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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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winter behind us. the spring weather we've been waiting for is finally here. tom kierein is here with the changes your kids will notice at the bus stop. >> indeed we have a milder start this morning. temperature outside our building is upper 40s but elsewhere, it's rather chilly. that's the story throughout morning. but then another mild afternoon on the way similar to what we had yesterday and springlike week ahead. we can look forward to that. all the way into next weekend. temperatures right now are, though in the upper 30s to near 40. nearby suburbs and right in washington. a few spots are new freezing including college park and bowie. gaithersburg a little below freezing. manassas at is leesburg. ft. belvoir at 33. between 8:00 and 9:00, should begin to climb into the low 40s.
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a look at hour by hour milder temperatures for the day ahead coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 6:11. bw parkway southbound at riverdale road we have a three mile backup as you're approaching a crash right there at 410. so a warning there if you want to a kenilworth or route 1 because the volume is building now. crash in the left lane. yellow line delays to mt. vernon square. wide look, overall looking good with the exception of bw parkway headed in to town. 66 at the virginia visitor center no problems. looks like a little bit of volume but no real stoppages. and right now overall prince george's county actually looking quite good. so no major issues there. 95 in maryland bw parkway in and out of town, until youed hit beltway, just fine. travel times coming up. your time is 6:02. some major issues you should
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know about on marc. penn line bowie state station is closed. service at odenton station seriously slowed down. a wheel on an amtrak train lost contact with tracks on friday causing a lot of damage to the tracks in that area. it's being fixed for at least the next few days. 6:02. new details about the moments leading up to the crash that killed age's county police officer. brennan rabain died when he lost control of his cruiser. richard jordan is live outside the police department with who police are looking for this morning in connection with this crash. >> reporter: aaron good morning. today police officers are trying to locate the driver of a minivan that was seen on a traffic camera who may have had a good vantage point and may be a good eyewitness for police investigators. 26-year-old brennan rabain was killed early saturday morning around 3:00 in the morning just off of goodluck road and greenbelt. that's where he lost control of his police cruiser and crashed
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into a wooden fence. rabain had his girlfriend in his police cruiser with him, he was off duty at the time. he was taking her to her apartment when he spotted this vehicle speeding past him. he decided to try to attempt a traffic stop, so he turned on his lights and siren, went in pursuit of that vehicle. that's when he lost control and hit that fence there. it may sound unusual that rabain had a passenger with him in the car although he was off duty tried to pursue the vehicle. the police chief saying that he did not violate protocol, that it seems rabain was following proper procedure, that he did nothing wrong here. now, there was a traffic camera in the area that spotted this minivan that was near the police cruiser just before the accident. police trying to locate the driver of that minivan who may be able to provide some additional information in the investigation. the dash camera in the cruiser was not working at the time. so that traffic camera is the best advise i don't of the
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accident. richard jordan, news 4.i don't of the accident. richard jord. tell lowe fellow officers have set up a go fund me site for his family. we've put a link in the nbc washington app. today police department says it's been considering a body camera program for about a year now. the cost and your privacy are the major concerns. the department says it could start using cameras as early as this year. right now japan's stunned by a stabbing spree that has left five people dead. the victims all from a small town. we know that it involves two men, three women, all of them between the ages of 60 and 80 years old. police questioning a neighbor, but still at this point they don't have a motive or even the weapon. 6:04. sarah and jacob hubble have been missing for six months. the children were 2 and 3 when
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they disappeared. their mother katherine, was last with them and she's in police custody. however, she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and won't tell anyone where the children might be. in annapolis, a lot of people will be pushing for the purchase people line.e line. advocates say they're worried larry hogan will cut funding. it would connect prince george's county and montgomery counties between new carrollton and bethesda. tonight you can learn more about a major utility project along virginia's route 1. vdot is hosting a pardon our dust meeting at 6:00 p.m.. crews are making changes to utilities ahead of a huge interchange project that begin there is 2016. that project include as new bridge raised medians and better pedestrian new bridge, raised medians and bett. tonight's meeting is at okay with a quan.
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actions taken against students late last night after a video goes viral. and you can leave the winter coat in the closet as we enjoy the mildest morning temperatures we've seen in quite a while. 39 degrees in washington, d.c.. what you can expect on your way to and from work with your hour by hour forecast. plus news that could help parents be put at ease with younger kids. why we may have seen the worst of the flu season.
