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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 10, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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au was testing cyber weapons back then as chemical weapons are buried there. the cleanup has been going on for 20 years according to the school paper. and stay with us news 4 today continues right now at 5:00 a.m. all right. take a look at storm team 4 radar right now. you're seeing a lot of green on the radar. all the rain is heading our way. we'll let you know how it will impact your morning and afternoon commutes. right now keeping an eye on a water main break on a major road through prince george's county. we'll check with richard jordan how it will impact your drive to work. it is 5:00 a.m. good morning i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'mwe'll go to tom kierein for a look when the rain is moving in. >> that will be later today. there is the capitol under a mostly clear sky now.
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later today we'll have the clouds closing in. a dry morning and wet afternoon is likely. then more rain is looking likely for the end of the week into part of our weekend. right now radar showing all of that rain now stretching from southern ohio, indiana, illinois, all the way south down to the gulf coast. it's on a track to come into the metro area. still about six hours or so away of getting into the immediate metro area. it's going to be maybe around noontime or early afternoon. western northern suburbs shenandoah valley will see it first as it's moving from the west. temperatures below freezing in the western suburbs including dulles. frederick near 30. elsewhere most locations are above freezing. and around the chesapeake bay low to mid 30s this morning. look at the drive time forecast. a big difference between today
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and this afternoon. how is now? >> right now still have the problem on 95. i'm going to start with that to show you the issue. 95 northbound just north of 234 here. we have the right lane blocked. you can see police on the scene because of the crash. it was a little slow through that section heading northbound. otherwise no big problems. we have an issue in the southbound lanes. the same spot on 234, again, with the right lane blocked. a warning there. it's a nasty section this morning. 66 heading into town completely fine. heading out of town looking quite good this morning. no major problems. prince george's county overall looking pretty good. pennsylvania avenue branch avenue indian head highway no issues this morning. >> thank you. right now crews are working broken water main it could affect the morning commute for a lot of you. it's in college park. news 4 richard jordan is there along route 1 where it's happening. what is the latest from there,
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richard? >> reporter: aaron, this is affecting the northbound lanes the two right northbound lanes just past the beltway near ikea way. there are crews working to fix the road. the road is dry. there isn't any water flowing at this point but they are out here working to repair the road. until that's done you're going have the two right lanes blocked. traffic is getting by on the far left lane. it is down to one lane. traffic isn't busy right now so it's not causing too much of ab impact. it could be a problem wince traffic picks up. it's the northbound lanes of route 1 near beltway and ikea way. we'll keep you updated on the progress the road crews make today. reporting live in college park richard jordan. we're working to find out which chemicals d.c. firefighters police and homeland security recovered in upper northwest washington. we're told a hazmat problem started last night when someone
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opened a 40-year-old safe in a house. there were containers with syrupy white substance inside. police shut the street down but didn't tell us the chemicals are. we're working to find out whether there's an ongoing problem now. today a local group called d.c. ferguson will protest at a police oversight hearing in the district. the group said police unfairly target minorities during the stops. d.c. police denied the tactics. the police chief will review the police department's performance over the last year at the hearing. it will happen at 10:00 a.m. maryland lawmakers taking look how the state may be able to use drones. senators are slatded to hear a bill that calls for a study of potential uses. the study is supposed to explore privacy and safety concerns as well. new this morning maryland governor larry hogan is facing problems with his cabinet nominees. a state senate delayed the confirmation of five nominees according to the away post.
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the paper said the committee raised questions about two of the nominees. the committee pushed back nominations by one week to investigate the lerlttter's claims. we told you on twitter an the nbc washington app donna edwards announces her plans to run for u.s. senate. we told you yesterday she's expected to run for the seat once it opens up next year. mccull ski is retiring at that point. another representative running representatives part of montgomery county and all the members of the county council endorsed him. he's your congressman if you live in frederick or carol counties. there's a missing man in gaithersburg. police want your help. take a look at the picture here. it's 67-year-old. he was last seen on monday around 6:45 p.m. his family worried right now
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because he has dementia. he's described as indian male 5'11". he's seen wearing blue shirt, pants, and brown sandals. >> thank you. one major school district which already missed 12 days so far this year can't make them up. the new video which shows a scary situation when a man fell off a metro platform. why he fell and what happened next. a live look outside right now at 5:06. everything is dry for now. you could be in for a messy ride home from work. chuck bell will let you know the conditions you'll face this afternoo
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teachers in montgomery county schools could be facing job cuts this year. interim superintendent larry bauer said he has to hold back 370 jobs teaching. it will mean increas size he said now beca may not the reques loudoun county school district used 12 snow days. they can't get the time back.
