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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 10, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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y else. >> we're working to find out what the chemicals are. today a local group called d.c. ferguson will protest at the police oversight hearing in the district. saying police unfairly target minorities during the stops. the d.c. police deny the allegations. the d.c. chief will review the performance in the past year. today maryland lawmakers will take a look how the state might be able to use drones. senators are slated to hear a bill that calls for a study for potential uses. it's supposed to explore privacy and safety concerns. we'll let you know when donna edwards announces her plans to run for u.s. senate. she's expected to run for mccull sky's open seat. edwards is a u.s. representative. another representative chris value hole lane is running for
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the seat. he represents montgomery county and all the members of the county council endorsed him. he's your congressman if you live in frederick or carol counties. your weather and traffic every ten minutes on the 1s. tom kierein hoping we get more spring weather. yesterday was wonderful! >> yeah. it got to 62 yesterday. overnight it got chilly. it's in the 30s. at the bus stop you need a light jacket. it's going to be chilly and you need an umbrella by later today. for the morning the bus stop will stay dry. we'll be hovering around 40 degrees. what to wear? have the umbrella ready because during the afternoon we'll have the rain coming down. also have your rain boots. we could have ponding of water around the curbs. that's going to be moving in as rain approaches us. right now it's in the kentucky and tennessee and farther south and west. the rain advancing to the north and east.
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just now coming to southwestern virginia western north carolina. it is on a conveyer belt track with upper level flow coming to the metro area by late this morning, maybe around noontime for your lunch hour. we'll see that begin to move through. a look at when the rain will be heaviest hour by hour. that's coming in next weather and traffic on the 1s at 4:41. how are the roads? >> overall no major issues now. a couple of things happening. first of all, in prince george's county looking pretty good into and out of town. we have the problem where richard jordan was. route 1 northbound at ikeaway. it's a small section of the right lane. 95 north of 234 here we have a crash with the right lane taken up here. i believe it involves a tractor trailer. we're starting to see, as you can see, some volume and slow down because of the accident off
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to the right side of the roadway. beltway everything running nicely. i'm back at 4:41. we'll take another look at that crash. guys? a developing story out of argentina. we learned that two helicopters possibly collided. two choppers filming a european reality show are believed to crashed into each other killing all ten people. an olympics gold medal swimmer and boxing champion from france among those killed. no word on what caused the crash. >> thank you. no amtrak delays this morning at union station. that's despite a crash that injured more than 60 people. a train traveling to d.c. and eventually to new york yesterday hit a tractor trailer that was stuck on the tracks. one of the train's cars toppled over. as many as 60 people were hurt. the farmer family was heading
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north for spring break. >> we heard the breaks come on and there was the impact. >> are you okay? >> we're okay. >> this is the third serious commuter train crash in less than two months. two deadly crashes in new york and california last month killed a total of seven people and injured 30. investigators in prince george's county are trying to figure out how a man died in this frigid pond. dive teams pulled the man from a pond in brandywine yesterday afternoon. they were unable to revive him. rescuers believe the man was in the water for at least 50 minutes before they pulled him out. we're working to find details this morning on a stair collapse in arlington, virginia that left three people trapped. the stairs in front of this house on north madison street collapsed sending two adults and a child into the hole below. the two adults were taken to the hospital. everyone is expected to recover. it's unclear what caused that
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collapse. new this morning, maryland governor larry hogan facing problems with the cabinet nominees. the state senate delayed the confirmation of five nominees according to the washington post. a committee received letters raising questions about two of them. the committee pushed back nominations by one week to investigate the letter's claims. teachers in montgomery county schools could be facing serious job cuts next year. interim superintendent larry bauer said he has to hold back 370 jobs including more than 150 teaching positions. it will mean increased class sizes. he said he's making the decision now because the county council may not be able to fully fundl board's budget request. we know when a prince george's county police officer wie laid to rest. the funeral is this thursday in temple hills. he died in a crash this past weekend. police say he crashed into a fence while trying to stop a speeding car.