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welcome back. the number of flu cases in virginia is dropping fast. the health department tells the virginia pilot the flu is no longer considered widespread. eats been widespread for the past 11 week. five children died from the flu
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this season including a fifth grader in loudoun county. less than an hour from how, street sweeping starts in falls church. you should double check if you don't want to be in their way. and you can wait until next week to worry about sweepers in d.c.. they were supposed to start today, as well, but dpw pushed them back until next week. the department says it's waiting for all the leftover snow to melt away. hopefully we'll see the pothole guys in the mix, too. >> there was so much snow and ice, i still see piles of it. i just want to go away. >> and i'm hoping tom, we can get a lot more of that melting away. >> we have mountains of snow in many parking lots. probably going to take another month for all the big mountains to smelt, but certainly getting melting today. a live view overlooking northeast washington. dark area is rock creek pargk. we have a lot of clouds around
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holding in the warmth. but in the generally mid to upper 30s now a few locations suburb rural areas down near freezing. and later today, quickly jumping. look at our temperature graph, jumping into the 50s. by noontime, 60 060. by midafternoon partly sunny sky. a look at our next chances for rain next weather and traffic on the 1s. breaking news, we're talking about southbound bw parkway, again, at arriveriverdale road about a 3 1/2 mile backup and those are building. it is pretty nasty. stretching all the way up to the inner loop as you're trying to get on to bw parkway. chopper 4 over that scene for us this morning. we've been pushing it out, as well. yellow line delays to mt. vernon square. no problems 270 and outer look. 66 east is okay. you're about eight minutes behind 95 north from quantico to the beltway.
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finding the safest car for your teen aimedmim aged driver. and the weather in the day ahead may have you wanting to skip work. maybe head down to the tidal basin or jefferson memorial there. chuck well will join us live next.
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today on your lunch break you may want to take advantage of the nice weather, maybe get the car washed or wait until after i did plin soo mine so i don't wait in line. some people spent a long time waiting in line for a wash yesterday. the scene was pretty chaotic. they had to bring a police officer in to help direct traffic through what is already really a busy intersection. >> and spring just weeks away and the warmer weather makes us feel like it's already here. >> chuck bell live along the tidal basin now to tell us when it will arrive. we're getting so close. >> reporter: we are getting closer. and our director and produce he were teasing me they're like
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you're still in a heavy coat you're supposed to be talking about spring. here is the key. this is not the puffy down parka that i've been wearing for the last two month. just back to the wool top coat. no hat, no gloves, no t-shirt. only two layers, not four or five. may not look too much different to you, but there is a real difference and as a result as you're planning to get outside and enjoy the day today, you didn't need quite so much layers. high temperatures later on today, a big jump in temperatures from the 30s now up into the upper 50s and low 60s. fredericksburg about 63 today. 59 here in washington. the lone exception that won't get much of a warm-up, we were shore communities along the chesapeake bay. any hint of a bay breeze will keep those temperatures low because bay water temperatures are only in the 30s. aaron, back in to you. i'm sure you're still wearing your puffy coat though. >> no, i'm top coat too. right there with you. i'm learning chuck. thanks a lot. coming up on 17 after 6:00.
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a fraternity at the university of oklahoma is set to close and all its members suspended after the group reportedly made a racist video. this is a look at the police presence. the video shows members taking part in a racist chant against black people. we will know show you that video here. shortly after it appeared online someone vandalized the fraternity house. it appears to say tear it down. the group's national headquarters released a statement saying it was embarrassed by the behavior. we're looking to learn the identity of a woman murdered in d.c.. yesterday police received a call about an unconscious woman lying in the street on sherman avenue. police say she had been stabbed several time. and a man killed in a different part of columbia heights, saturday night someone shot and killed dionte bathea.