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the school system doesn't allow for makeup time until 15 days have been cancelled. >> i'm hoping no more school cancellations for the rest of the year. >> usually once we get past the snow it's pretty solid but do you never know. we're starting today dry but it won't stay that way. >> chuck bell is live covering your commute from the dale city park and ride. good morning, chuck! >> hi good morning to both of you. and good morning everyone. indeed off to a dry but chilly start. temperatures in most areas have made it back down into the 30s counter si of what was a collar sky until several hours ago. what should you expect on your ride into work and school this morning? you should expect it to be dry first thing. i wouldn't stay too far away from the umbrella. temperatures in the 30s for the ride into work and school today. low to mid 50s later this
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afternoon but rain drops making their way in probably around lunchtime. you should plan on having the umbrella with you first thing this morning. you'll be needing it before you come home later on this afternoon and into early this evening. cold start out here this morning. we'll take a look at the massive snow piles that still live in the parking lot ride here in a little bit. for now let's go for a check on first 4 traffic with melissa. >> good morning. we want to start with the water main break. it's college park route 1 northbound here at ikea way. richard jordan is on the scene. right side is blocked. the sb lanes are open and fine. 95 northbound 234 is blocked because of a crash that happened a little bit ago. a little bit of slow down in this area. after that and before that not so bad. take a look at 270 into and out of town. you're fine. nice and green. everything is moving along nicely for the tuesday morning.
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66 here and 95 in general overall looking pretty good. no major problems. we have this northbound county connecticut at the beltway two left lanes blocked. new developments on the racism controver the new revelations prompting an investigation of frat houses around the country. the new warning for women who are thinking about taking hormone-replacement therapy.
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welcome back. today members of the sigma alpha epislon fraternity are moving out. here is what the university's
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president had to say. >> and i don't -- so i encourage them i might pay personal bus fares for them. >> sae now said it's looking into the chapters around the country for reports of incidents at several other schools. right now police in madison, wisconsin are trying to figure out who is responsible for the cyber attack that is affecting the city's website and e-mail system. the attack happened sometime yesterday. on friday in madison a police officer shot and killed an unarmed black 19-year-old. similar cyber attacks happened in other communities after officer-involved shooting. new video of the two 600-foot tankers that collided causing a chemical spill. the video was taken after the collision. a gasoline additive leaked from one of the damaged tankers. the additive known as mtve is
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flammable and causes dizzyiness and suffocation. they collided in the houston shipping channel. it's not known how much of the substance leaked into the water. no amtrak delays this morning at union station after a crash that injured more than 60 people. a train traveling to d.c. and eventually to new york yesterday hit a tractor trailer that stuck on the tracks. one of the train's cars toppled over. as many as 60 people were hurt. the farmer family was heading north for >> we heard the breaks come on and there was the impact. >> are you okay? >> we're okay. >> this is the third serious commuter train crash in less than two months. two deadly crashes in new york and california last month killed a total of seven people and injured 30 a developing story right now. two helicopters filming a popular european reality show crashed in a remote area of argentina. killing all ten people on board
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both aircraft. the victims include pilots and eight french athletes including two olympics medal winners and a sailing champion. it's not clear what caused the crash yesterday. we know when a prince george's county police officer will be laid to rest. the funeral is this thursday in temple hills. there will be a wake tomorrow afternoon. he died in a crash this past weekend. police say he crashed into a fence while trying to stop a speeding car. budget cuts have lead to a big increase in prince william county public school class sizes. elementary class sizes increased by 25% since the recent recession. middle school and high school classes are up 50%. the report said hundreds of new teachers would need to be hired. new video this morning showing the dangers of riding the metro drunk. it shows a man stumbling on the platform at the station. he appears to be boarding a train but fell betwe
