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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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rain coming done the gutters. such a rapid melting. but now a few locations are down a little below freezing so watch out, some of the melting may be refreezing a little bit on some roads. most locations are above freezing. rayeagan national at 38. prince george's county 42. frederick 32, gaithersburg at 30 dale city now at 37? n. prince william county. and going forward this afternoon, should be into the upper 50s there with a partly sunny sky. and another hometown location gaithersburg they're now down to 29 degrees. but it should be in the mid-50s there by midafternoon. anacostia should be hovering right around freezing right now. we'll be in to the upper 50s to near 60 degrees and partly cloudy sky by later this afternoon. a look at this springlike trend here for the week ahead next weather and traffic on the 1s the at 4:41. now melissa, what's happening early on this monday? more road work here 29 north
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at leighton avenue right lane blocked. southbound garden city drive at 50 ramp the ramp blocked at this point for road work. right lane also blocked. rest of prince george's county actually looking quite good. southern portion of the county 270 at old georgetown road moving along just fine. no issues there. overall look at things when i'm back at 4:41. the fbi looking into isis supporters hacking several we were sites. is this a bank in montana you can see it's been replaced with isis material. these online attacks appeared everywhere from business sites ac the u.s. to cities in europe. hackers saying they're affiliated with the islamic state, but security analysts expect no official link to the terror group and it likely could
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be a hoax. they say no information was compromised on the secure sites that were hacked. 4:32. we're learning new information about the moments leading up to the crash that killed a prince george's county officer. officer brennan robane was taking his girlfriend to the apartment. and he shez he turned on his lights to pull someone over for speeding. he lost control and smashed into a backyard fence on greenbelt road. minutes before that crash, a traffic camera caught his cruiser passing through an intercession. police want to speak with the driver of the van also in that video. >> like to speak to people in the minminivan, see what they know. >> weather could have played a factor as well. still unclear what caused him to lose control. he leaves behind a 3-year-old
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daughter. a go fund me site for donations has been set up. police in provides of prince george's county are asking for your help to find this missing 13-year-old. axle was last seen about midnight on saturday near briarwood drive. police say he's 5'6" 110 pounds. he was last seen in a gray sweat shirt with blue jeans and purple shoes. if you think you've seen agsle, call prince george's county police. and police in d.c. are searching for a 12-year-old girl. police tell us kiard rchl a conrad was last seen in northeast. she's will4'11", last seen in a pink jacket with a blue hood. she had on a black skirt with black tights and black boots. d.c. police are asking you to call if you have any information. sarah and jacob have now been missing for six months as of this week. the children were 2 and 3 when they disappeared. according to montgomery county
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police their mother katherine hubble was last with them. she he is in police custody right now. she suffers from paranoid skid frep schizophrenia and are not tell anyone where the children might be. no one of's been arrested for shooting a clerg in thek in the head inside a fast mart. kelly wood survived that shooting. the department says still has not identified the shooter from that surveillance video. d.c. police are looking for a gang of atv riders after they allegedly kicked an officer's cruiser last night. td officer tried to pull a woman over on ap-atv in northwest when a group approached the cruiser and started kicking it. they also drove their atvs toward the officer. the group eventually took off. it is illegal to drive atvs on
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d.c. streets. rockville officials are asking input for redesigning the main roadway, first large scale update in more than 25 years. it reimagines a 2 mile stretch of the road as a multiway boulevard. optimizing public transit and encouraging pedestrian traffic. the hearing is tonight at 7:00 at rockville city hall. tonight vdot will shut down part of the beltway to put up a sign. northbound lanes will be shut down just north of the dulles access road to the legion bridge. lane closures begin at 10:00 p.m.. everything will be back up for your tuesday morning commute. as the temperatures get warmer road crews across the area will be out sweeping up all the sand and salt from our brutal winter. what you need to know to avoid getting a ticket. a special plane is now on a long journey around the gleb. we'll tell you about the unique fuel the aircraft is using. and a look outside. about 40 degrees outside here. tom takes a look at how long the springlike temperatures will last.