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today the frompresident will announce the tech hire program. the white house says putting more people in those jobs will increase wages. one part of the which i can recover economic recovery lagging behind. and several u.s. websites were hacked by someone claiming to be of a fitaffilated with isis. this bank is just one of a handful of businesses that was hacked. security analysts say they have not found an official link to the terror group and that this is likely a hoax. officials say no information was compromised on the security sites. at least one person was killed in a roof collapse at a coal mine in west virginia. this accident happened last night at the marshall county coal mine near morgantown. at least two other miners were hurt. state and federal mine tishls will work with the owner of the to determine the cause. the massive snowstorms that pummeled new england this winter
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have cost state there is billion of dollars in productivity. the fact people stayed inside instead of going out to shop. the company did not say how much the cold weather cost our region. chances are your body is still adjust to go daylight saving time. specialists say it really does take a few dayses. experts say make sure you eat a healthy breakfast open your blinds let in the 1u7b light, also skip the alcohol and caffeine for a few days if you can do that. and dipm the light at bed tile.timebedtime. most of us loose an average of 28 minutes. >> dove troubleid you have trouble getting to sleep last night? >> i did. always takes a while. 6:20. we're waking up to temperatures 47 outside out studios here. feels great. >> tom kierein here now with
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more on our spring like forecast. >> and with daylight saving time we have darker mornings. sunrises now are an hour later. i took this photo just about ten minutes before sunrise yesterday morning. that was around 7:20. sun just beginning to brighten the sky. and sunrise today at 7:29. sun set at 7:09. so darker mornings but brighter evenings as we've gone back it daylight saving time. and temperatures are going to be quickly jumping today as we just saw with chuck up near 60 degrees. low 60s to our south and west. and here is what to wear today. just not your puffy coat. you can wear fleece maybe over a couple of layers. you won't need the slush boots, hat or umbrella but you will they'd sunglasses with any sunshine bouncing off what remains of the snow it can give you temporary snow blindness. so wear your sunglasses later today. college park at the freezing
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mark a little below freezing in gaithersburg. and farther to our weather, temperatures hovering right near freezing. but in northwest washington we're in the 40s downtown right on the nearly frozen potomac river at 39. huntington calvert at 32. maybe a little bit of wetness on the roads from snow melting and maybe some of the freezing a little bit. watch out for that upper 30s for the morning commute. and then that sunshine breaking out from time to time in the afternoon drying out some of that moisture on the roads. we'll be in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees during the afternoon and for the afternoon commute back down to the mid-50s. then near 40 by dawn tuesday. tomorrow rain likely moves in mid to late morning, off and on rain in the afternoon with highs low 50s. maybe some drizzle and fog with some light rain on tuesday night into wednesday midday. then sun back in the afternoon with highs they're 60 wednesday. then near the average high on thursday mid-50s a little chillier friday into the weekend. another chance of rain on saturday and again on sunday. look at home up to highs today
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coming up next weather and traf bw parkway southbound at 410, you can see chopper 4 over the scene, crash off to the left. you'll have to stay right. might want to take an alternate just to avoid this. we're talking about a 4 mile backup at this point. bw parkway southbound approaching 410 there. so definitely want to do something else here this morning. have a report of a pedestrian struck in frederick, trying to get more information on this. police on the scene. normal service now has resumed on the yellow line. belt way not looking so bad. you can see outer loop, problem on bw parkway. and then a little slow 66 inbound inside the beltway. 66 in general a little slow through manassas and 95 slow all the way there dale city up to the beltway. it's 6:23. and be prepared to pay even more
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for gas this month. aaa says prices are heading even higher. national average is $2.46 for regular unleaded right now. that's up 29 cents in just a month. in d.c., a gallon will cost you about $2.55. in maryland around $2.49. in virginia, gallon is averaging $2.30 this morning. experts do say though that prices won't rise above $3 a gallon this year. if you're looking for a car for your son or daughter, there is a new list of some of the safest and most affordable on the road. consumer reports released a list of safest used cars for teen drivers under $10,000. consumer reports says it picked them based on safe speeds and stopping distances and how they handled in an emergency. i'll tweet out the list for you here. we're also putting it on 6:24. it is normal to be a little nervous before a big test, but some students develop severe
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anxiety that can affect performance. chronic worriers and perfectionists tend to struggle with test anxiety more. symptoms include stomachaches, tension headaches, feeling shaky or sweaty and sometimes throwing up. >> if they're not sleeping or maybe not eating or maybe overeating. procrastination. any change in behavior that is typical from what you normally see. >> there are ways to help your child if he or she has test anxiety. you can teach your child relaxation techniques including deep breathing and positive thinking. and reduce stress at home by having no extra plans during test weeks. make sure they're getting enough food and sleep, as well. turns out the jobs that make people happiest don't necessarily pay the most. s's all about social interaction. bliss asked people how happy they were with their job and ranked the issues. the school principal came in at number one followed by executive chef and loan officer.