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cars. the second train started moving another rider he described what happened >> the train rolled away and it seemed like it was taking forever to, like, leave the station and we walk up and look over the edge and somebody yelled. >> metro said if you go out and one of your friends cannot walk properly, it may be better to call a cab or uber. after the big snow comes the big thaw. take a look at what is happening in boston as temperatures rose into the 40s yesterday. huge chunks of ice fell on to parked car ss. this is in a parking lot in downtown b an estimated 75 pounds o fell. four v boston had on record. did you see the damage? i would be afwrad to walk around. what if it fell on your head? >> i worry about falling ice! not now but days like that. >> if it's falling from a
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distance the impact it could have. >> you have to be careful this time of year! hopefully we'll be done with the melting soon. a live look outside this morning. the clouds rolled in over the district. >> i think it means we're going get some rain. hey, tom. >> right now we're dry. good morning. starting off with increasing clouds coming in from the south and west. that's ahead of rain that will likely arrive here for your lunch hour. now as we look at the storm team 4 radar, all the area in green is rain. it's pushing as far north as illinois indiana, and southern ohio. the leading edge a few sprinkles near lynch burg and roanoke. that's beginning to track to the north and east. still about six hours away now from getting into the metro area. so we're talking about maybe between 11:00 and noon for our southwestern suburbs. for prince william and culpepper but then after that maybe around 1:00 or so comes into the metro area. here is the timing on this hour by hour.
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leading edge of the rain by noontime is in the shenandoah valley into leesburg and by 1:00 or 2:00 or so it's right into washington and our immediate suburbs and the eastern suburbs as well. then the darker colors that's where it may come down a little bit harder but not a lot of rain. we won't have any flooding from this. maybe about a half inch or so. by 6:00 p.m. it's still raining. still raining by 10:00 tonight. maybe with some fog as well developing by later this afternoon into early this evening. and it may tamper off to drizzle just to the south. even where you don't see the green zone it could be a little bit of drizzle through the evening hours. temperatures are rather cold. we're near the freezing mark in a few locations just west of the metro area. east of washington generally in the mid 30s to near 40. shenandoah valley most locations above freezing in the mid 30s. there's the sky over the metro area. live view of the tower cam overlooking northeast washington
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and later today quickly climbing up to around 50 by noon. we'll see the light rain for the southwestern suburbs and rain throughout most of the region into the afternoon along with fog developing by late afternoon. in the low 50s. staying in low 50s overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. during the day on wednesday, climbing into the low 60s during the afternoon after that rain ends around noontime. a little sun breaks out. temperatures drop into the 40s on wednesday night. the upper 30s by dawn on thursday. sunshine for thursday. highs reaching the upper 50s. looks like a beautiful day and more rain returns into friday and friday night and highs in the 40s on friday and 40 saturday morning with more rain likely on saturday in the 50s. that all ends now on saturday night and dry for sunday. sunday looks like the best day of the weekend. mid 60s with sunshine on monday. bus stop forecast next weather and traffic on the 1s. how are the roads? >> right now overall big picture looking pretty good.
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no major problems. i'm going mention, of course the water main break in college park. a wide look at things inner and outer loop everything is flowing fine. this is the problem in college park route 1 northbound at ikea way. it's a little better of course the northbound lanes than the southbound this morning heading to the beltway. northbound we have the right side of the roadway blocked. one left lane getting by. southbound you're completely open. virginia 95 northbound north of 234, the one i've been talking about all morning looks like they moved the camera. we're getting report it is may have cleared out of the way. a little bit of volume through the area because we had slow downs past the crash on 234. right now looks pretty good. 95 and maryland into and out of town no problems. the top of the beltway no issues there. aaron, back in a couple of minutes with a live picture of ate and maryland. >> thank you. a letter that appears to be from a familiar company is landing in local mailboxes. along with it what looks to be a big payout. >> the check is $1,995.15.