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in just a couple of hours, street sweeping starts up again in falls church. they will alternate which side of broad street they clean, so you will have to double check if you don't want to be in their way downtown. you can wait until next week to worry about sweepers in d.c.. they were supposed to start
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today, as well. dpw says it's waiting for the leftover snow to melt away. today on your lunch break, you may want to take advantage of the nice weather and perhaps get your car washed. you might want to plan ahead, though. take a look some people spent a long time waiting in line yesterday in silver spring to get their car washed. the scene was so bad, a police officer had to help direct traffic. we've been covered in leftover salt and residue, it's so dirty. >> and i think that was georgia avenue right below the beltway. i drove through that every gas station, every place that had a car wash yesterday, line was out to the street. >> a today i bet you is the same situation. >> we'll have a really nice day ahead of us. let's check on the forecast right now. your weather and traffic on the 1s. tom, what do you say? >> i got out the garden hose and washed the salt off my car, too. perfect day for that.
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there is a live view from the storm team 4 city camera. lights flashing there at the runway. under a mostly cloudy sky on this monday morning. and as you're getting ready to head out the door you don't need your heavy puffy coat. you can get away with just a couple layers. you won't need your slush boots or hat or umbrella. just a jacket and sun glasses later today even though we still have these warm temperatures some snow still on the ground. when the sun hits the snow it can create snow blindness. temperatures are a little below freezing about rural areas, so some of the snow melt may be a little bit of patchy ice. but for the most part we are above freezing most locations from the shenandoah valley all the way to the bay. mountains, as well, most locations there are a little above freezing in the mid-30s. average high this time of year is 54. going forward over the next seven days today will be right above that in fact should be up
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away 60 degrees later this afternoon. a little below average a high on tuesday. then above average high again on wednesday. then thursday right near that average. then a little bit below average on friday saturday and again on sunday with a few chances of rain over the next seven days. a look at that coming up at 4:51. keep up with all the changes with the storm team 4 weather app, google play and itunes store. we've had some construction early this morning, but looks like overall things are looking pretty good on the roads. >> that's right, tom. overall, we look pretty good. taking a look at the big picture. a couple of construction spots here and there. outer loop near 270, right lane blocked because of road work happening. 355 southbound at woodmont, two left lanes blocked. 66 here just east of sudley road
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looking good. same thing 95 in maryland and bw parkway northbound and southbound no major issues. i'm back at 4:51 with a live look at 95 in maryland. it is a big day for apple. what the tech giant plans to reveal about its new smart watch later today. another unarmed affair cap american teen shot by a police officer. this morning how a community is coming together and turning it into a tea
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i'm angie goff with this unfolding situation out of japan. a stabbing spree in a small town leaves five people dead. we know a neighbor of the victim is being questioned after two men and three women were found, their ages ranging from 60 to 80 years old. no sign of a motive according on police and they still haven't found the weapon.
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eun. a plane flying around the world without any fuel. this solar powered plane successfully took off from abu dhabi today. the pilots of the silver impulse 2 are hoping to apply aroundfly around the world. it uses more than 17,000 solar cells in the wings and four lithium polymer batteries. the backlash over hillary clinton using private echl-mail is quickly growing. president obama has now weighed in and he told chuck todd if clinton keeps quiet it will quote, hurt her. tracie potts live with the latest on this. >> reporter: she's talking about hurting her at a possible 2016 presidential campaign. clinton hasn't declared yet, but she is the top candidate and over the weekend senator dianne feinstein said that not talking out, not speaking out about this
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quickly could hurt a presidential bid because she is basically the only thing democrats have right now. president obama as you said also weighed in in an interview with bill plant. the president said he's glad that at least so far she's spoken out in that tweet urging the state department to release5,000 pages of e-mails she's already turned over. she has apevent echtan event at 11:00 in new york but unclear whether she'll talk about the e-mails. also new this morning, mark lippert could be released from a south korean hospital as early as tomorrow. lippert was injured when a man attacked him with a knife this seoul. he needed 80 stitches. doctors have removed 40 they will remove the rest tomorrow. he told police the attack was a protest against the south core roon korean military exercises.
