. we've gotten word in from alexandria schoolcity skrools.
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they are closed tomorrow. add that to your list. there are varying opinions about how had bad the storm is in gaithersburg but no arguing that travel was tough is especially on neighborhood streets. chris lawrence is thrive tonight checking out conditions for us. chris? >> reporter: yeah jim. i mean half the stores in town were closed. almost everyone in gaithersburg had the day off from work. it's amazing how many people stayed off the roads and let the plows just come in and do their work and work they did. we have seen mounds like this one all over the city. this one's got to be upwards of eight feet tall. believe me the folks in gaithersburg can tell you where every single ounce of this snow came from. >> this is about the worst i've seen. >> it was a little rough. not too bad. >> this is nothing.
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>> i was out here shoveling my drive and i saw the mailman across the street and he was starting to spin out so i'm trying to clear a nice path for him. >> reporter: what do you think abt the side roads right now? >> oh they're awful, but that's okay. gaithersburg as soon as the snow stops, they'll be good. they always come through. >> bymy boyfriend just called and said they just got a plow through on our street so hopefully it will be good. >> reporter: at 6:00 we'll tell you what happens when this gets worse. tweet me and let me know when you think that mound of snow will melt. chris lawrence news4. >> it if doesn't, that's a whole lot of sore backs, chris. thanks so much. >> outside our studios at nbc 4 in upper northwest it looks like the snow has tapered off to almost nothing. doug, is it on its way out? >> it is. it will continue to move on out. very pretty snow sitting there
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laying on the trees. it was wet earlier so able to hold onto the trees. as the wind picks up it won't be quite as pretty as the snow is taking off but let's show you what's happen across our area. can we switch to max 1? i apologize. that is my fault. you can see storm team 4 radar here taking that snow away from the region. still snowing a little in d.c. but moving off toward the east. take a look here it is right here. this was the snowfall forecast that we gave you this morning. this is what tom kierein updated. this is what we gave you last night at 11:00, 6 tofredericksburg leesburg. some areas got over 9 inches. last night around 5:00 or 6:00 we could have gone way up towards hagerstown. down to the south, 4 to 6. don't have that yet but you still have another hour or so of snow to go. let's show you storm team 4 radar right now. you can see exactly where this snow is as it continues to make its way in through the area. temperatures have been on the cold side and look at the snow ending now back towards loudoun
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county faulkier county heavy snow through st. mary's county northern neck calvert county all seeing that snow. lighter snow in and around the district. you can see here that snow all around southern maryland. one more band coming through d.c. right now. then i think that's about it. there's more back to the west. this is even colder air sinking on down. most of this snow should fade as it moves through the overnight hours, maybe just a few more snow showers. here it is 6:00. there's that band. watch it moving to the south and east. by 8:00 just about everybody is out of the woods as far as snow is concerned. but then the cold really sets in. it's cold right now, but the sun is still going down so, that's why we haven't seen that ice really start to develop and we're going to see that develop in a hurry tonight with the cold temperatures. then the breeze starts to kick in. tomorrow morning breezy and cold. we're talking frigid tomorrow morning. windchills down into the single digits maybe below zero. temperatures 22 in hagerstown 28 in d.c. 27 over towards the huntingtown area.
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a very cold afternoon. and look at this windchill advisory in effect. montgomery county loudoun county faulkier, everybody to the north and west. doesn't include d.c. or southern maryland or parts of northern virginia but it will still be cold there too. windchills 5 below to 15 below zero. feels-like temperature, 8:00 tonight, 20 d.c. 17 in frederick. 15 towards manassas. 111:00 tonight, in the single digits back toward the west. by early tomorrow morning it will feel close to 1 in d.c. 5 below towards gaithersburg 1 below in manassas. a very cold friday morning. good thing that many of the schools already starting to close because it will be icy outside, b, very cold even 11:00, our windchills are still going to be into the lower teens. take a look at the next couple days. 27 on friday. i have not given good news to you folks that want warmer weather in a long time. i finally got it for you. 42 on saturday. wy spring forward.