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it's a good looking check. it has my name address, zip plus four. >> the checks in the mail but why? and tonight at 5:00 consumer reporter sits down a maryland man with the very questions. it's one of the latest scams targeting consumers. that's tonight on news 4 at 5:00. in news for your health now. a warning for women who take hormone-replacement therapy to ease hot flashes. a new research said the drugs do not protect post menopausal women from heart disease. it may be linked to a maul increased risk of stroke. the bottom line risks and benefits vary among women. it's best to talk to your doctor before taking any medication. a new report said pedestrian deaths around the country are decreasing but they're still too high. the governor's highway safety association said more than 2,000
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pedestrians were killed in the first half of last year. that's a 2% decline from 2013 but a 15% increase from six years ago. four of the biggest u.s. states california florida, texas, and new york accounted for nearly half of all of those deaths two years ago. looks like burger king pulled a fast one on us. they drops fountain drinks in the kids's menu. they pulled soda from kids's meals last month. your kids can choose between fat-free milk apple juice, or low fat chocolate milk. mcdonalds and wendys pulled the drinks too. a deny's tweet is getting a lot of attention now. the tweet has the caption our thickest pancake yet with the picture of a 25.4 millimeter pancake. >> that's an inch in our measurement system. >> the tweet played off of apple unveiling a new thinner macbook. the tweet quickly went viral
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picking up more than 4500 retweets i guess, and favorites in about an hour. >> i think they probably used more baking soda. >> an inch is that thick for a pancake? >> yeah! that is -- yeah. >> i can go for a pancake. i know. the still ahead this morning lawmakers make a new push later today to make medical marijuana available to more people across the country. the school district in our area that is seeing the most cameras on school buses. a live lack at national harbor.
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right now storm team 4 radar working hard. take a look here a steady stream of rain on the way. >> we're using hashtag umbrella day! how your kids should dress for the day. umbrella necessary.
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>> yeah. grab it before you head out the door. we'll stay dry this morning. temperatures in the mid 30s and upper 30s between 7:00 and 8:00 with increasing high clouds and going partly mostly cloudy between 8:00 and 9:00 near 40 degrees by then. as that rain does approach us we'll have temperatures warming afternoon highs should make it into the low 50s. metro area maybe mid 50s to the south. have the umbrella with you. you'll need a jacket this morning and have the rain boots handy. we may get enough rain for ponding of water around the curb. keep that handy as we'll have the rain moving through. you'll need the umbrella all the way to the evening as well. a look at when that rain will be heaviest. that's coming up next weather and traffic on the 1s at 5:41. let's look at the roads. >> good morning. right now take a look maryland 95 here at cherry hill road. nothing is going on. northbound and southbound fine at 95 and maryland. 66 at fairfax county parkway
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east and west. no issues there at this point this morning. we hope it stays that way, of course. take a look at prince george's county overall looking good. no problems into or out of town here. 66 and 95 looking pretty good. we had the slow down northbound because of the earlier crash at 234, that we understand is now out of the way. so don't need to worry about that too much here anymore. and then we have this situation in college park route 1 northbound at ikea way. we have the right side of the roadway here is blocked. rich with you can get by on the left southbound with no problems. thank you. your time right now is 5:32. s are in the senate are defending their decision to bypass the white house and send a letter to iran leaders about nuclear negotiations. democrats in the senate are crying sabotage. president obama and vice
5:32 am
president joe biden ar responding. tracie potts joins us live from capitol hill on the la in a statement last night vice president said it's a dangerous -- it tells iran that any nuclear deal they make with president obama cann ratified by congress but a could president. the state department said that's not completely tru white house is respondin also, president obama said it's ironic that congress is siding with iran's hard liners. we're gettings reactions from both sides. the negotiations ss set to continue on sunday. >> thank you. new this morning we're hearing from the ambassador of
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south korea who was slashed by a knife. five days in the hospital and 80 stitches later. he said this will not stop his work. >> bottom line is this incident has only strengthened our love and affection for this country and our belief in unbreakable bond that exists between the united states and the republic of korea. he was kit on the face and the wrist during a breakfast in seoul last week. president obama is on the road today. he's heading to atlanta to discuss his plan to make college more affordable. the president will promote his america's college promise initiative. it allows two years of free community college to students who qualify. a funeral service will be held for edward brooke in d.c. he was the country ice first black senator and died.