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does it seem like your kids have spent as much time at home this winter as school? you might be right. we'll take a look how many snow days they wrapped up this year. help keep your kids safe on the way to school. which school districts are handing out the most tickets from the bus cameras. another look at the radar this morning. a lot of rain heading our way. tom has a look at your timing hour by hour at 4:41
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kids in loudoun county have spent nearly as much time home this year than in school. the county is reporting 12 snow days five two 0-hour delays and planned holiday, and a conference day. fewer days in school has meant that teachers are adjusting course schedules to make sure that students can catch up before exams. the county will not be able to gain back lost time. the school doesn't allow for lost time until 15 days have been cancelled. after the snow comes the big thaw. temperatures rose to the 40s in boston yesterday. huge chunks of ice fell on parked cars. this is in a parking lot in downtown boston. an estimated 75 pounds of ice fell. four vehicles damage there had. boston had the snowiest february
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on record. you know that's what comes later. the melting and, you know -- >> where does it all go? >> into the ground. >> right. it's muddy and yucky! >> yesterday it was a squishy mess. you couldn't avoid it. a live look outside for you this morning. nothing falling from the sky yet. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with a chance for rain. >> it's going to get squishier and muddier. the rain is pretty far away. it's out here into kentucky and tennessee leading edge of that coming to southwestern virginia. and the timing making it right into the metro area still aboutsix and a half hours away. maybe around 11:00 or noontime the first rain drops move in. clear sky and temperatures a little below freezing. some of the rural areas in maryland and virginia this includes frederick, dulles. reagan national at 40 degrees. prince george's county fairfax
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a little bit above freezing. hour by hour for the day ahead mid to upper 30s 8:00 a.m. near 50 by noontime and hoovering in the low 50s the rest of the afternoon with rain off and on and fog developing as well by late this afternoon into early this evening as temperatures hold steady through the evening. a look at the next chances for rain later this week. it's coming up at 4:51. a look at the roads with melissa. problems on 95. >> problems on 95. 95 northbound north of 234 here. you can see we have the right lane block the. police on the scene because of the crash. a little slow through the section otherwise it's not a problem for you. a little bit of volume as the people try to get through the crash. southbound with the lane blocked at 234 a different accident. route 1 northbound at ikea way.
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we have the water main break. the northbound lanes only thing affected. it's the right side of the roadway. we have the left lane open. northbound at connecticut avenue construction there. new developments on the racism controversy at the oklahoma fraternity. this morning the new revelations that are prompts an investigation of several other frat houses around the country. we've seen them and felt them. now we have a new way for you to get arou
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new this morning we're hearing for the first time from the u.s. ambassador who was slashed in a knife attack in seoul, south korea. take a listen. >> all things considered, i mean it was obviously a scary
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incident but i'm walking, talking, holding my baby you know hugging my wife. so i just feel really good. >> u.s. ambassador to south korea there mark lip earthpert was released from the hospital. after he was cut on the face and wrist from an anti-u.s. activist. the alleged attacker could face murder charges. aaron? >> angie, thank you. a developing story this morning. sigma alpha open sill lon is looking into the chapters around the country after it closed the one in oklahoma university. they were reported singing about lynching black people. they had their memberships suspended and required to leave the frat by today. sae received reports of incidents in several schools. >> we did embrace diversity and somewhere along the line
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everything went off the rails. >> we've also learned the delta sorority at oklahoma is under investigation for the involvement in the viral racist video. republicans in the senate are defending their decision to bypass the white house and sent a letter directly to iranian leaders about nuclear negotiations. democrats in the senate are crying sabotage. president obama and vice president joe biden are responding. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill on the latest. >> good morning everyone. that letter was signed by 47 the vast majority of the 54 republicans in the senate. it tells iran that any nuclear deal they make with president obama cannot only must be ratified by congress but also could be signed away by the next e departm said that's not completely true and the white house is responding. also president obama said it's
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ironic that cong is siding with iran's hard liners. vice president joe biden issued a statement overnight saying it was a dangerous mistake trying to undercut the president in the middle of the sensitive negotiations. secretary of state john kerry is back with iran's foreign minister on sunday just five days from now, trying to seal the deal. iran's foreign minister called the letter propaganda. >> tracy pots thank you. making college affordable. that's president obama's message as he heads to atlanta today. he's speaking at georgia tech and the president will promote his america's college promise initiative. allowing two years of free community college to students who qualify. he'll talk about the importance of further education and investing in education. a funeral service will be held today for edward brooke in d.c. he was the country's first black senator and died on saturday. brooke represented massachusetts but he grew up here and graduated from howard university. the funeral happening at 11:00 a.m.
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it could be a huge step forward for medical marijuana in this country. a bipartisan group of senators expected to introduce a bill that would end the federal prohibition on medical marijuana. patients doctors, businesses in the states that already legalized medical marijuana could participate without fear of federal prosecution. republican senator rand paul who is considering a run of president is one of the bill's sponsors. new video of the two 600-foot tanker that collided causing a chemical spill. >> gasoline additive leaked from one of the damage tankers. the additive is flammable and causes dizziness and suffocation. the ships collided in heavy fog in the houston shipping channel. not known how much of the substance leaked into the water. today in montgomery county the council will be working on changes to the rules for taxis.