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it looks like jobs that you really have to like what you're doing in order to sign up. you can't be a school principal or chef if you're not love wlag you're doing. >> i wouldn't have guessed those ever at the top of the list. you know it's a high stress job. >> and same with executive chef. a lot going on in the kitchen. new developments overnight in the attack that left a u.s. ambassador seriously hurt in south korean. what we're learning about list condition this morning a get out of the hospital. parents fighting back about a plan to move kids to different schools. and it's not warm enough to jump in to the potomac river i'd imagine, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the warmest weather we've seen in a really long time. high temperatures you'll see it your neighborhood at 6:31.
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the story you'll be talking about all day. all the snow we were dealing with last night, it will feel like ancient history this morning. we have some of the mildest temperatures we've seen in a long tile. tom kierein is live with the temperatures you'll see in your neighborhood today. >> saw a live picture of the jefferson memorial. tidal basin still covered with ice this morning. watch out for a little patchy ice in some neighborhoods including anacostia where some of the snow melted. maybe it was wet on the sidewalk and it may be freezing up. there now at 30 degrees. later today, though it will be in the upper 50s to near 60. and in prince william county dale city, a little above freezing there right now. but should soar to the upper 50s there under a partly sunny sky by mid to late afternoon. and in gaithersburg montgomery county well below freezing there now.
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upper 20s. so watch out for a little patchy ice there as well as many of the rural areas this morning. then by this afternoon, should be making it into the mid-50s with a partly cloudy sky. that strong march sun melting more snow putting more maybe moisture on the roads. likely we won't have a refreeze overnight tonight. at 6:41 a look at our spring like temperatures for the next seven days. our biggest issue, all of the slowdowns on bw parkway southbound at riverdale road. the accident now is out of the way. you can see chopper 4 over the scene here. however, those delays remain. so we're talking about a 4 mile backup as you're approaching riverdale road here. so an alternate might be a good idea. beltway at colesville a little
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slow with volume, but nothing terrible at this point. 270 southbound coming out of frederick, a little slow here through urbana and then it gets really slow as you're headed through clarksburg. opens up and then slow again through montgomery village. northbound lanes are open. taking a look at prince george's county overall looking good. spoke with police frederick situation, report of a pedestrian hit gas house pike at progress drive, sounds like either it's private property so not affecting traffic. i'm back in ten minutes with some travel times. new this morning, mark lippert could be released from a south korean hospital as early as tomorrow. lippert was injured last week when a man attacked him with a knife in seoul. he needed 80 stitches. this morning doctors removed 40. they will remove the rest tomg. the suspect is in custody. he told police the attack was a
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protest against the annual u.s. south corekorean military exercises. and donna edwards is expected to announce tomorrow that she will run for senator barbara mikulski's seat. it's a sign maryland voters are in for a heated primary battle. chris van hollen has already put his name in the hat. the backlash over hillary clinton using private e hail while secretary of state is quickly growing. president obama has thousand weighed in. and a powerful senate democrat told chuck todd if clinton does not explain this better it will, quote, hurt her. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. that was dianne feinstein and she was talking about hurting her in the 2016 election if hk decides to run. over the weekend feinstein says she needs to speak out. she's probably the most promise promt democrat who has said that. pressure is mounting from both
6:33 am
sides for hillary clinton to say something about the e-mails. and they may get a chance today. she has an event coming up in about five hours in new york frn is listening to see if she will address the e-mails. and you mentioned president obama spoke out over the weekend. he said that he's glad she's tweeted, but again there is growing pressure especially from critics to address why she has the e-mails on a server attracie thank you. there is a new petition out against restricting. some parents believe the school board is giving preferential treatment to wealthy family. the board drew up the plan to solve overcrowding. the petition says the plan makes low income families travel farther while wealthier families