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he represented massachusetts but he grew up here. the service is happening a the national cathedral at 11:00 a.m. today could be a huge step forward for medical marijuana in the u.s. bipartisan group of senators is expected to introduce a bill that would end the federal prohibition on medical marijuana patients, doctors, businesses in the states that legalized medical mariju could participate wi of federal prosecuti. republican senator rand paul who is considering a run of president is one of the bill sponsors. mothers in virginia can now breastfeed their children in public places. virginia governor signed a bill into law yesterday. a fairfax mother of three who is a lawyer helped push for the change. the law will take effect july 1st. there are only two states idaho and south dakota where mothers cannot breastfeed in public. there's a show of support for bob mcdonnell in his corruption appeal. he was convicted of taking tens
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of thousands of dollars for exchange of promoting a dietary supplement company. they are urging a federal appeals court to toss out the convictions. they're from around the country and include former d.c. attorney general fred cooke, jr.. the culpepper county school board proposed $80.8 million fiscal budget. it include a 1% across the board raise for all employees. the proposal also includes a 2.14% step increase for teachers. >> the school board will take the budget to the board of supervisors next tuesday. we've all seen them and felt them and now we have a new way for you to get some help with those potholes being filled. plus, the spring-like temps are here.
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welcome back. a solar powered plane hoping to make history is heading toward india today. this is the first attempt for the plane to fly around world using no fuel. this is the second destination for this swiss plane. it took off last night. the next destination will be china and then across the pacific through the u.s., europe, and north africa. that plane is carrying two
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pilots. ice and slush revealing more of the potholes plaguing our area. we want to hear from you. our crews found this stretch of potholes just over the bridge ins arein. check out the situation at 46th and yuma streets in northwest washington. we saw cars having to drive to the right. they tried to avoid the hot holes in the middle of the street. that's tough to do sometimes if you have only one lane going this way and cars going the other way. send us a picture of the worst potholes you're seeing in your area. you can tweet us using #d.c. pothole finder. >> that's everybody. i was in fairfax yesterday and you don't see the huge holes. they're not just potholes. they're craters in the ground. >> they can damage your car
5:40 am
pretty badly. >> you do the quick serve. it's a mess! >> it's time to find out if we're going have rain that might add to problems for the commute this morning. >> 5:40 the time. >> some of the potholes will be filled with rain this afternoon. not this morning. we have the rain way far away from us in northwestern virginia and north carolina. that's tracking though up to the metro area but not until early afternoon between now and then we'll stay dry. temperatures chilly. we'll be in the 30s through 9:00. then jump into the 50s. we'll have light rain moving in. rain coming in during the afternoon. some of the heaviest rains may be north of the metro area. not really heavy but moderate at times. that's going to be around 3:00 4:00 5:00. some fog developing. we'll be in the low 50s by then as well. a look at another chance of rain later this week. it's next weather and traffic on the 1s coming up at 5:51.
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we have problems on the roads. brand new crash at 95 and virginia once again near 234 we have two left lane blocks because a brand new multicar crash. the whole area has been kind of a trouble spot for us this morning near prince william parkway 234. northbound sully road ramp to westfield a crash there. take a look at travel times. in maryland not bad. thank you. still ahead we'll tell you about metro's bold new move to improve the image after several recent mishaps. and many school districts in our area are using cameras to catch drivers who drive past school buses. we're taking a look at which district caught the
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fifteen before the hour now. a look at storm team 4 radar this morning. you can see the big area of different colors of green heading toward the d.c. metro area. still a few hours away. >> that might mean we're going to get soaked today. let's check with chuck bell in dale city with the storm team 4 x 4. good morning. when is the rain coming? >> well, the rain is coming later on this afternoon. i have my umbrella ready to go. i want to show you something. we brought the 4 x 4 down here this morning. there's no reason in having it if you're not planning on using it! we're going to scale this huge mountain of what at one time is snow is nothing but a block of ice. the boss told me he wants to show people what it can do. we're going see if he wants to try to drive over the huge snow pile. i suspect the answer may already be no. nonetheless it gives you an idea how big the piles are. i may or may not be a big person
5:46 am
that's a suburban and that's huge. this pile is probably the better part of 8 or 9 feet high. a lot of melting going on today and rain drops coming our way later on this afternoon will put a dent in the pile. temperatures 36 here in dale city right now. mid to upper 30s across much of the area. later on today it will be rain raining and in the low 50s. you'll need the raincoat and umbrella. i'm on to something here. this is going to be 4 x 4 mode during the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> i think the news director the engineering department, the finance guys are calling you. your phone is ringing now. they don't want you in the truck anymore! >> be careful! you're making me nervous. >> all right. we're going to take your car out here tomorrow aaron! >> good luck with that. see you later, chuck. metro facing several big concerns right now including safety finances and the future leadership.