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more protests expected in madison after an unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a white officer. family and friends held a vigil for tony robinson last night. robinson was shot and killed saturday morning. the officer who shot robinson says he tried to attack him. the wisconsin department of justice is taking over the investigation. parents in had dismadison are turning the shooting into a teachable moment. moms and dads gathered to educate their children about the black lives matter campaign. >> i think in particular it's important for white parts to talk about race with their kids because oftentimes we tend to shy away from that and that's actually a deficit for our children because we live in a very racialized world. >> parents said the main follow is goal is to teach kids that every life matters. today the tech hire program
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is designed to prepare more people for high income tech jobs. according to the white house there are half a million jobs and softwares, computers and programming today. the white house says putting more people in those jobs will increase wages, one part of the economic recovery that has been lagging. and today we could learn when the apple watch will be released. apple is holding its latest event this afternoon. some tech experts say the watch might not take off if the company can't give consumers a reason to buy it especially with the starting price expected to be about 350 bucks. so this morning a special "today" show exclusive, madonna sits down with carson daly to talk about her latest album. she says even though she can be over the top sometimes her four kids treat her like every other parent. >> rocco doesn't care, it just goes over his head. mom thing, mom. the other little kids don't really -- they're not tuned into that frequency yet. and lois horrified by all of
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this. she just wants me to be her mom. >> sounds familiar. you can watch more of the interview on "today" starting at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. 11 before the hour. no relief in sight at the gas pump. aaa says prices are heading even higher this willh month. $2.46 the national average, up 29 cents in just a month. this d.c. a gallon will cost you about $2.55 on average. maryland you're paying around $2.49. in virginia a gallon of regular unleaded averaging $2.030 right now. experts say we're not expected to pay hornmore than $3 a gallon this year. the region was slammed by winter weather and economists now say it cost billions of dollars. ihs global insights says massachusetts alone lost about a billion dollars to lost productivity from the workers and the fact that people stayed
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inside instead of shopping. the company did not say how the weather affected our region this winter, but i'm sure it's pretty bad. let's talk a little basketball. >> basketball. >> not the baseball bees ball. you expect bats, but not bees. you see a swarm infesting spring training in arizona. teams had to delay the start and take a break in the fourth inning as well. finally brought in somebody in the beekeeper suit to spray away the bees. >> i would have to get up and leave. >> game over. >> yes that would be quite frightening. looks like all the people stayed calm. >> and it was beeutiful. we're thinking spring. god to got to 60 yesterday and we'll keep it going.
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last of the deep freeze is gone. we saw that saturday morning. this morning quite a bit of cloudiness. here is your storm team 4 skycast 4 for this monday. quite a bit of cloudiness around this morning, may see a little bit of sunsh in and out this morning. then more sunshine is it develop by noontime. just interest high clouds drifting over the region. and then by late afternoon, mostly sunny with that beautiful temperature of near 60 degrees. then into the evening hours clouds start to close back in again and bringing some rain. i took this picture at dawn yesterday morning. this was at 7:20 after we went to daylight saving time. so sunrises are an hour later, sun sets an hour later, as well. sunrise today, 7:29. the sunset is at 7:09. so dark mornings but we'll have plenty of daylight as we get into the evening hours for today. and this continues as we get into the next several day, of course we'll get those daylight hours lasting lonlonger and longer.
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right now down near freezing in the suburbs and rural areas. some of the snow melt may be creating patchy ice. otherwise just some wetness on the roads from that snow melt. it's in generally above freezing mid-30s shenandoah valley. out in the mountains, mid-30s as well around the bay. low to mid-30s. annapolis, pax river just above freezing. cambridge 36. clinton now at 42. so for the morning drive time, just a little bit of that patchy water on the road from snow melt. we'll be in the upper 30s for most of the region for the morning commute. and then for the afternoon commute, dry roads will have that snow continuing to melt maybe a little bit of water on some roads. but it will be in the upper firts by late in the afternoon for the afternoon commute. and midafternoon temperatures may be early to midafternoon we'll have it up near 60 degree. now, there is some rain down south and all the way into texas. that is eventually going to make its way here. this one batch of rain in the carolinas, that will track south of us for the day ahead.