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the sun goes down on sunday after 7:00. there's good news for you. high temperature of 47 degrees on your sunday 50 degrees coming up on monday then look at the rest of this forecast. 53 on tuesday. slight chance of stom shower activity on wednesday with a high temperature of 59 degrees. and then we might actually crack 60. 64 degrees next thursday. this pattern finally breaking. the cold pattern finally making its way back up to canada. >> they can have it. the culpeper county schools will be closed tomorrow. another three-day weekend for you guys out there. and developing right now, a snowy carma ged don in kentucky. >> hundreds of drivers stranded on a highway. parts of the state have seen up to 18 inches of snow. how officials are helping drivers. >> reporter: who's got the best snowman? who's the best snowman maker? who's going to get one of these babies?
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the snow stick challenge coming up.
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if you've got a hot date tonight or just have cabin fever and need to get out, uber and all the taxi companies are there to help you but you're going to pay for it. >> consumer reporter erika gonzalez has a breakdown of how
5:26 pm
the snow fares could pit hit your wallet. >> reporter: remember, a snow emergency is in effect for d.c. maryland and virginia so what does that mean when it comes to hailing a cab? it depends on how bad you need to get out of the house. when you hail a taxicab in the district, the driver can charge you a $15 snow emergency fare. that's going to be tacked onto your total taxi fair plus the flat rate. that's expected to continue until 7:00 tonight. the purpose, to try and get the taxis to stay on the road and meet the demand of the people who really need a ride. montgomery county there's a bit of a difference here. $2.50 for that snow emergency rate in montgomery county. and when it comes to uber, if you take uber taxi. you may be charged that same $15 rate that d.c. taxis may be charging. for black car or uber there may be surge pricing, rates that are higher than normal based on weather conditions. we just checked the rates, tweeted out a picture in northwest d.c. wanted to charge us 2.6 times the normal rate for
5:27 pm
a ride from an uber x driver. something else to keep in mind that police and local governments are urgingt, if you don't have to be on the roads, stay at home. get nice and cozy. and just avoid being out here. it is very slick out here. be safe folk and we'll see you again in the next hour. >> it's even tough walking out there. thanks erika. this massive winter storm causing misery for millions of americans. an ice jam is now flooding homes in pennsylvania. we'll show you some of the biggest trouble spots across the united state >> there's all kinds of trouble out there on our local roads. david culvert is in reston at one crash site.
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live right now at 5:30 that's the northbound lane of the gw parkway shut down. that's the u.s. park police there. this was just tweeted out by wtop traffic. icy conditions there. that's at spout run and that's a hill beyond there. the cars could not get traction up the hill so they shut it down. they're waiting for plows to come and scrape it down so they can reopen it and hopefully you can get through the gw parkway northbound. we'll keep you posted. long night. all around our region we're seeing the roads become more and more treacherous to manage. one of our crews came across this car in prince george's county that flipped along route
5:31 pm
1 near the beltway in college park. >> and the final heavy bands of snow are now moving through. be prepared to bundle up because the temperatures are about to plunge. talking act record-breaking cold temperatures tonight for this time of year. that means you have to get out to shovel your driveway and sidewalks now before this freezes over and becomes glass. >> the jackpot snow total is about 7 inches the montgomery county but the reports are still coming in and meteorologist doug kammerer is tracking it. you've been calling this since yesterday and the day before, doug. >> we went 4 to 8 first yesterday during the 5:00 and 6:00 hour. 11:00 last night we upped those totals 6 to 8 farther to the west. some areas picking up over 9 to 10 inches of snow. isolated portions of the west virginia panhandle, also up towards portions of northern maryland.
5:32 pm
did a good job in the district 4 to 8 and that's what we've seen. still seeing the snow moving through right now. you can see as i stop this and -- or stop the motion one thing you notice the back edge. look at that back edge. howard county montgomery county fairfax county that's the back edge still snowing and snowing heavily down towards southern portions of maryland also around the northern neck seeing that too. let's zoom into the d.c. metro area and we almost have -- we're almost done with the snow. it's snowing in the district snowing all across the beltway. look back here. reston, you're about done. a few flurries for you. fairfax right on the doorstep about over for you as well. what are we looking for for friday morning? snow ending between 5:00 and 7:00. roads slick overnight for sure. cancellations possible and we already have school closings to talk about as we move through the rest of the night. the windchill was now the factor. we're going to get very cold tonight. windchill advisory in effect.