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stay close to home. the sheriff's department in spotsylvania is still searching for a man who shot a clerk in the head. it's been a year. kelly wood survived that shooting and the surgeries that followed. the department says despite hundreds of tips it still hasn't identified the shooter from that d.c. police are searching for a gang of atv riders that alledgedly kicked am officer'sn officer's cruiser. the officer tried to pull over a woman on an atv and a group approached the cruiser and started kicking it and also drove their atvs toward the officer. the group took off. no arrests have been made. it is illegal to drive atvs on d.c. streets. your ride on marc should be easier. starting today, more trains are being added to the camden line. they will operate in both the mornings and afternoons. later today, rockville city officials will ask for your help as they redesign the city's main roadway. the drafted rockville pike plan
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is the road's first large scale update in horn 25 years. it reimagines a 2 mile stretch as a multiway boulevard that encourages more walking and use of public transportation. there is a hearing tonight at 7:00 at rockville city hall. protesters taking to the streets of wisconsin after death much an unarmed teen at the hands of a police officer. what we're learning about the shooting and the next steps in the investigation when we go live to madison. making sure you make to work on time today. emergency repairs being made that could lead to long delays on marc. plus maybe take a little time to enjoy the outdoors today as we finally get the chance to enjoy a tasterare tracking how introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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the leading allergy pill only controls one, flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase the 24 hour relief that outperforms the #1 allergy pill. so go ahead , inhale life. new flonase. six is greater than one. this changes everything.
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a plane is flying around the world, get this without any fuel. the swiss solar powered plane successfully took off from abu dhabi today. pilots of the solar impulse 2 are hoping to fly around the world and return to the middle east in june. three stops are planned in the u.s. during the journey. it can fly day and night. it uses more than 17,000 solar cells in the wings and four lit crumb polymer batteries without any fuel. pretty wild. >> stuff. >> a great journey. so how would you feel aaron, if i said that we may have 60 degree temperatures today? >> my mood has changed since last week with all the snow. we got rid of the snow it's warming up the sunshine. just awesome. that is also the weather we're looking at today. chuck bell live at the titledal basin to tell us more about the spring -- uh-oh.
6:40 am
>> reporter: working hard. like the truck says we're working for you. i'm doing all the work. >> he's begging for a car wash. >> i'm washing the you read that? >> think spring. >> reporter: exactly right. i have wash me on the back and we want snow on the other side. so think spring. and we'll be able to keep doing that as well. high temperatures today, easily going to be making it in to the upper 50s and low 60s. before our average high today. and again on wednesday another warm day coming. but there are no freezing temperatures on the seven day forecast. i've been doing a little digging. we have not gone seven days in a row at national airport without a freeze since the end of december. and now here we are just 12 more days before we get to spring "time". melissa, if you need me to get work on your car just let me
6:41 am
know what message you want written. >> no more snow, please clean me thank you chuck bell. any of those things are perfect. southbound pwbw parkway, our biggest problem. travel times in virginia not terrible. 95 north quantico to the beltway, about ten minutes behind. 270 south, ten minutes behind. see you in a couple miptd snutes. excitement is building for the laidlate e. ap he will apple either.
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whoa, this is a lunchbox not a halloween bag. rrrrr...a natural beauty. you're making me melt. shall we? mini babybel is 100% natural cheese and a whole lot of fun. mini babybel. snack a little bigger!