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but then this other area of rain that is farther to the south and west it's in texas, that looks like it will be making its way in here during the day tomorrow with increasing clouds overnight tonight, we'll be down near 40 by dawn on tuesday. then tuesday afternoon into the low 50s and we'll have that rain moving in maybe around 8:00, 9:00 in the morning coming in from the south. so a wet afternoon and into tuesday night remaining wet with occasional shower maybe drizzle and fog by dawn on wednesday. and then lingering rain through midday wednesday, but we ought to get a little sun back, back up near 60 again. and then on thursday for the mid-50s and poug, here is a look at your weekend, highs a little cooler but should be up around 50 or so on friday saturday, sunday but another chance of rain. this time on the weekend. if you have outdoor plans, may be dodging rain on saturday and sunday. melissa looking at the commute. no rob, but i like your
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forecast better than mine. it's all nice and warm. >> but what is your forecast? >> well, it's okay, but if we have warmth i'm very happy. 95 here at cardinal drive, no problems there. again, i'd rather see 60 degree temperature its and no problems on the roads right? prince george's county no problems here. 95 at cherry hill road no issues. we do have some problem in montgomery county on 29 north at leighton avenue, right lane blocked for you this morning. should be out of the way in a little bit. 2 # 70 270 at shady grove, everything looking good. back at 5:01. it is now 4:54. later today you may feel like taking your lunch break outside. what one city is doing to give you more options for sidewalk dining. and at 5:25 maybe you're still a little groggy from the time change this weekend. the two things you can do to get you you and your family back on schedule after springing
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welcome back. a young man in prince george's county is on the road to recovery right now and he says he hopes he can walk again. he was maimed by a drunk driver a little more than a month ago. that driver took off. hayes lost a leg, his arm, had to be surgeically reattached. he told us how he feels about what happened.
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>> he kept going, but this whole thing's happened. i can't get mad. i have to get used to my life. >> he does not have insurance. his home is not wheelchair accessible, however he said the crash has brought him and his family closer. >> with the weather warming up, it is likely you can feel spring is so close. fredericksburg city council is looking forward to spring as well and discussing rules about dewalk cafes. the meeting is tomorrow and the council will consider expanding rules to include the whole city and not just the downtown area. local arts leaders are now getting involved in the fight over the franklin school in d.c.. the vacant building on 13th and k-streets northwest slated to become a contemporary art museum. but just walks into the office, mayor bowser scrapped that idea citing financial risks. directors from the smithsonian and other private you museums want to meet with bowser now to
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urmg hurnlg reconsider. tonight a public forum at sherwood high school starts at 6:30. larry bower expected to be in attendance. there is a new exhibit you can go to at the capitol. you can see congress investigates at the visitors center. opens at 8:30 this morning. the entrance is off 1st street northeast. that exhibit will show the role congress played in major moments in history like the titanic crash and watergate. sometimes things will happen and congress will have hearings and investigations and you wonder what does congress have to do with that. this is where you can find out. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues now at 5:00 a.m.. a live look outside right now. that thermometer needle hasn't been near 40 at this time of day for a long time. and it's only getting warmer as the day goes on. with the rising temperatures
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tom kierein will help you decide what to wear today for you and your kids. and new details about the moments before a crash that killeded a police officer. good morning i'm air are not gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. we're finally seeing some relief from our long cold brutal winter. temperatures were warm yesterday. hope you enjoyed them. tom, hoping for more of the same today. >> yes, in fact we have clouds hanging in over the city like a blanket holding in some of the warmth from yesterday. there is capitol hill under a mostly cloudy sky. still rather chilly, but most locations above freezing this morning. and then once again another mild afternoon. we can look forward to a springlike week ahead. and at the bus stop still a chill in the air. most locations mid to upper 30s. students boarding buses after that between 8:00 and 9:00, low 40s most of the


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