5:33 pm
windchills 15 to 5 debelow zero. our team coverage continues in prince george's county. shomari stone is live in clinton with the latest on conditions there. sew marry? >> reporter: we drove here from college park maryland and the conditions are a mess. there are several accidents we came across. i'm on woodward road near branch avenue. take a look at these cars as they plow through this snow. you'll have snowplows come right through here and due to the constant snow it begins to accumulate and a lot of folks we talked to say they don't plan on going to work to tomorrow. i asked why. they said look at these roadways. it's going to continue to freeze overnight. let's look at our commute. we started driving on route 1 in college park maryland, and came across this flipped-over suv right before we jumped on the beltway. the driver lost control and flipped over. prince george's county police lit flares and directed traffic.
5:34 pm
they didn't tell us the driver's injuries. police are investigating the accident. after we drove on i-495 on our way to clinton, maryland we saw several accidents. some cars sped off the roadway. others stalled. the road conditions are treacherous. drivers move slowly on the beltway. this guy exited stopped to get gas and put air in his tire. tell me about your concern. >> just slipping and sliding. basically slipping and sliding on the road. if your tires not have the proper area you're not going to get the proper traction. >> reporter: we also checked out some of the secondary roads, and they have not been plowed whatsoever. you got to keep in mind that a lot of the roadways could not have been pretreated due to the rain. as chief meteorologist doug kammerer told you, the rain would come into snow. out here we're seeing at least 4 inches and it continues to fall down. live here in clinton, maryland shomari stone, news4. no one wants to be stuck in their car on the side of the road but this suv had a
5:35 pm
passenger who couldn't wait for the tow truck. she was in labor when her parents' car broke down near connecticut avenue and jones bridge road in bethesda. her mother says it's going to make for an exciting birth story. >> we realized we had a flat tire. they can't get the nuts off the tire contractions getting closer and closer and we realized that we can't get them off so we're calling aaa, we have aaa on one phone and the ambulance on the other. >> that ambulance got to that woman and got her to the hospital before she gave birth. her family stayed behind to wait for the help. we've been warning you all afternoon just how treacherous the roads are. the proof's in the pictures. take a look at this. this snowplow overturned along sunset hills road in reston. it took several efforts to get it upright. and when it finally happened it was pretty dramatic. northern virginia bureau reporter david culvert saw it and has the pictures fist hand. david? >> reporter: jim, and we can
5:36 pm
tell you that the driver of that plow truck driver he's in the hospital but crews on scene tell me he's expected to be okay. as you mentioned it was a struggle. they tried and tried and finally they were able to get it upright. here's what we walked up to on sunset hills road. you can see police had it blocked off. notice the salt and sand truck there on its side in a ditch. its entire load spilled over. crews trying to figure out how to get it turned upright. so the contractors start hicking up these thick yellow straps. they bring in a front end loader. it starts tugging, hoping it will turn over. but the weight just too much. watch the straps. they snap. and try but it just doesn't hold. fully loaded these trucks can load up to 70,000 pounds. they then decide to unhook the hopper. and after some rocking back and forth, back and forth, up it comes. drives away as though nothing happened. all in a snowy day's work for these guys. all right.
5:37 pm
coming up ahead at 6:00 we'll walk you through steps you can take right now tonight ahead of that deep freeze. it eat make it a little easier for you tomorrow morning. back to you. >> david culvert. we continue to follow breaking news for you. the northbound lanes of the g.w. parkway are shut down. a look at a bit of fun from arlington police. nbc washington just tweeted this out as officers have some fun with that no sledding policy at the u.s. capitol. it's a mad rush to clear school parking lots right now and the sidewalks out there too. many have already closed tomorrow. keep it locked right here for up-to-the-minute announcements. we have them for you after the break. i know grandma's house isn't the most exciting, but it's only for a few hours.