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it's considering significant changes to how all of those services are regulated. today taxi unions and dispatch issues will also be discussed. caught on camera and forced to pay. drivers in montgomery county have now paid thousands of dollars in fines for passing stopped school buses. a survey by aaa found that montgomery county issued more than a thousand stop arm camera tickets. this added up to $129,000 in fines. montgomery county has the most cameras out of the four local counties. new video shows the dangers of riding the metro drunk. it shows a man stumbling on the platform at the mount vernon station. he appears to be boarding a train but fell between two rail cars. the second train started moving another rider on the platform described what happened next. >> the train rolled away and it seemed like it was taking forever to like leave the station and we walk up and look
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over the edge and somebody yelled. >> metro said if you go out and one of your friends cannot walk properly it may be better to call a cab or uber. >> i've seen people fall out of cabs though. the prince george's county courthouse set to open this morning after broken pipes shut down part of the building. the district court wing was closed yesterday after the same pipe that broke and flooded courthouse last month cracked again this weekend. after the first break the courthouse was shut down for three days. the circuit court wing was not affected. now that warmer days is here. potholes are plaguing our area. we want to hear from you where you're seeing the worst spots in your area. our crews found the stretch of potholes ins areland. you can see the road is pretty torn up across northern lynn street. this is the situation at 46th and yuma streets in northwest
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washington. you're going to damage your car if you hit one of those. people are trying to drive around and dodge the potholes in the middle of the street. send us a picture of the worst potholes in your area. you can tweet us. i was on van mess heading toward connecticut avenue. i had to weave around the huge potholes. >> the scary thing, you don't know how deep it is until you're on it and you slam on the brakes and the chain-reaction is dangerous. tom is here now. we have a little snow we can wash away today with the rain. >> the rain will fill potholes and you won't know when you're coming up on one. it will look like a puddle. it's the time of year we deal with it. >> mechanics making money with the body shops. >> that's true. in the wake of winter we have
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rain moving in. all that area in green is rain. look at that quite a bit of it too. stretching from the tennessee valley to the mississippi valley. it's on a track to come up closer to us. the the northern edge will move in by later today. by noontime the leading edge of the rain is in the shenandoah valley. it's right after that it will be in the early afternoon hour it is will move into the metro area. might have a few sprinkles maybe 1:00 for the western suburbs and the eastern suburbs will get it around 2:00 or so and then the heaviest of the rain the darker green colors that will be north of the the metro area by around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. by then we could have fog and south of there just some drizzle. it will continue into the evening hours. temperatures a little below freezing north and west of the metro area. we have a little above freezing in some locations in the mountains. oakland 39.
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that's usually a cold spot. eastern shores in the mid and upper 30s. we have two different types of walking to work conditions this morning and walking home conditions. dry for walking to work and waiting for buses this morning with temperatures near 40. heading back home have the umbrella ready as the rain likely will be coming in for the afternoon. keep up with the changes when you're away from the tv with the storm team 4 weather app. after the rain tomorrow sun in the afternoon with highs around 60s. 50s on thursday sunshine. another round of rain friday afternoon and evening into saturday. looking dry for sunday into monday and warmer into the low 60s! that's the way it looks now looking at the water main break there on route 1. what's going on with that? main break. richard jordan will be out there for us. i want to show you one more time. if you're heading out any time soon route 1 northbound at ikeaway. we have the one northbound lane
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blocked. virginia 95 northbound north of 234 have the right lane blocked as well. a vibltlittle bit of volume otherwise looking okay for you. 94 southbound at 234 another crash there. that section not looking so hot this morning. northbound connecticut avenue at the beltway two left lanes blocked for emergency road work that popped up overnight. inner and outer loop looking pretty good. >> thank you. a d.c. region getting big representation on "the voice." we'll introduce you to the latest contestant making our area proud. and the quiet move by burger king to make their kids meals healthier.
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welcome back. a solar powered plane hoping to make history is heading toward india today. this is the first attempt for the plane to fly around the world using no fuel. this is the second destination for this swiss plane. it took off last night. the next destination will be china and then across the pacific through the u.s. europe and north africa. that plane is carrying two pilots. ♪ ♪
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another local singer is getting a shot at becoming the next voice. he earned a spot on team pharrell on last night's blind auditions. he's from just outside of frederick. three area singers are competing. the battles are in full swing. all that starts at 8:00 here on nbc 4. it's never too late for a mar i didparade. the rescheduled parade kicks off tonight at 8:00 p.m. watch out for street closure along wilson adam and wayne street. you're encouraged to use metro. if you drive be on the lookout for temporary no parking signs. there are hundreds of new
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street signs in arlington. we've learned even more are on the way. you may have seen the signs. the city -- the county says that these signs are more readable than before with reflective letters and a bigger font. they're required because of new federal rules. each new sign cost about $40. you may be prayaying a higher price to ride vre. it will hold a meeting on thursday. it will happen at 7:00 p.m. at the fredericksburg city hall council chambers. it's set to take effect in july. it's expected to pump more than a million dollars into the vre budget. right now the world or the army world war is cleaning -- cleaning in d.c. a lot near american university and the school's paper said today we'll hear an update. so far the paper said that au was testing cyber weapons back then as chemical weapons are
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buried there. the cleanup has been going on for 20 years according to the school paper. and stay with us news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. all right. take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. you're seeing a lot of green on the radar. all the rain is heading our way. we'll let you know how it will impact your morning and afternoon commutes. right now keeping an eye on a water main break on a major road through prince george's county. we'll check with richard jordan how it will impact your drive to work. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'mwe'll go to tom kierein for a look when the rain is moving in. >> that will be later today. there is the capitol under a most


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