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young black and gifted! >> crowds gathering in madison to remember the life of a young black man killed by a police officer there. the incident is drawing comparisons to what we saw in ferguson missouri. we're working on to get you up
6:45 am
to the minute the meant you'reinute you're up. let's start with the springlike weather. >> feeling wintry now as temperatures are in the low 30s, below freezing parts of northern virginia. so watch out some of the water from the snow melt yesterday may be refreezing as well as in machinery county and prince george's county. near 40 now in washington. >> southbound bw parkway at 410, might want to take route 1 instead. 11 miles per hour. chopper 4 over maryland 50 through hyattsville, inbound quite slow as well. more protests are expected in madison, wisconsin today after an unarmed black teen was shot and killed by a police officer, white police officer. 19-year-old tony robinson was killed saturday morning. ron allen is in madison this morning with how the community is demanding answers. >> reporter: they are demanding answers. the accident happened in that gray house behind me. you can see there is a memorial
6:46 am
set up to the young 19-year-old man being required as a recent graduate of a local high school here on his way to a technical college, swoon withomeone with a bright future, also a fast, some trouble with the law. there was some kind of a disturbance in the streets. police officer followed the young man into the home responded to some kind of a disturbance di after that are unclear. police say the officer was assaulted and opened fire. as this point the state department of justice is investigating. an outside independent agency is involved so there is impartiality but people are demanding to know why whatever happened had to end with the young man dead. back to you. >> ron allen live for us. we'll have much more of his reporting today on the "today" show. also today, montgomery county police are take one step closer to starting a body camera program. the police chief and members of the county council are meeting this afternoon. the department says it's been considering a body camera
6:47 am
program for about a year now. you could see officers wearing cameras sometime in the next 12 months. new information about the moments leading up to the crash take killed a prince george's county police officer. 26-year-old brennan rabain was killed saturday morning after losing control of his cruiser. richard jordan is live outside police headquarters in palmer park with more. >> reporter: good morning. today police officers trying to locate a driver who was behind the wheel of a minivan that may have had a good perspective of the crash, may be a good eyewitness for them to get additional information. brennan rabain lost control of his cruiser early saturday morning. he crashed his vehicle in to a wooden gate just off of goodluck road and greenbelt. now, at the time of the accident rabain had his girlfriend with him in the cruiser. he was dropping her off at home. he was off duty at the time. he sees this speeding vehicle and then attempts to make a
6:48 am
traffic stop tries to pull that vehicle over. it was in the process of pursuing the vehicle that he was involved in the crash and lost his life. now, the police chief says that rabain followed procedure, that it was appropriate for him to have his girlfriend in the vehicle with him and that to try to make this it stop once he saw that speeding vehicle. so his actions are not in question here. the dash cam was not working at the time so traffic camera video is the best video that police have in this investigation and that video show as minivan near the police cruiser just before the crash happened. police trying to locat the driver of that minivan to see if perhaps they they might have additional information that could help in the investigation. richard jordan, news 4. officer rabain's fellow officers are trying to help his family during this difficult time. they have set up a go fund me site for donations. we've put a link on the nbc
6:49 am
washington app. it has been six months now since two toddlers went missing in montgomery county. jacob and sarah were 2 and 3 when they disappeared. according on montgomery county police, their mother kathserine, was last with them. she suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and won't tell anyone where the children might be. police in prince george's county are asking for your help to find this missing 13-year-old boy. axle mor was last seen saturday near briarwood drive. police tell us he's 6'5", 110 pounds. he was wearing a gray sweat shirt with through jeans and purple shoes. if you think you've seen axle, call prince george's county police. in nigeria, a military ground assault is launched against boko haram. villagers saying they witnessed 200 vehicles with soldiers entering the country. they are taking on the islamic militants who recently pledged
6:50 am
allegiance to isis. boko haram kidnapped hundreds of school girls last year and nearly 12,000 people have died. today you may see a group wearing purple in annapolis making a push for the purple line. the light rail project would connect new carrollton to bethesda. advocates say they're worried larry hogan plans to cut the funding. they're meeting with maryland lawmakers to talk about it tonight. we're expecting to learn more about apple's latest hot gadget. landon dowdy has more on the apple smart watch including some prices "4 your money". apple is holding an event in san francisco today where the company is expected to reveal more details about its new smart watch. the base model starts at $349. but analysts think the higher
6:51 am
end version including a gold watch could cost $8,000 or more. apple also may say how consumer can upgrade the device. it goes on sale next month. did aaron ever get you the diamond encrusted one? >> we're waiting for that one. thousand we have another option because we have the gold apple watch for a school $8,000. >> now that i have my mike on and aaron can hear me we will settle for the $8,000 one. >> you keep planning and we'll see what isn't happen. thank you, landon. >> the diamond encrusted sounds really nice. >> it does. 6:51. >> so does the theweather. >> let's talk about the stellar forecast. >> if you liked yesterday, you'll love today. got to near 60 yesterday afternoon and today we'll do it again. more crowds around, though today than we had yesterday. storm team 4 skycast 4 showing quite a bit of cloudiness through the morning, but during the afternoon, we begin to clear out and by noontime should be partly cloudy.