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the impact of the storm is being felt well beyond our region. >> from power outages to traffic troubles to air travel troubles millions are feeling the pain tonight. it's creating issues from texas to new england. and again, folks, it is not over yet here or anywhere. >> there was a bad landing for more than 130 people at new york's laguardia airport where their delta jet skidded off the runway as they were coming in from atlanta. passengers had to exit over one of the wings because the front of the plane, it was hanging precariously over the icy flushing bay. no one was seriously hurt. three-quarters of laguardia's
5:41 pm
flights were canceled. >> and check this out. just south of louisville kentucky massive backups after several big rigs jackknifed on an interstate here. hundreds of trucks and cars became stranded making it hard for plows to even get through. parts of kentucky have seen up to 20 inches of snow. more than 600 vehicles are stuck on i-24 here. look how it winds around there. the national guard has been deployed to assist drivers but they're having a tough time getting to all those vehicles. we'll keep monitoring this story and bring you live updates as they come into news4. in memphis, this storm dumped several inches of snow on top of the ice that formed last night. that created really bad conditions for drivers. by 3:30 this morning police in that area had responded to more than four dozen weather-related crashes. >> down in the dallas area more than 850 flights in and out of that region canceled today. north texas had up to 5 inches of snow overnight in parts
5:42 pm
leaving some roads and major highways nearly impassable earlier today. >> and in shanksville, pennsylvania, a different kind of issue. they have flooding ice that formed on the river, caused water to overflow as much as 4 feet over its banks and into several hopes and businesses. flooding also an issue in the roanoke, virginia area where melting snow led to faster currents and water levels rising today. rescue crews had to help a man and his dog out of a fast-moving creek. when the pair got stuck trying to get across it on a tractor. neither was hurt. and we're talking about more snow continuing through the region right now. this just in spotsylvania county schools and montgomery county schools have called it early this time. montgomery county schools will be closed on friday. take a look at the snow. most of it making its way through the area but look at this batch right back here. what is that this? what's going on here?
5:43 pm
>> reporter: i'm scott mcfarlane in frederick county. at one point today the roads were so treacherous even some snow removal crews were told to stay home. as a small business owner you wouldn't deliver just half of what you have to offer to your customers. so why are you settling for half-fast internet? only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads so files go out in a snap. don't miss your last chance to get $200 back when you upgrade to fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back. hurry call now it's your last chance. this offer ends march twenty-first.
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♪ insight is knowing you made the right
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decision from the start. insight is knowing how to handle things that don't go as planned. and sometimes it's knowing when to step back and see things differently. when you have insight, you can handle your finances with confidence. that's why at pnc insight is behind all the expert guidance we provide tools we create and services we offer. take a look outside right now. we've got the roads, we're on them. the nbc 4's drive cam out there on those roads, and they are not looking good at all. that right there is some ice that you see. they had plows go through but cannot get all the way under. we saw the rain first and then
5:46 pm
some wet snow. that wet snow underneath then turns to ice and you get the snow on top of it. you cannot get below that. a lot of the roads will have a long time before they're getting better. that's why we have all the school closings. we told you about the montgomery county schools closing for tomorrow. they've been out most of this week. rockville, speaking of montgomery county schools, this is richard montgomery high school right here. looking at 355. this is the best it has looked all day. but notice here's veers mill, still a little snow there making your way out. this is 28 as it moves through the rockville area. storm team 4 radar showing most of the snow still down to the south. this is where the heavy snow is. one last gasp here one last band in through portions of the d.c. area prince george's county right around the cheverly region fairfax county seeing some of that snow. then back to the west watching another band that's right now making its way in towards hagerstown martinsburg. you pick up another quick half inch here but this band is
5:47 pm