5:47 am
according to the washi hiring two public relations firms to help build its image. the post says metro refused to say how much it's paying the two agencies. new this morning maryland governor larry hogan facing problems with the cabinet nominees. a state senate delayed the confirmation of five nominees according to the away post. the paper said the com raised questions abo the nominees. the committee pushed back nominations by investigate the letter's claims. the nbc washington app donna edwards announces her plans to run for we told you yesterday she's expected to ru once it opens up next ye. along with chris van hollen. all the members of the county council endorsed him. you can see them shaking hands here. barbara is retiring next year. today also in montgomery
5:48 am
county the council will be working on changes for taxis, uber, and lift. today taxi union and dispatch issues will be discussed. drivers in montgomery county paid thousands of dollars in fines ss for passing stopped school buses. a survey by aaa found that montgomery county is than a thous tickets. this added up to $ fines. montgomery county ha cameras out of the counties. some d.c. officers increased their salaries by working overtime. some are doubling and tripling their salaries. one sergeant who earns a base salary of $89,000 earned an additional $179,000 in overtime.
5:49 am
at least 25 other officers double their salary by working overtime shifts last year. officers earned the overtime working automatic traffic enforcement shifts or speed cameras. learning more about the secret service's plan to fly drones over d.c. apparently the operation is intended to find ways to interfere with rogue drones or knock them out of the sky. some consumer level drones are powerful enough to carry small amounts of explosives. the drones will be flown between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. over the next few weeks. the former ash bishop of new york will be laid to rest. he died last thursday of a heart attack. he was 82 years old. a former d.c. fire inspector admitted she cheated taxpayer. she told a judge she was guilty of swiping her taxpayer funded purchase card to buy $11,000 in gasoline for her personal story.
5:50 am
her story was revealed by scott mcfarland who tried to talk to her outside of court yesterday. >> reporter: anything to say about the case madam? >> take a hike man. take a hike! >> reporter: she left her job shortly after her arrest. she'll be ordered to pay back $11,334 to the government. she could face prison time when sentenced in may. attorneys discuss the possibility of probation only in her case. investigators in prince george's county trying to figure out how a man died in a frigid pond. dive teams pulled the man from a pond in brandywi afternoo they were unable to revive him. rescuers believe the man was in the water for ea minutes be out. details this morning on a stair collapse in arlington, virginia, that left thre. the stairs house on north madison
5:51 am
coll a child the two hospital everyone is expected to recove the prince george's county courthouse expected to open this morning. morning after broken pipes shut down part of t the district court wing was closed yesterday aft pipe that courth again this weekend. after the courthouse was shut down for three days. the circuit court wing was not affected. we have -- we're done it seems, with the deep freeze at least. >> i'm hoping no more frozen pipes. >> right. i think we are done with all of that. but, you know, march can be kind of fickle. up-and-down we go. we've been on upside the last few days. we're dealing with no snow but rain. later this afternoon it's goin move in. look at the rain on the green on radar. it's raining from illinois all the way down to alabama, and that's yes, tracking our way. leading edge of the rain now just coming into southwestern
5:52 am
virginia northern north carolina continuing too come up our way. it's many hours away. the leading edge of the rain will be in the central shenandoah valley in another two or three hours. by noontime early afternoon it's going to move in. here is the timing in the area in green. that's the rain coming into the shenandoah valley. after that coming right into the metro area from the west by around noon to 1:00. our western northern suburbs it will continue there. and the darker colors that's where it may be coming down a little bit harder. that's by mid to late afternoon and late afternoon we could have fog developing too as the rain moves through. rain drizzle, and fog into the evening hours and it continues overnight tonight with very light rain. just enough to make everything wet. temperatures right now under the increase in the cloudy sky are near freezing to a little below freezing in a few spots to the west. dulles down to 30 now. much of montgomery and prince george's county and rest of
5:53 am
fairfax county generally above freezing. keep up with the changes storm team 4 weather app. a live view from the tower camera. we have increasing high clouds through the morning hours and by noon light rain moves into the suburbs and around the region we'll have the rain in the afternoon with fog as we reach the low 50s by mid afternoon. then tomorrow morning still hovering in the low 50s with a little lingering rain and drizzle. sun back in the afternoon. highs low out of. we drop down into the 40s on wednesday night and the upper 30s by dawn thursday as we clear out. sunshine thursday. temperatures in the upper 50s. another round of rain moves in on friday. friday afternoon and evening and into saturday it looks like right now and then mild as we dry out on sunday and monday. highs near 60. sunday and monday may make it to the low and mid often with sunshine. problems on 95. >> this section has been a problem child this morning.