6:52 am
rest of the afternoon, high clouds drifting over us and then will this evening by sunset, we'll have our clouds continuing to roll in ahead of some rain moving in. i took this picture yesterday morning about 15 minutes before sunrise. you can see it was pretty dark but this was around 7:15 or so. sunrise today at 7:29 as we go to daylight saving time. sunset 7:09. so darker mornings and brighter evenings for the next few days. temperatures are near or a little below freezing nearby suburbs an a little above washington and right by the chesapeake bay. at the bus stop in the 30s. then beginning to climb in the to the 40s with breaks in the clouds. it should melt anymore snow that we continue to have around putting water on roads through the morning. and then the afternoon we'll have sunshine drying the roads and temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees by mid afternoon. p this is lake holiday just north of winchester, still ice covered there.
6:53 am
this photo posted on my facebook page. post yours as we also as as well as on twitter. this one batch of rain will pass south of us, but oots oneanother one in texas will move our way during the day tomorrow. and then lingering rain on wednesday afternoon highs near 60 with a little sun back. near the average high of 54 on thursday friday a bit cooler high near 50. another chance of rain this time on the weekend, keep that in mind for your weekend outdoor plans. could get wet saturday and again sunday. maryland 50 in-bound you can see a little slow here through hyattsville. this is chopper 4 over the scene. thought we had an accident there. just seeing a lot of volume. south bound bw parkway at slow downs there from an earlier crash. wide look at things, overall pretty typical. inner loop a little slower than
6:54 am
normal. 66 at german towne road looking quite good. 95 into town a little slow. bw outside the beltway, a tad slow. 95 after dale city about 45 miles per hour northbound. major issues on marc trains to tell you about. the rails are still running but on the penn line you can't use the bowie state station at all. also on that line, service at the odenton station is limited. a wheel on an amtrak train lost contact with the tracks on friday that caused big damage to the tracks in that area. they are being fixed for at least the next few days. tonight a you can learn more about a major utility project along virginia route 1. vdot is hosting a pardon our dust meeting at 6:00. crews are making changes to utilities ahead of a huge project that begins in 2016 including a new bridge raised medians and better pedestrian
6:55 am
access. tonight's meeting is at occoquan wood bridge lorton volunteer fire department station two. arts leaders are speaking up and getting involved in the fight over the franklin school in d.c.. the vacant building on 13th and k northwest was slated to become a contemporary art museum but just weeks in to office, mayor bowser scrapped that citing financial risks. according to the "washington post," directors from the smithsonian and other private museums want to meet with bowser to urmgge her to reconsider. this morning madonna sits do with carson daly to talk about her latest album. she says even though she can be over the top sometimes, her four kids treat her like every other parent. >> rocco didn't care. it just goes over his head. like mom's being mom. the other little kids don't really -- they're not tuned this to that frequency yet. lola is horrified. she just wants me to be her mom.
6:56 am
>> and you can watch more of madonna's exclusive interview on "today" starting at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. 6:56. here are four thints r things to know. apple expected to reveal the release daftte of the apple watch. twooddlers have you now been gone for six months. jacob and sarah were 2 and 3 when they disappeared. and a from a teschh fraternity set to be closed after they made a racist video. and police looking for the driver of a black minivan that may have information about a weekend crash that killed a police officer. and we have the first light spreading across the region. there is the dawn sky. later today another mild day after a chilly morning. we'll make it up to near 60 this afternoon. slowdowns 50 inbound in maryland near 410, a little
6:57 am
slower than we normally see it. longer delays than we typically see for this time of morning. and south bound bw parkway again at 410, running about 21 miles per hour. had a 4 mile backup there. >> thank you melissa. that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back with weather, traffic and any breaking news. and until then, have a great da
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
. good morning. taking it to the streets. a third straight night over theed deadly police sheeting of an unarmed black teenager. we talk to the chief of police as that investigation moves forward and more protests are planned. not a word despite top democrats speaking out on the scandal. the former secretary of state remains quiet. is her silence sending the wrong message. unacceptable. a fraternity under fire after a video surfaces over members engaged in a racist chant. the chapter close


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