actually the arctic front which is now coming through. the winds will shift behind this once it moves through. look at the temperatures ahead of that front, 28 in d.c. behind it 16 in pittsburgh. that cold air is making its way into our region tonight. that's why we have that -- those very cold conditions as we move through. 28 degrees with light snow at the airport. 26 by 7:00 dropping to 20 degrees by 11:00 tonight. we're talking about the potential for record breaking cold pip think we will break record low temperatures tonight at both dulles and bwi and come pretty close in d.c. so that's a lot. that's saying a lot. look at the windchills tomorrow morning. 15 below to 5 below zero. that is dangerously cold air early tomorrow morning. so once again heads up for that. look at tomorrow morning's lows. 14 in d.c. the record in d.c. is 10 set back in 1888. it's going to be hard to get that low. but, wow, 9 in gaithersburg 9 in leesburg 12 out toward the fredericksburg region. next four days 27 degrees on
5:48 pm
friday and then we immediately get back into the 40s. 42 on saturday 47 on sunday so, a pretty nice weekend. spring forward, one hour saturday night into sunday. 50 degrees on monday. that's still below our average high of 52. so let's go above average for a couple days huh? 53 on tuesday, 59 on wednesday with a slight chance for rain and 64 coming up during the day on thursday. 64 degrees. scott mcfarlane he's been up there in frederick county all day long. scott mcfarlane, wouldn't 64 degrees be great? >> reporter: i heard a roar of cheers behind me when you gave that forecast, doug. so cold and snowy here today the county school system told its snow removal crews to stay home until after dark. mike ciders says he was only driving 30 miles an hour when his car began to spin. >> i just slid out of control coming down the highway. >> reporter: a guardrail along i-270 north near route 80 in frederick county saved him and his car from careening into an
5:49 pm
embankment below. how did you manage to get out of the car? >> they broke the window and i just crawled out the side. >> reporter: maryland state police say they dispatched a larger force of troopers in and around their frederick baraks to handle a series of single-vehicle consistent independents on these streets this afternoon. bridget says she need road conditions to improve significantly by morning especially on her street that she says hasn't been touched. if you had to work today -- >> i am working today. my agency teleworks. we're telework ready. we do what we need to do. >> reporter: you're spending your lunch hour shoveling your driveway. >> yes. >> reporter: as for the school, the district says the parking lot must first be unearthed before any kids can return. they won't begin clearing for at least another hour or two. more than 60 schools? frederick county could be a very heavy lift to be open tomorrow. back to you. >> scott, thanks. wendy and i are getting a bit of cabin fever inside and
5:50 pm
decided to venture outdoors. you got your gloves. i got my last lone handle warmer i'm trying to activate and it's not working. >> and you're not getting my gloves. we heard it was snowing and we needed to verify it for ourselves to make sure it wasn't a nasty rumor. one way to verify it you need a pat collins snow stick so you can find out not only it did snow but how much. so for that we go to the always challenging patrick collins. >> reporter: wendy, it's the pat collins snow stick. it's the only way to measure snow in washington. now, our challenge is who has the best snowman, who is the best snowman maker? who's going to get the stick? well here's what some of your competition looks like. this challenge, march snow mania. best snowman maker gets an official pat collins snow stick. in the wide wide world of
5:51 pm
sports alex snow-vechkin ice hockey snow, it's a natural. how about this cool number from the bowl america team in gaithersburg? nats hat, redskins scarf, a crossover snowman. the nationals might be down in spring training but here in the snow there's a lot of nats love. this will all melt by opening day. i promise. i think. how about this woman? if you can't make a snowman, be a snowman! talk about putting your all into a project. now, as you know, the last snow challenge was snow us your pets and our last winter was sunshine, the bird. here she was again today auto nout the snow doing a measurement with her very own stick. now we do have a couple of animal-related entries. look at this dog looking at the snowman. the snowman has no corn cob pipe or a button nose or eyes made of
5:52 pm
coal. it's 100% snow. and it looks pretty. look at this real dog nose to nose with the snow dog. it's like a snow mania sniffoff! now, it's not too late to enter. take a picture of your snowman and tweet it to @patssnowstick. at 6:00 i'll show you the biggest snowman entry of the day. so big you have to look at it from up on high. coming up at 6:00. now, jim and wendy, if you're still outside and you still have time to enter, you can start working on your snowman now. >> all right. plenty out here. 7 inches. >> we're working on something else pat. we're trying to get the interns to clear off our cars and how to sweeten that deal. >> it's going to be enough the parking lot. >> yes. >> great stuff, pat. >> we can claim we have pat collins snow sticks. >> i have a 20 and -- >> my car's way down there.