5:54 am
95 northbound on mine road. two left lanes blocked. two other crashes in the area one northbound and one southbound earlier. right now this is the only crash that remains. it's interesting. be careful as you head through the area north or south. i'm not sure what is going on there. route 1 nsh here at college park and ikea way have the left lanes getting by here northbound right side of the roadway is blocked because of the water main break. richard jordan is live for us northbound sully road the ramp is blocked right now partially blocked because of a crash that happened a little bit ago. wider look at things overall inner and outer loop looking good. no major issues now at beltway and saint barn bass road. take a look at 95 and maryland you're fine. same things at bw parkway and coalsville road. more on the water main break coming up at 6:00.
5:55 am
♪ ♪ >> some mikethis is a local singer getting a shot at the next voice. he earned a spot on team pharrell. he's from just outside of frederick. three area singers are competing. the battles are in full swing. tune in tonight to watch the coach's decide on the spot which artist to save send home or steal. all starts at 8:00 here on nbc 4. good luck! hb bo is giving you a new way to watch your favorite shows on the network. cnbc landon dowdy is here for you this morning. >> hey! hbo is launching new streaming video service hbo now exclusively on apple tv.
5:56 am
executives tell cnbc they're talking with cable providers about providing hbo now a service that costs $14.99 a month will launch in time for the season premier of "game of thrones." customers will get one month free if they sign up from a apple device. donald trump is staying in atlantic city. he allowed his name to stay on the casino. icon is paying $20 million to keep the casino running in bankruptcy. he sued the owners who. ed to remove his name from the property. aaron, back over to you. >> landon dowdy at cnbc thanks. apparently it's never too late for a parade. the rescheduled parade kicks off tonight at 8:00 p.m. watch out for street closure along wilson, adam, and wayne street. you're encouraged to use metro.
5:57 am
adds barking -- as parking in the area is limited. if you drive be on the for temporary no par. there street signs in arlington. we've learned even more are on the way. you may have seen the signs. the city -- the county says that these signs are more readable than before with reflective letters and a bigger font. they're required because of new federal rules. each new sign cost about $40. you may be paying a higher price to ride vre. it will hold a meeting on thursday. it will happen at 7:00 p.m. at the fredericksburg city hall council chambers. it's set to take effect in july. it's expected to pump more than a million dollars into the vre fiscal 2016 budget. we're tracking a developing story at oklahoma university where the clock is ticking for members of the sae fraternity. the deadline they have to meet in the coming hours. plus why the investigation into a racist video now has a sorority under the microscope
5:58 am
5:59 am
right now on news 4 today our wild temperature swings leaving another area water main in need of repairs. the impact this work is having on the morning's commute. another mild morning outside. we're tracking the large system
6:00 am
you see there and the impact it will have on you as you make your way home from work tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with what you need to know. it's a broad area of rain that stretches from illinois to alabama. it's now heading to the north and east. it continues to track closer to the metro area leading edge of the rain is near roanoke in southwestern virginia, north carolina. that will be moving into the metro area but not until perhaps early afternoon in our western suburbs. southern suburbs seeing it earlier than that. in prince george's county mid 30s. most of montgomery county above freezing in the mid 30s. fairfax county most locations above freezing. most of loudoun county a little bit above freezing. freezing in prince william county.


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