5:53 pm
>> i'm buried. >> where's andrew the intern? >> get him out here. come on! coming up, a lot more from our weather patio. >> yes. we're going to have a refreshing beverage. first a showdown on capitol hill today. it's not nothing to do with politics. how kid have fared against cops in a battle over sledding. and coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00, a plane skids off an icy runway stopping just feet of an icy bay. the view from inside as shaken passengers recorded their evacuation.
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5:55 pm
5:56 pm
back here on the weather deck where we thought we would dine al fresco. where is that waiter? >> we're out of practice. running in place to stay warm. >> yes, indeed. >> this is great stuff. around 7 inches in northwest d.c. it is great for snowball making and sledding too. >> exactly. may i see this? i threw my script over there. instead of throwing a snowball i threw any script. dozens of families someone said had to tiptoe around the law today to take advantage of this. about 50 people took to capitol hill to go sledding despite the regulations that say we don't like you to do this. there was a conversation between the police and the parents and it seemed the police were not intent on holding fast to these regulars and they allowed kid to just enjoy the snow.
5:57 pm
>> do you realize you're doing something bad? >> no. >> i hope people enjoy the sleing and people relax and realize this is all about sledding and nothing else. >> the ban on sledding led to a flurry of tweets. some using the #sledfreeordie. we collected the best of them and you can find them on our nbc washington app. in case you didn't know most of the museums were closed downtown today. that typically only happens on christmas. the smithsonian did keep the air and space museum open however, along with the american history museums but everything else including the zoo closed because of all this snow. >> and the chesapeake bay foundation is asking fishermen, boaters and coastal residents to keep an eye out for missing oyster cages. more than 100 are still missing as a result of high winds, the snow and the ice. those cages are used by the tangier tangier island waterman for oysters.
5:58 pm
within an hour conditions could be tapering off in anne arundel county. david culvert has a story on what it's like for folks trying to sur this snow now. >> reporter: staying ahead and the strategy is working. anne arundel county started the day with just 25% of its salt supply. the next delivery is not until tuesday. >> what we're doing now is employing more contractor vehicles to push more snow early and then after the storm apply more salt to whatever remains. >> reporter: temperatures hovering around freezing made slush build up fast on secondary roads. schools, some government offices closing, coupled with businesses letting office staff go home early made traveling less hazardous. >> when we slow down i would slide a little, so it's pretty bad. >> reporter: the sound of this otherwise broke the relative quiet of snowfall in an hour. businesses also worked at a feverish pitch to stay ahead of accumulation.
5:59 pm
private contractors were in demand. >> a lot of people down here are on foot anyway. >> reporter: those included a visitor from wisconsin. this is like a spring shower to eric. how do you think folks in annapolis are handling it? >> it looks like they're handling it pretty well. looks like the snow might have been a little overhyped. >> those are some tough people out there. but we're not. we're heading back inside. >> where it's warm and comfortable and jim and doreen kick it you have with news 4 at 6:00. >> i see them. they're right there. >> thank you so much. the snow may be letting up in parts of our area but the roads could be a little tricky tonight. we've seen plows overturned some cars stranded others off the road. >> icy conditions are going to be a big problem as this night goes on as the temperature continues to drop. and we could set record loetds in some areas. we have team coverage of the storm tonight. reporters spread out across our yair. bewe begin with some early
6:00 pm
decisions to close school tomorrow. >> hoar there's a complete list of all the closings scrolling across the bottom of your screen right now. but here are some of the districts making an early call. montgomery county schools, charles county prince william county pretty well ale and falls church all closed tomorrow. >> doug sounds like travel will be tricky later tonight and tomorrow morning even worse, huh? >> yeah most definitely. we've seen the snow coming down. what's happened here we saw the rain, the wet snow come down and the drier snow on top. what that does is create a layer of ice on the bottom. the plows can not get that ice up. they just can't do it. so they need to plow it then need to salt but then the temperatures go down below 20 degrees and that doesn't work either. the roads will stay a mess all night tonight, especially secondary roads, neighborhood roads. here's the radar, storm team 4 radar picking it


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